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To Julianna

I hope that you have also ordered the nat Phos 6x which I believe you require to keep your stools soft to ensure that they do not cause further abrasion of the anal area with every BM.

Your report of a blood clot is of some concern as this is not normal at this stage. Please refresh my mind about your case. Did you have surgery and how long ago ?
Joe De Livera last decade
Morining Everyone - In Response to Buck99's reply somewhat in the middle of page 15:

BUCK and I (FISTULA) had the same surgery a day a part - we do not know each other - except from this forum. We've both adhered to 'the plan' as it were, but the only difference is that my surgeon prescribed an antibiotic pill (he was upposed to me inserting my finger with ointment as my internal wound was 'very fragile') I'd buy that. My surgeons response was identical: No active infection, no swolen tissue, despite ocasional pus/poop lube, everything looks ok and despite still feeling uncomfortable sometimes, he assures me that things are anatomically different inside where the fistula was - and the healing will continue ever so slowly.

I continue with the silicea, half the dose of the nat phos (remember, it made my crap ROCK hard, but seems to work fine at half dose) and arnica. In addition, I finish up my prescription of antibiotic in 1 1/2 weeks and also have cut almost ALL PROCESS SUGAR out of my diet. Intestinal bacteria (especially the bad kind) really multiply and go crazy on that stuff.

Anyway - will write every 2 weeks or so now. Best to all - E
fistula last decade
I wonder if anyone can help me. I used to engage in anal sex. Now it seems my anus has expanded because I now have to use a lot of tissue-paper to clean after using the toilet. Does anyone know what can be used to shrink the size of the anus? I tried siltz bath, but that only seems to work temporarily.

Another problem that I have is that I also smell like faeces no matter how many times I clean my anus or wash it with anti-bacterial soap. It is really embarrassing. Does anyone know what can eliminate or reduce faecal odor? I do not bleed while passing stole, and I don't have constipation. The only thing is that I go to the bathroom a little too much. Also, I don't have faecal stains on my underwear so that could rule out the possibility of a faecal discharge. Also when I insert my finger into my asshole after washing it, it smells really good. But I don't understand where the constant faecal odor is coming from. However, my underwear sometimes has that faecal smell, but I don't notice any stains.

SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!! I GET MADE FUN OF A LOT....by the way, does anyone here also have that constant faecal smell?
bankolect last decade

I had surgery 6 years ago this October. Just recently though ( since my fistula was located higher in between my but cheeks and was not connected to my anus ) I have noticed problems in the anal area in the past month, and yesterday I bled the most ever. However, I also had a very strong bowel movement, with cramping and lots of straining involved. I was in the bathroom for about 15 minutes which is not normal for me. The clot looked like it was fresh blood and pus combined, but of course Im not sure. I had also had a cup of tea the night before, the first caffein type drink in 10 days.

I took a regular stool softener last night, since I am waiting on my meds ( yes I ordered everything!) and today my stool was soft and not painful, and no bleeding occurred.

I am hoping it is just something that needed to come out and nothing I need to see a doctor about.
julianna480 last decade
Since you are male, Joe, I don't know if this will help you, but the blood clot thingie looked similar to what comes out when a woman is on her period. Don't know if that makes it easier. LOL
julianna480 last decade
Hi everyone. I'm still waiting for a response for my strange occurence written 2 posts ahead...Thanks. BANKOLECTb
bankolect last decade
to bankolect
fistula last decade
. . .ITCHY TRIGGER FINGER. you should probably see a colorectal surgeon. They may able to advise you on your situation.
fistula last decade
To Julianna

I believe that you have a bleeding Pilonidal Cyst which seems to be discharging at an alarming rate with blood clots. This is always between the cheeks of the buttoks and can be very painful if left untreated.

You can use Silicea 30x dose 3 tablets twice daily and Echinesia 30c just once daily. You can also use Calendula ointment to dress the wound twice daily.

Report response in a week.
Joe De Livera last decade

I think you misunderstood and/or I wasn't clear enough.

My original wound was caused by an infected ingrown hair between my buttocks, which caused a fistula to appear. I had surgery on THAT 6 years ago. It has been giving me trouble at times. I still have a tiny opening from a wound that was about 7-10cm long, right after surgery.

Then, since about a month I am having pain when having a BM from my ANUS, and some bleeding occurs from the anus, NOT the old wound. At first I thought I tore my opening and hard BMs have not helped that. That is where the thicker blood came from, when I had a very hard and straining BM yesterday. Today I had a soft BM after taking a stool softener and no blood at all, and less pain today.

I am sorry for the confusion!
julianna480 last decade
My apologies for not having read your previous posts where you had clearly indicated the hair infection. I handle many cases daily and it is not always that I look up the previous posts to identify the problem with each patient.

