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To Wishes

I am not aware of what Pudin Hara is. I presume that this is some medicine commonly used in India but I live in Sri Lanka. What is it used for?

You mention gas and acidity. Has this condition improved with the therapy prescribed so far by Nawaz and Pankaj?
You state:
' severe constipation. Stomach is always bloated after meals, gas & acidity. Feel heavy even after morning toilet.'

Give precise details of your skin discolouration. Does it itch or burn or bother you otherwise?

Do you suffer from GERD?

Have you checked your blood for any Thyroid imbalance? If not can you do so and report your TSH levels?

Where do you live?

Are you married?
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,

Yes it is a Fistula and you identified Hommeroid as the root cause after going through my reports which I provided you.

Fistula is from last 2 years. Never had blood discharge. Earlier had pus discharge. But no pus from last few months. Only water discharge is there. 2 lumps are there about 1 cm apart from anus. Pain in lumps.

My report is :

22/08/2010 : - Watery Discharge all day, Pain, 2 hard lumps (1 Small and 1 very small), Burning sensation, pain on pressing lumps
29/08/2010 :- Watery Discharge 2-3 time in 7 days, negligible pain, lumps are there as they were, pain on pressing lumps
05/09/2010 :- Contiuous Water discharge, pain for 1-2 day, lumps are there as they were, pain on pressing lumps
24/09/2010 :- Water discharge is there, no pain but uncomfortable feeling always, out of two lumps bigger 1 got bigger and other got smaller

(1). Watery discharge is there. Silicea didn't work I think. (I didnot have pus or blood earlier. I didn't have it in last 20 days too)
(2). Haemorroid are there.

Please let me know should I stop taking Silicea. Should I replace with some other medicine. I wonder why there is continous water discahrge for last few months and no Pus. I am following all your suggestions including Neospirin after BM.

Please suggest something. Thanks in advance. God Bless you.
pankajnirwan103 last decade
To Pankaj

Stop the SIlicea and take Myristica Sebifera 200c in the Wet dose twice daily instead.
This remedy is known as the Homeopathic Knife and I hope that it will open up the pus which seems to be locked inside some internal tissue which you refer to as a watery discharge which is constantly draining.

I shall treat your Hemorrhoid later after we treat your 2 lumps.
Joe De Livera last decade
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wishes5 last decade
Dear Joe,
I wrote yesterday to you with regard to my fistula (I have had for two years) -reporting that there was a swelling to the left of the opening and you kindly replied suggesting I may be suffering from an internal haemorrhoid. This morning I realised that the swelling was in fact a large collection of infection and after an hour I managed to get some of it out. This is unusual for the fistula as normally the infection collects beneath or to the right of the fistula opening. There is still a lot of infection remaining but too sore to try and remove. As I mentioned yesterday I am following all your protocol aside from stopping taking the silicea about 2 days ago when the swelling started. The infection is mainly brown/bloody water.

Internally there is no soreness or swelling in the rectum with no evidence of haemerrhoids.

The medicines I am currently taking are (which I started 6 weeks ago):
Arnica 30c wet dose 3x daily.
Ferr phos 6x 3 tablets 3x daily
Antibiotic cream massage after every BM.

AND I was taking silicea 6x 2 tablets twice daily for the past 6 weeks and stopped taking this about 2 days ago.
(I do not need to take Nat Phos 6x).

I have also, under your recommendation, taken Myr Seb wet dose instead of the silicea in the past to help with getting the infection out but it made no difference so you told me to go back on the silicea.

Shall I continue as above but start silicea again?

Many thanks again,
chispas last decade
To Chispas

I still think that Myristica is your remedy as it will help to 'ripen' the pocket of pus and enable it to discharge. Keep on with it for a few more days and observe your response. I do not think that SIlicea can help.

I note that you are using an AB 'cream'. I have prescribed an AB OINTMENT as the vaseline base helps to keep the bactericidal action longer than the cream. This can make the difference in your progress to a cure.

I would suggest that you try the Tennis ball therapy. Sit on one and roll it under you and report results.
Joe De Livera last decade
Respected Joe
I have taken today's dose of silica as there was little pain/itch around the fistula openings, coz i knew it would take some time 4 u to respond and i didnt want to take risk. Afer taking it, I went to sleep and when i woke after 8 hours, there was no pain. After 3 hors of my waking up, i had very litttle pain for about 5 minutes and then it disappeared. Does this very little pain and itching indicates that a pocket of puss is again forming or it is a sign of healing?? And should i continue silica or not?? You directed yesterday that i can discontinue silica and see the symptoms.

