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Yes, It was August 2007. I have seen one specialist in Ireland - I didn’t gain lot from it. Thanks for the contact details – I have not come across his name before. I have had my hearing checked 3-4 times by an audiologist. The results have remained the same – one of the audio people mentioned those hearing aids but I haven’t checked them in detail – do you have a web reference ?Thanks again.
edisoar last decade
I don't know much about them myself. I had to wait four months for my hearing aid because it can take that long, or even longer for your hearing to settle with SSHL.An audiologist will be able to help you. I really would recommend that you see Prof Wright asap as it might not be too late. I was referred by my ENT. You could even try e-mailing him.
JeWeL41 last decade
Back on 11-18-07 I posted in regards to my Dad's sudden hearing loss. I wanted to update you to let you know that 90% of his hearing came back. I am very thankful for this board! Having read many pages of posts, I took my Dad to see Dr. Blevins at Stanford. I highly recommend him! Not only is he an expert in his field but he is also very kind. I called his office on a Monday and they got us in 2 days later. It was exactly 2 weeks from the onset of his SHL. Dr. Blevins gave him an injection that day. Seven days later he heard a couple of words. At eight days he heard more and by nine days 90% of his hearing was back. We are so grateful! I wish you all the very best!
baldwin94 last decade
Hi everyone. Has anyone else been put on the medication Methotrixate? I have been on that and steriods since sept 2007. My hearing was going in my 'good' ear (why do I call it that), and will really no hearing in my left ear (hearing went suddenly october 2006) they symptoms didnt seem the same - the specialist feels this new deafness is my immune system in my ear - sort of shutting itself down. I thought it was bad enough when the first ear went and was told it was very very unlikely it would happen to the other ear - and then, well.....I try not to think about it now. The drugs seem to be working my hearing in my 'good' ear is being maintained - although it is not up to normal, I seem to have adapted to it though and am managing at the moment - not to keen on all these tablets though!
...By the way I am in the UK.
waterlott last decade
That is really scary! I believed it was almost unheard of for this to happen in both ears but yours is not the only case on this forum. How can the specialist say that it is immunological, have any tests shown any sign of auto immune disease? Are you going to take the steroids indefinately? Did you have any treatment at the time of your original SSHL and which part of the Uk are you in? Best wishes
JeWeL41 last decade
Hi - I am in the South of England.

When the hearing suddenly went in my left ear - and they diagnosed (finally) menieres ....long story about that as at first I was told to go home and inhale (I had no cold, or any symptoms at the beginning except going deaf). When I eventually saw a specialist I was transfered to a second sepcialist who gave me the steriods injections over a three week period - they made no difference at all though.
The menieres symptoms started to decrease with the medication thankfully and are now kept under control - the right (good ear that was) was different, I was told it was almost unlikely that it could happen again - then it did, just suddenly.

The steriods seemed to help eventually, taken orally - no injections this time. The methotrixate, well I dont know.

Howeve I have been to the doctor today as I dont feel well at all, have a cough, feel achy and generally unwell. Trouble is methorixate lowers the immune system so they worry - I have been given antibiotics to take now and have to go and have a blood test tomorrow. Its all odd, trouble with hearing was one thing, but all the medications I take is like I have an illness - but at the moment I am willing to keep trying to save some hearing. Hearing friends say they wouldnt do it, taking all the tablets I do - but then they dont sit an not hear conversation in a group do they!

