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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
You are welcome. Please realize there is hope, as your 'handle' suggests...!? Please start another thread here on the forum.
Prednisone is not healing, but suppressive.
There should be homeopaths in your area. I know at the NIH website they have a list of homeopaths in many areas.
You can get help here, however, if you start another thread and give us as much information about yourself. If you check through the threads you find others giving this type of info for their health concerns. It's not to pry but to help 'see' you to suggest remedies. I have been helped here.
My sudden hearing loss was scary so I understand your feeling. Perhaps you should consult a good orthodontist as well. I did, and she says part of it is due to my palate collapsing and I can see now that my teeth are not lining up. She making a device, a retainer of sorts for me to wear in my mouth. She had another patient with the same problem and after wearing the device for a few months her hearing gradually began to return. Of course, she couldn't make any guarantees, but she offered hope.
I also have an ear infection, it was painless and had no idea about it at the time I awoke deaf in my right ear. I have taken 3 remedies on a rotating basis and am better now. I still have annoying tinnitus and some congestion only obvious at night on lying down, so sleeping is fitful. I am using ear drops with mullien and garlic for the infection too. Hearing is better in right ear, but not like before. So I am grateful and hopeful for continued healing.
You are not fooling yourself, do not give up your search for healing. You can get assistance here on the HOMEOPATHIC forum...I have seen homeopathy bring about healing when others gave up or didn't find a solution or even when tests showed no problem...!!!
Read the other topics here, just to find out more about homeopathy. Use the Remedy Finder. Put in all your symptoms...even the ones you think aren't related to your hearing, you are a whole person. Everything about you is connected to your health.
It will give you a remedy, check the grid at the end. Read the materia medica(description of remedies)on this site, it will help you to see if the remedy fits your symptoms.. There is much you can do yourself.
Know that I will be praying for you.
jadeshade last decade
Here are the names of two homoepaths in Boston I located at the National Center of Homeopathy.

Kellie Kirkpatrick, LicAc HMC
14 Beacon St Ste 415
Boston, MA 02108

Peter A Martin, ND
409 Massachusetts Ave Ste 1
Boston, MA 02118-3504
Peter Martin has a website as well but I don't think I can post that here. You can do a search at the NCH site and find it.
jadeshade last decade
My 42 yr old dgtr has SHL and we believe due to meds, namely diuretics and quinine, both we find out cause ototoxicity. She's had 1 cochlear implant and is adjusting but it has been a nightmare. She has 2 little children and a crumbling marriage.
joyce martino last decade
Hello Joyce
I am so sorry to hear about your daugther.
I am divorced, but it happened under better conditions.
I will keep her in my prayers. Tell her not to give up though.
I had lung cancer in 1989 (after the divorce) and the doctors gave me 6 to 8 months to live..... I guess I fooled them.
Tell her to keep a positive attitude despite all the adversities she is phasing at this time
Take care
Hope01 last decade
This info that you once had cancer is very useful to the forum homeopaths. What treatment did you have for this? It could be related to your hearing loss. Please explain in more detail about yourself.
It is good to comfort others and be outside our own problems. But we need to have this info to help you as well.
jadeshade last decade
My lung cancer was in 1989 and I had never smoked.
I had 1/3 of the right lung removed. Had a malignant tumor the size of a half dollar.
I am sure this did not have anything to do with the onset of sudden deafness in January of this year. I did have a viral upper respiratory infection in early December of last year.
My PG only gave me Mucinex and a cough medication for it. But I had a hard time getting rid of the cough.
Bottom line is that the different ENTs that I did see in January and February all pointed to viral infection as the reason for the SSHL. None of them even tried to look at something else as the cause of the SSHL.
Again, what bothers me is that I did not get shots in the ears as they do on the West Coast. I got a treatment of Prednisone (pills)for six days starting the day after the onset.
Hope01 last decade
I really would like to help you with SHL. You have given some good info here, as to the viral infection. My opinion (remember I am only a student of homeopathy) is that your viral infection of the upper respiratory system IS connected to the fact that your repiratory system is weakend by:
1) cancer of the lung
2) surgery on that lung
3) whatever meds were prescribed for you at that time, anesthesia given, chemo (?), etc...
I can sort of guess what remedy MIGHT work for you, but I would like more info about you first...
1. Name
2. Age
3. Sex
4. Married/Unmarried
5. weight
6. Height ….
7. country
8. climate
9. List of your complain first 1. 2.. 3 ……
10. Diabetic or non Diabetic
11. Desire sweets/sour/salt
12. Thirst
13. Tongue
14. Current BP (without medicine and with medicine)
15. What exactly is happening ?
16. How do you feel ?
17. How does this affect you ?
18. How does it feel like ?
19. What comes to your mind ?
20. One situation that had a big effect on you ?
21. How did that feel like ?
22. What sensation do you experience in that situation ?
23. What are you showing by that gesture of your hand.(habits or Action) ?
24. current medicine you are taking
25. family back ground
26. qualification of patient
27. Nature of working
28. desire and aversion of food
29. Mind-behavior, anger, irritability, hurry, impatient…and so.. on and how you are peculiar from other person, public speaking or not , you can describe all the detail about behavior, love and affection.
30. Aggravation (increases-time, season,)& Amelioration (Decreases)
I copied all this from the questions asked of another on a different thread but need the same questions answered.
Please do this so that you can be assisted better than my guess.
jadeshade last decade
To Jade,

