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P.S.S. to MarkLM:
Sorry to hear about your fingers. I have an ongoing fear that I will be struck by a truck or a train sneaking up on me on my right side. I actually find that I even look to the right less because I don't hear anything coming from that direction and favor looking to the left. I've almost been clobbered by a few cars.
Gave away all of my scuba equipment to a buddy. I figure my scuba days are over. I can't afford to lose my good ear. Another friend lost his hearing years ago in his right ear in a swift water rescue. Wasn't that deep, but it is those last few feet with compressed air that will get you. He and I look like a couple of chickens talking to each other as we keep trying to talk into each other's left ears.
sandmanranch last decade
Sandmanranch...TOO FUNNY about looking like chickens! I have a friend who is also deaf in her left ear (like mine) and we have joked about looking the same way! I laughed out loud--needed that--thanks!
mimiof4 last decade
Yo Mimiof4:
it is even worse that you can imagine...I am 6'2' and my friend who is also deaf in one ear is 6'7'. I look like a hopping chick jumping up to talk into his good ear and my buddy looks like one of those bobbing cocktail birds as he bends down to respond into my good ear.
sandmanranch last decade
Mike.I also had bad bive with the ENT. Basically he said get used to it.
Do this. Find an Otologist in your area. Tell the receptionist, this is an emergency, I need an appointment if possible today.Ask if they have any cancellations so you can come in.
Ask the doctor for steroid ear injections, I had 4 in one week. I also had the 14 day Prednizon. My hearing started comming back within days, after 6 weeks I tested
95% and getting better.
Be agresive about treatment.
Otologists understand you can't delay. I got in same day I called.
I'm also like many people in the forum, very dizzy.
I'm trying exercises, Magnesium supplements, and just started rivoflavinoids.
I have good and bad days.
maraja last decade
I actually seen a tv commercial today about Lipoflavinoid Plus.

It is supposed to stop the ringing, but it has mixed reviews.

MikeC last decade
Dear Suna,
just to take Vitamin E and ginkgo biloba, I think your case is more serious.
You should try and find a proper TCM Doctor in your area and tell him everything. With me, the chinese Medizin has helped me a lot in a serious case, - apart from that, I got the impression that many posts just tell about their own disease instead of helping, which is a little disappointing.

I just stumbled over some herb in TCM, maybe that will give you a solution:

Gentianae radix:
(cooling and regulating) with genital infections, itchiness, ear pains, sudden hearing loss.

But please see a specialist, because they will give you a recepy for a tea that has to be boiled in a special way.

In homeopathy Boericke recommends Chenop. (for Torpor of the auditory nerve), and a lot for Deafness in connection with the cause (Agar., Agraph., Ambra., Am c., Arn., Ars. iod., Bar. c., Bar. mur., Bell., Calc. c., Calc. fl., Calend, Carbo an., Carbon. s., Caust., Cheiranth., Chenop., Chin. s., Cinch., Con., Dig., Dulc., Elaps, Ferr. p., Ferr picr., Graph., Hep., Hydr., Hydrobr. ac., Iod., Kali ars., Kali c., Kali m., Lob. infl., Lyc., Mang. ac., Merc. d., Merc. s., Mez., Nat. c., Nat. sal., Nit. ac., Petrol., Phos. ac., Phos., Psor, Puls, Rham c., Sal. ac., Sang. n., Sep., Sil., Tellur., Thiosin., Verbasc., Viola od.). Please see: http://www.homeoint.org/books4/boerirep/ears.htm

You may look closely to each remedie to find out if there are similarities to your personality and other physical or mental problems, before taking them.
Best in an acute potency, i.e. D6.
But it would be better to talk to a trained person face to face.
I am sure there are homeopathic and TCM specialists in your neighbourhood.

Best wishes.
sailor334 last decade
Here is a pretty good informative website recommended by my CPA who has worked with him in the past.

