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steroids studies... found a few links last night that result in recent steroid studies on Tinnitus... they are starting to use steroids for treating steroids. they say that there is an improvent of tinnitus in 7 out of 10 that use steroids over a period of time.... the suggestion can be as much as 80mg for as long as 4 weeks.... geesh and they gripe at us for using 60mg.. for 10 days. wow!! 80mg is allot but whatever helps... i know i still have ringing in the right ear and some days its worse then others but atleast its not hearing loss or extreme tinnitus. I would say my tinnitus is mild at times, hardly noticeable to moderate.. noticeable but can deal with.
nitrams2000 last decade
i took steroids twice...

1. once 60mg for 10 days when i had the SSNHL in left ear.

2. 50mg for 4 days when had suspected ssnhl in right ear.

I wonder if trying out some prednisone would work to help my tinnitus since the second time i didnt even do a full cycle...

I beleive sttlestan had to go threw 3 batchs of prednione..

should I try some more guys???? any thoughts>?????
nitrams2000 last decade
here are some of the most common causes of a high crp test

rheumatoid arthritis
rheumatic fever
heart attack

now this doesnt mean you have any of these but a crp test does 2 things... it is a red flag to show you may have conditions like these or it can show that your condition is ideal for getting something like this..

in several patients that have a high test count. it show they have the right envirement to get these.... its like hanging a neon sign on your front door to diseases to come on in..

so what it does tell you is one of 2 things... either you very well could have one of those disease or if you dont fix that count test and get it right then gauranteed you will get it sooner or later..

so either you got it or your gonna get it. see what you can do about fixing the count.
nitrams2000 last decade
C-reactive protein measures an inflammatory response in the body. In some cases, inflammation in the arteries may play a role in heart disease. Research is showing promising results for testing HS-CRP (along with other risk factors) to determine heart disease risk in those with undetected heart disease and risk of complications for those who have already had a heart event (such as a heart attack).


Less than 1.0 mg/L = Low Risk for CVD
1.0-2.9 mg/L = Intermediate Risk for CVD
Greater than 3.0 mg/L High Risk for CVD
nitrams2000 last decade
Hello all,
I had promised the forum that I would let you know about my results at the Holistic Center where I had an appointment yesterday. Well I came out rather confused. The ND (as he calls himself) there told me that I should not listen to my PG regarding the diet that I should follow because of the CRP test result of 2.02. I am not at home but on Monday, I will indicate here the 4 supplements that I am supposed to take.
My family thinks that I should rather listen to my GP.
However, there were several items that intrigued me. Example, the guy at the Holistic Center asked me if I ever had kidney stones? I did when I was in my twenties and thirties. He thinks that there is a link between that and the fact of my ear problems now. He also explained to me why he thinks that my Tinnitus is so severe. He feels it is a lack of magnesium and potassium. And that shrinks the blood vessels he says and that takes away all coating
But my GP thinks that I take in too much potassium by eating a banana a day etc....
Will let you know on Monday what the 4 supplements are that I am supposed to take according to the fellow at the Holistic Center (I do not have the list with me here).
Hope you all have a nice weekend.
We in New England are in for a nice but cool one.
Hope01 last decade
I wrote a long winded account of where I am at and when I sent it it went somewhere but not where it should have.
Anyhow I went to a meeting with my boss and all the people pertinent and it was decided that they will keep me working but not in the ORs as I can't hear and the noise is too much for me. The rooms are large and empty so the voices echo and with the air exchange fans and machine noise etc. can't so it. They have me checking in patients and setting up rooms, opening supplies etc. The nurses are all very happy to have the help as we are very short staffed and run 8 rooms.The OR will pay my wage to Feb. then I go on disability and they pay 30%.Disability will pay 70% I am happy to be working and now have not as much stress.I work in the core(in the middle with rooms all around) and find this noisey, come home after a days work and have to lay down. Hope I will adapt in time.
I went to an audiologist and he tried a hearing aide on me. It's an implantabe one. It seemed good as I miss a lot on the left side and I was able to hear with it. Have to wait a year to see what kind of improvement may happen. Also am going to another specialist tomorow. He is an ENT who has further specialised in ears. He also does the implants so it will be interesting.
My tinnitus is still really bad. My vertigo is almost corrected but I was holding my grandaughter and tried to step over a piece of wool. I lost my balance and almost fell. I have to be careful and controlled in my movement.Arggg!!!!
Anyhow will post after my visit to the next specialist.
anitime last decade

