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Hi Joe,

Although I have not posted any entries via this forum, I have read most entries and followed your recommendations. I suffer from crohn's and have had 4 fistolocomy's (insertion of setons and laying open the infected anal area) in the past 12 months due to the development of anal abscesses and fistulas.

I have been taking silicea (6X) and Anica (30C) for the past 3 months with positive outcomes. I also take imuron for my crohn's. The wound from the fistolocomy has almost healed, hence pus has dried up and wound is completely closed. Although I still feel that it hasn't completely healed (some areas around my anus feel slightly lumpy, might be scar tissue as my surgeon suggests). This may be a pyschological side effect, due to all the procedures I've had.

However with the positive recovery I have noticed that I suffer from constant headaches and lack energy in the past month. Do you have any advice on this or can you provide your thoughts?
Pwkim1 last decade
Dear Sajad,

Almost a year ago, I had two abcesses in the near anal region (one on each side). The doctor lanced both of them and they both developed a fistula.

Now one of them healed (not discharging and closed) but the otherone (oldest) still discharges and is very tender. I feel hard tissue around the opening and it discharges puss and a pink fluid.

It has failed to heal because is in a more exposed area and it worsens when I sit for long periods of time (like in the office).

From reading the forum, I am confused as to what is exactly the homeopathic prescription for this. How to take it and what to eat and not to eat... CAN U HELP?

Thank you so much for your dedication.

jnazal last decade
To Pwkim

Glad to note that you have not awaited my advice to you use the remedies that I have recommended, Arnica 30c, Silicea 6x and the rather messy insertion of an antibiotic ointment after every bowen motion (BM) which I have described in detail on this thread.

Since you have also reported Crohn's I would also recommend you use 3 tablets of Nat Phos 6x thrice daily to help cure the inflammation in your gut which hopefully should occur in about 3 months. You can continue to take the drugs that you have been prescribed by your doctors together with the homeopathic remedies that I have recommended.

You may like to know that it is very likely that both your Fistula which seem to be never ending and your Crohn's may owe their origin to a high acidic content of the food in your gut and it is very likely that you also suffer from hyperacidity and perhaps even GERD.

Is is still not too late to use the remedies that I have indicated to help your many ailments and I hope that you will recover from all of them in a few months.

Please report your response to the therapy I have recommended from time to time.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you for your reply Joe.

I have changed my diet since I was diagnosed with Crohn's, which has help in the healing/management process.

Do you have any advice on the constant headaches, fever symptoms, and lack energy that I've been suffering from in the past month?

Almost seems like, when part heals (fistula) another ailment appears (headaches/fever).
Pwkim1 last decade
I am confident that the Nat Phos 6x that I have suggested will help to reduce the constant acidity in your gut which in turn will bring down your headaches. As for the fever, I believe that this is symptomatic of Crohn's and indicates some infection in your gut which will result in a raised temperature. The lack of energy is of course to be expected when you have a fever and you are advised to take in easy for some time at home. Drink plenty of fluids (water) and keep moving about to ensure that peristalysis is maintained at optimum levels. Eat a bland diet without too much protein to enable your digestive system to recover.

I find it difficult to believe that medicine can only treat the disease after it is established but does not have any drug to equate the homeopathic remedies that I have suggested -- Arnica, Silicea and Nat Phos, all of which in combination will help in stabilizing the GERD, Fistula and the Crohn's and should eventually cure it. The antibiotic inserted directly into the area affected by the Fistula is my latest 'invention' to help in the process of recovery.

Keep us posted with your progress.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,

I am confused. From what I read in this wonderful forum, It all seems to point to taking Silicia 30C and Arnica 30C.

Sajjad was kind enough to reply to my direct email prescribing:

'Take silicia 200c,one dose every week and causticum 30c 5 drops thrice daily
5 days a week.No medicine for two days then again resume as stated above for 30 days'

but he does not mention Arnica.

As I stated before, I have a fistula that oozes pus and a pinkish fluid all the time. the opening is peas size and the surrounding area is hard and swollen. Looks and feels like a volcano.

What diet should I observe and Isn't Arnica for me?

Why causticum and not Arnica?

Thanks to you and Sajjad for your kind help

jnazal last decade
I have just sent off an email to you a short while ago in response to yours which I shall copy below:

Dear John,

I have read both your mails and presume that you are suffering from severe pain from your abscess which was lanced and may turn into a Fistula.

You have requested me to comment on Sajjad's therapy but I prefer not to do so as it is up to you the patient to make up your mind whose therapy you should best adopt. You have obviously read the many cases that have been resolved by my therapy on the ABC and I have others like you who contacted me by email who testify to their cures with my therapy which you can read about and which I do not have to repeat again to you on this email.

As for alleviating your pain when seated, I have made reference on the Fistula thread to using a small inflatable rubber tyre which you can get from tyre dealers. The hollow in the tyre enables one to sit comfortably on a chair without putting pressure on the delicate area around your abscess which is important for your recovery.

You are advised to read the whole thread on Fistula on the ABC.

