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Dear Sunny, Thanks so much for your kind thoughts, and for sharing your advancement flap experience.

My fistula is not complex or long. It is transsphincteric and low, and it arose from an abscess last March. The abscess arose from an earlier fissure, which was caused by IBS. My joke is I've gotten the 'trifecta'!

Good luck in your healing. I have noticed the fistula's 'geography' can change with time. It's amazing what we can get used to over time. I'd like very much to heal completely. I'll report back after Tuesday.
bethw last decade
Good luck with the fistula plug. I had it twice, no luck. You will know within about 14 days if it worked

Be sure to take fiber pills for that time after getting surgery, no swimming, be quiet as possible(no stressful work) Pray
wishing you sucess!!
dogcrazy last decade
Dear Maheeru: - sorry for no posting lately. Haven't felt like conversing even on the internet. My german shephard has not improved. In fact, she may be slightly worse. Any new suggestions? I knew this would be a very long shot. What works for people does not always work for animals.
last chance last decade
Dear Last Chance:

Homeopathic meds work excellently in all living beings. Treatment for Peri anal fistula of Dog involves long haul as you predicted. You might want to locate a homeopathic vet in your area to help accurately.

In my opinion if silicea 6 has not given benefits, raise the potency to silicea 30 and report thereafter.

Also have echinacea mother tincture ready. It may be required intercurrently to fight the infection.

For your post traumatic disorder please fillup the questionnaire available with the forum so that you can get help.
maheeru last decade
Hi all,

I have chrohns disease and had an abcsess drained back in 05,it became a fistula in Dec 06.I waited almost 3 months,took all amount of anti biotics,sitz baths with anti biotic from capsules added,anti biotic ointments..everything!

I reported my fistula and abcsess here some months ago and started on recommended therapies until 8th Feb,then I went to the hospital.

I was clinically dehydrated and in extreme pain from the infection and was put on IV antibiotics and fluids for 6 days to get my kidney function back to a level that was safe to put me under and operate.

On valentines day I had surgery on a complex fistula and was sent home the next day(my only complaint).I had a great fistula surgeon,who put in a seton and this is not causing me any problems.

I feel like i have a new bum.I can walk,i can sit here without being in any discomfort, i can use my bowels without pain or fear or tears or morphine.I'm still using Joe's remedies as well and I'm sure they've helped. I'm also on prescription antibacterial meds to keep it all clean.

To anyone in that pain,my heart goes out to you,don't put yourself through it for too long because it really screws with your mind.

All the best to all,thanks Joe.

pastelpoppy last decade
I have peri-anal abscess bursted last December 2006, at first it was misdiagnosed as folliculitis. On January 2007 it was confirmed as Anal Fistula. The drainage is getting fewer as day go, then finally, it would burst once a week with few drainage of clear pus. After reading this forum, I bought Boiron Silicea 30C and started using it 3 days ago. I woke up today with more pus coming out from the part where the Abscess bursted. Is this normal?
darkpaladin last decade
Yes darkpaladin, you'll have to use this silicea 30 once a day till, the pus fully drains up and when the surface has dried with no sign of pus, you will take silicea in 1M(once) potency to consolidate the healing.
maheeru last decade
I take it 5 pellets, 3x a day as indicated.

Is the dosage correct?
darkpaladin last decade
my fistula drains mostly blood with the occasionally pus.

It also seems to follow a cycle.... it heals for a few weeks, get inflamed, burst (either by itself or when i squeeze it.)

I take two sips of arnica 30c daily that's been dissolved in a 500ml bottle of water. I also take silicea 6x for a few days after the fistula bursts

anything else i can do?
kpassman last decade
kpassman, how long have you been using silicea?

from what i have research only surgery will cure anal fistula, but i want to give silicea a try.
darkpaladin last decade
Dear darkpaladin

Dosage 3 pills twice a day will be enough for reaction. This you will continue till the pus drains out. Also refer my above post to go for higher potency in appropriate time.
maheeru last decade
Thanks maeheeru.

I'll reduce the dosage from 5 pellets thrice a day to 3 pellets twice a day.
darkpaladin last decade
Hey there, just wanted to share my experience with the remedy described in here (I am talking about the Arnica, silica, Nat phos combination). IT WORKS! my fistula has disappeared after about 2 months of using this remedy. at first I took arnica (pills) and silica, which did work for a while, then I felt like nothing is happening; and there was this reoccurance cycle that I read many people are having. Once I noticed that there is no progress, I shifted to the exact dosage that was described by Joe (Arnica in water....) and after around 2 months or so, no more fistula. In addition to what was recommended (things to avoid eating), it is very important to practice good hygiene, i.e. if you can wash the wound twice a day, and specially after BM, that would really help alot. Well hope it works for you guys too. Good luck.
Vahboy last decade

my fistula re-inflammed two days ago.