my prayers are with you. I know god will one day help us find a way.
nitrams2000 last decade
To anitime - Sorry to hear that your hearing has not improved. Glad to read that you do not have to work in OR anymore. Seems that your financial situation will be taken care off.
I am very surprised that you might be a candidate for an implantable hearing aid. I was under the impression that they had closed the trial time for candidates and are waiting for the FDA's approval? At least that is what I was told.
I am wearing the Savia 211 BTE (left ear). No use to amplify the right side since there is no hearing left on the right side. I have been told that I will soon be a candidate for a cochlear implant.
To all - I wanted to get Neil Bauman's book called 'Ototoxic drugs exposed', but was told by a well known bookstore that this book is not available in any bookstore. Why is that? I have my own reason, you might also? Some people do not want us to know how many drugs are actually ototoxic... I would say.
I told you that I went to a Holistic Center and was told to get:
Magnesium (high Absorption)
Phosphatidyl choline
Ring Stop
Kt2 Potassium
(did not yet get #2 and #4 of the above, as I am terribly confused as to whom believe.
Regarding the CRP test result of 2.02
the Hoistic Center and my Primary Care Doctor could not be further apart. My Doctor says I have too much magnesium and potassium and need to be on a diet, the Holistic Center says I need more of these items in my body.
Go figure....... I spoke with a Pharmacist today and I told her that I should do some more research on the Internet about these products, she told me that the Internet is very confusing and one cannot believe all that one reads.....
In the meanwhile I wish you all a very nice Thanksgiving despite our problems with our hearing and Tinnitus.
Hope01 last decade
Hang in there and have a very nice thanksgiving. God is watching over us.

Update: Some days ringing is all but gone or very small and then some days its so lud its hard to deal with. Today my right ear did ring and it was relativily loud but I delt with it by just doing the best I could to tune it out. I pray tomorrow will be a better day as I pray the same for all of you.

Your are all in my thuoghts and I think of you all the time. As I research more and more I lean towards 'Barre-Lieou Syndrome' as to a big cause to most of our problems or maybe even TMJ but I'm not going to pretend that I know the true answer yet because I just dont. I wonder if I will ever figure it out but I will tell you this. I wont give up.

Love you all. NITRAMS
nitrams2000 last decade
God these holidays were ment as a celebration for you but as I sit here today I pray you may find the love to help us with our very hard journey's that have been set for so many of us on these holidays. please find away in your heart to heal and anoint us. I know your healing touch will eventaully fill this board and go to everyone out there with this disease. I ask in your true faith to heal us all of our terrible SSNHL and other hearing ear problems.

I know you will hear me and heal so I thank you in advance for all that you have done and will do.

nitrams2000 last decade
Hello all,
My husband and I went to see the specialist and we were reallu impressed. He did a very thorough physical and listened. He told me I have actually lost 2/3rds of my hearing when you factor in the loss of direction, and all the other problems I am having understanding people. When he tried to move my head during the physical my neck was stiff and he told me its from the vertigo. That makes sense to me because I am always catching myself when I feel a little off. He is sending me to a dizzy clinic in Victoria (the city he is in) to work on my balance.
The implantable hearing aide I am talking about is a bone anchored conduction (BAHA)hearing aide. This doc I saw is the only one on Van. Is. that does them. He said it might help me hear words but I still probably won't know where the voices are coming from. Sorry I made it sound like an Anyhow nothing will be doneimplantable but I was thinking about the titanium post that is implanted into the skull.
Anyhow, I can't do anything for a year but want to know all that is available to me.

