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etonlam, shortcake is right - hypercussis was a massive problem or me at the start and now its not so it does get better as your brain readjusts. Its the same when you first get a hearing aid, I could hear my son speaking in the room above and felt like I had 'bionic' hearing! this did not last though. My audiologist said he often gets new wearers coming back to have their aids adjusted up - he calls them 'Gain junkies' but it does not last.
JeWeL41 last decade
shortcake and JeWel41-thanks for your explanations. I feel more comforting now. Have you ever heard that neck problems can cause hearing loss?
eltonlam last decade
Count me in for the LEFT side, too. Lots of posts lately I need to catch up on.

If this condition is new to you, I just want to say that in my case, even tho I didn't regain any hearing to speak of, I am doing SO much better 6 months into this than the first 2 months or so. The tinnitus has receded to the background (except when I think about it like right now). My good ear allows me to hear very well in most situations - and when I can't (such as when I'm a passenger in a car with the radio on) it's really not that hard to deal with. Also that pressure-y feeling on the deaf side - which I hated - has gone away. Anyway, I felt horrible at first - the SHL was practically all I thought about for a couple of months and now, while I'm aware of it at some point every day, it's certainly not the first thing I think of when I wake up nor does it bother me most of the time. The dizziness and nausea are gone except for a very occasional attack of vertigo. I do wish, however, that I could switch the phone to the other ear sometimes! ;)
Good luck to all of you. I hope if there's a chance to regain your hearing you do so and if not, that you don't have too many repurcussions from it.
rhonda j last decade
I find out that dizziness or unsteadiness is more serious in the evening than during the daytime. Would it be caused by the reduction of oxygen content in the air in the evening? Would there be any other possible reasons? Any comments will be appreciated.
eltonlam last decade
My nephew who is a chiropractor says that neck problems can very well cause hearing loss. I saw him Thanksgiving Day and he massaged my neck and the tinnitis was reduced. Although that could be from stress. He said my neck muscles were like concrete. I go to see him on Wednesday and I'll report back. Unlike most of you, I don't have a good ear so I have to try everything as both ears have affected. God bless you all and good luck.
jakeabe last decade
jakeabe-I think I am also bothered by pulsatile tinnitus the noise of which fluctuates. I wonder if pulsatile tinnitus is related to neck problems such as blood circulation and compression of neck nerves ?
eltonlam last decade
ELTONLAM - depends on what the cause of your unsteadiness is. For me, I permanently lost my left balance organ as well as hearing after air pressure on a flight coupled with nasty ear infection destroyed my inner ear. I sought every solution and piece of advice I could, if there was a miracle cure I wanted it. I tried all sorts of things, even contemplated a BAHA hearing aid - but the thought of a permanent fixture on the side of my head worried me (I'm glad that I let my brain adjust now, I think that would have been a permanent reminder, even though it must work very well for some people, perhaps I'll reconsider in years to come.)

At least now I know that life is just about acceptance for my problem rather than a cure, and that has been the biggest healer. Whilst my balance is so much better after 18 months than it was at first, there are still certain problems - for instance the eyes do more work now, as do sensors in the feet and the brain which has to do the decoding. When the brain is tired, during the evening, or stressed, or run down with the onset of a cold etc, then unsteadiness is worse as the brain is slower to decode the messages. Maybe this is the reason why you're unsteadiness is worse at night too. It's also worse for me when it's dark, as the eyes are doing more work these days. I'm not a doctor, but I spoke to some of the best in the business at the time and that's what they told me... after 18 months personal experience I can say from experience that this is true.

When my problem happened, I scoured web site after web site and could find nothing - only one guy that had a similar problem deep sea diving. I thought I was the only person alive that had been so unlucky to have tinnitus, permanent deaf ear and permanent lost balance organ... Imagine then losing the job, then house and with a wife and 2 kids to support. After all I was only 40. I hit some real low points, but if this story can help anyone else understand that life really does return to near normal then I'll be happy.

After several mis-diagnosis' from different doctors, I was eventually told it was permanent and to 'just get on with my life' in that matter of fact delivery that doctors do! In truth it was good advice, the brain needs to relearn how to walk, how to deal with situations. That won't happen by not getting back to normality. It was really tough at first, but it was sound advice.

