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Ulricha1 - loads of luck for the surgery I know that everyone on the forum will be thinking of you and of course it will be exciting to see what happens when you get 'switched on' in a couple of months. I teach too and my advice is to take as much time off as you can!!
JeWeL41 last decade

Although I have not posted on this forum in a while, I read it everytime there is a contribution. My positive vibrations are with you for a success with BAHA. You are a pioneer!

Although I regained my hearing and have been left with tinnitus, you never know about the future and it pays to keep abreast of all that goes on and the results.
seattlestan last decade
Ulricha1 - I wish you all the best with the Baha System. According to their testimonials it sounds great.
Best Wishes to You
Hope01 last decade
I haven't posted on this forum for some time, but I just thought many of you may want to look over some articles on the use of stem cells for hearing loss.
If you just write 'stem cells hearing loss' on google or any other search engine you will find a slew of articles. One such article is:
Good health to all.
nvega last decade
Surprise. I bet you thought I eft the seen. Nope been still doing research. the last time we spoke i mentioned that i had a kidney stone. a very small one. 1mm but more importantly I had something right in front of my face that just gave me a cluse.

I said to my self. I wonder if there is a connection kidney stones and hearing. BINGO!!! to find out there are many conncetion including a host of some diseases that cause both.

so if you have hearing loos and you have a kidney problem or kidney stone then you may have some cluse as to whats wrong with you.

heres something i found out.



DRTA Distal renal tubular acidosis


some are serios and some are not. take the time to see what best for you but this may help alott
nitrams2000 last decade
The last time I posted I had a sore throat. The cold I had went into my nose and must have affected my equalibrium because I have had a lot of trouble with vertigo and nausea for a week and a half.Yukkk! Anyhow, will see the doc soon.
Uricha1-- I am waiting for my Baha implant so am glad I can follow your progress. I am happy for you as it seems to me to be the way to go. I want the best option to return to as close to norm as I can get
anitime last decade
Thank you, everyone, for the warm wishes and thoughts----it means so much. I am so thankful to have found such a supportive community of people---it really does make dealing with a drastic change so much more live-able.

Here's the BAHA update so far:

The surgery went just fine (no complications). I had local anesthesia, even though I was nervous about it, but it was fine--I slept through the whole thing, no problems. For the first 24 hrs, I had a big headwrap pressure dressing on---a bit hard to sleep with---but that came off after a day, and for 1 week, I had 2 small pressure bandages covering the incision area behind my ear.

The ENT removed them over a week ago now----I'll warn whoever gets this done that it's not pretty, what you see in the beginning. It's very much a raw, healing wound---it's a little scary the first time you see it---but every day, I can see it healing more and more, and the ENT said it looks exactly like it's supposed to at this stage, so that's good news.

I go back next Friday for my one-month check (it's a week early because I have a trip I leave for on Monday)----the doctor is hoping that by 1 month post-op, I will be able to get the wound wet (right now, I can't get any water on it----it makes washing hair very difficult, I promise!).

There's been virtually no pain, either---some discomfort for the first few days after surgery (and I found I had to be careful not to do too much or I'd feel wiped out or sick to my stomach) but after a week, I have been pretty much back to normal and returned to work. One thing to note: the surgeon said my head around and at the incision site would be numb, for months----and so far, he's right. I almost don't feel when I apply neosporin to the wound each day---which isn't the worst thing, at least I think, because I can tolerate gently laying on that side of my head when I sleep---and I probably have the numbness to thank for that.

As things progress, I'll continute to post updates....I am just anxious to get the sound processor and see this surgery's big change!! I hope to get it by mid-july (and better, in fact, because I have a big move at the end of that month!).
ulricha1 last decade
Nitrams2000--I also had a kidney stone (but only one) a few months before the onset of my SSHL. I too had read somewhere that there was a connection but figured that it was probably just a coincidence since I haven't suffered from anymore stones. Interesting though...
TaraJoy last decade