Spirits are good today and so am suprised at the increased level of tinnitus I am having as I thought it was tied to stress but guess it,s many factors...
By for now and take care
anitime last decade
Hi all - Last night CNN on 'Paula Zahn now' did a repeat show about 'mysteries of the mind', and the segment about sudden deafness was aired again. Maybe some of you saw it?
Has anybody received a reply from the Oprah show? as some of you posted that you wanted to go on that show and talk about SSHL.
Nice weekend to all
Hope01 last decade
hi, I recovered from SHL 2 months ago but I couldn't get rid of the tinnitus, and it got worse a couple days ago when I went clubbing w my girlfriend (big mistake). Can someone tell me if this can be treated? I'm going to get an appointment with the ENT on monday (they didn't help me at emergency as they didn't know what was going on). Whatare methods to treat tinnitus, and I'm wonering why it got worse after exposure to loud music, I thought I had healed completely but probably I can't go to a concert etc. for the rest of my life...
cagatay17 last decade

I have suffered two occurrences of SSHL over the last 14 months, had close to 100% recovery both times, had tinnitus after the 1st one and it still remains. It is manageable. I ignore it most of the time.

My physician has said that if he could cure tinnitus, he would win a Nobel Prize. The only suggestions he has is acupunture and/or craniosacral massage. There are a lot of references and suggestions throughout the earlier postings on this site.

Glad you had recovery, You are one of the lucky ones when you read this site.
seattlestan last decade
whoa how did you get it twice? my doctor said that my chances of getting it again was like anybody else's. Are you afraid it'll happen again?? Do you have a feeling on what caused yours twice (i.e. something you did both times before it happened?) yea my tinnitus is also managable (even more managable when you're thankful to have your hearing back), but it got louder after exposure to loud music and now I'm afraid if I do it again it'll get worse, or duno maybe it'll stay the same...
cagatay17 last decade

When I had my first event in August 2005, I was told that the likelihood of it happening again was remote. Well now I am waiting for the 3rd shoe to fall...only conceptually, since I believe stress can play a role in any disease. I did an analysis of things surrounding both occurrences (which I spelled out in previous postings) and wonder about allergies and my immune system as primary areas to focus on. I believe, through a recent test though that we may have eliminate autoimmue, which leaves viral cause, which may be set off by something like allergies.

As to loud noises, I now have ear plugs, because loud noises seem to temporarily exaacerbate the tinnitus. The night before I had the second total deafness in my left ear (same one as in August 2005), I attended a loud indoor concert. That was probably the ultimate catalyst, since I had been experiencing some things in the days previous that were leading me to be afraid that SSHL was at my doorstep again.

My doctor, who is an M.D., but is naturopathically oriented, believes that looking for the cause is like looking for a needle in a haystack. That leaves me with being pro-active with my ear plugs, wearing a mask around dust in the house and adding immune-system pills to my daily vitamin regimen (like Astralugus) and getting back into joining a gym, exercising, doing yoga and having a positive mental attitude, i.e., the things that I can control, since no one knows what causes SSHL...They only know what to do if it occurs, i.e., take 60 mg. Prednisone within the 1st 2 weeks, for 10 days, etc. That is what worked for me both times.
seattlestan last decade
thanks for the reply stan. I was just thinking of getting earplugs actually, because I live in a big city and there's always noise. I'll probably just carry them with me though for very loud places and not have them on all the time. I've heard people who've had tinnitus for so long (10-20 years), but it can just disappear one day. I'm waiting for that day. As for stress, I'm always stressed as a university student aiming for med school.(Maybe I'll have the chance to do research on SHL one day). But yea, I was very angry the other day because I had to wait 3 hours in emergency just to have a doctor tell me I have to make an appointment and that he doesn't know anything about what I have. He wouldn't even give me prednisone. When I told him 'what am I supposed to do with the ringing, I need to prepare for exams!' he just shrugged it off. It is absolutely ridiculous how little they know about this.
cagatay17 last decade

Hi, just wanted to say that I have the samething. I got SSNHL and got full recovery in my left ear but my ears do ring and my right ear rings more then my left ear, especially after or being in loud places. Diet and working out seem to help, some days I cant hardly notice it and somedays I cant get my mind off of it and its very loud sometimes but not all the times.