Hope it helps.
eartwitter last decade
Hi Eartwitter - I also permanently lost my hearing in my left ear and the Dr. thinks I mat have permanent damage with my balance organ which causes dizziness. Mine has only been 5 months. Dr says it could take up to a year to feel better. How long before you seen a difference in your balance?
Charlee last decade
CHARLEE - It depends on the cause. You need to find out what the cause of your deafness is, mine was total and permanent, if you're familiar with the inner ear, it's filled with fluid. If the oval window (the bit that connects the inner ear to the bones in the middle ear) ruptures and all the fluid drains away then it's a bit like a spirit level with no mercury.. I guess like an ear with no hearing (ie purely cosmetic!)In some respects having total permanent loss of a balance organ is better than 95%... as the 5% that's left can cause confusion for the brain - the specialist I saw developed a procedure to destroy the rest of it. Sounds a bit of a backward step but it makes sense.

I describe my balance unsteadiness as like camera shake (or when you see a news cameraman in a war zone running around.) Basically, its the same feeling as the eyes are telling the brain what it sees, but the balance organs aren't smoothing the movement. Therefore walking around makes the horizon judder up and down. Excuse the spelling, but it's something called Osylopsia I think... There's also a more dizzy sensation when moving the head, also because only 3 of the balance canals are functioning as opposed to 6 in a fully functioning set. This means that there are particular movements that the eyes and brain disagree with and so give the dizzyness.

I'm only going on about this to find out if you're balance organ damage is giving you similar problems. If it is then it took me about a year, but don't get your stopwatch out... if you do then you'll wake up everyday checking for improvement but improvements are so minute that you'll only keep reminding yourself about how things 'used' to be. As a specialist told me, there's a new world order now, and your brain has to learn it. The day you stop measuring for some improvement as soon as you wake up each morning (I'm guessing you're doing that?!) is the day you start to get on with your life... the key is that eventually you stop remembering how things used to be anyway. Instead of consciously thinking about how weird you feel, you'll eventually sub-consciously just be doing things like you used to. I can't deny that I get more tired at the end of the day than I used to (brain and eyes do more work) and environments where you're head is turning around a lot (doing the shopping at the supermarket in particular) but as I say, I can't really remember life before anymore. About 5 months in, I guess I was only looking for someone that would tell me I will be 100% the same as before. Perhaps you will, but even if you're like me, you'll genuinely reach a point where you forget the previous existence and not really think about it - honest!

My advice is as I've said on other posts, understand that it does get easier (but you do need to retrain your brain and just get on with life as you used to), think about what you DO have and understand that, despite it being a real pain, it won't kill you - in the grand scheme of things, there are far, far worse things that could be wrong. (And I'm guessing that the balance issues have at least taken you're mind off going deaf in one ear right?)

As difficult as it is, throw your stopwatch away and stop looking for daily improvements. Get up every morning and just get on with life. That's the first step!

Look forward to hearing from you in 12 months! ;-)
eartwitter last decade
Eartwitter - Thanks, you explained it better than my doctor. My deafness in my left ear is total and permanent, Dr. said it was caused from a virus. It's hard, but I am adjusting to the deafness and tinnutis. The dizziness bothers me the most, I get dizzy moving my head, looking up, going to bed and getting up in the morning, can't sleep on my left side at all. I have to sleep at least 8 hours a day or more, since this happened. I have been trying to get help for the dizziness but haven't found a doctor to help. My ENT said that my balance may permanent and just get used to it.
Charlee last decade
eartwitter-Thanks for your detailed explanations. Our brain consumes much energy at all times. I seem to eat more since the onset of SSHL. I think that the healing process possibly asks for more energy or the abnormality asks for more energy for rectification. I always wonder if SSHL can cause my neck discomfort or my neck discomfort causes SSHL and pulsatile tinnitus.
Longtime working at the compouter may cause neck problems. Do you think so?
eltonlam last decade
CHARLEE-> Tiredness comes from the brain resetting itself and relearning. This will pass. Also try googling 'Vestibular Therapy'; its a way to help accelerate the relearning process. I did it for the first 6-7 months solid, if nothing else, its a feel good feeling that you're doing something positive to help the situation. When you don't need it any more then just stop. I saw a leading expert on it for a few sessions, he's based UK though - but wherever you are I'm sure your doctor can sort it (or just check out some of the rehabilitation exercises online.)

