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Nitrams2000 was your last post addressed to me?
To all - As I was working in my basement I came across some old technicals manuals, a thought occured to me : In the IT world once you reach 50 and you loose your job due to outsourcing, you have no luck getting back into the IT world never mind how good your resume is.
I just wonder if it is the same in the medical field when you have ear issues, these doctors might think, 'Oh well the patient will start to loose his/her hearing soon anyway'. That might be the reason why I was pushed aside and lied too instead of getting more agressive treatment (shots in the ear and hyperbaric oxygen treatment or whatever else is out there).
It has to be that or it is because of the meds I take for high cholesterol and high blood pressure.
Will let you all know how my appointment goes on Monday because I want definitive answers now. As you can all realize I am sooooo mad.
Hope01 last decade
Nitrams Thanks for your email I will get my doctors contact numbers for you in the morning, he certainly has a very different approach for a General practitioner. He does specialise in alternative cancer therapies in conjunction with conventional medicine and has had a lot of success, so in treating me he took the antiviral approach along with the immune and vasculor theories so we are covering all bases.

He trained at Otago university in NZ ( where I am originally from) and now practices here in Perth, Western Australia.

To all I had my MRI today, feel a little nervous as they called me to go back in an hour later wanting to do a more thorough scan of the veins & arteries, they said, I will go and pick up the results in the morning as they had to alter the report???
They either didn't do a thorough job the first time or are not sure about something. My Tinnitus is quite bad tonight, could be the stress or the noise of the machine.

I also suffer from a stiff neck and shoulder on the side that is affected and have the acupuncture and Subcranial massage by my osteopath to try and releive it, it does help to loosen things up.

Still haven't done a time line but as soon as I get a chance I will post it here. Seem to spend all my time going to treatments and work but is good to keep busy.
Mertie last decade
hope you were correct about ginko or maybe its the pills or maybe its the shots, but today i feel 110% better. now i can still hear a slight ring but bless the lord it isnt that bad today. infact its awesome. this journey has been the craziest of all. i wouldnt wish it on my worst any. highs, lows, nerves, stress, I tell you, know wonder we have so many drug addicts in the world. you have to be to deal with this stuff. got some tests back today to and they were all negative. maybe i will make it after all.
nitrams2000 last decade
Yes I saw Prof. Narula and told him about this forum. He said he would have a look at the forum himself!! I saw him privately because it was quicker. i got an appointment the following day.

He said that he would try to help me by placing a wick in my ear and I could self administer the steroids. I need to get a referral from my GP to have it done at St Mary's on the NHS. But I have a feeling my GP may refuse because I live in North London, under another health trust and so there may be funding issues. Anyway I will try.. it will cost over £2,000 to go private and I can't afford that.

I am very late for this treatment- 2 months since onset so it is a VERY long shot.. the doctor was very clear that it may not work because scar tissue is probably already laid down in my ears and the damage is done. But as there is nothing else available at this stage I would like to give it a try.

How's the pregnancy going? Hope it all goes well for you.

best wishes
rosetta last decade
Niatram, the article about Dogs with SSHL is something else. It reminded me when I was looking for something to blame on my SSHL.
1. Did my poor cat bring in some desease, parasite or something to home? He catches birds and rats.
2. I also blamed my husband not completing his bathroom remodel project. There were chemicals and some smell coming out from master bathroom.
3. I blamed my dentist because my onset (particularly the vergigo) happened 30 min after the crown treatment. This article states general anesthesia can cause the SSHL to dogs. Could this be the cause?

Justine... I appreciate what you are doing. Looking to hear from you with the result. I suspect not too many doctors/nurses know about this. For me, ER doctor sent me home with valium priscriprion to sleep off. I got so dizzy and started seeing vertical double visions. Only if he asked an ear doctor to stop by ER, he could have given me prednisone right away, not 5 days later.

Hope01...Hope your doctor is caring enough to read your file. I had a bad experince. A famous otologist I went to see saw me holding a lot of research paperwork in my arms. She said I throw them away, not to think about this any more, not to read a book about it, not to join the internet. She said the people who got well are not on the forum and they are doing better without. They do not come back to see her any more. I paid her $500 for 10 min. talk. I will not go back to her. Does that mean I got well on her book? How can we get the correct statistic this way?

