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hello just thought i would jump in, say hi and give a update. I lost my hearing around august to sept of last year. everyone on here pretty much knows my story. I got lucky and caught it early and got back full hearing. my left ear originally lost hearing up to 90% loss or more but it came back. the only thing that ever happened afterwards was i get ringing in my right ear now which is wierd because that ear never lost its hearing and i can still hear now in both ears. its the strangest thing. i still get that ring in my right ear. my ears are extremly sensetive now. anywhere there is loud music it always hurts afterwards.

I took prednisone and took shots to both ears. once a week for three weeks of decadron. I also took just about every vitamin and herb imaginable, i also did accupuncture. I consider myself to be extremly lucky. I dont know how anyone does it and it scares me to even think about it. my one year of full hearing is approaching fast and i'm scared to death of it.

god bless all of you for what you are going threw.

from what I have noticed I can honestly say, that sleep and exercise and vitamins help but it wont cure anything. ginko is a joke. dont take it, it actually makes it worse in my book. duritics make it worse too. my ringing is always worse if im on a treamill, take to many cruises and when I took duirtics and rings more too.

I beleive only a few things ever helped me. Sleep, vitamins, prednisone, ear shots. accupuncture helped me to better concentrate and helped to change my attitude. and most importantly finding god.

You all are so much braver then me. I would have ended it long ago so god bless you all.

So far im ok. i deal with the ringing when its there, and i can still here and thank god all the time. one day there will be a cuse for this so please hang in there. dont be dumb like me. I was very lucky. I almost didnt stick around for the cure. IT WILL BE HERE IN THIS LIFETIME!

I miss talke to you guys. :)
nitrams2000 last decade
its very scary, the few cases where i hear about getting back full hearing it seems like the hearing loss comes back. scares me to death to think of that again.
nitrams2000 last decade
will hypercrasis and ringing get better with time ?
god2007 last decade
I haven't been on this website for a few months now; just checking back in. I lost all hearing in one ear 14 months ago. About 50% of it has come back since then, but the loud ringing is still there. I'm learning to live with it. The connection between SHL and kidney problems (suggested by Nitrans2000 & TaraJoy) is intriguing. I've had kidney disease for more than 10 years. In the 1990's I had 3 months of steroids for one symptom; a few years ago I started on a prescription diuretic for another symptom. It's hard to believe that they prescribe diuretics for SHL - I got SHL several years AFTER starting on the diuretics. But the connection to kidney disease sounds like a good lead to the mystery.
cmaccart last decade
long time no talk.... the board went dead. I hope everyone is ok.
nitrams2000 last decade
anyone got any more miracles to tell. would love to hear from someone that cured from this thing
nitrams2000 last decade
Nitrams2000's story is close to my own. I am coming up on the 1 year anniversary of my 2nd SSNHL episode and am apprehensive too. The tinnitus I have been left with is in the ear where I lost around 90%, like Nitrams.

I believe that sleep, meditation, exercise, massaging around the affected ear and the addition of certain supplements (like Grape Seed Extract and Astragalus)are helpful in preventing yet a 3rd episode.

I am now hypersensitive to loud venues and carry ear plugs with me when I know that I may encounter loudness.

The tinnitus varies in pitch and is something I seem to be able to live with. I will not stop experimenting though on what might reduce or eliminate the ringing. I have tried Lipo-Flavanoids, etc. and have not found relief in that realm.

I, like Nitrams, feel that I have been luck, had quick ENT response with Prednisone and recovered my hearing, with the addition of tinnitus. I even had a friend when I was in California this last week do some Native American healing kind of stuff. You never know what might help. Best to all on this forum. I read everytime there is an e-mail alerting me to a new post.
seattlestan last decade
seattlestan I know we haved talked on occasion or two, I know you lost your hearing twice. originally you had told me your age and a few other things if i remember correctly.

normally in most cases when someone looses hearing in their ear and gets it back, you can try to find out whats wrong but 90% of the time you wont.

what worries me in your case is you lost it twice. now that usually means that there is most certainly something wrong. what makes your case strange though is that you lost it twice in the same ear. most of the time when someone gets it again its in the other ear meaning it would be a form of AIED Attuimmune effeciency disease. or if its in the same ear then its noise related or a possible of meneirs disease but if i remeber correctly. you said you had no vertigo, which should rule out meneirs which leaves me puzzled.

so unless you have severe kidnbey disease or liver damage or some sort of kidey or liver failure to connect it all then im at a loss.

