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Jules 1980,
I am a male of 62, one mishap is that the creator does not allow the nerve cells to regenerate as the ordinary cells do. Humans are always tested by the creator for their ability by giving them problems.Not all things are under the control of humans.We should know there is no happiness if sorrow does not exist. I am a vegetarian, I feel better to obey the law of nature.
eltonlam 9 years ago
Hi Jules1980,

so sorry to hear about your sudden hearing loss but I´m glad you have the support of your husband and I´m sure your new baby will take your mind off the SHL.

I have a similar experience though my hearing loss came three weeks after giving birth to my daughter in august 2010 when I was 39. My hearing improved slightly in the first weeks but has never returned and I now have tinnitus that sounds like a television with no sound on, I´m also sensitive to certain noises. I´m just thankful I have one healthy ear left but just like you I´m really scared of losing my hearing on my good ear if I get pregnant again. On the other hand that would be extremely unlucky!

I had a difficult pregnancy with high blood pressure and my daughter was 6 weeks premature so I´m pretty sure my loss of hearing is somehow related to that. Being pregnant puts pressure on the body but from what I´ve read SHL can just appear out of the blue and I guess this is what happened to you.

I wish you the very best of luck!
SusieQ_39 9 years ago
All, I am new to the forum. I have read some oth this but thought I woudl just add my story.
3/8/2012 I had surgery on my knee. Shortly after awaking from the surgery the hearing in my right vanished. I went to my ENT on the 13th. They measured and I had in fact lost 40% of my hreaing in that ear. I was given an injection and a spript fro a diretic. Each vist after this We did another test and I recieved another injection. On june 21st I went to another ENT for a second. He did a test and I showed him my results from the other ENT. he pointed out the my DB loss had not changed from the beginnning my word reconition was dropping at each visit to the other Doctor. This ENT gave me oral steroids saying this allows us to get a larger more sustained dose.
ther second visit my word reconition had improved from 53% to 73%. He decided to do an injection in the ear. the third visit my word reconition had improves to 81% and my DB loss has moved up. We are going to continue this corse until the improvment levels off.
On another vein a friend with SSHL recently flew to Oregon and the next moring after arrival his hearing returned. might be just a matter of timing but I was wondering if the alltitude of the flight might have had something to do with it. If it is that easy I am planning a trip this weekend but who knows.
Thanks all
gla14073 9 years ago
Hello everyone.

I've been trying to google search my issue for the last three days and this site seems to have the only information I can find that relates.

On friday, I had a lower left cavity filled. The dentist numbed the left side of my face and my tongue. My recovery was quick and pretty much painless.

I woke up the next day (Saturday) with a complete loss of hearing from my left ear. Throughout the day, I experienced small bits of noise and clarity, but towards the end of the evening it was silent again.

It is now three days later and I am almost entirely deaf. I have tried ear wax removal, swimmers ear drops, etc etc - my ear does not feel full or as if it has pressure, it just feels like nothing is there. I called my dentist's office today (of course he is not in) but the receptionist claims she has never heard of this and thinks it may be related to sinuses.

Has anyone else experienced this? I've read back a few pages but only came across one or two similar stories.
ashfacei 9 years ago
Hi everyone,

You should call a Otolaryngist
ASAP and tell them what happened. It is very important to get oral steriods or a steroid injection in your ear immediately for your hearing loss or it could be permanent. I was on a ship in the middle of the ocean and was not able to get the proper help intil 2 weeks later and I am totally deaf in my left ear, this was 4 years ago. I hope that maybe it may be something else, but I wouldm't waste any time trying to contact the dentist . I do hope it clears up for you.
Charlee 9 years ago
ASHFACE: I'm an American medical doctor who experienced the exact same problem 3 yrs ago: Total deafness in my left ear the day after a lower left cavity repair with local anaesthesia!!!

I am still deaf after a full workup at the famous House Clinic, including an MRI and 2 wks of treatment with relatively low doses of oral steroids (40-60 mg per day of prednisone).
After at least a month I had steroid injections through my eardrum, but to no avail.I also tried hyperbaric oxygen and all sorts of supplements.

I have uncovered another 4 exactly similar cases after researching the international literature. Theoretically, the cause could be a mini-stroke due to constriction of the extremely tiny cochlear artery supplying the hair cells in cochlea. Maybe it is due to the epinephrine in the local anaesthetic, but who knows?

Here's what I urgently recommend you do: SEE an ENT specialist or otolaryngologist NOW! just go to an emergency room if necessary to accomplish this! All the medical texts agree that your situation should be treated as an 'ENT emergency' (inform the ER staff this is the case)!

In my opinion you should either be on very large doses of intravenous steroids and/or have steroids injected into your eardrum immediately.

There is actually little evidence in the literature that such treatment works, BUT this may be just because steroids are usually used orally in too little doses and injected too late. Everything I am suggesting can be backed up by good evidence-based medicine, so it's absolutely worth a try.

If your ENT specialist wishes to talk with me about my research and suggestions, he or she can call me at 949-488-3721 (California time) between 7 AM and 9PM or else e-mail me at etaub1 (at) aol.com Good luck, and please tell me how you are doing and how old you are.


Edward A. Taub, M.D.
etmd22 9 years ago
hello to all,i am Panos ,25y old and i suffered a shl on my left ear at the end of february 2013.

I went to hospital ,they injected cortizone for 4 days and they left me go home. I continued oral cortizone for 1 week and then stopped. i suffered a 40db hearing loss within 1000 and 8000 hz. i got back all my hearing except 4000hz ( i have a 30-40 db loss there).

