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I believe that the Silicea that you are using is the reason for this long period of healing.

You must use only the Homeopathic remedy Silicea 6x and NOT the 8% extract in a 500mg tablet which is not a Homeopathic remedy.

You may use only the Homeopathic product to have your problem solved.

You did not respond to my query about constipation. This can also exacerbate your abscess.
Joe De Livera last decade
hi joe, the reply for constipation is one post before. I replied no constipation.

ok, i will buy silicea 6x.

I must confess-- i have been taking coffee again-but only one or 2 cups a day,,, not during arnica intake.
izaac last decade
hi joe,, i am buying silicea 6x from abc,,, but what should be my dosage??
izaac last decade
I saw your confirmation about constipation just after I sent my last post to you.

I suppose that 2 cups of coffee are not contraindicated for the Silicea but they will antidote the Arnica. Try to stop it completely for a few weeks and observe how this will help your problem.

The dose for Silicea 6x is 2 tablets taken twice daily. This will help the fistula to drain as the action of Silicea which as you perhaps know is just sand in solution, is to expell anything from the body. For instance if you have a thorn embedded deep in your hand Silicea will expell it in a few days.
Joe De Livera last decade
thank you joe,, mine is an abscess, not fistula,, i suppose its about the same.

I think my age contributes to the speed of recovery,, I'm 43.
izaac last decade
Does this arnica water mix also sort a fissure in addition to fistula?

I have both :(
but the fistula does seem to have gone and there is no pain from this although i am still suffering fissure.

Im done for surgery on teh fistula but have book a doc pre op appointment for him to check its still there which i hope its not . He is going to be surprised i think its gone!
jonboy last decade
To Johboy

Yes the Arnica in the liquid dose should be good for a Fissure but I have not seen one and can only presume that is similar.

Arnica promoted healing from the inside out and this is where drugs cannot equate it as they promoting healing from the skin downwards. How long have you used the Arnica ? And what potency and dosage ?

The Slilcea 6x promotes drainage of the pus but if you are not bothered with it you do not need it.

Surgery is not an option for Fistula and I have a friend who was in surgery 6 times since January 2005 and finally refused to be operated again. He saw me and was cured in a few weeks permanently.
Joe De Livera last decade
dear Joe,

have ordered from abc silica-enough to last for about 4 months.

do i put pellets under tongue or take with water??

izaac last decade
dear joe,

arnica- i have also ordered another bottle of arnica 30c. i saw your post talking about arnica 6x. So is 30 c ok??? I have been mixing 3 to 4 pellets in 400cc of water. 2 sips per day. Is it right? the one that u have been taking for years,,is it 6x or 30c???

izaac last decade
To Izaac

I note that you anticipate that your Fistula will take 4 months to heal and have therefore ordered stocks for 4 months.

I feel confident however that if you follow my therapy (without coffee) you should overcome your problem premanently in half that time.

I see that you mention Arnica 6x. I have no recollection of prescribing 6x which I do not use in Arnica. The standard potencies are 6c and 30c.

I see that you also state that you use 3-4 pellets in 400cc water and that you use 2 sips daily. I hope that you do not make a fresh dose daily. The 3 pellets you put into a 500ml bottls of spring water will do for about 5 months at 1 teaspoonful twice daily.

I have been using Arnica 6c in the liquid dose for the last year and prior to that I used the pellets. I find that the liquid dose is far superior to the dry dose as the succussion (shaking the bottle hard) increases the potency of the remedy thereby making it more effective to help the body.

I am glad that I was able to put my theoretical knowledge into practice as I have proved that Arnica positively helps anyone to keep a stable normal Blood Pressure. Mine is 120/80 pulse 65 at age 76. Many are envious of my condition and I often give them my recipe for health.

I hope that I can help you too to overcome your problem soon.


The lower potencies in the x category are not effective when dissolved in water for some reason I cannot understand. The tablets are always swallowed whole.
Joe De Livera last decade
dear joe,,

1.I finish my 400ml in 2 about weeks. maybe I've got big teaspoons at home.

2.Its not a fistula Joe, its an abscess. Fistula sounds scary to me because of the fistulectomy i went thru last year.

3.Silica pellets 6c - how should i take it??? under tongue or just swallow with water????????????

4.I think i mixed up 6x and 6c. i still dont know the difference.

5.So is 30c ok???????? Read from somewhere that arnica could only be consumed in very very small amount.

izaac last decade
Your medication is below:

1. You can continue to use your large teaspoons as it is the frequency of usage that it relevant in homeopathy. You use the Arnica 30 with 3 pellets in 500ml water which is shaken hard before you take a teaspoon twice daily.

