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see Hope can help

the ear drum holes usually heal in 3-4 weeks; mine got infected which added to the tinnitus so keep an eye on it
they from what i understand try to use the same hole
when they give you the shots
if thats any consolation

i do believe its viral and have felt so all along as i have been ranting about here;
all of these "hearing losses occurring" in such a short period of time

My Dopey ENT said last year that he had only heard of it happening once and it was an acquiantance, not from a patient AND he has had his business for probably 20 years... so up until recently I would hazard a guess that this was a pretty rare occurrence

My current viral doctor indicated that the steriod s likely help knock out the inflammation related to the virus whcih allows recovery...and also that cranial sacral massage and regular massage is good to
keep open the area surrounding the ear
micklog last decade
I am trying to do some of my own research on this to help us all and future people who get this

I know you said your gene pool means that you are predisposed to this?

but in addition to that

were you sick before hand?
any bugs etc

any tick bites

any other parasites etc

I know interestingly enough that acouple of the ladies
on the forum were pregnant and from what i have read about autoimmune related problems, Pregnancy can sometimes mess up your immune system which might make uyou mor susceptible to any brain virus, brain bacteria or brain parasite

One dr that specializes in virsuses had told me last year that one of my many tests i had done indicated a likely brain virus

micklog last decade
Hi Michael,

I think it is vitally important that someone be collecting this information about possible predisposing factors as I have found so many people who have suffered this condition recently.

I was not sick at all before this happened, *but* my daughter had had a terrible cold/cough/congestion for about 10 days when I lost my hearing.

I was not bitten by any ticks or bugs, although I was bitten by ticks multiple times in childhood.

My gene pool has left me predisposed to (1) early hearing loss of the gradual kind; my mom's family is rife with people who have begun to lose their hearing in their teens, 20s, 30s, 40s. One of my aunts had SSNHL at age 60 (about 4 years ago). My other genetic risk is for something called the pro-thrombin gene mutation. This gene mutation leaves one at higher risk for blood clots, and if this SSNHL was, indeed, caused by a blood clot, this could be the cause. I am getting tested for that gene mutation this week.

Before I lost my hearing, I had probably the sharpest hearing of anyone I know. People used to make fun of how I could hear every little thing from far away. Not any more, I am afraid! :-(

When I was at the dr today, another young woman (maybe 35) had SSNHL diagnosed. Could it be a virus causing this? How many of us are in Northern California? I get the feeling there are a few of us.

Meanwhile, who knows how to stop this incessant ringing in my ears???? I think that is almost worse than the hearing loss.
hopespringseternal last decade

I really appreciate you sharing this;

the bad news on the tinnitus, I have found nothing after 12-14 months..However i have a hearing aid (DIVA very high tech) and it helps by bringing in other white noise to your ear..it masks the tinnitus. From what i ahve read this is the best

You may find since the inner ear is connected to the brain stem that you get overloaded
(mentally) with lots of conversation, it seems to be to much to assimilate from a sensorial perspective

For example when I am watching TV, if anyone is making a noise ie reading a paper, or talking it beacome s vfery distracting as I cannot seem to digest it mentally and cognitively

Again this is just me you may not experience this

I am very happy that you got some hearing back, Congratulations

I do think there is a relative epidemic of this
as my viral doctor (recent search) had indicated that he has had a larhe number of people with hearing loss and tinnitus

the Tinnitus should lessen when your ear drum heals
Sound gets amplified sort of like listening to a sterio system that has a broken speaker

micklog last decade
Congratulations on your hearing improvement, I hope you have full recovery on your hearing. I also send you an e-mail on Yahoo group. I live in Bay area.

My hearing loss was like yours, on the server side, but not 100%, 85 to 95 db croos line on all freq, 4 weeks after the first ear shot, my hearing on the low and high freq level back to normal(20db), mid freq at 50 to 60db. I was hoping to get the rest of hearing back, but the lastest hearing test show no major change from one month ago, but I am still very happy about the improvement, all things considered.

My ear drum healed up already, I think it was around the 6 weeks after the first shot, the ringing also become much more tolerable now(not completely gone yet).

