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I am so sorry to hear your story it is so similar to mine. 100% deaf in the right ear now since a year and 3 days. The only thing is that I am much much older than you. How sad when this happens to a very young woman or a young man.
Please, Please insist on getting the shots in the ear.
Here in the Boston area, the famous doctors at Mass Eye and Ear do not believe in the shots, they say it is probably spontaneous recovery. But why not try it; if you have been reading many of the posts written by people not in New England, they got their hearing back. I do believe in the shots into the ear, I am not a doctor, but I am mad as h... that I did not have the opportunity to get the shots.
Good luck to you, and please insist on getting these shots.
Hope01 last decade

I am so sad to learn that you are suffering from this awful sudden hearing loss.

If by chance you can read the previous posts on this forum, you will notice that the time factor is crucial in getting the Prednisone. Also, one should get the proper dosage (with an initial high amount) and take it for at LEAST 10 to 12 days.

(Random listing) Ear-shots,anti-viral, hyperbaric chamber, acupuncture, massage, vitamins and minerals, homeopathy, change of diet, fasting, meditation, to be away from work, rest, etc.

These are all things that can help, but, like most of us, I think you lack the essential; A GOOD DOCTOR. See this disease is not very well known. It appears to me that people on this forum have a keen knowledge of it (excluding me of course). I strongly encourage you to read their stories (previous posts). Thanks to their expertise, I was able to totally recover my hearing and no more tinnitus in 15 days.

I read the story of a Frenchman just about your age, he got his hearing back 10 weeks after. He claims the anti-viral saved him, but he could not tell because he had taken so many things. You are young, you will recover.

Bonne chance,

deaf musician last decade
update for nitrams2000

ok my updates are in... my lifeline screening was normal and my xray of my chest pelvic and abdmoinal area were normal except that they found a 1mm kidney stone in my left kidney. I asked him if the kidey stone could cause all these problems and he said that yes it could cause all sorts of problems but he doubted that it was the reason for my swaying or dizziness.

now for thew good news. 90% of my dizziness is gone now and I hardly feel it except for once in a great while... I did read in a article that said Valium resets your vascular inhibitars , sorta like reseting a computer. If your computer is sluggish and you reset it then it will work again.. same thing with valium. so I take one before bed and I will feel better in the morning. I did that for 4 days and 'bingo' it was gone.... so except for a very small kidney stone that will be a real pain in the butt I am ok... just must remember that my system is very sensetive and next time I take a cruise I gotta have the after cruise effects for 2 weeks. thats sucks butt .... but what are ya gonna do..

def musician I have prayed and prayed for you and my church has too. maybe god stepped in...maybe it was the prednisone. or the antiviral .. who knows but thank god you are doing well... on the good news side i did get a call from a guy in canada that knows three ENT's that do the ear shot so if you need them then I got the numbers... yeah!!! now we have 12 doctors in USA and 3 doctors in canada to add to the list. thank god the list gets bigger and bigger.

now lets talk about 2 very important things..one is life style.. yes you gotta change it alll.. and 2 is the fact that you responded to the steroids..

facts tell you something very important... first fact is if you hearing loss was do to truama like a head wound or hit to the face or sound then your hearing would not have come back at all... this is fact not fiction.. if its dmage then its not coming back and thats that.... but since yours came back then you know it one of the underlying 3 or 4 things.. you really hope its some disease that entered your body and left because then its gone but if its not then its still there and if it is then it may happen again.. not to scare you but it could but a STD disease related thing or tumor or cancer or TMJ or vasculor or a deficiancy related thing... i have checked everything and i cant find mine so i wish you luck but be carefull. dont excuse as if it was a one time thing. be very aware. follow your diet , eat healthy. do anything to increase bloodflow..

one common thing i find with alot of people that have this is they have a high cholestral. so make sure that isnt high.

godd bless you... congrats.. you are now number 4 on thi board to officially get thier hearing back.. 4 people is not much considering how many i talk to but thank god your one of them.

