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Thanks Russ, yes I pray, I couldn't make it through this without it. Here's a link to a forum post you may find interesting. Read MichealV's story, may shed some light on your story.
David A last decade
When the correct signal cannot be transfered to the brain, the brain will interpret them in the form of tinnitus. The disconnection of the auditory nerve may solve the problem, but it may be a permanent silence. There becomes no hope of recovery. I am wondering if MRI can reveal damages inside the cochlea, because the parts inside are very very tiny. The hair cells are extremely tiny and cannot be seen without high power microscope. I will very appreciate if any can tell me that they have seen pictures of their own hair cells inside the cochlea.
eltonlam last decade
Hi Dave,

Thanks for the information! Yes...some of it sounds relevant to me. Especially the robotic voices. Those are going away, but still lots of trouble hearing with the bad ear on the phone. Have to try real hard to hear. Glad you say you prayers. He does hear. Keep praying. And seeking info. I'm sure your persistence will pay off. I hope mine does too.

God Bless!

hopper0001 last decade
David A,

I'm responding to an old post.

> .. So what are my antibodys fighting ... Still looking for that magic pill or treatment.

I would suggest/suspect a food allergy - did you ever get tested?
jhorowi1 last decade
I'm back!!!!! Just dropping into to say, you old guys that have been on this forum forever will remember me, My story is one of a gift from god. Orginally diagnosed in 2006 with SSNHL , I'm very lucky to say that im 4 years now and I can hear fine. A miracle indeed.

Ofcourse no story is perfect, everyone once in a while a will hear a ring in one of my ears, it comes its loud, I freak out like crazy but then a minute later it is gone, what it is? I do not know but im glad its gone, The tinnitus. I can hear but only when its completly silent, during the day I dont even notice it.

I must be honest, if it hadnt been from three people I would have long been dead because I would offd myself long ago. I thank Mr pasture, Dr. Atkins of the hearing institute in orlando and the awesome people on this board. with out you guys and a lot of luck I would not be here today. My life is far from perfect and im stressed allthe time but thank godd i got my hearing and the few hearing problems i do have i got under control. Thank you lord. I had to do allot to get back my hearing and if someone would like to post to me they can. my email is jmartin at ebins.com
nitrams2000 last decade
yes it does work, yes there are true Success Stories, yes you can get your hearing back. I did it, but you only have like a month to tackle this horrible thing so remember, act now act fast and ask yourself. how much time and money do you want to dedicate to this thing. never give up, never surrender. I almost did. stick around for the miracle, its coming
nitrams2000 last decade

> I'm very lucky to say that im 4 years now and I can hear fine. A miracle indeed

Please post what you did to restore your hearing and what the cause of the loss was?
jhorowi1 last decade
Today marks my second anniversary of left ear SSHL. No changes to my hearing loss during these two years. My hearing aids are a great help, but not the same as my hearing before SSHL.
brokenear last decade
Low Level Laser treatment can restore hearing loss. It really works. Please read patient reports on this site. It also helps with tinnitus.

suncasa last decade
It probably costs a FORTUNE! I live in NJ, don't even know if it's available around here. Don't know if insurance would cover it? Do you know?
hopper0001 last decade
Hi- I have a few treatments from a local acupuncturist and they were about $40 each. David at www.cooperativemedicine.com can tell you if he knows anyone near you. I don't think insurance will pay for it yet but in the future I bet they will.
suncasa last decade
Suncasa-Am very excited to hear about your success with lasers. I just contacted David to see if he knows anyone in the Phila area where I am who administers this. Pls keep us posted on your improvement.
Also-how often are you having the treatments? And, I can't remember-was your hearing loss total, since I am always worried about losing the bit of hearingI have left in my ear since I was thinking of going the hearing aid route eventually
Fran C. last decade
I have fluctuating low tone loss. After 4 treatments with the laser by a local acupuncturist, the tinnitus is much better, though I haven't had a hearing test yet. I didn't do the full protocol yet. I actually plan to go to see David for 10 sessions.
suncasa last decade
Ok I finally sent a blood sample in to have my food allergys tested. I did the delayed reaction test with the larger number of foods tested. I will get the results in a week. I also had a blood test for my thyroid. Even though I feel I probably don't have either of those things, I feel its good to cross it off the list. I will ask around about the laser treatment, as that sounds very interesting. I will post back when I get results.
David A last decade
OK I got the results of my IgG food alergy test, and I'm a little surprised. I am extremely allergic to baking yeast (.818), peanuts (.447) and cayenne pepper (.445). There were a couple of others that were elevated in the .200 range also, but that baking yeast one blows my mind. I don't know if this food alergy caused my hearing loss, but I'm going to remove the offenders from my diet and see what happens. Thank you Mr. Horrow for suggesting this test.
David A last decade
Hi David, I really hope & pray this is it because it can be controlled & cured. Please refrain from any food this is medium or higher on the scale. Be very-very careful, when I started I didn't eat out or eat processed foods to make 100% sure I didn't accidentally poison myself; treat these foods like a serious life-or-death (IgE) food allergy. You'll know someplace between 2-4 weeks if this is it or not. Good luck & get well soon!
jhorowi1 last decade
Sometimes wax could be building up slowly in the ear. if enough accumulates, there could be a sudden or immediate blocked feeling in the ear.
If soreness or ringing is experienced, there may be an infection from the sinuses, that is contributing to an infection in the ear.
Garlic tea helps to fight this infectin.
Cut up one peg of garlic and put it on heat with 1/3 cup of water. Boil for sbout a minute, then drink.
Garlic lowers the blood pressure so it should not be taken by people who already have low blood pressure.