During the day, I hardly notice the ringing, but it is quite bothersome at night. Dr. suggest some radio or fan noise to mask it out at night.

I believe my hearing lose was caused by virus, I don't have anyone in my family with hearing problem, in fact, when I first got SSNHL, everyone in my family was thinking it was something related to my pregnance, and everyone was telling me it would be back to normal after I deliverd the baby, little did I know. My first ENT didn't know any better, I wasted the first 10 day hoping it would just came back on it own.

I do recall, two or three weeks before I lost my hearing, I had a little bit scratchy throat and nose congestion. I thought it was because my son had very bad cold and cough and congestion from school and passed to me.

Other than that, I can't think of any other reason why I lost my hearing.

My Chinese Doctor think I have weak Kidney function at the time, plus the virus attack, knock out my hearing.

Hope for the best.

elischee last decade
Dear Mick, Hope and Elischee,

It's nice to communicate and see people discussing the problem that is rather unique to us all. That in itself is encouraging and comforting. Perhaps this helps us all as well!

Saw my ENT this morning in Hobart and he checked me again on the audiogram.....picked one sound up, but essentially still at last weeks stage of profound deafness. My vertigo is decreasing.....ended up throwing a few bales of hay on the trailer today and had to crutch some lambs against blowfly strike....how could I see them suffer I thought!! Considering how I was afew days ago, I thought that was a pretty good step forward.

Met with the Dr who will undertake my Hyperbaric chamber work at 8am in the morning. The ENT saw no reason for me not to try it. His comments were measured and in line with the general etiology dilemnas and treatments. So will let you know for your own interest as to what transpires over the next week or so.

I'm very happy for you Hope that there is improvement in your hearing. Fingers crossed for a continuation!

Haven't had any ticks down here Michael to the best of my knowledge.....too cold for them perhaps in Tassie!

Kind regards

Johnno last decade
can you also try as much anti viral as possible and cranial massage work if you have any there...sorry it soulds like you are rural and have a ranch so i am
sure it is hard to get away

small concern about hyperbaric oxygen in that the technician and otehr person (cannot remember)told me that sometimes the enhanced oxygen flow in these chambers can stir up virus/bacteria/parasites in blood due to extra oxygen...personally I think this happened to me as i got very run down after about 3 weeks of these 3 hour treatments and have been fighting off some sort of chronic fatigue like symptoms since just after treatment

I hate to sound like a broker record BUt do you think any other these drs in sydney could learn on the fly about these inner ear steriod shots

have you had any bug or illness in the last month

have you had your thyroid checked ...sometimjes low thyroid goes along with these other infections

were you sleeping Ok before the hearing loss?

anything else unusual happen leading up to the loss, your profile says you are a pilot
any previous ear problems

any history of diabetes or other blood disorders?

Better health to you my friend

micklog last decade
thansk for sharing that information,
micklog last decade
For those people who have had the steriod injections, how many injections did you have before you noticed a difference in your hearing? And how much time in between the injections? I had one injection done in the States as the ENT thought it wouldn't hurt to give it a try - even though it had been over 8 weeks since I lost my hearing. I'm back in the UK now and wondering if it's worth trying to find a ENT who will do it (as my ENT won't do it, or at least wouldn't do it when I asked).

I kind of feel like I'm at a standstill with the SHL. I've finished my latest course of steriod last week and haven't noticed any difference. And I know taking loads of steriods isn't the best thing for your body - but is it worth pushing my ENT for more? Also wondering how those who were pregnant were while on steriods. My hubbie and I have been thinking of trying for another child, but hate to steriods while pregnant.

Johnno, I had severe vertigo the first 10 days of my hearing lost - but it did get better. The ENT told me that your brain starts to compensate for the hearing loss. Hopefully it will continue to get better for you.

Hope you all are well!
mhoyuk last decade
i had the first injection after about 3.5 weeks, I believe and the second injection after another 2 weeks...I think I only had two shots but it might have been 3 and my hearing started to come back after the second shot, which was about 6 -7 weeks after my initial hearing loss. My initial hearing loss was at the profound level, (100%) pretty well flat lined across all levels of decibels

Personally i think the steriods did it, and time is of the essence for the best chances
Good luck
micklog last decade
I started to notice hearing improvement the second day after the second shot.