I had a lot of readings to catch up. I am so happy to know all of us are here to support, yet so sad more and more new people reach this place after experiencing with no luck with so call specialists.
mstctiger last decade

do it i dont care what it costs. the right way to do is with a shot of decodron to the middile ear with a needle. but i have heard of the ear wax treatment too. yes doing it soon is better but that doesnt matter. they have seen results 2 and 4 months later. please do... do it!!! give your self ever chance your body deserves. I gaurantee i would be death with out it. :)
nitrams2000 last decade
today was a good day. I wish we all had a good day. my accupuncture was so relaiving. I know it maybe short lived and i probably wont have a day like this everday but thank the lord for this one
nitrams2000 last decade
ANITIME and rosetta.

get the !#$%! shot and the steroid pills. get the best chance you can... doo both. i dont know witch one worked better on me. I think it was the shot but I think the pills helped too. DO IT DO IT DOIT!!

anyone that tells you not to just smack them in the head. you come to florida to dr atkins and i will pay for the dang thing
nitrams2000 last decade
I'm glad that you were able to see Prof. Narula. He suggested the same procedure for me and it was scheduled right away (through the NHS) but then I found out I was pregnant and they wouldn't take the risk with the anaesthestic.

Push with your GP to get a referral and don't take no for an answer. I think my GP felt guilty about mis-diagnosing my hearing loss and just gave me a referral. I need to give Prof. Narula's sec a call and see if I can get another appointment but I'm afraid that it's probably too late to have anything done. I am hoping that my hearing gets better after the pregnancy (I had heard this is possible but I'm being realistic too). I have tried accupuncture but found it didn't do much for me. I'm going to try seeing a cranio-osteopath for the tinnitis and also my ENT has referred me to a tinnitis clinic in Guildford which is through the NHS.

I had the steriod injection in the ear done about 3 months after my initial hearing loss done in the States (during a visit to see family). I did seem to notice a difference but not that much. Maybe if I lived over there I would have had more shots and saw more of a difference. Seems like nobody in the UK will do the injections!

Before my hearing loss I was on anti-depressants and blame them (partially!) on the oxotoxins and also just stressed and anxiety. We don't have any animals (besides fish) so can't blame it on that.

Pregnancy going well, but getting into the final weeks and ready for it to be over. Rosetta, keep in touch about your progress as I'm interested to see how you get along.
mhoyuk last decade
Well here's one for the books. Picked up my MRI results today and the good news is there are no masses, lesions or Acoustic Neuroma.

The not so good news is I have a prominent flow void in the Supraclinoid segment ( googled it to see where it is, roughly in line with eye and ear) of the right internal Caratoid artery sometimes consistant with an aneurysm however in this case no aneurysm was found.

The doctor who looked at the MRI called me to go back and have an MRA as he noticed the prominence in the MRI

So my next part of the Journey is the neurologist.

I am greatful to have been treating it on all levels so hopefully its been helping, who knows this is so far out of my league and am still searching on the net to see whats what.

I have always felt this may be Vasculor or an interruption of the blood flow to the ear. ( It is on the same side as the SSNHL).

Bit scarey, but I am doing my meditation to get through this and the Neurologist hopefully may shed a more positive light on the subject.

will keep you all posted.
Mertie last decade
I visited my otologist yesterday and the testing showed a 50% improvement from the testing at my ENT on Tuesday (3 days earlier), with 6 days of 60 mg. Prednisone each day. We did not do the Decadron injection, but made an appointment for this next Tuesday to check progress and, if not much more has been made, to do the injection, as I will be gone on vacation for 2 weeks at the end of next week.

As there appears to be a recurrency of ear problems over the last 3-4 years (fungal/spore infections-which affected both ears, BPPV-which we could not tell which ear was affected, and now 2 bouts of SSHL)my otologist is considering investigating things like cochlear hydrops, vestibular neuritis.

Obviously, getting my hearing to the best it can be is numero uno, then tinnitus, trying to determine etiology and then dealing with adding or subtracting things from my life, diet, etc.

As we all seem to be grasping at straws, I just went on another site and learned that many physicians believe Ibuprofen to be otoxic (they broke otoxic substances into 3 classes--from most likely to cause hearing problems to least likely. Ibuprofen fell into class number 2---alcohol was in number 3. The point of this is that I messed up my left achilles running on the beach in Florida 7 weeks ago and have been taking large doses of Ibuprofen for most of that time. It is also in that same time frame I noticed the increase in tinnitus that had been left over from my first SSHL bout 14 months ago. Did not share that with him as it did not occur to me until reading this other web site this morning.