Eating unflavored yogurt also helps to balance the bacteria in the ear and throughout the body.
Elle121 last decade
David - wow, that's interesting about the allergies! Please keep us posted about how you fare once you remove them from your diet.
shortcake last decade
Hey guys,
I first posted here about a year ago because I had SHL in my left ear from a year prior to that. Unfortunately I've returned not because I have good news...but because I have bad news. Very bad. Just this past Sunday I suddenly lost most of the hearing in my other (right) ear so now Im pretty much completely deaf in me left and about 75% in my right.
Unlike when this happened the first time I went to the doctor immediately. They put me on 60mg of Prednisone, seems pretty standard now days, and sent me packin to an Otologist. They did the standard crap they usually do and fed me the standard crap they usually do. 'Could be a zillion things...we'll take blood, come back for an MRI and heres some more steroids. See ya'.
Well, they got my blood work back and not unsurprisingly they didn't find anything. I have an MRI next Wednesday and Im pretty sure they won't find anything there either. So basically it's sounding like Im totally screwed and will be 100% deaf before too long. Already I can no longer watch tv, listen to music, talk on the phone or operate my business without my two employees holding my hand.
Sorry for being depressing but that's just where I am it this point. Ill keep you posted when I get more bad news to share.

Progressiverain last decade

Man and medicine do not always hold the answers. I also have SHL in my left ear. Please consider praying. I am not sure if you are a faith based person, but I believe God hears all prayers. Slowly my hearing is getting a little better. It is a rough thing to live with...especially the tinnitus on top of it that drives me crazy. Give prayers a chance and have faith. I'll pray for you as well.

God Bless,

Russ H.
hopper0001 last decade
Please research low level laser light treatment for hearing loss. It could change your life. I am having treatments done and it is helping tremendously.
suncasa last decade
Damn, Brian. I'm deaf in the left right now and am always fearing righty will pop, too. I try to imagine, but it's hard. I don't know how I would deal with it, but prayer would definitely be involved. I play guitar and sing in a rock band. I wear hearing protection now during practice, but not at gigs. I feel I'm pushing my luck.

I am VERY sorry for your situation. May I ask how you lost your hearing?
dowhatnow last decade
Elle121, SSHL is a sensorineural hearing loss, it is nothing to do with a build up of wax which would be easy to see and remedy.
Brian, I am so sorry that you have now lost the hearing in both ears - this is very rare and is almost always caused by bilateral acoustic neuromas. It will be interesting to see if anything does turn up on your MRI - please ensure that the scan is Gadolinium enhanced as this is the most sensitive scan you can have and will show even the smallest lesion.
I first experienced SSHL on 25th nov 2006 and am due to see the consultant again in August, there is no real change and I get on well with my hearing aid. I like to have regular scans though in case something is brewing as the only certainty is that there IS something wrong!!
JeWeL41 last decade
Thanks guys.
I will look into that laser therapy. I need all the help I can get right now to salvage what little is left of my hearing.
I will keep you updated as time goes on. Like I said...my MRI is on Wednesday so you should hear from me again sometime next week.
Unless of course I wake up tomorrow and I'm miraculously cured...ha.
Progressiverain last decade
HI- here is one story curing sudden hearing loss- there are web links to the treatment listed at the end of the text.

tinnitus.html " rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">http://www.progressrec.com/curing-tinnitus.html

I have just ordered a home kit from Dr. Wilden. He has consulted with me by email. Good luck!
suncasa last decade
Guys...Brian again.
My wife scheduled me for that doc again today ahead of my MRI next wednesday.
Took another hearing test and show a 5db improvement which everyone agreed wasn't really anything.
They tweaked the hearing aid they gave me for my better ear, the one that just went bad on Sunday, but it isn't helping much.
They gave me steroids directly into my right ear..the really bad one, which was unpleasant to say the least.
It now feels clogged and I get some feelings of vertigo every now and again but this is normal.
Ill keep you updated.
Progressiverain last decade

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