Thanks for the response, Best wishes to you for 2008
waterlott last decade
I'm in the south of England too- Bournemouth. Is it definately Menieres then? My friend has had Menieres for 20 years and is an expert! I know it is quite possible for menieres to affect both ears because I know she worries that this could happen. What is the methotrixate for? Have you had othere symptoms of Menieres such as dizziness, instability, vertigo etc? At least your doctors seem to be trying everything, better that than the wait and see approach of many. When you had the original SSHL did you habve any recruitment or hypercussis, what about tinnitus. Sorry for the inquisition!!
JeWeL41 last decade
Hello All, for the longest time I thought that this forum was dead, as there were no postings since my last post around Thanksgiving until after Christmas ? Then I had PC problems for 2 weeks.
Now I see that there is life again on this forum, great because some of the more recent people with onsets of SSNHL need a place where they can ask for advice.
Take care all

Hope01 last decade
Hi Jewel

My mother had Menieres Desease too - apparently its hereditary, although I never knew that. When my symptoms first started I just lost the hearing in my left ear - I had no other symptoms at all - went to Doctors and they werent very bothered just said to inhale and take sudafed! Wrong thing to do. Then the feeling of fullness in the ear started to develop - I went back and was told it was Labrinitus - and given a tablet, cant remember what that was - then shortly after that I had the vertigo - and it knocked my sidwards - I couldnt move was fixed to the spot - and terrified, as was the family. I didnt know what it was, and it lasted for about a day really bad, I eventually managed to lie down, but was so sick that I had a pillow pushed to either side of the head as I was terrified of moving - I now knew what my mum had gone through - I was very young when she was like that so can only remember her being very poorly.
Went back to the doctors and they finally agreed with me seeing a specialist - thank goodness. I was given something for the menieres dizziness straight away, and something for the sickness. Plus I had excersises to do too - the hearing had not returned at this point, although I suppose I thought it would. This specialist refered me to another one, who tried the steriod injections into the ear. After that the tinintus started, when it first did I felt it was worse than the deafness, thought it would drive me mad, I couldnt sleep and found the loudness of the sound stopped me hearing in my then 'good' ear. Anyway, I( suppose you just get used to it, or rather just realise that you have to. I now see what people talk about, but you just cant explain it can you - i think it sounds like standing under a waterfall, in the jungle and there are birds with the dawn chorus - dont laugh - sometimes that is the only way |I can get to sleep, pretending I am in the jungle LOL.

Anyway, with everything calmed down I asked the specialist of the chances of something happening to my good ear 'very unlikely' 'such a small percentage' 'chance in thousands' So I started to adjust to not hearing in one ear - then the right ear started, but differently - the symptoms, not menieres at all, no dizziness. Any apparently its not connected, how unlucky is that! My immune system is attacking my inner ear and trying to kill the hearing off. The methotrixate alters my immune system, but its not a nice drug. I have to have regular blood tests - I have also have to had a bone density scan because of the steriods I have taken to try anhd maintain some hearing while the methotrixate dose is built up. I also have to take potassium, folic acid, a bone density tablet, water tablets, serc, losec (because all the tablets have affected my stomach).....so there it is. One minute it was my hearing now I take tablets like, well I dont kinow.

My dear mum who suffered so badly with menieres so many years back had no real medication offered then, she was so ill that she chose the option of having her inner ear removed - at the time a very unusual thing which was a type of trial. She then had to learn to walk again, and was overnight deaf (up till then here hearing was ok). After that she was ok.
Unfortunately mum died with parkinsons two years ago, so my symptoms developed after her death - so I cant ask her anything about her symptoms. Strange though - we, the family had mum deaf in her left ear - and always spoke loudly etc., Then she died, I got ill and now I am the same - if it wasnt happening to me - I would imagine it was just in my imagination - that would be the best cure I could have.
I bet some physcologist would be interested though!!!

..............anyway, long story.
waterlott last decade
Hi, clearly the first onset was classic Menieres but I still don't think this can be ruled out as the cause of your new onset though obviously I am no expert. When I see my friend i will ask her to join this forum so that she can share her experience and wisdom with you in the hope that she might help.

