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Hello 2dogs,
I had the same alarm issue. If I fall asleep on my good ear, I hear nothing. Fortunately, my dogs hear the alarm and vibration from my iPhone alarm and the vibration must remind them of the pager on their 'doggie hearing aids' and they frantically lick my face and climb on top of me. We only use the 'pager' function of their shock collars due to some prior aggression problems, but this has now provided me with two 70 lb. enforcers for my alarm. If I happen to be asleep in another room, they actually awaken my wife to come get me up. Very effective, but my wife doesn't always find it amusing.
I have become addicted to swimmer's silicon earplugs to deaden the hyperaccussiveness in the good ear and protect the bad ear from sudden noises, like female voices, that bore into my head and try to drop me to my knees.
sandmanranch last decade

Unfortunately, the odd sounds in the bad ear has not gone away. I can certainly still listen to music, but at a much lower level - and its not as enjoyable. And higher pitch noises sound the most like they were somehow computer generated. That part really sucks. The upside is that once I regained this hearing, my binural hearing increased significantly. At first, when I had absolutely no hearing in one ear, I had no idea which direction sound was coming from. I now have a reasonable ability to figure out which direction things are coming from. It's by no means perfect - but much better than nothing. For me, this is well worth the strange distrotion of some sound.

I haven't tried earplugs yet, though sandmanranch may have convinced me to try.

Also, I just had an idea about the alarm clock problem - that we all have. (Not everyone has two 70 pound dogs.) Buy a timer from home depot that turns a light on at a certain time. I use these for my Christmas lights.

MarkLM last decade
That's a good news/bad news thing...I am so hoping the R2D2 sounds will diminish.

I may be getting some mild response to the steroid, OR my head cold is diminishing, I can't tell which...my plugged sensation is about 10% less every so often. How my ear feels and hears seems to fluctuate hour by hour...is that the way it's just going to be?

BTW, I'm not the one with the alarm problem, someone got their replies mixed, but I also have 2 30-pound dogs. However, they sleep ON me half the time and we have to wake THEM! Useless. We're retired, and one perk to that is no more alarms unless we have a morning appt., which we never make either :).

Can anyone tell me how the hearing loss associated with Meniere's differs from this? How do you know you have the right Dx.?
2dogs last decade
All...I am having a bad reaction to the prednisone...anxiety, out-of-body type, can't think, agitated. I am so afraid I won't be able to tolerate it, this is only day 4...it started about an hour after my 4th dose of 60mg. It's a holiday, I can't do anything but pace the floor and wait till I see the Dr. tomorrow I guess. Anyone else have it this bad? Could use some support...and oh...my ear is no better, plugged sensation feels worse, if anything...whole side of head feels dead.
Very demoralized.
2dogs last decade
2Dogs, hang in there, prednisone is a good but very hard drug. I had exactly the same reaction as you, wanted to climb out of my own skin. Be sure to ask your doc about some kind of temporary help for sleep...I swore that I would never again take prednisone without Ambien to at least let me sleep. You might even think about call your doc and getting the on-call person....that is what on-calls are for...they want you to call and not to suffer.
SBBBG last decade
Thank you so much. I do have a life history of panic attacks, been on SSRI drugs for years, and am totally under control...this is my worst nightmare, having them come back. Also made the mistake of Googling prednisone and anxiety and am now convinced I am doomed forever. Am I just overreacting? It's a holdiay, so I won't call tonight, I have one leftover ambien from some surgery last year that I can take if I have to till I get to the dr. tomorrow. I so appreciate your quick answer, I need some handholding and my family doesn't get it.
2dogs last decade
2Dogs, the good news is that the symptoms go away as quickly as they come...at least that was my experience...when I ended the drugs, the symptoms quickly subsided, that is, I was back in my skin, the red face went right away. It is the side effect of that drug that you are experiencing, it sounds like.

I think the thing to give yourself a break on is the fact that this sudden hearing loss can be so very traumatic. And I know it is a holiday, but if you need to call, go ahead and do that, for your peace of mind. Blessings!
SBBBG last decade
SBBG, you are such a Godsend tonight. I did have an abatement of symptoms long enough to let me watch TV for a couple hours with my family..then I got a fresh wave. I'm so ambivalent...I want this stuff OUT of my system, but am so afraid NOT to take the full course.

