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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I have read in an earlier thread here where somone indicated that their anal fistula/fissure returned after surgery.

You need to go through some old threads here to find out what other people have said.
Joe also treats people offline not solely at this website so he gets his experience not only from this site.

You can start reading previous posts by doing a search at this site by typing 'fistula' in the white blank space to the left.
parisNSA last decade
To Paris

You may like to know that my longest suffering patient was a bank manager who during the course of 2 years had 5 surgeries. When it was time for the sixth he visited me and was relieved to learn that I could help him.

I was successful in his case in a few weeks using the therapy that I have outlined on this thread which is strictly not homeopathy as I have used both Homeopathy and Allopathy to help the patient.

The point that I wish to emphasize is that surgery is not only painful but is also accompanied with some risk due to anaesthesia. It is only very rarely that just one surgery can help to cure a fistula but 5 was the upper limit.

The method that I have used has helped many and even if it does take some time, it will heal sooner or later depending on how far advanced the lesion is. There is absolutely no danger and the only inconvenience is the curative process which in either case has to be suffered by the patient.

Here again, it all depends on you.
Joe De Livera last decade
hi guy,

I had my fistulectomy last year (2005) march to remove 2 fistulae (each measuring about 30mm). Less than a month after the op, the surgeon said i had a new abscess. This time it was just outside the ano. He suggested that i go for another op. That was the last time i saw him (May 2005).

I didnt do much to the abscess until Oct 06, that was when i discovered this site. I didnt get the correct silica until around april this year.

Since Oct 05 (after I started arnica and a 'wrong' type of silica), the condition was obviously improving.

Along the way, I learned that the following would promote inflammation(s):

-consuming chilli : this is very lethal. You get an almost instant effect.

-consuming alcohol : it sort of mess up the immune system.

-sitting in toilet for too long : this gives more time for the bacteria (from stool) to intrude.

Anyone of the above could trigger a setback in the recovery process. Thus, it requires lots of patience to totally heal.

Surgery is not an option for me anymore. It was a horrifying experience. It was far from painless.
izaac last decade
Hi Izaac,

I was wondering where you were all this time as I required all the support that you guys can give me in my mission to STOP SURGERY which is the default 'cure' for Fistula, Fissure and Abscess in the anal region.

All I am trying to do is to open the minds of patients and of course the so called classical school who would never ever dream of the therapy that I have prescribed, as to them salvaging their principles is more important than the cure.

I am so glad that you came in right now to support my therapy and it would be of interest if you can please spell out the treatment that you have used so far so that others can also benefit from your own experience.
Joe De Livera last decade

I couldnt say that i have won the battle against this ailment but i think i am on the right track.

Just think, if you have an abscess on... say your shoulder, would u go for surgery. No, i dont think u would because it would normally heal on its own after 1 to 2 weeks. So why is it that when it happens on our butts, it gets so difficult? Answer: BACTERIA.

If we dont visit the toilets for 3 weeks, i think it will definitely heal but this scenario is just not possible.

So accumulating all that i have read and gone thru for one whole year, these are my findings:

-do not consume too much chilli-we will never know at what level is Too Much for each individual, so better not take any. It promotes inflammation.

-do not consume alcohol,, same effect as above.

-do not sit in toilet for too long. Once job is done, wash up (preferably with anti-bacterial soap) or else the bacteria would have more time to infiltrate. Keep butts very very clean.

-do not take coffee just before or after consuming the medicine (like arnica).

-do not take too much oysters, mussles, shrimps,, shell fishes in general as they too promote inflammation.

-i am taking arnica and silica as advised by Joe. They Do Work.

-i use antiseptic cream on my butt to keep it bacteria free.

-i take zinc for faster healing of the skin(mine is an abscess).

-i take fibre pills to keep a smooth BM. Or else hard stools will constantly damage the healing site.

Sounds simple doesnt it,, try practising it and you know it is very difficult. Silica/Arnical work,, but they do not work alone. They need the entire Lifestyle above to support.

Silica/Arnica are like the airborne troopers on D-Day. You definitely need them But still,,you need to bring in the naval artillery, air support, infantry etc to complete the team. Without Any One of the above, u cant finish the job.
izaac last decade
To Izaac.

