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Hello Steph et al.
I woke up on 9/4/08 with total SHL in my right ear and was able to get into my Dr. after obliging his receptionist with a home remedy before she would squeeze me in. I was able to get an immediate referral to an ENT across the street and was able to start the 60 mg of prednisone + 4000 mg of acyclovir per day w/in 6 hrs of the notice of symptoms. I spent the weekend feeling as if in a state of emotional shock, until my wife found this website. Reading Steph's
account of her travails made me feel a lot better, knowing that I am not alone in this predicament. The hyper-sensitivity of my left ear and being more cautious when I cross the street have been the hardest aspects to deal with. Still no return of hearing in my right ear, but this website has been more encouraging than the myriad of
medical journal articles I have perused. Thank you, Steph and all, for being here.
It's heartening to know that
I'm not the only one out there.
sandmanranch last decade
Hi sandmanranch and welcome to the party :-(

I am saddened by what you are going through. I am two days ahead of you (onset 9/2) and so far not much to report. Yesterday (9/10), after no results on Prednisone, I started Decadron shots (1 every 5 days, for 3 shots total) and keep all fingers & toes crossed. I am also doing acupuncture every other day (and he added electricity at the second session), plus craniosacral therapy plus taking some vitamins & minerals (B Complex, E, C, zinc, some Chinese Herbs from my acupuncturist, will add FlaxSeed Oil and possible some Fish Oil). I add them as I read about them but I think I will stop here - what I am trying to accomplish is to make the blood flow to the area better. I have never liked drugs and was never able to take vitamins for more than a week, but right now I would do anything to get my hearing back.
Something I was not prescribed in the beginning was an antiviral/antibiotic, which, looking back, I would have preferred. But it might be too late for me right now. So you touched all the hot points.

It is (very) hard, we cannot deny it. But it looks like you are off to a perfect start... so fingers crossed for your speedy recovery. You have a good ENT and do not give up. There are so many on this forum that did not have a chance to begin with…

Hang in there and keep us posted. Anything, any findings, any feelings... we are all in this boat.

Good luck to you and to all of usl!

lsb57 last decade
Hi Sandmanranch, Steph and others,

Have any of you checked out if there is Mercury in your tissues? I have that problem and I can bet that I lost my hearing because of Mercury toxicity. I will be seeing a bio-dentist to get my Mercury fillings out of my teeth very soon.

All the best!


ALC123 last decade
Welcome Sandmanranch,

As Steph said above, I too am saddened that you have been hit with SHL. I'm almost a month in now, and I will say that it is getting better. We do adapt.

Keep us posted and feel free to ask questions. I think all of us on this forum can say that it has helped - both with getting more knowledge and just a place to share feelings, hopes and fears. We can all relate.

Steph - let me know how the shots go. I'll still pondering if I should try again.

Stay positive,

MarkLM last decade
I'm now 8 days into this merry little adventure...had a twinge in the bum ear last night when my neighbors 3 y.o. yelled 'Yum', but even a twinge of pain was encouraging. I'm not too keen on the injections due to a fear of needles and recollections of childhood ear treatment, but I'll do what I need to do when I go back in next week to the Dr. I also decided yesterday to let my wife's acupuncturist take a poke at me when he returns from vacation. I think I'll discuss the regimen described by Steph with him. I may not be a believer in the art, but am willing to try anything that may help at this point. I am encouraged that I started treatment so soon after onset, but am getting tired of telling my co-workers to please avoid me and save all of their idle chit-chat for a while and I'll catch up with their lives later. As a prosecuting attorney, I can't avoid going to court, but I've asked the judge and all counsel to only speak to me one at time or be ready to get a blank stare in response to their queries...and don't sneak up on me on my right side. I have found myself avoiding all social engagements where any noise is likely to occur. This super bat-hearing in my 'good ear' is the most debilitating aspect at the moment. Not looking forward to the shots, but I live close enough to Sacramento, that the greater medical resources of Sacramento and San Francisco are there to be tapped and I have been adequately impressed with the knowledge and treatment of my ENT and the level of concern he has exhibited. Hopefully the twinge I felt last night was a harbinger of improvement.
sandmanranch last decade
The shot in the ear is no big deal - so don't stress on this one. (You've got enough other things to stress about !) It feels a little wierd when your ear fills up with liquid - but it's definitely OK.