My first shot was on the 12th day since on-set, then second shot a week later, the third shot was sheduled a week after the second shot, but I choose not to have the last one, because I was worried about my baby.

It take a lot more oral steriods to reach to your ear, the direct ear shot would have very minor side effect, also I researched a little bit, steriod shot has been used on pregnant woman who has bad Ashma attack, poision ivy, also steriod have been used in the past to stop hold the baby and help baby's lung development if the baby come before due day.

I am still keep my fingers cross for my baby, will know in a month from now.

Hope that help.

elischee last decade
may I ask a few more questions

how was your health in general before your loss
any sinus, respiratory problems?

were you sleeping OK?

have you ever had low thyroid

For instance I always have had problems in sinuses, colds
brochial cough that i seemed to catch 1-3 times a year and be sick for a week or so. I had a bad bug/virus leading up to my hearing loss...
and also had some general inflammation (frozen shoulder)
on my right side (i lost my hearing on my right side)

Cranial sacral person who is a most excellent lady that treats a lot of fatigue , lymes disease etc said my central nervous system was kind of shot (fried), asked if I had done a lot of drugs
which I had not

I had experinced very interrupted sleep patterns
leading up to 3 months before hearing loss; and an overwhelming feeling of exhaustion...which I think is indicative of either Chronic fatigue; low thyroid, and or compounded by viral /bacteria/parasite

I also have TMJ, which is ear jaw related

From what there seems to be 2-3 trigger factors involved in
thee viral related illnesses

A) we are genetically predisposed to certain toxins including mold , pullutants virus,
B) we get virus
C) we have compromised immune system
D)the virus/bacteria if it is a brain virus attacks the weakest and closest thing which are the hair cells and blood capilliaries in the inner ear causing inflammation
which ultimately leads to hearing loss

Crainial sacral and massage therapists and another doctor have said that the area around my upper back of my neck by my ear were really locked up indicating something caused things to literally freeze up

thats my story
micklog last decade
My answer might disappoint you.

I have general good health before SHL.

No sinus, respiratory problem, in fact, I don't get cold that often. As a fact, I don't think I got any cold for the last 2 years.

no tick bites, my husband is badlly allegic to some pets or animals, so we don't have pets at home, only fish.

no drugs, I never did any test on thyroid, never occured to me anything was wrong.

I sleep well in general, but did not really sleep well right before the SHL, partially because of the big belly. Large part because of my son, he just start school and was sick a lot, bad coughing and nose congestion,he refuse to sleep on his own, so I let him sleep by my side at night in our guest room, he toss and turns at night, I did not get any good sleep for 3 or 4 weeks before SHL.

I did feel overwhelmingly exhausted before SHL, my mom had a surgery, me and my sister was in and out of hospital and watch her in turn day and night for almost a week, plus the pregnancy and my son's cold, I was exhausted.

My massage therapist did say my neck and disk and were badly aligned at the time, my ear area were frozen up, mostly because of sitting in front of computer at work for many years, bad posture. they did message my neck and I did not feel too much of difference, right around the time that my hearing start to recover, the message therapists also said my neck and my ear felt opened up...

I was born pre-matual, only 7 month, my mom told me I was a very weak baby, and i had a very bad lung infection at 6 month old which almost took my life.

I was very easy to catch a cold and I had both of my tonsils removed when I was 5 yrs old.

Later in life, I was pretty normal, no major health problem. That's why I am still puzzled by why SHL all of the sudden.

Best of luck to all of us.

elischee last decade
no the information is helpful, so it would seem to be you were run down and cauight something from your son or somewhere else as its flu season

also if you were very sick as a baby maybe something genetic like Hope or something that was weakened at birth and then with further weakened immune system . add the virus you may have caught and bang there goes your hearing

Its interesting that your massage person said neck and
ear were frozen up and then opened up as thats the same thing my massage persons
and osteopath said. i forgot that I went to an osteopath
as well

i also had tonsilitis and allergies and era infecyions growing up..in fact so much tosilities that at one point they were going to take them out

Its intersting that after your tonsils were taken out that it appears you were
more healthy..is that true

Thanks very much
micklog last decade
Well, that is pretty much what I think was happened to me.