As to allergies and my working around dust prior to each episode, he thought that dust could be a trigger, but something else is askew to allow a trigger effect.

Thanks for all your sharing. I will be checking our thread, but may not have anything more to add until after Tuesday. It was a pleasure talking on the phone to a couple of you yesterday.
seattlestan last decade
nitram2000, I did do the steroid treatment starting on the 6th day. My ENT doc is on holidays but I have an app with him next Fri so will ask him about the decadron shot. I asked him for a neuro consult a few weeks ago and have not heard hack yet. There is such a long wait here that I am thinking of going to Seattle to get checked out and also find out about the shot. This is all so frustrating as you all know.
I went back to work for 2 days as an extra but didn't dowell. There were 12 nurses at morning report and someone said hi to me. I could not tell where the voice was coming from and looked all around for clues... Then when I was in ORs could cope when one or two people were talking but when three or more were talking it all became jibberish. Also notice that I can't hear low tones so miss words.The masks don't help. I left early and will talk to my boss tomorrow. My tennitus gets worse in these situations and I don't know if it's stress or the noise level. I also helped set up and start a surg. and although I wasn't dizzy felt sick from moving around, bending to hook machinery up, etc. I will have to find another area to work in if this dosn't resolve.I do feel that I can adjust to the loss of hearing but the tinnitus is a big problem. I have three kinds. Water dripping in a pipe, a frequency type of sound that changes, and a fuzz that gets very loud or full feeling in my head. Can be very tiring. I feel that I have one good ear and can see well and function pretty well so am OK. When first sick I read about autoimmune diseases etc. where you can loose hearing in the other ear or loose sight so I feel fortunate. For now I will take it one day at a time and read what I can on the net....
anitime last decade

hang in there. god will be with you. yesterday was a very bad ear day. today was ok. I find some things that seem to make a difference form day to day. I notice if I stay up to late. if I dont get enough sleep or if I drink and it seems to change the way i feel.

so noticable diseases i hear about to are a disease that changes your blood flow in you inner ear. it is calle. anaemia, this is where if you have high blood pressure and high choelestral or diabetes, that your blood flow is restricted and your main viens or closing or clogging. but if you try to make your blood flow come up with these problems it will actually cause your blood to make a ringing noise in your ears. it says you will be able to actually hear your blood flowing. I dont think i have diabetes but it runs through the family and my uncle, mom, and 2 cousins have it, my cholestral was threw the roof before I went on the diet. 400 is was.... also my blood pressure was high but today I checkec it and it was fine.

This is such a nightmare because trying to find the culprate of this whole thing is crazy.

4th day prednisone. monday accupuncture, tuesday 2nd shot decadron to other ear. thinking about doctors appointment to look into TMJ and wisdon teeth impaction and location of jaw.

I pray for the good days tell god can find a way to show me the cure. I guess I am fortunite but it is so hard to think that way when its right in your head all the time. God will cure me of this I know he will. I know sometime in the future there will be enough research to cure everyone here.

Do not give up hope because I know I have wanted to give up many times... Don't give up yet because if you do you will miss the miracle.
nitrams2000 last decade
Hi All,
I am not at home but have access to a PC at my daugther's. Will not be home until some time tomorrow evening. By then I will have seen the ENT doctor. I am a bit afraid about this appointment, just hope I will not get cold feet and not question him about my lousy treatment.....
Nitrams2000, you are right, some of us might have a TMJ problem. My family thinks also that this could be the culprit.
I was at a renaissance faire yesterday with my kids and I was tired aferwards because of the loud music and noises. The Tinnitus became louder (must have been a result of the loud music)
Used to enjoy 'King Richard's Faire in Carver MA. Yesterday I was happy to leave this place, sad......
Anitime, I hope you either get spontaneous recovery or you can move into another dept. It must be very difficult for you to work in OR at this time. Working in OR, one would think that you have access to all kinds of doctors, it is sad that none of them can help you or at least let you know what has caused your onset of SSHL.
I must say it again, it is high time the world at large finds out about this affliction. So that no GP can still say 'sudden deafness, hummmmmm, never heard of it'.
And also, more money gets spent on research.
'Hang in there' to all
Hope01 last decade
hope dont get cold feet. get as much out of your time with him as you can. I will be praying for you. I will give you all the support you need. call me if you need me.

anitime. I sometimes think my days are impossible and freak out. I can not begin to imagine what I would do in your case... be strong. we are all praying and pulling for you.

we need some guys with some miracles to get on this booard and type to show that this does happen.

this week i seek ruling out a few more cuprits.

