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Hi all,
I am still here. Just reading and watching. The previous post was such that I had to respond (thanks for the mention!).
I still have the fistula, however, there is a remarkable improvement in its condition compared to just 6 months ago. The severity of the 'flare-ups' are diminuishing and although its still there, it is manageable in my every day life. In fact, most of the time I dont even know its there! Only during a 'flare-up', there is a little drainage but no pain, just a feeling of pressure around the area.

I have been seeing a classical Homeopath for six months around the time I was looking at this thread. She agrees in part, with Joes regime described earlier in this thread (combination arnica and Silica homeopathic remedies) however, each individual is different and so each persons regime is individually tailored to suit their needs. I am on a whole hosts of other herbal remedies to supplement my condition and a reduction in food which exacerbates my condition (IBS). My regime caters for the whole indiviual rather than actual fistula. But in the end the goal is the same, to cure the fistula.
For me personally, Joes regime was the start of a long road to recovery. I dont expect it to be 'cured' overnight, but my quality of life has significantly improved since I have sought a homeopathic solution rather than classical medicines and surgery. There may not have been many posts on this thread from people saying that they have been completely cured, but I dont think there has been many posts saying that it has got worse either. In any case this thread is an outlet for people to share their experiences and that makes a difference.

I think the most important thing, is that Joe has highlighted that there is an alternative which should be at least tried first before seeking other methods.

Best regards
martinp last decade

'I am on a whole hosts of other herbal remedies to supplement my condition and a reduction in food which exacerbates my condition (IBS). My regime caters for the whole indiviual rather than actual fistula.'


Good Martin

Curingthe whole individual should be the goal. Fistula will automatically be taken care of.

gavinimurthy last decade
Quote Issac

'I started with Joe's recommendation for my abscess around Oct 2005---combination of Arnica, silica, fibre capsules, zinc(occasinally), vitamin C, savlon antiseptic cream, siz bath and a strict diet. Condition improved but swelling/little bleeding kept returning.

I dropped savlon and used a prescribed antibiotic ointment in July/Aug 2006,, plus a new stategy-- bending my body to lessen stool's pressure on the affected site. Now, 3 months after the change,, have not seen the condition returning. I would not declare that 'I am cured' ,,, I prefer to observe a little while more.

You cannot leave out any of Joe's recommended components.'


Here is a case improved by using a different ointment, and a different posture.

He is also taking additionally fibre capsules,Zinc and vitamin C.

when the AB has been changed, and when he is taking additional supplements, other than those suggested by Joe,we can't ascribe the improvement to joe's therapy.

It could have been from any of the other alternatives.


I am not denying that Joe's advice might have palliated some of the patients.

But, that may lead to suppression, and more complications later.

Please read the threads

Theory of suppression.

Article on pseudo homeopathy.

gavinimurthy last decade
Hi Gavinimurthy,

Joe's method is effective. You have to read ALL my posts since around Oct 2005 to get the whole story.
izaac last decade
Dear Murthy,

Dont you think that it is time that you stopped your constant haranging of me and my Joepathy ? Although you feel that you are doing a great service to the members of this forum by enticing them away, they do not seem to reciprocate your invitation as they do not seem to be in the slightest interested in your attempts to keep them 'better informed' . It is obvious to anyone who visits the ABC and reads your posts that they treat you as a PEST who is only intent on creating unnecessary friction on this once peaceful forum which was a place of refuge for suffering patients who post their ailments in the hope of a cure. It is also possible they even treat you as a BIG JOKE .

I have no objections whatever to your continuing in your pathetic attempts to entice them away for treatment on a separate thread as per your invitation a few days ago, to give them a taste of your Murthypathy which they do not seem to be the slightest interested in. I do hope that this fact alone will convey to you their estimation of your capabilities which we are all eager to savour but unfortunately in vain.

Do remember that it is not the classical learning that you pretend to have in enforcing your classical discpline, which we have not seen or experienced so far that matters in prescribing for the members of this forum. It is the sheer dedication that I and a few others have displayed throughout the past few years where we have spent hours daily on helping patients while you in comparison have only very rarely prescribed for a patient with no apparent feed back.

