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Thanks for the advice on the TT oil, I have stopped using it in my sitz bath.

The fever has resolved.

A new question-
The swelling of the abscess goes down, but it increases again when I have a bm. Any thoughts on this?

SmilingJack last decade
There's a list of strategies that is effective on me, just a few posts earlier.
izaac last decade
Dear Smilingjack

consider taking Nitric acid 30 Three doses on a single day and observe for 2 weeks. Most of the time this remedy is indicated for recurrent fistulas.
maheeru last decade

Thank you for the advice, I will consider it.

In addition to the Arnica, I began taking Silica today.

SmilingJack last decade
My perianal fistula problem is two years old. And once operated on. I sarted taking Arnica 30 (twice daily) a week ago. Have also added Silicea 200 once a week. My fistula symptoms are that it does not leak all the time. It heals up and after a few days an abscess develops and then explodes. Then healing takes place and then abscess and the cycle continues. Is the dosage correct? Higher doses of Silicea cause my hayfever to aggravate badly. Is there any other medicine which can do this job.
mustafa_muhammad last decade

I had a perianal abscess which I believed has been cured by Shuessler's Bioplasma. I suffered with it for a couple months until I came upon this and other forums. Since I didn't find Silicea and the other recommended remedies in single form, I opted for taking the Bioplasma, which has a lot of the remedies herein mentioned. I believe the sitz baths with epsom salts twice a day, extreme cleanliness, good bowel movements and ingesting lots of wheat germ and gotu cola tablets have finally healed my abscess. I wanted to thank the people who contributed the information on this thread. I am sold on Bioplasma, it gave me a lot of energy and lightened the dark circles under my eyes. Thanks again for teaching me about homeopathy.
cured by Shuessler last decade
Hi all. I know this is a forum for people, but it turns out dogs suffer from this too. (For full story please see my profile.) Any ideas if the remedies suggested would be harmful to canines? I would like to try the arnica and silicea first. She's a beautiful dog and I adamantly do NOT want to put her to sleep over this but I can't afford the suggested surgeries. NONE of the vets in my town will consider helping me find a safer cure.(Yes I called EVERY last one listed.) I don't know where else to look for help. Many many thanks to anyone who can even hazard a guess on this, and I hope you all have success with the remedies listed so far.
last chance last decade

Try Silicea for your dog in 6 potency for a week(once daily). After it has drained FULLY, give silicea 200 for 4 or 5 days. Also have Bach flower remedy 'Rescue' for contingency. If your dog shows any restlessness/aggravation in between, you can stop silicea and give the essence for a few days.
maheeru last decade

Thanks for your kind advice. I've ordered the neccessary supplies and will let you know how it goes. If it works I am going to PERSONALLY print off this page and take it to every vet that I called who told me there was no other way. Even if it doesn't work, the hope you've rekindled is worth it.
last chance last decade
Lived with a fistula off and on for last 6 or 7 years. Didn't really know what it was until a year and a half ago when it started to really, really discharge large amounts. Researched the web found out what it was and then went to my family doctor which I've had since a child (really trust the guy, cares about the job not the money - very rare I know). He gave me the name of a surgeon that he highly recommended but said try this first... Leviquin ( spelling is probably off). It is a newer antibiotic for treatment of places that don't get much blood (which is what's required for regular antibiotics to be tranported properly). Wow it worked quite well relieving all symptoms and pain for over a year. It's pricey but was well worth it. I've been starting to have very minor symptoms come back but will probably go back for more pills instead of seeing the surgeon. Maybe it will work for those who have given up on other methods to at least get some relief for a little while.

It makes me sick to see the ridiculous back and forth between Joe and Murthy. People come here for help, not to watch that. Murthy, I think people realize that they are taking the suggestions into their own hands when a remedy is used from a site like this. To attack Joe in the manner you have is, well, childish. Put your ideas on the table in a civilized manner and then walk away.
nwpain last decade
i suffer from the same thing as everbody on here and i have been reading up on here and ordered the remedies but i don't know if these are the right things:
- Arnica Montana 6C
- Silica Marina 6X(starts at 8x)
- Calcarea Phosphorica 6X
- Natrum Phosphoricum 6X.