If you can get back even a little hearing it will help a lot - especially in crowded areas. (I still remember going into a very crowded starbucks on day 3 and I was sure I had entered noise hell).

And stay open to accupuncture and other holistic approaches. The Chinese and Indians have been perfecting these methods for thousands and thousnads of years - far longer than western medicine has been around. Although there may not be a western or holistic 'cure' to SHL, there also may be one out there - and people behave differently to different stuff. Remember, there is very little knowledge with this 'merry little adventure'.

Good luck. And I didn't get any 'burns' in my ear when it was iprovming, but I'd get 2 to 10 second long tones that would randomly occur. Hope the burns are opeing up some channel.
MarkLM last decade
Good luck from me, too. The shot IS NOT that bad. I drove myself back home. In fact, after that, I thought that my 'congestion' (or whatever I feel) went down. Later went back again, unfortunately :-(

DO go for the acupuncture. As Mark said, it is an ancient science, way older than Western medicine. It might take time and patience, but I am not giving up. And no, I do not enjoy it in particular, but I will do it until he wants me to stop.

Keep us posted. All our eyes are on you.

Good luck to all of us!


PS My status report: day 10, no improvement.
lsb57 last decade
Hi everybody,

Just checking to see how everybody is doing... it's been quiet around here.

Anybody has any (good) news?

I wish I could have something to share, but I do not. Second shot of Decadron yesterday, still going for acupuncture sessions every other day, will see an osteopath tomorrow.

Take care and keep fighting!

lsb57 last decade
Hello Steph,

Let's hope the second shot does the trick. Focus on healing, and I will do the same for you.

I 'celebrated' my one month anniversary yesterday. At this point, I am essentially trying to get my life back to normal as much as possible. My 20% hearing gain came back within the first week or so and since then it's been pretty constant. I go back in a week for a final audiogram and check up.

Later tonight I'll be calling a homeopathic doctor in India that was referred to me by my co-worker (who is from India). Essentailly I'll be telling the doctor my life history, my recent problems and they'll prescribe some herbal medicines. I spoke briefly with the doctor a couple of days ago, and he says it will take a few months - and up to a year, though he says there's a 75% chance for some recovery. I am not overly optimistic, but I am definitely keeping a very open mind. I'll update this post after my discussions with the doctor. Here's their website.


Best wishes to everyone.

MarkLM last decade
Howdy to all,
no improvement with the hearing so far, but the med's have been taking a toll on my stamina and attention span.
Today has actually been one of my most uncomfortable days, but it's easier to come to work and hide behind a computer keyboard than to listen to a cacophony of sounds at home. Go back in to the ENT tomorrow for follow-up and got app't in afternoon w/ acupuncturist who does homeopathic stuff too. Pulled up a NEJM article by Dr. Rauch from 2008...but it really doesn't say anything different than the other articles describing this as one of the last great mysteries of ENT and not necessarily a ringing endorsement of the direct infusion of steroids where the sun don't shine. My wife pulled up a video on WebDR of the insertion of the foam insert for self-application of drops...made a needle sound better, but not much. Hopefully the acupuncturist will make a lucky stab tomorrow and hit the magic hearing reset button.
sandmanranch last decade
Hello, my name is paul, I live in Florida and my wife took me skydiving on september 6th 2008, but when i got to the ground maybe 50% of my hearing was gone on my left ear. I visited an ENT a week later and he told me I have a perforated ear drum and it should heal in about 3 weeks if not it would have to be surgicaly closed. Anybody had the same situation happened ???? Please any info will make me feel better I am a mechanic so i need my ears to diagnose problems on engines pleas help....
paul2381 last decade
Encouraging news at the Sandmanranch! Went to the ENT and discovered I have recovered 5% hearing in the right ear! I hadn't detected anything w/ my home-made hearing exams. Wow! Such a little thing has made a tremendous improvement in my attitude. Still need to finish up the course of med's and get an MRI, and I'm still going to the accupuncturist this afternoon and try to get some of that magic dust Steph mentioned. I can finally hear a glimmer of sound at the end of the tunnel!
P.S. to Paul: I had an infection & perforation of my eardrum 45 years ago and it healed back up w/o surgery and always had excellent hearing...until 9/4/08. You might want to give up skydiving. The medical articles I have read in the last 2 weeks have convinced me to start selling off all of my scuba gear.
sandmanranch last decade
High Fives Sandmanranch !

