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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I feel confident that between Sajjad and me that we will be able to help you get over your fistula.

Please do not even dream of surgery as it never helps permanently as in the case of my last case.

Please confirm that you are taking Arnica 30c in the water dose twice daily.
Joe De Livera last decade

Yes, I am taking Arnica 30c in the water dose twice daily and nothing else at this time, unless you think something else wpuld be of benefit in addition to the Arnica 30c.
CHIPPER last decade

You are currently helping me with my fistula problem above. I have several other current problems and the one I want to discuss is that I was diagnosed with heart disease (blockage) in 1994. In 1999 I was told I need bypass surgery as I couldn't walk any more than 5 minutes without popping a nitroglycerin tablet. I started a regimen on chelation therapy in 1999 and have been taking it ever since and hardly ever need the nitro anymore.
My problem is that whan I exercise I get this pain starting on my inner right arm and it goes to my chest. Sometimes my right inner arm is sore when I press arount the funny bone. It happens at all different times into my exercising. Sometimes 5 minutes, sometimes 15 minutes, and yesterday I walked 30 minutes with no problem, so it is very wierd. My chelation doctor said it might be my ulnar nerve as heart pain is typically in the left arm. I
believe it is heart related as it gets worse when I go faster, but I don't understand the intermittency, because if it is angina, shouldn't it be the same almost all the time? I also have some problem ongoing pains in my shoulders from lifting alot of heavy boxes. Is there anything in addition to the Arnica 30c that I should try, or should we wait until the fistula problem is done?
CHIPPER last decade

I don't know if all applications of the wet dose of Arnica 30c are the same. When I first made the concoction I inserted the 3 pellets in a 400 ml bottle of water, rocked the bottle until the pellets were dissolved and then hit the bottle in my palm for 6 times. Every subsequent time I just hit the bottle once and then sip a capful. Is this the correct way?
Also, I am taking several medications for my heart disease and diabetes that I am afraid to stop taking. Do you think the Arnica solution can still help me?
CHIPPER last decade

I have just come from my chelation treatment and they take blood pressure and heart rate before they start. My heart rate was 44 and he asked if I was doing anything different and I told him about the Arnica. He said I should stop it for a while and see if my heart rate comes back up, so I will. Can I start this up where I left off possibly in a few days, or do I need to start all over. I really don't think the Arnica was the cause and I think it was just a fluke, but I need to be sure. It came back to 54 later in the day, so he told me to just take it first thing every morning to be consistent.
CHIPPER last decade
Your pulse at 40 bpm is not right.

Do you know what it was on your last visit to your practitioner ?

What is your Blood pressure ? This is the more important statistic which you should monitor daily in your case with a Digital BP gauge, wrist or arm type.

You are also advised to do a full blood test and you should also include the PSA test if you are over 50 years old.

What is the procedure for celation treatment ? How long have you done in in the past ?
Joe De Livera last decade

I don't usually keep track of my pulse, but they told me at chelation that it was 49 the last time. My pressure is usually in the normal range. I am taking Cardizem to control the pressure, and that also might be making my pulse very low. It might have always been this way, but I didn't realize it until it was brought to my attention yesterday.
I did not take the Arnica last night or this morning and my pulse is now around 52.
Should I continue tha arnica once a day and see what happens? Have I lost the benefits that I have gotten from the last 2 weeks if I missed 2 doses?

The chelation is done in a homeopathic doctors office and it is an IV drip that cleans the plaque out from the arteries and gets rid of the angina and need for bypass surgery. You need at least 30 treatment initially to get cleaned out, and then once a month for the rest of your life as maintenance. It has helped me tremendously since 1999.
I get my blood tested every 3 months as I have the heart disease and diabetes and high cholesterol and I also have a physical once a year and full blood work with PSA test. I am due again at the end of March.
CHIPPER last decade

Or maybe you know of something else that could cure the fistula?
CHIPPER last decade
Chelation is not known in Sri Lanka and I checked it on Google and was surprised at what your doctors will do to make a living.

As far as I am concerned I believe, after reading a few websites on the subject, that it is a total waste of time and money and it is possible that your present problems of Pressure, slow pulse and other ailments that you may be suffering from can owe their origin to your chelation.

