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Take note that my recent post was in response to a specific inquiry regarding fibrin glue therapy. I can write with authority, based on my own experience with this treatment. I provided information to a fellow sufferer. Previously I've written about the importance of getting the information you need to make health care decisions.

On May 6th coloclub78 pointed out the serious fact that untreated fistulas may become cancerous. Keep that in mind. You may want to go back on the thread and read that post. Others to this site mention many individual patient factors must be considered in pursuing treatment. Crohn's disease, for instance, is a serious auto-immune inflammatory disease involving the entire digestive tract. Fistula patients with Crohn's should be followed by specialists.

Some changes I've made in my life, since following this forum, I believe have improved my health. I continue to seek a complete cure. I am currently on the next step of this process.
bethw last decade
To Trishs

Please confirm that it was your BREAST lump that was exuding pus. Your answers keep me guessing where it was located through your answers.

'You mentioned seepage. Did it seep pus prior to or during the AB therapy ?

it seeped on and off since August. it had stopped in the last few weeks, just anal itching lately. '

ABS test is Antibiotic Sensitivity Test which is done to check which antibiotic is best to kill the bacteria present in the pus.

The point in my questions was to work out a therapy that will help your Breast Lump which is priority No 1 and also to help your Fistula.
Joe De Livera last decade
Please confirm that it was your BREAST lump that was exuding pus. Your answers keep me guessing where it was located through your answers.

i am sorry to confuse you it was the fistula.

trishs last decade
I really cannot work out a routine for you as you seem to react with a breast lump if you take Silicea. As you have noticed your fistula seems to demand it as without it the pus does not drain out. Between the two, fistula and breast lump, I would feel more concerned with your breast lump which I do not know how to resolve.

You will have to make up your mind about how you can best resolve your problemS. You already know the therapy that I have prescribed which has worked with many patients who have confirmed that it had also helped them.

Do NOT however take any more antibiotics especially Augmentin.
Joe De Livera last decade
QUOTE: 'I really cannot work out a routine for you as you seem to react with a breast lump if you take Silicea. As you have noticed your fistula seems to demand it as without it the pus does not drain out. Between the two, fistula and breast lump, I would feel more concerned with your breast lump which I do not know how to resolve.'
...And there you go Joe, THIS is why a little knowledge of homoeopathy, or indeed any medical science is a dangerous thing, you simply do not know how to resolve any detrimental effects/problems which may arise. You cannot just suggest a particular method, and then tell the patient 'Sorry, I don't know how to fix it, you're on your own', when the treatment YOU have given them, has made them ill.

However good your intentions may be, this is at best detrimental, at worst downright dangerous...

Hahnemania last decade
Trishs' Breast Lump and her Fistula.

It is possible that the breast lump was caused by a lymph gland blocking up. I cannot believe that this was caused by the SIlicea as it can only act to open up any blockage but I cannot be certain and can only theorize.

She was prescribed Augmentin which she took for 10 days and within a week after the course the lump surfaced again. It is obvious that the same scenario is repeating itself and we have to identify another remedy that can help to open up the blockage in the lymph gland which I hope will solve the problem.

I would like to have the advice of other homeopaths who can help to solve this problem where the patient cannot do without the treatment for her Fistula as it flares up otherwise and if she takes the Silicea which is an integral part of the therapy, she presents the breast lump.

Quite frankly, I have not encountered a problem such as this and any well meaning assistance will be welcome.

I wonder if Arnica 200c or 1M can help to open up the blockage and would like to have the opinion of others.
Joe De Livera last decade
That was very humble of you Joe, and try it and hmm, try it and see, we can all keep an eye on the results, for a variety of reasons, and help out if things go wrong/don't help.

Hahnemania last decade
-and try it.

Hahnemania last decade
Has anybody thought of the possibility that it might not have anything to do with the treatment at all???? That she should go for a mammogram to have her breast examined by an oncologist? I don't think anyone needs theorize here. Trish, you need to go see a specialist!! From woman to woman, please.
julianna480 last decade
To Julianna

If you read the posts above you will see that Trish had already consulted her doctors who have done the usual investigations on her breast and one had prescribed a 10 day course of Augmentin which should have left her completely drained inside and may also have done her Fistula some more damage although the bacterial count in the anal region would have been considerably reduced.

I too would recommend that she consults a specialist who can advise you about the treatment of the lump.

She has not posted her response today and hope that she will do so and not keep me guessing.
Joe De Livera last decade

i think my posting was confusing everyone by not specifying which lump was back.

My breast lump is gone (AS FAR AS I CAN FEEL) after the course of Augmentin. i had an ultrasound done and i do have an appt with a breast specialist.

however, my abscess/fistula LUMP/problem is beginning to surface again after feeling quite on the way to healing. it's not draining or oozing right now but i feel a harness under the skin which was gone for some time.

trishs last decade
I am relieved by your news Trish as I was imagining the worst.

I would advise you to be more explicit and accurate about your lump and your fistula as we had all been imagining the worst with both your breast lump exuding pus and your fistula also exuding. This scenario provided the classical policeman to criticize me and poke fun which I hope he will now rue.

Please follow my therapy for your fistula and all should be well.

Please report the findings of your breast specialist
Joe De Livera last decade
Trish, did you have a Mammogram done?

