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Hi Sajjad,

I developed anal fissure about an year back. It comes and goes. If i have the strong urge to pass bowl and if it goes without the need to apply any pressure, i don't have pain. But if i have to apply some some pressure, then it starts burning and can see streaks of blood on the stool. It is very burning too. I am a firm believer in Homeopathy and my wife and i had many issues cured by Homeopathy that was never possible by conventional medicine.

Can you suggest a remedy for me. I don't have constipation. By this i mean my stool is not hard. Instead the stool is soft, thin and sticky. It was like this for the last 10-12 years and normally i need more time to pass bowl. It doesn't change much even if i eat lot of vegetables /fruits. I am 32 years old male.

kerala last decade
Dr Sajjad,

I am not sure whether this is helpful to determine the remedy. I have acne since i was 16 years old. It is still there and sometimes i think it is related to the difficulty in passing stool though the difficulty started only within the last 10-12 years.
kerala last decade
This is for the benefit of all patients who suffer from Fistula or suffer from hard stools and/or constipation.

The remedy that will help is Nat Phos 6x (biochemic). Dose 2 tablets taken after lunch and dinner.

Nat Phos accelerates the passage of food through the gut and will ensure that the stools are kept soft. This will help those who suffer from Fistula.

A bonus is that Nat Phos will also reduce weight at the rate of about 1 pound per week.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Madison,

All the best to your operation.

Do you think that the new product that u applied really work? I'm thinking of getting one also if u think its good.
izaac last decade
hi im mulo06 i was treated for perianal abcess 3 times but but no still thre is no improvement in my abcess,my doctor said that i have a fistula becaoz the abcess doesnt heals and we need another operation , so i decided to go to onother doctor but he only gives me antibiotics. but thre still pus draining, what remedy should i take and where can i buy your medicine?
im in south korea right now pls reply me
mulo06 last decade
hi mulo06,

pls see my previous posts for a complete picture.

i picked up the courage n checked my abscess with torchlight and mirror yesterday. The little hole has shrunk to about 2mm diameter and the surrounding flesh has flattened- in Oct 2005, it was a crater.

so fellas, i am quite convinced that the stuff that i am taking is working,, but very slowly. So, lots of patience is needed.
izaac last decade
hey Madison, how was the operation???
izaac last decade
whre can i buy the medicine? and what is the name of medicine will i take?and how will i take this medicine?
mulo06 last decade
dear mulo06,

arnica/silica/zinc/vitaminC/fibre pills/savlon/lots of patience

for details/where to buy--pls read our previous posts.

good luck
izaac last decade
I would like to add Nat Phos 6x (biochemic) to the list above as it will help to keep the stool soft and will prevent constipation.

I would not advise you to take all the remedies that are listed above as it is best to use only those that have proved to be able to help an ailment.

In the case of Fistula which is usually difficult to cure I have used Silicea 6c, Arnica 30c and Nat Phos 6x.

The Savlon suggested is useful in keeping the area disinfected and to promote the closing of the wound after surgery.

A rubber cushion which has an open center is also indicated to keep the area free from pressure when seated.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,

I understand that:

silica expels foreign bodies

arnica promotes blood circulation

What about Nat Phos 6x ??

izaac last decade
I have already stated the reason for the Nat Phos above as copied below

I would like to add Nat Phos 6x (biochemic) to the list above as it will help to keep the stool soft and will prevent constipation.
Joe De Livera last decade
oops, sorry Joe, maybe i need to buy something to improve my eyesight too.
izaac last decade
Hi Izzac,

That was really funny :-)
kerala last decade
I currently am dealing with the ravages of having a severe abscess followed by 2 serious fistulas. It has affected my entire life and I am desperate to find anything to help. One thing I wondered, is if anyone else knows anything about the new Surgisis surgery? My colo rectal surgeon has recommended this for me. Basically it is a biological based plug that is shaped like a tiny cone. It gets inserted small side first from the inside of hte fistula to the outside and both holes are closed tightly. The premise is that the biological material will plug the hole and help the fistula close up slowly as it gets absorbed into the body. This surgery pretty much gaurantees I get to keep my bowel function. My other option is having a seton placed in for 6 weeks followed by a fistulotomy. My fistula drains a little and bleeds from time to time. It is at the twelve o clock position (this one..ther other one was off to the side) and I swear it has every nerve ending tied up in it. (Sorry to be so descriptive-it's humiliating enough to have this but I am now begging for any rememedy). other symptoms include feeling weak and tired all the time, sporadic low grade fevers.

