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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

Apologies. In my hurry to rush off to work, I have not included the regime for the acupressure on the holographic ear point.

Please apply acupressure 3 - 4 times daily , 5 - 10 minutes per session.

With regards
homeopathy last decade
Hi, Lew. Thanks for your info. So, if I am concerned about my right ear, I would do a accupressur on my right finger, right??? Thanks!
mstctiger last decade
i have not so good news.
My MRI showed an 'intracanalicular enhancing lesion that may represent an acoustic neuroma.'
Its in my right internal auditory canal.
I got the report back because my ex husband works in the hospital.
Im not posting this to scare anyone and i hope im not, im just wondering if anyone else has had this diagnosis ??
Tatianna last decade
I sugggest acupressure on both sides for balancing.

I hope you can make out something positive from this excellent summary.

The Sound of Wellness.

homeopathy last decade
That sounds very scarry...what is the next step, what do they mean, 'may represent' do you have to go for further tests now??
what? last decade
i spoke to my doctor, he says its a benign tumour in my ear, its very small and very treatable...he says not to worry, but im terrified. I see a neurosurgeon on Monday.
Tatianna last decade
Just looked on the board again after a while. Tatiana: how will they treat the benign tumor? I feel like we are all so close now that if the treatment makes YOUR hearing better we will all be very happy - almost as if it was actually helping us instead of you. Please keep us updated. One victory is better than none at all. Yes, I also get sudden, short-term earaches, like from being outside on a sub-zero day. Weird, but at least they go away.
Engelchen: Ditto to Mich18 on the steroid advice. It's instant hot flashes, besides getting fat. Took me 15 years to get a waistline back after 3 months of heavy-duty steroid treatment for a kidney disease. And 10 years later I ended up with cataracts. Steroids are serious stuff, not to be taken lightly. Besides, all the information says that steroids, if they help at all for sudden hearing loss, will only work during the first week or two. I'd beware of a doctor pushing them on you at this late date - like maybe he doesn't know much about SHL.
cmaccart last decade
im not quite sure what the treatment will be, most likely surgery. My hearing loss will most likely not return, it may stay the same though or there is a chance i will loose it altogether.
Please guys, girls, i dont want to scare any of you. The chance of having this is so so so small and so rare.
I want to know what kind of herbs, vitamins, supplements i can take or what natural treatments i may be able to receive.
Tatianna last decade
I have read all the posts here with avid interest, since I experienced SHL last week. I have learned much from my daughter's orthodontist, a MD, and my chiropractor, as well as you all here. Thank you for sharing your travels towards healing.
I have learned that the vertical support of my teeth is collapsing. I am awaiting a 'bionator' which will help raise the upper palate. I believe everyone should consult with a reputable, experienced orthodontist about the possiblity of palate abnormalities that could contribute to their SHL.
Also learned I have an acute serous otitis media for which I am taking homeopathics. Since I did not experience any of the typical 'ear infection' pain I was surprised and sort of relieved as well. The inner ear infection is likely the result of the collapsing palate restricting the blood flow. I was given antibiotics, but am hesitant to use them as I have other problems they would cause to worsen. I know, I know, I am still open to using them as I value my hearing tremendously. I have some return of hearing in the last few days...using Belladonna 6c and Sulphur LM/1 and Hepar Sul Calc 30c. Not all at once but throughout the day. I am also taking Colloidial Silver and Mullien Garlic Vit E oil in my ear. I too am taking CoQ10, hefty dosages of Vit C daily, echinacea, MSM, and glucosimine. I also used an ear candle to remove old ear wax..an amazing amount was removed.
I'm sure if most of you have seen a MD that all those types of things have been checked out....
But there are so many remedies to help with many of the problems I've read here, it surprises me somewhat that here on this forum, not many are using homeopathics. I've been encouraged by your posts and the spirit of community fostered on this thread.
Please know you are all in my prayers for your continued healing.
Blessings, Jade
jadeshade last decade
Hi Tatianna,
I am so shocked to read your diagnosis. I know you must be freaking out but thank God it is treatable. If it is benign and removing it will not restore your hearing then do you have to have the surgery? Personally I would want it out too but I was just wondering if there are other options. Please try to think positive. I will pray for you.
I am going for my MRI next week and I am getting very nervous again. I had been away for a week and really felt much better,I guess because I was focused on other things, but now that I am back home all the anxiety came right back. Oh well. I hope everyone else is good.
TaraJoy last decade
I've been doing some research for myself and found that Beta-1,3/1,6-D-Glucan addresses tumors. Of course, I don't know for sure if this would help you and it would probably take some time but it would be better, less invasive, and could do more to help the possiblity of recovering your hearing than cutting into your ear.
Perhaps if you started another thread, some of the homeopaths on this site could see a remedy that would help. We would need more info on your in general to do that. My Homeopathic reperatory has many remedies that address tumors in the ear. But homeopathy is not a 'one size fits all' medicine.
jadeshade last decade