Two years ago I woke up with sudden hearing loss. The ENT gave me also three weeks of steriods which did nothing. I went to the Memphis Shea Hearing Clinic for surgery where they use steriod injections adn no help. Have you found any relief? I hav e no hearing in right ear and 10% in left with alot of noise in right ear and ringing in left ear
mcavinee last decade
mcayinee, did you have the sudden loss in both ears at the same time? This is VERY rare and, according to Professor Wright at the Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital in London, if you have loss in both ears there is always an underlying condition. I saw him on Monday last week following my bi-lateral SSHL in November last year. He is also convinced that NO TREATMENTS WORK but all are worth a try! Can you use a hearing aid? I have been taking betahistine for the last 4 months and I think it does dull the tinnitus. Also even if an aid can't improve your hearing it might help with the noise and tinnitus, I know mine does.
JeWeL41 last decade
Sorry --should read UNI-LATERAL (left side only)
JeWeL41 last decade

The loss of hearing in right ear was sudden and eoncinual loss in left ear has remained at 10% for the last two years. I have extremely loud noise in right ear and ringing in left. I spend over 5,000 dollars at the Shea Hearing Clinic in Memphis TN and nothing worked. Hearing aids do not work because doctors say it is nerve damage although I am not sure they have a clue
mcavinee last decade
Hi, sorry I have never heard the term 'eoncinual' what does it mean? Do you have 10% loss or 10% hearing in your left ear? Doctors cannot know where the damage is unless they look inside you ear and, though they may be right you have nothing to lose any maybe a lot to gain from trialling a hearing aid.
JeWeL41 last decade
Sorry. I realized the typo after I sent it. Should be continual and I have only 10% left in my left ear and 0% in right
mcavinee last decade
JeWeL41, I was just wondering if you got your hearing aid through the NHS. The ENTs that I have seen here have always said that a hearing aid would not help me. On a recent trip to the States I saw an audiologist who was great and we found a hearing aid that would help with my hearing loss (Widex). Although hearing is not 100%, it does help me hear a bit more in certain circumstances.

Also saw in our local paper that the average waiting time for a hearing test on the NHS (in Surrey) is 45 weeks!! Outrageous!!!
mhoyuk last decade
mcayinee, sorry as you know then your situation is not good. I can only say try betahistine for the noise/tinnitus. I don't think an aid would help with your hearing but it still might with the tinnitus and, like the rest of us, keep your eyes open for any new research. Have you enquired about BAHA or cochlear implant?
JeWeL41 last decade
mhoyuk, yes I got my hearing aid on the NHS and I know there can be long waits but it is worth it. I was lucky because i was already registered at the clinic as I had had a hearing problem before. I was also told the aid might not help, or would be annoying but it has given me a sense of 'balance' back as sounds now come from both sides again. It also helps with tinnitus. Definately worth atry.
JeWeL41 last decade
Hello again;

Implants are financial out of the picture as you can imagine they are really expensive. I will try the Betahistine
mcavinee last decade
mcayinee, sorry I forget how lucky we are to have a National Health service. I hope the betahistine gives you some relief - best wishes Julie
JeWeL41 last decade
We need it here but the insurance lobbyist will see this never happens. Greedy greedy people who sway our politicians easily
mcavinee last decade
To mcavinee - Before I leave to go jogging, I want to reply to your posts.
You are in a worse shape than I am in.
I too lost all hearing in the right ear after an onset of sudden deafness, and the left ear suffered hearing loss since after 6 days of Prednisone, I was given 6 days of an antibiotic which I later found out was OTOTOXIC.
I also have a collapsed eardrum in the left ear and bilateral Eustachian tube dysfunction.
I do wear a BTE hearing aid from Phonak, the Savia 211.
Tinnitus in the left ear is incredible, but masked by the HA when I wear it, and what my doctor from MEEI in Boston calls brain static in the right deaf ear is driving me crazy. I have to keep active all day long as I cannot start thinking about it, or I go nuts.
Since my hearing in the left ear is obviously better than yours, I am not a candidate for a CI so far, but you probably are. Check with your ENT doctor. CIs are covered by Insurance even by Medicare, which is a surprise since it is about 60.000.00 dollars
To - Ulricha1 - Glad to hear that you are doing well so far with the Baha System surgery.
To all - have a good Memorial Day
Hope01 last decade
Brain static must be what I have. Extremely loud noise in right ear is almost unbearable and if it happened in the left ear, would be horrible. Weird one day fine next day this
mcavinee last decade
I’m in my late 30s and a stay-at-home mom to toddler triplets. I experienced sudden hearing loss this March.

