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Dear Nawaz,

Please don't take this kind of decision to stay out of this Forum. It will heavily impact people like me. PLEASE !!!

I hope you would consider my humble request and continue your service.

May be Mr. Joe can also contribute to the forum in helping others as needed.

Again, you please don't leave people like me in such a HUGE trouble where there will be no guidance.

I am really hoping on you to get out of this Ailment permanently. PLEASE help me !

rajhomeo75 last decade
Dear Respected Nawaz,

Can you please get back to this Forum and help us !!

I am really hoping to hear back from you ASAP !!!

rajhomeo75 last decade
Dear Nawaz,

Here is my update for today :

- In the evening, when I pressed the sides, 2 drops of pus little thick and slight white in color drained.

- Followed by that 2 drops of liquidy discharge drained. It was kind of colorless.

- Not much of itching still.

I have ordered the other Piles medicine.

Please let me know what should I take today / tomorrow.

rajhomeo75 last decade
Dear Nawaz & Mr. Joe,

Can you please resolve this conflict and start helping people ? We are all fully relying on you. I hope you understand our situation and help us ! God has given this kid of talent to only few people like you to help people like us. PLEASE help us ! I have no other way to express my concern.

NB : Other active members in this forum, please send your request to Nawaz and Joe to reactivate this forum.

rajhomeo75 last decade
Hi Nawaz

I 100% echo Raj's sentiments. You have been very kind and helpful. You have selflessly helped several people (like me) in desperate need of medical advise on this thread.

I sure hope that you would reconsider and continue helping people here on this thread.

Best Regards !
AbFisRidden last decade
Hi Raj

Please don't be in dismay. I am so sorry that you are feeling hopeless. Both Mr. DeLivera and Nawaz have helped me immensely, and I don't know what I would've done without their help. I am so sorry to see that both can't give their advice or opinion on remedies on this thread. I truly respect and appreciate both these gentlemen for the time and effort they put forth on all us fellow sufferers.

What I will do and suggest for you to do if you don't get a response is to write on the regular ABC Homeopathy thread. Maybe we will be successful there.

I would also suggest for you not to worry or upset yourself because stress is very harmful to all parts of your body and might undo all the progress with your condition that Nawaz has helped you with.

A bundle of prayers for your peace of mind. Take care!

Maybe you should post your
Overalready last decade
Dear Nawaz

I would first like to reassure you that my statement 'I have not been following up regularly on patients on this thread since Nawaz took over from me but I read your post of January 2' was never intended to belittle you and the good work that you have done after I decided to leave it in your capable hands. I believe that you have misunderstood my statement which was not ever intended to hurt you as I can see from your post which I have just read after I returned from office this evening.

I can see that you have completely misunderstood my statement and can feel the depth of your sadness when I read your statement:

'By now, you must know about my love, respect and appreciation for you in all other posts, I even fight for you.

Please forgive me, if I have ever upset you any time?

To prove my respect and love for you, this is my last post on this thread. Please take it from here.'

It is obvious that my thoughts expressed in my own distinctive phraseology were misunderstood by you completely and I must again reassure you that I did not ever intend to hurt you.

If I have done so, I ask for your forgiveness.

I must admit that when I was persuaded by many patients to return to it in late 2009, I decided to do so after an absence of over 3 years as I had left the ABC as I was finding it extremely annoying to be constantly attacked by a few classical homeopaths who were shadowing every post I made to help patients who were depending on me to help them with my Joepathy as the classical remedies did not work. The attacks that I had to suffer were far more violent than the attacks of the 2 homeopaths who were attacking me recently and who for reasons best known to them have ceased to do so in the last few weeks and left me in peace.

I am indeed grateful to you for your support in advising them to lay off without attacking me and they have since decided to leave me in peace to help patients with my own Joepathy which seems to work even more positively in curing patients than their own classical remedies, which as we are all aware were not always prescribed.

Nawaz, you must understand that I have not been advising on this thread which now runs to 100 pages as I have found in you a worthy successor to help patients who depend on your therapy. You have only to read the many posts made by them yesterday to realize that you cannot possibly leave them to me as frankly I do not have the time to do so.

As you are aware, I am 82 years of age and it was because I was aware that many patients depended on my therapy to survive that I was present on this thread daily as there was no one else to take over till you came along last year.

I do hope that you will continue to help patients in the New Year.

Kind Regards

Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Mr.Joe,

Thank you very much for your response to Mr.Nawaz. I really appreciate your intention to help patients.

Dear Nawaz, I hope Mr.Joe clarified his view and mentioned that he never intend to hurt you as well. I hope you will be convinced with his response and continue your great service to poor patients like me.

I am sure that 'Allah' will send his commands to you to help people but not leave them hanging in air without any help. We have no choice than waiting for YOU at this moment.

rajhomeo75 last decade
Respectable Joe D. Livera,

Many many Thanks, May God Bless You? With your orders we will continue and always seeking/counting your skilled and experienced advice on this and other threads! Please consider, it is not in my system to take over anything especially from you as I love you and respect you a lot!

Please keep up the good work.