You may be interested to learn that I have not used any drugs for the last 25 years at all except for a brief period after my surgery for my prostate in 2002 when I was on an antibiotic. My pulse is 65 BP 120/80 at age 76. I am convinced that I owe my wellness to my use of Homeopathy exclusively to treat any ailment that I may suffer from time to time and also to Arnica which I have taken nightly since 1996.

My advice to you is to stop all chelation treatment ASAP and see the difference that it can make in your own life by using only Arnica 30 in the water dose which for the start you can take twice daily.

Please also visit the website of the America Heart Association among others and read what they think of chelation.

One final thought. Arnica will never cause any harm to anyone and I would recommend that you use it as recommended.
Joe De Livera last decade

Go to this site and you will find a world of positive information on chelation
http://drcranton.com/newhope.htm and you will find a world of good positive information on chelation. I feel the same about chelation as you do the Arnica. I would probably be dead now if it wasn't for chelation and I have seen many miracles happen with it, as you with the Arnica. I will monitor my heart rate for a few days and then possibly try the Arnica again. Thanks again for your help.
CHIPPER last decade
Hi Sajjad, Happy Eid. I have completed my 15 days of prescription and feeling good. Pus comes once in a while, like once in a week, and start with less pain. It seems that the abscess has shrunk a little. Overall I am glad and I feel that it is working.

For your kind information, I took 3 pills of Calcaria Sulfurica-6CH (Bairon) four times in a day instead of Calcaria Sulfurica 3x 5 tablets as you prescribed. The reason was that I couldn't find the medicine your prescribed and the druggist told me that 6CH is the same medicine but it is in double power, so he suggested me to reduce the quantity of pills. I also took the Calcaria Flour 30CH x 5 pills, 4 times in a day. Please let me know if I should continue it or do I have to change anything.

Thanks again for the help and best for the rest.
parvez last decade
Hi All,
I have had an anal absess and fistula which took 6 operations 2 remove. The surgery was complicated because the fistula went on a little holiday and travelled around my bum and that is why i had 2 have so many operations. The operations left me in a lot of pain and discomfort. I have been packign the cavity that the absess left 4 the past 2 years and i am totally fed up as i can not see an end 2 all this. As far as my surgeons can see i dont have any more fistulas and the absess is gone totally now. Has anyone any information 4 me regarding healing... i need this 2 end soon. I know this is awful 2 say but it is nice 2 know that i am not on my own in this. So many of you have suffered as i have. Thanx 4 listening 2 me ramble.
Trixie5 last decade
Hi Trixie5, I know how you are feeling, this is just a nightmare! here's my story. I found a lump in my perianal region in August 04. The hospital said it was a very deep abscess but made me wait until November 04 for an operation. After the op when the wound did not heal I was told it had developed in to a fistula. The superficial fistula was laid open December 04. I then had two months of district nurses daily who packed the wound (pain)!By May 05 the wound still was not healed. I had an MRI scan and they find a track that was not connected to my anus. More surgery in June 05 to take out the track. October still not healed and continus weeping of tissue fluid and blood. October 05 another Op where the wound is scooped out and stitches put in, the stitches failed and to this day still not healed! I am going to try the Arnica 30c as suggested for previous members this is my last hope. I am so depressed.
Madison last decade
Hey fellas, my story was similar. I had a fistula for about 17 years. Had fistulectomy in March 2005. Healing was slow, but WAS healing. Doc 'discovered' a new abscess outside butt hole in May 05,, he was so eager to operate,, I'm sure u guys know why by now. His reason was "If u dont operate, it wont heal."
I ignored him, never went back again.
Tried Tea Tree Oil in August 05 and the abscess burst but didnt heal. Abscess kept draining.
Joined this site in Oct 05 and started Arnica- just like what Joe taught- one sip in morning and one before bed. Plus Silica/vitamin C/Zinc and Fiber pills. Also applied a dressing with a bit of Johnson n Johnson Savlon antiseptic cream.
Now after 3 months, drainage is down to Almost Zero.
I am not sure wether it works for everyone.
izaac last decade

Please Continue the medicines for another 30 days.Take one dose of tuberculinum 200c,every 15 days.Hope you will be well soon.
sajjadakram635 last decade
Hi Izaac,I sympathize with you. I am glad that the drainage is now almost down to zero. I hope the arnica works for me. How big is your wound? Mine is now quite small, the size of a pea but has been like this for months,and still discharging and sometimes very painful, it also likes to trick me by nearly healing and then re-opening.
Madison last decade
Hi Madison,

I realised something. Whenever I thought I was ok, I stopped using Savlon cream, then it started draining again. Happened just yesterday. It could be the Savlon that is quite good in killing the ever-productive germs. Healing speeds up when there are not that many germs u see.