Glad to 'hear' that something is heading back in the right direction. 5% is a good start. Stay on those meds and get the magic dust.

That 'no more diving' thing is sure a dilema. I have been diving and snorkeling regularly for 25+ years without any problems. And lobster season opens in a week. On the other hand, I'd hate to mess up the final ear. Hmmm.

Paul, I don't know much about ruptured eardrums - except that they typically heal. Give it some time and hopefully you'll be good and gold. Good luck.


I see the doctor on Monday and will find ou
MarkLM last decade

Way to go – hopefully next week you’ll do even better! IT IS something!
I had the same 5% improvement, but in my case, to go from 95% to 90% is not noticeable... my doc was not very happy. After 3 shots (and no audiogram) I cannot see much improvement, and probably I'll have my fourth and last one on Wednesday. Will have a new audiogram probably by the end of the week. Also six acupuncture sessions.
Something else I tried and I warmly recommend, if you have a chance: see an osteopath. I was and was very impressed. She spent almost 2 hours with me adjusting and readjusting my whole body (including pulling my tongue for a few long minutes, massaging my gums and some other weird things), but everything was extremely gently... nothing like a chiropractor. Anyway, the next day I woke up like I did some serious workout. She told me to give her 4 or 5 visits and not to give up before that... I would do anything, so therefore I am going back and going back with confidence.


How was your appointment with the Indian guy? I would really want to try him, too. His website seems interesting and made me curious. I guess my ENT will exhaust all his SSHL-related knowledge after my fourth Decadron shot and I just cannot quit like that. I have not asked him about next steps, I am too afraid to know there is nothing else and we just wait and hope for a miracle.

Guys, all my best to you. I really hope there will be some light at the end of the tunnel for us.
lsb57 last decade

I haven't been on this forum for a long time because I have been hit by so many responsibilities as a single mom. Life doesn't let up just because I got an SSHL July 17, '08. Also, to tell the truth I have been pretty depressed. The adjustment hasn't been easy for me. It isn't for most people I realize.

I'm wondering if anyone one knows anything about what ototoxic drugs I should avoid? Although my ENT says she doesn't think it was a drug the fact is that I was taking premedication, clindamycin, for dental work quite regularly. I took clindamycin only a week before my SSHL hit my r. ear. My left ear seems to be working okay, although hypersensitive. I want it to stay working.

I have a tooth that needs work right away so I have to figure out if the kind of heart murmur I have really requires premedication. I have to see a cardiologist about this. Also, I'm worried about the anesthesia itself. Are lidocain or septicaine ototoxic? I'm pretty poor or I would have bought the book that sells for around 40.00 and lists all of the various ototoxins people encounter in their daily lives and when they have to take medications.

I don't feel confident that my ENT takes the possiblility that I was exposed to too much clindimycin seriously enough. I tend to think that my SSHL was probably caused by a virus or occlusion of blood supply, or both my ears would be more equally affected. But, with only my left ear between me and deafness I feel so extremely cautious. I don't feel that my ENT is that much in my corner because she has seen me so little. I don't get my second audiogram until the 30th of October.

I'm not dealing very well at this point. In fact I think I qualify as depressed. I'm pretty scared of having to have invasive dental work on my good side (terrified). Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thank you all.