I have read about silicea...has anyone tried this? About how long does it take it to work? What is Arnica and how will it help me heal? I have already had about eight months of hte most excrutiating pain and would ike to have my life back.
jennib last decade
I know that you are suffering from a lot of pain from your Fistula and before you contemplate surgery which usually is never ending, I would suggest that you use the therapy indicated below:

Calc Phos 6x 2 tablets twice daily
Silica 6x 2 tablets once daily
Nat Phos 6x 2 tablets after lunch and dinner
Arnica 6c in the liquid dose 1 teaspoonful before sleep. This will help the fistula to heal.

All remedies to be taken about an hour apart.

Report response weekly.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Izaac,

Sorry for delay. Well they found another fistula and my surgeon is convinced this time he has got rid of it all. I have a good feeling this time, even the healing in just a week looks different from all the previous times. I always felt that it would not heal because something had been left behind, could this be the case with you? Regarding the Dermawound, I really believe its worth a try. go to the website www.progressivedoctors.com and see what you think.
Madison last decade
hey Madison, touch wood man.
Mine is a new abscess developed after my surgery in March 05. Could see it. It started to really heal in Oct 05 after i started taking silica. Although the healing is slow, there is significant progress...since Oct 05.

Its good to know u are done with the surgery.

Yeah i went to the website of that product. Will wait a while and see. Thanks.
izaac last decade
Hey mulo06,

How are your abscesses now?
Did u start to take silica and arnica?
izaac last decade
I too have suffered fistula for years and was about to have the lay open op by an old MD only to find that the nurse said there was another technicauq with stiches ! So i cancelled the op in favour of second opinion. However now seeing this i want to try arnica 30. My local shop sold it as pellets but they said not to touch or handle them and to take 2 for one week only. I am assuming your water down dose is OK and I plan to do this, just thought id check with you first.
jonboy last decade
hi all

so Ive had an anal fistula too, for about a year. Its been drained 3 times and my doctor keeps asking to go surgery. But I dont want to since he's saying it'll most likely re-occur. I have drainage right now, its not too bad but I do want to cure this.

So Im awaiting my naturopath to get me some homeopathic medicine.

but in the interim, I wanted to ask: how bad can a fistula get? say the homepathic remedies dont work immediately. And I dont do anything else about it either, can it get real bad where they surgery is must? or that medicines may never be able to help?

any thoughts on this?


noproblemo last decade
hey guys. I got a few questions for the doctors...Im not even sure if a fistula is even what i have. I have two big wounds above the anus opening on the butt crack. is this where fistulas occur? they have been there for about a year now and are slowly gettin bigger. there is almost no pain, just discomfort every now and then. they got infected and i had to go to a doctor and het gave me some pills ans it went away, but not the infection. He just said he thought they started from debris gettin in there, but then again he didnt examin them too close. could they be anything else? i justwant them to go away! thanks
joeshmo last decade
correction, the infection went away, not the wounds. i keep antibiotic oitment on them now. what could they be??
joeshmo last decade
To Joeshmo

It is possible that you have Pilonidal Cysts which you can have identified positively by your doctor.

If you do a search under Pilonidal Cyst in the Search Forums window on the left of this page you can read all about this problem which can help you.

In the meanwhile you are advised to use Arnica 6c in the liquid dose as this remedy may help with healing the wound which you must keep clean and without any infection.

You make the liquid dose by inserting 3 globules Arnica 6c into a 500ml bottle of spring water which you aerate by shaking every time before you sip a teaspoonful 3 times daily.
Joe De Livera last decade
No-one answered my question
jonboy last decade
My apologies for not answering your query about how to make the liquid dose.

I have done so in my post to Joeshmo above and you do not have to touch the pellets when you drop them into the bottle of spring water. The dosage that I indicated is twice daily but you can increase it to thrice daily for the first few weeks as this will hasten the cure.
Joe De Livera last decade

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