2. You will only use Silicea or Silica in the 6x and NOT the 6c. 6x is 1/1millionth and 6c is 1/1million millionth. I know this may confuse you more but please use the potencies that I have indicated. Dosage is 2 tablets taken twice daily.
Joe De Livera last decade
oh dear Joe,,

i have ordered 4 bottles of 6c silica from abc just yesterday. i hope they could just change for me.
izaac last decade
the only thing I found to work for this unpleasant problem anal fissures, because the blood circulation is so limited in this area, is Rectogesic - glyceryl trinitrate which relaxes the area and encourages blood circulation to flow and heal the fissure. it can cause headaches when first applied but is worth the result which was about 4 weeks in my case.
rossini last decade
To Rossini

Arnica 30c works in a similar manner to the drug that you have indicated which I am not familar with.

Arnica has been proved to promote the circulation of blood throughout the body and it has helped to prevent recurrent fistulas when used in conjunction with Silicea 6x which helps by draining the pus.
Joe De Livera last decade
hi all,

my naturopath gave me Traumeel ointment. I used it and in only 2 days (3 times a day), my drainage has almost stopped and the discomfort has gone down tremendously.

See if you can get it, apply it directly on the fistula opening and see what happens.

noproblemo last decade
hi all,

How about we get doctor Sajjad and/or any other experts on this list to summarize all these posts? its getting kind'a hard to figure out what to do. How about we get someone to fill this out:

1. Ailment: Anal fistula and/or abcess

2. primary symptoms:

3. symptoms if un-treated

4. herbal medicines recomended:

5. dosage, duration:

6. expected outcome:

7. duration:

8. diet: what to eat, what not to eat

9. treatment: gauze etc.

and other info.

it'll really help out even the newcomers ya know.

noproblemo last decade
I've been taking Arnica and Silicea for 8 days and feel well. I have not found Nat Phos yet. For several days I observed a decrease in the pus coming from the old abscess area at the opening of my fistula. But it is variable, apparently. Pain and swelling has reduced overall. I continue sitz baths once a day and exercise 5-6 times per week.

I stopped drinking coffee and wine without difficulty.

I've experienced increased flatulence in the mid-evenings, and the urge to move bowels later in the day and evening, which is unusual for me. Also, I've had reduced appetite. Is this to be expected? I'm probably 20-25 pounds overweight, so I don't mind any weight loss.
bethw last decade
Glad to note that the Arnica/Silicea therapy is helping. You can soon do without the Silicea when the pus stops exuding but continue with the Arnica for life.

You can change over to Arnica 6c in a few weeks and take must one dose at night to ensure that you do not have any problems with your fistula.

Nat Phos 6x (biochemic) will help to reduce your weight by about 1-2 pounds per week safely. It will also keep your stools soft which is useful to keep the fistula under control.
Joe De Livera last decade
hi joe,


abc wrote-saying there is no more silicea 6x in their stock. they asked if 8x is ok?

izaac last decade
I have never used the 8x but I believe that this potency can substitute for the 6x which is the more commonly used potency.
Joe De Livera last decade
CHIPPER - How is your condition progressing?
Pwkim1 last decade
hi Joe,

My naturopath gave me Traumeel and Curoheel for my fistula. They seem to be working but the pus hasnt stopped. Also, every now and then, I think if I sit for too long, my fistula gets clogged and then bursts open with more pus.

Ive been taking it for about 1.5 months. And it seems like others on this forum have had better recovery with arnica and silicea.

Do you know how mine compare to Arnica and Silicea? my naturopath says Curoheel contains Arnica in it. But I guess its not as strong?

what should I do?


noproblemo last decade
I remembered that you mentioned a few weeks ago about Traumeel ointment which you stated worked in a couple of days, but I presume that this was only short lived.

Many patients who used the Silicea 6x and Arnica 30c have benefitted from this therapy and are cured.

The Silicea is only to be used till the fistula stops discharging while the Arnica can be continued nightly for life but in the lower potency 6c as it will help to keep up the blood supply in the affected area thereby preventing another fistula from developing. This is usually the problem with a fistula as it seems to be never ending and the only solution is surgery which again is never ending.

You may also like to consider using Nat Phos 6x (biochemic) to keep your stools soft to prevent irritation in the affected area. Dose 2 tablets after lunch and dinner. You will also discover that this remedy will reduce your weight by about 1-2 lbs per week.

I do not have any idea of both Traumeel and Curoheel and shall be interested to learn what they are exactly.
Joe De Livera last decade
hi joe,

1. abc informed that the 8x silica is on its way. No stock for 6X.

2. why is the silica 8% extract 500mg not working well?

izaac last decade
As far as I know the Silicea 8% extract 500mg is not a homeopathic remedy and it cannot therefore be expected to have the same curative effect.
Joe De Livera last decade

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