I ask my parent weather I had ear infection as a baby, they don't know, all they can tell me is I was very waek and so easy to get cold and flu, I was on antibiotic a lot of time. My tonsils were so big that I couldn't sleep well, I also couldn't speak or sing songs like other kids my age, so tonsils were token out.

weather or not I were more healthy after tonsils out, I don't know, maybe later my immune system finally cought up. As far as I remember, I was pretty normal, and generally in good health.

elischee last decade
Hey y'all. I'm from Canada, and I was born deaf. Had hearing aids all my life until at age of 9 years old, I got hit by a car, and lost my right hearing. So I only had the left one to play with for the rest of my life. But in 1999, I got attacked by a group of gangsters for no apparent reason. The next morning, woke up and hearing was gone. It gradually came back after almost a month. Took no pills, nothing. I prayed, and it helped. But in May 2004, I woke up and this time, I had the SHL. The docs and specialist could do nothing about this, hearing test showed no improvement. I went to see a Homeopathic Consultant, and it got rid of the buzzing in my ears, and hearing started to come back in August 2005. Today, in Jan 2006, I'm still hearing only about 60%. It seems to be plugged, and my hearing doesn't seems to improve anymore. I'm really afraid that it won't come back like before. If ANY of you has anything or suggestions that would help my hearing, I would really appreciate it! Many thanks!
bgm80 last decade
ou know this may seem simple minded but there was a man at this doctors office one day in pomona he was deaf in anoe ear (atleast almost completely) and the doctor did a simple procedure witha q tip and some sort of peroxide and removed a VERY large deeply embedded ball of WAX. he was suddenly healed . (This is just to provoke thought ) sometimes problems are not complex as they may seem
deadmanwalking last decade
Hi BGM80,
Sorry to hear of your current situation. The problem with SNHL is that each person sufferring from it may have differring causes and symptoms....need I tell you that! :)

The Homeopathic consultant success sounds good. I spoke to an acupuncturist recently and he told me that they have a measure of success to in relieving some symptoms. They cannot obviously cure any physical disability inside the cochlear. And this leads us to the dilemna for us all.....what it is that is causing the symptoms and how do we resolve the problem.

From my own studying, reference any imbalance and inability of the cochlear and auditory nerve to function, there seems to be a correlation to a change in our electrolytes. Sections of the cochlear apparently operate at different voltages (they speak of 80-100mVolts). Little do we realize that when we start to look at how we operate internally, what appears simple becomes rather complex. The bottom line is how do you restore the imbalances?

My first ENT seems to have taken the approach that after the steroid treatment, if that hasn't fixed it he can do nothing. I don't find that acceptable....hence a referral to another more pro active doctor who apparently leaves no stone unturned.

Science wouldn't be where it is today if it were left to buttsitters! Whilst I'm not yet into voodoo, I do think that other alternatives have there place if they appear to make sense. Narrowing my window of symptoms and causes is my priority.

Tension probably doean't help much either and lets be honest....we're all sufferring from that which no doubt releases enzymes and whatever into the system that may not help so much. massage sounds a good option!

I am continuing with Hyperbaric treatment with no results on my hearing. My vertigo is decreasing slowly, perhaps on it's own accord. Who knows?! The doctors and staff empathise and are keen for a positive result.

Will keep you all posted. In the meantime, fingers crossed.