Oddly, just like last night at this time of night, my 'fullness' feels diminished. Wonder what nighttime has to do with it. Hope when I wake up in the morning it will be this good. Did yours fluctuate like this?

I feel like a pest here...a whining baby. But I know I'm not alone, and grateful for you 'oldies' who are still here helping.

I'm putting you on standby!
2dogs last decade
2dogs - I am not prone to anxiety attacks, but I had the same symptoms after day 10. It's not fun. Hang in there as best you can. When I stopped the prednisone, I didn't taper off slowly - just stopped cold turkey and the anxiety went away in a day.

Also, when I first got the anxiety feelings, it was worse on the first day. In other words, I wanted to kill someone on day 10, but by day 11 I just wanted to punch someone in the nose. For me, at least, the bad symptoms diminished a bit and stabilized. It is hard to deal with - especially considering you just lost your hearing. Rest when you can and have trust that you'll be OK.
MarkLM last decade
Mark, thanks so much. I had a terrible night, but am better today, and am thinking it's because I've been taking (per instructions)all 6 pills at once. I took them about 4 p.m. and this reaction started about an hour later. From my reading, I probably should divide up into 3 doses with food, ending early.

My hearing seems about the same...the electronic sounds are still there but I'd say a fraction less reactive than 2 days ago. Feeling of fullness/pressure is, if anything, worse, and it encompasses an area in front of my ear and down my neck. Did you have the pressure as well? How long did that take to subside?

Thanks SO much for the reassurance. I'll check back after I see this neuro-otologist today.
2dogs last decade
My doctor said to take all the prednisone at once in the AM. His theory was that the body naturally produces steroids in the AM, and this keeps the body on the same cycle - with a BIG boost. My guess is that it likely doesn't really matter of that no one really knows.

I don't remember if my 'fullness' got worse before getting better, though I don't remember it going down my neck. I will definitely reassure though that it will subside.

Good luck with the doctor today !
MarkLM last decade
I lost my hearing in the right ear almost three years ago and it affected my left ear also of which I have only 10% hearing in it and 0% in right ear. Paid over 5,000 dollars at Shea Hearing Clinic for steriod infusion and never helped a bit. Been dioagnosed with auto immune disease which attacked the hearing
mcavinee last decade
I have had the fullness down my neck since this happened (in October). Some days it's worse than others...just like the tinnitus. I even told my doctor I feel like the 'elephant man' down the left side of my face/neck. I guess I should be thankful I don't look that way!

I think I've found my answer to sleeping through the alarm clock (for those of us without pets). I've found some online that are small alarm clocks that go into your pillow and vibrate to wake you up. Makes sense...guess I'll try that. If anyone has tried this already and found it to not work, let me know, OK? Thanks!
mimiof4 last decade
Mark, and all, good news, bad news at the neuro-otologist. He says it's not SHL, but more probably a tear in the round window membrane, which I probably did blowing my nose...just as I suspected.

Like a scuba diver's blown ear. It may or may not get better without surgery (wait and see), or have the surgery with a 50/50 chance of improvement. Only good news is, steroids won't help this, so I got off them. Good thing, my blood pressure was over the top.

I'm just exhausted with all this. To explain more, when the membrane breaks, the two types of fluids in the inner ear are no longer contained, they mix, and the pressure is totally changed in there. That's what's causing the fullness.

Need to read more and think. Glad to be off the steroids, but worried about what this may mean. Going in for more tests in 2 weeks, then to see a surgeon.

Be well, everyone.
2dogs last decade
Hi 2dogs,

boy, can I relate to your fear and loss! Everyone is giving you really good advice. Like Mark said, this is your hearing do whatever you have to and don't worry about seeking a 2nd opinion at all. Find neuro-otologist or very good ENT who cares and is on top of you concerns. I personally wasted a lot of time with a dismissive female ENT who probably just that day that I came in read up on sshl, seriously!

It sounds like you may have more potential for hearing recovery than I did. Take the steroids if you aren't already (I've been speed reading to catch up the posts.) Also, I have this feeling that the steroids saved my good left ear. I know that I lost some higher pitch sounds even in that ear because I missed certain squeaky household sounds for about a month before I stopped expecting to hear them anymore. The steroids will halt any further damage to both ears.