1. TMJ
2. Thyroid desease.
3. anaemia
4. stll waiting on reselts for AIED

I'll find this thing if it drives me nuts and it just bloody well may do that.

P.s. I had a interview with a famous author of a book. She is a healer that owns a place in West palm calle the Healing center. She has worked with famous like Eric clapton. I had one session with her. Here is her site. It really went nice.
nitrams2000 last decade
go here to. this helps to relax. this is very nice.


I liked it :)
nitrams2000 last decade

Cant' say I have a miracle, but as of this writing and after 9 days of oral Prednisone, starting the day I lost my earing (again, after 14 months)in the same ear, my hearing in the left ear appears to be equal to that in my right, which is unaffected. In the last 2 days, I had some weird echoing of voices in my left ear that is now gone. It did not happen though if I plugged the left ear or the right ear, only when both ears were unplugged. Seems to have been part of the 'healing' via Prednisone. The tinnitus is back to the same level it was during the last 14 months. I always said that if the tinnitus is the price I pay to hear in the ear that went SSHL, I am willing to pay.

All that being said, it remains a challenge to try to identify the etiology. I do not want to carry a bottle of Prednisone with me for the rest of my life, waiting for the other shoe to fall. On trips that I have taken over the last 14 months, I have had that bottle with me, never sure if there might be a re-occurrence. We leave for Mexico a week from today and you can bet your bottom dollar I will have a fresh prescription with me.
seattlestan last decade
Hi, all. Not too many folks here have triple symptoms like mine. Hearing Loss + Tinnitus + Hyperacusis. Prednisone helped me to regain some hearing back, but all I hear is ailian talking like and totally useless. Top of that, everything I hear gets so loud and knocks my socks off (Is this how you say in English?). If any of you has this, how are you coping with? The hyperacusis drives me nutts, and it only increases tinnitus level. Sometimes I wish I never took prednisone. I told my doctor I wish I had no hearing at all on that ear. If it happens to the other ear, I will probably not take med. I will be able to do implants then, probably... i do not know.

Someone mentioned about Ibuprephen. I was taking 600-800 3 times a day (for a toothache) for one week up to the day of this onset. It can be the cause. I have 10 posible causes on my list.

Hang in there, everyone. I am preying for all of us.
mstctiger last decade
...My English is no good. I am PRAYING for all of us. Have a good night, everyone.
mstctiger last decade
mstctiger, I am very sorry. it makes me feel very sad to hear what is happening to you. I wish I could stop it. I wish there was something I could do to stop this for all of us. I can tell you this much , dont give up hope. I read all the time and do follow ups on the studies. it seems the are close to helping this thing.

It is my worse nightmare to even think about this happening again. People say to me. But you have your health and so much to be thankfull for. I would give any body part just to be normal hearing without having to deal with tinnitus. I walk down the street watching people pass and wishing I was them. They could be ugly, young, fat, skinny, they could be in a wheelchair. doesnt matter. This not only makes you not want to be you.... infact I can never be me again. That side of me is so far gone it will never comeback.

Does anyone understand how I feel. Thank god for family, friends and boards like this.
nitrams2000 last decade
Like Mcstctiger, I have the triple whammy: hearing loss, tinnitus (multiple forms), hyperacusis. My own children's voices make me jump and cringe and cover my ears. My partner's breathing while he sleeps hurts my head. I dropped a pan while doing the dishes one day and literally started crying from the pain. Restaurants or gatherings of people are impossibly loud and painful. And even when it's quiet, the tinnitus is like a tv channel that's not getting any reception, hissing and roaring and whistling 24/7.

As Mcstctiger says, voices sound like aliens... I call them 'robot voices', mechanical, buzzing noises that make no sense, only echo back and forth in my head, like a bad sci-fi movie.

It's been seven weeks for me. I had none of these problems until after I took oral prednisone. (Before that, my ear was completely deaf.) I'm sure the prednisone is what caused these problems to manifest.

All that aside, my hope is that these changes indicate progress, that my brain is desperately trying to make sense of the information it is receiving, trying to convert mechanical input into sensorineural messages. Since my first injection, my pure tone reception has increased by 50 percent, although speech recognition is still very low. I'm scheduled for a second injection this week, and I remain hopeful.