I also have developed an eczema on my finger, can u plz suggest joepathy 4 this ailment as well??

Best Regards
pm lums last decade

I am glad that you took the Silicea even before you referred the matter to me as it saved you from the problem becoming worse. It is possible that you may have to adopt this attitude throughout your life as you are now aware of how any given remedy works and it is in your hands to use it as soon as you feel the need.

You can continue the Silicea twice daily and observe your response.

Arnica is my default remedy for Eczema and I do doubt that you suffer from this problem as you have been taking it for some weeks now. It is possible that some food may have been the cause.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,
Thank you for your reply and guidance. I do use AB ointment - Neosporin - the only AB I can get as I live in the UK. (I buy it on ebay). I have Myristca Seb 30c liquid extract. You recommended the 30c strength to me before - this had little effect last time I used it for two weeks or so but I shall start again and take 3 doses a day and stop the silicea as you suggest. Shall I order the Myr Seb 200c liquid extract that you have recommended to Mr Pankaj recently on this forum or see what happens with the Myr Seb 30c I have?

My best wishes,
chispas last decade
To Chispas

Please indicate the link to my post where you state I requested you to use Myristica Sebifera 30c for your ailment.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe;

This is my post after a long time. Last time i was going through deep pain on my right side where a new abscess was formed. Due to the sever pain I had to go to the doctor and gotten two seton placed on both sides. And since then I was literary on my bed till about 2 days ago. Its keep discharging a lot of puss. From tomorrow I will be continue with my Joepathy again. The medicine I will be taking are

Silicea 6x Dose 2 tablets taken thrice daily,
Arnica 30c in the Wet dose taken thrice daily,
Nat Phos 6x Dose 2 tablets,
Ferr Phos 6x Dose 2 tablets,

Can you please verify and give me little more suggestion. Thank you very much for your time.
ruben9 last decade
You have not indicated the frequency of the dosage of the 2 remedies:

Nat Phos 6x Dose 2 tablets, TAKEN TWICE DAILY
Ferr Phos 6x Dose 2 tablets, TAKEN THRICE DAILY

When did you have the 2 Setons inserted and did they help you?
I believe that if you had posted your problem here on this thread that I could have helped you to avoid the Setons.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,

As requested here is the link where you recommended Myr Seb 30c. (page 46 of this forum).


I have been taking the Myr Seb 30c wet dose since yesterday and there is now some release of the infection, but I still need to use a needle. I have been taking Myr Seb 30c wet dose three times a day.(plus arnica and Ferr phos, AB ointment massage as usual)

Many thanks
chispas last decade
To Chispas

It is possible that the Myris 30c is the reason for the pocket in which the pus is locked in is not opening as it was expected to do. You have reported today however that 'there is now some release of the infection'.

Would you like to continue with the 30c potency and you can observe the progress for a week and then decide if you should change over to the 200c?
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,

I am still continue taking Hamammellis 200C wet dose. I dont feel any pain in my external hammeroid now. I will continue Hamammellis for a week and then report to you.

I had the oozing in the Fissure this time and some PUS came out of this instead of Fistula opening. Any reason why is this ?

rajhomeo75 last decade
Hi Joe,
As per your request i stopped taking silicia and taking nat phos , Ferr phos and arnica. I am loosing hope...i have pain every day after BM even after using anti bactarial cream polyfax..

What should I do?? i am close to call my consultant for a surgery...i still have abscess and they still ooze sometimes
fortjames last decade
One may consider taking the following remedies for anal fistula pain, puss and cure.

1. CALCAREA SULPHURICA 12X, 4 pellets under tongue, 3 times a day.

2. Ledum Pal 30c, 4 pellets under tongue, 3 times a day.

nawazkhan last decade
Hi Joe;

The seton is helping at least I don't have an abscess but I do feel lots of pain on the left side where the seton was place but not on the right. I will be continuing your medication from now. Thank you very much for your time.
ruben9 last decade
Hi Joe,
I think I am cured now as I do not have any pain or discharge from the fistula. Thanks for your help and support during the last 2 month as I really feel oblized to you.
Shall I continue the AB ointment after BM ? I am regularly taking Arnica 30x - 2 times, Nat Phos 6x - 3 times, FP6x -2 times.
One homeopathy doctor told me that once I am cured by any homeopathy medicine I should use a high potency to fix the same. Is it applicable in your Joepathy?
hectech last decade
To Raj

You state 'I dont feel any pain in my external hammeroid now'
Has your external Hemorrhoid receded ?