Hope got your email love you llots. hang in there internet mommy :)

P.S. statistics show 1 in 3 have a reoccuring problem where this happens again... out of the 4 people hear we have 2 that have had problems again... the 2 people are myself and settlestan. so i pray yours does not come back. call me when ever you need. love to hear from you. :)
nitrams2000 last decade

lets talk about a few things.... first of all if your hearing test red that you have total hearing loss then chances are less that hearing will come back... I have found that the better the hearing test the better the chances are... but the good news is you have only had this problem a short while so there is still a chance... the ear shots and the prednisone only work if you catch it fast. some say first 2 weeks then i have heard doctors mention as much a 2 months out...you need the ear shots.. this would be one shot a week for three weeks... dont let this scare you... they do not hurt at all. and they are also inexpensive. and i mean cheap so do them immediatly... also you need 60mg a day of prednisone for 2 weeks then taper down but do 2 full weeks. also do a anitbiotic and a antiviral... you can do any anibitotic but valtrex is the suggested antiviral.. none of this will gaurantee your hearing back but it wil give you the best possible chance.... i want to repeat... PEOPLE Do GET THE HEARING BACK!. I am proof of that but if you dont do these then you might as well give up now..

there is still hope for you if you get your butt in gear and i mean like run dont walk.... your witin the window time frame so for you it is a reality. this can happen if you try. my number is on my past post if you need to call me.. im hear to help :)
nitrams2000 last decade
deaf musician i want you to know how happy it makes me feel you are doing better. it means alot to me. I just wanted to let you know that. :)
nitrams2000 last decade

Man you're so kind! No, no, I am not taking anything for granted. In february I'll have this IRM, no I do not have a high cholesterol rate )proof on file), I exercise everyday and I doubt it's a vascular problem since my heart does 46 bpm at rest, neither high pressure nor low. Hopefully this was a virus and it's all gone. No tinnitus, nothing. Am-I ever lucky!?

The one thing that I can link is that my psyche was really bad at the time of this trauma. Christmas was just over with, this is to me the worst period of the year; at this moment it is really hard to be a singlewidowerparent that pretends that everything is fine.

I really had a run of luck at getting your help; Nitrams2000, Hope01, JeWel41, Seattlestan, Mertie, and the ones that I forget to mention.

Thank you again.

deaf musician last decade

I am not as forthright as nitrams2000 but what he has told you is what should be pursued. In both my episodes (14 months apart) I had oral steroids within 10 days and dutifully took them for 2 weeks (60 mg/day). In the 1st case, I started on the 10th day after SSNHL onset and hearing started returning after 24 hours; the second time, I already had Prednisone at home and started taking it on my own and hearing started coming back on the 6th day, with a shot of Decadron to the ear around day 10 that brought it completely back. I am not as lucky as deaf musician about the tinnitus. That continues, as it did after the 1st loss in August, 2005. Small price to pay if I look at the glass being 'half full'.

I have seen references in this forum to 'states of mind' and am convinced there is an emotional/stress component to all of this, as there is to many other illnesses. My doctor irritates me everytime I want to find a concrete reason for this happening and he goes into his psycho-babble routine. The truth is, he is probably right to a degree. So, in addition (and following on what nitrams listed)to supplements, apple cider vinegar, etc., I am removing stress from my life, re-introducing meditation, paying attention to my ears, what I hear, how I hear it, massaging around my ear (just like I do to any other part of my body that 'hurts'). An MRI in August 2005 showed no tumor. I don't believe it is vascular, so I am also left with the viral answer. And I believe that viruses are resident in all of us and can be activated by events, whether they be emotional, physical, or negative self-talk. Anyway, all I can do is share my own experience and cannot tell anybody else what to do (with the exception of doing Prednisone regardless). I am convinced that there is no one solution for all of us.
seattlestan last decade
Thank you so much, everyone, for your advice. I have scheduled an appointment on Monday afternoon with a second ENT office---and now that I know more about what to ask for and about, I am going to be more aggressive--asking for an extended steroid prescription, about the shots, etc.

I'm praying every night for a miracle...and my church is having a doctor come next month that not only practices medicine but also prays over those who are sick, so I have an appointment to see him while he's here. I figure, if I can combine faith and medicine here, it's the best I can do.