This is what Homeopathy is all about. Not the mere showing off of one's acumen in classical homeopathy on in my case Joepathy.
In the final analysis it is the rate of cure that matters and as you know I have deviated from the classical routine which I consider a
sheer waste of time and I feel that it will be only a matter of time before the classical school of homeopaths will realize that they cannot fool their patients all the time. In my own way I have been successful in proving that I too can help in curing the standard diseases that afflict mankind and that my own Joepathy or the direct approach to healing is by far more powerful and produces results in hours in comparison to your classical method which usually takes eons to produce even an amelioration of the ailment, during which time the poor suffering patient goes from bad to worse and often has to abandon homeopathy and to return to their doctors due to the sheer agony that they have to endure like for instance in the case of a Fistula patient whose history I do not wish to elaborate on this thread again.

Dear Murthy, I implore you to WAKE UP and to open your eyes to the realities of the direct approach, This for That also known as Joepathy.

You may not believe this but I have not had time to check the ABC and the other 2 forums that I visit Homeopathy and More and the NCH today as I have spent my time in replying to your inane posts which I have done so far, patiently as I am trying to open your eyes to realities of Homeopathy which to my knowledge and the reports of others who are classical homeopaths and even teachers, who are all convinced that Homeopathy is changing slowly but surely as the age of pretense is now long past and it is the realities of healing that matter.

Joe De Livera last decade
O.K. Izzac

Thanks for your feed back.

I wish you read 'the theory of suppression' thread.

All the best.

gavinimurthy last decade
Hye guys,
just wanted to post an update on my condition:

been following the therapy for exactly 1 month now.

in the last few days i stopped the use of silica and i noticed that there was some drainage, so i started using it again. of course i've been off alcohol and coffee for all this period.
The issue is that in my case, my fistula is very small and i practically have no pain at all. it's just drainage of very little puss from time to time.
Do i need to change anything, or should i continue as prescribed? I thin the smaller the fistula is the more difficult is to notice any major chances in short time.
Vahboy last decade
Dear Vahboy

Your fistula is the visible expression of some deeper problem in you.

If you suppress it with routine therapy like this, your fistula may improve, but you may land it into more serious problems.

If you are interested in a total cure,there is a chronic case questionnery by Rajivprasad, on this forum.

Answer those questions, and we will try to help you.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Murthy,

I have noticed that you have, in the recent past, been shadowing my progress on almost every thread that I post on especially those like this one, where many patients who have benefitted from my therapy have testified to the fact that their condition has shown considerable progress and improvement, in many cases after months under the care of other specialists in anal problems including surgeons and other homeopaths who I presume, have also followed your standard classical methods of prescribing for an ailment with no obvious success.

I note that you have stated that a Fistula is a 'visible expression of some deeper problem in you' . Unfortunately you have not proved your statement with examples, preferably on the ABC. You have also continued to issue your standard warning of doom and gloom if the patient continues to 'supress' it with my therapy which ' may land it into more serious problems'.

It is very strange that you consistently refuse to read the evidence present right in front of your eyes on the thread where patients who have been suffering for years have discovered that there is an alternative to being chopped up every few months by their surgeons if they follow the simple therapy that I have pioneered, which is quite unlike your obviously hyper-classical therapy which we have yet to see, at hopefully some time in the future.

It is a matter of some academic interest that you have never specified the nature of these serious problems that you envisage although you do so delight in only spreading that fear in the mind of the patient when it would have been more apt for you to do so with evidence of the dangerous disease that you hope or even wish that the patient suffers from, resultant from my Joepathy. You have so far been disappointed in your macabre wish to see a person who is already suffering , suffer still more as a result of using my Joepathy. I would have expected you to at least have the courtesy of waiting for the remote possibility of a repeat of the lady with the breast lump who seems to have resolved her lump and her fistula successfully before you went into your present attack mode again and again.

It is strange that in spite of the bait you offer, none of the patients on this thread have fallen for it so far by following your orders, and you still keep nursing that forlorn hope that you can entice them away with your own hyper classical brand of homeopathy which has not fooled anyone so far.

