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wow! thanks for posting all that nitram! you are certainly giving yourself the best shot for recovery.
have you had a hearing test done yet. they say that those in the moderate loss range are more likely to recover.
i'm in the profound range, but am hoping you are in the moderate range. keep us posted.
what? last decade
it is official and i could cry as i say this but i dont want to get my hopes up. today my ears still ring but i noticed today that my hearing is getting better in that ear . in my case that ear is sorta in the severe range. the first test i could here pulses but not so much voice. in fact when he covered his mouth and talked to me i failed with flying colrs getting only two right. i have done te test with my wife lisa and i seem to be doing better. now for the ring. man i dont know what to do about that. its a killer.
nitrams2000 last decade
Nitram2000 - i'm surprised that you are taking so many homeopathic remedies!!! I'm understanding that one should not take more than perhaps 2 at a time. How do you know what is working.

I take lots of supplements too but sometimes I wonder just what is working. My most favorite supplement is Grapeseed Extract as I know it is has made a major improvement in allergies, headaches and sinus issues I dealt with for years before I started with Grapeseed. I've been on grapeseed for 11 yrs.

Mine is not the hearing issue, it's my dgtr who went deaf. I deal with joint pain, fatigue, etc..
joyce martino last decade
in all honesty I dont know if all the vits are working , or maybe its the accupuncture, the accupuncture seems to have helped. or maybe its the steroids. all i know is something seems to be working and im not giving up so im trying them all. gung ho.
nitrams2000 last decade

for those of you on 'PREDNISONE' your ear doctor maybe put you on this at a rate of 50Mg 5 pills a day for for 9 days.

from a study that is currently being conducted and is being ran right now. the study shows better results and the recommended dosage is 60mg which is 6 pills a day. for 12 days instead of 9.

my doctor put me on 5omg 5 pills and i wont say what I did to make it right because i got a little slick in pulling it off but lets just say now im on the corect dosage. and now I have enough pills to do it the right way. The study is being conducted with 7 of the top ear doctors in the USA so i'm going with the studies word over my ear doctors word. 60mg a day for 2 weeks. then taper down.

good luck guys.
nitrams2000 last decade
Hi, Nitram. Thank you for sharing all the info. May I ask how you found your accupacture specialist? I have asked my hmo to refer me one for months. I may need to find one for myself. Also, for Prednisone, it helped some hearing back from 100 % deaf in about 2 weeks. But, for me, to be honest, I wish I never took them. Not to discourage anyone, but it did not quite work for me. When I hear sound, it gets so loud now, it paralizes me. I have no hearing up to 50 db. When it goes a bit higher, the loudness shoots up so high, sounding like hitting an iron gang. Man's voice, dog's barking, car driving by, everything sounds the same and LOUD. What I have is called recruitment, they say. A doctor explained it to me it is like a key of piano here and there are missing(damaged) in my case. So when you play your favorate music, it is not recognized any more, just loud tunes. To me, it is worse than my tinnitus or hearing loss. Anyone else has it? Seems rare.. Good luck to you, all.
mstctiger last decade
mines seems to dot hat a little but not as bad as the timmitus. nothing is as bad as that. there is nothing in the world i hate worse then the tinnitus. some of the sounds are big volume but i can deal with it. if it gets out of hand i just throw a plug in my ear. i dont know if the accupuncture works or not because i am trying so much but i truly think it does. i love my accupuncture doctor and what he says shirly makes sense and when he hits the nerves with those needles it feels so soothing. its worth it f that an.
nitrams2000 last decade
my left ear is deaf, and it rings, but also feels sensitive. my right ear hears fine, but all sounds are just too loud. i have a vibro tactile jolt. sounds are like an electrical jolt.
the cell phone is the worst, and i have to hold the phone away from my ear. very sensitive......
what? last decade
today is much better. it does still ring. also the base is to loud in some areas. the base does this loud belloeing noise, especially if there is a machine going on around like a air conditioner or something like that. I have to sleep at night with the ring and i dont like it. I pray one morning I will wake up and it will be just gone but I guess we all do.
nitrams2000 last decade
hi everyone, I lost 95% of my hearing on my left about 10 days ago. I went to the doctor immediately and started my meds (cortisone and antibiotics) 2 days after my hearing was gone. I'm on the 8th day of my meds (12 to go) and I can say that I have completely recovered my hearing. I suppose I am a success story in this matter, if that helps any1 feel better... The only thing that remains is the ringing on the same ear, which used to be really loud. It is now only noticable in complete silence, though still a bit annoying. This is a terrible thing to have, and if anyone else is suffering from this, I'd be glad to tell you how I beat it, the small things I did along the way etc. GB
cagatay17 last decade
Hi, What. I do rememember reading your posting a while back. Seems we have very similar symptoms, just opposite side of the ear. Sensitivity is something I cannot get rid of. I try to mask ringing by listening to a bit louder white nosise, for example, then the noise keep hitting my ear so LOUD, and it makes ringing even louder afterwards. Bad cycle. Cagatay, you are one of the lucky one. I went to emergency for 3 consective days after my hearin loss. It was not life threatening, so I did not get to refer to ear doctor till 5th day. The golden time to start med is said 48 hours from the onset. That really makes a difference.
mstctiger last decade
cagatay17 and friends on the board.