P.S. I have just gotten my first sore throat/illness since my SSHL. I seem to be okay. I know that many people are afraid of the first (and every) time they get sick. So, I thought I'd tell others that I'm okay after getting sick. I didn't take anything for it at all. I'm suspicious of any unneccesary drugs now.
sweetsoundoffrogs last decade

I really have no idea on the otoxic drugs - just that they can cause SHL. I did a quick google search and basically found some articles that said clindamycin is probably not ototoxic, though may be. And here's a link that says it is ototoxic. http://www.apothecaryshopaustin.com/Docs/vestibluar%20disord....

And some guy reported dizziness after taking it. My guess is that the drug and the SHL are related. It doesn't look like it happens often, though it does seem like it happened to you.

I too have become a bit paranoid of ALL drugs. I am not sure exactly why, but I feel that there are so many side affects that doctors are just clueless about. It's really scary especially considering that we are down to one working ear. I haven't even started drinking coffee again after dealing with the side affects of prednisone that made me very agitated. Caffeine and prednisone is just too similar.

I understand your depression. Losing hearing in one ear changes everything. And what most peolple don't realize is that there is a lot more to it than not being able to hear. There's the tinittus, the hypersenitivity to sound, and the confusion in loud places. It's really difficult to describe unless you've been there. Good luck and I really hope things improve for you. Take it day to day.

I went to the doctor yesterday and my hearing is essentially the same. My speech discrimination is about 30%, and the mid and high frequecy loss is severe to profound. The doctor thought I was a good candidate for a BAHA device, which means I would get a hole drilled in the side of my head. I'll have to ponder this one for a while.

LSB57 - I spoke with the doctors in India. So far I really don't have much to report. They asked a bunch of quesitons and I am supposed to call again in a few days and then they will look at prescribing some homeopathic medicines. The person who asked all the questions was not the main doctor, though my next conversation will be with the main guy and he will be reviewing all the information that I gave to the assistant. So, I'll give you an update later this week.

MarkLM last decade
Hi Mark, hi all,

This site is so meaningful to we SSHL victims. If I didn't have it to look at when I finally find some time (I feel like I'm a pretty flaky contributor, hit and miss compared to many of you)I would definitely be worse off emotionally.

I'm sad to see that there are new SSHL sufferers since I last read through the posts. Reading what people like Sandmanranch? write is total dejavu for me, and probably Mark too. I remember reading your first post Mark. I was very impressed that you tried to just ride off the SSHL, 12 miles to work if I remember correctly. You must not have had the vertigo that many get. You must be tough! Mark, you have certainly been a support to me because our experiences are quite similar (except I had severe vertigo the first day or so.)and you have been very generous with reassurance. Thank you for the link. I will go there. I think that all of the 'mycin' antibiotics are trouble if they reach a threshhold point in your bloodstream.

Really though I don't know what caused my SSHL. So, for now, I'm paranoid of EVERYTHING. I haven't mentioned this on this forum before, but, my right SSHL ear is the ear that gave me trouble right after my second son was born (c-section and rundown after the surgery) In the period of a year or two I got sinus infections that ended up causing that eardrum to rupture twice on separate occasions. And, this is for Paul too, each time I was deaf in that ear for around 2 wk.s but then my hearing returned each time, to the point that one doctor said that my right ear was the better of my 2 perfect ears. Anyway, that ear does have some history.

But, there are plenty of people who have no history of ruptured eardrums, noise damage or anything, who get an SSHL in a previously perfect ear. Anyway, catching up with the new posts I see that we mostly all have similar experiences with the hypersensitive good ear, balance and orientation problems because of lack of input from the SSHL ear, that getting back just a little hearing is huge for your ability to orient and communicate etc.