I am not allowed to type direct links yet so chage the below to the obvious:

(w w w )kevinhogan(DOT COM)

An update on my so called SSNHL, my new doctor at the CA ear institute. My new Doctor diagnosed me with Endolymphatic Hydrop. Which is an excess pressure build up of the fluid in the cochlea and is putting pressure on the membrane walls.

I have a prescription of Dyazide which is supposed to make you loose water retention inturn reducing the pressure on the membrane walls/nerves.

Two different doctors, two totally different diagnoses. So this just reaffirms the NEED for second opinions.

MikeC last decade

Which doctor did you see at CA ear institute? I had my treatment there before, the diagnose is no different than other dozen ENT doctors I saw. I had two ear shots, and they won't give me a third one since they didn't see enough improvement. From the hearing test I had a few month later, the low frequency improved a lot, but still can not understand speech.
n2sd2 last decade
Hey Sandmanranch, I'm sorry about your dad and puppy. Your dog aspirating something into it's lung is bad because as long as that thing is still in there the dog will have a problem with infection. They have to get the thing out if it's large and/or an irritant. Sandman, you seem to have the degree of hyperaccusiveness going on that I do. I cover my ear to so much as pop the plastic on a t.v. dinner (man that sound can hurt!

I try not to eat t.v. dinners, by the way. I eat a lot of fruit and upped my kiwi consumption as kiwis are cheap (I'm the poor relative in my family) and have huge amounts of vit. C and antioxidant power. Plus, I like them but if I eat more than three I get a sore mouth. I'm totally digressing here, but things like plain (black or green) tea, kiwis, homemade lentil soup with red potatoes (with the cleaned skins), fresh (not jarred)garlic, tomatoes, olive oil and high quality spices etc. etc. affect my deaf ear right away by making it pop, which feels like a relief and sometimes I instantly hear better after that 'pop.' I think it may be that the damaged auditory nerve responds to something about my feeling better when I take better care of myself. I also think that that 'plugged' feeling scaredgirl talks about and that we all know so well is a combination of effects. It may be partially that the eardrum just lays there without it's usual nerve impulses and this gives a heavy feeling and also your brain can't make sense of the lack of sound input so it decides there is something in the ear canal or head. I've had some time to think about this topic!

My left ear (the good one) doesn't feel plugged but from the day of my sshl has been wonky, it clicks when I talk and of course is hypersensitive. My good ear rings when it never did before. I'm all over the place in this post but this brings me to Scorpio';s inquiry about any studies done on why so predominantly the left ear for most people. I have noticed (and worried a little) that I'm an odd duck with my right ear affected. I haven't counted but it seems to me that maybe 90% or more of sshl's are left ear.

I read (while researching extensively as Mark and most of us have) that most people are right ear dominant and the academic research I read said that in teenagers most hear better with their right ear than left. I also remember reading that the immune system is devided in half. Whenever I get sick I am sick on first one side (usually right side) then the other. So, that would support the whole viral theory even moreso. About the time your system gets a handle on a subclinical meningitis you are deaf in one ear (or like a recent 'Mystery Diagnosis' blind in one eye.) I think the reason that my right ear fell prey is because I fell a couple of stories when three yr.s old so I have TMJ and my right eaustachian is narrowed and vulnerable to ear infection. That along with other factors made me one of the rare right ear people.

Mimi, my neuro otologist told my that those awful aminoglycoside antibiotics that in 'minute' amt.s cause bilateral deafness are actually used in a controlled fashion (with much monitoring) to destroy the faulty virus damaged vestibular system on whichever side is the problem. Then I guess the labyrinths on the remaining good side can work without trouble from the damaged side. That is a very scary sounding cure but one I know of.

There are forums just for people with vestibular disorders. When I first went deaf I visited some. What those people go through! I recognize what they describe as what I went through about one day into my sshl. When you go upstairs you feel as if someone is pushing on your head. You can't go downstairs because you may fall. If you lie down your head feels as if you are continuing to fall right through your pillow and through the floor..falliiing. This lasted mainly a day or so for me and then I still had some trouble with veering to the right when I walked for several wk.s. I still have dizzy spells but not what you suffer. I can walk a balance beam again now, though slowly.