I too am a really anxiety prone person but I had to take them. I felt kind of unreal and had constantly sweaty hands while taking the steroids. But, some days I actually felt pretty energetic and good. A pharmacist advised me to focus on positive emotions while on prednisone (starting at 60 mg.s for several days then tapering, I had 25 20 mg. pills) because both positive and negative emotions are amplified. I got a lot of housework done,:-)!

About the earplug, I don't think that it will hurt but your brain and body are adapting slowly but surely to whatever hearing you will recover. Like others here are saying the sound distortions and fullness get better with time. As long as you are doing everything you can, relax because that is all you can do right now. I know that's a lot easier said than done.

I feel scared every day but my good ear has stayed good and I'm adapting a little. I can't imagine life without Bach or the Beatles, and people's voices. A lot of people know how you feel here. Just get into survival mode! Only pay attn. to people who support you at this critical time.

Sincerely, Frogs.
sweetsoundoffrogs last decade
Hey 2dogs,

we must have been posting at the same time. I feel kind of dumb. So, you have a ruptured round window? I don't know very much about that but have heard of either the oval or round windows leaking or rupturing. I guess your history of blowing your nose helps you arrive at that. It makes me wonder about me because I have a feeling of collapse in my ear that I figure is just part of sshl. Well, forget all of my 'take the steroids' advice if they won't help but just give you high bp.

Good luck! let me know more about this diagnosis because I've always wondered if my ear finally collapsed after trouble with a repeat ruptured eardrum on that side. I feel pretty idiopathic some days and probably need more questions answered by my doctors. Do you have frequently popping eardrums? I never hear people talk about that but mine pop a lot some days. My deaf ear actually hears a little better after popping and there's a real sense of relief of pressure.

Okay, I'm done for now. Again, good luck 2dogs. Whatever the cause, what you are going through is something I can sympathize with! FROGS
sweetsoundoffrogs last decade
Sweetsounds...yes, I think 'idopathic' is the key word in this field...also 'wait'. I knew when I did this, it's just that my ENT pooh-poohed it. This guy said right away 'You described perfectly to me a pressure incident and you did not describe waking up one morning not being able to hear the alarm, which is SHL'. Makes sense.

Yes, I think I have always had tube dysfunction, much popping and open/close issues with allergies. Yesterday this one popped a bit and for a few minutes it felt great.

This morning is it worse and I'm way off balance, but I slept on my good side (different for me) and my head is full of fluid from the steroids. Hoping with a duretic and moving about it will open some. Have you been evaluated for anything OTHER than SHL?

Interesting, also he showed me the anatomy, and showed how the fluid chambers are closest to the higher frequency part of the Choclea, so high frequecy loss to him does not always suggest SHL...the tones nearest the auditory nerve are the lower frequency. Isn't that the opposite of what many of us have been saying? (Mark are you there?)

There's no question that whatever virus I have (cold) that started this is still with me, and my whole head feels stuffed with cotton, sinuses are not great. So I think I need to recover fully from this as well, in order to get a handle on how bad this will be. I go back in 2 weeks. The Dr. has a website:

that's very helpful. If ever there was an ear wonk, this is the man. Stay in touch, it helps me to talk to others. I'm sorry you have this too.
2 dogs
2dogs last decade
2dogs last decade
Hi, Just a wondering on the prednisone tablet therapy. Does anyone know if it makes a difference to their effectiveness whether they are taken all at once or split throughout the day?
Esperanza last decade
My pharm said it was ok to split throughout day with food, tho many written instructions say to take the whole dose in the a.m., as that's when it best goes along with the circadian rhythms. Taking it too late in the day will exascerbate the sleep issue.