I believe that this fact alone gives more credence to the actual impact of my brand of Joepathy which is designed to heal and not kill as evidenced on this thread and many others that you infest.

Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Murthy,

My situation is somewhat similar to Vahboy's. I quote you: ' Your fistula is the visible expression of some deeper problem in you'. Unquote.

It is only appropriate that you should have elaborated on the 'deeper problem' which Vahboy suffers from, rather than just making a loose statement like this.
So, what according to you is the deeper problem which all fistula patients have which becomes visible in the form of the abcess??

I have noticed that though you criticize Joe's therapy, you do not give any ALTERNATIVE therapy of your own. Your excuse is that each patient's case is different.

If you read the old pages in this topic you will find my case history in my first post on this topic. But I will repeat it for your convenience. My fistula first developed approx. four years ago after a long overseas flight. My work also involves sitting for long hours in front of the computer. I had been taking homeopathic medicine before becoming aware of this website, but it did not help. After taking Joe's therapy for 5 weeks, my fistula has drained 4-5 times but the outer wound is still open. There is a small amount of pus-blood which wets the wound on a daily basis. Now there is no drainage from the inner opening and the discomfort level is less. I don't expect any miracles to happen in one month of Joe's therapy so I am willing to continue with it for a few more months as I hope it might help me.

If you have any better therapy than Joe's then pls tell me in your reply. Otherwise, pls do not confuse the patients and spread negativity here.

Megastar last decade
Hi Megastar

I know it is difficult to belive that a problem like fistula may lead to suppression,in case it is maltreted.

There are many many case histories, throughout history to prove this point.

I wish you come back after a few months and post your experience.

There is no negativism in what I am telling. It is in the interest of patients. I have no animosity towards Joe or anybody else.

If you don't believe me, go ahead and continue the treatment.

All the best.

gavinimurthy last decade
To Megastar

My thanks go to you for your unsolicited testimonial that there is indeed some benefit that you have derived from my Joepathy.

I do hope that other patients who have been helped by my therapy will also join Megastar in stating the outcome of their cases under my Joepathy.

I feel that it is time that Murthy's Classical homeopathy which he touts as being the ONLY manner of curing ALL ailments is finally debunked and I invite those who receive the email alert to please respond and state their success or failure in using my Joepathy.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Murthy,
Again, you have side-stepped the real questions I asked:

What is the 'deeper problem' (which you mentioned to Vahboy) in fistula patients and how, in your opinion, should it be treated?

In absence of any answer from you to this question, I don't think anyone would take you seriously. I take your point that you are posting your messages with an intention of helping the patients here, but frankly, they are not really helping.

I wish you all the best too. Regards

Dear Joe,
For the last four years or so, I have only been managing it by draining the fistula regularly. I have not opted for surgery because I have not yet met or heard from a single patient who was treated with surgery, that their problem was permanently cured. I find managing the fistula with periodical drainage a slightly better option than facing the risk of surgery. I was taking homeopathic medicine for it even before I came to this website and started your treatment. But it did not help in curing it.

Since I have been following your therapy only for the last approx. 5 weeks, it is too early to give a verdict on it. I am taking your therapy (and will continue with it) because the logic behind the function of each of your prescriptions sounds good to me, theoretically. Let's see whether it can cure me in practice. I believe in the power of positive thinking and will take your therapy with the hope that it might cure me permanently.

Megastar last decade
Hi Megastar

The deeper problem could be a miasmatic influence, inherited from your parents,or some obnoxious influence like typhoid etc.,which could have triggered it,or an emotional upset.

Only when you treat those miasms/the causation factors, fistula will go away.

A complete case is to be taken,and a medicine is to be prescibed, based on totality.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Murthy

I note that you have again repeated your classical interpretation of Megastar's case. You will note that he has confirmed a considerable improvement in his condition in just 5 weeks using my therapy which anyone who has read this thread can use. Many have confirmed a successful resolution of their Fistula/Fissure/Abscess and all you persist in doing is to continue to sow that iota of doubt in the mind of the patient about the dire consequences that may follow if he does not change his therapy.