I presume that your surgeon had identified the reason for your wound which you state is 7-10 centimeters or 4 inches long. I wonder if you really meant 7-10mm ?

I cannot figure out how a wound can last 6 years and still cause problems and in your own interest you should have this problem checked out by a competent surgeon. It is possible that you now have a fissure or abscess in your anus which can lead to a fistula later.

Whatever the cause is, I believe that Arnica 30c can help your problem as it will promote healing. Nat Phos 6x taken after a meal (2 tablets) will help to keep your BM soft. It will also help to reduce your weight safely.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you. My wound from my surgery is not that long any more. It is maybe 1-2mm now, and it heals and comes back. And yes it was indeed 7 cm long when I first had surgery. My surgeon was very bad and also very rough with my wound. Not something I want to go back to.
julianna480 last decade
I am also afraid to go to a surgeon now. All he will want to do is surgery again. And I do not want to do that. I will try your treatment and report to you once I receive my meds. I believe I can be helped with this. I once was in treatment with a homeopath and the wound was healing fine. Then I became lazy and the wound started returning off and on.
julianna480 last decade
my 2 month post-surgery update:

everything is back to normal. I think I have maybe half a drop in 2 days, so its healing real nice.

No other incidences either. Very happy with surgery.

Like I mentioned before, if the remedy is too slow for you, get surgery. If it doesnt work out for you, you'll still be better off.

Im outta here now. If you dont hear back from me, means everything is still smooth. If something does come back etc, I promise I'll come write here.


noproblemo last decade

Glad to note that you are on the mend after your last surgery.

Keep up your intake of 1 teaspoonful Arnica which you can now take the lower 6c potency twice daily as long as you like. When you are confident that there are no incidents, you can reduce your dosage to just once nightly which you can take for life.
Joe De Livera last decade
My boyfriend will have an operation to heal anal fistula. Actually, he did an operation in last november, doctor place a seton in the infected area, then now, doctor is going to close it! now, he had done research from internet and had 2nd opinion from other doctors. however, evey doctor gave him differece advise, one told him, laid open is the method which can heal fistula, but another doctor said use 'silk' to tight it.... actually, we are not sure which method he should use, but the main point is he's fearing of incontinence. in face, he doesnt mind minor incontinence but major, as he's still young, if major incontinence happens, it would affect his life! also, he's worrying about the re-currence... would you please give him some advise...
LuLu_underwood last decade
You are advised to read the posts on this thread as they will give you a general idea of the therapy that I have pioneered which has helped many.

This includes using Silicea 6x, Arnica 30c, Nat Phos 6x and an antibiobic ointment which is directly inserted into the anus after each bowel movement.

If you have any questions after reading the posts feel free to ask or better still request your BF to do so.
Joe De Livera last decade
Fistula, it's very interesting that me n you have so much in common here. From the original problem, to the surgery and post op issues. I am very confident that Joe's advice has helped me. I am not 100% but I can assure you I feal 99% better than I did just 3 weeks ago. The antibiotic ointment really seems to sooth things and keep from the burning sensation I'd have for the first few hours after a BM. Also, things just seem to go easier day in and day out now and My attitude has improved. I look forward to fealing 100% and can get back to my life being normal again.

I am terrified to use a public restroom now for #2 because I don't have all my supplies with me i.e, finger cots, antibiotic ointment, baby wipes etc. So I really have to plan my day around consistant BM's which is where the Nat phos seems to really keep me regular. If you miss even one dose it will mess up the whole rythm (learned this the hard way yesterday) no pun intennded as my poo was hard and hadn't been for weeks.

My reccomendation is a little differen't than Joe's. I feal if you've been suffering from this problem of abscesses and fistula that you should visit a good vascular surgeon and have the fistula removed via fistulectomy, I feal Joes remedies do wonders in the healing process once you've reached the point where in my case (and other poster fistula) that we seemed to hit a point where we didn't seem to get any better. The Arnica Montana seems to really promote the healing of the tissue and all the other remedies help to cope with the uncomfortable side effects during the long (apprx 2 years) post operative healing processes.

I like Fistula will report back frequently to let everyone know how i'm doing, Im very thankful to have found this site...and thankful for the information everyone has been willing to share here.

buck99se last decade
To Buck

Thank you for confirming that the therapy that I have prescribed has helped you.

I presume that you realize that it is testimonials like yours that will attract others who also suffer from similar ailments to decide not to do it the surgical way but to use this therapy which will have the desired result. I do appreciate that this therapy can be considered rather messy but this is a small price to pay for a permanent cure instead of the ever recurring adventure with the knife.

I must admit that I did not have the benefit of having suffered from a Fistula to perfect this technique personally but with some patient experimenting with patients here in Sri Lanka and those like you abroad, I believe that I have finally got a method that will bring some positive results that I hope will be followed by all who are afflicted by this problem which I understand comprise about 5% of humanity.