Best advice, ask your Dr.
2dogs last decade
Hi and Happy 2009 to all! Comming up on 4 mos. and really each week breings new changes. I'm waiting until afetr 2-14 to get a hearing test to see how much came back but , I'm sure that I'm at 60% hearing now. Still suffer the tinnitis but the space alien noises calmed down alot.Sometimes i still get full but it always changes. really not as bad as the first month. I remember when I first could faintly hear the phone dial tone. (that was my testing method) It really is strong now and to the point that I can hear conversations and make out what is being said. for two months i have been taking ginko (2 pills) each morning along with b complex.Don't know if it helped or not. i have a very good ent from the University of PA. hosp. in Phila. He advised me against the shots and also against a hearing aide. He said that at my age 54, hearing will return slowly and that a hearing aide will make my ear work less.I find that eating chocolate disturbes my tinnitus and makes it louder.I stopped drinking diet sodas and anything with aspartime sweetner in it. changed yogurt to weight watchers and splenda for my coffee. I drink half caffine coffee. I believe all the dietary changes have helped because for three days during the holidays I went back to diet soda and candy, and my condition took a complete nose dive. Each week brings changes for the better. All of my bros. and sisters who have recently been affected with this please have confort in knowing that it will get better. Believe it. I hope to wake up one day with no tinnitus. The hearing imparement is nothing compared to the sounds of the tinnitus. Even that is dimminishing compared to months ago! Hang Tough! Be happy , and live. You'll be dead for along time!
luv2ridegal last decade
my child has 3 and half years old.she has hearing loss problem in both the ears.we went to doctor they told she has inner ear nerve problem.
my daughter is girl baby. i am worrying about life long she is putting hearing aid in the ear.but now she is talking more than 100 words
is homeopathy cure hearing loss problem?pls tell me the solution.whoes the best homeopathy doctor to cure hearing loss problem
ammu1 last decade
Dear Ammu1, My friend who is 52 was born with zero hearing in her left ear due to nerve deafness. I met her at work and did not know of her dis. until i got to know her better. She is like anyone else that you will see in a day.She has been reading lips since she was a child and says that she never knew any other way of living. She does not consider herself impaired.
luv2ridegal last decade
I was going through these posts and am comforted, but sorry, to see so many folks in exactly the same situation as me, even ones from people who apparently have been to the same ear Dr. I have. In October of 2008, both my ears felt stuffy, particularly my right ear. As I had surgery in my right ear in January of 2007 for otosclerosis, my secretary wisely suggested I go to an ENT right away. I saw one the next morning and the ENT gave me the oral steroids as the hearing test revealed potential nerve damage in my right ear. I faithfully took the steroids and returned to the ENT the following week where the new hearing test showed I had lost 72% of my hearing in the right ear. That of course, was accompanied by the awfully loud tinnitus and the horrific 'alien' or 'computer' voice so many people on the board have referred to (James Earl Jones sounds like Alvin the Chipmunk to me). The ENT referred me to a local specialist who ordered a CTScan to confirm the Stapedectomy from 2007 was still fine. The CTScan came back normal so the Dr. administered steroid shots directly to the ear, once a week for the following three weeks, which has not helped. During the time I received the shots, the tinnitus grew exponentially worse and the overall hearing in my right ear did not improve (though my word recognition increased from 28% to 50% in the right ear, I attribute this to no longer having stuffiness in the ear and having had multple hearing tests since October all using the same word list - Cowboy, Airplane, Baseball, etc...). All of this being said, I am looking for any insight anyone may have on any home remedies, or anything else, that has helped.
ssnhl last decade
Wish I could help, but as you know, I'm new to this too. I feel very helpless, and frankly surprised that they (even the well-known experts) seem to know so little. So far I get the feeling we're just another twist on a problem they have no answers for.

Why did you need the Stapedectomy in 2007...what caused that problem, and do you feel your ears are just structually vulnerable? I know I've always had tube dysfunction...this is like a giant magnification of that, only I feel it's not ever going to clear.

Are you on lipo-flavonoids? (B complex with something added for ear circulation)? Can't hurt. People mention Ginko, as well. Hang in there...at least come here for support. The world is not very fun through an earmuff.
2dogs last decade
Dear luv2ridegal,

I'm 11 months into sshl. I have profound loss in the high frequencies. Anything below 375hz are close to normal. My audiologist at Stanford Hospital recommended a hearing aide saying it will help 'stimulate' non-functioning hearing cells in a long run. Personally, I don't benefit from it at all, nor does it mask my tinnitus, as they claimed in the beginning. Since you mentioned you have a great ENT that recommended against an aide, could you help me inquire about research papers that prove contrary to its advantage? I wouldn't have purchased it and keep feeling completely cheated for spending 2 grand on something I don't benefit from, if they had not kept emphasizing the 'stimulation' part. Thank you so much.
glad227 last decade

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