Kind Regards

Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,

Thank you for replying to my questions. I have a question about what sort of diet I should be on to help with my Chron's. Does anyone have any suggestions on:

Everyone has always said I should watch what I eat, I know to stay away from caffeine, spicy foods, fried foods, dairy products, and red meat. Is there anything else I should avoid?

I love coffee, but it does not go well with my stomach at all, would it help if I drank decaffenated coffee?

What kind of vitamins would help me since my body does not absorb all the nutrients and its very hard for me to gain weight?
hatechrons last decade
I chanced upon your post of yesterday when I was going through the list on the home page as I do not receive any email alert for some reason after the new server was established on July 21. If in future you do not get any response from me please contact me by email to ensure that I do reply.

Answering your questions:

Stay away from coffee and all canned drinks like coke and also sausages, ham and bacon as they contain Saltpeter which is also a know carcinogen.

Drink Tea which is grown in Sri Lanka where I live instead of the coffee.

The other items of food listed by you are also negative as is Alcohol which is a prime offender.

Do not take any other supplements like vitamins minerals etc as they all tend to cause an imbalance in your body which results in the lesions that you are now suffering from .

Remember that the Nat Phos I prescribed will help you by breaking down your lactic acid which has been the primary cause of your Crohn's and your GERD and your Fistula.

I am copying an extract of an article that Dr Schuessler the person who first discovered this biochemic salt with 11 others which will give you more information on how the Nat Phos works in the body:

Natrium Phosphoricum

Sodium and Phosphate ions are to be found in our body in the muscle, nerve and brain cells, in the blood corpuscles and in the tissue fluids. According to Dr Schuessler, Nat Phos splits the lactic acid, which is produced by the work of muscles into carbonic acid and water. The carbonic acid is absorbed by the sodium phosphate and brought to the lungs where it is eliminated in the process of breathing. If sodium phosphate is lacking, there results an excess of lactic acid and consequently a sour taste, heart burn, sour stools, vomiting of sour, caseous matter, particularly in babies who are overfed with sugar and milk. If lactic acid reaches the lymphatic glands, the albumin of the lymph glands coagulates and the gland begins to swell. In the initial stages of swelling of the lymphatic glands therefore, Nat Phos has a healing effect because it can split lactic acid. Nat Phos further assures that the uric acid of the blood which is formed by the splitting up of the albuminous substance is kept in solution and secreted by the kidneys. Should this not be the case, uric acid will be deposited in the joints. The sequels are Rheumatism. Gout, Sciatica, Lumbago. In the Gall, Nat Phos saponifies the fatty acids which have been consumed with the food. It is hence indicated against digestive disturbances resulting from excessive consumption of fat.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,

Is there a good website where I could order Polyfax?

izaac last decade
I live in Sri Lanka and cannot help you to locate Polyfax. You can ask your doctor to prescribe an good antibiotic ointment that is vaseline based.

It is not the name that matters it is just the ability of the ointment to stay in the area long enough to keep the bacterial count low to enable the chopped up tissues to heal.
Joe De Livera last decade
If you find a good web site for polyfax let me know too !
Otherwise I have to book appointment with doc to get it !
jonboy last decade
can somebody help please? I dont wanna see a doctor. Thanks.
izaac last decade

From two months I am able to notice abcess near the anal opening. Its opening and healing every week but I am unable to notice any pus or blood. What this means? Surgery is needed or any homeopathy medicines can cure this?

dinesh27 last decade
To Dinesh

Please read all the posts on this thread to understand that you do not need any surgery which in many cases was never ending.

The remedies that I have recommended to all are:

Arnica 30c, Silicea 6x, Nat Phos 6x followed with application of antibiotic ointment in the wound.

If after reading the posts you have any questions feel free to ask and I shall reply tomorrow as it is midnight here in Sri Lanka.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Joe, and Sadajj.

I had a fisulectomy about 5 months ago. I went to my post op about a week after and then another 3 weeks after and all looked to be ok by the doctor. He said i looked to b 99% healed and he was suprised how good it looked. I told him i was concerned about discharge (puss) comming out from the inside of my anus and he said that it was normal and would eventually go away. Well I began having less and less and thought I was on the right track. Well since the surgery was 5 months ago, I really don't think I should still be having Puss leaking out of my bumm. I don't have any visable open wound as it appears visually to have healed, but something inside is obviously not right and I doubt it is unrelated to the surgery.

Generally speaking, My day starts out with a BM, initially I have alot of leakage (residual stool) and within a few hours i get that under controll and it stops. Then i usually get pretty heavy flow of puss for several hours after. Approximately 5-6 drops worth. I use a sanitary pad to catch it and replace and as the day goes on, it is less and less, but then the next day comes and i repeat the cycle over again.

I don't know if I still have the abcess or the fistula removal was not a success. I just want the never ending puss to stop and am womdering if any of the remedies you reccomend could help me in completion of my healing process post surgery.