As soon as I know more from my appointment Monday, I'll post. At least now I know how to have a conversation about this instead of just waiting to hear the doctor's side and suggestion and that's it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I'll be praying for all of you, as well.
ulricha1 last decade
I went to the second ENT today and am much happier with this doctor than my last one. I got my first of up to 3 shots of steroids in my ear, and it's clear that this doctor knows and understands what this is and what to do for the best chances to bring back my hearing. If, after three shots, my hearing hasn't returned, we'll talk about some surgical options, but I'm hoping that this might work. The odds are against me, but I'm still hopeful.
ulricha1 last decade

i'm happy to hear about you getting the shots but also make sure you are taking the prednisone pills... make sure you are doing both to gibe yourself the best chance. also... check some of our past post on proper vits and herbs to take..... those are important to... its all about getting the inflamation down and increasing the blood flow. our prayers are with you.
nitrams2000 last decade
as for me... no more rocking around... yeah!!!! i feel much better. gotta find something other to do then cruising... and i must find a way to get rid of the kidney stone. thats not going to be fun... i cant beleive i dont have a hernia but they say i dont. miracle
nitrams2000 last decade

I'm so happy to see that good things are happening to you. You really need to fight this thing.

I hope you get a quick recovery (prompt rétablissement).

deaf musician last decade
- To Ulricha1,
I join the rest of the posters to cheer you up. I am so glad you found a much better doctor than your first one.
I do hope that your hearing comes back. As I told you mine did not and they at MEEI now also do not want to consider a cochlear implant since I have 100% speech discrimination in the remaining hearing ear. Although this is while wearing a BTE hearing aid. I have the Savia from Phonak.
- to Deaf musician - I am so glad that you are OK now. Would you let me know what forum in French you read (cela me donnerai la chance de lire un peu en Francais surtout pour les mots qui concernent les maladies d'oreilles. - Merci
- To Nitrams2000, you have kidney stones? my son just had one blasted last week in Worcester (outside Boston). I brought him there at 11:00AM and picked him up at 3:00PM (but did have to wait for another hour until he was ready to leave).
Years ago I had a kidney stone removed: went to the hopsital the night before the surgery, woke up grogy the day after the surgery and had to stay in the hospital for 8 days and could not drive for at least 3 weeks. We have come a long way..... but that statement is not when it comes the ears...... there the medical field is still lacking behind.
Take care all
Hope01 last decade
should read: that statement surely cannot be applied when it comes to the ears.
Sorry (phone was ringing and I got so distracted)LOL
Hope01 last decade
yup... all the chest xrays and pelvic xrays and blood tests are in and the only found 2 things wrong... i have a 1mm kidney stone that they said was samll and my absolute lymphocytes were a little high... normal absolute lymphocytes are supposed to be between 850 and 3900. mine was 3942 he said it could have benn the fact that i was on steroids or antibiotics at the time of the test or that i could have goten over a flu... my choelstral was the big winner though....... it went from 400 to 299 and now my new blood test shows it to be 124 ... i acually about crapped my pants...

that was amazing. infact he said i can stop taking the lipitor.

to hope and to others of you on this board if you can tell me a little about 'absolute lymphocytes' i would be forever greatfull. i have checked allot about it on the not and i know it have to do with blood cells and white blood cells but thats all i know. they talk allot about why you could have a low count but not much on why it would be higher or elevated. thanks again.
nitrams2000 last decade
I wronte this on my dizzytimes.com board and thought you all might want to see it.

My story... I have no idea where to begin but I will try my story is crazy with many ups and downs. . ... last august I was with some friends and my ears ringd really bad. It was on a friday so a ENT appointment was impossible... By Sat. Morning I woke up and lost complete hearing in my left ear and the Tinnitus ringing was so bad I wanted to kill myself. I made an appointment with a ENT and begged him to so me quick. He said I must have some form of SSNHL. 'Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss' I cant describe how bad the tinnitus was. the only thing I can tell you is if I had it today I would not be alive. My ENT sent me to Timco hearing where they gave ma a hearing test and I had severe hearing loss on my left ear. Luckily for me there was a man that worked at Timco hearing that I owe my life too. His name was Mr. Skinner. , He said if you do have SSNHL then you need to get on steroids and also talked about steroid injections, he said you need to do this fst because you have only 2 weeks to fix it or you will have this forever....