I also look for the benefits of sleeping with SSHL - if you want perfect peace then just sleep on your good ear!

ELTONLAM-> Well I've stared at computers and laptops for 20 years, and I do have bad posture but don't have neck pain so I dont think its linked to SSHL. In terms of SSHL / tinnitus and reasons, for what its worth, in my non-medical opinion, some people are born with acutely sensitive hearing... lucky as long as you avoid exposure to any loud noises in your life. Once you do, then the brain is overloaded hence the onset of tinnitus. It's odd that with one ear I can hear things that others can't - even heard my mobile phone going off in a room upstairs when it was on vibrate only! Someone mentioned that this subsides, but after 18 months for me I'm not so sure. I think its partly due to sensitive hearing in the first place and partially the brain rewiring to get all its impulses from the good ear. As far as whether certain things increase the chance of SSHL, I'm not sure - mine was flying with ear infection, but then again people fly with ear infections all the time... I've always had severe ear pain on landing in an aircraft so maybe I have a naturally narrow eustachian tube which, together with the infection, prevented the pressure in my ear from equalising on the flight... hence the blown eardrum and ruptured oval window.

As well as comparing left/right sided deafness, it would be useful to get feedback on everyone for:

1) When tinnitus was first noticed - loud noise, infection or what?

2) What caused the SSHL? Viral or something else?

3) Any intense ear pain when landing in an aircraft?

4) Aware of natural sensitivity to sound (before and after SSHL)?

At least it will give an indication of sensitive hearing and pressure problems in the ear that could make some people more likely to develop SSHL and / or tinnitus.

I'm conscious that this forum was designed with homeopathy in mind so sorry if we're going off on a tangent, but there are very few places for SSHL/balance/tinnitus discussions!
eartwitter last decade
eartwitter-your detailed explanations are comforting and informative. The doctor said that my SSHL was possibly caused by a virus. but she could not give a definite answer. I had a rather comprehensive blood test, she could not find anything related to my SSHL Can blood test reveal any virus infection or anthing that causes SSHL? Can the doctor diagnose virus infection by examining the ear with instrument, if the virus infection is located in the inner ear? I find from the net that there are still many possible reasons that can cause SSHL besides a vrius infection. Does it mean that SSHL can be healed if the virus is killed and eliminated?
eltonlam last decade
I started the analysis of the posts (Pages 1 thru 10).
In summary the breakdown is as follows:
Contributors : 29
Male : 4
Female : 12
Unknown : 13
Right Side Loss : 15
Left Sided Loss : 8
Unknown : 6
Virtually, in all cases, steroids were administered, however, it looks like anti-virals were only used in 3 confirmed cases. There isn't enough information regarding when it occurred. In addition, there isnt enough data to answer any of eartwitters queries. I will add to this tommorrow and over the course of the next few days. I dont believe we will see anything significant, however, it may be worthwhile to use the info as an opportunity to speak to ENT's and see if there is any planned research into this condition. I have accepted my hearing loss but I will always being willing to contribute to research on it.
edisoar last decade
ELTONLAM-> The problem with the ear is that there's an ear drum blocking the view! You can only see what damage has been done by having a brain scan (I had one of those too!) My specialist worked out exactly how nasty the infection had been, even getting to the brain stem. I guess I was lucky!

EDISOAR-> Thanks for the analysis... I know that the questions I had were specific - but if anyone wants to get back with some updates then it would be useful... See I was happy to just go away and get on with my life and now you've got me hooked on stats! :-)

