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god2007, yes, it seems that she had both. she is not a typical case though is she? After all how many of us have even been offered exploratory surgery? My ENT said it could do more damage than good.
JeWeL41 last decade
I also read that Foxy Brown had a total hearing loss in both ears and ended up getting cochlear implants. Rush Limbaugh had total hearing loss in both ears and got cochlear implants. Some people say his hearing loss was due to drug use (abuse of painkillers) but his doctors say it was autoimmune.. who really knows? Anyway, whatever the cause the end result is still the same. He went stone cold deaf. Said he couldn't hear anything whatsoever -- not even fire alarms.

My personal opinion as to the cause of many cases of idiopathic sudden hearing loss is that it is probably due to a virus. Possibly herpes-1 (the cold sore virus not the STD one) or an enterovirus. If so, hearing loss and whether it comes back would depend on how aggressive the virus is and if steroids are prescribed in time to control inflammation from the virus. Perhaps that is why some people have such a huge hearing loss and others get hearing back. If this is the case, then there is really nothing that can be done to prevent it. If it is a virus, then the question is what triggers it to attack the ear.

As for my update, I'm now trying out hearing aids. My speech discrimation is not very good, so the benefit from a hearing aid is not very substantial for understanding what people are saying. However, the hearing aid does help a lot with the tinnitus. It seems to have helped my recruitment issues as well. I do have more of a sensation of stereo hearing, which helps with my sense of balance. Unfortunately, I will have to pay over 2k if I decide to keep it. I have a 75-day trial right now.
suburban mom last decade
I dont know much about Foxxy Brown but I understand her surgery was different then rush's. the doctor that did her surgery was Dr. Laura Arias. I understand that she has cured several people of this but I dont want to get your hop up to high because i cant seem to find her on the net for you. the good news is foxxy had this for 6 months and thats a longtime and to be cured like that is extremly cool.
nitrams2000 last decade
I found this statement

Foxy Brown Speaks On Hearing Loss
Dec 20, 2005

Rapper Foxy Brown took the stage to confront the rumors and speculation about her hearing loss and current medical condition. The rap star proclaimed that she hasn't been able to hear for six months.

The Def Jam rapper was joined by a gaggle of supporters in front of a crowd of press, photographers and staff on the set of BET’s “106 & Park” show, which is housed inside of the CBS Building in Manhattan.

Russell and Kimora Lee Simmons, Doug E. Fresh, Tyson Beckford, Dr. Benjamin Chavis, her doctor Laura Arias, her new attorney Jospeh Fleming, Reverend Young Blood, Cathy Jordan Sharpton, Burt Bedel, her mother and her two brothers all stood along the sidelines to support the 26-year-old artist. While he was slated to appear, Jay-Z, Def Jam's President, did not come to the press conference.

'In May 2005, my life was altered drastically,' Foxy, born Inga Marchand, said in a prepared statement. 'During my recording of Black Roses, I experienced a sudden hearing loss.

Breaking down into tears, Brown stated that even on stage, she was unable to hear anything going on around her and communicated solely through reading lips, facial expressions, and notes.

'We take for granted the simple words such as 'I love you', but I appreciate them all.'

Brown's doctor, Dr. Laura Arias the CEO of Medicine by Design, a medical consulting firm, stated that Foxy’s condition had no source or confirmed cause.

According to Arias, Foxy has lost hearing in both ears, a condition that remains permanent without treatment. The cause of the ailment is unknown.

Foxy is expected to begin treatment in January of 2006 and also will undergo surgery. Recovery time will be brief, but Arias said the time frame varies from patient to patient.

Dr. Arias stated that Foxy Brown was an excellent candidate for the procedure and patients with the same condition have regained their hearing.

Russell Simmons also took the stage to state the reasons for this press conference. Simmons felt the media has portrayed the situation in a wrongful manner and would like to use the time to correct the situation and also seek prayer from the public.

Her close friend, Doug E. Fresh also explained how surprised he had been when he heard of Foxy’s deafness.

“When I heard it, I didn’t know how true it was, I thought maybe it was a publicity stunt, I was amazed to see that she really couldn’t hear. I was out watching a movie with my son and she was there, he ran up to her, but he came back and said she didn’t talk to him and I thought to myself that isn’t Foxy, she talks to anyone who comes up to her.”