To end this meandering post, Maraja is right. Don't mess around if you are a new sshl. Go straight to an otologist. Not even an ENT is likely to truly understand sshl. Get a referral if your insurance requires it. I had to ask my general practitioner for one. By the time I got in it was too late for me to get steroid shots. My snotty ENT told me that those were just for diabetics. Skip straight ahead and see a neuro otologist, otologist. One poster noted that med schools are more likely to be cutting edge in their approach. Dear goodness this is long! Sorry. Thank you everyone.

sweetsoundoffrogs last decade
P.S. Sandmanranch, I'm glad to hear from you even though it's with sad news about your dad. I hope your dog will be okay. I know what you mean about 'when it rains it pours.' It's pretty well proven that the no control/nonstop type of stress affects the immune system and entire body very negatively. Saucix brought that up when I first participated here months back. I feel like I can't do anything much about some stress except have a feeling of acceptance. I agree that bright sunshine (a little for me), mountain, desert or beach air and getting far away from the noisy city is the closest thing to a cure!
sweetsoundoffrogs last decade
Hi Sailor 334,

I guess this forum isn't as much about homeopathy as some might think it should be. I personally, have to know a lot about something like herbs before I will take them..especially if they come from someplace where they may not be regulated. I really believe in the whole food common sense approach to being healthy. Fruits and vegetables have the same health benefits as some herbs but are more time tested. I use spices (basically well known herbs)and now research shows things like, for instance, cinnamon to be really helpful for various health problems, like blood sugar control for one.

This forum is an important resource for a very small and otherwise isolated group of sufferers so please understand even those of us who may not know much about say, Traditional Chinese Medicine may want still want to talk to other sshl victims. We exchange very important medical information often. Like, I found out that while very useful the high dose prednisone may send some people into low thyroid symptoms. Now, everytime I take prednisone I get a painful thyroid and elevated TSH. I'm glad I took the prednisone. I feel it may have saved my remaining ear. But, there may be someone else out there who wonders why they have a weird sore neck (and tired etc.) after the high dose prednisone therapy.

When I first was stricken with sshl I found this forum and was both very scared and reassured to hear other people's stories...to hear that what freaky thing had happened to me had happened to others too and they were mostly okay and adjusting. When something this life changing and rare happens to you you need to tell people who understand and to read about people like you and their experinces. I'm glad others on this forum talk about their 'disease' and I feel like I should describe my own 'disease' so that new people can know they aren't alone. There are people on this forum who helped me a great deal when I was most afraid, people who I will always remember kind of like when you share a lifeboat, lost at sea for endlesss days. Thank God for this forum and sorry if it's strayed from homeopathy.

sweetsoundoffrogs last decade
Hi Everyone - I must say I agree with Frogs - that this forum (I know its strayed from Homeopathy) has been such a support with regard to dealing with my sudden hearing loss.This is the only place I have found on the web where I have been able to discuss and share experiences in dealing with this condition. It is such a rare condition that I have been unable to find any forum or group on UK webpages - so I'm thankful for this site.

Frogs - yes from briefly reading through earlier posts - the left ear seems to be the one which is more affected. I wonder why that is. It seems to be more than co-incidence.
scorpiouk last decade
I agree with Frogs...this has been really helpful to me these past 6 months.

I was just 'accepted' at The Dizziness and Balance Center at Emory' here in Atlanta (took about 3 weeks to see if they thought I could be helped). My appt is not for another 3 weeks, but it's a start. I may check out the 'dizziness' posts, as well, since my loss of hearing has pretty well settled in. Today is my Baha 'testing and fitting' and then on to my neuro otologist. I haven't seen him since early February and am getting dizzier. My good ear is also sounding 'stuffed up' and hurts...

