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I saw a doctor. He found large ear wax pieces blocking the canal and putting pressure. They are solid and dry, he told me to go buy drops to soften it and then come back.

I remember I used q tips and I became a bit deaf shortly after. Then it became worse and severe pain started.

Anyway, i'm using the drops now. But i'm still deaf and the pain is still here.
vboy87 last decade
Hello all.

True most of us post about our ordeal, looking for support, but also
for solutions. Also true, we get plenty of support but are short on solutions.
Most of us as we get better stop posting.
I want to share what has worked for me. Keep in mind we deal with several issues
at once which necessitate several different treatments.
First is the hearing loss, I got 99% better, with the Prednizon, 14 days, and 4 ear steroid shots.
For those who want to know, as my hearing came back, the ear fullness went away.
Also a lot of the roaring, and loud ringing. It took only about a month to get good hearing.
During the recovery, the sound was distorted, and tinny, echoing and loud sounds became
painful. Very over sensitive, I used a cotton or ear plug, to avoid the discomfort. That also got
better slowly. I have better and bad days. ( 3 months latter)
It is normal, during the recovery, to hear muffled, and plugged on both ears.
My Otologist tells me that it is because your ears struggle to balance the pressure.
You feel like a lot of congestion maybe some aching.
For this a good allergy pill daily, like Zyrtec,( does not make you sleepy) and a good steroid type once
a day nose spray( there is a generic like, over the counter for both)
seem to really help ( I did this for about a month)
There is then the dizziness, at first it was bad, and disturbing. Is much better, I don't
know exactly what worked, but I can tell you that it may be a combination of things.
I read some where about Magnesium pills, I take one of 500mg a day.
2 ginko a day, and 2 caps of rivoflivinoids( purchased on line) 3 times a day.
Also very important find on the Internet Vestibular exercises, and cawthornes head
exercises. ( don't buy any from those rip off misery merchants)They are posted free.
Do them 2 or 3 times a day. They promote the very dizziness you
dread, to train your brain, much like a skater or dancer that spins and can stop
without falling. All this together really have helped. Again I have good and not so good days.
But over all much better. Note that nothing works right away, you have to stick to it
and give it a chance to work.
Again this is me, I noticed that 2 or 3 glasses of wine in the evening really stopped the
I tried both a prescription, and over the counter dizziness meds, like Dramamine
they did NOT help at all. Actually I felt worst.
Go to you tube and search dizziness, and you will find demonstrations of actual
exercises you can practice.
For the ringing in the ears, I have been taking Ginko for a long time, It never really
goes away, but I think it helps to the point, that I have forgotten I have it, for days
weeks and even months a the time. True as some one posted, if you stop it
you will notice it getting worse within a few days. I'm new to the Riviflivinoids,
but I'm planing on taking it for at least 6 months, and see if it really helps.
I think coffee does not help either ringing nor dizziness.
For those of you that are on prednizon, or are very anxious, ask your
doctor for the xanax. Early on on my ordeal, it help me from freaking
out, and really gave a good night sleep. As you know the Pred, does not let you sleep
very well.
I also learned on the Internet a relaxation technique, which I used many times
to save me from panicking.
I hope this helps some one. GJ
maraja last decade
I have been getting electronic accupunture with no response. At times it seems worse. 7 months now since the onset. I am happy with the rainforest sound but the accupunture make my ear feel like a loud broken transistor radio. I hate this condition but, if this is all of the poor health problems that I have ...I'm grateful.
luv2ridegal last decade
I had to skip my acupuncture this week due to a meeting. I am anxious to see if an extended period without acupuncture shows worse symptoms than when I attend regularly. If it would help, I would let the Dr. burn gobs of pitch on the ends of the needles like Steven Segall did in one of his movies. This is really getting old after 7 months of ringing. I might try going to a theater this coming month, if just for the popcorn. I wish I had bought stock in the company that makes my earplugs. I've started going through them more quickly as my wife complained that they look distasteful after trying to reuse them over a period of days. I have to agree with her on that one.
sandmanranch last decade
Hi All, I stopped the electronic accupunture. It deafened me and made the tinnitus roar. after a week i have much better hearing and back to a mild tinnitus. The mild rainforest is back with a fly buzz occsonally . ha ha ! Catch Ya, Trish
luv2ridegal last decade
Hi Sandmanranch ! Check your local motorcycle shop for ear plugs. I have a set called ear screws. thay are grey and have plastic screws on the end to screw it. They work really well. I use them when I ride also. they will last a long time, heavy duty .$ 6.00 !! Catch Ya, Trish
luv2ridegal last decade
Hello all,

An update, for those who are interested.

