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You have followed my instructions but there is one point that I must clarify for you.

The massage with the Antibiotic must done with the finger and must be as deep as the top level of the Fistula as it is necessary to gently push the pus and the fecal matter that may be stagnating in the Fistula out into the open.

You do not need the finger cote or rubber glove but this is more hygenic in use.
Joe De Livera last decade
Sure. Thats how I am doing. The reason I dont use glove is , most of the time my anus is very tight and its difficult to inset just the finger itself.Even the surgeon told me that its very tight while doing exam and few drops of blood came out. Is this normal for a rectum to be tight ?

Even while doing this AB massage, after few days I started having some pain in the area after inserting finger and doign massage. The pain remins for few hours atleast after the AB massage.

Any suggestions please ?

rajhomeo75 last decade
The tightness you experience may be due to your Sphincter muscles being injured during your surgery which will make passing a daily bowel motion traumatic if it is hard and constipated. You may have to use some expansion device which your surgeon will advice you about to stretch your anal muscles. The Antibiotic ointment should normally permit your finger to go into your rectum easily but you will have to consult your surgeon and get his advice of some way to overcome the tension of your anal muscles.

It occurs to me that you can use some other device which is not as thick as your finger to insert the AB ointment into your anus after a stool and you will have to discuss this matter with your doctor.

It is important that you do not draw blood as this will make a bad case much worse due to the infection that can follow. A rubber glove over your finger will be far less traumatic to be inserted as it is smoother than the skin and you will have to find a way out of your problem which I cannot help you with except to only give you some ideas which you can use after consulting your surgeon.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe
After reading the above mail I just wanted to ask you that my husband has been applying the AB ointment as deep as a finger but cannot feel the fistula opening .But as a must applies the ointment after every bowel movement and presses it downwards . I hope it is OK? !!Because the opening cannot be felt...!!
shiath last decade
The main idea in using this technique is to ensure that the bacteria in the area in and around the Fistula is kept as low as is possible to encourage the growth of new tissue in the lesion which will be helped by the Arnica after the Silicea expels the pus.

We can only hope that by inserting a finger inside the rectum without causing any further trauma due to bleeding, that the Fistula too will be massaged clean to permit more positive healing.

Continue with this therapy as far as is possible and hope that my Joepathy will help your husband as it has helped so many other patients.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe, I wrote about two weeks ago asking about your joepathy. I had tried it two years previously when first getting my anal fistula and it realy helped initially but then I foolishly went on a bike ride and after that the fistula then got much worse, despite taking the joepathy protocol for about 2 months afterwards. Then I gave up on it. I am writing now to say I have restarted it about 10 days ago - this time with the liquid extract arnica (I used the pellets before)and also the Ferr phos which I did not use 2 years ago - plus the silicea and AB cream and nat phos as you recommend. This time for the first few days there was no change in the fistula - still having to discharge it 8-9 times a day (using a needle as it does not discharge unaided). Then it seemed to shrink in size and no discharge at all for a few days then a small amout for 2 days and then since yesterday it has started to fill up again quite profusely and I have had to discharge quite a lot of infection last night and this morning. It still seems smaller in size - about a 1.5cm deep cavity compared to 10 days ago when it was about 3cm deep in cavity size - so that is good news! However I wondered if I should continue with the exact amounts of the remedies in your joepathy or maybe reduce some, for example, the silicea - I am taking your recommended dosage of silicea of 2 tablets of 6x thrice a day. Many many thanks for any thoughts and advice.
chispas last decade
Seems such a pity that just one bike ride has undone all the good that you had achieved by following my protocol.

Let us try Myristica Sebifera 30c aka (Homeopathic knife) in the Wet dose taken twice daily, instead of the Silicea 6x. This should help your Fistula to open up and discharge easier.

Go easy on the needle as it can be a source of infection.

Continue with the other components that you are using except for the Silicea.

Also use a hollow rubber cushion to sit upon as this will help to heal the lesion inside.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,
This time the fistula opening did fill up but after about 12 days unlike weekly and the discharge was much lesser than earlier.There is no pain and discomfort , joepathy is being followed carefully .

shiath last decade
To Shiath,

Glad to note that your husband's Fistula has shown some positive signs of recoveriy.

You can now reduce the Silicea to just one dose daily and the Arnica and Ferr phos will complete the cure.
Joe De Livera last decade
You will of course continue with the other components of the protocol except for the Silicea.
Joe De Livera last decade
joe sir

do you know any news about pankaj varma ji.

because he is not coming in the forum for few days.

prakash_roy last decade
To Prakash

I live in Sri Lanka and am not aware of his movements. I believe he lives in New Delhi.

If you would like to contact him by phone his number is:

009198 91451990
Joe De Livera last decade
thanks sir

prakash_roy last decade
Dear Joe
thanks for your reply ,I shall ask him to reduce the dose of Silicea .

The oozing stopped yesterday .
This time lasting for just two days and that to very little.