Beta Glucans in made from bakers yeast. You can google it and find lots of info.
There is lots of options...do not despair. Do not go to surgery quickly if the doctors are not offering you hope for your hearing even if it's removed.
Know you are in my prayers.
jadeshade last decade
Tatianna...it is shocking... After my MRI, they found a small clod near my hearing nerve, but they ruled out the tumor because of the size. Do they really know? I would better recheck. Thank you for sharing this. So they could not have found the tumor if you did not have a sudden hearing loss? We just never know what is laid on our path, don't we. I am praying for you to be strong and get thru. We are all here for you... Take care.
mstctiger last decade
thank you everyone, i really appreciate the support, it means a lot tome.
Tarajoy please dont allow this to cause you extra anxiety. Its very rare, but its also very treatable.Your MRI will be normal.
Jade thanks for the info, how wouldi go about starting a new thread ? Tell me the info youe would need and i will provide it.
I had an amazing reiki treatment last night, i left feeling very relaxed and clear.
My neurotologist specializes with Acoustic Neuromas, he studied this for two years at Harvard, i really feel like im in the best hands. He wants me to do a repeat MRI in six months, he said sometimes these things dont grow or stop growing on thier own, ALthough its rare that they stop growing. He does no want to jump into any treatment because he feels that treatment could actually make things worse, at this time he wants to wait and watch. If it grows, he has suggested a radiosurgery type of procedure that will stop the growth. Actual microsurgery is a major operation and could leave me with many complications.
Apparently in most cases these things grow very slowly.
mstctiger: the tumour i have is really small, 8mmX3mm, not even a centimeter, however ive been told that these radiologists are trained to identify things as small as 1mm so if what you had was a tumour im sure they would have been able to identify it as one. If you are concerned i would go back and get a repeat mri just to put my feelings at ease.
Tks for the prayers and thoughts everyone, im happy to say that my doctor told me i will be perfectly fine so i think all the prayers have really helped.
Tatianna last decade
To post a new thread see the top or bottom of each page of the forum when you log on to post. There are the words 'post new topic'. Click on this and then you can post a new topic or thread. I would not post sudden hearing loss but rather tumor in ear or something to that effect. There is also a topic I noticed today about how to take a case. Read this and you will see what info is needed by homeopaths to 'see' you and understand how better to suggest a remedy specificaly for you. Without this info about you it is like allopathic prescibing a 'this for that' which good homeopathy is not.
I am glad you have such a cautious neurologist, that is reassuring. Yes, reiki can do some amazing things. Look into the Beta Glucan, it offers hope for tumors, too.
But my confidence is in homeopathy and prayer. There are many good homeopaths on this forum and have assisted me in my growth and understanding of homeopathy and the health of myself and my family. I have been a student/user of homeopathy for 15 years and have seen many recoveries of hopeless and/or very difficult problems resolved.
Know that I am continuing to pray for you.
jadeshade last decade
I am new to this board. I had an onset of sudden deafness on January 22nd of this year, Went to the ER that same evening. Was sent to see an ENT Dr the next day. Was put on a Prednisone treatment for 6 days. No help. Saw a second ENT guy, he refused to put me back on the steroids. I have seen him now at least 5 times and each time an audiogram is taken. My right ear is gone. I have moderate hearing loss in the left ear and now I wear a HA. The tinnitus in the right ear is unbearable.
Have also seen a specialist in a famous clinic here in New England. He cannot help either. At no point was it ever suggested to get steroid shots in the ear, or any of the treatments you all talk about on this forum. I was under the impression that Boston is the medical mecca?????
I am very upset reading about all the suggestions some of you have received from the medical field.
Take care
Hope01 last decade
Hello Hope01
I wanted to note that ginko
biloba has really helped
my tinnitus, and i believe
the hyperbaric treatments helped as well.....
what? last decade
Hello Hope01: Do you go to a chiropractor or do any other relaxation techniques? I'm not implying that's a cure for tinnitis, but feeling better in general (relaxing) helps deal with the huge annoyance of having tinnitis all the time. I assume you wear the hearing aid in the 'still pretty good' ear? Does wearing a hearing help you deal with daily life better? Did any of the drs. say why it might have happened to you in the first place? Good luck to you (and all of us).
cmaccart last decade
Reply to what? and cmaccart
Thanks so much for your replies.
- I will try the ginko biloba
- No not even the specialist knows what the cause is for my sudden deafness. But I had a viral upper respiratory infection in early December of last year. So when I lost the hearing in the right ear on Jan 22nd. They all said (and I saw three of them) it is due to the viral infection. Yet I wish they would have done at the time some more in depth checking.
No just: OK viral infection, so you get a week worth of Prednisone in pill form.
So far I do not see a chiropractor or do any other relaxation techniques. And I must say I am pretty stressed out by the hearing impairment. Yes I wear the HA in the left ear where I have moderate hearing loss.
It is the dead ear that drives me nuts, so much tinnitus and all the time a feeling of fullness.