I have found, lots of B12, vitamint E, libooflavin vitamins , magnesium, melatonin. all seem to help.

Also as far as statistics go. Heraing institute in orlando florida has done a study and show that 1 in 3 get reaccurance of SSNHL. but the 1 in 3 statisctic is flawd. it could be more.... what I mean by that is when some gets SSNHL and gets full recovery they think they are cured but its not the case because of 2 reasons... 1. people move or do not always go to the same ENT and ENT do a very bad job of keeping track of reaccurance, they simply dont care much because they know the tratment is very limited. so they dont keep track of it....

2. also SSNHL is not a disease. infact it is a symptom and a redflag that something else maybe wrong with your body. not everyone that gets SSNHL has something serious. but many who do have something wrong with them that at present time is unidentifiable.

I have been told my left over tinnitus from my SSNHL could be that it attack both ears and only got full revocery in one and my right ear will always do this.

I have been told it may be called recruitment. this is when your right ear tries to make up for absence of hearing in other ear and when i got my hearing back my ears ar unblanced as far as hearing goes..

I had one doctor tell me that it will go away eventually and had another tell me to live with it that everyone ear does that.


I can tell you this for sure. MY ears are very much more sensitive and something sets the ring off and I beleive noises and what I eat and stress have alot to do with it. be very carefull with the noide thing.


I am very happy you got your hearing back and I'm not one to tell people what to do but you must realize you are a special case now and you are not going to be bale to do or go alot of places you used too. it's more then concerts that your going to have to be bale to avoid. No more games, football, no more loud music, no more loud parties with celebration.

I have tried to go to these things and it only makes it worse and because your ears are so senstive you could hurt them again and maybe they wont comeback again so dont push it.

I think I speek very everyone when I say that we all wish we had perfect hearing and to the lucky few of us that got it back. we better becarefull because anyone here would tradeplaces with us in a heartbeat.

god bless
nitrams2000 last decade
nitrams, thanks for your long post, really appreciate it. I do want to protect my ears, but I'm way too young to avoid these things. I think my SHL had to do with the cochlea. Perhaps I damaged something there, or the eardurm. If there was a virus, it really messed up my inner ear, and there are residues of damaged cells that just don't die and send signals to the brain, and obviously these signals make no sense to the brain, hence the constant ringing. Exposure to loud music increased the ringing in my ear, which initially made me think I'd lose my hearing again. You can understand how afraid I was to go to bed that night, thinking i'd have no hearing in the morning (that's how it happened my first time). So I'm wondering how effective earplugs can be when I go loud places.
cagatay17 last decade

I'm not really old, im 36 and I have tried the samething, the ear plugs dont really work well , they dont seem to block out enough or they make you feel wierd... its not worth risking. your better off changing your life style. You can still do things just not as much or as loud. its not easy but it can be done.