Mark, the one audiogram I had about a week out from my SSHL showed that I lost a lot ('unaidable')in the mid-range with some surviving very low and very high hearing, sort of like a dog I guess. So, it will be interesting to see what I have gotten back after 3 months the 30th of Oct. Well, as usual when I finally write I write a book..and I still have more to say:-) Good luck with the Indian doctors and homeopathic medicines, Mark. Of course, you will make sure that they are safe and everything. Thank you everyone who writes about their experience. Even when readers don't respond they appreciate how open people are in telling about how having an SSHL and other related hearing ordeals really impacts our lives!

sweetsoundoffrogs last decade
Hey, sandmanranch, you're a prosecuting attorney and got an SSHL. Wow, that's a very communicative job! I can relate to the 'bat ear.' As the hearing in my SSHL ear has gradually turned up a little my bat ear isn't quite as bad. I clearly remember going to the grocery store a day or two after my SSHL (back in July) and thinking that the sound of shopping carts being pulled apart was just for me, to add to my suffering.

By the way I keep meaning to say that Stephen Colbert of the 'Colbert Report' is my new hero. He is completely deaf in his right ear due to a botched puncture repair when he was a kid. Now I understand why he speaks so loudly and clearly. Stephen Colbert is great anyway, as is Jon Stewart. Their back to back Comedy Central shows have kept me sane for a long time.

ALC123, I really wonder about mercury fillings now that I have to go to the dentist again. Okay, now I'm really through writing here everyone.

sweetsoundoffrogs last decade
Thought I would come on and say hi. I'm checking in for a few reasons.

A. a person by the name of Steph was emailing me and I was trying to help/encourage with his condition. I have not heard from him for a little bit now so if anyone knows him or if he sees this please let that person know to email me. jmartin at ebins.com

B. I know more people have gotten SSNHL and will continue to happen, there is nothing we can do to stop it and there is a 90% chance you will not find out what caused it.

c. I got very lucky and got the right Doctors at the right time. im lucky to have my hearing back at all but by the grace of good I have full hearing in both ears.

I have talked to alot of people and once in a while we catch it in time and sometimes we dont.

there is some good news though. i guess you could call it a silver lineing. this cure for hearing loss is not like a cure for cancer or a cure for aids. cures for aids and cancer will be obtained but it will be way way down thw road. 10 years or more. the cure for hearing loss is alot less complicated its real simple.

1. try to find a way to get inner ear hairs to regrow sensitive so they can work again once you get hearing loss. 'this allready works in rats and birds.

2. transplant hairs in the inner ear. a little more difficult but not impossible. transplants sort of exist allready , just not in the inner ear. they do Baja transplants where they bypass the ear and it works well. 'this procedure has worked for a rap artist in music and rush limbaugh.

I'm guess im trying to say hang in there and hold on tight because the calvery is coming. SSNHL is becoming more recognized, more and more people are getting it and they cant ignore it any longer plus the cure would be easier then most other cures. STICK AROUND FOR THE CURE GUYS.

I've been there. I had everything planned and I thank the lord I didnt follow through with those plans or else I wouldnt be here today to pray for you guys ......... never loose confidence, never give up, beleive and one day you will be cured. you guys are the true miracle. I just got lucky.

any one can email me if you like. god bless JM
nitrams2000 last decade
I probably had one of the worst days yesterday since onset. The kids had playdates and I realized, I can not handle them inside the house. It was too hot and humid to be outside for long, so 6 kids were running wild around here. The screaming and noise got to me. I had balance problems and became more and more irritated to the point of an emotional break down. I have not been at that point since onset and all that medication that took its toll on my health. Today is pretty bad, the ear / head static is worse than ever and I have trouble keeping my eyes focused. Not sure what to do about this, can't tell my kids not to have playdates all winter because I can't handle noise in small confined areas. What about their birthdays? They are all winter children...I am stressing and it does not help... The thought of suiing (sp?) the US government as crossed my mind, because I am 100% convinced that the stress of the deployment and the added 3 months while my husband was already on 12 months orders caused this.
In my condition, I could not hold a job for long if at all, so if anything happens to my husband, I'd be SOL.
Yes, I am upset, I sometimes feel like life is over (on days like today), but I do have good days sometimes...

Sorry, guess it was more a vent post than anything... Had to let it out...
sahmof3babies last decade
Just a quick reply to Sahmaf3babies.

