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The main aim of treatment for an anal fistula is to heal the fistula with as little effect on the anal sphincter muscles (the ring of muscles that open and close the anus) as possible. Damage to the sphincter muscles could cause incontinence problems in the future. Fistulotomy is also done in stages, with a seton thread inserted to allow drainage for several months. A cutting seton is also used successfully.

Very few anal fistulas are able to heal by themselves, so surgery is usually necessary.

Fistulotomy: The main surgical procedure used to treat a fistula is a fistulotomy. During this procedure, the surgeon will cut open the fistula, whilst you are under general anaesthetic, and then scrape and flush out its contents. The fistula is then laid open and flattened out. After 1-2 months, the fistula will heal into a flat scar. To access the fistula, your surgeon may have to cut a small portion of the anal sphincter muscle.

If the fistula is relatively simple to operate on, you may have the surgery and go home the same day. If the path of the fistula is particularly long or complicated, you may need to stay in hospital for a few days, or undergo a second stage of surgery to complete the procedure.

It can be painful to move around soon after the operation, but after approximately one week, any pain and discomfort should ease. Most people make a full recovery after two to six weeks, but if the fistula was particularly complicated, it can take up to eight weeks for it to heal completely.

Fibrin glue or collagen plug: Most cases of anal fistula will require surgery, however, in some cases you may be able to have the fistula sealed with a special type of glue made from protein. This means the fistula will not have to be cut open. The glue is injected through the opening of the fistula, and then stitched closed. A fistula can also be sealed using a small plug made of collagen and then stitched closed.

Homeopathy can be used along with allopathic measures to treat symptoms.

Good luck. Beth W.
bethw last decade
I have an anal fistula. Do not want to have another surgery so have been taking silica for over 2 weeks. Notice alittle improvement. Should I be taking something else? Thanks
adriana last decade
Take following remedies:-
Nitric acid 30 (2-3 drops thrice daily)
Arnica 30(2-3 drops thrice)

Silicia 6x (4 tablets to be chewed 4 times daily)
Echinacia Q 15 drops in half cup of water thrice daily
abid ali last decade
I have a question in regards to the Arnica dosage.

So i've put 3 tablets of the Arnica into 500ml of water.

My question is after i take the ONE teaspoon of the Arnica, what do i do w/ the water? Do i still use the same 500ml of water for the 2nd teaspoon before i sleep?

Then after the 2 dosage. Do i discard the water and use new water the next day w/ 3 new tablets? Or do i continue to use the same water?

Please help
jay784 last decade
Sorry I am very confused with all the different suggestions. My son had a fistula I have been using silicea 6x two tabs twice daily and arnica in the wet does morning and night, but there are suggestions of doing this every 30 minutes, other say to do it for 15 days and then stop, others say to continue until drainage stops, please help and why is hypericum 200 also recommended can someone please give me the right remedy and how to use it - desperate.
bellkeys last decade
I have been using silica and arnica for 2 months. My fistula cleared for awhile and then it started again. I have made an appt. for the surgery because I have tried everything for 8 months now and nothing has helped.
adriana last decade
My husband tried silica and arnica for abt 1.5 months, however this did not help him much. He got the surgery done over a month ago. For about 3-4 weeks he was on pain-killers. He has stopped it for almost a week and feels a little discomfort, however is much better than before the surgery.
star_fistula_probl last decade
Thank you star fistula prob. that really makes me feel that I am making the right decision in getting the surgery. Do you know what kind of fistula your husband had because mine was called a horseshoe one. thanks
adriana last decade
No problem Adriana. My husband had a horseshoe fistula as well. The type was detected when we got his rectal ultrasound done. His was a superficial one and not deep.
After having gone through painful 5 months he decided to get operated.
star_fistula_probl last decade
My son is only 10 and I want to try all possibilities prior to any surgery, I have heard that most people that have done surgeries for fistulas had to do it more than once and it reoccurs, I do not want to put my child through that.
bellkeys last decade
Please help me pick the right remedy. My son, only 10 has been taking the arnica in the water dose twice daily and silicia 6x two tablets chewed twice daily, it has gotten better hardly draining but it feels hard as though more draining is needed and it hurts if we press as to drain. I am also applying calendula gel twice daily, there has been several other suggestion such as hypericum 200c, camphor 6c, peonia 200 and silicea 200 and even Myristica s 1M, and even surgery by someone who says it may be the only answer, please help me the right remedy. Can anyone tell how exactly you can tell if an abscess or fistula, I know the definitions but how to do you know for sure. thanks
bellkeys last decade
Star fistula prob I wanted to ask you if your husband had a horseshoe abscess because that is what I had but they didnt say that I had a horseshoe fistula and only one side hurts not both. What kind of surgery did he have? They say that they might have to put a thread not in case mine is close to my muscle. Can you give me some details about the surgery because I am going to get mine in May and I am terrified. Thank you so much.
adriana last decade
belkeys I tried the silica and arnica for about 2 months and the drainage would stop and get hard like you are saying. Then all of a sudden it has started draining alot again but not as much pain. I have had this for 8 months because my primary doctor says to try to heal it without surgery but I do not think that this will happen if it has not happened yet. I think these medications might help for awhile but ultimately, I think that the surgery might need to be done. I am getting mine in May because I cannot take it anymore.
adriana last decade
Can someone out there please tell me if your fistula or abscess did indeed get corrected with the remedies because I see that a lot are saying it is only temporaty and eventually have to resort to surgery.
bellkeys last decade
Adriana, My husband had a horseshoe fistula that was between his inner and outer sphicter muscles. He also had some spotting of abscess, but his was an actual horseshoe tract. May be yours is just an abscess and not a tract.