I am sorry but I am not about to give you all this information over the Internet.
Thanks for wanting to help.
But this goes a bit too far, I have not seen anybody on this forum having to give all this personal information.
Take care
Hope01 last decade
I can understand how you feel about this (I use a screen name, too)..but, if you check further you will see on other threads/topics this info is indeed given. That's where I copied the questions.
Sure you could leave off your name and other identifinig info, no problem. But your likes and dislikes, etc. is important to know. I don't think any concientious dr or homeopath would give medicine without knowing more about you.
You could email me privately if you like. My email is given with my profile.
I'm not interested in prying into your life, only to help you with homeopathy. Comiserating/encouraging each other about our SHL is fine, but I'm interested in healing and not guessing about what remedy will assist you with your healing. This forum has helped many to heal.
Have you used the Remedy Finder here on ABC? Have you looked at the materia medica( the description of each remedy)? You could take the time to look at Gelsemium (it has a keynote of never well since influenza and SHL) or any other remedies and perhaps find for yourself a remedy that would help.
Hope you understand.
jadeshade last decade
This is a reply to some older post on page 14 (I think it was). Somebody has asked about hearing aids.
Well, sine I have no more hearing in the right ear because of an onset of suddnes deafness on 1/22/06 and steroids (Prednisone) did not help me, and I have moderate hearing loss in the left ear, I did get ONE hearing aid. There was no use to get two according to my Audi at the clinic where I go to in Boston.
If you are looking into hearing aids, do your homework, because they can be quite expensive (the service for the fitting and the fine tuning are included in the price.
I am not sure about the CROS, but I know there is also the Baha System (check it out on the Internet).
My HA was very very expensive and my health insurance did not cover it........
Just wanted to let you all know about hearing aids.
There is a message board that speaks a lot about hearing aids and you can learn a lot from that board.
Take care
Hope01 last decade
To engelchen (little angel in German)
Where can one buy 'Clear Tinnitus'.
The tinnitus in my dead ear is driving me insane.

It is at times as bad as the day when I lost my hearing in the right ear in less than one hour while driving to a Friend's house.
Take care
Hope01 last decade
To Engelchen - Thanks for your reply. I live on the East Coast, but used to live in Agoura Hills CA (off the Ventura Freeway). Know Santa Barbra and drove many times to Solvang.
I suppose, the Vitamin Shops here on the East Coast (outskirts of Boston) will have Clear Tinnitus.
I am so surprised that so many Californians (according to this forum) got an onset of sudden deafness. Almost seems to me that this was like an epidemic early of this year especially in the Bay area.
The worst of this affliction is that Family and Friends do not really know how we feel as on the outside we look OK.
I have several friends with progressive hearing loss and even they do not understand what this sudden deafness and unbearable Tinnitus is like.
If I come across some valuable information, I will let you all know.
Take care
P.S. was in Beijing in 1994 for 12 days, even went to Badaling to see the wall.
Hope01 last decade
to all those who need hearing aids
I should have given you the entire information regarding the forum for the HOH,it is
- then click on
Hard of Hearing Advocates -- Solutions for Better Hearing
- then go to the bottom of that page
- then click on Message Board
Take care
Hope01 last decade
joyce martino - I was interested to read on your posting about diuretics causing ototoxicity. I've been on a prescription diuretic for several years for a kidney disease, so maybe that IS connected to SHL. You know, between the frustration of not hearing/misunderstanding things and the annoying/constant tinnitis, this condition is very stressful. It's so pervasive. Straining to hear through the tinnitis even affects the expression on our faces. I've found people think I'm crabby when I don't mean to be. Maybe your daughter should get someone, such as a counselor, she could talk her frustrations out to (get it off her chest). Also, encourage her to read the postings on this message board. I know it's been helpful to me just to feel 'part of a club' of some sort and to learn that all of our symptoms, experiences and frustrations are exactly the same.
cmaccart last decade
Thanks, my dgtr sees 2 therapists a week. She hasn't gone into a support group YET as she's so new to the deaf world. Time is needed to adjust.