My tinnitus is almost unbearable at the moment so I totally sympathise with you on this. I think it might be because I have not renewed my Serc prescription so haven't taken any for about two weeks, maybe it does help. Your poor mother! At least menieres is much better understood now and there are treatments which will help. I wish you all the best.
JeWeL41 last decade
Hi. Do you tak Serc for menieres too? Sorry I seem to have lost the thread a bit! How much hearing do you have and do you wear hearing aids? I have one for my left (deaf) ear, but it does nothing really, but it does seem to help with balance and the tinitus - without it it is unbearable. The hearing in my right ear is maintained at present, but I had a problem at the weekend, as I got this awful flu type virus and I have a lowered immune system caused by the methorixate - and the steriods too. I had to get to the doctors on ~Friday and then on Saturday had to go and have a blood test. This ment I couldnt take the methotrixate - had to wait for the results - I cant take it again until next friday, meaning I have missed a dose. Hopefully, this will not affect the maintained hearing I have in the right ear.

Nice to chat to you - it is helpful to know how other people are doing.

Best Wishes
waterlott last decade
Went to ENT today to see if they could explain why I had the warbling sound in my ear a few weeks ago and why it is gone – I thought I might be getting my hearing back. What was explained to me is that sound can travel through the bones in your skull – it might seem that you have hearing in your bad ear but in fact the sound is being picked up the good ear!!!! I couldn’t believe it either – felt I didn’t have anything to lose by getting the injection into the ear but as always, no guarantees. I had the audio done but the ear it is the same as 3 months ago. The tinnitus was really brutal at the weekend but has calmed down snce. Tomorrow, I start exercising again, giving up caffeine and eating healthily – update to follow to see if this has any effect.
edisoar last decade
Hi Waterlott, no I have SSHL in my left ear - no Menieres but I take SERC (betahistine) for tinnitus. I have an average 38dB loss across all frequencies [though it is nearere 70dB at high frequencies] I have a hearing aid which helps a lot particularly with masking the tinnitus. Having said that however, I am going back to my ENT on 21/1/08 because my tinnitus has got louder and I think my hearing has got worse over the past few weeks.

I gave my friend with Menieres details of this site and she hopes to talk to you in a day or two. Your'e right it is good to talk and know that we are not alone, hearing loss is isolating and invisible!
JeWeL41 last decade
Hi Waterlott... I am JeWeL41's friend. I first had my menieres when I went into labour nearly 21 years ago. Originally put down to one of those things of labour things just kept getting worse and worse until I couldnt go out of the house alone. If I had an attack it invariably ended up with an injection of stemitil and the loss of the next few days. I was sent to see a specialist in Bristol and the first thing he said to me was to cut caffeine from my diet. He put me on a waiting list for an ultrasonic labrynthectomy but luckily from that day things started to improve for me. I dont know if it was the caffeine reduction or my acceptance of the menieres that did it......anyway to cut a long story short ....wear a brightly coloured hearing aid (luckily amplification works for my tinnitus ) am now holding down a full time job in education ...do not take medication and cannot remember the last time I had a full blown attack (fingers crossed not temptimg fate)... I have learnt to gage my balance from the feel of my ear and use Bucastem if really necessary.

Hope this helps knowing you are not the only one with this.
blue1bell last decade
hi Bluebell.
Thanks for writing. What is your hearing loss - and was it caused by the menieres? Is it in both ears. Sorry so many questions??
Mine seems under control, but I do take Serc X3 a day, along with all the rest of the things I take (see above!)
I work as a teacher (reception) its fine, working with children is much better than talking with adults. Children will look at you - and talk clearly, once they are taught to do so.....adults, turn away, and talk over one another - how rude!!! LOL

Anyway, great to hear from you, and fantastic that you are well. Funny, you write 'acceptance of menieres' I know what you mean. Sometimes, I have a sort of attack coming on - I seem to be able to control it - but suppose thats down to the medication. It doesnt stop me doing anything now - and if I can maintain this hearing I can carry on as normal!!