Johnno last decade
Hi, it’s amazing to see so many people with SSHL! I’m 22 and lost the hearing in my right ear last February (2005). Unfortunately I wasn’t referred to an ENT specialist until May, 3 months after I had lost the hearing, so there was nothing they could do to save my hearing (I’m from England). I had the MRI which was clear and was told that I was just very unlucky. Anyway.. I am getting a hearing aid fitted next Thursday to help with my tinnitus. I have also been referred to a neurologist because I am still suffering from vertigo. This is what I am worried about! I had really bad dizziness when I first lost my hearing, and after that I haven’t really felt ‘right’ – sort of uncoordinated. In the summer I started getting dizzy spells again and was prescribed betahistine. Then I was fine until Boxing Day when I was travelling on a coach. It was a bit of a bumpy ride and I ended up passing out – when I came back round the coach was spinning and my eyes were moving uncontrollably. I felt very weak and fell asleep for about an hour then I was fine. The next night it happened again, and after that I was getting dizzy spells where the room was spinning about two or three times a day, lasting about 10 seconds. The ENT consultant said I need to keep taking the betahistine again and since I started it I haven’t had any more dizzy spells. He said he wasn’t sure it is an ENT problem, that blacking out isn’t ‘normal’, and that I need to see a neurologist for testing. He said it is some kind of vestibular problem (I think this means balance, connected to the inner ear).

Has anyone else been for vestibular testing? What happens? How does this help them/me treat my vertigo?

It’s encouraging that some people find hearing aids are helping with tinnitus. I also have the aural fullness, it’s so frustrating! It was the first thing I noticed about my SSHL when I woke up and felt like I needed to ‘pop’ my ears – a whole year later and I still haven’t managed it!
suzyjames last decade
well I think its a good sign that your hearing came back after the initial SHL;

with the SHL possibly being related to the attack you suffered, it would seem likely that its inner ear damage (bllod vessel break/membrane tear); ...if the homeopathy worked for you thats great and it may mean keep with that program and keep praying.

From what i have read about cochlear implants, they have really worked out a lot of the bugs.The early ones caused a few deaths from either meningitis or encephalitis. My understanding in the US is that the health care will pay only if you have lost hearing in both ears. You may want to check into it in Canada

I know the health care in canada sucks (I am also canadian)

With hearing at 60% I think a very good new analog model would help. I only have about 25% hearing and it helps balance out my hearing which I think helps with my balance
and helps with the tinnitus as well...At night i use the tapes with white noise (wind, running water, etc)

Good Luck, Michael
micklog last decade
sorry when i referred to model
i meant hearing aid,
micklog last decade
you may want to tested for Menieres disease; my grandmother had hearing loss followed by periods of bad vertigo and they gave her some prescription pills that seemd to work

However she also started taking a herbal supplemnt which to date (8 months) has completely eliminated ber vertigo. I posted the concoction on here a few montsh back. Please check i also noted the ingredients
maybe you can find something similiar in UK. I have been taking this for 3 weeks now and I think it has opened up my ear a little..no improvemnt in tinnitus yet though

Good luck

A curse to all moronic ENT's
micklog last decade
I think you have hit the nail on the head...The only thing most ENT's are capable of diagnosing is a ball of wax in the ear and maybe maybe if they are on the ball, a strep throat...otherwise
your on your own with this
bunch..poor poor abilities to do anything but look in your ear and throat with their little probes and call it a day

unfortunately most people on this forum have SHL, which is been NOT initially diagnosed properly by their ENT

micklog last decade
Thanks for the reply Michael. I thought that with Menieres the hearing fluctuated (or came back partially at times)? My hearing has remained the same since I woke up last year to find it gone.. None of the doctors have mentioned that it could be this, but I am starting to worry now that my ENT doctor said this shouldn't be still happening.

I will have a look at the herbal supplement you talked about. Thanks, Suzanne
suzyjames last decade
well in my grandmas case she lost her hearing first and has never regained it and I think the vertigo came later or was a concurrent matter
hope it helps; if you cannot find the herbal post, let me know I have it at home
I will ask my grandma to read me her presciption to see what drug it is...BUT i know the drug was specifically for the menieres as she would get it and literally be sick with the spinning and dizziness
and have to lay down for an hour or so
good luck
micklog last decade
and pleaseplease take evrything these doctors especialyy ENT's say with a healthy glass of skepticism
unfortunately not a lot of research on these inner ear problems..so if anyone definitively tells you, its this or its that...I would think theya re guesssing

as to the sleeping for an hour, its my guess that its the body's/brains way of resetting things...i know when i have a migrane i literally have to sleep it off
I think my grams has to sleep hers off as well...i will check with her

micklog last decade

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