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My apologies for not answering your query about how to make the liquid dose.

I have done so in my post to Joeshmo above and you do not have to touch the pellets when you drop them into the bottle of spring water. The dosage that I indicated is twice daily but you can increase it to thrice daily for the first few weeks as this will hasten the cure.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks for reply. But my local shop said not to water them down, just curious if it would make a differenc to take a pellet a day and not water them down?
jonboy last decade
I do not blame you for suspecting that there may be some catch in using homeopathic remedies in liquid solutions. The fact is that this method was first recorded by Hahnemann the father of Homeopathy and recorded in his Organon in the sixth edition.

I know that it seems to be a puzzle as to how a remedy can possibly work when diluted to this level but believe me that it works far better than in the dry dose which the majority of homeopaths use.

It is the succussion caused by the shaking of the bottle before each dose that makes the difference and you are advised to use this method as it is far more effective than taking the dry globules.

It is obvious that your local shop has never heard of this method of using Homeopathic remedies.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Sajjad,

I have been taking (calc flourica-3x - 5x4 tds, calc sulph-3x - 5x4 tds regularly and tuberculinum 200c and silicea 200 every 15 days) the medicine for over two months now. It worked well in the beginning but I think it slow down and stop shirking. Pus still come every after couple of days. I noticed that when I take Silicea-200 I don't get any pain and pus doesn't come for 2-3 days. Let me know if there's any change required. One more question - do I have to continue both of the medicine (calc flourica and calc sulph)? If you rememebr, I told you that I used to feel some pain in my lower back also. Now my lower back is okay.
parveza1 last decade
Try lowest poetncy of Nux Vomica. Say 3X or 3C.
kuldeep last decade
In July, I went to move a fridge that weighed more than me (it was stocked with food and I am a relatively small woman)and felt something tear several inches up my anus. Soon a lump formed that would drain and fill for two weeks. I used Prep H cream externally and it reduced the swelling in the lump. In the bathroom, I felt a "pop" and looked down to find blood everywhere! Went to the ER and they said "well you're not bleeding anymore, go home." A large area of skin had filled with blood in the ER, then drained the next day and eventually split open over an area that was about 6" long and 2" wide, with a small pinhole where some of the blood came squirting from. The area stayed split open since Sept. but was almost closed until this week. It started to split again. Yellow pus drained for months, depending on the softness of my stool, it seems to be mixing with the pus. Also, a tomato seed came out of the pinhole after a dinner of pasta. There is pressure and pain when there is a buildup of pus in the area. It feels like a vein has twisted out of position and is strained above the abscess. It took several months for the tissue to heal under the initial wound. The skin covering the last part of the wound is paper thin and tears very easily. It seems to be relapsing, rather than healing. I am in need of any suggestions that can help. Thank you.
laurenjill last decade
You stated that you "felt something tear several inches up my anus."

If this is the cause of your bleeding I believe that Hamamelis 200 can help you.

You also stated that "Soon a lump formed that would drain and fill for two weeks."

I presume that this lump is external and is due to a fistula which will have to be treated with other remedies referred to in the many posts above.

I would suggest that you start with the Hamamelis 200c dose 3 globules taken twice daily and you can report your response in a few days.
Joe De Livera last decade
so what should we do or not do with fistulas? how do we take care of it?

1. I always put a cotton swab where it leaks. Is this bad for the healing process?

2. how does it start healing? How do you know the medicine is actually working?


noproblemo last decade
I have been using Arnica in H20 2x daily and Silicea 4 tablets 4x daily for a week...draining less and the wound is healing from the inside out - there is less of an indentation and more color to the skin in the wound area. How long do I keep taking the Silicea? Am I taking it correctly? I saw take a dose, thgen in 15 days on the forum and the dosage above on the bottle - which one???
laurenjill last decade
My apologies that I missed your last post.

1. Yes you should put a cotton swab preferably the type that you can get in sealed sachets which are sterilized, over the area where the discharge occurs. The swab can be held in situ with plaster like 3M which breathes.

2. The healing process should start from inside promoted by Arnica and the Silicea will assist in the drainage. You will know that the medicine is working when the discharge is seen to reduce slowly.

Please note that medicine does not have any treatment other than surgery and I know a man who was in surgery 5 times in 2 years and when he realized that this was never ending, he used the Homeopathic remedies and was cured in a few months permanently.
Joe De Livera last decade
I note that you have been using Arnica in H20 2x and Silicea 4x and that you have observed that this therapy has worked.

I am not familiar with H20 2x and would like to have more information on the potency which I presume is 2x. Please explain what H20 means.

