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it2701027 - how do your doctors know that you had an 'inner ear stroke'? This is generally put forward as just one of the possibilities but as far as i am aware it is impossible to tell. Other possibilities include small tears in the membranes of the inner ear, virus, circulation problem, tumours, head trauma (but we would probably notice this one), auto immune disorders such as multiple sclerosis or even Lymes disease - the truth is that ENTs do not know what causes SSHL and most causes cannot be determined. To look inside the ear can do more damage than leaving well alone so that is what they tend to do with us. Steroids can help as we know - I had high dose steroids for one month from onset but interestingly did not regain any hearing until one month after that (I got about 1/2 back). Tinnitus medications may or may not work, in my experience they have not but you do learn to live with it as long as you don't focus on it - easy huh? I haven't noticed anything that makes it worse though I have trouble with sleeping because of it sometimes. Yes we are all unlucky but there are many worse afflictions that we could have so i am grateful for that. Off camping with my son now for a couple of days....
JeWeL41 last decade
No, they don't know the cause of the hearing loss but they said it's like 'stroke' to your inner ear when they were explaining idiopathic SSNHL to me.
lt270107 last decade
Hello all. Everyday, I silently thank the inventor of the Internet. Without it, I would have never found this forum (close to the top of a Google search BTW).

So, here is my story. Mar 25, woke up at 6:00 am to watch a television program. Shortly after I start watching, I feel fullness in my left ear coupled with a loud ringing. I suffer from very, very minor tinnitus, so at first I simply thought 'someone is talking about me.' Two hours later it is still there. Then it stops...and starts again for another two to three hours.

This goes on until the night of 28 Mar when it stops. It does not start again until the night of 29 Mar and has been going strong since.

On 27 Mar, I go to see a GP type doctor. Ironically, I was in the middle of a physical exam and had to do a hearing test. I tested perfect in both ears, but the fullness and ringing was not there at the time. I explain to the doc what is happening and he refers me to an ENT.

On 3 Apr, I go to the ENT, take a hearing test and test in 90 to 100 db range for my left ear because of the ringing and fullness. The ENT says I am suffering from SSHL (he did not hesitate and he was confident). He prescribes methylprednisolone (48mg per day for seven days) along with some stuff that helps prevent damage to the stomach lining caused by the steroid. He also orders up an MRI and says he will see me in one week.

On 10 Apr I go back, do the MRI, another hearing test and go see the doctor. The MRI was clean (no white spot in the canal, but there did seem to be more fluid in the left (bad) near the nerve than in the right (good). My hearing test resulted in 60-70 db in the left which was a slight improvement. The doctor gave me another seven days of the steroid (3 full days, followed by 4 days of tapering) and said he would see me in a week. The doctor seemed to think I was making progress and ruled out other blood work. Again, with no hesitation and a large amount of confidence in his diagnosis.

Now, things I noticed. The ringing is annoying. The inability to focus on multiple conversations is also tough to deal with. Once I started on the steroids, I became very aware of my hearing and constantly looked for signs of improvement while plugging my good ear (snapping my fingers on the bad side, rubbing quarters together, whistling). I also noticed showers are tough because of all the acoustics. Finally, I get a high pitch feedback in my left ear which is also very annoying, but reassuring because I am hearing something.

Everything I have read to date (aloooooooot) says there is no one cause, it is idiopathic and steroids are not a sure thing, but they can help.

I try to focus on dealing with it and making adjustments. I still go out (I am in a bowling league) and I still socialize. I listen to less music, but still watch television.

As for me, I am a US military member stationed in South Korea. Medical care is free for me. The military hospital here only has one ENT and he was away on a trip when I reported my problem, so I was referred to a Korean hospital (Samsung). Best hospital I have ever been to. I have good cholesterol (150), am in fairly decent shape, thin build, and no major health issues. CVC and urine tests were also normal.

I truly think what caused my problem was a series of trips to the dentist which involved the noisy drill. I had an appointment on 22 Mar (three days before it started), 29 Mar (ringing and fullness returned for good the same night) and again on 2 Apr. I may be wrong, but I did notice that drill during the two cleanings and one filling repair.