Here's what I'm doing in the meantime: I try to get enough sleep. Being tired really makes everything a lot worse. I bring earplugs everywhere i go, even driving! I use noise-deadening headphones while sitting at my computer, to give my ears a mini-vacation. I am on an allergen elimination diet because, like SeattleStan, I think the SSNHL is probably allergy related. I take lots of supplements: antioxidants (C, E, A, selenium, citric bioflavonoids, alpha lipoic acid), acetyl L-carnitine, super multi vit, grapeseed extract, gingko, super B vit, a natural anti-inflammatory called Zyflamend (turmeric, ginger, etc.), magnesium (which has been proven very helpful with SSNHL.) Massage and craniosacral therapy seem to help. I try to get my body heat up frequently (hot baths, sauna) to help with healing. I try to keep my stress level as low as possible (no news, tv, radio, I hang out with calm people. :-)

This is a very hard thing we are all dealing with. I agree, I don't think folks who haven't experienced SSNHL can really understand. Saying 'well, be thankful you still have one good ear' or 'things could be a lot worse' doesn't help. I don't think they understand that SSNHL is like waking up one morning to find one of your arms has been cut off during the night. (And weeks and months later, you still have that strange 'itching missing limb' syndrome. ;-)

I would like to make a recording of the above-described, tv-station-with-no-reception, static and buzzing noises, and ask all my friends and family to listen to it with their iPods in just one ear for a day. Something tells me they would have a different perspective after that. :-)

So, thank goodness for this forum, and for the folks on it who are sharing this unexpected journey together! You are all very much appreciated.

Before I sign off on this rather overly-long letter, I did want to add my two cents on pre-SSNHL symptoms. I had a sinus infection or cold for the two months prior. I had terrible neck pain and dis-equilibrium back in early July (I was told I had 'neck strain' and sent home.) I had post-nasal drip so badly in early August that I couldn't sleep from all the drainage and swallowing. (I was diagnosed as 'having a virus' and sent home.) Then the SSNHL hit on Labor Day (U.S.), Sept. 4.

I think my SSNHL was brought on by two things: longterm allergies, which weakened my immune system, and then a bad virus, which took advantage of the weakened immunity. My MRI was normal, I don't take over-the-counter or prescription drugs (at least, I didn't before the SSNHL!), I had not been injured, there's been no sign of vascular infirmity, so that leaves (in my book) allergies and virus.

I agree with the conclusion that we as patients must take control of our own healing as much as we can, since the docs don't often seem willing or able to. I changed ENTs because, although the first gave me oral prednisone, he refused to administer shots when the oral prescription didn't work. He just shrugged and said, 'Come back in to learn about hearing aids.' And this was at 18 days post onset! Needless to say, I wasn't ready for that, so I found a different doctor who was willing to try the shots.

Thanks to 18withSHL for making it her mission to educate people about this! We can all help with that goal, and we can all help change the way SSNHL is recognized and treated by doing our homework and INSISTING that we be given the proper medical attention, whether that means calling everyone we can think of, refusing to take 'no' for an answer, taking the results of our research with us to appointments, refusing to leave until our docs answer all our questions, and, if they won't cooperate, finding someone else who will.

I truly believe that when we make up our minds about something, when we make a commitment, the Universe or God or Spirit or our inner Power (or whichever manifestation you prefer) steps up to the plate and supports us in that commitment. Seven weeks into this unexpected turn of events in my life, I still have hope and refuse to give up on my hearing coming back.
I believe my commitment to my healing (and hearing!) will make all the difference.

Best wishes to all.
laughingarcher last decade
Laughngarcher, I agree we cant give up, I am into my 6th week and on my second lot of steroids and still getting improvement along with my other therapies in earlier posts. Like you I had robotic speach and echoing after taking the oral prednisone but I saw it as part of the healing process and can now understand most of what people are saying on the phone only they dont sound like them its still quite distorted. I did get 80% in the speach recognition test at a hearing aid level a week ago which gave me hope also.

I'm now just waiting to get into the neurologist to go over what they found in my MRI & MRA to see if there is a connection there to do with blood flow.

Its strange but its hard not to go from feeling positive about the level of hearing we get back to trying to find the cause as there's always that fear of it coming back or getting it in the other ear.

I think mine is either viral or Vascular after ruling out other things.

Still its great to be able to discuss it on this forum and share treatments and ideas of the etiology as you say people do say you are lucky to have one ear and that is true, but the hissing, roaring, ringing, echoing and distortion is hard for others to comprehend and when anyone talks to me on my right side they forget that I can hear them but in a very muffled way and find myself moving around to the other side.