very mysterious, excuse the spelling errors deglore. lololol
nitrams2000 last decade

I am puzzled also. What I did not say in this last posting is that I had a couple of years of problems with my ears (preceding the onset of SSNHL in the left one), including BPPV, wax build up and spores. All my blood work does not reveal liver or kidney issues. AIED was ruled out. No one can tell me what to avoid or do to ensure that it does not happen again. So I just do what I laid out in the last posting and hope for the best. Thanks for your reply.
seattlestan last decade
Research has proven that some drugs cause tinnitus and most certainly in our case The amount of prednisone we take at once is indeed more then enough to cause such a problem. its a catch 22. we needed the prednisone to recover but most likely that is what caused the tinnitus we have left.

I remember taking the prednisone and one day later after i was off if it the tinnitus started almost immediatly. so it is likely it is prednisone or some drug that caused it but i will gladly pay that fee to get my hearing back.

this link explains it in great detail.

nitrams2000 last decade
spores hmmmmm interesting. I wonder if we could find anything on that
nitrams2000 last decade
you never know. that could be


its a interesting linke of possibilty......
nitrams2000 last decade
long time no talk , yeah ...how is everyone ?
3 months since my SHL , now my situation more or less the same , still some high freq hearing loss and tinnitus left. I am trying hard to learn to live with T. It's difficult and the sound keeps changing...

you had SHL 1 year ago, so now u have been dealing with tinnitus for 1 year , how is it ? do u feel like u can habituate it ?
prednisone casue tinnitus? some peple with SHL didn't get treatment with prednisone still have tinnitus....
I have a question : will tinnitus from SHL ever go away someday ? some people with tinnitus from other casue might go away.
Hope more miracle can happen.
God bless
god2007 last decade
god2007 tinnitus from hearing loss almost never goes away. actually everyone has some sort of tinnitus but depending on wether they can hear good or not the tinnitus frequency and loudness changes. the less you can hear the louder the tinnitus seems. Alot of doctors beleives that tinitus is something your brain focuses on when it has troubles trying to hear. that would explain why people have T from noise damage. my T is strange.

my left ear go it first when I lost hearing in that ear. but it went away in that ear when I got my hearing back in my left ear. I never lost hearing in my right ear at all but now the tinnitus is there in my right ear. sometimes its very loud. sometimes I can hardly hear it.

three things that have really seemed to help alot.

1. Lipo- Flavonoid = walgreems

2. Fressh bee pollen

3. tons of vitamins especially Niacin and all the B's and E's and C's

4. 'clear tinnitus' from walgreens its homeopathic but really seems to work

5. Sonarx order it online.

take melatonin over the counter for sleep and Lunesta is expensive but the best thing since apple pie.

Just for the record. my right ear did not ever ring at all. even when i lost hearing in my left ear. my right ear never ringed until i got off the prednisone. 2 days later it started ringing. I have heard of a disorder documented from the over use of prednisone but they say you have to take a ton of it. if this is the only thing I have left is this small annoying ring then i bless the lord for helping the best way he knew how.

I would still take the prednisone and do the ear shots. I'm not for sure but it is a theory that my right ear now rings from the prednisone and my left ear got SSNHL for a reason that I have just not completly figured out yet.

God bless

I miss my favorite lady hope where is she now days. :(
nitrams2000 last decade
Don't know if you're still monitoring this site, but I also experienced a buzzing sound while diving -- about two weeks before severe hearing loss. It sounded like a motor droning -- low, no wavering, no pitch variance and then gone. It was only in about fifteen feet of water. If you've learned any thing since about this, please let me know. gregoryben at earthlink dot net
I appreciate it.
gregoryben last decade
Hey!!!! Nitrams2000
Thanks for the compliment I am still around LOL but not posting here as I got afraid because each time I posted here, the activity would cease.
Now in the last few weeks I saw that there is not much activity after anybody posts.
You were the one that held up this forum.....or the fort as one would say.
We miss you