I hope this helps in some way. If I do not get my hearing back, I have pledged not to let it change me. I am trying to stay positive (this has been tough) and I am trying to maintain my routine. I will keep you posted if you like.
lostnasia last decade
Hello lostnasia! Good luck to you in the next week,- I hope the stereoids can help you gain more hearing,- you should have a good chance of this since you have acted so quickly to your problem. And your doctor took you seriously! I hope you can update us on your progress. I am going back to the hospital apr 19th, but I wish it was tomorrow! I'm on diuretics, and I'm experiencing some side effects. It is supposed to help against inner ear fluid. However, I have not noticed any improvement in ear fullness or tinnitus,- and if the hearing is better I belive it must be marginal, because I cannot tell without an audiogram. My life is a bit on hold right now, as I'm not feeling that well with the medication. But I exercise every day almost, and I can work most days from home office. (Unless I have to attend meetings). My doctor has told me it might be beginning Meniere's, but I have not yet had vertigo attacks. I still don't have definite diagnosis, but I do have upwards audiogram, meaning I have lost lower frequencies more than higher frequencies,- which I have been told is typical of Meniere's. Well, at this time I have come to the conclusion that time will tell,- I don't think the doctors will be able to give me a definite diagnosis.The strange thing is that I have had constant ear fullness, tinnitus and hearing loss since jan 2nd,- it came over night. In Meniere's I believe the three conditions will vary much more,- sometimes to be almost non-existing. Not so with me.
klmno last decade
Lostnasia, thanks for your accounting of your experience. It sounds like you are in good hands, although I was prescribed 60 mg./day for 2 weeks of Prednisone, with the 3rd week reserved for tapering. I was fortunate with a recovery to the level of 'normalcy' I had prior. This was in October and was my second bout with SSNHL (the previous being August 2005). I continue to have tinnitus, have added things like Astragalus, Grape Seed Extract and Lipo-Flavonoid to my daily supplement tray.

In addition, because I live in some measured state of paranoia regarding re-occurrence, I massage the area around my left ear when it starts feeling weird, which seems to have a positive effect. In that way I am like nitrams2000 who is coming up, in a few months. on his last 'birthdate' of SSNHL. Good luck.
seattlestan last decade
Hello all, I am glad you found this forum lostnasia. I do think that you seem to be in good hands and have a great chance for recovery. As most of you know I was not so lucky. But I rejoice with all of you that are recovering from SSNHL.
I just hope that I can keep the remaining hearing in the left ear aided with a hearing aid (no hearing left in the right ear).
On another forum, I read a post the other day of a person that is totally blind and also hearing impaired. He/she ia a Vice President of an IT Corporation and travels a lot. One has to be in awe of such people. After I had read this, I told my kids that I am ashamed when I complain.
Take care and best of luck to all
Hope01 last decade
Kimno - My doctor initially thought Meniere's too until I had the hearing test. He then ruled it out completely. I believe veritgo is a must symptom for Meniere's. Your dizziness is likely a result of the diuretics.

Seattlestan - recurrence is something I am not even contemplating. I want to get past this occurence. Good news for you that you were able to recover (twice). I am impressed by your extra efforts - do you thiink the supplements help?

Hope - In my life the one thing I am certain about is that everything happens for a reason. I have been in the military for close to 20 years and I have seen the world. I have also seen and been a victim to some crazy things. I just try to stay upbeat, smile, and look at the good aspects. One good thing about SSHL: I know longer hear the snoring from my wife or our little dog. I assure you this is a benefit. The other thing I have tried and am still trying to do is to not focus on the way 'it used to be.' I think this really helps.

