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To Hopebc
Not sure what it is but for several days I was actually able to sleep through the night. Today I woke up again at 4:300AM. One step forward, two backwards.....
Now about you...I am utterly outraged reading your story..I cannot believe the jerks you have been dealing with. I am not one to go to court, but believe me some people in this country would sue that doctor. Does he not know that there is a narrow window of treatment when it comes to SSHL. And his attitude leaves me speechless.
Hopefully the Prednisone he finally gave you will restore your hearing. I came across a Lady in a Super Market a few weeks ago who told me that her Friend got her hearing back after 7 weeks. So there still is hope. That was good news. But I am so outraged for you..
When I think back at the time when I had lung cancer, I belonged to some HMO health insurance where I could only see certain doctors. Had a slight consistent cough, went to see the assigned doctor, he sent me back home telling me it was all nerves, stress at work etc. did not even order an Xray. I changed insurance as Janvier arrived where I had a chance to change insurance at work. My cough persisted and one day, my boss told me to see a doctor.
I laughed it off since I felt great and jogged 2 3 times a week and so on. I reminded him that the doctor had said nerves and stress... The blessing came that I got pneumonia while in Europe and got very sick on the SwissAir Zurich-Boston flight back. I went to the ER that same evening; they took an Xray at once and saw that I had not only pneumonia but also a malignant tumor the size of a half dollar and they gave me 6 to 8 months to live.
Had the first 'jerk' that I saw ordered an Xray, he would have seen that a tumor was growing on my lung....
I am still here because of my positive attitude at the time and the many prayers that were said for me and also that I had found a very good thoracic surgeon .
The reason I brought this up is that there are stupid doctors in any country. Please do as Nitrams2000 told you in the above post, remain in this doctor's face.
I am sure everybody on this forum is as outraged as I am and we are all praying for your recovery from SSHL
We all wish you the best. Please remember that some of us like me did not recover, and might need a cochlear implant. It is great to live in this day and age and to be able to benefit from the latest technology.
But it is not great to live in this day and age for what goes on around us, so many innocent people dying every day..
God have mercy on us all.
Hope01 last decade
To Nitrams2000
I was so happy for you thinking that you are just fine now.
You are saying in your post that you are weak; You are not as weak as you think you are, you are actually a very strong figther. And you dig very dip to find the cause or causes of SSHL etc...
You are an inspiration to us all for helping us all to find the rout (spelling?) cause of sudden deafness and its side effects like Tinnitus and so on.
I have to get ready for an interview this morning. But when I get back I shall examine your drug list closely and get back to you on this forum.
Remember, you are actually a strong person, as Seattlestan said in his post 'hats off to you'.
Hope01 last decade
In my previous post I meant to say deep not dip.....
I never had such lack of concentration as I do now with this Tinnitus that is again roaring this morning in the deaf ear.
Like I said earlier, one step forwards, two backwards.
Hope01 last decade
i dont get all of what your saying but i do get soe of those symptoms. i get the pressude feeling all the time off and on ... i also get a wierd ringing noise every once in a while, it last like few seconds then its gone. Now my ears ring all the time 247 but its so faint that i dont here it all execept in total silence but I do get that loud ring for few seconds maybe twice a day and then its gone. I also notice that in sme ways my hearing has become very accute. I can hear high fequency things in a room that no one else can hear.

I was in a vido store and the fridge where they jeep drinks was running and makeing a very high frequenccy hoise that was driving me nuts. I said to the clerk. 'how do you work here with that thing making all that noise and she said that she didnt know what i was talking about and she didnt hear a thing.

Same situation at my accupuncture. he has a water cooler for spring water that i want to murder and they dont hear anything. i feel like a dog or something but im not gonna compain because id rather have this htne notihng so praise the lord for what i do have
nitrams2000 last decade

I've been given the name of another UK ENT who is experienced in giving the steroid injections. Dr Gerald Brookes- he's based in Harley Street.

Best wishes
rosetta last decade
To all
This post might have some of you in stitches LOL. But we are all drying to find out what caused our SSHL.
- I know that for one I was under an enormous amount of stress at the time
- I did have a viral upper respiratory infection but that was in the early days of December 2005
- This afternoon, I drove for a few miles the same stretch of road then the day of the onset and that made me think back of all what had happened the day before the onset.
Here it comes: I usually never suffer from constipation, but that week I did. That Friday evening I was able to go to the bathroom, but I strained my body especially my head and I now recall a very sharp pain in my head on the side of the right ear and I thought 'Hope I did not damage something in my head'
Could it be that the strain broke the oval window in the ear, and it only really split the next day when the onset happened?
See, what I do not like about these doctors is that if you mention 'viral infection', they do not inquire any further. Nobody looked in my throat or my nose. Had an MRI of the head, but would it show if that oval window in that ear was thorn apart?
Here we are in the 21 century and trying to figure out our problems just like we were still living in the dark ages.
Any thoughts?
Hope01 last decade
To Nitrams2000
All the drugs you mentioned in your post seem to be ototoxic
- Celebrex
- Orudis seems to cause just Tinnitus
- Refalen could not find out
- Toradol could not find out
- Daypro causes Tinnitus