I believe that a Fistula originates with a hard dry stool which causes some abrasion of the anal musculature and this leads to other dry stools which add to the problem and this all ends with a diversion of the fecal matter through the new opening which is then identified as a Fistula. I believe that Nat Phos 6x can help to soften the stools and it also enables the extra acidity in the gut to be stabilized by breaking down the lactic acid into carbonic acid which is breathed out from the lungs. It is my hope that tests will be made by the relevant laboratories to check this theory which was first mentioned by Dr Scheussler who pioneered the 12 Cell Salts.

I do believe that if one uses Nat Phos whenever one notices some hyperacidity in the stomach leading to a feeling of fullness after a meal or has a hard stool which can lead to constipation, it may be possible to avoid any future problems with abscesses and fistulas by using Nat Phos 6x for a few days till the problem is stabilized.

Please spread the word to those who suffer from this problem and thereby help them to avoid the knife which I note in your case you recommend at least once. I believe that if my advice is observed that one can avoid all surgery as long as one takes preventive action to ensure that hard stools are not permitted to form and abrade or chafe the lower anal muscles.
Joe De Livera last decade
I commend you for your patients while answering all of the questions on here, especially the repeats.

I recently came across this forum and was quite surprised to find that a fistula can be taken care of without surgery. I have always had an open mind to alternative medicine and I think it's too bad that most medical doctors look down upon, or even shun, anything that does not fall under the scope of their knowledge. The homeopathic remedy, in the case of a fistula, is far less expensive, invasive, and uncomfortable to treat than with surgery. I purchased all of the recommended medicine and was surprised to see how little it cost; about $40CAD.

I have read a lot of the posts, and I would hate to be asking redundant questions, but I am somewhat unclear on the dosage of Arnica 30c. I understand, from your posts, that I am to shake 3 pellets of Arnica 30c in approximately 400mls of water, in a 500ml bottle. One teaspoon is to be taken twice daily. What I am unclear about is whether I am to add more pellets every time I take a dose or, am I to use the water until it is finished(in about 5 months) without adding anymore pellets, ever. If the latter is the case then three pellets should last for 5 months. If the former is the case, I would use 60 pellets in 10 days. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I would hate to use an incorrect dosage.

Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge!
vancouverguy last decade
To Vancouverguy

Welcome aboard.

I am glad that you have decided to try out the simple remedies that I have perfected in the treatment of Fistula and Abscess before you even consider surgery. You may like to know that my addition of the Antibiotic ointment was I believe the most interesting of them all as this seemed to work like magic and gave almost instant results especially in the case of stubborn cases that were not answering to the standard therapy.

Answering your question about the pellets, you only use just 3 pellets in the 400ml water. This is good for as long as there is water in the bottle. You will appreciate that the Arnica will perhaps last for your lifetime at 3 pellets per bottle.

It is the succussion that makes the dose so very potent that it defies the rational mind as to how such an infinitesimal concentration of the remedy can possibly make any difference and help cure the patient. Please not however that the Silicea 6x cannot be taken in the wet dose as all potencies in the X levels cannot be taken in water in the same method.

I would also recommend you use the Nat Phos 6x as it is reputed to lower the concentration of Lactic acid in the body thereby helping in the cure of the fistula while also keeping the BM soft.

Please report your response in a week when you should discover some improvement in your current status.
Joe De Livera last decade

I have been dealing with an anal fissure for almost a year now as detailed here: http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/77585/
and was directed here by Joe De Livera.

After much reading through this forum I have decided to try Arnica Montana and Silicea, but I have a few questions. The dosage on the bottle for the arnica is much higher than has been recommended to anyone here. Should I follow the three globules in a 500 ml bottle routine or should I follow the instructions on the container? Also, should I be using both remedies at the same time or should I try one and wait for results, then try the other if no effect is noticed after some time?

Thank you for any assistance you can offer.
dave_lyons2000 last decade
To Dave L

I believe that my instructions on the use of the remedies that I have perfected to help cure a Fistula are sufficiently clear on this thread to be understood by anyone.

You are advised to follow my instructions precisely to the letter if you wish to be cured.

After you have commenced this therapy for a few days if you still have any questions, please feel free to ask.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks again, Joe,

I looked at what I have purchased today and apparently I have the Arnica Montana 30x not 30c. Is this a weaker dilution? Should I take more of them to make up for the lower dilution? Will these even work or should I go to the store and purchase the 30c instead? I saw that you recommend the 30c and that the 30x isn't potent in the water form. Please advise. Thank you.
dave_lyons2000 last decade
Hey Luck Favors..tell me where your doc is...I have been holding off for 4 years with this bad boy...need some relief.

Baddbutt last decade

How can i contact this person??

Baddbutt last decade

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