Since his fistula was not very deep doctor did a fistulotomy, ie laid open his fistula tract and allow it to heel.

There are 2 types of surgeries, fistulotomy and fistulectomy. You can find the definitions on the internet. Fistulectomy is complete removal of the fistula and takes longer to heal.

As an alternative to surgery, to see if the fistula can heal on its own my husband went on juice, broth and soup diet as well for 3 months. But that did not help.

Hope this helps.
star_fistula_probl last decade
Hi All,

Am visiting this site after ages. And am sad to see such hatred against homeopathic treatment of this condition and Joe's theraphy.

Guys, My father is a surgeon too. And even he is against a surgery for this a fistula. I had my first surgery in class 10th for an abscess. At the age of 25 I have had 3 surgeries. How the f*** can anyone explain this?

I have been taking homeopathy for some time now and 'thank god' the situation's under control.

We all have to realize that possible we all have been unlucky to have been a victim of this condition. So its better, we take it with a pinch of salt and start learning to live with it.

Whether u go for a sirgery, or homoepathy or ayurveda, THERE IS NO PERMANENT CURE FOR THIS. so it is upto us whether we decide to stay on homeo medicines on a regular basis and take care of ourselves, or we keep getting our 'butts' sliced up by surgeries.

No offence meant friends. I too am a victim of this godforsaken thing. All i can say is... carry on with homeopathic remedy and BE POSITIVE. and pray that medical science does come up with some permanent cure for this.
shorun last decade
Can anyone tell me about Traumeel & Curoreel as a fistula remedy.

bellkeys last decade
painless rectal bleeding, bright red 10 year old boy stool is soft but still strains currently taking arnica and silicia for fistula remedy, any suggestions
bellkeys last decade
Hi For any type of Fistula use Silicea-12x (dilution) 2 times a day and Myristica-30 2times a day also take one dose(only single dose) of silicea-1M before starting the medicines.
These medicines shows a great result. It will take months to completely cure so be patience.
h.inamul last decade
Question, my son has been taking the silicea 6x twice daily and arnica 30c in wet dose, the draining stop but the opening is still there, the swollen has gone down a lot and there is almost no pain, tender when the area is touched and minimum swelling, the silicea 6x was discontinued and silicea 200c was given for three days, since it is not draining but still tender and minimum swelling, what should the remedy be now?
bellkeys last decade
My husband has got anal fistula and he has been taking antibiotics for a month. Initially he had extreme pain whenever he had bowel movements and pus
used come. Now there is no pain and pus stopped
coming. Today he visited his doctor and the doctor
said the bacteria and the inlammation is gone, but the
fistula is still open and adviced him to go for a
surgery. The doctor also mentioned that there is a little pus inside. Can you please advice on which homeopathic medicines are good for treating his anal fistula?
Rashmi8 last decade
had surgery for fistula 30 days ago. they made groove and is still affecting me and hasnt heeled at all, no blood but hurts to urinate and small loose stool.

pain still when i go to bathroom.

what do i do
giles last decade
I had my fissure while i was pregnant. I was using analpram and it went away. But during the delivery, it got worst and an anal fistualla developed. Its been 1 year now and my fistualla has drain only twice and my fissure bleads every 2 - 3 months. I am using prune juice that is helping my constipation a lot. Please priscribed me so that it can completely heal. I didnt have any pain over 4 months now.
nabiha last decade
I've been dealing with Anal Fistula for since 2003. There were days/nights that it became painful and the discomfort that comes with it but i've learned to deal with it. I've always opted for surgery but had reservations about it. The doctor even said that there is likelihood of it coming back. I started evaluating my eating habits in the last 2 years. i quit drinking silk soy milk and processed soy related products. I also quit drinking dairy products; ice cream, regular milk, chocolote, beer and alcohol. this lessen the inflamation and the swelling. i still have discharges but no so frequent. but in just the last 2 weeks, i haven't had any incidence of it coming back nor feel any discomfort. i cannot say that i am healed but i do not notice any discharges nor swelling. in summary, i may never be completely healed from anal fistula but i believe you can change your diet to make your life better. A lot of prayers and positive thinking. Remember, no matter how strong the storm, faith never fails.
generationFJ last decade
Hi, thanks it realls helps me to see some positive reply.
i am taking prune juice 1 glass daily at night. and for the last 3 months i have discharge at all. but some times when i have a bowl movment that is a little hard then i see some swelling .. so i hope one day i will be cured. I belive in one think that every illness has a cure. God has created cure before he created illness and i know my cure is around the corner :)
nabiha last decade
It can be cured but it takes a long time and most people give up. It has now been 5 months from when we first noticed the abscess and this is what we did: warm chamamille compresses on the area, Silicea 6x two tabs twice daily, Nat phos 6x two tabs twice daily, arnica - wet dose - this is a remedy known as Joepathy it does work like I said it takes time, when the abscess stopped draining completely we discontinue the silicea 6x, wait and see if healed if not you may need to continue with something else or even restart the silicea but as I had understood silicea should only be used until the draining stops, but this means stops for good, but you might have to give it at least 2 months, the nat phos will most likely replace the prune juice, prune juice may have too much sugar it is used to keep stool soft. The pain will stop most likely within a week you will notice a huge difference at the beginning but then the cure will slow down as it progresses. Surgery was not on our minds so we needed an alternative. I am not a doctor or homeopath practinioner I am only telling you what we used and worked for us.
bellkeys last decade

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