There is a very good book out there on Ototoxic Drugs by Dr. Neil Bauman, I think I will get it. Tried already to get it but the bookstore where I go did not have it in stock.
All the best to all of us
Hope01 last decade
Hope01 so celebrex is the only one that isnt ototoxic? wow. geesh
nitrams2000 last decade
you were right. all those were ototoxic. go figure...

but if anyone is interested i did find a natural one that wasnt. how good it works whoo knows. most of the herbal stuff is junk but i did order it and it sounded good.

here the link

nitrams2000 last decade
To Nitrams2000
Thankyou for your prayers. I need them. You know I am a bornagain christian and have always tried to live a good christian life. I do everything I can for my family and have always been the strong one. after I was stricken with this deadly curse I started to doubt as I thought to myself ' what have I done to deserve this, but then I remembered Job, ans I thought well this is just another test. But I wonder how much I have to be tested.
I have also been cursed with this everly acute hearing. I asked the ENT about it and he said it is called RECRUITMANT. Apparantly the hairs that are not killed in the inner ear work overtime to make up for the dead ones. I am still researching this. I do know that all noise bothers me. This morning when I got up I went outside and it was starting to rain. I could hear these loud splatters and looked around and couldn't see any rain spots. A few mintutes later it started pouring down. When I go into any store , especially later on in the day, The noise in the stores , even the neon lights drive me crazy.
This is why I wear my noise reducing headphones when I go out, as it really does help cut down on the noise. You should try them. If they don't work you can return them to the store.
My Ent guy said he is referring me for a hearing aid, as he says I can get one that can be made to help cut out all this noise, so I go for that on the 9th Nov, but I will make sure they have a return policy as I am not going to spend money I cant afford if they dont work. You see, I would rather be deaf in one ear and not hear anything than have to live with the continual noise I hear. I guess I do have full blown tinnitis, but never realized it till now. I thank you for your concern and prayers. I am not brave. I am a person who has given into this and feel very sorry for myself. I make my husbands life miserable telling him he is too noisy. I am trying to come to terms with this affliction but it is very hard. You, Nitrams2000 are a caring soul and May God bless you. We need more people like you in this world.

To Hope01
Thank you for your kind words. I feel you have been given more than your share of troubles, being a cancer survivor and a SSHL survivor.
I know now that I missed the window of opportunity through no fault of my own and that my ENT should be stricken from the medical register, but I am hoping that he has spoken to the girls in his office about the importance of getting patients in right away for this SSHL.
As a matter of fact I am going to phone the girls myself today and tell them this .
I am going on 2 months now, and am taking the predistone even if the dosage is not strong enough.
This morning I did my usual and picked up the phone and held it to my bad ear and I did detect a faint noise. Maybe something is coming back. I pray so. I feel very alone in this although I know we are in the same boat. I told my husband yesterday not to forget where I have put my last will and testament as with all this tingling I have I am so scared that there is something more than the hearing loss wrong. As i said though I know i am feeling very blue.
So guess what, I have decided to get out my oilpaints today and I am going to Paint along with BOb Ross on the Joy of Painting. He is a man whose gentle voice soothes me as none other can.
I will not give into this.
Thankyou so much guys. Lets fight this!!!!!!
I am going to send Bill O'Reilly a email today to tell him to have something on his show on FOX about SSHL.
Take care and God Bless you all.
hopebc last decade
I subscribe to a magazine Alternative Medicine Magazine and it never fails each issue I find a 'NEW' supplement to deal with inflammation. This issue talked about Enzyme Therapy for Body Pain...specifically Bromelain derived from
pineapple and papain derived from papaya. It said if you have acute pain to take large doses of these enzymes for the first week or so.
Take the enzymes on an empty stomach with water to hasten their entry into the bloodstream and push the waste products out of the body. I'm doing that now. I've taken Bromelain over the years but never seriously enough.

There is so much information out there, but I prefer NOT to go to prescription drugs -- just more build-up of toxins to the body.