Thank you for the detailed report and advice that you have given in your post.

One point that you have not dealt with is the use of the Antibiotic Ointment that I suggested. This has to be physically inserted by the patient on a gloved finger inside the anus after each BM. The purpose of this exercise is to ensure that the area which will be loaded with bacteria immediately after a BM is stabilized as far as possible to enable the tissue to heal.

One more point I would like to make is that the patient also uses Nat Phos 6x to help keep the BM soft and keep the abscess from further abrasion which can occur by hard stools.

Arnica 30c and the SIlicea 6x are of course the main remedies used in this therapy.
Joe De Livera last decade
hi everyone,

well, I did it. I had surgery last wed. It was painless, still is. Only way I cant tell something was done down there is if I touch it down there (I dont just touch it though :) ).

I'll keep reporting here if anything comes back etc.

I read some more posts, and really Im NOT against non-surgical treatment but the thing is,

1. there are sooo many posts, there isnt ONE post that listed out the WHOLE treatment, and do's and don'ts of Joe's treamtment.

2. So what I was taking, was just not helping. It was a cycle and the abcess kept coming back.

3. I figured this way, if the surgery doesnt work (the MD says it works for 90% of his patients), I'll not have lost anything and can go back to Arnica, you see. But its definetly worth a try.

I dont know why surgery hurts some people and not others.

Anyway, I wont disappear I promise, I'll post back if my surgery has a relapse.

And I wont sit on the toilet for too long! :)

noproblemo last decade
so how long does it take to heal after using this now for nearly 2 months?

at what point do you stop taking sillicea and Arnica?

Teh other forum chains talk about this condition and say use Echinacea? is this different to Arnica?

Please please can someone answer all these questions
jonboy last decade
I presume that you have used the Arnica Silicea therapy with the antibiotic ointment used internally after each bowel movement for 2 months.

You have not indicated if this therapy has helped you.
Joe De Livera last decade
does it matter whether it has helped or not? How long should it take to work? Is it cleared and you can stop taking the therapy or do you have to take it for life?

I have been following the suggestion with arnica and sillicea for 2 months (no ointment at this stage cos it was only suggest late in thread) and it kinda got better but then its back to the start; so i am not sure why?

Also you didnt answer all my questions in the previous post? about other threads suggesting Echinacea.
jonboy last decade
To Jonboy

I am indeed very surprised that you display your annoyance in the manner that you have done in your post merely because I inquired whether the therapy that I indicated has helped you. It is obvious that if you use my therapy, I have every right to inquire if it has helped you as I cannot otherwise advise you from half way across the world, from Sri Lanka where I live.

The many thousands of patients whom I have helped on this and other Forums have never displayed the obvious anger that you now display at my inquiry and it pains me that types like you should do so on a public forum which is visited by hundreds, perhaps thousands daily. These many thousands that I have cured have only displayed their gratitude by just saying 'Thank you' but most times they just forget to do so as they all have received my advice free of charge, and they perhaps feel that after they are cured that ends their connection with the prescriber and the forum. In many cases these patients have been through a gamut of medical specialists and later through classical homeopaths all of whom have failed to cure their ailment and in most cases have only contributed towards making it infinitely worse. In the majority of cases that I have undertaken, I was able to effect a cure in a very short time which sometimes even astounded me. A good example is the case of an Asthmatic 7 year old boy whose asthma ceased with the first dose of the remedy I prescribed and he is now cured for life, although he may have to use the remedy for some months in the future.

Your case is indeed very rare and your attitude just goes to show me and others who may read this post the type of person you are and from what low depths you come from.

I regret that I will not accept being insulted by types like you as I can devote my attention to others who are grateful for the gift of good health that I can give them with my therapy, which in your case, you do not deserve.

Joe De Livera
Joe De Livera last decade

If the nat phos 6x is helping you, why not continue to do so. It cannot harm you to continue taking it if it is working.

You can always discontinue taking it and see what happens.

Stop taking the Nat Phos 6x all together and seee what happens. Maybe then you will see whether or not it is helping.

Please show some respect to peole who are merely trying to help otherwise they may lose respect for you and will hesitate to help you in the future.

Take care.
Pat2006 last decade
sorry, Jonboy.