you probably dont know the answer to this but I was wondering why he put you on cortisone. instead of prednisone. isn't cortisone a shot? dead he do it to the ear. I have 2 ear docotrs. 1st one did the pills but i looked into it more and found a second one that does the shot to the ear so i did that too. I did both. I was just wondering. it seems most of my hearing has come back but some things are a tiny bit louder and the ring is still there. plus i get headaches. 8th day having this and 6th day on pills 5 day after shot.

to my friends. i'm really hopeing i am ok and i want you guys to know i will pray for you tomorrow. This is so serious. there should be a huge soar of publications about this and websites that stress the urgency getting treatment now. fast.

i'm convinced. if you dont get treated on this in the first few weeks its trouble and after a month just about forget about it. scared the liven heck out of me.
nitrams2000 last decade
i could deal with the very slightest bit of hearing loss I have if we could only fix the ringing thing. thats iiritating to know that you will never ever again have a quite nights sleep. :(
nitrams2000 last decade
i woke up deaf in the left ear on a saturday, saw an ENT on the monday and started a heavy dose of prednisone within 48 hours....
so, having immediate treatment doesnt always help i'm afraid......
it seems to be related to the severity of the loss.
i had a profound loss in all frequencies on my first hearing test, and now have a moderate loss in the low frequencies, and profound in the high frequencies. so cant hear anything of any importance. ugh.
and its my good ear thats sensitive--orginally i thought my right ear was unaffected......
what? last decade
nitrams you're right, the exact pill I took was called novoprednisone, not cortisone. I assumed they were the same. I had no shots into my ear. The thing about SHD is that if you don't act on it as soon as possible, it's probably irreversible. (I started my meds exactly 48 hours after the incident) The steroid pills have downed my immune system severely, I'm sick everyday and probably will be until I stop taking them. But I guess that's a small price to pay for having my hearing back. As for the healing process, I took wheat germ oil pills, because I heard vitamin E incrases the chances of repairing nerves. But yes, this disease is so serious, people need to be warned to go to a doctor immediately after it occurs, as many think it will likely go away if they ignore it.
cagatay17 last decade
I sure would like to know what causes this and more importantly if it would ever comeback. That is scary as sin.

Sunday day 9 for me. my hearing is pretty much back now. if it isnt close to baseline then it must be real close. The base is still there but little it les today. ofcourse the dang ring is still there but only in a room where there is silence.

my next shot to the ear is tuesday and yes I am taking it. I dont care if it is better now, I'm taking it and I will beat the living you know what out of my ear doctor if he dont let me.