Now i have a mild tinnitus started to left ear but for some unknown reason hitted me and in right ''good'' ear too!!! i also feel sometimes my ear blocked from inside like you go underwater or climb a mountain ,like atmospheric change.

still i does not know the cause of all this since all my test were good, blood test ,MRI, triplex etc...

i have one question, does people who suffered shl are more likely to suffer a stroke in future? is anything related to stroke and shl??
pilot88 8 years ago
Over two years since my initial diagnosis of idiopathic SSNHL and I wanted to post this update in the hope that it may help others. I discovered after a blood test 6 months after the initial hearing loss, that I had unknowingly contracted the HSV2 virus from my former partner. After finally locating a great specialist GP, it seems as if this, my facial paralysis and the SSNHL are possibly all related. It made perfect sense to me as they all had 'viral' related symptoms and steroid medication seemed to have no effect at all. I have now been taking daily anti-viral medication for almost 2 years and have had no further issues. Although my hearing loss and tinnitus remain, there is no worsening of these symptoms.
Best wishes to all
Kidsonmoon 7 years ago

you need to go to the top of the forum,
and look above the first post. Click the
button that says, Post New Topic. You
will then create your own treatment

These numbers ? don't mean anything.
You need to state what is going on with
you and your symptoms and someone
will help you.
simone717 7 years ago
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amritpriyak 5 years ago
Pl follow this
Two times per day
Never use pillow.
Donot sleep during day.
Cure time -20-30 days.
Keep your spine without any support.
DrManojVEDI 5 years ago
Hi everyone, I suffered sudden hearing loss about 2 months ago. Over the course of a few weeks I read over this entire thread and want to thank everyone for posting up their experiences and suggestions. I thought I would post up my story and the gains I have made in the hopes that it might be able to help someone else!

I'm a 30 year old male, and on Nov 19 I was suffering from a severe viral infection (Hand foot and mouth) that was running its course through my whole family. That morning I woke up with more sores on my face, but also I noticed I had very limited hearing on the right side, as well as a feeling of fullness and tinnitus. I wasn't overly concerned about it but at the urging of my wife I saw a doctor the next morning, who put me on a 7 day course of Prednisone 50mg and an antiviral as well as referring me to an ENT the following week. I saw the ENT, and he recommended the Tympanic injections (3 of them, each a week apart). He was also honest about the chances I had for my hearing returning (he told me 30% recover nothing, 30% recover fully, and 30% recover partially). By this time I had also started researching homeopathic options which I hoped could help, I thought that since it was caused by a virus perhaps there was a chance some of the loss was temporarily caused by inflammation. I reduced the amount of Sodium in my diet as well as started eating more phyto-rich vegetables. I also started on quite a few supplements to help with circulation, boost my immune system and knock down the virus:
-Ginko biloba
-Maritime bark
-Grape seed extract
-Garlic/Olive leaf/elderberry/oregano extracts
-Advanced B complex
-Zinc (I only started on Zinc a few weeks after I had finished my injections, as it can possibly make steroids less effective)
-Omegas/Vitamin D/multivitamin (I have always taken these)

I had my first Audiogram done Nov 29th, and it showed significant loss particularly in the lower frequencies (60/55/50db loss at 250/500/1000HZ, with some at higher frequencies 35/25/25 at 2000/3000/4000). While my loss was not profound, it was very concerning for me as I was obligated to inform my employer of my hearing loss and it was determined I may not be able to continue my job safely (I'm a Firefighter). I continued with my supplements, as well as started seeing a Naturopathic Doctor who recommended B12 injections (Which I have started), as well as possibly a high concentration vitamin C treatment via IV. She also said I may be a candidate for platelet rich plasma stem cell therapy, which I may consider in the future. However, I had a second Audiogram performed this week (Jan 4), which shows significant improvement! My levels are now at 45/40/50db at 250/500/1000hz, and 15/15/15 at 2000/3000/4000. I can't be certain which part of my treatment (if any) has contributed to my recovery but I would urge anybody who suffers from SSNHL to exercise the various options that are out there. I should mention that the aural fullness I felt went away within about a week, however I still have tinnitus which changes every few days to weeks.
Tommy2 5 years ago
I have not posted in a long time but I will update. Current age 73. Left ear SSHL 6/23/08 with profound loss. No changes and as you can see, it's almost ten years. I also have mid and high frequency losses in my right ear. ENT recommended a hearing aid for the right ear with a feed from the left side mixed with the right side. I rejected this because I would have absolutely no sense of sound direction. Therefore, I went with two hearing aids even though the left side was almost unintelligible. With time my brain adapted to correcting what I heard in my left ear to the point that I now understand conversation in my left ear without lip reading. I also had balance problems right after SSHL, but my brain has adjusted with time. My recent hearing test indicated no change since 2008.

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brokenear 4 years ago
I tried to post this image with me in the center, but it appears to have failed. I hope it will post this time so you can see I have enjoyed being a mall Santa for six years! Able to hear the children's voices.

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brokenear 4 years ago
brokenear said I tried to post this image with me in the center, but it appears to have failed. I hope it will post this time so you can see I have enjoyed being a mall Santa for six years! Able to hear the children's voices.
brokenear 4 years ago
Try cooling treatments
HearingGuy 4 years ago

I'm a family doctor who also lost my hearing on the left side after a cavity repair on the upper left side. How are you doing since you last wrote on this forum? Any better? Call me or e-mail me please at number on my profile.

Edward Taub M.D.
etmd22 4 years ago

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