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Washington Home Products manufactures the Biochemic version of Silicea 6x.
Joe De Livera last decade
I bought my Nat Phos made by Washington Homeopathic Products from www.hmedicine.com, but you can also check www.homeopathyworks.com for these products, or try 1-800-336-1695 (this was on the bottle). The silicea 6x I bought says on the label it is BIOCHEMIC ("according to the biochemic theory of Dr. W. H. Schuessler) and is made by Hyland's Homeopathic out of P&S Laboratories, LA, California. I hope this helps you.
bethw last decade
thanks bethw.
izaac last decade
hi Joe,

abc is still trying to confirm for us if the silicea 8x is biochemic. I have been taking their 8x for almost a week now. Feeling good.

So i thought its safe to maybe take some wine. Had a glass last night after consuming some raw salmon. Abscess bleed this morning during my sizz bath (salt water bath). Why??? Hope you could advise Joe,,, how does wine work??? I assume its the wine that cause this. thk u.
izaac last decade
Here is the way to make silica (copied from kuldeep's silica post).

Make Silica at a dry day (No rain and low humidity)

1. Find some natural rock pebbles (You can find it in sands to make cement concrete mix). Or you can pick it up from rail line tracks.
2. Try to identify the rock pebble (small piece of rock) which is semi transparent) if you can’t find it then any other natural rock will do the job.
3. Heat up the stones to expel the moisture.
4. Stones should be about 20 grams.
5. Now put the stones on a clean metal surface and beat the stone with hammer. In other way you beat up the rock real fine.
6. When you think you can’t beat up the rock any more you stop.
7. Put the powder in a one litter mineral water bottle.
8. Shake it and let it settle for 10 minutes.
9. After 10 minutes heavier rock will settle down at the bottom but water will be still murky because of the micro silica particles.
10. Remove top 1/3 of the liquid without shaking the bottle.

That is your medicine. Use two drops three times a day just like any homeopathy medicine. You may see the results in just two days.
silverman last decade
Alcohol is taboo for your ailment and you have discovered it the hard way. I presume that alcohol antidotes the healing factor of Arnica and Silicea and you know the result.

I must remember to warn others suffering from Fistula to abstain from Alcohol completely till they have overcome their ailment.
Joe De Livera last decade
Weekly update:

hi everyone, you've got to hear this if you want to cure your ailment, or want some hope atleast.

My drainage has stopped, like completely thank God. And the bubble that is usually there when the drainage stops, burst and there was some leakage and then now even the bubble is gone. That area is a little sore so Im still not sitting on it.

What did I do?

1. Im using Traumeel & Curoreel. I never swicthed to Arnica and Silicea because mine actually have higher dosages of A & S, and other stuff that supports them.

2. Im also continuing to use Traumeel ointment. I think this is the reason its healed. What this ointment does, is dry up the bubble and then ... seal the wound, then it bursts and then dries that part up again.

3. Diet: I absolutely stopped drinking soda, having red meat, and even stopped coffee (down to just once a week now).

so ... Im really thankfull to God for bringing me to this site and getting help from here. And to Joe for helping me along.

And also, my naturopath in Dallas is fabulous. He prescribed Traumeel and Curoreel, and the ointment.

Hope everyone else feels better too and I hope my ailment keeps getting better (the tenderness etc.)

thanks. I'll post back again in a week.

Rememeber 'Say no to surgery' :)

M (thats the first letter to my REAL name! :) )
noproblemo last decade
If anyone out there can help me I would be SO grateful.
I have had Crohn's disease for 45 years. 3 years ago I had a very large abcess drained that had 2 fitulae attatched. Since then, I have had it drained 4 more times, each time taking longer to recover. I am in constant pain with the fistula which is draining and bleeding all the time. I am tired all the time and am rapidly losing weight. I now weigh 42kgs.I was 51kgs.
Please help. The surgeon says that the only way out is to have my rectum removed and have a 'bag'. I DON'T want that!!
atlast last decade
To At last

Please visit:

You will note that Crohn's Disease is confined to the intestines and the colon but there is no reference to it affecting the rectum. I shall copy a paragraph which gives more information on this disease:

'Crohn's disease is a chronic (ongoing) disorder that causes inflammation of the digestive or gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Although it can involve any area of the GI tract from the mouth to the anus, it most commonly affects the small intestine and/or colon.'

It is possible that you first started with an Abscess in your rectum 45 years ago which developed into multiple Fistulas which you state were drained 4 times surgically. Abscesses usually result after a hard stool is expelled causing some abrasion to the rectum which is daily made worse if you are constipated and pass hard stools. You may have noticed that there was bleeding with every bowel movement and if this daily abrasion of the affected area is not treated with an antibiotic ointment used internally to enable the damaged tissue to cure itself which is difficult because of the high bacterial count in the immediate environment, it develops into an abscess which in turn develops into a Fistula.

Surgery will only help to make a bad situation infinitely worse as you would have noticed during the agonizing years you have spent in the past.