Take care all...I will continue to update! Best wishes to everyone and hopes for recovery no matter what your status is.
lostnasia last decade
You are so right, everything in life does happen for a reason. In 1989 I was diagnosed with pneumonia and that same evening with lung cancer in the ER, this after a flight from Zurich to Boston, and I was given 6 to 8 months to live. Had I not taken that trip to Switzerland where I got a real bad cold, it would have taken a long time until somebody would have seen the tumor on the lung and then it would have been too late. I am still here, God kept me going because I had a mission and that was to raise two wonderful children.
Their Dad had left us, so there was only me to raise the kids.
Lostnasia, you have the right attitude.
So is Seattlestan, like him I do believe in supplements,
To this day, I do not have a grey hair on my head, this is because I take 50 mg of zinc every day.
I also take B12 (the methyl kind) since my onset of SSNHL. I take of course a lot of other supplements as well. While I am going down the boomers lane, I have the energy and looks of a 45 years old one.
To all have a good day and keep a positive attitude
Hope01 last decade
Hi all, well some exciting news from Perth Australia. was watching the news last night and the breaking news was about restoring hearing by growing inner ear cells, have found the article below and cut and pasted it for all to read:-

Australian scientists grow human ear cells.
PERTH, Australia, April 11 (UPI) -- Australian researchers say they have created an alternative to stem cell technology to grow human ear cells.
Professor Marcus Atlas of the Ear Science Institute Australia said his research team has grown inner ear cells taken from an adult hospital patient in Perth.
He is seeking about $12 million in government funding to advance trials of the procedure.
Atlas told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. that 'it is extremely difficult ... we have to have the right environment, the right nutrients, the right blood supply and the right environment for these hair cells to grow in.'
The cells have the potential to restore hearing and balance in people who are born deaf or have a degenerative hearing disease but human trials were still a long way off, Atlas said.
Copyright 2007 by United Press International. All Rights Reserved.
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This is so exciting for everyone suffering hearing loss on all levels.
Not sure about me as I have regained 100% in the lower frequencies and 40% in the higher frequencies since Sept last year and have been coping well, but definately something I would look into.
Will be interesting to find out how far away the trials are so will do some looking into this.
Can't beleive it, finaly something on my home ground as I was most disappointed when I found they didn't do the steroid injections to the inner ear in Australia.
Will keep you all posted and hang in there to all the new posters on this forum.
Mertie last decade
Hi Mertie - thank you so much for the article. I had asked my Doctor - Steven Rauch at MEEI in Boston in December about that, he told me that it is at least 15 years away. Hopefully researchers in Australia will be able to speed up the research.
In the meanwhile, we all have to hang in there and not loose hope. Glad to hear that you have recovered so much of your hearing.
Take care
Hope01 last decade
Thanks hope01, yes it really is a matter of not losing hope and having faith. Lets hope the Australian Government come to the party with the funding to help speed things up.
Mertie last decade
Has anyone tried the 'Silverstein Microwick' procedure of administering steroids to the inner ear.

See that website, webmd search under 'Sudden Hearing Loss'. You'll see the simple outpatient procedure, local anathesia. The patient will apply medicines to the inner ear through a tub/wick going through a small hole in their eardrum.

Has anyone had any luck with this procedure.

