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After all I've read, I am of the belief that some people recover their hearing (at different levels)after SSHL and some don't - whether they have the treatments or not. So, how does anyone know if the treatments (oral steroids & shots) help? My husband was hit with this malady about 6 wks ago, has taken the oral prednisone and had 2 of the 3 shots (gets the 3rd tomorrow). So far, nothing. Perhaps the doctors are totally clueless, and these 'treatments' are just their way of making you think they're doing something? ALL prescription meds have adverse side effects, and it seems to me anything that's injected that close to your brain can't be a good thing! There's got to be some natural approach that is at least as, if not more, beneficial than this. Many of these SSHL attacks could have been triggered by taking or using an ototoxic medication in the first place.
rjmnatural last decade
Have you read what others have said about using haerbs/vitamins, the accupuncture and massage. Maybe those will work for your husband. Don't forget the power of positive thinking....it has cured people with cancer....Good Luck
jeninfl01 last decade
I've seen professor ramsden in Manchester UK and he's great. I do have a vascular loop but so do lots of people...HE THINKS I HAVE MENIERES. I'm going to have more tests but after being SSHL for 18 months and convinced that there must be an answer I do feel quite excited at the prospect of a firmer diagnosis...not that Menieres is great and I am getting worse with my recent vertigo lasting for four weeks.
JeWeL41 last decade
To rijmnatural I'm French and I experienced SSHL 3 months ago, 3 weeks after a course of Cipro and Bactrim for a misdiagnosed infection from a f... bad doctor !!! In the meantime I learned about hearing loss cases with the Cipro so yes it can happen ! I'm lucky enough to have my hearing back but an annoying tinnitus is still there. I'm a musician and I cannot tell you how frustrating this experience was (and still is) especially when thinking that the diagnosis was bad ! Never trust medics and antibiotics !
saucix last decade
I was diagnosed with SHL on March 10, 08. It's been more than 8 weeks since onset. It started with a plugged-up ear, slight ringing and then vertigo during sleep on the same night. My right ear is at profound loss above 400hz and moderate at lower frequencies. I get bothered by passing trucks and loud engines quite easily. After 7 days since onset, I took prednisone 60mg/day (for 2 weeks) and had one intratympanic shot 1 week later, but nothing helped. Doctors refused to give me more shots.

Right now I'm doing acupuncture. No improvement except that balance gets better over time. Tinnitus is present but not overwhelming.

It's hard to get peer support or understanding since I appear 'normal'. People refer to my situation as 'hearing problem', as if it won't be permanent or something. I play music all my life. I'm just not ready to face this for life!
glad227 last decade
glad 227, my sympathies. I had my SSHL in Nov 2006 but have never believed that SSHL is a real diagnosis! After all it just tells you what you already know. I believe that if Doctors look well enough they will find a cause. Have you had an MRI with contrast to rule out acoustic neuroma? Have you had tests for Menieres? I now have a 'working diagnosis' of Atypical Menieres and am awaiting further tests. You have all three factors for Menieres - hearing loss, tinnitus and dizziness.
JeWeL41 last decade
JeWeL41, my doctors ruled out Meniere's Disease due to the downward slope on hearing test (loss at higher frquencies) and non-fluctuating hearing. MRI shows no tumor. Blood tests came back all normal. This is frustrating because there's no other way to prevent this from happening again. Acupuncturists think that ears are linked to kidney health. Another believes in misaligned neck bones leading to snapped blood vessel to ear. I recalled doing quite a bit of photography with heavy lenses (~10 lbs) the week before onset. I'm a petite person, thus lifting the gears may have affected my neck. But I also had a cankersore in the throat a week before onset. Whether the cause was cranial or viral-related remains a mystery.
glad227 last decade
Menieres was initially ruled out for me too as my audiogram is downward sloping. I did not consider that I had fluctuating hearing loss either but I did have some hearing loss for several years before but it was very very mild and I only noticed it because i teach science and while using an oscilloscope i could not hear the very high sounds that the children could so i saw an audiologist who confirmed this mild unilateral loss. Then I had the SSHL with loss that took me into the 'severe' category but after the first month I did recover some more hearing and now use a hearing aid.My new ENT counts this as fluctuating. I also had an attack of vertigo six months before the SSHL which was not initially connected to the SSHL by docs but is now by the new one. Have you had vertigo or dizzeness before? Do you suffer from migraines? I don't have a definite diagnosis of Menieres or Cochlear hydrops because i don't fit the exact pattern but there are 'atypical' variations. Even Menieres is believed to be possibly viral in origin.
JeWeL41 last decade
I am not a doctor, but I have been reading about homeopathy and use it for my family and thought this could be of some help as this seems like a horrible situation to be in.