My original ENT was very old and did not know enought about SSNHL to prescribe or do things properly. I found out on the net that the standard for steroids prescription for SSNHL was 60MG a day of prednisone for 12 days then taper down... My ent only gave me 40mg a day for seven days so I had to lie to the Pharmicist and say someone stole mine and it worked because he gave me more. I also looked into injections in the ear... MR. atkins in orlando at celebration health did 3 injections of a steroid called decadron into the ear. once a week for 3 weeks. I also tried accupuncture but the steroids saved my life.... 2 weeks later i had full hearing back and all tinnitus was gone except for very little that i could only hear in complete silence. Story over right.. WRONG!!!

Few weeks later my good ear which is my right ear started to ring but i never lost my hearing in it. They said it might be called recruitment. this is where one ear tries to compinsate for the other.... So I tried to get steroids from the doctor and they sadi i didnt need them so lets just say I got them my own way. I took the steroids and started working out and watched my diet. it all seemed to help alot. my ringing is still in my right ear but now its so faint i hadly hear it so once again the steroids helped.

SO now your thinking that I am fine right... nope.. I went on a cruise about a month ago and I was sick was some sort of cold or flu.. when I got off the the cruise, man was I im trouble, for almost 2 weeks straight everything was rocking and I felt like I was totally stoned, I had lost all focus and could not even concentrate on anything. I would forget something five seconds after some one told me it. I was very dizzy and felt like I was on drugs. Is it related to my bout with SSNHL? who knows. obviously I have very sensitive ears and balance system but why now??? I have taken 13 cruises in my life. why does this all starts now.

There is some good news for this. I learned a ton over the net and know more then most ENT's I learnd for SSNHL you must take a antibiotic, you must get ear shots, you must take prednisone and a good STD helper like Valtrex would help to. I also learned form your site that MDDS 'Mal de Debarquement Syndrome' Is what I probably had when I got off the cruise and i got it probably because my ears were so sensitive. I also learned the Prednisone can help wih Dizziness and Valium can to... I cured of my hearing loss with the steroids thanks to people that care and then I learned that Valium resets your inhibitors of your body and relax's the balance points. I guess a good way to compare this would be to say when your computer is acting ruff and sluggish , you restart it and it works great again., I took one 10mg valium before i went to bed for 4 days and after the 5th day my balance seemed to be back about 90%.. I am almost 100% again ...

I am very lucky. most of these drugs and ideas do not work if you do not catch it within the first 2 weeks to 1st month. the sooner the better. most people that have had SSNHL for more then a month do not get the hearing back at all and very similar situation with the dizzyness. doctors have so much trouble with this. I feel There are so many things that cause this that they do not have a answer for what it is... for anybody it could be different. I think they dont know so they give you the run around and have given up long ago.

I have taken a MRI scan , I have done Immunoglobin test, western immunogloblin test. just about every blood test you can imigaine. we have done chest xrays. brains, pelvic, abdomen xrays....I did have a high cholestral of 400 that I recently tried real hard on and got down to 127 which is awesome. they have tested me for al STD's.. these guys have no answers for anything. this is the only three things they found

1. cholestral was 400 which is now 127.
2. after man xrays they found a kidney stone 1mm very small in my left kidney.
3. they did find a 'absolute Lymphocytes' blood test to be high. range is usually from 850 to 3900 which mine was 3942... they say that could be the flu or the steroids that I took or the kidney stone.

I guess you could say that I'm sort of a success story but i did my own home work and i have never given up. these doctors have no real help or answers for you so if you want to get it fixed then you must do your own home work. I hope im ok but it still woriies me that I had 3 bouts but i won every round and I wont give out till there is a knockout. everyone is different and I can truly say you guys are way stronger then me... my hats off to you. I would not be here today had it not been for the support of a good board i know like this one and a few doctors. I cant handle this mess so i gaurantee you I would have jumped out a building. my hearts go out those of you affect with this... Stand tuff. when it one round at a time. and at the end you can knock it out...