Thanks alot in advance,
buck99se last decade
to Buck 99

I've been writing on this thread since page 10 or 11. I had the same thing you did - but a month ago and my symptoms mirror yours, but to a far lesser degree. If you read the whole story - which can be a little tedious, you'll find the rememdies in there. What I have been doing - which appears to be helping is the following:

Silicea 6x 4tabs 3 times a day

Nat Phos 6x 4 tabs after each meal (usually 3 times a day)

Arnica 30c (3 pellets) disolved in 500ml water and sipped by the capful 2 times a day.

My MD wont prescribe an antibiotic ointment (the one in the states is called Bactraban) - so I am researching how to obtain it or an otc equivilant.

Await a response from Joe though b/c he really has a knack to respond to everyone individually.

Best wishes for a happy healing!
fistula last decade
Fistula, thank you for your reply.

I have no problems at all with constipation so I don't think i need the Nat Phos, but i went ahead and ordered the Silicea 6x and Arnica 30c. I will try these for the full amount of 80 tablets and see how it works out. I read in a few places here and there that some things are the antidote to these and would basically counteract the medecine. Would soft drinks and Ground beef be on that list? or only in excess? I do not drink alcohol, coffee or smoke, but i do occassionally treat myself to fastfood and have a soda.

thanks again,
buck99se last decade
To Dinesh

You are suffering from an abscess which will soon turn out to be a fistula when it works its was inside.

You must now treat the abscess with the Antibiotic ointment after every BM to ensure that it does not migrate inwards and creates a full blown fistula.

Also use the other 3 remedies Arnica, Silicea and Nat Phos in the dosages that I have indicated above.

You MUST keep the abscess from spreading especially inwards as this will precipitate surgery which can main you for life.
Joe De Livera last decade
Correction to last line above:

surgery which can main you for life
Joe De Livera last decade
To Buck

Your suspicions about your fistula post op level is valid. You are now on the path to another surgery and after than still another and so on till the surgeon in some cases closes the anus and provides you with a Colostomy bag. This has actually been the fate of at least 2 patients whom I know.

You are advised to read the instructions that I have given for curing your fistula with Arnica, Silicea, Nat Phos and the Antibiotic Ointment.

You will observe that the daily drainage of pus will stop in about a week after commencement of the therapy I have formulated which has worked in so many cases as confirmed on this thread.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hello everyone. First let me say how happy I am to have found this forum. I've had an abcess beside my anus for close to 20 years. It swells, bursts (often with a bit of help) heals, and repeats. Sometimes it heals completely and does not recur for months, and sometimes it's a cycle of swell, burst, heal over, repeat. I've had a hemmoroidectomy as well (which I assumed would take care of the abcess too - maybe it did and it came back...)

It was originally a swelling that was lanced back when I was in university. Since then I've had a couple doctors look at it, but it was usually healed over by the time I got to them. Ultimately, it is not that much of a bother - occasional discomfort and unsightly of course as it is usually a bump visible beside my anus.

I recently visited a colo-rectal surgeon - he examned me briefly, poked it with silver nitrate (owchie) and recommended a fistulotomy. I read up on it, success rates, side effects, recurrance rates - and said to myself - NO WAY -

Anyway, reading through the posts and the advice given, I'm thinking I should follow this Arnica remedy (quoted below)

Get a 500ml bottle of spring water
Pour out 100ml or about an inch of water to ensure some air space on top.
Put in 3 globules Arnica 30c or 1 drop if you have the liquid remedy.
Hit the bottle hard on your palm or a cushion and watch for the water to fizzle like when you open a bottls of soda.
Sip a teaspoonful twice daily with the last dose taken just before sleep.

Please let me know if this would be right for me.
Warwick last decade
To Fistula

I am glad that you have responded positively to the therapy I have indicated.

I would however caution you on your overuse of Nat Phos -- 4 tablets after 3 meals. This can cause other problems like bitterness on your tongue. This overdose is not necessary as all you must ensure is that you have soft BM's which will not injure the already delicate tissue which must be given every chance to renew and which the Arnica will ensure.

I note that you overdose with the Silicea 6x too. There is no purpose in taking 4 tabs 3 times daily as 2 tabs will do nicely.

I hope you succuss the Arnica in the wet dose before you sip a capful twice daily.

Your MD is not prescribing the antibiotic ointment as it is possible that he is hopeful of treating your next fistula when it becomes too much of a burden for you. I presume that you have informed him of the reason for the prescription and he realizes that he may miss you as a patient when your fistula is cured.

You can use an antiseptic ointment instead as something is better than nothing. This must of course be petroleum based and I presume that you can get it OTC.

Remember that the ointment must be placed inside the anus on the fistula site to keep the bacterial count as low as possible after every BM.
Joe De Livera last decade
Joe, once puss subsides, I take it that at that point i only take the Arnica, twice daily for life? and discontinue Silicea 6x?

Thank you!
buck99se last decade
Further to my post above you can also use Calendula ointment which you can get from your homeopathic pharmacy as this is a bacetericide but does not equal an antibiotic ointment.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Buck

You can discontinue the Silicea when the pus is no more but continue to take the Arnica which you can change the potency to 6c for life as I have done for the last 11 years.

Post your response regularly.
Joe De Livera last decade

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