Dealing with a newly deaf person takes so much PATIENCE and not everyone can handle this situation. Her husband sadly is very low on patience and her state of health is causing much stress to the already stressed marriage. She's getting stronger, BUT those drugs really caused havoc with her body.

Thanks for your comments.

Jenifer was taking diuretics for edema probably due to kidney problems and when reading all the data on diuretics it said quite often diuretics can keep one in a edemic state!!! Since she's been off all diuretics she has no ankle swelling NOW. Then to find how toxic Quinine is was a big eye opener. These docs prescribe all this POISON to heal people and people are getting other health issues, some quite often worse than the original.
joyce martino last decade
joyce martino - Yes, the doctor throws drugs at you, lets you deal with the side effects, and then says, 'Sorry, there's nothing we can do to help you; you'll just have to learn to live with it.' Then you're supposed to quietly 'exit stage left' and not bother the doctor anymore. (Sorry to vent; I'm just having a bad-tinnitis day.) It sounds like your daughter is lucky to have you in her corner!
cmaccart last decade
There is a hair oil Kala Ratna that works very well for hair loss and earlier greying and even white hairs , it is a ayurvedic preperation and available along with Homeopathic pills , it is verymuch useful for all the hair problems .
mukul4031 last decade
Why are you recommending this for hair loss? We are talking about hearing loss.

Are you thinking about the hairs in the inner ear that are gone and therefore caused deafness?
joyce martino last decade
Hey guys- Almost a year next month since I lost hearing in my left ear. Still feel dizzy. Some days are better than others. I have tried to tune out the tinnitus. Very hard. Been doing the ginko thing. Can't hurt. Live every day for today! Thats the advice I have learned to give in 1 year. Think positive and listen to good music. It helps your brain to focus on somehting else othe than the consant buzz.
Has anyone heard of anyone getting their hearing back?
Any surgeries? I stoped going to the doctors about 3 months ago. Nothing was changing and no one seemed to know anything anyway! Good luck to all-
mich18 last decade
Hi, Mich18. I am going 8 months, and no change. I have learned not to be in a hurry all the time. I used to run to catch train, or jay walking, etc. No more. I am much more cautious about that now. I try to take time, take it easy day by day. I am still very sensitive to sounds, but I try to minimize the use of ear protection. Someone once told me my hearing nerve has been damaged, but it will not damage any more. I eat organic food, and live more simpler life. Still work ahead but I will keep trying. I always think about the freiends on this forum. We share so much. Hope everyone has a nice holiday weekend. Take care!
mstctiger last decade
hi all

I have been reading about SHL on this forum and interestingly, I had an attack of this unknown and mysterious thing in December 2004 while living in Southern California.

Fortunately, I was able to recover full hearing within one week. It seems miraculous now, after reading all the reviews in this forum.

The doctor in the hospital emergengy told me all the same things, that its cause is unknown. He prescribed 'predislone' steriod for 3-4 days which might have helped a little bit and I did throw away half of the dose, being a cynic of the modern medicine.

What really helped me was that I was a dedicated practicioner of Meditation (yoga) that really helped me into a fast recovery. I used various cleansing techniques using the natural elements of fire, water and ether that are taught to the yogis. I went to the ocean and poured drops of water into my right ear and chanted mantras affecting that particular chakra of Vishuddhi.

My hearing in both ears was fully recovered within 10 days and what remains now is a mild tinnitus.

I understand that cause of this SHL maybe due to some kind of inflammation inside ear nerves or unknown negative entity (in the form of proteins) entering inside our subtle body.

It can be cured with time and knowledge of the subtle system within.

I do encourage anyone with this problem to try out daily meditation, cleansing the Vishuddhi chakra (which controls all the organs of ENT). The one which I do everyday, helped me into recovery, is very powerful and you can find more about it at
sahajayoga dot org

You can click on the Subtle System and view the flash movie in detail about the LEFT and RIGHT sides and also the Vishuddhi chakra.

As a general rule in life, try to feel the sense of 'satisfaction' within; don't let the mind/attention run around too much; Practicing it generally helps to bring forth a balance in life and makes our body more 'resistive' to these 'unknown' external attacks.

Let me know if you need more info on this.
anupam1008 last decade
Hello Anupam1008,
Thank you for sharing your experience with the board.