Joepathy is being followed carefully .
shiath last decade
Dear Joe,

Another update from me, Raj. For the past 10 days the oozing was there and the PUS is coming in drops followed by drops of blood and liquid discharge.

Following Joepathy carefully including AB ointment massage. please let me know if I need to do anything else.

rajhomeo75 last decade

Let us try another approach for your problem without the Silicea 6x. It is just possible that this may be the cause of the pus oozing with the blood. This is experimental and you will report your response even daily to enable me to monitor your progress. The blood is positive while the pus is negative. We will have to try out this alternate therapy to see how you respond.

All the other components of the protocol to be continued.
Joe De Livera last decade

Did you mean just take everything in Joepathy else except Silicea 6X ? I understood like that. Please correct me if I am wrong.

rajhomeo75 last decade
You have read me correctly.

'All the other components of the protocol to be continued.'
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you, Joe. I shall do that and update you accordingly.

/ Raj
rajhomeo75 last decade
Hi friends,

Here is my complete recovery story


Replace 'dot' by .

I had created my blog only to share my story and help others suffering from same problem.

See if it can benefit you as well. I followed many websites, but finally I got relief from the combination I mentioned in blog.

Wishing others a speedy recovery,
punu210285 last decade
I was searching online for natural ways to heal fistulas and found Joe De Livera on another forum that is I assumed run by him. I found myself extremely interested the therapies that were offered on the forum. So I wanted to express my story.

Ok I have some what of a long story to tell. My son started becoming constipated when he was around 4. It started out as him being too busy to use the bathroom, I assume because all he wanted to do was play. Once he finally did have a bowel movement it was painful. The pain caused him to not want to use the bathroom even more, which caused him to be even more constipated. I use to tell him that if he didn't start to use the bathroom regularly we would end up in the hospital.

Well he is 6 now and over time the constipation and hard stool caused a fissure (tear) in his anus. We took him to the doctor who in turn sent us to a GI specialist. The entire time we were seeing this GI specialist, I was trying to explain to them that my son has had constipation issues for a long time. The first thing they wanted to throw on the table was Chrons and or IBD. I was skeptical because I knew the situation. They sent him to get all types of tests done and said that his intestines were fine it was the anus area that was the issue. The fissure eventually turned into a fistula due to an abcess that developed.

I personally believed that the membranes in my sons bowel lining became infected because he was constipated and the poop was just sitting there due to him not using the bathroom. Of course, I didn't get this from the doctors who were looking at him. They some what agreed but still claimed that it was Chrons. Well the fistulas have gotten so bad that they are about the size of a grown mans finger. The doctors did a surgery this past Sunday where they cleaned out the abcess and opened the fistula, as well as put a c-ton in one of the Fistulas. They also wanted me to put my son on Remicade which I'm really against. I'm so against using Remicade that I had decided to let them do a colostomy. The reason I wanted to do a colostomy was because I feel as if his fistulas WILL NOT heal if poop is still passing through that area. It just doesn't make sense to me and it never has made sense to me. Poop isn't sterile and it carries tons of bacteria, so I figured we should stop the bowel movements period.

My baby complains of burning during bowel movements. And an extreme amount of pain after. He screams of cramping as well. There is small amounts of blood in his stool. And he is draining off and on. My only real issue is getting those fistulas to close up properly and keep the area low of bacteria so that it will not continue to get infected. We will have a very hard time sticking anything up his anus considering the fact that he is 6 and doesn't even like his bottom to be touched.

Right now I'm just a lost parent looking for a way to make my son healthy and happy again without putting him through all this surgery and pain.I'm scared to death of we are facing so I'm all for the natural healing because I believe that the body is made to heal itself with minor help. Is the therapy I've been reading about something I should consider using on my son? The only other thing that we are looking at is Flagyl and Cipro along with a colostomy. But I would love to avoid doing this if we actually have than option.
virginiaslim last decade
To Virginia

I must admit that I am simply horrified at the ham handed therapy that your 6 year old son has been subjected to by your doctors and lastly by your surgeon to whom you had the good sense to refuse the Colostomy offered and also refused to use Remicade. I note that a Seton has been placed in his anus but I would doubt very much that this can be of any help.

I cannot understand how your doctors could have diagnosed 'The first thing they wanted to throw on the table was Chrons and or IBD. I was skeptical because I knew the situation. ' The patient was only 4 years old at that time and this is modern medicine for you.

It is at that time that you should have consulted us on this forum as I believe that I could have helped him over his constipation.

I must admit that I have never treated a case of a young 6 year old boy with his problems before and all I can do is to try to help him with my 'Joepathy' which has helped so many adult patients in the past who suffered from Anal problems and I hope that I can also cure your son. Please note that my therapy is not an instant fix but some relief should be noticed within a fortnight or earlier and this should hopefully continue into the future.