I cannot understand the reason why your Fissure is exuding pus. This indicates that there is still some focus of infection inside which is not addressed by the AB ointment you are using today. Suggest you get Polyfax as this is the ultimate.

Sit on a hollow cushion.

Take all the other medicines prescribed.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Fort

As you can see almost every patient on this thread in recent months has confirmed his/her cure but yours is, as far as I can see, the only one that has not responded after many weeks of therapy.

I note that Nawaz who I presume has more experience than me in the treatment of Ano Rectal problems, is still persisting with his therapy and before you go for another surgery I would suggest that he takes over your case.
Joe De Livera last decade
thank you for your prompt directions to relevant forums.
I am seeking your help with my health problems. Even though they do not seem very serious - conventional medicine is not very effective. I feel, that only symptoms are being addressed all the time.
I am suffering from IBS for 3 years now; have LA grade A reflux disease (and globus histericus in my throught) for which I am using Pantoloc 40mg (for one year) in the morning. In February 2010 I had surgically opened abscess just outside my anus. A week ago 'my' surgeon opened fistula which had formed in the vicinity of the abscess (I could feel a 'bump' inside my anus prior to the surgery, this had been one end of the fistula). The 'bump' had been exactly, where I had felt 'small thorn' after hemorrhoidectomy in 2002. I am still quite sore and often have spasms/cramps in lower abdomen/anal area. Is Arnica suitable for this? I am able to get Arnica D6.
Kondola last decade
Dear Joe,

I dont feel the pain in the external hammeroid. But I still see that hanging in there. Is that normal ? Or it would completely go away ?

Also, regarding the PUS from Fissure, even I am not sure on the reason. I shall sit on the hallow seat and continuing all the medicine as prescribed.

I note the oozing and PUS draining for the past 2 days from Fistula opening. As I mentioned earlier also, Joe, the whole issue is being controlled but not getting to the complete cure yet. Is there any other reason you could think of ? Please help me !

Thanks again for all your help so far !

rajhomeo75 last decade
Hi Joe ,

I was suffering pain for fistula . Doctor told pus is there in internal there is no external opening . Ayurbed doctor pus discharged from 6'o clock region . No external opening . Internal Haemorrhoids at 3,7,11 O Clock position . I took Ayur medicine and pain has gone down but still pain is there and little pus is coming out .. Please advice me Homeopathy medical treatment .
sanjeebmallick last decade
To Kondola

You can use the standard therapy I have prescribed for your Ano-rectal problems and we can then observe how they respond in a few days.

You stated:
'A week ago 'my' surgeon opened fistula which had formed in the vicinity of the abscess (I could feel a 'bump' inside my anus prior to the surgery, this had been one end of the fistula). The 'bump' had been exactly, where I had felt 'small thorn' after hemorrhoidectomy in 2002. I am still quite sore and often have spasms/cramps in lower abdomen/anal area.'

I would like to have more data on your problem and this pertains to your Hemorrhoid. If you have your surgeons report card after surgery, please copy it.

Please read the instructions below and follow them precisely as prescribed.

Joepathy therapy for treatment of Anao-rectal problems:

Silicea 6x Dose 2 tablets taken thrice daily to expel the pus from the lesion.
Arnica 30c in the Wet dose a capful of the bottle taken thrice daily to increase the flow of blood which in turn will help to rebuild the tissue.
Nat Phos 6x Dose 2 tablets taken twice daily after meals to soften the stools.
Ferr Phos 6x Dose 2 tablets taken twice daily to improve the quality of the blood to help heal the lesion.
Antibiotic Ointment like Polyfax or equivalent which is used internally on the tip of a gloved finger inserted into the anus after every bowel movement to keep the bacterial count as low as possible in the lesion.

The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:

Order the remedy in the Ethanol pack also referred to as Liquid Dilution in some countries.
Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard before you sip a capfull which is the dose.
Shaking the bottle hard is homeopathic succussion and this shaking must be done every time before a capful of the bottle or a large teaspoonful of the remedy is sipped as directed.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Raj

'I dont feel the pain in the external hammeroid. But I still see that hanging in there. Is that normal ? Or it would completely go away ? '

This is a question that you will have to ask your surgeon as I cannot advise you without seeing it. You can also help by giving me more information as to how long you have noticed it and if it caused you any pain when you first saw it. Did it bleed at any time?

I presume that this has no connection with your Fistula for which you will have to continue the therapy that you are using today till it improves as many others on this Thread have done.

Please copy precisely what you are doing today with the various remedies you are using.
Joe De Livera last decade

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