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by the way in you live in florida Dr. Atkins really seems to be honestly into helping. he is in the celebration hospital. he does the shots. if you can get the shot do it. it doesnt hurt at all like people said and it cant hurt to try it. the shot can only help you so you got nothing to loose.
nitrams2000 last decade
Hello Nitrams2000.
I understand your feelings about this sudden deafness.
I have it since January 22nd.
What makes me really mad is the fact that in the Boston area, where I got treated they told me that the HB02 treatment is only available in Germany. Since then I found this forum and I see that it is given in California. Also, they did not give me Prednisone shot(s)into the ear? This when they do it routinely in California.
Did you know that some people get spontaneous recovery?
I can tell you that I have been taking Zinc pills and vitaminE over twently years, yet I got this sudden deafness and now I have days when the tinnitus is terrible.
You might want to avoid, to drink wine or coffee, and stay away from chocolat. I notice that if i indulge into chocolat my tinnitus is worse in the dead ear.
I too am not so sure my deafness is really due to nerve damage. I wish the doctors had a better handle on this condition, but they do not.
I hope the best for you
Hope01 last decade
hello 'what?' thank you for your kind reply. could you pleaselet me know where you had your hyperbaric treatments done. this is hard to find. I talked to a guy today that said he had mieners disease that souded almost exactly like this. but I'm not really aware of minos. I can tell you that he said he has had this for 4 or 5 years now and still has the ring. I gave him credit because if that was me I defenitly would be suicidel if i have to put up with that long. if nothing works at all theres got to be something to just get rid of the ring.
nitrams2000 last decade
Hi, Nitram. I went thru exact the same thing when it happend to me at the dentist in December. I was mad about him for a long time thinking this was caused by him. It was a holiday season, and I could not get the treatment right away,either. I went to see most known doctors and neurotologists at well known university hospitals for the 3 months. For HBO, you should check out website. I remember researching it, and found many clinics in US. I found out later that in Japan, they admit patients for sudden hearing loss at least a week. They give medication, clean your blood system, and have you well rested. Most of them recover if treated right away. Try not to think too much about the tinnitus. I know it is impossible. Was hard for me, too. I was getting panic attacks, cried so many times, and could not sleep. It is still the same, but the only good think I can find from all this is that I am getting used to it. Sorry, not too much of a help to you. Glad you have found a good doctor, though. I hope you get a really good help from him. It is really hard. I am praying for you. Take a good care of yourself.
mstctiger last decade
do you remember any of the sites for the hbo ?
nitrams2000 last decade
so the HBO did not help you? :(
nitrams2000 last decade
has anyone red up on cochlear implants. I know it is way to early for me to consider such a thing but it maybe good to consider down the road. also i red on 'entnet' about cochlear implants and how they work. it seems to approach the very problem we have. its my understanding that the inner hair of our inner ear has problems, cant grow back or may be damaged due to inflamation. cochlear implants bypass that area so that in a assumption would basically allow us to hear but more importantly would fix the dreaded ring. this is all theory and a expensive theory too but if it worked i would do it no problem.
nitrams2000 last decade
heres a study that might be of interest to you....

and heres the website of the place i went to for hbo treatments. http://www.reimerhbo.com/tinnitus.htm

its located in hamilton, ontario, canada.
i did have slight improvement in the hearing, but mostly the improvement was in the sensitivity and tinnitius. i still have it but it is much more bareable.
if you want to chat sometime, my msn address
is tanzyismeathotmail.com
what? last decade
has anyone with our problem ever looked into cochlear implants. this might be a great idea. it seems to approach exactly the problem we have
nitrams2000 last decade
im curious how much did the hyberic cost and how long did you have to doit. how many days and treatments.
nitrams2000 last decade
Hi everyone, I hope you all had a good summer and feeling somewhat better :) I just wanted to let you know that I went to see a new doctor who is a specialist in diseases of the inner ear and while I do still need to get an MRI (I have been putting this off since the very beginning since my accupuncture dr. feels it is only causing me unnecessary panic)this dr. thinks that my sshl was most likely caused by a blood clot and bad circulation. He gave me these supplements called Ear-Vite Plus which I feel has been working. Its definitley decreased the tinnitus although I am not sure if I am actually getting some hearing back--I will know when I go to see him again in 2 weeks to have a hearing test. Anyway, I ordered them at
www.ear-mart.com and I take 2 pills a day but I think for people that weigh more you can take up to 3 a day. I am not saying they will cure this but they really did help with the ringing since I hear alot let noise in my ear now when it is quiet, and this also makes me feel alot more calm. I will let you know anthing else. Good luck everyone.
TaraJoy last decade
to nitrams2000
Just to let you know what my ear specialist (primary sudden deafness investigator for Mass Eye and Ear) told me:

When I told him that my family said that we all in the family needed to start taking up sign language, the doctor smiled and said 'here at Mass Eye and Ear, we do not let you become deaf. Should you loose your hearing in the left ear also, we will do a cochlear implant'
Well that was reassuring to hear. I know that I would NOT want to be on this earth not hearing anymore. This reassuring statement lets me at least sleep at night, rather then laying there all night worrying about what if.........
Take care
Good luck to all
Hope01 last decade
Please see my post in the very beginning of this tread.

My 43 dgtr lost her hearing in early 2005. All related to medications; diuretics and quinine. The little hairs in her ears are gone.

She had a cochlear implant in Oct 2005 in one ear and she can hear in that electronically. The other ear is totally deaf. She has been told there is research going on to try to restore the little hairs in the ear.

This has been a nightmare for her. She has 2 little children and you can just imagine how horrific this has all been for everyone. The marriage has suffered immensely. When interacting with a person who is DEAF one has to have MEGA PATIENCE. Tons of PATIENCE. This all has been so unfair. Life very often is not fair.

Medications can do so much damage to many areas of our bodies. But, in many cases they are life-saving.

joyce martino
joyce martino last decade
joyce I'd like to ask a question but first let me say your daughter is in my prayers. This dreaded problem is not only one to live with but its crazy because you really cant live with it because you cant udjust to it. it's like one of the worst things that could happen so some one. may I ask a question. you mentioned that your daughter can hear electronicly. that does that mean she can actually really hear or just that she hears like pulses and things. I was just wondering what that sounds like. maybe cochlear implants isnt what i thought it would be. i thought they made you here like normal?
nitrams2000 last decade
From what I understand from others who have cochlear implants (CI's) your hearing is not 'normal' like you always had it. You can hear when someone talks to you, they have to look at you and talk to the ear that has the CI. Since her other ear is DEAF she hears nothing on that side.

Some have explained it's like hearing in a long tunnel, or sometimes like noises that ducks make.

And as years go on you adjust more to this hearing.
And your CI is going thru adjustments also. Going into crowds and places where there is a lot of noise and talking, etc. it becomes very exhausting and one has to remove themselves from noisy situations.

It's really a BLESSING thou since you can HEAR conversations. When we talk on the phone she uses a speaker phone and has the earpiece to her CI side. She can hear and talk to her children. Everyone adjusts. It's better than no hearing at all. When you've heard all your life and then SUDDENLY you don't these CI's are a Miracle Hearing Mechanism.

Thanks for your good thoughts. And same to you.

P.S. I don't know where you live but many cities have support groups for hard of hearing and loss of hearing people. Hopefully Jenifer will get into one soon. She has dealt with so much that it's overwhelming and now her marriage is crumbling. Again, PATIENCE with a hearing loss person is so CRITICAL.
joyce martino last decade
she sounds lika a angel. I really wish there was something anyone could do. its so hard for people that dont have it to understand. as for my progress this is day 3 on the steriods, and i had the first ear injection yesterday. its really hard to tell if this helps. i think it seems to a little. today has been easier to do with the ringing. it hasnt went away. its still there but for some reason its easier.
nitrams2000 last decade
To Joyce Martino
I just read about your daughter. I just want to wish her all the best, she is still so young to go through this and having the marriage fail now also is terrible.
Hopefully, in her futur life she will come across a real nice soul mate, somebody that will understand what life dealt her.
My prayers are also with you as I know that when we have kids, we hurt for them when they hurt.
All the best to you both
Hope01 last decade
To Hope01: Thanks for your very kind words. They brought tears to my eyes and I will certainly pass this on to her.