As always, thanks for listening.
mimiof4 last decade
I also agree with Frogs that this website has been immensely helpful to me, even though it strays from true homeopathic topics. I appreciate ABC Homeopathy for providing this forum. My wife found this website three days after I woke up deaf in my right ear and turned me on to it. I was in a very freaked-out state-of-mind and very depressed. The fact that there were other people scattered across the globe suffering just as I was served as consolation and helped to enable me to describe the symptoms I was experiencing. I have ended up sticking with the acupuncture and some homeopathic stuff as a result of this forum that I probably would have walked away from. It is really the only thing that at least offers me some solace, as the 'real' doctors have not accomplished diddly-squat in getting my hearing back.
In terms of which ear, my bad one is my right ear. I am left-handed, so maybe that accounts for why it was my right ear that went lame. Being left-handed and now being deaf in my right ear has probably increased my odds for accidents exponentially. I almost went blind in one eye from a champagne cork accident a few years ago. That would have made me a triple risk for accidents had that incident proved to be more damaging.
sandmanranch last decade
Dear Frogs,
yes, of course, I agree with you that also the knowledge to know about people who share the same problems is quite helpful. And also I believe that the right nutrition has a great impact on health and recovery (as well as it can worsen symptoms when not well chosen).
Especially carrots and chicory have a huge influence on depression and hormons, because they carry a lot of colloid gold which supports the epiphysis.
But we should not forget, that strong imbalances of the system need deeper intervention which is provided by the homeopatic remedies and their different potencys - it is somehow the concentrated essence of nutrition or rather minerals and herbs which mirror our body and soul.

And, nevertheless, the vivid communication is great in this forum!
sailor334 last decade
Hi To All, Just checking in....I ran out of ginko . Was too lazy to re purchase for over a week and I swear my tinnitus got worse. Started up again last week and it is better.. 2 pills a day !!hey hey !! Chocolate / sweets are also offenders !! Catch Ya, ~ Trish ~
luv2ridegal last decade
F Y I ...Facebook has several group s for the hearing challenged some communities are quite large.
luv2ridegal last decade
Hi everyone,
Just a thought on the discussion of left ear versus right ear SSHL. Most people are right handed, could there be a connection to left ear SSHL, and left handed - right ear SSHL? I'm right handed and suffered left ear SSHL.

Frogs, Cindy is just shy, she still runs and plays frequently.
brokenear last decade
Maybe everyone has a 'stronger side'. For right handed people their right side is dominant stronger so they suffer left sided loss (the weak side)and vice versa for left handed people?
scorpiouk last decade
Hi Guys, I asked the question initially - I am right handed and I lost the hearing in my left ear. It would be great if we could more responses on this one. We are almost during our own research!!!!
edisoar last decade
Yes I agree with edisor - this seems to be the main forum of contact for SSHL - so it would be interesting to see if there is a correlation between the dominant side and the hearing loss side. It does seem that left sided loss is more common here - and I'm making assumption that these are right handed people too.
scorpiouk last decade
right handed / left ear. I was using alot of antibotics prior to the onset also.
luv2ridegal last decade
I had a sudden hear loss 2 days ago, I can't hear some sounds and I always have to say 'What'. It sucks. I hear a ringing all the time. It's horrible. My ears hurt me so bad. My neck hurts also.

Tomorrow i'm gonna see a doctor. I'm suffering and I can't endure this.
vboy87 last decade
I'm 21 years old, I don't wanna stay like this. It's horrible. I'm having severe pain in my ears and I can't hear what others say very well!! I can't study or interact with people.

I'm becoming abnormal!!
vboy87 last decade
To vboy87 can you give details on how it happened ?
saucix last decade

I saw a doctor. He found large ear wax pieces blocking the canal and putting pressure. They are solid and dry, he told me to go buy drops to soften it and then come back.

I remember I used q tips and I became a bit deaf shortly after. Then it became worse and severe pain started.

Anyway, i'm using the drops now. But i'm still deaf and the pain is still here.
vboy87 last decade

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