I've seen two new doctors since my last post, and taken a electrocochleography (ECOG) test.

I don't have classic Meniere's symptoms, but I do have the classic low-frequency loss; my hearing loss fluctuated on at least one occasion, as Meniere's will do; and my tinnitus definitely fluctuates. The ECOG was supposed to help diagnose Meniere's. My test results were normal. However, the results can fluctuate with symptoms, and my tinnitus wasn't at its worst that day - so who knows?

Anyway, one doctor (Kmucha at California Ear Institue) looked at the normal ECOG and said he didn't think it was Meniere's. He noticed a slight low-frequency loss in my good ear (within normal range - something no other doctor has remarked upon) and said, in his opinion, I have a bilateral loss. It may be caused by genetic factors affecting protein metabolism rather than the usual suspected SSNHL culprits of vascular, viral, or autoimmune issues. It doesn't matter one way or another, since the metabolic problem isn't treatable. But he recommended taking B complex vitamins to encourage blood flow, which he felt might prevent further damage to the inner ear.

Later I saw Dr. Blevins, an ear specialist at Stanford. He said never mind the normal ECOG, and never mind the hearing loss in my good ear. He thinks I have some kind of 'Meniere's spectrum' disorder. This would mean I'm at risk for further hearing loss in both ears and for vertigo (a classic Meniere's symptom that, thankfully, I lack). He recommended taking a diuretic, just to see if it helps. Otherwise, he had no suggestions.

I've reached the end of the line with my usual ENT, Dr. Ray Chang at Stanford. He says there's nothing more he can do or say. (He did suggest that, if my problem is genetic, I'm probably better off not getting a diagnosis. The insurance company might refuse to reimburse for a pre-existing condition.)

So: either I have SSHNL or I don't, ether I have Meniere's or I don't, either I have a genetic condition or I don't. Six months, a zillion doctor visits, two courses of oral steroids, two intratympanic shots, an MRI, an ECOG, and a dozen hearing tests later - I don't really know anything about my condition!

I wish you all a prompt recovery. Keep posting updates.

tdgrnwld last decade
Hi Ted,

You are not alone. Ever since I had my SHL last May, I have seen all the good doctors at CEI, Standford, and SF University, they all said that they didn't know what happened to my ear and what to do to bring the hearing back.

I did have oral steroids, two intratympanic shots (after the second shot, the doctor at CEI didn't see enough improvement, so he didn't want to give me another one).

Now a year later, the low frequencies have improved a lot, almost to normal, but the mid and high frequences are still pretty bad, also the speech recognition is still very bad, only 10%, but I started at total deaf. Maybe things will keep improving.

I have kind of adjusted to living with only one ear, and I started to learn to enjoy every day more.
n2sd2 last decade
M A J O R I M P R O V E M E N T *** : )

I have been getting electronic accupunture for a few weeks but, it made my hearing and tinnitus worse. Today I went back to the pain management Dr. he had me lay on my back. Told me to relax... I didn't know what would happen next... He cracked my neck..........CRUNCH.. I noticed at work later that I had no frog sounds.. no rain forrest... Just the dull low white noise... OMG this is the best. My hearing is still impaired.. but, who cares.. How long will this last ???? I'm praying... I'm wore my St. Katherine neckless today. I haven't worn it since I gave up on praying to her last fall when nothing was improving. hmmmm.!!!!
luv2ridegal last decade
mojor improvement :( :( Not so, It only lasted one day. Sorry to report that 2 days later the T is back as loud as ever. I would not reccomend having your neck cracked. I won't have it done again.
luv2ridegal last decade
Since my last post, I have noticed my vertigo has disappeared. I gave it my worst case test - crawling under my motor home and car to change the oil - no vertigo, not even a hint of dizziness. I don't think I did anything to make this happen. The SSHL and tinnitus remain the same. 5/23 marked the end of my 11th month since SSHL.

This was a welcomed improvement!
brokenear last decade
I'm new to this forum...sad to be here but so happy to have found it!