Looks like I got the remedies mixed up.

Disregard my mentioning of Nat phos
Pat2006 last decade

That was quick !

Joe De Livera last decade
Joe, Jonboy may have sounded annoyed but just so you know, I felt the same when I came to this forum: you dont answer questions directly. You keep going around and saying what you want to say. I still took your advice (and it helped reduce the symptoms, thanks) but really, if you want to help more directly, you should try and answer the questions people ask ... in addition to saying what you need to say or ask what you need to ask.

There's several posts (including mine) that can give you good examples. One big one is the 2 posts where I ask if we can consolidate YOUR remedy in 1 post. It will answer a lot of questions.

But it went ignored.

noproblemo last decade

After you have been at this forum for a while, you also learn that homeopaths sometimes don't answer questions because they don't know the answer.

Eventually, you take that as a fact of life and move on and ask someone else. At least that is how I handle it.

I have learned to value what each homeopath has to offer.

I also have learned to be respectful of everyone regardless of whether they answer my questions or not.

I also appreciate your comments. They make a valid point.
Pat2006 last decade
To Noproblemo

I do not reacall the instance you mentioned of my not replying your query in 2 posts about consolidation of my therapy. My apologies for having failed to do so but as you have stated I did so in 2 posts instead of just one.

As to the way I try to help patients, I believe that members are aware by now that my non classical method has invariably worked unlike the classical method which invariably does not get the patient anywhere.

You must appreciate that each advisor on this forum has his own manner of handling a query or of prescribing. Some are curt and are sometimes difficult to understand but in my case I try to help each case in the manner that I have done for the last 3 years and hope to do so for as long as I live.

You must understand that I handle about 20 cases daily on the forum and by email and I find that it takes about 3-4 hours of my time daily as each case has to be dealt with on its own merits. I am happy that I still have the energy at my age of 76 to be able to handle them as although I still drive myself to office which takes about half hour in dense traffic, I do not undertake the work load that I use to handle in office as I have my 2 sons to help me, and thereby I have the time to devote to my hobby helping those who consult me personally at home, by email and on the forums.

I believe that I have been successful in opening the minds of the classical school to another way of prescribing which had recently been classified as 'Joepathy' by those who object to my method of direct approach to cure an ailment. They have since discovered that my method is perhaps more positive than their own and I am aware that some have resorted to my method of treatment as they have discovered that it invariably works in the standard ailments that are discussed on the forums.

What I do object to is when the patient turns abusive and virtually bites the hand that feeds it as in the case above, and I then retort in the manner that I feel is called for and retire from the case.
Joe De Livera last decade
I apologise if the tone of my post was taken the wrong way ; it was not my intention and i can i only put it down to cultural differences in the way we use language. I was a little annoyed yes as I had asked direct questions to which I got Zero answers and another questino back to me which in my mind didnt bare reference to the questions I was asking.

Yes I am happy to say the suggested therpy of arnica/sillicea seemed to work to start with but I ve been taking it for 2 months and wondered how long I should keep taking it (is it for life or not) as the condition seemed to come back. Is the treatment more long term like 6 months?
I was only asking some direct questions and I got attacked for it!

Im sorry i didnt mean to sound rude or ungrateful.

I think it would be of benefit for all forum visitors to have some indication of the answers posed by my orginal questions as they too probably find it confusing to read in different threads different remedys:
1) other threads talk about Echincea; can this be used at same time as arnica? what is it?
2) how long typically should it take to heal using arnica/sillicea under normal conditions?
3) do you take it for life or only when it flares up again?

Yours answers would be much appreciated.
jonboy last decade
To Johnboy

I am glad that you tendered an apology which I accept.

I believe that you are of Indian origin while as you perhaps are aware, I live in Sri Lanka and our respective cultures and ideology are very similar. You may be correct however in your statement that the Indian English you use is perhaps different from the English English that we use here in SL which owes its origin to the time when we were a part of the British Empire.

