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Dr. Taub- It has been a few days since I have posted, hope all is going well for you and everyone on this forum. I had mentioned in my previous post that my PCP started to treat me for Lyme Disease, based on a clinical diagnosis, because the blood tests for Lyme is not accurate. I had many of the symptoms and have removed ticks from my leg the past two summers. I have also had several chigger bites, which required a RX ointment to clear them up. I started taking Doxy 8 days ago and was not prepared for what they call a 'herx'. The past two days have beeen horrible; my knee was stiff and painfull when getting out of bed yesterday morning, my stomach was upset all day, I had a minor headache, my tinnitus was out of this world. I was very sensitive to sound, at one point when I was watching TV it seemed like someone turned up the volume for a couple seconds. I hope that this is a good sign that my body is fighting off the bacteria. The more research that I do on Lyme I learn that it is very much unreported and that Lyme is more commonly misdiagnosed by many doctors (including ENT's) Have you had much experience with dealing with Lyme? Any input that you have would be greatly appreaciated. Today hasn't been too bad, so far, and I plan on doing more excersise. I continue to eat healthy and drink plenty of water. I do not believe that I had Meniers Disease; the specialist at Cleveland University Hospital didn't think so eithor and he was the first of four ENT's to even consider Lyme. If I do in fact have Lyme, I am sure that the prednisone I took and the water pill (4 days only, got terrible flu like symptoms for almost a week and lost 8 more pounds) didn't help. I finished weaning off the prednisone two days before starting the Doxy; I took the water pill back in Oct. As far as taking Lorcet, it will soon be a thing of the past for me. I continue to decrease my dose to eliminiate any withdrawel because of the amount of time that I took it. So far, so good! Mike
stngray114 last decade
Sometimes, there are too many different toxins inside our cells and organs. It takes time and the right nutrients to remove these toxins. Finding the best way to alkalinize our body is the most important to expedite the healing action.
eltonlam last decade

Wow, the 'herx' that you describe is a very uncommon phenomenon- actually it is called the Herxheimer Phenomenon, which usually means that an invading germ is being killed once and for all. So Lyme may be even more of a logical possibility. Ask your doctor about that.

I'm glad you are getting off Lorcet and I'm most interested in knowing what the Rheumatologist will tell you, especially about Lyme, the Herx, etc. Keep in touch, please.

Dr. Taub
etmd22 last decade
Dr. Taub- Reading your response in regards to my possible herx gave me confidence that just maybe the antibiotics are working. The bad Herx only lasted for maybe two days. I did notice today though that my knees were once again stiff and aching, yesterday the tinnitus was very bad. I don't know much about the herx effect, but I really hope that that is what I am experiencing. Also, I don't know if I mentioned it any of my previous posts, but I started to hear organ type music in my head about a month or so ago. I was first afraid to tell my doctor because I thought that he would think that I am crazy. The music has subsided somewhat over the past several days, but still have tinnitus which can be very loud at times. I have noticed though that the tinnitus isn't as bad when I am not stressed out. My mood swings from day to day; I get very fustrated at times with my symptoms and wonder if I should even continue to fight this condition. I always end up calming down and start thinking positive again. I really need to work at that! I found a map (via the internet) which showed the areas in this country that have reported Lyme. It is amazing how the map displays the Lyme risk to abruptly end at the PA/OH state line. The county in which I live borders PA. The more I read about Lyme, the more I learn that it is hugely undereported and misleading. Some states don't think that they have Lyme, when in fact they do. Kentucky is one of those states; yet people are being treated for Lyme in KY. I should probably call my PCP tomorrow and tell him about my possible herx reaction. Anyhow, thanks for your input and hope that you enjoy the rest of your weekend. Mike
stngray114 last decade
After prednisone, MRI, and liquid B complex, I'm still deaf in my left ear after 2 weeks. I guess I'm done. The worst part is the painful bends sensation in my deaf ear when any sound enters my good ear. If I stuff my good ear with cotton, it makes it much more bearable, but cuts about half my hearing. Does anyone else have this problem?
ranbunctious last decade

Are you fully deaf? Was the loss sudden? How high a dose of prednisone did you have?