Also confirm that you are taking the remedies 15 days apart.
Joe De Livera last decade
hi Joe

thanks for your response. So are you the doctor on here? I guess its you and Dr. Sajjad?

ok so my naturopath in Dallas suggested I take curoroheel and turmoheel, something like that.

And it seems to be helping cause every 2 weeks, for 5 days, all drainage stops. But then it accumulates and starts draining again.

So is that helping? I have nooo idea how to measure the draining hole (how are others doing it??).

So should I switch to Arnica and Silicea?

thank you so much.

NP (but actually there IS a problem! :) )
noproblemo last decade
I'm a 45 year-old woman with a history of anal fissure since last summer and irritable bowel since 2001. I developed an anal abscess a month ago, which my colo-rectal nurse practitioner suspected was related to the fissure. The abscess was drained March 9 (incision and drainage). When I returned to the office for follow-up with an MD colo-rectal surgeon, he diagnosed a fistula. I was shocked, but should have realized that the abscess was still draining on 3/29, and 50% of abscesses apparently form fistulas. Now I face fistula surgery on 5/2. I'll try Nat Phos and Arnica. I drink several glasses wine each evening. Could this have contributed to my problems? Do you have other recommendations? I continue taking sitz baths each day, Metamucil 2x day, and Motrin for pain. I try to exercise several times a week. Thanks very much in advance.
bethw last decade
I believe that your consumption of several glasses of wine is directly responsible for your problem. You are advised to stop all alcohol for a month and to use Silicea 6x 2 tablets twice daily. Also Arnica 6c in the liquid dose made by inserting 3 pellets of Arnica 6c into a 500ml bottle of spring water from which you will sip a teaspoonful after shaking the bottle hard to aerate the water before each dose.

You should hopefully observe that the abscess drains and should dry up within the month.

Please remember that surgery is not an option. It only causes unnecessary pain for which you will be given analgesics which in turn will make a bad situation worse as they all have a bearing on your fistula.

No coffee, cola drinks and preserved meats that contain saltpeter as they all antidote the remedies.

For you pain you can use Hypericum 200 made up into the liquid dose as instructed above. A teaspoonful is usually good to relieve pain for 4 hours and it is quite safe to be used.

Stop all other drugs and alcohol and report response in a week.

I note that you intend using Nat Phos 6x but while this will soften your stools, it can exacerbate your IBS. Soft stools are essential to promote healing of the fissure and you will have to decide on the balance in using the remedy.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks very much for your response. I've never used homeopathy before, and in fact I'm the daughter of an internist. Based on earlier postings, I just bought Arnica 30 and Silicea 30, the wrong things. Both are to be dissolved under the tongue. I shouldn't take them, right? My health store here in Western NY never heard of Arnica that you dissolve in water.

As for the alcohol, I saw no one else here mention it, and the causes of fistula/abscess (trauma, Crohns, cancer, HIV, etc) don't fit my history. My IBS began during a 5-yr alcohol-free period just before conceiving my first child to well after the second child stopped breast feeding. However, if you suspect denial, you might be correct. This miserable condition of mine probably isn't helped by the wine. As for coffee, that might be even harder to give up.

Can I still take Metamucil?
bethw last decade
H2O is water. I am taking the Arnica dissolved in water two times a day (2X) EVERY day and the Silicea 6X four times a day EVERY day. Am I supposed to only take one day, then wait two weeks????
laurenjill last decade
Update: I've been taking Arnica 6c water dose as you directed. BOIRON makes these tablets, usually dissolved under the tongue. Also taking Silicea 6x as directed. No wine, no cola, no coffee. In just 2 days, I've noticed decreased pain, inflammation and drainage. Is that possible? I've also been sleeping better and have an overall good feeling.

Can I take tea? Are decaffeinated beverages acceptable? Are fizzy/carbonated drinks allowed?

You mention Hypericum 200, but is that C or X or liquid? I cannot locate that one.

Also, please advise about the TIMING of taking these medicines. I've been taking them apart from each other and apart from meals.
bethw last decade
Your response to the therapy is faster that I expected and it is obvious that you are on the path to a complete cure. Glad to note your positive progress which will continue as long as you follow my therapy strictly. You will agree that this is a small price to pay instead of going under the knife which would have been recurring for the rest of your life if you had not found me.

You may like to know that I helped my bank manager whom I noticed would be away on sick leave on 6 occasions from early last year up to recently. Upon inquiry he informed me that he was having a fistula which was never healing in spite of his frequent surgical advertures when he would be under general anesthesia every time for the surgeon to clean up his never healing fistula. I cured him within a month and he has never gone back for surgery again. I used the same therapy on him and he is now cured.