Hope to hear from you again
Kind regards
waterlott last decade
Hi Waterlott, I'm guessing you are female too as a reception teacher. I teach secondary and Blue1Bell and I work together. We all live in the South too...strange.
Teenage students are even more rude than adults!! Did you have much time off work at the start? I was off for three months and found it really difficult to adjust when I went back. OK now though just fed up with teaching!
JeWeL41 last decade
Hi Waterlott

My Menieres is in the left ear. The hearing loss there is due to it and is classed as severe. I wear a hearing aid from the minute I wake up to the time I go to bed. My right has a mild loss which is left alone. I am very open about my hearing aid ...short hair and its bright colour. I also have a radio aid with microphone which I use in larger or noisier areas such as an assembly.

Yes I agree smaller children do accept more readily but the older ones do get used to it as well when they have to !!

Do you wear a hearing aid ?

blue1bell last decade
Hi, I am new here, I found this website tonight. I am on my 13th day since SSHL onset in my left ear. It happened on Jan 3, on the way to me taking my children to school and within 1.5 hours my hearing in my left ear was gone. At the Army hospital, the test came back with a severe / significant hearing loss in my left ear and I was put on Valtrex (antiviral) and oral steroids (Prednisone, 50 mg/day) which I have now been taking for 13 days. Additionally I am taking 1000 mg Aspirin per day, 3 x 240 mg Gingko Biloba Extract and 1000 mg Vitamine E. No change so far, my last test (of 3) on Friday actually came back worse than the others. I can 'feel' vibration in lower and loud frequencies, but nothing at all in middle to higher frequencies. The right ear started to go as well, but came back within 24 hours. I am going for my first steroid shot tomorrow at Dr. Slater's in Austin. I am scared and was looking for information. I read it is painful, I don't do pain too well... Any information about this would be very much appreciated. I am only 38 years old and have 3 small children (6, 5, 1). I also have been raising them alone for the past 14 months since my husband, a soldier, was deployed for the 3rd time to Iraq. I am sure stress has something to do with my condition. I wish I had a chrystal ball that tells me if I will ever hear again in my left ear... The Dr. today was not too optimistic, because it has already been 12 days since it happened and he would have given me the shot within the first 48 hours. But the first Dr. does not go that route... Am I too late for hope now?
sahmof3babies last decade
Man, I would give ANYTHING .. painful shots, whatever .. for SOME of my hearing in my right ear.

Its not that painful .. its like someone pinching you hard for 10 seconds .. nothing too traumatic.

I have tried EVERYTHING .. one steriod shot, the MICROWICK (dripping steriods thru a wick attached & threaded thru my eardrum), the oral steriods.

My problem was that everything was tried about 5 weeks after the SSHL event. Much too late.

Trust me .. you'll NEVER regret trying everything.

Here's a short list of what I think everyone here should consider.

HEALTHY LIVING such that your body MAY heal itself.

A chinese doctor presribed the following: vegetarian diet .. as much as possible, LOTS of sleep 8-10 hours, fresh vegetable drinks (think Jamba Juice). Anti-stress measures: relaxation, yoga, mediation, .. just regular daily relaxation routines.

And MOST important: a HAPPY outlook on life .. despite your troubles.

I didn't have much success with the hearing .. but my heart & joint problems improved quite alot.
bigmike408 last decade
I guess I should include my story.

I'm 45 years old. Good physical shape and VERY active athletically.

Vacation trip to Mexico .. March 2007.

I lost a hearing plug in my right ear while driving an ATV vehicle -- 40 minutes. Very Loud for me. I was stung by a jellyfish on the upper right arm. I came down with a serious cold. My SSHL could have come from anyone of these events .. probably the LOUD noise did the trick.

I tried oral steriods .. late, 4 weeks out. No effect.

I had a steriod shot to the ear. 5 weeks out. No effect.

I had the outpatient procedure of installing the 'Microwick' in the eardrum to allow me to self adminster steriod drops three times a day for a month. Some success. 40 decibel improvements in a narrow mid range 500-750.

Chinese acupunture .. 2 months. Relaxation but no effect.

Chinese acupressure. no effects.