So far I'm still in the process of testing - had an MRI on Friday and lots of other tests including ECOCH scheduled for this week. I'm on a 2 week course of Prednisone but reaching the end of the 4 week window so not too optimistic. I go back to the doctor tomorrow and if the oral steroids aren't helping, he's going to try the intratympanic shot. The doctor suspects Meniere's which I don't really understand as I (happily) have no vertigo. Also the hearing symptoms are always there instead of intermittent.

My hearing loss is in the low frequencies. He didn't give me a percentage or anything, but speech is fine. It's my right ear. The pressure is the most annoying thing, along with the noise sensitivity. I can hardly stand to listen to my 3 year old son half the time, which is heartbreaking. (Well he does talk loud! My 5 year old daughter is no problem.) The tinnitus is usually the 'rushing' kind with sometimes beeping or other weird sounds.

Anyone else feel like if they cover their bad ear with their hand, the pressure eases? That's one thing I've noticed and haven't read anywhere. Also that I tend to feel best when laying down.

I'm interested to hear from Ted or any others in the bay area (Stanford?) if there are any docs you really loved. I am happy with my doc so far (I'm in San Jose - his name is Dr. Dear and works for Dr. Jennifer Maw) but I will go for another opinion if they run out of ideas for sure.

shortcake last decade
Oh my goodness just gave my kids a bath and the noise of them playing in the echo-y bathtub with my head right in there washing them just about knocked me out.
shortcake last decade
Hi- I am new to this forum. I woke at the end of MArch to a low humming noise in my right ear, followed buy weird whistles and sounds, increased sensitivity to noise and then a hearing test showed significant low tone hearing loss. I have had about 5 vertigo episodes over the past 5 years but they always seemed to be related to congestion in my ear, responded to decongestants and didn't last more than about 20-30 minutes. The ENT told me I had Inner Ear Autoimmune disorder but I am on my 3rd round of prednisone and while it returns the hearing back to normal pretty quickly- it hasn't lasted. I have decided that this is it for me and the steroids after this round. My question is - has anyone else had this type of experience? I'm thinking about trying the valtrex. Also I have been on homeopathic remedies since the beginning. They don't seem to be helping much with the hearing loss. I think my real problems stemmed from overworked adrenal glands. I am also taking a bovine source of adrenal supplement.
suncasa last decade
Sorry I posted before I could say 'thanks'.

Also Rebecca - my symptoms sound kind of like yours.

And for EVERYONE here- my greatest sympathies for all of you. Ear problems, tinnitus, deafness, dizziness etc. all SUCK.
suncasa last decade
Suncasa - hi. Yes your symptoms do sound kind of like mine! Interesting to me that the prednisone returns your hearing back to normal multiple times but doesn't last. Presdnisone did nothing for me. BUT I got my dosage messed up - the pharmacy wasn't clear on it and I was stupid and didn't check, so I only ended up taking 30 mg per day instead of 60. Realized it after a week and after the doctor had just done an intratympanic shot. He said 'well it probably would have still helped if it was going to - and now you have the shot, so just don't worry about it.' Nothing I can do about it now I guess.

What did he say about Inner Ear Autoimmune disorder? Anything else? The doc did mention that I could have an autoimmune disorder (didn't give it a name) and wants to redo my bloodwork in about a month and then send me off to a rheumatologist if it looks that way. (My initial bloodwork DID show some indication that this could be going on with me. And my MRI showed something that could be inflammation - he wants to recheck that too).

I just had an intratympanic shot on Friday. So far I feel slightly more humming/pressure, and I'm not sure if that's normal after the shot. It seems to be improving (yesterday I heard lots of dinging and whistles and not so much today) so I think that may just be due to the extra medicine in the ear. On Friday he will check if there is any improvement and then redo the shot on Monday if there is. Seems a little more spread out than other protocols I've seen (10 days apart) but I do like and trust this doctor and he said it is fine. Plus honestly I don't really expect my hearing to improve on Friday!

I'm starting to get used to the whole thing and not be so freaked out about it - my biggest fear is just things getting worse.
shortcake last decade
Hi Shortcake- My doctor never did blood-work or anything, He was so convinced that it was this autoimmune thing. I am going to insist on it after I finish the prednisone this time. Really the biggest symptom for it is the sudden significant low tone loss. I think I am also going to ask for valtrex and try it. At this point I will try anything.