> after 2 weeks. I guess I'm done.

You sure give up easy. It took me 2 years to get relatively well and 4 to discover the full cure (see the web link in my profile).
jhorowi1 last decade
My left ear is completely deaf. I felt pressure in both ears, and 30 minutes later my left ear was completely deaf. There has been no change since. I took a week standard pack of prednisone. I persuaded my doctor to give me a second pack so I could have two full weeks. I just wish the sounds from my good ear sending painful sensations to my deaf ear would stop.
ranbunctious last decade
Now this is starting to come together. TWO things are common with my sudden deafness with others on this site. One: I've had panic attacks for years where I retch & gag when stressed, and TWO, my job got extremely stressful when the deafness occured. I've seen three other people with these two commonalities. Could this sudden deafness or senseneural hearing loss be linked to stress???
ranbunctious last decade
I would suggest a much higher dose of prednisone as a start; it's a 50/50 shot to help you completely. Go see the best ENT you can find.

> Could this sudden deafness or senseneural hearing loss be linked to stress???

Yup. Very common. Check the web site in my profile, maybe it will help you (just click on my ID above to see my profile), esp. if no ENT can.
jhorowi1 last decade
Stress coupled with hormonal imbalances in our body can ignite a mini stoke that results in SSHL Stress hormones play a important part in the culprit, it takes time for the stroke to recover, it needs the right nutrients to resume normal circulation where the stroke occurs.
eltonlam last decade
> can ignite a mini stoke ... needs the right nutrients to resume normal circulation

Eltonlam, do you have proof for what you are writing? I have blood tests that prove an allergy was the direct cause of my SSHL and post-treatment how the cure worked 100% to fully restore my hearing and eliminate the allergy (again, a blood test).

Now I'm sure there are other causes too, so are you fully cured now that you have the right nutrients and have restored normal circulation? (to me it sounds like 'Turtles all the way down')
jhorowi1 last decade
I am saying that it is one of the reaons for SSHL. Allergy involves the immune system, the failure of which can certainly entertain SSHL My hearing report is blank sooner after the SSHL which happened following an argument with wife. Now I can hear if the sound is loud enough.
eltonlam last decade
I have just made a startling and very disturbing discovery. How many of you have lipomas? They are the unsightly, little fat balls under the skin. After a full day of blogs and medical research, I have found that lipomas can form around the inner ear, cochlea, and auditory nerve. It is commonly know as Intravestibular lipoma and definitely cause SSHL. I have also found there is no cure and surgery cannot remove them without causing more damage. The only cure I've found is Nolvadex and the biggest hope is ATX-101, made by Bayer. It is under clinical trials, but not yet approved by the FDA. I understand the results are extremely promising with few side effects.
ranbunctious last decade
Hi All

Just reporting some changes here. I started with loose bowels a month ago. Then swollen joints, my knee, ankle and finger. Very painful but only lasting a few days and then the skin going very red before pain disappearing. These symptoms appeared after the strong antibiotics and before I got profound loss in my left and severe in my right. The doctors put all these symptoms down to my overactive thyroid which was very high at the time. I saw thyroid consultant last week who confirmed my thyroid levels as perfectly normal. So back to the gp who thinks I may have inflamatory bowel disease. At the weekend I came out in a blistery rash on my arms. Sunday had regular tinnitus but a bit whistley. Yesterday woke up + put in hear aid in right ear + didn't work. Straight to gp who has given me 50mg pred for 7days.