Doug E. Fresh mentioned how he was impressed to see Foxy Brown actually rapping on Biggie’s new album even with her loss of hearing.

“[People had to] tap on her shoulder to keep the beat and record for Biggie’s album and I heard…her flow was bananas,” Doug E. Fresh said.

Foxy Brown closed off by stating that she will finish recording her album, Black Roses, immediately upon getting her hearing back. Foxy said she would be releasing Black Roses in 2006.

The press conference was closed with a prayer from Reverend Young Blood
nitrams2000 last decade
I give up i have been searching all night but im willing to offer a reward. if someone can find me a link to this doctor or hosptial that is realand verifiable I will paypal you 200 dollars because now i want it and i cant find it
nitrams2000 last decade
Dr. Laura Arias the CEO of Medicine by Design, a medical consulting firm

200 dollars via paypal to the winner
nitrams2000 last decade
Hi nitrams2000, this is bizarre, like you I haven't been able to find out about her and neither have I read anywhere of the precise surgery that she had. It doesn't seem to ring true to me, why does no-one else know abou this miracle cure. The Doctor talks about 'complete recovery' and that 'recovery time is brief' so this surely does not refer to acochlear implant?
JeWeL41 last decade
yup something is fishy so if anyone has an idea or a verifiable answer I will off the reward. 200
nitrams2000 last decade
Hi. nitrams2000. You can go to
en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Foxy_Brown and know something about her. Thanks.
anon12345 last decade
anon12345 yes but it gives you nothing about her company, the location, the phone, nothing real, its just a name
nitrams2000 last decade
soo the hunt it on. 200 to the winner
nitrams2000 last decade
Hello all, does anyone here think cell excessive use of cell phones can cause sudden hearing loss? anyone here with sudden deafness used to use mobile too much? thank you in advance
markfxm last decade
markfxmi live on my cell phone for my business and it just so happens that it was my left ear that i mainly used and that was the same ear that i got my ssnhl. but i got my hearing back and i still use my cell and no change.

a long time ago i used to wrk for cellular one and there was some heat down on the from the gov. for science saying the possibility of over use of some cell phones could cause a tumor but never hearing loss. infact the reason why they beleived cell phones could cause cancer or a brain tumor was that they gave off radiation waves back in those days but no cell phones are different and operate totally different so I would say that chance is rare and besides you have many people getting this that have never even used a cell phone. I would say its more of a coinsidence then anything. but it could be buy some rare off chance that the sound volume could be particulary high or the tone of a certain phones hit certian high and low loevels that could cause ear damage. that would be more beleivable

lets say that its true that you could get a tumor from cell phones. then many of us would have tumors but actually its totally the opposit. I have never heard anyone yet they found a tumor and they say 90% of the time its not a tumor. so i still got say if you were even right that it would be so rare you would have better chance of being hit by lightning.
nitrams2000 last decade
ton of typos but its early in morning sorry
nitrams2000 last decade
hi guys , i have some questions about the tinnitus we have from SSHL. Seem like most people here have tinnitus from SSHL, so do u feel your tinnitus is kind of reactie to noise? I mean when u are outside and expode to noise like street/people/road/cars etc,do u feel your tinnitus become louder than usual. I think this kind of tinnitus is very difficult to habituate since it keeps fluctuating and according to where u have been to.

u said u have hearing aids which can mask yout T in day time, is yours also a reactive T ? or not ? Thanks

and god bless
god2007 last decade
god2007 it would be my general feeling from the people that I have asked. That everyone has some sort of tinnitus. i have only ever had one or two people ever say they dont hear tinnitus.

usually what ask them to do is to go in a quiet room , put thier fingers in thier ears and listen to see if the hear a ring. almost all people say they hear some type of ringing. especially if they where in a loud area before. I.E. concert or nightclub.

it is my general feeling that tinnitus ringing does not increase when you have SSNHL but just seems like it does.

when you have SSNHL , you can not hear, so the only thing you dear hear is the tinnitus that always was there but it is louder because your body cant hear anything else so it fixates on that one noise which makes it sound even louder.

just a theory i have.