Sudden hearing loss can be due to a variety of things: infection due to bacteria and viruses or perforation of the membrane due to very loud sounds or foreign objects being inserted into the ear.

Some of the remedies include:
* pulsatilla
hepar sulph
kali bichromicum
* silica

* do not take if pregnant

These next remedies help with the pain associated with the perforation and speed the healing process:
Hepar Sulph

Because Homeopathic remedies are based on the symptoms you are experiencing, you need to do a symptom check and see which remedy matches the best.

Homeopathy & Pregnancy

From the books I've read most remedies are safe for pregnant women, but a few to stay away from are silica and pulsatilla

I wish you all good luck & health & god bless!

cara & lincoln last decade
How grateful I have been for this forum! I experienced tinnitus in one ear on 1-20-08 and realized several days later that my hearing had also been affected. Did the family doctor thing, then the ENT, who was very alarmed and put me on prednisone...nothing, and I had terrible side effects from it. Made an appointment with Dr. Lustig at UCSF, who couldn't see me for almost two months. Did all the tests, audiogram, MRI, etc.

I was extremely lucky to find a fantastic audiologist. My hearing loss is unusual for SSHL...as if I had been in an explosion...I have what they call 'a notch' so the high range in the one ear is about 40% gone, along with the loud tinnitus.

I did see Dr. Lustig in April, who said 'we don't know what causes this and there is no magic cure.' I had assumed this might be the answer, but it was still hard to hear. I cried all the way home.

So...other things I have related to this...I had a C7 neck injury in November. I believe that both that injury and the SSHL are due to stress. I can't say how that would be medically, but I feel that they are.

Now I am four months down the road and getting used to the hearing loss and the tinnitus. I have to say that I have not given up on the idea that my hearing will come back. Dr. Lustig said it will not, but respectfully, if the best doctors don't know why it goes away, how do they know it won't come back? So I am trying to live in reality (I need to try a hearing aid) and hope (it might come back)at the same time.

Blessings on you who have suffered this very upsetting diagnosis, which as someone has said, is not so much a diagnosis...sudden hearing loss describes what we have experienced!!!!
SBBBG last decade
I am kottursamy,from chennai.I saw your website.I Think that i have affected minire's problem.
My medical history

I have affected sinus problem in 1997.Then i got my left ear effected.Then i got hole in my ear.Then i got sinus operation in 1999.In 2000 i got like meniere's problem.That time i don't know what the problem.My symptom was less eye brightness when i walking and slight imbalance.I checked eye doctor.Nothing wrong.It was disapper in one week.Then i got 2004 as same symptom.Then again It was disapper in one week.Then i got in 2006 augest.
It was not disapper.I went to my ent doctor.He gave medicine.Then ok.Once stoped medicine then come again.Still i am strugling.is it cure? Pls reply me.
praveen821704 last decade
Menieres Disease is not curable but the symptoms can be treated though the effectiveness of treatments varies from person to person. If you have tinnitus there is little to be done though betahistine and ginko biloba works for some. If you have hearing loss then a hearing aid may help. If you have vertigo there are drugs such as bucastem which can reduce the effects of the attack. In about 50% of sufferers the disease spreads to the other ear and hearing loss can range from mild to severe. With luck many sufferers have an initial bad period of 2-3 years when the damage seems to be done and then the disease 'burns out' and they plateau. You need to see a competent Otolaryngologist for a full evaluation and diagnosis, good luck.
JeWeL41 last decade
Hi Michael,