please let me know as they just came in today and i don't want to start taking the wrong things.
dan 07 last decade
Newbie just cruised in today, hoping for some other answers, I plan on trying Joe's idea as it can't be any worse than the last 4 surgeries I have had. As far as Murphy goes I can tell he doesn't know what he is talking about as he doesn't know the difference between and abscess and a fistula(based on his description). To help you and others out out, Murphy, a fistula is a track or tune that usually extends from the intestine/rectal region to the outer skin, because of the varying locations they can be easier to treat with a fistulectomy or as in my case very difficlut to treat, because a specific rectal muscle itself is involved. It is important than when people post here they know what they have, how complex it is and exactly what surgeries were used to try and treat it. Otherwise, it doesn't help anyone else. My condition started exactly a year ago this month with a very painful abscess. I went to the doctor, he drained it, all felt great. Then it returned. I saw the surgeon, who really opened the abcess up(under general), and the world seemed good. Then, a fistula developed(as in 50% of all these abcesses do), then doctor tried the seton, that failed..the whole thing fell out before it should have. She tried just a basic drain in there somewhere I forget which step of a procedure that was. She then learned about the fistula porcine plug and we tried that..it failed. Being a trooper, I tried it again following her directions as strictly as I could( i figured her first attempt ever at doing one could be part of the failure) however this 2nd one is a month out and I can tell failed. In fact with the fistual plugs you can tell in about 2 weeks and certainly less than a month.
As long as you have an opening in your rectum you are going to get abscess and drainage. If you are draining rectally, you have a fistula, you are just lucky it isn't hurting and want to drain thru the skin. Currently, I manage mine, by draining the lump every night with a needle. I have enough scar tissue now I cant even feel it. Joe is certainly not a doctor, he never claimed to be. He isn't even a specialist of some kind and honestly he hasn't produced, I dont think even one 'cure' listed on this forum(trust me I read EVERY post with hope there would be a cure) BUT Joe has offered some sound advice that has at least helped folks get pain relief and manage this tricky condition with less drainage or issues and some days, I can tell, you my butt and I would truly appreciate just that!!!
Joe, I am off to the store tomorrow and will try your regime and I will post back, even to just give folks hope. If mine can get relief or cure, then there is hope for anyone. I would siggest , Joe, that you ignore and stop replying to people like Murphy, it doesnt make you look good and cheapens your ideas and just encourages folks like that to post, not to mention folks like me looking for ideas, get discouraged by the lack of useful posts.
BTW, please forgive any typos. I am not a good typer and it is compounded this week, by the loss of my glasses.
dogcrazy last decade
Hi everyone,

I have read compliments on Joe's remedy but didn't see the actual remedy on here. I am a male in my early 30's. I had what was classified as a Perianal Fistula but after a surgey about a year ago it was discovered that it did not actually connect to my intestines. I believe it started with an abscees that got infected and was never drained. After my surgery, the fistula didn't completely close and the infection came back at the superficial part (shallow part) of the surgical incision. It is now a hard round abscess under the skin that blows up, drains, blows up again less than 2 weeks later and drains again, etc... I really don't want to head back to surgery as the first surgery was a 7 inch incision about 3 inches deep. Nightmare to heal!! I have tried using an ozone machine both rectally and what they call 'bagging' to kill the bacteria. I have also used essential oils such as tea tree, lavender, oil of oregano, etc.. and tried collodial silver with really no results. I have read that activated charcoal used topically and covered with a bandage over night can help to draw out the puss as well as epsom salt baths ...but haven't seen great results. Any suggestions out there? Should I try anitibiotics? One doctor suggested essential oils becauise maybe the bacteria was MRSA resistant. However, that was a suggestion that hasn't helped. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
Seeking answers last decade
Just a follow up.... I should of added that I do not have problems with bowel movements. Again, the surgeon didn't see that the fistula connected to the anal canal or intestines (although I guess it could be more complex). I am just looking for something to rid this pocket of infection. I am reading up on the silicon dioxide and considering that as well.
Seeking answers last decade
Ok.... My apologies to all for clogging up the site with my last 3 posts. I am just anxious to start this treatment and I decided to post before I read the previous 30 pages.

I guess just one question... I see that the Arnica 30c in the wet dose and Silicea 6x tablets is essential. If I do not believe that my fistula is actually connected to the anal canal or intestines and not effected when I have bowel movements, should I only use the Arnica 30c and the Silicea 6x tablets? Or should I use other things as well?
Seeking answers last decade
Hi all

I am suffering from analfistula from last many of the years I have two opening near my anal canal one is closed end and discharge pus after some days some times a weak and some times 2 or 3 time in a weak. The other one is open all times and it dischareges the pus round about daily. I have used many of medicines both alopahhic and homeopathic including arnica,silicea,calcria sulphate,echinicea but the problem is still there and increases day by day.
Please help me to get rid of this thanks
ryasatali last decade
Dear LastChance

What's the status with your dog?

For your post-traumatic troubles too you can post separately your problems.
maheeru last decade
I have an anal fistula that I have had for 2.5 yrs. It developed as an absess when I was preganant with my 2nd child. I have tried several surguries, fibrin glue, advancement flap, anal plug. The fistula is small and drains occaisionally. The original absess is gone. I have been using aloe vera, goldenseal, comfrey and sitz baths to heal it naturally in the past 3 weeks. Would love to hear success stories. I know people that have had success with surgury and others with acupuncture. I know this can heal. I am hoping it will soon.

Sunnny last decade
Dear Sunny, Could you please describe your experience with the advancement flap? I don't think anyone else here has had that and some might be interested in learning more.

Did it fail? If so, how?

I was considering it, but decided to go with a second try at the Surgisis fistula plug, scheduled for next Tuesday.