I awoke the morning of my sudden hearing loss with mild tinnitus in my left ear and had no clue what could be causing it. I’ve only experienced tinnitus once before in my life, which only lasted two days after a concert. I hadn’t been exposed to any loud noise this time, so I knew that couldn’t be the cause of the tinnitus. I was planning to go to an ENT the next day if it didn’t go away. Well, later that day I experienced dizziness and then that evening I developed severe spinning vertigo and vomiting and went totally deaf in my left ear. My ear felt full and was painful. I was so sick that I went to the ER that night. I had to be taken in a wheelchair. Unfortunately, I was misdiagnosed with a bacterial ear infection and received the wrong treatment. I wish I would have just waited to see an ENT the next day! Well, four days after the ER visit the only thing that went away was nausea, so I saw an ENT. An audiogram was done and I was told I had a “dead ear.” I was also told that it was unlikely that I would get any hearing back. Apparently, I had the worst case scenario of this, except thankfully not both ears. I was given a steroid shot to my hip and put on oral steroids and acyclovir. I had slight hearing recovery with this treatment, but the ENT didn’t do the intratympanic (ear) shots. I scheduled an appointment with an otologist who did them.

The otologist ordered an MRI and bloodwork; all came back negative. He gave me three shots to the ear, one each on a weekly basis. The shots dramatically improved my vertigo and tinnitus. At last audiogram hearing range was 50 to 70 db range but speech recognition was only 8%. I also had bad recruitment. I am having another hearing test tomorrow to see if there has been any improvement. I have noticed a dramatic improvement in recruitment since last audiogram, so it is possible there has been improvement but I doubt that much. I’m no longer dizzy, but it has taken me nearly two months to recover from the dizziness and be able to drive again. I have been getting tension-type headaches almost daily since this happened. I have the awful tinnitus, but thankfully it is a constant low static noise which doesn’t change much and not the horrible loud, high-pitched buzzing bee noise it was before the ear shots. My good ear is 5 to 15 db level, so it looks like a BAHA is in my future if the clarity of the hearing doesn’t improve in my bad ear.

The doctors can’t tell me what caused this. I am otherwise healthy and live a healthy lifestyle and am normal weight. I have been researching the possible causes. In idiopathic cases the current theory seems to be viral, vascular, or autoimmune. There seem to be a lot of similarities between sudden hearing loss and Bell’s Palsy, which a lot of times is caused by the herpes-1 virus (cold sore virus). It seems likely to me that herpes-1 could be one cause of “idiopathic” sudden hearing loss.
suburban mom last decade
In my case, teh family doctor fumbled the ball and I should have held him accountable according to the ENT. They said the family doctor waited too late to send me to them. The very loud noise is what I am trying to cope with in my right ear which is dead and 10% left with ringing in my left ear.
mcavinee last decade
In my case, the famous Dr at MEEI had told me that the shots directly into the ear are not given until there is proof that these shots actually help and that the recovery is not spontaneous.

However a few months later that same doctor went on the ABC local evening news with a lady that had received the shots and did recover.
So I fell between the cracks and now for the rest of my life I have to live with this static noise in the deaf ear and tinnitus in the other ear. If I become as old as my Mom did, I have over 40 more years to live like that. But in the meanwhile, I hope that the research on regrowing hearing hair cells and nerves will be a reality.
We have already come a long way but we still have some ways to go especially when it comes to healthy hearing ears.
To all have a good day
Hope01 last decade
As mentioned in my prior post, I had 100% hearing loss in my left ear along with severe spinning vertigo and nausea and vomiting occur on 3/18/07. It has now been 2 ½ months since this happened. I had an audiogram today and speech recognition is now up to 44%. It was 8% a month ago. Hearing is now in the 30 db to 70 db range. It was 50 db to 70 db a month ago. I’m really surprised since I thought I didn’t have much improvement. I saw my audiogram and it looks like a ski slope. I’m still not hearing aid material. Maybe, with any luck, I will improve more by next audiogram, which is scheduled in six weeks.
suburban mom last decade

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