Incidentally, I was also prescribed steroids, but only after 3 weeks. When it happened after my flight, I was rushed to A&E, it was a busy night, I waited hours and was told I had Labyrinthitis, would be fine after 8 weeks and packed home with some antibiotics. I was totally out of it, but remember asking if it was normal to hear absolutely nothing when I rubbed the ear on my bad side. She said it was. I saw 6 different doctors over 3 weeks and only then was I given steroids. Checking online, steroids can help to stem the loss only help if given immediately. After 3 weeks it was a pointless exercise. I'm sure I could have sued at the time, but had more pressing things to deal with!
eartwitter last decade
I have hearing loss and tinnitus on my right ear since April 2009. I have tried steroid (both oral dosage and ear shot) but it did not work. I have also tried traditional Chinese medicine and acupunture for more than 3 months but they did not work either. Starting from early October, I began to take a dietary supplement called ' Acetyl-L-Carnitine'. After taking this supplement for one month, I feel much better with my right ear. The tinnitus has become less serious than before, the feeling of 'blocking inside the ear' and 'echo when talking' are both gone. I also feel that hearing on my right ear has improved.

I am still taking this supplement and would recommend you guys to try this if ENT cannot help.
zhaijw last decade
Zhijw-does 'Acetyl-L-Carnitine have any side effects? Is it a natural product or a man-made product? Steroids certainly have side effects to our body, undermining our immune system.
Tinnitus and hearing loss are two different things. If we have hearing loss, it is always accompanied by tinnitus. Having tinnitus is not necessarily acompanied by hearing loss. Do you agree?
I had an audio test on Wednesday, the doctor said that my deaf ear had response to sound over 100 db and that was none before, that seems encouraging to me. I will have another test on the 17th. I hope that my hearing can really improve.
Folks- do not give up hope, our brain can have immense healing power if appropriate nutrients are supplied to it. Eat more natural foods that are beneficial to our brain.
eltonlam last decade
eltonlam - in response to your question about whether a doctor can see a virus, no they can't. Sometimes something will show up on an MRI (like in eartwitter's case, it sounds like) showing inflammation. Other times they can't see anything.

My hearing loss seems to have been caused by a herpes virus (that virus also causes chicken pox, cold sores, shingles, etc) and with administration of antiviral medication (famvir) my hearing has mostly returned. I'm still on the medication, so I don't know yet what will happen when I go off. The doctor did not know I had a viral cause at all until 5 months into my hearing loss I convinced him to let me try the medication. He was very doubtful it would help but it did!
shortcake last decade
edisoar; thanks for doing the research. I did much the same and got to page 33. My tally to that point is 19 right and 13 left. I didn't keep track of which sex.

It looks like there may not be too much of a side-preponderance in the long run, but I think it's still worthwhile tallying the entire forum if you have the energy
etmd22 last decade
Acetyl-L-Carnitine is a natural product and should have no side effects.

I agree with you but there are people who have hearing loss only.
zhaijw last decade
L-Carnitine is an amino acid that actually increases the mount of Lysine your body absorbs. If someone has a l-lysine shortage, they are told to take l-carnitine, not l-lysine. If you are benefitting from the l-carnitine it could mean that your problem is viral, as shortcakes and mine. Lysine helps block the amino acid arginine which helps the herpes virus replicate. So in a round about way, you may be hampering the virus by taking the carnitine. I'd try anti-virals if you can get a prescription. It might help quite a bit. God luck.
suncasa last decade
Can herpes virus infection be revealed by blood test? Can blood test reveal other virus that possibly causes SSHL? I believe that there are some other reasons tht lead to SSHL besides virus infection. Can MRI show up any type of virus infection or malfunctions inside the ear?
eltonlam last decade
Herpes virus or oher viral infections that might theoretically cause SSHL generally
(at least for all practical purposes)) do not show up in blood tests. Not does the MRI show a viral infection or much else other than a tumor being present.
etmd22 last decade
Herpes virus or other viral infections that might theoretically cause SSHL generally (at least for all practical purposes) do not show up in blood tests. Not does the MRI show a viral infection or much else other than a tumor being present.
etmd22 last decade
I am not sure whether mine was caused by virus. It seems that the ENT is not find out the root cause of my problem.

I was told that Acetyl-L-Carnitine is able to boost the growth of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) while NGF can lead to Re-sprouting or Neurite Outgrowth of Spiral Ganglion Neuron (SGN). With more SGN, one's hearing should be better.

If there is no other alternatives, I think it is worth trying this supplement.
zhaijw last decade
How much L-Carnitine are you taking every day? And are you taking it on an empty stomach? Thanks.
suncasa last decade

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