The last time it inflammed was almost a month ago. As soon as it inflammed, i continued to take silicea for around two-three weeks continuosly
kpassman last decade
vahboy, did you continue to take the silicea after the fistula seemed to 'heal' and stop draining?

also, did you take two capfuls of the arnica water twice a day with two pellets of silicea?

kpassman last decade
kpassman, yes i did for a while (i do not remember exactly for how long). as for the arnica, I kept taking a capful/day for about 2 -3 extra months. The draining had stopped long ago. Then i stopped everything. after around 2-3 weeks (with no pus), pus came back (but very small amounts; drops in fact!). It was then when i decided to use the correct dosage and for about 2-3 months everything was gone. As I already said, I kept taking silica for about may be a month, but arnica for 2-3 months.
Vahboy last decade
where can i see the prescription of Joe?
darkpaladin last decade
Am I doing the right thing? Most people here have less drainage after using Silicea while mine produce more pus after taking up Silicea.
darkpaladin last decade

I have a peri anal fistula and 2 fissures from many years. Sometimes the fissures bleed, sometimes the fistula drain some clear pus very smelling. Never too much but annoying, giving me a sort of fever sensation. I've been operated once in 1987 for hemorroids which i have not now, just some small, and for a fissure in 2002. After few months I had 2 operations for cardiac wpw and, maybe for stress, after 2 months of that a granuloma I had became fistula. Bleeding a little bit sometimes. Also I have a hernia of the hiatus. Which sometimes give me burning. My homeopatic doctor gave me nitric acid 200 and nitric acid 1000 in 20 days. Also he gave me cichorium rh d3 20 drops a day and propolis tintura 30 drops twice a day for the fever. What do u think and suggest?
tanx alot
EzioB last decade
I had a fistula in 1987 and it came back again in 2005. They drain it.
Then it came on and off with little puss. Then Last month I had blood when I had bowel movement
My doctor referred for a colon exam and came up o.k. Then after 2 weeks blood came again and started to infect. I went to do a drain and the doctor put catheter 2 days ago.
He wants me to have surgery on the 23rd. he told me about incontinence, 3 months of healing, and possible infection. Currently I am not on meds. What can I take Homeo meds to reduce blood and puss now? What can I do after the surgery? I know I will get antibiotics for 10 days. After that I see Mr.Joe De Livera's prescriptions.
“Arnica 30c to heal inside the lesion
Silicea 6x to expel the pus
Nat Phos 6x to keep the stools soft
Antibiotic Ointment to be inserted into the anus after every bowel movement”
Is it o.k. to follow these or need to anything else? I appreciate your help. If any
docs on line or any experts please help. Are there any side effects for these medicines?
411411 last decade
Is Nat phos same as
Natrum Phosphoricum

anc Calc phos same as
Calc-p Calcarea Phosphorica
What is the benefit of Calc Phos?
411411 last decade

Dr.Sajjadakram has recommended a very valuable deep seated remedy which has given ever best resuls in these case. I think you may continue with this.

Complements to Dr. Sajjad and wish u good luck

Dr. Mahfooz
Mahfoozurrehman last decade
Hi Everyone, I haven't posted for a few weeks. My fistula is still here. I wanted to ask Vahboy. When you say your fistula healed with the homepathic remedies, has the wound actually closed and gone away or is it just not draining?

Sunnny last decade
I was struggling with an abcess during new years of this year. I could only lay on my side in bed and make it to the hot water in the tub. I was having night sweats and was exhausted and almost went to the hospital but I was so ashamed and embarrassed I chose to deal with the pain. The day after New Years, My Abcess bursted while I was sleeping and it was the most intense relief I have ever felt. I was so happy to be albe to finally be mobile and not between the tub and the bed.

3 months later, I am finally healing from the anal fissure that was an abcess that bursted. Its been a long three months but I am very very close to completely healing the fissure without surgery or these miracle creams or prescriptions everyone is raving about. I feel much better to know that there are so many people that can understand here when its very shameful to talk to anyone about this personal subject.

My advice, Do what your body tells you. You know what it takes to heal yourself. Do it instead of asking people's advice which might not be the right thing for you.

I will reply back in 1 month and hopefully I can post that my fissure is completely healed. I have worked very hard to close the small fissure and compared to 1 month age, it looks 99% healed. Please pray that I can get this 1% healed. I know how much discomfort a fissure or abcess can cause. Let's HEAL people!!!
Paininthebutt last decade

there's no more fistula. The thing is that it was already very very small. So I guess the bigger it is. the more time someone needs to heal.
Vahboy last decade
Hi Vahboy,
You sure are a lucky boy. I have been taking Joe's therapy of arnica 30c and silicea 6x and antibiotic ointment for the last six months and have not been cured yet. The cycle of drainage keeps recurring every two weeks or so. Any suggestions? Send some of your luck my way also please so that I also get cured.

Megastar last decade

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