I will check out Tinnitool online but yes there is just so much and what does work???

joyce martino
joyce martino last decade
Celebrex has it's own group of side effects! A friend took Celebrex for a while and she has major reactions to sun and light, red blotches all over her face, neck, arms, went thru HELL and back with that stuff and now won't touch it or any drugs for that matter. True everyone's body is different but BEWARE is all I can say..
joyce martino last decade
Re Celebrex;
My husband took celebrex about 2 1/2 years ago for the pain in his knees. After taking it for about 6 months he developed Angina. He is a very healthy man and never had anything wrong with him I got him to stop taking the celebrex after about 4months of angina and it has never come back. We blame celebrex for damaging his heart. For what it is worth, you have to be very careful. I still think Celebrex will be recalled one day as I KNOW it damages the heart.
hopebc last decade
I have clipped and pasted this from an article I was reading . Very interesting

A rather recent major attack was to my ears. About a year ago I woke up one morning unable to hear very well in one ear. Until this moment I’d enjoyed acute hearing, which I depended on as a musician. Now I was having a hard time deciphering even conversation. My ENT tested my loss as a substantial 20 dB at some frequencies. After ruling out some serious conditions he had little to say about treatment. Sudden hearing loss can be due to a virus or to autoimmune disease. In a panic, I took the problem to my osteopath. The osteopathic view includes considering that tightening of soft tissue, be it muscles, connective tissue, etc., when it occurs near an organ, can cause the organ to malfunction or prevent the organ from functioning properly. My doctor worked long and hard on my head and neck at this point, every week. A few hours after one particular session, which was about a month after the loss, much of my hearing popped back! I could feel it. It happened in a moment. (The hearing restoration was confirmed by a hearing test from my ENT.) Two months after that, the same thing happened again right after another osteopathic treatment. My ear was then, and remains, very close to what it was before the hearing loss. I was relieved, elated, and grateful beyond words that my doctor could help me.
hopebc last decade
i wonder what the osteopath did to her that mad eit work so welll??
nitrams2000 last decade
to Hopebc
Just got home and one of the first things I do is to check my email and several forums where I participate.
Thanks for your reply. When I think about you I get so mad that you received such loosy treatment really.
I am a Christian also actually a Catholic (sad situation in my religion these days) but I have great faith in God. He has helped me so often in my life, but sometimes his help came later for reasons I only realized much later on.
I do hope you will still get your hearing back. Just do not give up hope. I am now resigned that eventually I will need a cochlear implant.
As long as this horrible Tinnitus in the dead ear goes away. Tonight I feel again like two feet away from Niagara Falls.......
When it comes to Nitrams2000, this person has the making of a great motivator, maybe God will use him eventually as a Motivational Speaker and it might be for SSHL? I have the feeling he is not aware of his strength yet. But great things will happen to him one of these days.
To all of us dealing with these ear problems
Take care and get well
- Joyce Martino, I keep you in my daily prayers -
Hope01 last decade
Hope01 thank you. you guys are my support. I truly think I would not have made it if it not had been for people like hope and this board. :) your my angels
nitrams2000 last decade
To all
Have a nice weekend.
I am having hardware problems with my flat PC screen. Will be offline for a few days maybe. Hope not.
What will I do without my PC??
Hope01 last decade
Hi all Had another audiogram yesterday and have gained another 20 DB in the higher frequencies so after 7 weeks it is still improving, amazing really. Have just finshed the second lot of steroids he gave me so dont know if it was that or not. See the follow up ENT on Monday see what he has to say, he was the one who told me I wouldnt get any back.
It equates to abot 55-60% hearing back overall although its not evenly spread over all the frequencies, but is better than nothing.
Still doing all my alternative therapies like subcranial massage with acupuncture from my Osteopath and the intravenous anti virals from my GP, with good diet and supplements, so something has to be working.

Hopebc that article was interesting that you posted re the Osteopath.I have always felt mine might be Vascular due to the fibromyalga around my neck and shoulder area and did notice improvement from the tinnitus and hearing after my ostopatic therapies, so its hard to dismiss it all really. I gueass we will never know which treatment works the best for us individually as we try it all.
I am not going to give up any of it just yet and hope and pray we all get the success we are looking for in treatments and etiology.
Mertie last decade
Mertie it sounds like the steroids helped to keep the inflmation down so you could salvage back what hearing isnt lost due to damage.... its just a theory but one would think staying on the steroids a little longer would help more but then again it could be that some of the hair cells died and thats all that is going to come back. Anyway I pray that I am wrong and you get it all back. I'd stay on those steroids as long as I had too but thats just me.

Hope dont stay away to long... dont know what we would do without you. :)
nitrams2000 last decade
my guess is SSNHL is 7 times out of 10 due to inflamation and that is the only reason why steroids work...

steroids is used alot in cancer patients for the same reason. Steroids help to shrink things and shrinking the inflamed area only makes since. so if you take steroids and it helps the the answer to your problem is simple. you have a autoimmune problem or a vascular, musclar problem. It is the only logical asuumption that can be made. It would help the inflamation, shrink the wounded area that is swelled up and make you strong and healthy enough to fight it off.

If for some odd reason the steroids dont work then you know it is noise related, genetic related or some other reason.