P.S. im the same way. everyday I wonder if it will comeback. becarefull. just because you got your hearing back, doesnt mean it wont go away and noise is one of the many causes of SSNHL. You and I are not in the clear just yet my friend. I know 4 people now that lost the hearing more then once and only 1 out of 4 got hearing back the second time.
nitrams2000 last decade
cagatay17 and Nitrams2000
Just got back home and I am on my new PC.
I had to smile while reading your posts and I must say and therefore agree with Nitrams2000 that you are both so lucky to have your hearing back, I hope for you both to be able to say 'adieu' to the Tinnitus as well.
I, on the other hand and I believe a few others on this forum are not so fortunate. I never got my hearing back in my right ear and the left ear was damaged also. I wear a BTE hearing aid now. The Tinnitus (three different noises) is driving me crazy. It is so debilitating. I am not working at this time, but do not even know if I can go back to work in the future if this Tinnitus continues like this.
Every night I pray to God so that I wake up in the morning still hearing with that left ear.
Yes you should both be thankful that you made it so far. I am of course a lot older than either of you and therefore maybe my chances were less good for recovery.
Nitrams2000 you are right, diet is very important regarding the degree of Tinnitus and I must say, I have not been a good girl these last few days with all the Thanksgiving food and sweets.
Take care to all on this forum
Hope01 last decade
I was wondering... for those people who've had their SHL come back after recovery, how long did it take for it to come back?
cagatay17 last decade
cagatay17 & Others

The first time with SSNHL I was not able to get into the ENT for 10 days, started taking 60 mg. of Prednisone that day and within 24 hours my hearing was probably at 50% recovery. After 3 weeks (including 1 week of weaning off of Prednisone)I had basically 100% recovery, but was left with tinnitus. The second time, I had Prednisone left over and the day I lost my hearing (in the same ear again)I started taking it, but did not gain anything until about day 5 or 6 and again, it was 50% and soon made it up to 100%, especially after the shot of Decadron into my inner ear that took care of some echoing around high frequency inputs, especially female voices (I choose not to read anything into that one).

For me, ear plugs have worked to this point. I am 62 so am not part of the crowd that may frequent large rock venues, but do go to smaller venues for jazz, etc. I do not take lightly the fact of my recoveries, however I will not live in fear either, but will continue to investigate areas that may be related to the onsets and live a healthier life style, which will include reducing drastically my alcohol intake or eliminating it all together. I just joined a health club and will be exercising on a regular basis. As I have mentioned in other posts, I have added a couple of things to my daily supplement boxes around helping my immune system.

The thing with all of this is that no one knows what causes this for anyone of us (as with most things, what causes SSHNL for one person is not necessarily the thing that causes it for another). Therefore, if no one can tell me without a doubt what has caused this twice, I have to take a multi-functional approach. I agree with Nitrams2000 about 'something being wrong with the body', especially if you have more than one occurrence. 'They' just can't tell me what that 'something wrong' is.
seattlestan last decade

from what i read and what experts say. it seems to reaccure in 12 to 16 months. it only reaccures in 1 in 3 cases they say but it seems like a little more then that. I havent talked to or met many that got hearing back. most havent. we are lucky. out of the very few that have got the hearing back i know a few cases that lost it again. I think if what ever it is is still in you or if it is caused by heridery or noise then re can be rest assured that it most likely will comeback.

Find it, cure it. Hope it cured itself. Hope what ever it was is now gone or deal with the pure fact that your gong to get it again.

Thats a gaurantee.
nitrams2000 last decade
I have a 15 year old daughter who has started going to concerts recently and after seeing me go through this she now goes with the glue type ear plugs so that she can hear the music and friends talking and they are not that visible. I personally at 51 take ear plugs with me every where as I don't want to risk losing any of the 55-60% hearing I have got back and most of all dont want to aggravate the tinnitus.

It is 10 weeks now and I am still getting some hearing back the only treatment I am doing now is the subcranial massage and acupuncture along with antiinflamatary juices and supplements and a diet of no Sugar, coffee, tea, and alcahol and lots of raw fruit and veg.
Mertie last decade
Happy holidays to all of you! I caught a cold a few weeks ago and it triggered bad asthma. I am ok now. I can tell you, though, it was the almost first time I did not think about my hearing loss, tinnitus or this horrible supersensitivity to sounds. When I was gasping for air, it seemed everything else was less important... Strange. Stay warm. Love you all.
mstctiger last decade

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