May I suggest that you at least indicate what alternative therapy you can prescribe to Megastar for the miasms which you presume he has inherited from his parents.

In my humble opinion the beginnings of a Fistula start with a hard stool which results from constipation which lacerated in some manner the anal musculature. This leads to infection and if at that stage an antibiotic ointment is used, all is well as the lesion is soon healed. Otherwise this lesion is daily exacerbated with each passing stool and this leads to a more deep seated infection of the area which then evolves as a Fissure or a Fistuls or at least an Abscess.

To my mind the etiology is straight forward and the cure that I have pioneered is logical and direct and has cured many.

I would appreciate your comments on my theory.
Joe De Livera last decade
Your mind can think of the etiology starting with hard stool.

We want to analyse, why this particular patient is having hard stool.

We want to go back to the root and treat it.

We want to analyse why only a hanful of patients have fistula,when so many others don't have this problem.

We will look into their history, look at their parents' history, look at the various treatments they had,etc..etc..

A medicine selected after this thorough analysis has a fair chance of commencing the cure.

As symptoms change, we change the medicines, and finally the patient is completely cured, not only of his fistula, but, of all his othe problems too.

gavinimurthy last decade
I can see that you just do not seem to be able to rationalize and think straight any more.

You have stated:
'We want to analyse, why this particular patient is having hard stool.

We want to go back to the root and treat it.'

Here is the living proof of what your mind cannot see as you have so programmed it even when faced with the realities of life which include a hard stool which even I pass perhaps once in 6 month, if I do not remember to eat some fruit after both lunch and dinner. I have no major problem with a hard stool as I am sure you do not also, but in the case of the standard patient if he is constipated for a day or two and finally succeeds in pressurizing it out, he discovers that there is some burning in his rectum. This is the start of the anal problem.

You will observe that if we were to logically rationalize your argument which I believe you owe to your own hyper classical interpretation of homeopathy, to trace the cause of the stool back to its origins step by step, you will eventually be compelled to trace the patient's heritage that he inherited from birth, including the miasms and other rubbish.

Here is a case where the patient consults you for his constipation and you then start your standard case taking procedure, which in many cases puts the patient off due to the questions that you pose to him and you then come up with the constitutional remedy. All this is short circuited if you give the patient some Nat Phos 6x tablets and he will have an easy stool which is all part of the curative process.

My point is that there is no need to change the remedies for a Fistula that I prescribed depending on the change of symptoms that you visualize as the only progress usually of a patient following my therapy, is upwards to a cure. This is a far cry from repeated surgical adventures or can be even made worse by your constitutional remedy method.
Joe De Livera last decade
Miasms and rubbish???

Dear Joe

No one can practice homeopathy and expect cures of chronic cases without knowing about miasms.

Homeopathy is not child's play.It needs serious study to master it.

You can't undo all the theory and philosophy of Homeopathy, by calling it rubbish.

That shows nothing but your ignorance.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Murthy,

I note that you take serious objection to the 3 words 'Miasms and rubbish' that I stated in my para which I shall copy below for your further information. I would like to reassure you that I do not by any means consider the theory and philosophy of the science of Homeopathy as rubbish. It is only the interpretation of this science by you, that I classify under that category.

I do agree with you that the science of Homeopathy requires serious study to master and it is very unlikely that both you and I will ever do so within our lifetime simply because the response of one patient is so different from the other and it is absolutely impossible to record the nuances of each case for purposes of study and record. However when the prescriber has sufficient experience in the use of a remedy which he uses say for this case of simple constipation it is not at all necessary that the Miasms are even considered as this will only serve to make a mountain out of a molehill and this would be unfair to make the patient suffer in the process of treatment.

Here is my statement which I have copied from my last post:

You will observe that if we were to logically rationalize your argument which I believe you owe to your own hyper classical interpretation of homeopathy, to trace the cause of the stool back to its origins step by step, you will eventually be compelled to trace the patient's heritage that he inherited from birth, including the miasms and other rubbish.