P.S. I have talked to 4 people with SSNHL and managed to get my full hearing back for 2 of them and 2 talked to 2 people with dizzy syndrome and got the dizziness to go away for both. Doctor say to get rid of this tihngs are not easy and reoccurance is a issue too. 1 in 3 are likely to get it again so I thank go I got this far. I owe allot of people I know that...

as far as money goes I had no insurance because I own my own business . I know i have probably spent a good 7 to 10 grand on this crap but you gotta ask yourself what your helth worth to you.....
nitrams2000 last decade

voici l'adresse qui vous permettra de vous rendre directement sur l'article;


If you enter this address, you will end up directly on this young musician's testimony. He bears the nickname Blacknimrod, you only have to go down the page to the 2nd one, there you will find his exhaustive periplus. For those of you who wish to read it, please be aware that it is written in French.

I think of you very often. You became one of my internet spiritual friend.

Merci pour votre empathie.

deaf musician last decade
- To deaf musician
Je vous remercie enormement pour le nom de ce forum de surdite brusque ou subite.
Je parle en patois Lorrain avec ma famille au telephone ainsi je ne savais meme pas le nom de ce mal. Je sais qu'en Allemand on dit 'hoer schturtz'.
To recap what I said above for the reste of the posters:
I simply thanked deaf muscician for the name of a forum regarding sudden deafness in French.
Merci, merci, merci et Bonne Journee
To Nitrams2000, I unfortunately have no explanation to your question
will have the 'Life Line Screening' tests done this morning and I will ask them about your question.
When I consider that before all that I would already be in the office since 6:00AM as a Software Test Engineer writing test plans etc for my Team of Testers in India, I become very sad that I and many more here in the US lost our jobs at the end and now I have this affliction on top of all.
Got ro run now
Take care all and be safe in our unsafe world.
Please note that I have nothing but admiration towards the Indian IT workers, I know how hard they work and what a great job they do. But the bottom line still remains that we here in the US are loosing our jobs. I sometimes wonder if my SSNHL is not a result of stress, or the fact that after loosing my real job I got a job for two years (until the onset of SSNHL)in a health related corporation in a customer service position where I had to wear a head piece on the ear now deaf????? and the doctors told me that I cannot resume that job on the phones and maybe screw up my remaining hearing ear???????
Hope01 last decade
Hi JeWel41,
Just to let you know that Dr Gerald Brookes ENT Harley St (he's also a consultant at Royal Free Hospital, London) administers intratympanic steroid injections. I don't know the cost however.

Best wishes
rosetta last decade
Thanks Rosetta I will contact him. I tried to get referred to The Royal National Throat, Nose and ear Hospital but my GP said he cannot refer out of area.
JeWeL41 last decade
Hi all,
I am three weeks out from my sudden hearing loss (total loss in my left ear). Unfortunately, my story is the same as so many others...went to the GP and got Nasonex, etc.

My question is this: I have read on this board several times that there is a 1 in 3 recurrence rate for this. The most gloomy statistic regarding recurrence that I have seen is that once you have gotten SSHL, your chances of it happening to the other ear increase to 1 in 100 (this is on the Sheas Clinic website). Could you provide a source that shows a 1 in 3 recurrence rate?