After 45 years of suffering your case may be very difficult to treat but you can try to avoid the radical surgery that your surgeon has suggested of a Colostomy bag to be fitted after removal of the rectum, which should only be the last resort.

I would suggest that you use the following regimen in treating your problem as presented today.

It will be necessary that you use an antibiotic ointment (not cream) which is to be inserted into the affected area twice daily through the anus. This is done by covering your finger with a Fingercote or an individual rubber glove for the finger which you can get from a pharmacy. If this is not available you can get a standard rubber glove from which the fingers are cut and each one can be rolled back like a condom and used to cover your finger when inserting the ointment after every bowel movement or more often. This antibiotic will hopefully assist in keeping the bacterial count as low as possible to enable the tissue to regenerate.

Arnica 30c 2 pellets taken 3 times daily will help the wound to heal.
Silicea 6x 2 tablets taken 3 times daily will help to drain the pus from the wound.
Nat Phos 6x 2 tablets taken after 2 meals will help to soften hard stools which will irritate the delicate surface lining further.

Avoid all foods like red meat, coffee and alcohol and any other food that you have observed during the past years has caused some distress.

Please read the other posts on this thread and you may understand that this therapy that I have suggested can help you and may be your last resort to help you avoid radical surgery.
Joe De Livera last decade
A couple of points that I omitted in my last post..........

You are advised to check your Blood Sugar level as in the event of your being a Diabetic this problem will be doubly difficult to stabilize.

You should sit on an inflatable rubber cushion with a hollow in the center to avoid pressure on the affected area.

How old are you and I presume you are a male. What is your Blood pressure and weight ?
Joe De Livera last decade
dear joe,,

regarding whether the silicea pellets are BIOCHEM or not:

This the response from the lab: 'By saying 'biochemic' do you
mean as in the Cell Salts? Yes, technically the medicine Silicea is a Cell
Salt and whether it is presented in pellets or tablets it is still a Cell
Salt. Traditionally the Cell Salts are of 6X or 30X potency'.
izaac last decade
It is the Silicea 6x Biochemic Cell Salt that you must use not the Homeopathic.

Let us know how you respond.

I wish you a quick recovery.
Joe De Livera last decade
hi Joe, so did i buy the right stuff?
izaac last decade
Yes you have got the correct type but it is strange to note that they supply the cell salt in round pellets.

As I have often stated before the biochemic cell salt is triturated which is ground into lactose which is then pressed into tablet form. I cannot understand how ABC gets the triturated potentized remedy into pellets as this is a different process.

You may use the remedy and report response. In the meanwhile, I would like you to get the same remedy from Hylands and have it in reserve just in case the ABC stock does not work.

I hope you are already using the Arnica and would like to have an update on your condition.
Joe De Livera last decade
HI Joe,,

I started taking the silicea 8x pellets (from abc) for more than a week already. Feels good. Drainage is disappearing. No sore , no itch.

I have also stopped drinking coffee 2 weeks ago.

I started arnica in around Nov 2005. Really hope that this round of treatment would be successful.
izaac last decade
First of all, I dont want to discourage anyone from any of the methods mentioned on this site, I think its WONDERFUL.. but I do want to share my experience. After having to abscesses, which turned into a fistula, I (like most) was very reluctant to go under the knife and tried the Arnica and Silicea methods. I did find that the silicia worked wonderfully to slow/stop the draining and the arnica sure does help the healing process.

What I learned however, is that these only help the symptoms and here is why. After researching the physics of a fistula, what I learned, is that your body will NOT just heal the fisula, because it thinks the fistula IS healed. The cells that make up the tunnel, are similiar to the skins cells on your hand our outside skin. Therefore, my our bodies think it is healed. Its our bodies way of channeling the debri away from the troubled anal gland. The silicea certainly helps the symptoms but with out physically cutting the fistula open, it wont ever change back to the type of cell that it needs to be.

The silicea DOES what they say it does, it stopped the draining..I felt almost cured, had no draining, no pain, but the fistula was still there, exactly the same as before so I recently decided to have the fisulotomy and I must say, it was VERY easy, and so far I have hardly any pain.. (I had more pain after having the abscesses drained). I do plan to take the Arnica still as it does help the mending process. In a nutshell, I would really recommend having the surgery done at a convenient time and using the remedies to help the healing after such surgery. Since these do not go away on their own, its important to remember that very long standing fistulas can eventually become cancerous, and as long as that 'tunnel' is there, bacteria and such are harbored inside.. just thought I would share my experience with everyone.
ColoCub78 last decade
To Colocub

I note your analysis of the etiology of a Fistula which is, I believe, only partially correct.

My objection to surgery is that it will not and cannot cure the fistula or abscess. This is because the daily passage of fecal matter which is heavily laden with the most choice bacteria, reinfects the wound thereby causing another lesion to form and another, with unfortunately a non ending scenario which is too dreadful to contemplate.