I lost my hearing two weeks ago, and have been trying all the treatments, but the doctors won't recommend oxygen treatment. Where did you get yours done? I also live in bay area. I'm also going to give Dr. Lustig a call next week.

n2sd2 last decade
Hello: I was diagnosed with SSHL in March of this year. (Not that the diagnosis means much other than nerve deafness). Having had clogged ear/ear infection problems earler in my life, unfortunately, I did not go to an ENT until almost 4 weeks after onset. The DX treated fairly aggressively. I've had 4 shots of steriods to the inner ear was taking oral predisone for 10 weeks with a max dosage of 60 milligrams a day for a while. I've had almost no improvement. My hearing loss is flat across all frequencies and is considered moderate to severe. I am seeking a new doctor somewhere in the South Florida area who has greater experience in dealing with syndromes of the inner ear. My present doctor is admittedly out of options. Can anyone recomment a DX anywhere in South Florida who I can contact. Possibly a Otolaryngologist or if anyone recommends another type of doctor. Thank you.

fllsshl last decade
Could you post your audiologist's contact info? Thanks.
n2sd2 last decade
to n2sd2

Absolutely! My audiologist is at Marin General Hospital. Her name is Kathy Reilly, she is the Manager, Hearing, Speech and OT. She is at 250 Bon Air Road, Greenbrae, CA 94904. Her phone is 415-925-7220.

Blessings to you,
SBBBG last decade
Sudden Hearing Loss:
The loss took the form of not being able to distinguish what is being said due to background noise and a noisy environment.
First noticeable symptom was like having a head cold (can’t remember if it was while I was down with a virus that left me listless and without an appetite for 4 days, then cautious about rest and vitamins after that.
Had no cold symptoms, but head esp. ears seemed blocked a little similar to being on a plane. In no pain didn’t see a doctor. After about two weeks the hearing started to improve, which was about 2 – 3 months ago, now symptoms slightly returning again.
My left ear is real problem, but could be the result of serious road accident cause I like volume a bit high in music and TV.
Ears also itchy lately deep inside too. Sleep patterns, usually very tired, wake a few times at set times e.g. 4 in the morning, always gets up at 6-7 depending. Have been given bad drink, what we call “bombs” a few times. Shortly before my hearing incident I thought I heard an insect e.g. a mosquito practically in my ear, but when I slapped my ear, I neither found a dead nor a live insect. Dr. says no evidence of such in my ear. I do have flaky bits in my ear. Almost never remember dreams, but some of my dreams are farfetched as far as my dream patterns are concerned. I even feel the effects of them when I wake up, but do not take the time to recall them (bad habit). Definitely sensitive to at least criticism (but tougher now concerning it). Do have anxieties, fear of not coping and not satisfied with my work results because of being rushed and not having the time to do the job as well as I would like to. Like crunchy foods, creamy foods too but not like I used to. Great eater, can mix any combinations together and often too, but resist so as to control weight . Only major accident suffered long time in the past. No reactions to medicines other than when I take homoeopathy I just feel that it really affects me or should I say, “works for me”. In the habit of not taking remedies much. General homeopathic treatment has helped in past. Lack of thirst, stomach gas, and a passion for whatever I happened to be doing (like not knowing where to draw the line). Treatment prescribed by doctor (regular path) meprolen 20 mg.; Medrol 16mg; vastarel 20 mg.; However, I panicked and having purchased the medicine am now not in favour of taking it. I did read on the internet that a composition of Herotin Guarantees recovery. It is expensive and I am in doubt. I am interested in Gemmotherapy too. Greatly appreciate a reply and sympathies with those who are worse off than myself.
Skelly last decade
Hello everyone.

My name is Jonathan Arenson. I am a journalism student in Toronto, Canada. I am writing a story on Vitamin E use in the restoration of hearing loss.

If you are Canadian, or live in Canada, and you have used Vitamin E for this purpose, I would love to interview you.

The story is for a blog currently being created that showcases Israeli-Canadian innovations. It was Israeli researchers who first discovered that Vitamin E could be used for this purpose.