P.S. also yes noise does drowned out tinnitus and thats why you hardly here it in loud areas annd only in silence.

also tinnitus is controled by fluids in your ears and fluids change thier content based on your diet so people that have sugar problems or eat more sugar items or caffiene are more likely ro have tinnitus. also high choelestral can cause this too. diet does actualy help to control tinnitus and thats a proven fact with many books on that subject.

hope that helps
nitrams2000 last decade
Hi God2007, I had mild tinnitus before SSHL in the same ear but nothing like it is now and has been since the day of onset. To answer your question, my tinnitus is not worse during or after exposure to noise, in fact it is less noticeable because of the noise. Nitrams theory seems plausable but in my case prior to SSHL i had one tinnitus noise and since onset I have had 3 distinctly different noises concurrently - the loud whistle, the wooshing and the chimes when I shake my head.
JeWeL41 last decade
Nitrams, thank you, but don't you think it is strange that you got ssnhl in the left ear you used to use mainly for cell usage. I got ssnhl in my right ear and it is the one I use for my business, I use my cell phone about 50 minutes average daily. Anyone here had SSNHL in the ear that they never used there cell phone ON? your info would be much appreciated.

Thank you
markfxm last decade
My mother has never ever used any cell phone before. Despite that she has got a SHL in the left ear and almost does not hear with the right one. I wrote how my mum's condition is on the previus pages.
anon12345 last decade
I have never used my mobile phone excessively but I have always used it with my right ear and my SSHL is in my left ear. Lots of studies have been done and it seems to me that there is no proven link between mobile phones and anything detrimental to health.
JeWeL41 last decade
To nitrams2000: About 50% of my hearing in the SHL ear has come back over the past 1 1/2 years, but the tinnitis is just as bad as it was from onset. So I don't agree with your idea that the tinnitis is normal but just seems to be loud because we can't hear anything else (so we focus on it). I can now hear fairly well again, but still want to tear my head off because of the loud & constant tinnitis. And yes, it's several different tones & sounds, French horn, whistle, roar, screech, etc. etc. The only constant is the 24/7 aspect of it.
cmaccart last decade
Just a quick update--I am going in for my follow up MRI tomorrow to see if a white spot near my ear canal has grown. I meet with the otologist right afterwards. Wish me well. Obviously, I hope everything is fine. Does anyone have any general questions that you want me to ask him?
deaftoo last decade
Hi, if you can could you ask how important is it to have a gadolinium enhanced MRI to diagnose acoustic neuroma. My MRI was not enhanced and they will not do a follow up that is. Thanks
JeWeL41 last decade
To Markfxm -
I have not posted on this forum for quite a while, but just now read the posts on the last page and I can say that my SSNHL in my right ear was not from my cell phone as I use it rarely, but I was wearing a head set on the right ear at work in a customer service job.
See I used to be a software QA engineer then my job was outsourced to India and I ended up in a Customer Service job on the phone for eight hours a day from Monday to Friday. My doctors think it could have been the cause of the onset of sudden deafness.
Take care
Hope01 last decade
Hi there,

I had SHL since may and I found my tinnitus get worse progressively from onset. Does it happen to you guys ? Before it was just a hiss sound, then gradually it get worse to become more multiple sound with different tones and volume goes up as well which now make me hear my T over everything, so loud, even I am outside I still hear it .
Anyone need medication to relieve their tinnitus and aid sleep ? I now need to do this because I can't stand the noise anymore. I went to a tinnitus forum from USA, people there with severe tinnitus also need medication to cope with their T. How about you guys here?
god2007 last decade
my T comes and goes but i think some how diet vitamins and muscle relaxers work.

T is genrally left over and causes are various but proper diet will help.

as far as drugs go.

1. melatonin herb work well for sleep aid.

2. valiums work really well for me.

3. lunesta is great.

4. lipoflavinoid vitamins in pills form and liquid vits help. also i found a great vitamins thats liquid that just kicks butt. its called peter gillhams natural vatilaity- organic life vitamins.

more blood flow and vits you have going to you body the better off you are and keep that choelestral low.

avoid loud places. no more nightclubs, footballs games,

sometimes my t is almost completly gone and i wont hear it for weeks. then it shows up for a few days and goes away again.....

vliums really help and make sure you get exrecise and sleep
nitrams2000 last decade

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