You will observe that I was referring to the hard stool which I felt that you would first want to trace back to the 'miasms and rubbish' that will all add up to the 'constitutional remedy' that you will prescribe for a simple state of constipation. This analysis would obviously take a very long time and the question that you will have to ask yourself is, What will the patient do in the meanwhile while you are engrossed with the process of identifying the Miasm that he has inherited from the parents ?

In my considered opinion the miasm will have absolutely no bearing on a simple case of constipation for which as I indicated I would first prescribe Nat Phos 6x which will in almost all cases help with regularizing the patient's bowel movements.

I am fully conversant with the theory of Miasms but I must admit that I do not give it much weightage in my prescribing a remedy as the process of identifying it is involved and cannot be done accurately within the short period that the patient is in consultation. The main purpose of a patient consulting a physician is to get well quickly and I feel that it is time that you shed your classical homeopathic training aside and get down to brass tacks in common with the majority of your classical bretheren and treat your patients with the obvious remedy, and enable them to return to health ASAP.

Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Murthy,
After going through the discussion you are having with Joe about Miasms. I googled for this word and came up with this useful link:


According to the information posted on the above link page Miasms are of four types and Fistula is given under the category of Syphlictic Miasm. So, my question is this: If the info given in the above weblink is true, then it implies that everyone who suffers from a fistula, suffers from the same Miasm. So, logically if every fistula patient has the same Miasm then the treatment for all such patients would also be more or less, the same. Wouldn't it?

Ofcourse, it is known to everybody that all diseases are due to either genetics or the environment in which one lives. Your mental/emotional health affects your physical health too. I agree to that. Who in this world, does not have one or the other disease??

After the info you have provided about Miasms, the next logical question is HOW TO REMEDY THEM if not by medicines? By counselling?? LOL. Do you have the answer to that??

I could find all the information I need about Homeopathy if I spend some time in googling pages like the link I have given above. But I neither have the time nor the inclination to become a Homeopathy expert. I have other things to do. I would rather let an expert help me out with advise on curing my fistula.

And I thought that Joe is the expert who could help me with my fistula problem that's why I'm taking his therapy. If you think you can do better than him, then you should SPELL OUT YOUR THERAPY to me. I think you now have all the information you need about my particular case and you should have been able to provide some remedy to me if you do not agree with Joe's.

But all you do is find faults with Joe's therapy without giving an ALTERNATIVE THERAPY of your own.

Megastar last decade
To Megastar

Thank you for your post addressed to our exponent of Hyper Classical Homeopathy who has been the cause of so much consternation on this and other forums in the recent past to the chagrin of its resident prescribers and also the moderator.

You have stated your case clearly and we all now await Murthy's diagnosis and his therapy for your Fistula which hopefully will yield more positive results than the treatment that I have recommended to you which you have used successfully for some weeks.

I shall closely monitor his input towards treating your problem and we shall all see how the magic of classical homeopathy works.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Megastar

I told you many times that , a complete case has to be taken, by a comptent homeopath,before the medicine that suits you can be selected.

Each individual's case is different,and what works for X need not work for Y.

It is the allopathic mindset of people which is making persons like you to have a false hope that Joe's therapy may work.

Anyway, continue with whatever therapy, you have faith in, and try to post periodical results.

gavinimurthy last decade
hi Megastar

The information you gave is not enough to prescribe for you.

There is a chroinic case taking questionnery by Rajivprasad on this forum.

There are about 135 answers to be given.

Please respond to that questionnery and post it.

Then only, I will be able to help you.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Murthy,

So, as per your last comment you admit that you are NOT a 'competent homeopath'. And it is obvious to all by now that you have NO CLUE whatsoever how to treat me or other fistula patients here.

Whoever heard of answering 135 questions before getting treatment from a homeopath. I know many competent classical homeopaths also and I never came across one who asks 135 questions from his/her patients before starting treatment. Are questions about my income and my bank balance also a part of the questionnaire? LOL.

My final word to you, Murthy, is that your comments on this thread are OF ZERO VALUE to any of the patients here and you should go get a life.

I am going to continue with Joe's therapy.

Megastar last decade

All the best, my dear friend.

gavinimurthy last decade

All the best my dear friend.

gavinimurthy last decade

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