Vitamins, juice, extra sleep. Nothing helped very much.

Depression .. was a constant battle for me.

Sad to report .. I lost the little hearing I gained and have only a little hearing left in the 250 & below range.

However, my spirits are better now.

But, tinnitus is a constant afliction. Quiet activities help .. reading especially.
bigmike408 last decade
I went to get my first ear injection today, one of 4 total. After reading here that it hurts like an SOB, I was scared out of my mind. The procedure itself was not bad at all, Dr. Slater numbed the topical area of the membrane before injecting the needle. I did feel the sting, but it was tolerable. However, as soon as he administered the steroid and later flushed the ear with water, I got extremely dizzy and was unable to focus on anything. My eyes were just going ever which way and my body was shaking. Later I got this screaming headache and the ear just burnt very painfully all the way down my throat. He put me on Valium, which makes it all more tolerable again.
I will have to go back for my second shot on Monday and my MRI is scheduled for Friday... I will keep you posted.
sahmof3babies last decade
I suffered a sudden hearing loss in my left ear coming up for 2 weeks ago.
Thank goodness I found this forum earlier this week. Thank you all your your hints, tips and information. This has been an invaluable resource for me. Wish I had found you all last week though (still wasn't feeling too good then though!) Saw a specialist Last Sat. and am on steroids and anti-viral. No improvement in hearing though unfortunately. It has totally wiped out my left ear. However I am hoping to try the wick procedure are recommended on here early next week - not sure it will help but I don't have anything to loose. The up and down feelings I have just coping with sudden hearing loss are bad enough let alone the feeling of pressure in my head which I am not sure is the inflammation still or something I will have to come to terms with. Does anyone have any information on possible side effects of the steroid injection and wick treatment?
Thanks again to you all...
Esperanza last decade
Esperanza, sorry to hear you have joined our club! It is very early days for you, the pressure will certainly lessen and may disappear altogether, you will be able to cope with this. It is highly unlikely to be due to any inflammation and indeed is not thought to be real pressure but rather your brains realisation that something is wrong and some signals are missing whish is why it improvs as your brain gets used to it. Don't know about any side effects as the treatments are not common, I haven't had either. You must not waste any time as this is believed to be vitally important, the injections should be given as soon after the onset as possible so if you can have them today then do. there is clear evidence for this. Do you have tinnitus, recruitment or hypercussis too? Any dizziness or imbalance? What about your audiogram?
JeWeL41 last decade
I may be wrong but I've noticed a prevalance of females and left ears! - any thoughts?
JeWeL41 last decade
Steroids .. side effects??

No permanent side effects for me.

Really, only steriods taken over LONG periods of time .. many many months .. can have SOME REAL unwelcome side effects.

My side effects were mostly the mood swings.

AGAIN .. the other posters are correct. You need to IMMEDIATELY treat your SSHL or else is likely a permanent situation.

Its low risk but HIGH reward .. steriods & the wick.

Yes, the pressure situation & sensativity to noise lessens over time.

The tinnitus .. its not easy but you'll learn to tune it out over time. The tinnitus is somewhat less for me at 10 months out from the SSHL event.

For me, I'm still hoping that it will lessen with additional time
bigmike408 last decade
I just started an additional therapy, to my ear injections. I am also seeing Dr. Brammeier at Scott & White Hospital in Temple, TX and he put me on histamine IV for 3 days in a row. Basically what he is trying to do is jumpstart my nerve ends. I am also getting 2 more medications, one diuretic pill and one for blood pressure, both aimed at better blood flow, circulation and less swelling / pressure in the ear. Again, this is in addition to the ear injection which for him are still the most promising. But he asked me if I want to try EVERYTHING (heck yes), so we are going this route as well. If the hearing does not come back (and today it actually feels worse, more numbness in the left ear than yesterday before the IV), at least I know I have tried everything. He is not optimistic about my prognosis because the loss it just too severe, but he is willing to give his all...
sahmof3babies last decade

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