I think what you had was a spontaneous recovery. It happens to some people.

I am not a doctor, but for those of us that have not recovered after quite a few months, I do not think that anything would still help.

However, I shall look into the site you indicated and will try to practice what it says.

Best Regards
Hope01 last decade
Hello my name is Jim and I am 36. thursday I started to get ringing in my ears like it was full of water or maybe fluid. I waited till monday because that is the soonest I could get in. My Doctor immdediatly gave zythromax and sent me to a ear specialist. I went the next day and he put me on prednisne and told me I have Sudden Sensory neural Hearing loss. he said he sees about 5 or 6 cases of this a month. Then the doctor told me there was about a 60 percent of it coming back, I also took a hearing test while I was there and the hearing test person that tested me was actauly a neighbor of mine from down the block. he said its more like 50 percent chance it might comeback. He also said the prednsone does seem to help.

little bit about me. im 36 5 foot 11inches 203pounds. I really dont have any disorders that I can speak of. once I had a physical for my life insurance and they said i was fine except i had high cholestral of about 400 other then that i have been fine. i recently was working and trying to get back in shape. i used to weigh 255 and got back in shape by jogging. i now weigh 200 and was as low as 196 i have stopped working out about 3 months ago so i dont think the work out had anything to do with it. my family has a history of sugar diabetes but so far i havent had that problem. my family is also over wieght on my moms side.

This is what my worst fear. from what i read on this board. it is very bleak and really no one has any chance of this healing. i fear that i am stuck with this for life. I beleive the ringing will eventually take me over till I cant handle it anymore. I have not even had it a full week and allready it drives me absolutly nuts, heres some questions i have and would love for any help you can provide.

1. does anyone ever recover? it seems like a fable or a tale. it seems no one ever recovers from what I read. does anyone know anyone that has recovered? I beleive my doctor lied to me. 60percent and 50percent do is what I hear but I fear that is untrue,

2. does any of these things work at all? anything that anyone can suggest I will try. I dont want my hearing to end like this.

3, does the ringing ever stop because this is crazy. im serious i candle handle that. the fact that its ringing should me that there is feeling there right? its gotta be a good thing that it is ringing. or atleast I hope.

Man if anyone can help me i would be forever greatfull you can even call me 386 295 5156 feel free to feel free to send me anything
nitrams2000 last decade
Hi Nitram,
So sorry this has happened to you.
I woke up on May 13 deaf in the left ear. I can tell you that the ringing has dramatically decreased, when i wake up in the morning, its completely silent and peaceful. Its only when I go out into the noisy world that it starts up again. But I'm working in a classroom with 8 autistic kids so its very noisy, but i'm managing.
I did get some hearing back after the hyperbaric treatments.
I went to a neurologist yesterday and he said he's not convinced that my hearing loss is due to nerve damage. He's ordered more tests to see if I have a connective tissue disease, and another cat scan with contrast so he can see the blood flow in my brain.
i'll keep you all posted.
what? last decade
could you tell me more about hyperbaric treatments I dont know much about it. where can i get this done. is there somewhere in florida that would have that. its been almost a week that I have had this and allready i did zythromax, taken to days worth of Prednisone and one shot to my ear of prednisone. I have had 2 docotrs look at it. so im on top of it quick. doctor beleives that i have a 50% chance of it coming back because he feels that my age is young. '36' he says it seems to comeback at a younger age then older and also i have no real bad dizzyness or vertigo. he said if you have dizzyness then it usually doesnt come back. I found a a great guy in orlando FL. celebration area that did the shot and was very positive. Get this , he didnt even charge me for the shots. he said we will jsut make it part of the office visit. Sometimes I just want to sit down and cry but i think i could deal with it if the ringing would go away. the ringing is a real ' lets just say id like to curse'.

he also suggested vitamin E, C, and zinc and large amounts and some other things but im real interested in your hyperbaric treatments. i red online where they said HBO2 treatment is the best. does anyone have any success at all with this stuff or is just things for us to try till we finally shut up and just deal with the fact that were now deaf. I wonder. i speak to doctors that say they know people that got it all back and im thinking to myself. i havent heard of anyone. have you?????? my heart goes out to those people thathave this. know one will really know how truly depressing it is to get this.
nitrams2000 last decade
by the way in you live in florida Dr. Atkins really seems to be honestly into helping. he is in the celebration hospital. he does the shots. if you can get the shot do it. it doesnt hurt at all like people said and it cant hurt to try it. the shot can only help you so you got nothing to loose.
nitrams2000 last decade

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