I would suggest that you use the following dosage in future.

Arnica 6c water dose 3 times daily
Silicea 2 tablets twice daily. If possible 1 tablet taken 4 times daily.

Hypericum only to deaden pain. To be used only if pain is unbearable.

Nat Phos 6x to soften stools.

All remedies to be take with 30 minutes separation between each other.

Drink plenty of water instead of other beverages. No fizzy drinks please as they contain sugar and other chemicals that can only exacerbate your ailment. No alcohol and of course coffee. Tea is OK but it can keep you awake if you take it up to 4 hours before sleep time.
Joe De Livera last decade
I presume that you are following the instructions I gave Beth for the Fistula.

Please follow the therapy exactly and report response.
Joe De Livera last decade
Again, thanks very much for your response. I have already begun changing my dose. I went yesterday without any Motrin/Ibuprofen at all, which is amazing.

Please tell me if decafeinated coffee or tea is okay for me? I have twice had a very mild headache, probably because of the caffeine withdrawal.

Please explain what exactly the type of Hypericum 200 you recommend. Is it C or X or liquid? I cannot locate it in stores. Right now, obviously, I don't need it, but I'll want to get the correct remedy if I do need it.
bethw last decade
Dr Joe,

How are you? I started the arnica+silica remedy in Oct 05 for my ano (just outside) abscess, progress was good as i could feel that drainage decreased to near zero only a couple of weeks after commencing treatment. Abscess opening has decreased too when i examined in around Feb 06. Have never stopped taking arnica+silica till now.

Last week i consumed quite a bit of smoked oyster and very hot chilli. After that i noticed a verry little bit of blood and soreness. Yesterday there was itch and minor pain from the abscess.

Dr Joe, what are the food that we Have to avoid, seafood? etc... could you please enlighten? As i suspect the setbacks in my treatment is directly linked to my diet... Really need your advice.

Or do i need to add another medicine to my usual arnica+silica treatment?

thank you
izaac last decade
To Beth W

Would you like to tell me why you have to depend on Motrin and Ibuprofen ? How long have you been takeing it for your present ailment and at what dosage ? I remember that you mentioned that you were in pain. Is this pain acute ? Where exactly is it located ?

I would prefer that you avoid coffee as I know for certain that it antidotes remedies. Tea is OK but not cola drinks and preserved meats like sausages, ham and bacon.

There are some foods like shell fish, beef and other red meats that tend to exacerbate the fistula and are best avoided when you discover that they do. And of course Alcohol is absolutely taboo and is a small price to pay to be rid of your ailment.

The Hypericum can replace the analgesics you have used and you should get Hypericum 200c and follow the method that I have outlined to make the liquid dose which you can take safely take every 4 hours if you with to allay the pain. My apologies that I did not specify the potency which is usually presumed when you speak especially of the higher potencies. 200 is always presumed to be 200c and not 200x which is not available.

Remember that the Silicea / Arnica combination that will eventually heal the wound, the Arnica by promoting tissue build up and the Silicea 6x by constantly expelling the pus.

As for timing I would suggest that you take a teaspoonful of Arnica 3 times daily and the Silicea 2 tabs twice daily.

I feel confident that you should be OK in a few weeks, judging by your response in 2 days.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Izaac

I repeat again that I am not a doctor in Homeopathy although I have been dedicated to it since 1970.

I note that you have been using the Arnica / Silicea therapy since October which is 5 months and that it has not helped to heal your Fistula. Are you sure you are using Arnica 6c and Silicea 6x ?

Please read my response to Beth above for the list of foods that are best avoided. In seafood it is best to avoid as the crustaceons seem to have some chemical that seem to irritate the skin in some people.

One problem that you may be having which will exacerbate the fistula is constipation. Please indicate if you suffer from this problem.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,,its not a fistula,, its an abscess that heals slowly.

arnica is 30c,, and i dissolved 3 in 400cc of water as discussed last year.

silica is 8% extract 500mg per tablet. 2 tablets per day.

I could feel its healing but its the setbacks that are annoying.

thank you.
izaac last decade
hi joe,, no constipation,,

i have been taking fibre capsules.
izaac last decade
I believe that the Silicea that you are using is the reason for this long period of healing.

You must use only the Homeopathic remedy Silicea 6x and NOT the 8% extract in a 500mg tablet which is not a Homeopathic remedy.

You may use only the Homeopathic product to have your problem solved.

You did not respond to my query about constipation. This can also exacerbate your abscess.
Joe De Livera last decade

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