If you are interested in sharing your story, you can contact me at by phone at (647)838-5662

I look forward to hearing from someone.
journalismstudent last decade
Johnatan - I hate to tell you the folowing. I have been using vitamin E for at least 15 years among other vitamins and I can tell you it did not prevent me from getting an onset of sudden deafness on 1/22/2006 and my hearing in the right ear did not come back even after a treatment of Prednisone.
Whom ever told you that Vitamin E could help restore hearing is full of BS, I am sorry to tell you

Take care

Hope01 last decade
Just had a hearing test yesterday, it seems like that the pure tone is improving from my severe hearing loss,
250HZ, 500HZ at 30db
1k at 50db
2k at 65db
4k at 80db
8k at 90 db

But I still don't have any speech discrimination ability, does anyone who had the same problem ever get this ability back?

n2sd2 last decade
Hi all,

Have people seen the recent study from Taiwan linking sudden hearing loss and stroke? You can google it. It's a bit worrying, but probably worth being aware of. I experienced sudden hearing loss nearly two years ago now.
rosetta last decade
So my sudden hearing loss occurred on may 18 2008. First M.A. told me it was fluid build up and gave me meds to take.. Well he was wrong.. Went to a doctor a month later and he sent me to a specialist. Thanks to Kaiser busy schedule I had my appointment just yesterday. Now I know I have SHL, my ENT told me so. Im set up for an MRI soon to make sure its not a tumor.

What annoys me most is that the diagnosis at first was so wrong and could have been treated with steroids at the time. I forgot to ask my ENT for steroids even though it might be to late, but I messaged him asking if I could still do it. Im willing to try anything. My hearing in my right ear is less than 70%. Im 20 years old and it sucks to always have to turn my head when I speak to someone on my right.

But, on the lighter side, the doctor who did my audio test taught at USC and told me that research has been testing a new drug that regrows hair cells on ginny pigs, and he said that they have ears very similar to human. So lets all pray that research like these are a success so people in our situation don't have to live with this for the rest of our lives.
twobad4u87 last decade
I spoke with my doctor today, and he told me that the window of opportunity for medical treatment is between 4-6 weeks, and anytime past that is futile. I just want to see if anyone got treatment anytime after this and receive any results. I know its late, but anything is worth a try when it comes to hearing loss? I would really appreciate someones reply.

Thank you
twobad4u87 last decade
My opinion is it's only speculation as to whether steroids even help at all. Some people have used them & not been helped at all, whereas some haven't and have recovered their hearing at different levels. My husband had the steroids, and eventually recovered some of his hearing. However, there was no defining moment subsequent to having the treatments that he said 'oh, my hearing has returned since I've had steroid treatments!' and, far as I know, he still has tinnitus in that ear. Actually, he seemed to recover some of his hearing after taking a homeopathic remedy prior to one of his treatments (can't recall which remedy right now). So who knows? Was it the steroids, the homeopathy, or would it just have happened anyway?
rjmnatural last decade
As to the question of whether steroids work or not, the position I took was that I was not going to wait and see if my hearing came back naturally. I took steroids within 10 days in both my SSNHL episodes (Aug 2005 & Oct 2006). My hearing came back both times to acceptable levels for my age (63). I still am left with tinnitus and hypeacusis.

I did add certain elements to my daily supplements to try to cover the 2/3 possiible bases of SSNHL (Autoimmune and Vascular vs. Viral).

Therefore, I would recommend to anybody to go with the steroids and not wait to see...then it could be too late.
seattlestan last decade
hello everyone. I lost my hearing in my right ear on May 9th, 2006 when I was just 16. I woke up like any other day and went to school. I began feeling sick and felt pressure in my right ear and could not hear out of it. It also began ringing that continues today. I began getting dizzier and dizzier throughout the day and finally went home. I had an episode of vertigo that lasted for a few days. I went to the doctor, but there was nothing he could do. Same result when I went to an Ear Nose and Throat doctor. I have not had any major vertigo attacks since, but I am still deaf in my right ear and hear ringing all the time. I'm about to get on Flavonoid to give it a try and see a Otolaryngologist in Little Rock. I was just wondering if anyone can give me any advice on what to do to try to get some of my hearing back. Thanks
LionSoFly last decade

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