Still I remain cautiously optimistic and continuing with all my positive thoughts and proactiveness, and hope and pray for all on this forum.
Mertie last decade
Read the posts this morning and thanks for the support.
I have read quite a bit on the internet about sudden hearing loss and what I think it boils down to is that there is not alot known about it even by specialalists in the field. Prednisone and antivirals seem to be the treatment of choice but my ENT told me that he didn't know if it will work or not but that if it was him he would do it. Most of the docs and nurses I work with know nothing about sudden hearing loss.....
Interesting reading on here about echoing. I have had that for a few weeks now when anyone stands on my left side. I now wonder if it's from the prednisone or if it started with the return of low tones.
My husband phones me on the cell everyday and I can hear not words but the voice pattern. This is hopeful because I could hear nothing in that ear 3 weeks ago.
Anyhow I think I will look at tinnitus sites as I need some help in this area.
anitime last decade
Hi All, Got home from my weekend away and just finished reading all the new posts since yesterday where I had a chance to glance at a PC for a bit at my daughter's.
So I saw the ENT doctor this afternoon and believe it or not, I still have nothing to show for.
I told him in a nice manner that I am utterly disapointed, and his reply was 'Well we at MEEI only do oral steroids because nothing so far proves to be an effective treatment'.
I used to think that we were at the 'avant-garde' when it comes to the medical field....I am speechless.....
I told him that for example the House Ear clinic in Los Angeles, gives the shots and the oral steroids, his reply was that he is aware of that. Then he again told me that here at MEEI they are in the process to study what is really an effective treatment.....
I had an audiogram done today because I INSISTED on it.
- left ear some fluctuation due to some fluid in the ear.
but no real loss since the last audiogram.
- right deaf ear - regained a few high pitched sounds .....
I am taking Vitamin B12 methyt. (spelling)
Further more, I just found out that my Audi is no longer at MEEI. That has saddened me.
Nitrams2000 thanks so much for offering to help, that thought alone helps me to cope.
Anitime - you might need a hearing aid (like me) for your good ear. But be aware that even with the hearing aid, I sometimes still do not know where the sound comes from.
The other day, somebody said to me 'good morning, how are you today' I had to turn around and check in all directions when I finally saw my neighbor
Laughingarcher - Don't you love it when folks tell you 'it could be worse' they do not have the foggiest idea what we are going through.
I get this even from my close family.
I am so glad there are at least all you guys and gals that understand.
Best wishes to all of us
P.S. I do have to tell you that the doctor that I saw is not the famous one. Will see him in January. One cannot even get an appointment with him for questions or prescriptions or discussion, he is always booked up for 3 4 months
I am so upset that my English is really bad these days.
Hope01 last decade
Thank you, Niatram for kind words. Means a lot to me. Laugingarcher, I totally share what you are experiencing. A bad bad sci-fi movie, it really is! Hope your treatment goes successful. You, Martie, Niatram, and anytime have much bigger chance since this is still new. I pray for all of you. My best wishes. I have been this way for a while now and I admit I lost an edge like before. I will keep at it. I totally agree about sleeping and rest. I went totally no med. I only drink camomile tea. It helps like one of those sleeping pill.

Most of the day, I wear ear muffs, just lifting up the good side so I can hear others. Without it, people forget about my condition and whisper to my bad ear (Ouch!) It is worst when taking a shower, flushing the toilet. I cut my hair short like a man so I do not have to use a hair dryer. I always look for a wall to walk by so no sudden noise stuns my sensitive ear.

God bless us all.
mstctiger last decade
to mstctiger - Do you have any hearing left in your bad ear?
How long is it since your onset of SSHL?
I agree with you that some people on this forum have a good chance to regain and indeed have regained their hearing. Yet they still have to battle Tinnitus.
I only slept a few hours again. The TylenolPM did not help. Maybe I will try camomile tea also.
These three different noises in my head are driving me nuts.
And when I do not sleep, I worry that I will get an onset of SSHL in the other ear also. I have already moderate to severe loss in that ear and I wear a hearing aid.
If you would look at me you would think that I am in perfect health. I get a lot of compliments that I look so much younger than my age. They have no clue how I feel or how any of us feel for that matter.
When I tell anybody how I feel, I am getting told, ' Oh you need to go to MEEI', well this is where I go and I get nowhere. I do not know what to do anymore.
But I will try to follow Nitrams2000's perseverence and just continue looking for a resolution
I wish us all peace and happiness
Hope01 last decade

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