Only a Mother knows her child's pain. Her pain has been my pain BIG TIME.
joyce martino last decade
Hi, Nitram.. No, I never tried HBO. When I saw the picture, I got scared because I get bad panic attacks in the place like that... but you may be ok. Check out the website like http://drcranton.com/hbo.htm.Please also take a caution when you take any type of medication. I was taking all kinds of relaxing pills, and it started affecting my good ear(tinnitus, sensitivity to any sound, echoing, etc.) After stop taking all of them, my good ear came back normal. I am very anxious to hear back from Tarajoy on her(?) treatment. I am also waiting to hear from accupancuture consultation thru my hmo. It is taking months... Take care, all.
mstctiger last decade
just a note about sensitivity. I'm deaf in my left ear, and having ringing that stems from there. sometimes though, the ringing seems to come from my right ear. it wasnt until last week that i realized its my right ear that is super sensitive to sound. i find i can plug it a little when i'm on the speaker phone and it makes talking on the phone more bearable.
i originally thought my right ear was unaffected.
anyone else have this experience?
thank god i can still hear in the right. this has certainly made me thankful for what i do have.
my thoughts are with all of you.
what? last decade
well today i did several test on my ear and now i seem to have the tinniest bit of hearng back. its not much but i do notice something i think. maybe its just wishfull thinking. i noticed that during the day as the ringing gets worse the hearing seems to be harder.
nitrams2000 last decade
Hi, What?. That is what happened to me when I was taking sleeping pills, etc. to stay my sanity. I stopped taking them per advice and the sensitivity and echoing on the good ear disappeard. Ringing is still there, but the echoing was driving me nutts. All these medications have some kind of affects on ears (ototoxins, sp?).
mstctiger last decade
Diuretics and the toxic quinine are major sources causing ototoxicity.

My daughter is a victim of both these medications and she is DEAF today at age 43 with 2 small children to raise.
joyce martino last decade
mstctiger and what? I think i have a good answer for you. lately i have been taking a natural sleep aid that really works that amkes you sleepy with out the use of drugs, I dont know fore sure if it will work as good for you but it knocks me out and itscalled 'Melatonin' 5mg take this before bed. it really really works
nitrams2000 last decade
Ok here is goes guys. i'm going to try to update what i'm doing here. im doing three catagories and working up to a forth.

This is the 7th day and so far I have takin. Zythromax 'all pills', I have had four days of the Prednisone. I have had one steroid shot to my ear. Today I did my first accupuncture. and taking a crap load of homeopathy and herbs and vitamins. next is the HBOT treatment. im working up to that. very scary for me because i'm sorta clostraphobic but i think i can do it.

I dont want to ge my hopes up but it does seem i can hear a little better. I can tell you that i would be able to hear alot better if the ring would just quit. it is truly a mind deafining ring.

Here is the good news. I think acupuncture does really help some. today after I went I noticed that the ring was still there but maybe just easier to deal with. I dont why but it seemed that way. also I told my accupuncture doctor that my legs were alays cold since the drugs im on and i feel tingling sention in my feet and lower legs. He said thats easy. you see allot of your nerves connected and because your ear nerve is bad so is that lower area. they are one in the same and has little to do with my drugs. so when e treated me he also applied needles to the lower chins and bingo now that tingling sensation is gone. and I mean gone. i dont feel that cold done there anymore either. maybe its coinsidence who knows but ts seems to work. also i noticed ear plugs help some.

here is the list of what i'm taking. now it could be the pills helpin too.

1. colloidal silver
2. liver tonic 100% ayurvedic formula
3. Vitamin nutaural Vit. B1, B6, B12, tons of C and E. Zinc.
4. glucosamine 500mg
5. MSM 500mg
6. Ginko Biloba 30mg 6 a day
7. Co Q-10 400mg 2 a day
8. Sonarx
9. Garlic 100 mg 2 a day
10. calm from dolisos whih conist of chamoilla, coffea crud, gelsemium, ignatia amara, passiflora inc,
11. kali phosphoricum
12. hepar sulphuris calcareum,
13. belladonna
14. phosphorus
15. kali muriaticum
16. sulphur
17. arnica montana
18. clear tinniitus. from walgreens.

I also completly have cut out of my life.

1. cigars
2. salt
3. caffeine
4. sugar
5. aspartine
6. alcahol

now i may be insane for trying all this and the expense is through the roof but if the ringing stops then hot dog its worth it. the bad news is this all depressing and no matter what i do i find myself cry 3 or 4 times a day and thanking the lord I have a wife thats standing behind me. with out her i couldnt make it. :)

I feel for everyone here. my heart cries out to you in the worst way. how you do it I will never know. no one can begin to imagine untill they have felt this.
nitrams2000 last decade
wow! thanks for posting all that nitram! you are certainly giving yourself the best shot for recovery.
have you had a hearing test done yet. they say that those in the moderate loss range are more likely to recover.
i'm in the profound range, but am hoping you are in the moderate range. keep us posted.
what? last decade

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