I was very freaked out when all this started. The sounds I had in my ear when it was going out the first time were awful from a car horn to VERY load high ringing. I thought I was going to go insane if it didn't stop. Now I have just been very disappointed that it keeps coming back. Prednisone is not a drug you can take for very long without awful side effects- so I decided that this was it for me with it after being on it for 2 months already with another 3 weeks left. I may also ask about the shots. If it comes back then he will do an MRI. My doctor is good but old (70's I think.) and so I think he has seen so much that when something presents itself as something he has treated he believes that's that the problem. I guess that's why he didn't order blood-work. I hope you continue to progress!
suncasa last decade
Suncasa - I looked up the autoimmune thing - not fun! I hope that's not what I have (or you too, either). It does say some places that sometimes it is diagnosed simply by a positive response to prednisone, which may be what the doctor is thinking in your case. And there is definitely something to be said for experience! Still, it's easy to run bloodwork to see if your immune system is acting up and you should see a rheumatologist. If you do have it, they may have other treatment ideas as well.

What's valtrex?
shortcake last decade
Hi shortcake-

There is a new treatment for meniere's based on the belief that the herpes zoster (chickpox) virus can cause ear problems with symptoms like we have. Funny because I had a really bad virus in February that was flu-like. Then in March these ear problems cropped up. but also where I live the pollen came out at that time and I've had a bad time with that too for the past few years (always manifests in my ear). So who knows. It is a mystery. Has your hearing returned?
suncasa last decade
oops and to answer your question- Valtrex is the drug used to treat the virus.
suncasa last decade
Thanks for explaining, suncasa. I have a sneaking suspicion mine may have been viral too. I had a reaction on my mouth about 2 weeks before this happened...I believed it was an allergy because years ago the same thing had happened and the doctor had tested for cold sore (herpes virus) and the test came back negative. However now I wonder if it was indeed viral. The ear doc said if it comes back again, get tested again - but that he didn't believe antivirals would do any good for me at this point even if that was the cause.

And no, my hearing hasn't returned. I believe it has stayed the same but will be tested again on Friday.
shortcake last decade
To all that are interested- check out this article:


Looks promising.
suncasa last decade
I just read this article, does anyone know more about aldosterone? Also, my Dad was told years ago to take potassium to help his hearing - this seems to be suggested by the article as well?
ssnhl last decade
I am going through the process of getting my aldosterone levels checked. I got a prescription and ordered some anyway. I figure I'll have it on hand if the levels are low. Anything must be better than taking prednisone.
suncasa last decade
tdgrnwld - ditto!!

It's ages since I last posted. My sudden hearing loss was November 2007 and I too have either SSHL or Menieres Or? The truth is that in many cases no one knows why we suddenly lose our hearing.

To reassure those new to this or in the early stages, the pressure and fullness always settle to a manageable level, the tinnitus is usually tolerable especially if you don't focus on it (easier said than done I know) and hearing aids are great!If you are unlucky enough to have the vertigo too, in my experience and that of others it 'burns out' after the first 2 years or so.
This is a horrible and confusing condition but in the scheme of things its a lot better than many other conditions.
JeWeL41 last decade
Thanks JeWe41 for the positive message. I'm looking for a little encouragement today. Lost all left ear hearing last Wed. Oral prednisone not having any effect. I was fine Wed evening, thinking it was a bummer, but I'd live with it. I've gone completely downhill since then.

I can't sleep, can't eat, am dizzy, can't think straight, having trouble functioning, really. Was hoping it was side-affects of Prednisone, but my doctorpoo-poo'd that today. His attitude was basically that I need to get a grip. I'm having a slight 'underwatery' feeling in the good ear which is putting me close to having panic attacks that I will lose hearing there. I think my doctor believes it is psychosymptomatic and he says it would be very rare for the other ear to be affected (although he can't tell me what happened to the one that was).

Anyway, he's probably right about that.

I think my biggest problem right now is worrying I won't feel better and dealing with the ringing in my left ear which has gotten louder each day.

Basically, I just want someone to tell me (if they honestly can) that this will get easier to handle and I will lead a normal life and work and function and enjoy things again. JeWe41's post helped. Any others?
rhonda j last decade

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