Money talks. you give these people enough money and they will do just about anything. I love Dr. atkins. Very good and Dr. skinner and Accupuncture. Dr. who. I got 4 guys on this thing and I aint givin up telll im back the way I should be.
nitrams2000 last decade
God bless you all. If there was anything I could do to make it easier for you, I would do it. :(
nitrams2000 last decade
Here is something very important I was looking up. It strangew how this thing comes about and the reasons are many. What even more scary is 'ok' now that we got this under control we got to find out what caused it and some of the things that could cause are even more scary then the problem itself. Have you guys red up on what causes this or do you guys know what causes yourr because this is very scary stuff. :(
nitrams2000 last decade

you may not be a success story yet. me and you have very similar to the samething happen and more importanly we are going to have to find out what caused it. this is scary
nitrams2000 last decade
I'm going for more tests,
my neurologist think i may have a connective tissue disease......
what? last decade
'what' is connective tissue disease life threatening that you know of.

from what i read most of the damage that is caused by these diseases are not irreversable but most are not life threatining but is something you will have to live with for the rest of your life. usually they say its a form of syphillis, herpese, viral cochleitis, HIV, mumps, measels or a tumor.

Studies show 90% of the time it is not a tumor and there fore must be either loud noise related or infactional virus of some sort. I'm ok with all of this I guess except for the HIV part. that scares me.
nitrams2000 last decade
I posted on the yahoo group site if anyone would like to see.


on there my name is dynomitesale
nitrams2000 last decade
To all who posted here in the last few days.
I am so mad that my first ENT doctor only gave me 6 days worth of Prednisone.
The hearing had come back somewhat.
Several weeks later, I wanted a second opinion and so I went to see a second ENT doctor, he gave me nothing else........
Several more weeks passed, and I had again in the same ear what seemed to be again an onset of sudden deafness, got some Prednisone again by the second ENT doctor, but the hearing did not come back.
Lastely I saw a third doctor at MEEI, but by then it was too late, as I waited 3 months for that appointment.
What I cannot image is why in the North East, nobody gave me the shots right into the ear, nor did they do a
HBOT treatment as is done in California.
I cannot figure that one out.
For those of you that have recovered your hearing or some of it, I am happy for you and I know how much you must appreciate 'hearing' again in that ear.
I also agree with the posters who feel that an effort has to be made so that the public at large finds out about sudden deafness, such a scary thing and not well known.
I have moderate to severe hearing loss in my other ear, I am wearing an expensive hearing aid. It masks must of the Tinnitus during the day. At night, it is unbearable, 3 different sounds in the head.
Even the dead ear produces a loud tinnitus...
So far all the supplements that I am taking make no difference.
I wish you all good luck.
Please spread the word wherever you can about sudden deafness... people need to know about this terrible affliction.
Take care and good luck to all
Hope01 last decade
Hope, I am in NYC and I was given the same 6 days of prednisone also. When I went back 2 weeks later, and after reading about the cortisone shots and higher doses of steroids on this website, I asked for more prednisone and also inquired about the shots and I was refused both. My hearing loss is only in my right ear and it is only at the moderate level but I am still having ringing also. I had posted recently that I started seeing a new specialist and that he gave me supplements that I feel might be working (although I dont know for sure until I go back in another 2 weeks). You might want to give these a try they are called EarVite Plus. I can completely sympathize with your frustration since you would think living in a big city you would get the latest medicine but I guess with this particular ailment it pays to live on the West coast:) Good luck to you and everyone.
TaraJoy last decade
I agree. Spread the word. Public does not know about this thing. Even doctors does not know. The specialized doctors would say there is no treatment, and it will not likely to happen to the other ear? How do we know unless we know the cause of it? I wrote to Opra, but have not heard anything. I am only spreading the word to people I know and people I meet. I do not want anyone else to live with this awful thing. Sorry, I am bit frustlated today. My whole departement will go out for lunch tomorrow, and I cannot go. I am a social outcast, but going to a restaurant will be a disaster. Take care, all.
mstctiger last decade
TaraJoy I had to cheat to get my extra predisone. i had to lie and say i lost mine. it was the only way to get enough. i had to do what i had to do. I know how you feel. most doctors in florida say 50mg a day for 9days and then taper off it slowly but the new study says 60mg a day for 12days. i went with the study plus i get my 2nd shot tomorrow. lie cheat or steal , i gotta do what i gotta do.
nitrams2000 last decade

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