The above cycle always gives me false hope.

My abscess opening is also about the size of a green pea. Dont u want to try my combination of medicine?
izaac last decade
Hi Izaac, It seems so strange that we have to put up with this with no cure in sight. Our wounds are so small but so debilitating, it beggers belief. How are you coping with work/social life/home life? I am taking Arnica 30 but not in water I think I will get a stronger dose by taking two pellets under the tongue four times a day. I am going to put some savlon on tonight. Look forward to hearing from you.
Madison last decade
I note that you are taking 2 pellets of Arnica 30c 4 times daily. This can be an overdose and can do more harm than good. Homeopathy does not work like drugs where the more is the merrier. It works in a very subtle way by motivating the body to cure itself.

You are advised to drop your dose down to twice daily and to add Silica 30 twice daily.

All medication is far more effective when used in the liquid dose which I have specified earlier on this thread. The succussion of the liquid before each dose renders it far more powerful in its effect to the dry globules.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hey Madison,

Right. I usually share my problem with my friends....and I found out that almost everyone has got more severe problems than me. Cancer, piles, etc....
Silica and arnica are definitely working, thats what i found out, but it needs time. Got to be patient buddy. Slow but its healing.

I still use salt bath for my butt after toileting,, just to let u know.
izaac last decade
Hi Joe,
Ok, I will try it in the liquid form and drop my dose but I was only doing what it said on the tube of arnica! I am also taking Silica 12, thats all I could find and the instructions say let four dissolve on tounge three times a day, is that OK?
Madison last decade
Hi Izaac, I know what you mean but I keep thinking this is never gonna heal, its been a problem since Aug 04.I keep thinking the surgeon must have left something behind, although he assures me this is not the case!I have lost faith. I find if I have salt baths my wound over granulates. Sorry to sound so pessimistic.
Madison last decade
you will be amazed what silica+arnica could do to you.
izaac last decade
I have been suffering from a fistula for two and a half years now and cannot see any light at the end of the tunnel.

To date I have had sixteen examination under anaethestic some of which have been more successful than others in the drainage of the abcess. In August 2004 the consultant placed a permanent loose seton in order to help drainage.

Unfortunately the seton has not been successful and I now face surgery in May for an advancement flap. However the risks are high and could result in complete loss of control of body functions.

I am nervous at the thought of yet another operation and am desperate for some help and the constant pain and worry is very upsetting.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
sarahbubble last decade
I really feel for you. I have not had as many operations but am having my 5th this Friday. I really do not know what to suggest. further up the thread people have suggested arnica. I have ordered a natural product from the states called Dermawound from progessive doctors. com people swear by it, I have only used it for one week and have noticed a difference my wound has gone from green pea size to lentil size now, but who know's if it would not have done this anyway without the dermawound. (read peoples testimonials on the site, it does give you hope)I wish I had longer to give this a chance to work before my Operation, but better not cancel it because of long waiting lists.
Madison last decade
Hi Sajjad,

I developed anal fissure about an year back. It comes and goes. If i have the strong urge to pass bowl and if it goes without the need to apply any pressure, i don't have pain. But if i have to apply some some pressure, then it starts burning and can see streaks of blood on the stool. It is very burning too. I am a firm believer in Homeopathy and my wife and i had many issues cured by Homeopathy that was never possible by conventional medicine.

Can you suggest a remedy for me. I don't have constipation. By this i mean my stool is not hard. Instead the stool is soft, thin and sticky. It was like this for the last 10-12 years and normally i need more time to pass bowl. It doesn't change much even if i eat lot of vegetables /fruits. I am 32 years old male.

kerala last decade

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