Get this, my HA was $3172.00 with the fitting services; (no insurance on HA's). So for the time being, I cannot also afford to see a chiropractor.
Take care
Hope01 last decade
dear hope,
where abouts do you live?
i'm in toronto--i know
our government will help
to pay the cost of a hearing aid, i was looking at getting a cross-over aid,
my left ear is no good, but i could get the sound from the left transferred to the right...i think it might be more hassle than what its worth somehow. anyone else considered this?
what? last decade
Reply to what?
I live about 45 minutes from Downtown Boston.
Here in the US there is no insurance for HAs. You guys are so much better off in Canada.
I am also on another board and somebody on that board wanted to introduce me to the CROS over. I am not sure if the person is an Audi or a dispenser of HA. But I told him/her that I have to wait.
Did you know that there is also the Baha System? You might want to check this out on the Internet and then ask your Audi, if you are a candidate for that system. But that involves some surgery behind the ear.
I did read some positive testimonials about that item and actually did get an email to my email address from a 'happy' user of the Baha System.
I know Toronto quite well, one of my Friends from primary school in Alsace Lorraine (many years ago) lives in Mississauga.
Hope01 last decade
Hi All I am new to this board (joined a few days ago), is this still the place where your discussions are or did you all moved to the yahoo site. I tried it, but got nowhere.
Any one that lives in the Boston area? I go to MEEI, but I am really mad that I was not told about the shots in the ear? I thought that Boston was really a place where you would get the best help?
Thanks in advance for your replies
Hope01 last decade
Hello - anyone there?
Hope01 last decade
Perhaps if you are looking for help with a homeopathic remedy for your hearing loss a response might be forthcoming...I can understand your frusration. However, steroid injections my not provide a permanent recovery in hearing. I know very little about Boston health care (allopathic or otherwise) but there are many knowlegeable and helpful homeopaths on this forum that could suggest a remedy to assist your hearing. Perhaps if you began another topic that described you and details about your hearing you could get some needed remedy suggestions.
There is a thread posted recently that outlines the info needed by any good homeopath. Homeopathy is generally not a 'this for that'type medicine unless for emergencies, ie, arnica for a bruise, calendula for a wound, symphytum for a broken or fractured bone, etc.
Please know we want to help.
jadeshade last decade
Thank you Jade for getting back to me. For several days I thought that this forum was closed since there was no activity on it. Yet in the preceeding posts, I have found a lot of good advice.
I had the typical onset of sudden deafness on Jan. 22nd of this year. Received a Prednisone treatment the next day. Later on I went to Mass Eye and Ear and there was nothing else they said that they could do.
However, I see that on the West Coast there is oxygen treatment and steroid shots in the ear that are available.
All this is now too late for me. But I came across several interesting posts that spoke about acupuncture, I might try that if I can find one in this area (greater Boston area).
If that does not help, I will try to find a homeopath.
I realize that this is now 7 months after the onset of sudden deafness, but I do not want to give up hope, maybe I am fooling myself??
In any case, thank you for getting back to me.
signed Hope01
Hope01 last decade
You are welcome. Please realize there is hope, as your 'handle' suggests...!? Please start another thread here on the forum.
Prednisone is not healing, but suppressive.
There should be homeopaths in your area. I know at the NIH website they have a list of homeopaths in many areas.
You can get help here, however, if you start another thread and give us as much information about yourself. If you check through the threads you find others giving this type of info for their health concerns. It's not to pry but to help 'see' you to suggest remedies. I have been helped here.
My sudden hearing loss was scary so I understand your feeling. Perhaps you should consult a good orthodontist as well. I did, and she says part of it is due to my palate collapsing and I can see now that my teeth are not lining up. She making a device, a retainer of sorts for me to wear in my mouth. She had another patient with the same problem and after wearing the device for a few months her hearing gradually began to return. Of course, she couldn't make any guarantees, but she offered hope.
I also have an ear infection, it was painless and had no idea about it at the time I awoke deaf in my right ear. I have taken 3 remedies on a rotating basis and am better now. I still have annoying tinnitus and some congestion only obvious at night on lying down, so sleeping is fitful. I am using ear drops with mullien and garlic for the infection too. Hearing is better in right ear, but not like before. So I am grateful and hopeful for continued healing.
You are not fooling yourself, do not give up your search for healing. You can get assistance here on the HOMEOPATHIC forum...I have seen homeopathy bring about healing when others gave up or didn't find a solution or even when tests showed no problem...!!!
Read the other topics here, just to find out more about homeopathy. Use the Remedy Finder. Put in all your symptoms...even the ones you think aren't related to your hearing, you are a whole person. Everything about you is connected to your health.
It will give you a remedy, check the grid at the end. Read the materia medica(description of remedies)on this site, it will help you to see if the remedy fits your symptoms.. There is much you can do yourself.
Know that I will be praying for you.
jadeshade last decade

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