A bundle of prayers for your long life.

Kind Regards
nawazkhan last decade
Dear Raj,

Please forgive me on this human error.

So, how are you feeling today?

I hope you have Arsenicum Album 200C in your stock of remedies. Please take a dose of this remedy to cover your stated symptoms in a previous post.

Also, please tell me about your fistula, fissure and pilesdischarges in detail.

Many many prayers for your peace of mind and good health soon.

Kind Regards
nawazkhan last decade
Dear Phoenix,

Sorry to know about your pain and sleep.

'Hope the remedies come soon!'

Did you receive your order yet?

May God bless you with more patience, more courage, more strength and more peace of mind immediately?

nawazkhan last decade
Dear Overalready,

How are you doing today? Thanks for all of your concerns and kind words.

I would like to kindly request you to forgive me for the human errors.

So, how are we doing regarding the hems and flecks?

What remedies are you taking right now?

Please keep up the good work.

May God Bless You?

Kind Regards
nawazkhan last decade
Dear AbFisRidden,

I ask your forgiveness for the humanly errors I made since yesterday.

I greatly appreciate your kind and thoughtful words. You must keep up the good work to get a great reward from your creator!

So, how are you feeling today? Please update me in detail on the BadGuy and your itching?

Also, after taking the Sulphur 200C dose, how did your niece felt? Please find details on her symptoms to find a correct remedy.

A lot of sincere prayers for your good health.

nawazkhan last decade
Hi Chispas,

Please update me on your current symptoms in detail?

What remedies are you taking since last year?

I hope and pray that you are doing OK.

nawazkhan last decade
Dear Nawaz,

A BIG Thanks for returning to this Forum to help people like me.

Well, regarding the Remedy Arsenicum Album 200C, I don't think I have it. I have checked the list and I am also posting it here what I have with me as of now. Please let me know if I need to order this Arsenicum Album 200C as well and I can do that.

My Symptoms as follows :

- As of now not much of itching in Fistula area.

-But a slight discomfort inside of rectum after BM and also in the Fistula.

Please let me know if you need any more information.

** LIST of Medicines I have*******

Myristica Seb. 200C - Liquid
Silicea 200C - Liquid
Nitric Acid - 200C - Liquid
Natrum Phos 6x - Tablets
Sepia 200 C - Pellets
Nux Vomica - 30C - Pellets
Nux Vomica - 30C - Liquid
Nux Vomica - Q Acid Mur - 30 C - Liquid
Ratanhia 30C - Liquid
Paeonia 30 C - Liquid
Acid Nit - 30C - Pellets
Acid Nit - 30C - Liquid
Aloe Socot - Q
Ars Alb - 30C - Liquid
Collinsonia - 30C - Liquid
Collinsonia - 30C - Pellets
Lachesis Mutus - 200C - Liquid
Lachesis Mutus - 200C - Pellets
Hamammellis Virginica - Q
Hamammellis Virginica - 200C - pellets
Hamammellis Virginica - 200C - Liquid
Aesculus Hippocastanum - Q Thuja 30C - Liquid
Arnica - 30C - Liquid
Nat Phos - 6X - Pellets
Ferr Phos - 6X - Pellets
Silicea 6X- Tablets

Hypericum Perforatum - 200C
Sulphur 200C
Tuber Cullinum 200C
Calendula Officinalis 6X - Tablet
Nux Vomica - 200c
Antimonium Crudum - 200C

Mercurius Solubilis - 200C
Natrum Sulphuricum 6X
Pulsatilla 30C
*Hydrastis Canadensis Q ************
Also I have just ordered ' Podophyllum PELTATUM 200C' and waiting to receive.

Please let me know if you want me to get something else as well.

rajhomeo75 last decade
Dear Raj,

You are more than WELCOME!

I see you have Ars Alb - 30C, this will do!

Please take Ars Alb 30C, 4 drops into 2 sips of water, 3 times a day, for 2 days.

No other remedy today please.

With more prayers for you.

nawazkhan last decade
Sure, Nawaz. I shall take this once I get home this evening.

rajhomeo75 last decade
OK, Raj, Good Luck.

Please stay warm and happy!

nawazkhan last decade
Good Afternoon Nawaz....

So happy to see that you've return to this thread. Again, both you and Mr. DeLivera have been such a source of comfort and reassurance to me and I really appreciate that immensely.

I have been feeling okay today. My hems are ever so slightly swollen. No pain, no itching, as of today no black flecks (fingers and toes crossed). I had BM this morning and all was fine. The anal skin is normal skin toned to a slight pearly color where it is a teeny bit swollen. I am thinking it has to do with my hormones and I am post ovulation, so I believe it's normal for me to be this way.

I am following your orders of taking the aloe socotrina and the ferrum phos. I will continue taking it for the time that you requested.

Other than that, nothing is new. I'm waiting for the next snow fall to come. It is forecasted that we'll be having some snow/flurries for the next few days.

Thanks again. Have a great evening and stay warm!!!
Overalready last decade
Dear Nawaz,
Thank you for returning to this site and helping everyone! Both you and Joe are wonderful caring individuals.