Glad to hear that we all got it wrong though!
julianna480 last decade
Nevermind, I should have read your post carefully and should have seen that you have an appt with a specialist. Glad to hear it!!!!!
julianna480 last decade
Hello Jo Hope your birthday was a good day.. A new moon too!

OK My doctor told me that I have no absess or fissure and that I am very dry on my anal area. I informed him of the therapy I was choosing and he kindly gave me that much needed prescription for the Antibiotic ointment which you say is an 'essential part' of this therapy.
I began the ointment yesterday, the Arnica and Nat Hhos a week ago

As per usual the stinging came back like it has been doing does every 10 to 15days, and the little cut reopend.. No pus and the tiniest pinkish blood. Up on wet cleaning. I also have slight hemroid prolaps when I BM

I did buy the silcea
however you said 'if you do not have any pus discharge' I can drop the Silicea.

The cut does look like its smaller and has not reopend as a hole but as a slight slit.. I continue the therapy.. Any other advice please
overanxious last decade
Is it OK to carry on Using the aloe vera Gel to moisture as well as the Polyfax ointment..

Kind regards!
overanxious last decade
To Overanxious

You are advised to have a diagnosis made by your doctor or preferably by your surgeon as to what the reason is for your bleeding after a BM. You stated that you have a prolapsing Haemorrhoid and if it bleeds, we will have to give you a remedy to help it. Haemorrhoids and Fistulas do not usually go together and yours is the first that I have come across, that is if it is in fact a haemorrhoid.

In any case do not dry wipe as this will only exacerbate your problem, fistula or haemorrhoid. Always use a wet wipe with extra water.

You are cleared to use the Aloe Vera gel with the Polyfax and I presume that you are using the Arnica/Nat Phos therapy.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks for your response Jo

My doctor has told me that I do have small Hemroid and that they slightly petrude External sometimes after BM - Receeding quite quickly after wards

The bleeding I have does not come evryy time I BM and is not from the bowel..and what slight bleeding there is spotting comes from the Lesion that seems to have a pattern so far every two weeks for the last 3 months

As I say above the lesion has been seen by the Doctor and Nurse with diagnosos of no fistula and no fissure. I am just perplexed as to its pattern of return...

Kind regards
overanxious last decade
The whole picture changes with the diagnosis that your doctor has made when he informed you that you did NOT have a Fistula or a Fissure.

I believe that you have already stopped the Silicea but you may continue with the Arnica and use the Nat Phos only if you have hard stools.

For your bleeding Haemorrhoids the remedy is Hamamellis 200 in the wet dose, a teaspoonful to be taken twice daily.

The Polyfax will help to keep the anal area as sterile as possible and you can continue it.

No alcohol and coffee.
Joe De Livera last decade
No Hemroid bleeding.
Just the little lesion. No bleeding from lesion at present and it is shrinking

Would I still take the same remedy?

Kind regards
overanxious last decade
If your haemorrhoid is resolving itself there is absolutely no need to take any remedy except to keep the area disinfected with the AB ointment.

I am beginning to wonder what all the concern was about.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Jo

You write

'I am beginning to wonder what all the concern was about'

I am very anxious as to why my lesion has not healed in nearly 4 months. Like I have said in previous posts The Doctor has examoned me three times the first time actually missing the cut on my perinial. This did not bring me much confidence.

The concern is I am a married woman who's life has changed dramatically and is perimenopausal. My periods have gone to one every two months and I have head lots of horror stories about cuts that don't heal in this area.. I hope this helps you understand my 'concern' AS MY SCREEN NAME PORTRAYS!

Kind regards Overanxious
overanxious last decade
Dear everybody,

At first sorry but I was not sure who can give me a competent answer so to whom adddress my question.

I need some help to try to cure my husband.
He has been suffering from Chron's disease for 10 years. But these days his real problem is his fistulas. On his right side he has a complet fistula system, on his left only one. (MR just has been done) So he has a lot of fistulas and all are very active unfortunately. All are bleeding, putrefiing etc. He is always in a fever for weeks, so I think his fistulas and/or intestine are inflamed. I have read quite a lot of earlier suggestion (arnica, silicea, nitr. acid. etc) but it seems to me that there is slightly differnces between yours therapys. Could you possibly give me a therapy suggestion?

Kind Rgards

sziszi last decade
Dear Joe,

Here is the latest report. I am one month into your therapy now. The external abcess drained again 4-5 days back. It has drained for about 4-5 times during the last one month. The hardness (lumpiness) in the affected area is reduced and the discomfort has also reduced a lot. It seems that your therapy might be working. I hope I am cured permanently soon.

Warm regards
Megastar last decade
Overanxious needs consolation for the emotional state she is in going into life changing menopause - and other emotional/physical changes. I would simply tell you that even reinforcing your feelings right now by calling yourself 'overanxious' makes it difficult to get out of the circular thoughts that come during this period of time. Many women who experience their first panic attacks have them during this time and YES, everything seems life-threatening. We are most like a 14 year old who stares at a pimple on her face and thinks EVERYONE sees it. Try to get some good support - counseling, etc. for the anxiety. The hemorroid won't hurt you but your fears will continue to mount. It is hormonal and a time when all the fears from adolescence come out again and this time you can resolve them as an adult. Good luck. And do find a doctor that gives you more confidance and listens so you feel support in that part of your life.
Been there. Done That.
Perl146 last decade
Dear Joe,

Could you please have a look at to my previous message? I hope you can give me an advice and therapy suggestion.
sziszi last decade

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