Take care

Hope01 last decade
This mold theory has me intrigued. This is the only thing that I did differently prior to my hearing loss...I helped my brother for days clean up a very, very moldy basement.
deaftoo last decade
Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum. I'm from Uzbekistan, Bukhara. My mother had a sudden hearing loss last year on the 21st of October (21.10.2006). When she got up that morning she reolised that she didn't hear anything in her left ear at all, and heard almost nothing in her right ear, even though there had been no any problems with her ear before that. Immediatelly after that we brought her to the hospital, and she was diagnosed with cochlear neuritis. She was treated there for 1 month but that didn't work. After that she has been to Tashkent, Saint Petersburg (Russia), then to Mainz (Germany). But nothing worked. Her ears stayed the same since the beginning. Now I don't know how to recover her. She is 42 (1965). Now, she hears nothing with the left ear. She hears very little with the right one. When I talk to her on the phone she can hear very simple words of mine. But when I talk a bit much she doesn't understand anything. You know it is indeed really bad. Everytime when I remmember that I want to cry. Life doesn't seem to be interesting. Nothing seems to be interesting at all. I know there are some people who have this kind of problem,, who can understand me. Please, if anybody can suggest me how to treat my mother, how to do so that she could hear, e-mail me please. Or leave any messege in this forum. Is there any kind of research going on? Will she be recovered? Please, tell me whatever you can say to help me. Thanks very much indeed.
anon12345 last decade
anon12345 where oh where do I begin. I know only to well how you fell.

There was a time when finding the problem might mean we were close to a cure but doctors realize now that it is less about finding the problem and more about the very little precious time you have to fix the problem.

Most people beleive that about 14 days is all you have to get it right once you loose your hearing. allthough on rare occasion I have heard of hearing recovery as much a 3 or 4 months later but after that it extremtly rare.

hearing loss for her sounds more and more permenant but there is some good news. if she does not have tinnitus then that is a major plus. tinnitus is where you here a ringing in yours ears. or vertigo. spinning or unbalanced... if she doesnt feel or have any of those symptoms then she is blessed by god because those are the worst.

also there are docotrs working on inner ear hair transplants. till this day there are only two types of animals that regrow thier hair in the inner ear. Rats and birds. .... in the future we hope to have hair transplants into the inner ear from stemcell research but funding has hurt this great technology. .. How it works is people believe they hear but in fect you do not hear anything. you feel vibrations from your inner ear hair cells the sends signals to your brain. once these inner hairs die they do not grow back. actually they do grow back but loose any capability to function so you become def.

most reason why you get SSNHL is do to damage or inflamation to the inner ear do to a auto immune dysfunction or permenant damage. read up on this link.

1. blank">http://www.utmb.edu/otoref/Grnds/SuddenHearingLoss-010613/SS...

now lets talk about what she can do to help herself.

1. read my past posts on herbs , antiinflamatory herbs and drugs, steroids. these all can help. TAKE THEM!

2. if she has vertigo look into meniers disease to make sure but she most likely doesnt have that. its pretty rare. also consider checking MRI again. if vertigo is really bad they can drain the inner fluids from here ear but it almost gaurantess full deafness with no recovery.

3. Tinnitus. this is bad. and tons of herbs and vits will help but it wont go away. there is no cure for tinnitus except to sever the nerver from the inner ear and this again will cause full deafness and no gaurantee tinnitus will go away.

4. they currently have implants that bypass the inner ear and go straight to her brain heres is a link for that but keep in mind it can be pricey and once she has done this operation she will hear better but its permenant so if they find a cure in the future it wont work for her. but they have had good luck with the baja implant.

here is a link on a great doctor does the implants and also does steroid injections o the inner ear. try the injections first. you have nothing to loose. it doesnt hurt and its cheap too. they injection one steroid shot of decadron into the ear once a week for 3 weeks.


410 Celebration Place, Suite 100
Celebration, Florida 34747
(321) 939-3000

this guy saved my life.

link on implants

cure for her will be very hard. if she doesnt have vertigo or tinnitus then I would try for the Baja implant. she will like it.

also since it happened to both ears have her tested for Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease (AIED)


Aied is rare but then again all this is rare.

there are only 4 or 5 main reasons that she could have gotten this and its broken down in the SSNHL but raw numbers show you this.

there is a 90% chance that she wil not find the cause. "its a needle in a haystack"

only 30% chance of recovery within the first 14 days then with each month it drops dramtically.

1 in 3 that actually get cured will get it agains.

2 out 3 and almost 3 out of 3 will have some sort of left over damage from being cured.