It seems to be the leading edge in treatment ..
more/stronger/frequent drug doses directly to the inner ear .. without the systemic steriod problems.
bigmike408 last decade
Hi everyone!
I am back from 2 months in sunny Arizona where I rested and enjoyed the sun. Hoped that the rest would improve my condition but it is the same after almost 8 months.
For anyone new, I had sudden left sided hearing loss with tinnitus and vertigo from the onset. I saw an ENT after 6 days and was on 60 mg steroid and antiviral for 7 days and then half the dose of steroid for 7 days. No change. I then tried a naturalpath with accupuncture, massage, chiropractor, dizzy clinicI takes vits and high dose B complex.
My ENT did not seem to have a good knowledge base so my husband and I found out what we could on the net and I asked for what I wanted.
I can't work at my job and have been off for stress leave for these 2 months. I went to my specialist in Vic. as soon as we got home and my hearing is the same as 3 mo. ago. Left ear is 63dB in low tone and 95 dB in higher tones.This came up from 100% loss the first three months.!
I am apparently a good candidate for the Baha which is a bone conduction hearing aide meant for people with one sided hearing loss.It is the best option for me so I will go for it.The audiologist tested me with bone conduction instuments and I did very well. I feel very good about this. I can't get in for surgery for 6 mo. to a year. Good old Canadian health care. At least my surg will be free and I will only have to pay for whatever the Baha costs.
Someone wondered about the cochlear implant. It is only for people that are deaf in both ears as far as I have read.
My tinnitus remains the same, 3 types and constant. At times I have two types. The level of noise is different all the time. Noisey environments are hard and if too many people near me are talking I have a big problem hearing. Directional is hard and can be embarassing if I turn the wrong way when someone talks...EeeeKKK!!!!! so frustrating at times!!!
I still have a hard time with dizzines although I try to avoid bending or looking up. My specialist got me to lay with my head turned each way to test. This makes my eyes flutter and he can measure my balance problem. They also did these tests at the dizzy clinic and said that I have moderate to severe vertigo. They gave me exercises to reduce/ eliminate the problem. We'll see. It's certainly not as bad as the first 2 months. I could almost not walk the first week and it took a few months to become fairly stable. I haven't read much about dizziness being constant on this forum.
Glad to read all the imput after coming home. I shut down from everything to get a good rest while away.
Thanks all!!
anitime last decade
Hello again,
I was wondering if any one on this forum has tried out the Meniett device,- to help against dizziness?
klmno last decade
Hello Anitime,
Good to see you back on the forum - However I wish you could have told us that you have completely recovered now.
I know what you are saying about Tinnitus mine is driving me crazy.
Nice to hear that you where in Arizona for 2 months. Many moons ago, we lived in Phoenix.
My Son went back there recently with his bride on their honeymoon.
He called me from there telling me that I should not say where we lived, because that upscale neighborhood is now in shamble. That is so sad.
But nevertheless, Arizona is such a pretty state.
I wish you well
Hope01 last decade
klmno - how's your appointment with your doctor? Getting any better?

Anitime - Hi, I have the same story like you - sudden left sided hearing loss with tinnitus. I had vertigo only on that day of onset. Coping alright so far with one hearing ear. Almost 3 months now.
lt270107 last decade
Had my doctor's appointment yesterday. I have been on diuretics for 5 weeks now. My hearing in the lower frequencies had improved significantly,- I'm up to 40 dcb now. However, the higher frequencies were worse, but I had a lot of strong tinnitus signals which I think interfered with the higher frequencies. But, it was encouraging as far as hearing loss. However, two days ago I experienced an 'episode' at work in my office. I started to feel strange and unwell. I got myself a glass of water, but it didn't help. I started to sweat profoundly, had to lay down on the floor and was SO dizzy. Could not walk straight,felt very 'drunk'. It was no spinning around (vertigo), I did not vomit and I did not feel nauseated. But MOST uncomfortable. Lasted for 1 hour, then I got myself a taxi and went straight to bed, still feeling unstable. After a couple of hours I managed to get up, but I felt I really had to concentrate when walking around in the house,- I used a cane 'in case'. Well, in the evening I felt much better again. Tinnitus by the way had increased in strength a lot about 1 hour before this started. Mentioned it to the doctor, but he didn't say much. It was different from the dizzy spells I have when I am getting up from chairs. The doctor said to continue diuretics, he wants to discuss my case with other specialists, and will call me (probably today). He mentioned Meniette device, I think I will get Meniere's diagnosis or perhaps secondary endolymphatic hydrops. He believed my hearing had improved so much due to diuretics. I am very happy for this of course. The fact that my Tinnitus is worse, they belive is side effect of diuretics, and may improve when I get off medication. Have an appointment to go to, but will keep updating.
klmno last decade
Hello all,
I know it has been a few weeks, so let me catch everyone up with the progress of my battle with SSHL. In a nutshell, I am losing. I finished the two weeks of steroids and did another hearing test. The improvement was mild (all freqs are now between 60 and 70 db). Voices are very distorted and can only be heard at loud volumes.