It is the only thing I can come up with or the steroids would never work for anyone at all.

So now since we know why and how steroids work, then the question you must ask your self is why does that area become inflamed to begin with???

if you get the answer to that then everyone in the world will love you and you get the pulitzer award...
nitrams2000 last decade
Hi All,
Had last night an expert looking into this PC problem.
It is the PC that shuts off cold after about 10 minutes.
This darn thing is less than a year old. Hopefully it is still under warranty.
Will be offline starting some time next week.
In the meanwhile, it is a race against the darn thing shutting off
Have a good weekend all.
Hope01 last decade
Lassa fever

ok guys. now I have come up with craxy stuff before but I I really want you to look at these three diseases because all three of these relate almost dierctly to tinnitus and SSNHL. these may sound off the wall but everytime I look up something I research it well and back it up with links for proof so before you start thinking I am crazy give these a reall godd luck. I bet there is a ton of people in the world that have these diseases and have SSNHL because of it and one of those people could be us..

here are the three diseases.

1. Lassa fever

2. Barre-Lieou

3. sympathetic-syndrome

link- http://www.rsdinfocenter.com/

all of these can cause or is directly related to SSNHL and Tinnitus. so before you say heres nitrams with some more nutty stuff, look at the symptoms and tell me if you got any of those symptoms. I know I doo and bet alot of us here do too.
nitrams2000 last decade
2 more really good links. check these out.



nitrams2000 last decade
Thanks Nitrams
I saw the Ent yesterday and guess what he doesnt think it was the steroids that helped????? yet he put me back on them the second time as I was still getting my hearing back. I tell you they just don't know what they are doing. He rained on my parade and said oh well that great but its not functional hearing, then I reminded him I scored 80% word recognition in my test at a hearing aid level, and he said they are more trouble than they are worth so maybe I should just get used to it, and that it is only the control type personalities that don't cope well with the loss, and to see him again in 6 months time.
I cant see me going back to him.
Mean while I remain optimistic and will continue with my treatments and may even look at the steroids again after speaking with my GP.
Mertie last decade

Heres the big picture problem. The ear doctor knows there is nothing more he can do and he is right.... there is nothing more he can do.. you need to see a immunoligist or continue testing with your regular doctor.

look at other symptoms you maye have. no matter how little. There is a undrlying problem and if you want to stop it from happening again then you gotta find it or hope and pray to god that it doesnt comeback. the good news is if you do find it and fix it then there is a small chance that you could get back all your hearing.

for those that have this hapen once and its gone... god bless you your lucky.... if it comes back then you can bet 1 million bucks there is a problem somewhere. not nessecaerly does that mean the problem is life threatining but its a problem.

look at the link i gave on TB... thats a good one.. also remember genes and age plays a factor. Im only 36 and i got this.. i beleive that if you get it at a younger age then you can be rest assured there is a problem but if you get it at a older age then maybe noise, age or genetics plays a roll but thats just my beleif.

alot of what I say is very assumptive but its really all I have to go on. I read tons of stuff on this.. I beleive now just like the doctors believe that this could be Autoimmune disease related but I think its the patients that drop the ball on this and not the doctors.

If you have SSNHL and you go to the ear doctor and you stop there then you as a patient are doing wrong. the ear doctor is somewhere you should go but thats not the end.. thats just the begining. regular visits to regular doctor, immunoligists, otheo, nuerology, should also be done and a slew of blood test.

If you get SSNHL then thats where the hunt for the needle in the haystack should begin not end, by searching you may just find the very thing that may save your hearing or better yet save your life. I beleive this to be true.

they Describe SSNHL as a medical emergency and it should be treated as such. my symptoms are as follows.

1. 'hearing loss to left ear' (regained hearing back)

2. 'Night sweats'. had for many years as long as i can remember

3. 'sensation of pressure around teeth and jar are'

4. Mild to moderate headaches

5. Fever sometimes and mild high blood pressuer

6. cholestral was 400 then lowered to 299 and now 250

7. Tinnitus very very slight ring in left ear only noticable in total silence.

8. Tinnitus in right ear. slightly louder can hear it once in a while if i concentrate on it. sometimes bothers me depending on sleep and diet.

9. recently my glands around my neck have swollen on the left side. I can press on it and it feels tender. that could be just a sore throat or sometihng. it is the season for that.

call it a witch hunt but then again what if witches are real. are you willing to take the chance and walk away and hope for the best or do you choose to fight and find out..

this is alot of our own faults and doctors are to blame to. no one wants to be proactive. if a ear doctor sees this then immediatly he should do the shots and the pills and then he should send you to the right doctors so you can begin to find out whats wrong..... its not over its just beginginng and SSNHL is nothing more then your warning to switch to defcon 2 because its time to go to war..
nitrams2000 last decade

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