You have mentioned that he may not permit you to insert your gloved finger into his anus but this is something you will have to work out with him and you must do with the Antibiotic Ointment which is designed to reduce the bacterial population left behind after every passing stool which will undoubtedly reduce his chances to be cured. It occurs to me that if your finger is too large for his anus, you may use any convenient device which has a tapered shape which you can conveniently insert without causing him more discomfort and pain. The disadvantage here is that you will not have any direct feel of what is happening inside which you can with your finger.

I shall copy below my standard protocol for Anal problems which I have amended to suit the age of the patient.

Joepathy therapy for treatment of Anal Problems:

Silicea 6x Dose 1 tablet taken twice daily to expel the pus from the lesion.
Arnica 30c in the Wet dose a capful of the bottle taken twice daily to increase the flow of blood in the body which in turn will help to rebuild the tissue. This will also help to stop the bleeding after a stool.
Nat Phos 6x Dose 1-2 tablets taken twice daily after meals to soften the stools.
Ferr Phos 6x Dose 2 tablets taken twice daily to improve the quality of the blood to help heal the lesion.
Antibiotic Ointment like Polyfax or equivalent which is used internally on the tip of a gloved finger inserted into the anus after every bowel movement to keep the bacterial count as low as possible in the lesion.

You can also give him fruits like ripe Papaya if available in the US and prune juice which is known to help with constipation. Bananas are also indicated to keep the stools soft. Plenty of liquids like water is also essential.

We must avoid a Colostomy at all costs and there is no need for any oral antibiotic which we can consider after observing his progress.

Let us hope and pray that my Joepathy can help your son.

Please report his progress daily.

Best Wishes
Joe De Livera last decade
I had my son delivered vaginally on 2001 . they had to deliver him through suction and forceps and the baby was not progressing quick. I was given a couple of stitches which took more than month to heal and was very painful. The area of the stictch had a small bump which started progressing over the years.

I had my second baby in 2005. through normal birth and didn't have to have any cut or stitched for her.

After having the second baby, the tear area seemed very sensitive for a long time. 2 weeks back I developed a burning sensation for a whole week and then blood started to come out. I went to the doctor the next day and he said that I have a sinus in the vaginal area.

I have developed a tear inside and a tear outside the vaginal area. I lucked ot by the tear not going to the anal area.
I have an appointment only on july 12th to see a gynec as dr appointments are difficult in canada. Only after seeing the gynec, I will be able to know the procedure to be done for me.

Again My problem is not anal fistula, but a tear in the episiotomy. The tear is at 2 areas and has formed a sinus. The doctor says that I got lucky aas there is no conection right now with my anal area and vaginal area.
So they want to cut to the interior tear and stitch it up again.

I really donot want to undergo this procedure as alway stitching will end up with problems again.
sandyriver last decade
To Sandy

The reason I suggested that you post your problem on this thread is because the therapy that I shall prescribe is roughly the same as that prescribed for a Fistula.

Your remedies are as follows:

Arnica 30c in the Wet dose taken twice daily to help heal the tear which is now a lesion.
Ferr Phos 6x dose 2 tablets taken twice daily to enrich the quality of the blood which should help the healing process.
Antibiotic Ointment which you will apply carefully as deep as is possible into the lesion on a gloved finger to keep the bacterial count as low as is possible.

Please check your Blood Sugar level as I wish to eliminate Diabetes.
You may like to know that Arnica will reduce Blood Sugar levels by about 25% overnight.

I hope that my therapy which has helped many patients who suffer from Anal problem will also help you problem.

Please report your response in a week.

The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:

Order the remedy in a 5ml Ethanol pack also referred to as Liquid Dilution in a bottle preferably with a dropper arrangement.
Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard before you sip a capfull which is the dose.
Shaking the bottle hard is homeopathic succussion and this shaking must be done every time before sipping a capful of the bottle which can be used as a dose.
Joe De Livera last decade
really appreciate a prompt reply Mr. Joe.

In my previous post u have asked me to take Silicea 30C 3times a day. Do I disregard that? or do I have SILICEA and then continue with this remedy u have prescribed.

And what is the antibiotic ointment that I have to get? Can I apply something like Fucidin?

thanks again.
sandyriver last decade
Dear Joe,
Many thanks for your reply on 18th June to my query. I did not receive notification of a reply so I am a little late in replying to you. Just a quick question - with regard to the Myristica Sebifera 30c. I assume that I should, again (Like the arnica 30c), get the liquid extraction of the Myristica Seb 30c in 87% alcohol as you suggest for all wet doses? Or will the pellet form be sufficient if I cannot get this?
And how long should I use the Myrist Seb 30c wet dose for - just as long as there seems to be pus accumulating or continue for 2-3 months with the other remedies? My apologies for all the questions. Thank you also for suggesting the ring cushion - I do use one of those and also a neck cushion to sit on occasionally. A thousand thank yous to you Joe for all your help and support to everyone. Chispas
chispas last decade

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