I believe that the etiology of a Fistula, Fissure or Abscess in the rectum usually starts with the abrasion of the inner lining of the anus which is caused by the passage of a hard constipated mass of fecal matter which causes a tear in the lining. This is infected by the passage of the stool and is further abraided by the passage of the next stool which is usually again hard and so on till the stage is set very quickly and within perhaps a week when an abscess forms. This leads to further damage which can end up in a fistula if the lesion caused by the stool is located further up deep in the sphincter muscle when the bacteria are locked in situ and the body responds by creating a duct or fistula to expel the mess.

As I have always maintained I am not a doctor nor have I witnessed this scenario which I am only building up in my mind's eye, but I do believe that I am not far from the actual process that commences after a repeated series of hard stools are passed and start this chain reaction which ends up in a Fistula.

The method that I have detailed in a post above comprises using an antibiotic which is inserted directly into the anus after every stool and the use of both Arnica and Silicea to help with the curative process.

As you will read from the testimonials in the posts on this thread my therapy has worked and I hope that anyone who may pass a hard stool will spot the danger that they are exposing themselves to by not taking action to ensure that they do not get constipated. This can be achieved by eating fruits specifically those that have a laxative effect like Papaw, Bananas, Prunes or by taking Nat Phos 6x which is known to soften the stools and is very safe in use.

I am glad that many who have used this therapy have responded positively but I would like to emphasize that surgery is not by any means the recommended treatment for a Fistula as it usually is never ending.

I would recommend the simple procedure which some may consider rather messy, as it involves direct contact with the anus with the gloved finger to insert the antibiotic ointment at the first sign of any distress, as the best way to avoid any surgery after the Fistula is well established.

Prevention is always better than the cure.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,
The abcess I have is in my abdominal cavity. It is horseshoe shaped and cannot be reached via the anus.
Crohn's disease CAN involve the anus, in fact 1 in 3 Crohn's sufferers have anal problems.
In my first letter I said I had Crohn's for 45 years. Sorry, that was a typo! I am 45 years old and have had it for 25 years.
My blood pressure is fine, as is my sugar.
I DON'T really want the fistulas to close until the abcsess cavity has totally healed, as the pain is unbearable when it is unable to drain.
So I wll try the silecea and keep you posted.
Thankyou for replying
atlast last decade
To Atlast

As I have stated before I am not medically qualified although I am knowledgeable in this regard. If your surgeon has confirmed that your problem can involve your anus, I stand corrected.

I note that you are only using the Silicea to help the fistula to drain. Please note that this alone will not do as you must also have the build up of tissue which the Arnica will promote from the inside outwards. There will be no question of the abscess cavity being blocked as the Arnica will stimulate your body to close the wound without leaving any hollow.

You state that your abscess cannot be reached via the anus as it is in your abvominal cavity which will then indicate that it is located in your colon.

I wonder if you have considered consulting another surgeon who may be able to analyze your problem and decide on perhaps another approach to a cure.

You may also consider using an antibiotic suppository to help with keeping the bacterial count as low as possible in the affected area out of reach of the finger technique that I advised.
Joe De Livera last decade
hi all,

has anyone had a really bad itch around (outside) their anus during the fistula?

I usually get the itch at night and then if I dont itch it with tissue etc. it just gets worse.

Any ideas where its coming from? is this a side effect of the fistula? or the medicine?

or is it something new?


noproblemo last decade
You can keep the itchiness down with Calendula ointment or with the antibiotic ointment you are using as I instructed to be used after every bowel movement (BM). It is the bacteria that is the cause of the itch and this should subside shortly after application of the ointment.
Joe De Livera last decade
This is to inquire from the many patients whom I have helped on this thread, how their Fistulas are responding to the therapy I indicated.

I noticed that at one stage this thread was in action on a daily basis but it has strangely fallen silent for the last week. They say that no news is good news but my thoughts are with those who have been suffering from this chronic ailment which does not respond to surgery and may be using the therapy that I indicated which has worked in many cases.
Joe De Livera last decade
hi Joe, I'm still monitoring.

Had a little setback 2 days ago-there was a light tinch of blood,, I think I asked for it-had too much chilly the day before. Didnt know that chilly is so lethal.

Had forgotten how coffee tastes like already. And no alcohol for the last 3 weeks.

Mine is an abscess Joe.
izaac last decade

Good to learn that your abscess has responded positively to the therapy I indicated.

I must remember to caution patients about Chillies. I have done so about alcohol.

I wonder how the other patients are faring and if they see this post, I would appreciate some feed back.
Joe De Livera last decade
some feedback...
I have been suffering both fistula and fissure.

The fistula has appeared to have gone although I can feel a small lump where it used to be; at least its not giving any trouble.

Nothing has changed on the fissure though :(
Is there anything more specific to fissure I should try?

I do still have one tea a day but no alcohol.
jonboy last decade
To Jonboy

Glad you responded to my inquiry. I note that your Fistula has cleared but the Fissure still remains.

Would you like to define Fissure ?
Does it bleed ?
Pain ?

I presume that you use the finger technique I recommended with an antibiotic ointment which should be used to disinfect the lesion inside the anal muscles.

Do you take Arnic and Silicea as recommended ? Please indicate potency and dosage.
Joe De Livera last decade

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