I saw a homeopath yesterday who was recommended by three friends as I was getting worse and worse with regard to the fistula, constipation, and energy levels.

I had taken one dose of china 200c and felt much worse for the next few days with the constipation continuing so my friends urged me to consult someone locally. The homeopath has prescribed Calc Phos 200c (three doses 12 hours apart then once a week for the next three weeks) and hydrastis 6x twice daily when not taking the calc phos 200c.
She did also think of Pulsatilla 200c as you suggested but decided on the calc phos 200c in the end!
I am very low in iron apparently so I am going to try taking some blackstrap molasses which can help for constipation also, rather than get an iron supplement from the pharmacy.
I'll let you know how I get on with the remedies (if that is okay?!).

Many thanks as always to you Nawaz,

Many prayers and good health to you,
chispas last decade
Dear Overalready,

Thanks again for your healthy thinking and kind words!

May God Bless You at all times to come?

Please continue with the remedies as I am still working on your next remedy!

I hope and pray that there will not be any messy snow fall in NY this time.

See you soon on this thread!

nawazkhan last decade
Dear Chispas,

Thats about time to start listening to your friends!

Please stay blessed and always listen and perform actions recommended by the sincere friends who care for you.

I am very pleased that you did a good thing seeing a homoeopath. I agree with her prescription. Please stay with these remedies as suggested.

Please stay in touch and always count on our prayers.

Many prayers for your good health and happiness.

nawazkhan last decade
Dear Nawaz,

I have started taking Ars Alb 30C.

Also here is the udpate :

- Yesterday evening once I got home when I pressed the Fistula area,2 drops of pus drained which was little thick and slight white in color.

- Followed by that a drop of blood / liquidy discharge drained.

- Not much of itching going on.

- A slight discomfort in the Fistula area remains.

rajhomeo75 last decade
Dear Raj,

Very Good Signs, may God bless you?

'Yesterday evening once I got home when I pressed the Fistula area,2 drops of pus drained which was little thick and slight white in color.

- Followed by that a drop of blood / liquidy discharge drained.

Please try your best NOT to maually press the impacted area as it severly impacts the healing process.

Continue with Ars Album as suggested. No other remedies please.

How did you feel after taking Ars Alb.? Please shed some light in detail about your comfort, hurry, instant movements and state of mind?

A bundle of more prayers for your excellent health soon.

nawazkhan last decade
Dear Raj,

Please post your response on the following link.


nawazkhan last decade
Dear Nawaz

I have read this forum and was ready to go with silica, and Arnica as I read in the first 20 pages or so but then fast forwarded to present and I am seeing all different names. So I am a bit confused and wondering if you could help me.

As a background I am a 35 yr old guy living in NY. In 2007 I got pain in my rectum and the doctor examined me and could find nothing - no abscess, fissure etc and he gave me antibiotics - flagyl and lavequin and I got cured. Again in 2008 similar happened. This time he made me do blood tests, cat scan, physical examinations and again nothing. He gave me antibiotics and I was cured in a day from the excruciating pain. The thesis was that maybe some bacteria in the stools had disloged and ended up in the wrong place.

2009 was fine and I was ok. Now in 2010 Oct I got the excruciating paina gain and I went to a different doctor. But I had so much pain and couldnt even sit properly and I was in too much pain that doctor couldnt even examine me without me yelling out. After listening to my history he told me he will give me the two antibiotics as it has woorked in the past but told me to see a proctologist soon when the pain is bearable.

So today I went to see a proctologist who is a rectal cancer surgeon too. I went over my history with hima nd also told him that in the last week I was getting some stinging feeling around my anal when I was wiping after BM with every faint pink spots of blood. Really faint. Little stinging when i use toilet paper. He examined me and concluded that I have fistula and I need surgery.

Now I dont have any pus or any pain - maybe my fistula is small. A few days ago it felt like a lump but now it feels like nothing (so i had initially thought it was just a boil).

I am a vegetarian , dont smoke dont drink. Most of my diet is fresh fruits and vegetables, cooked vegetables etc. I drink lot of water and abstain from white bread, pizza etc. I have learnt to live and eat in a manner that I dont get constipated.

I am 5 11 and weigh 176 pounds. Now my delimma is what do i do. I didnt realize fistula is so serious until i surfed the net and now im freaking out reading all these things that people have gone through. So far my fistula (if it is indeed fistula) is nothing more than a feeling that a boil might have burst and skin is sensitive to touch amd might be scarped and stings if i wipe after BM. I am immediatly switching to using baby wipes and will used some medicated wipes to clean also.

Not sure what i need to do. The surgical procedures sound scary. You think i ahve time to try homeopathy remedies and see how it goes. Or is it too premature to do anything? Will things get worse? ANd by the way the doctor suspected I had abscess and so I got his but miracualously the abscess drained itself out (as if you recall I only too antibiotics and did nothing else).

Pls ask me any questions but let me know how i begin my healing. I dont think i am in a bad position currently but reading about fistula on the net has me devastated.

Pls help.

manequin75 last decade

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