Cannot believe this has happened to the little bit of hearing I had left. Feels so cruel. I am numb from the shock still but hoping I get it back still.
me-jt last decade
Now I'm getting a new symptom. My right lymph node is enlarged, rash is on my neck and chest, and bumps are forming on my hair line on the back of my neck. I've seen other posts that also say their lymph nodes became enlarged after SSHl. What in the world is going on???
ranbunctious last decade
I know that enlargement of the lymph nodes means that your body is fighting with the bacteria or body wastes. There are many possibilities to have the enlargement of lymph nodes. These nodes are soldiers to safeguard our health.
eltonlam last decade
I finally got to see my family doctor. Hopefully, we might have finally figured out what is going on with me. First, I had a bad breakout of fever blisters or cold sores in January. Second, I lost my hearing at work about 2 weeks later in my left ear. Third, my ENT doctor found a massive sinus infection on my MRI. Fourth, my eye was blood red at work about 3 days later with infection. And finally, I came down with shingles last week. All of these seemed to be initiated by a virus that was hell bent on a rage and a snowball effect of ailments. I hope to God that this new anti-viral treatment (Famvir) will cure my deafness. I've read in forums and blogs that anti-viral medicines helped others. Cross your fingers.......
ranbunctious last decade
Dear rjmnatural i got SSHL several weeks after taking Levaquin and one week after receiving the vaccination for shingles.
mjdmjd last decade
Hi, has anyone tried Anakinra (Kineret) for treating sudden hearing loss? I read that it is helpful in treating auto-immune hearing loss, but wanted to know if anyone checked with their doctors whether Kineret can help other forms of sensorineural hearing loss?
suchy last decade
Hi Suchy;

I believe Kineret is still very much in the experimental stage for hearing loss, however the person to contact for the best information is Andrea Vambutas, M.D. a neuro-otologist who is enrolling patients in a clinical trial. Her phone number is (718) 470-7550. Please let me know of your progress if you pursue this.

Edward A. Taub, M.D.
etmd22 last decade
Hi Etmd,

I did contact Dr. Vambutas last week and she said that Kineret was unlikely to help in profound unilateral hearing loss. Essentially at this stage, the clinical trail that she's running is to evaluate Kineret for AIED only.

Hence, I am trying to search if anyone else is researching this drug for SNHL.

I am keep to explore whether there exist a possibility that Kineret might help other forms of sensorineural hearing loss. Something which the neurotologists might discover in a few years and start a clinical trail at that time. Who would have thought a few years ago that a Arthritis drug would undergo clinical trail for AIED!
suchy last decade
Hi Suchy,

You are an excellent researcher!

Just to clarify, though, considering the fact that researchers,including the top neuro-otologists, are still stumbling around in virtual darkness on the causes and treatment of sudden profound bilateral sensorineural hearing loss, I think it's unwarranted to assume that profound unilateral hearing loss is not autoimmune inner ear disease (AIED).

For example, my loss is 100% in one ear and maybe 20 % in the other, and after tons of research, I'm certain it's an autoimmune conditition, especially since my nother had Sjogrens Syndrome and my blood tests show a moderately high Rheumatoid Factor even in the absence of any other symptoms other than my hearing loss.

My thoughts, anyway. Good luck to
you--I hope you'll share your future findings and clinical course.
etmd22 last decade
Hi Suchy,

If your problem happened when under stress, please see the URL link in my profile. I understand this is a very common theme. I am cured after 4 years. In my case a drug would never have cured me.

Good luck!
jhorowi1 last decade
How is it going with your Knoftec laser?
mamdad last decade
Hi all,
have people suffered relapses with Vartigo after having SSHL. I had SSHL 4 years ago, but in the past 6 weeks, I have had 2 bad episodes of vertigo. What do people think the best medicine (regular or alternative) for vertigo.
edisoar last decade
The organ of hearing is closely connected with the organ of balance. It is very often that both hearing and balance are affected. I also have balance problems, but I try my best to overcome them, which is similar to some one trying to learn walking after a stroke. Humans have the ability to use another nerve paths to overcome problems, so don't give up hope and keep trying. I never tried to take any synthetic medications except the natural products. Taking synthetic medications will burden your liver and kidney,which will undermine your power to recover if your immune system is not strong enough. A strong immune system is very important in overcoming various ailments. Humans are endowed with immune system just like a country equipped with weapons and soldiers to fend off invaders. I always believe the we can overcome many diseases if we can get the right nutrients and exercises to strengthen our immune system.
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eltonlam last decade

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