I am glad to learn that your Fistula Fissure problem is slowly resolving itself with the therapy that I recommended. As you may have already read on this and other threads on the same subject, this therapy to which as you rightly stated I added the Antibiotic ointment which must be replaced after each BM, has proved to be the Ultimate method of curing your long standing problem. I do not know how long you have suffered from it and also if you have had surgery or as in many instances multiple surgeries for it. I must however caution you that my therapy cannot be expected to work immediately you use it as this is not by any means a quick fix. The fact remains however that many patients that I have treated, in fact all of them as far as I can remember, have reported a positive response and have been cured.

It is often the case that after the constant draining of pus has stopped you can also stop the Silicea as this remedy would have by then done its work but you will have to take a teaspoonful of the Arnica which later can be the 6c potency at least once daily to prevent a recurrence of the Fistula, for life. Arnica promotes the flow of blood in the body and you may like to know that I have used it nightly since 1996 and I can testify to its efficacy which in my opinion cannot be equated by any other remedy or drug. You too can benefit from ensuring that you do not get any more fistulas and also enjoy a healthier life with no Hypertension, enjoy deep sleep which are among the many benefits that Arnica confers on the person using it.

Answering the questions that you posed:

1 Echinesia was not prescribed by me and cannot ever hope to equate Arnica. Do not use it with my therapy.

2 Difficult to state as each patient's response to my therapy is vastly different from the other.

3 Answered above.
Joe De Livera last decade
so Joe, any chance you can consolidate your remedy into one post? something like this:

1. Ailment: Anal fistula and/or abcess

2. primary symptoms:

3. symptoms if un-treated

4. herbal medicines recomended:

5. dosage, duration:

6. expected outcome:

7. duration:

8. diet: what to eat, what not to eat

9. treatment: gauze etc.

and other info.

it would really help. I see your point about your style etc. and its good that you stick to your guns but filling the above out will just help everyone new and old on this post.

noproblemo last decade
thanks for the reply.

Wrong guess sorry on my origin, im in fact truly British and live in UK.

You say dont use Echinesia (I havnt) but why on another thread do they(or someone) recommend it? Do you know much about what Echinesia is?
jonboy last decade

In homeopathy, oftentimes no two homeopaths suggest/prescribe the same remedy for the same illness.

If you were to go to five different homeopaths today, all five would tell you different things.
Pat2006 last decade
In response to jennib from page 4, yes, I have just undergone the surgisis procedure last week and found this site only too late. For anyone interested, its a procedure that entails inserting a bio-prosthesis into the fistula canal - in hopes real tissue grows through it and seals it up. We shall see what happens. For now, I'm doing the 500ml arnica 30c solution with silicea 6x. Can joe or sajjid clarify for all of us? Doses, when to take them, foods/drink to avoid? The posting is muddled with a lot of repetition and typo's and I think may be confusing to others who don't read the whole listing. Much love to all who are trying to heal the same thing.
fistula last decade
To Fistula

You have requested me to repeat the advice that I have given many time on this thread which is very explicit and hopefully informative. It has helped many to overcome their ailment, one of whom has had surgery 4 times and was listed for his 5th.

I regret that I cannot detail the treatment over again and you are advised to read the posts on this thread if you are interested in using my therapy.

If you still have any questions after doing so, please feel free to ask.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe - wasn't meaning to drive you crazy. Just thinking about all the people that may breeze through this quickly. Here's a question: is there any harm done if I make an arnica water bottle to drink out of regularly - keeping the formula proportional? Thanks for all the attention!
fistula last decade
I feel confident that patients who are suffering from Fistulas, Abscesses and Fissures may have used my therapy successfully to avoid further surgery and many of them have confirmed this fact.

You can make the Arnica in the wet dose as I have instructed in a previous post but you must know that in Homeopathy small is beautiful. You cannot accelerate the process of healing any more by drinking say a tablespoonful of the remedy instead of the recommended teaspoonful. They both constitute just one dose. It is the frequency of the dose that matters and the maximum that will help is not over 4 times daily for some cases but in the case of a Fistula twice daily will do.

I hope you also take the Silicea 6x with the Arnica as they both constitute the therapy that I have discovered works well to help the patients. Nat Phos 6x is also useful to keep the stools soft and of course the antibiotic ointment is essential to keep the bacterial count low after each bowel movement.

It is the combination of all these remedies that help to cure a Fistula which I hope you will realize is not done in a day.
Joe De Livera last decade

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