Good luck to everyone as we battle through this. I've gotten about 50% of my hearing back so far. My ENT gave me a 6 day course of steroids and would not give me more.
deaftoo last decade
Hi deaftoo, sorry that you have joined our club! At least you have some hearing bacl already, have you had the shots? Nitrams and others swear by them and research does suggest that they work - I am going to try to get them but almost impossible in the UK. Please don't focus on the possibility of recurrence or you will go mad. In some people it does recur, but again most of the research that I have read suggests that this is an extremely rare event.Do you have tinnitus and other symptoms too? did you wake up with it? Were you ill at all before, or is there anything you could suggest as a cause - I have even read today that a bout of strenuous exercise could be a factor. Loads of luck with your recovery, keep posting!
JeWeL41 last decade
deaftoo - So sorry to hear about your case.
I hope you will also be a miracle case and you get all your hearing back.
This is not my case, but I have to live with it. Had lung cancer in 1989 and the dctors gave me 6 months to live........
So never go by what they say. By the way at MEEI, I was told that it is extremely rare that one gets an onset in the other ear. But then I do not trust doctors anymore when it comes to ear problems.
What I do at this point to watch my hearing in my left ear is that I take besides other supplements B12 methyl, not the regular B12 vitamins.
The doctors think that I got it because of a viral infection of my upper respiratory system 4 weeks prior to the onset. Who knows?
Good luck to you, here in the Boston area they do not believe in the shots, but as you can read on this forum many posters got the shots and their hearing came back. So please insist on getting the shots. Also, I received only 6 days worth of Prednisone, I read that it should be 12 days.
Please tell the doctor(s) what you need, if you do like me and just listen to what they say, you end up like me with no hearing left in one ear.
Good luck to you
Hope01 last decade
I got the Life Line Screening done this morning at 11:30, when I wanted to ask one of the young fellows about your question, he said that neither of them was allowed to comment on anything........
Sounds strange.
I had these tests done in the gym of a church and it was freezing in there. All three fellows doing the testing wore their ski parkas over their blue medical suit.
We, the people taking the tests were so cold. Hopefully I did not catch a cold. My results will come in the mail in less than 3 weeks.
Take care
Hope01 last decade
Thanks so much for your replies. I guess it is repetitive to say that it does feel better not being all alone with this.

My story is pretty typical. I was lounging in the hot tub, reading a book, sipping on a beverage. When I got out, I had an incredible ringing in my ear. I should say that for 2-3 days prior both of my ears were somewhat stuffed. Ironically, the less affected ear was the one that decide to blow.

I gave it one day to heal on its own, then went to my doctor, who decided it was congestion and prescribed Nasonex. I gave this a day to work. In the meantime, I went online and found an article about SSHL. I got nervous. Fortunately, my wife's friend's dad is an ENT and she got him to give me his cell number and I called. Long story short, I got to see him first thing Monday morning and he prescribed steriods--for 6 days. He told me that my hearing loss was profound and that administering steroids was the only treatment available but that there was really no conclusive evidence that it would do any good. Like I said, I got 6 days worth--24 mg on day 1, 20 mg on day 2, etc.

About 3 days after the course of steroids, my hearing came back to where it is now. I would guess that I have 50% back. From what I've read, given my initial hearing loss (total), this is pretty good. I had a follow-up appointmnet one week later where I got an MRI (negative) and saw the ENT again. At that time I asked him if I could benefit from more steroids. He said that it would not do any good. I asked him about shots in the ear and he said it would not do any good. He set an appointment for 2 weeks in the future to take a hearing test and discuss hearing aids, if applicable.

Since that appointment, I went back to my GP and told him what happened. He referred me to the Shea's Clinic in Memphis but my appointment is not for another 3 weeks...probably too far out to make any differnce.

As it stands now, I do have some hearing. I have a constant ringing in my ear, and I also have lots of pressure--like being on an airplane.

In sum, I am sitting here on one hand grateful that I have some hearing. I was told that if you have total hearing loss in one ear then that does not bode well for getting anything back. On the other hand, after reading this forum (which I discovered 3 days ago) I am thinking that there is more that I can do.

In the spirit of trying to get to the bottom of why this happens, here is a list of unique things that were happening at the time or just before onset:

1. I spent 3 weeks in the Florida Keys

2. I spent alot of time in a very dusty and dirty environment

3. I had enough of a sinus issue that I took Sudafed a couple of times

4. Lots of new stress due to a collicky baby

5. I have high blood pressure but not high cholesterol

I got a flu shot for the first time ever about a month prior

I gave up nicotine after a 10 year addiction 3 weeks prior.

Good luck everyone--
deaftoo last decade
you do have several factors that may well have contributed either alone or in combination. It would seem that you certainly had a virus - have you taken an antiviral like aciclovir? it may be too late now but if not, try to get some. You did not have enough oral steroids for long enough so try to get more and DEFINATELY GO FOR THE SHOTS IF YOU CAN see this :-
JeWeL41 last decade

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