I am the lucky 30% that got cured in the first 14 days and i am also the lucky 3 out of 3 that now has some sort of permenenat damage. I am very lucky. I lost full hearing in left ear but now i hear perfectly out of both ears but now both ears are very sensitive and ring after continous loud noise and my left ear rings very slightly. sometimes its loud and sometimes i can hardly hear it. it comes and goes. but thank god i can hear.

god bless her she in our prayers. i know it was long but hopefully something i said helped. :) excuse typos. its late.
nitrams2000 last decade

keep those posts coming. if it hadnt been for your prayers i wouldnt be here today. :)
nitrams2000 last decade
this last two weeks have been awesome for me. i hear no ringing at all except at night when i go to bed when its silence so i still sware by my great fan thats drounds it all out. its called the vornado fan and I sware god made this thing for me. I love it. this and lunest make me sleep like a baby. :)
nitrams2000 last decade
Hi everyone
I have been reading the posts and really feel for you new people and your fears about losing the hearing in your good ear. How well I remember!! Very rare.
I had 100% hearing loss in all freq. suddenly.( doc thought the machine had malfunctioned,Ha...
I was very ill with 3 types of tinnitus, and severe vertigo for a few months. I then was tested again after 3 months and was about 65% in low tones and 90% in higher tones. Had adapted well to condition but tinnitus is still bad and have fairly controlled vertigo.
No audible hearing, but enough in low tone to be a candidate for the Baha. I am on wait list for surg and will get in probably in Sept.
Have had a lot of reverberating in my left ear. Does not feel good.Tinnitus worse this week!!arrrggg!!
Anyhow my husband phoned me today and I listened with my left ear and could hear some words..WOW!!!!Could not believe it. It's been 11 months since I lost my hearing. Will have to be re assessed before I do the Baha as something else might be more appropriate now... Then I come on this site tonight after a long absence and read about you Hopebc doing the same thing. We sure are all going through a lot of the same things.
For anyone new, give it time and who knows??? They told me it would take a year to see what level of improvement I would attain, but I was so distraught and a million other emotions that I couldn't believe it might get better I still have a ways to go but feel positive and certainly have a good quality of life and a great appreciation for each day!!!!!!!!
anitime last decade
hi there, how is everyone doing ? any positive news there ? Good to hear you can hear better , anitime ! even after 11 months !! I wish more and more positive reports from you guys. My situation is more or less the same , I will have another hearing test on 24th this month but I don't expect too much . I feel the tinnitus is more of an issue to handle . I plan to try TRT . anyone has tried this therapy ??? any use ?

Take care everyone and god bless us all.
god2007 last decade
Well, I went to my new ENT doc today. My old ENT doc. left for Quebec last month and took all of my records with him. Just a little hard to take, but the disability people have most of them and I can request them if needed. Anyhow this new ENT doc told me there's nothing I can do about my tinnitus except take antidepressants or learn to live with it. It has been 11 months and I have to tell you I was depressed by this attitude. I feel that I have tried. I have such a hard time with the tinnitus at times and when in a group situation it can be brutal.
I am trying to look at my condition objectively and feel that maby I am not as adapted to the hearing loss and tinnitus as I think I am. Keep thinking about others with worse problems than me and know that I am lucky not to be totally deaf or blind or etc..but inside may not have adapted as well as I think. I I will try the antidepressants for awhile and see if they help. I feel depressed just thinking about doing this but I guess it's because I am used to being in control.
The doc said I should give myself a year and a half to see what kind of hearing recovery I end up with and after my recent improvement this seems to be good advice so I will set my BAHA surg from late fall to late spring and chek out other hearing aides after I go to the autiologist. My autiologist also left and they have fill ins at this time. Pretty lucky arn't I Can't get an app till end of Sept. as they're booked up.
Think I will go to Yuma for the winter and study up for community nursing as I can't work in the OR anymore with this tinnitus. This change will be OK as I like working with people.
Life sure changes all the time and we have to change with it. Not all bad...I am usually pretty positive but on a bit of a bummer today.... Glad to be able to go on about it here as my poor husband who is very supportive gets tired ...
Thanks guys for being here.
Also, we live by four microwave towers. Do any of you. We moved here two years ago and I lost my hearing almost one year ago. Hmmmm....
anitime last decade
If you are serious to get cure from tinnitus then refer your case history on a separate Forum.

There are Homeo medicines. Even some are recommended on this site as well see site below.
Rajendra last decade
I wonder why nobody is paying attention to this. There is no news at all in Google. I'm sure there is a way that can make the ears hear as others. But nobody is doing that much. For example, there is a phone called iphone by apple. It was really hard to unlock it from AT&T. But people did it within 1 month of it release. If you type 'iphone unlock' in Google there are tones of news coming every hour. But nothing about sudden hearing loss, or cochlear neuritis. I'm sure unlocking iphone is as easy as unlocking ears, but nobody is doing that. Neither doctors nor the governments. Why? It's a pity.
anon12345 last decade

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