Six kids running around having a good time definitely sounds pretty intense. I don't blame you for venting. How is it that when we lose hearing, we hear the bad things more. Not hardly fair.

I really hope your husband is home or will be home very very soon. And go for it, sue the govt. I am personnally not a big fan of our delpoyments in the middle east ! (I guess that's a subject for another forum).

Best of luck.

MarkLM last decade
I thought I'd introduce myself, as your website has been helpful to me in dealing with my recent SSHL diagnosis.

I was diagnosed by an ENT yesterday and immediately put on an aggressive oral steroid treatment. About three days before I saw the ENT I began feeling 'weird pressure' in my ear, followed by loud ringing, and eventually major hearing loss. I feel fortunate to have gotten on the case relatively early, as I understand this can help improve the odds of recovery.

It seems to me that while this forum is mainly attended by people who have *not* experienced major recovery, most people *do* -- about 65% if what I read is true?

I am looking for reasons to remain optimistic. I did not know steroid shots were an option until I found this site. Your stories and your perseverance are very inspiring. Keep hope alive, everyone.

fruitstand last decade
Welcome fruitstand! Sorry to hear about you joining us... If 65% is a valid statistic, I guess most here then are the exception to the rule... :(. I have not heard of 65% regaining their hearing and my Dr. in Austin even said, he hardly ever has a case where they regain it. If the statistic includes SOME gain back, I am part of the statistic, as I gained about 5-10 db, which at a 90db loss basically is nothing... I am still considered deaf...
sahmof3babies last decade
fruitstand you got on it quick and thats good. If i were you I would look into the ear shots while you are on the prednisone but what ever you do dont go off the prednisone. they should have gave you 60mg a day for 12 days and then taper down. thats important.

as far a your % go. your numbers are off a bit. SSNHL institue shows more like a 30% reported recovery rate. they feel that there are a lot more people that ger that may recover that dont report the problem. thats why you were thinking 60% but its a very cloudy fine line and no one knows the real numbers for sure. there is some good news for you though.

how you explained what to you is exactly how it happened to me and i got my hearing back with the oills the shots and alot of vitamins. so hang in there. you acted on it quick and get the shots if you can, they work wonder but dont go off the prednisone no matter what you do.
nitrams2000 last decade

In addition to what's already been said, the bit of hearing that I regained happened about 4 days after I started taking the prednisone. So, don't expect immediate results. Also, I spent the first 10 days with absolutely no side affects, followed by 4 days of poor sleeping and being pretty irritable. (You may want to warn your family and friends !) The prednisone tension went away within a couple of days of stopping.

Also, in terms of reasons to be optimistic, I have read that people without vertigo during the onset tend to recover more hearing. Those with vertigo, less. (I am hoping you are in the 'without vertigo' catagory).

Good luck and I am certainly sorry that you have posted on this site - but as you can tell you are definitely not alone.

MarkLM last decade
I thought I posted my good news yesterday but it doesn't look like it stuck when I threw it up against the wall. Went to acupuncture in the morning of 9/24 and could hear a sound like those 'rain sticks' in my bad ear when I crinkled my ear against the butcher paper stuff they put on the exam table. Not a big thing, but the 1st cause & effect hearing I have had since 9/4. Then, when I got to work, I happened to jingle my keys near my ear and heard a the 'rain stick' sound + faint jingling! My first recognizable sound sound since 9/4! Now I am walking around jingling my keys next to my head just out of the shear relief of it. (Down side = a judge asked me to quit doing it in court as he said I may barely hear the jingling, but everyone else was growing weary of my newly-discovered joy of partial hearing.) I can hardly wait until my next date with the audiologist 5 wks from today! Can't say if the Japanese-style acupuncture is helping, but I'm not jumping off that horse in mid-stream is case it is. I know it may not be much, but I'm beginning to feel a lot more optimistic. Hopefully everyone else in this forum has little enlightening moments like these to look forward to!
sandmanranch last decade

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