So, it appears my progress is basically done. I was upset at first, but quickly reconciled with it (heeding to my own advice). I am either getting used to the tinnitus or it is decreasing (prob the former).

The way ahead now appears to simply involve coping. I asked my doctor about fluid near the hearing nerve and he said mine was normal.

I am no longer on any meds and am moving forward. I figure I have many other things to be happy for and will see if my hearing improves over time.

lostnasia last decade
A quick shout out to Hope!

What a special person you are. To deal with everything you are going through and still be sane is amazing. I had no idea about all of the other troubles you suffered through and am truly impressed by your fortitude. You should write a short story about coping. I'm serious. I am sure your experience would be of great value to others who are forced to live through similar circumstances.

My hat is of to you!
lostnasia last decade
Lostnasia - Are these nice words for me?
If yes, thank you so much - But I really do not deserve them as the only thing that I did or still do is try to stay positive despite all these happenings.

Again, thank you so much
Hope01 last decade
Well, it finally happend. I have a cold that is in my throat and I can't talk for a few hours in the morning. Husband is happy!! Ha!!!Drink hot fluids and do what I can for relief. But I have been overthinking and have been quite paranoid about having a virous and loosing the hearing in my good (right) ear. I went in to see my doc. and he told me no way yada yada yada! I know all this but because I don't feel very normal will worry. He also told me how lucky I am in comparison to some others and I agree that I can totally adapt to this condition but sure don't want to loose any more.... I guess with time and few flus behind me (Arrgg )I won't be as stressed.
I went for an ENG test. They did the testing and when they did the warm water flush to my ears I was pretty sick. They stopped the test and did not do the cold water flush. I then went to the physiotherapist that deals with vertigo and she tested me again. The tests showed more problems on the left side. I told her the excersices Dr. Noel gave me have made me worse so she will talk with him after he reads the test and they will come up with a game plan.

Hope01--Thanks for the nice words. My physio told me to take ginko, non flushing niacin and zinc for the tinnitus so I will try this.
Well, I must go and rest now.
Talk to you all soon.
anitime last decade
Hello Anitime - I just hope that this post will not shut down the forum once more.......
I almost hate to post on this forum now.
You said that you were advised to take zinc among other supplements.
Zinc does not work for my Tinnitus, even though I am taking zinc since the mid nineties(50mg daily).
However, I am a boomer and many of my Friends are either gray or getting gray, yet I have no gray hair whatsoever.
I recall asking a manager at work at the time (she was much older than me) how come she had no gray hair? She told me it was because she took 50mg of zinc a day. So I started that, and believe me it works at least for me.
No gray hair, but it does not work for me as far as Tinnitus is concerned.
Take care
Hope01 last decade
It's been a while since I last posted---things have been very busy lately (and that's an understatement!).

On Thursday, I go in for the BAHA surgery. I'm still a little nervous---I mean anytime you know there'll be a drill in your head, it'll freak you out. But I am anxious for the transmitter/processor two months later. Not excited for the no hair-washing for 10 days.....I went out and bought some headscarfs to cover both the bandage and the yucky hair---some of you know I'm a teacher, so I figure that's the best way to hide it when teaching.

Still no recovery at all--100% deaf in right ear. After more than 4 months with 0 improvement, I think this is my best bet. I'll be sure to post after the surgery to give an update---though I may not be up for posting RIGHT afterwards... :) Here's hoping it all goes okay!!!
ulricha1 last decade
Good luck to you Ulricha1! I hope the surgery will be a success for you!!
klmno last decade
Ulricha! You're a brave soul.
I've been thinking about getting the BAHA but am too chicken, I've had no hearing in my right ear for over a year now. I wish you all the best, and will be thinking of you. I'll looking forward to hearing about how the surgery went.
what? last decade
Ulricha1 - loads of luck for the surgery I know that everyone on the forum will be thinking of you and of course it will be exciting to see what happens when you get 'switched on' in a couple of months. I teach too and my advice is to take as much time off as you can!!
JeWeL41 last decade

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