Thanks for your input.
bethw last decade
First of all apologies for the long post.
It has been about 7 months since I first posted on this forum.
I have had a perianal abscess for about 18 months now. After coming across this forum I started to try out Joes remedies of Silicea and Arnica. At the same time I went to a local Homeopath and have been with her ever since. I have Candid Albicans; my yeast levels were very high. At the time my symptoms for IBS were quite bad and were exacerbating the abscess/fistula. I believe the Fistula may be connected to my urinary tract rather than the bowel, although It cant be very serious as I do not have any problem with passing urine. I cut out yeast (stopped eating bread) and lowered my sugar excess intake. I was put on a whole host of vitamin and minerals Large dose Vit C, multi vits, zinc, as well as other homeopathic remedies which supplemented the Silicea and Arnica.
I was immediately put on a desensetisation plan to help me with my allergies.
My IBS symptoms have all but dissapeared and I stopped taking medication for it within three months. My BMs have been much better and so has the fistula, I only get diarrohea if I eat something which has an ingredient that my body is not desensetized with. Pretty much normal bowel behaviour.
A year ago my fistula would be severley aggravated by loose BMs and a very poor diet. It would flare up every few days and I would constantly feel it every waking moment. I would be stressed and anxious as I thought is there no end to the torment. Antibiotics were not helping and I was not prepared to try surgery.

Nowadays, the fistula has certainly changed for the better compared to last year. There is now a very small flap of skin protruding out of the area where it leaks. The leaking is persistent but very mild and the two week/ two day cycle is broken. I do still feel it and it can be sore at times if my I go to the toilet many times, but looking at it, it looks much healthy than it used to . The Abscess cavity is not there and it feels that any flare ups is more to the surface than deep within me.
martinp last decade
I believe that what I am doing is working. I am not in pain anymore, I think the blood flow has come back to the area. My yeast levels are almost zero and I have apparently completely detoxified from anti-biotics.
The fistula is 'comfortable' to deal with, quality of life has significantly improved compared to early last year.
This may not be everybody's solution but I intend to beat this until something better medically comes our way.
I wish I did all this just after the abscess instead of waiting almost a year to try.

I thought I would tell you my experience, if only to sympathise and support anyone who suffers from these.
martinp last decade
My experience with the advancement flap was that it almost worked. I have a very skilled surgeon. About ten days after the procedure was done, it became painful. He examined me and told me that it was infected. I went on antibiotics and irrigated the area internally. The infection went away. Everything seemed OK, and it seemed like the operational was going to work. But then at my six week exam I mentioned that it sometimes drained a TINY bit. He examined me and told me the fistula was still there. It never quite healed properly. The advancement flap didn't quite hold. I have had the anal plug put in twice. My problem seems to be the internal stitch holding tight. I was just operated on 3 weeks ago with the plug. The stitch is holding but is not 'air-tight'. I have been using herbs and working with an acupuncturist hoping it will heal up on it's own. She worked with a woman with a fistula that healed. The womn followed her directions for a constitutional remedy, and the fistula closed up.

I am hoping and praying! I am not sure what to do next if this doesn't work. It seems like a combination of natural remedies and the least invasive surgury may be the way to go. I wish the fibrin glue had worked for me. Tell me more about your situation.

Sunnny last decade
Dear Sunny,
Thanks for writing back with your experience. My first fistula plug, placed back in November, began to emerge a tiny bit just 2 days after surgery. I accidentally caught just an edge of it when wiping, thus pulling the internal stitch. Over the next several days, the plug worked its way out.

I read online and was told by my surgeon that the fistula, even with the plug in place, will continue to drain for up to several weeks. Please keep this in mind and take it easy. I was told no vigorous exercise for 4 weeks. I also had the fibrin glue procedure (Sept 06), but that failed when I felt great and was too active too soon.

I'm very hopeful for the plug procedure on Tuesday, and I'll be very careful and take it easy. I'm doing my best to be good to myself, and I hope this will be the end.
bethw last decade
I am sure the plug procedure will work for you. Especially if the fibrin glue almost worked. Do you have a complex long fistula? That's what I have. I may do an advancement flap again. What has happened for me is that the internal area has changed due to that first adavancement flap operation. So it is sort of a shelf (hard to explain) it is difficult for it to take a stitch there that will hold, because of the change in anatomy. So oddly the advancement flap may be the thing that will ultimately work.

But I am going to do natural remedies for the next 6-8 months and give it time to heal on it's own. Aloe vera internally has helped me with the infection part and I have very little drainage.

Good luck to you on Tuesday. Will you keep us posted on your healing and let us know of your success when it works? I love to hear when it works for people, I know I'll have success one day too.

Sunnny last decade
Dear Sunny, Thanks so much for your good wishes, and for sharing your experience. My fistula is not long or complex. It arose from an abscess in March 06, which arose from a fissure, which was due to IBS. I joke that I got 'the trifecta'!

I'll post back after the fistula plug surgery.
bethw last decade
Dear Sunny, Thanks so much for your kind thoughts, and for sharing your advancement flap experience.

My fistula is not complex or long. It is transsphincteric and low, and it arose from an abscess last March. The abscess arose from an earlier fissure, which was caused by IBS. My joke is I've gotten the 'trifecta'!

Good luck in your healing. I have noticed the fistula's 'geography' can change with time. It's amazing what we can get used to over time. I'd like very much to heal completely. I'll report back after Tuesday.
bethw last decade

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