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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Thanks Hope01, I will be looking for your posting on your feedback from Rauch.
seattlestan last decade
Seattlestan, I didn't know what BPPV was until your thread and it is exactly what i have had twice in the last couple of years, the last time was in the spring when I had to take a week off of work but it was just diagnosed as Labrynthitis and no treatment was offered. Also, TMJ - my jaw has always clicked and like you I often have to open my mouth wide to clear my eustachian tube and 'pop' my ear. Same side that I am now deaf in and of course now I can't 'pop' it however hard I try. Too many coincidences this has surely got to all be relevant to the SSHL? Incidentally I have never as far as I am aware had any viral infections, I am usually fit and well with a healthy diet, slim build and I have never smoked and am virtually tee-total. I have always had low blood pressure and no allergies so can't really determine any trigger. When will I know if any hearing is going to come back and these horrible noise and pain sensations will stop?
JeWeL41 last decade
Hi All
I'm still here and read the board daily. I have had no improvement in my hearing at all. I too watch my diet and take many supplements, but to no avail.

To JeWel41
I have had SSHL since Sept 5/06. I woke up one morning and couldn't hear the dial tone on the phone. Stupid me, I thought my phone was on the fritz.
The worst thing I find with this terrible affliction is the tinnitus. I too find when I go out that the noise is unbearable. I can even hear the hum of neon lights in stores. I wear noise reduction headphones when I go out and the difference with them on is unreal. The noise just goes away. The only problem I am having with them is I feel that the top of my head where the band goes over hurts after a while and they are not tight at all. I think it is the electrical current that flows between the two ear pieces. Anyhow I am finding that I am getting more used to the noisy world we inhabite as time goes on.
When I was first hit with SSHL I thought I would never survive. It has been the worst thing I have ever had and I have had a lot of stuff go wrong. I find people outside of our club do not understand what we are going through, but great comfort is derived from this board.
Keep the faith . You will learn to live with this. I have and that is definetly not what I would have said even a month ago. I was referred to an audiolist who wanted to sell me a hearing aide which she said would help but it was going to cost me $3000 which I can't afford, so I am coping so far without it. The terrible noise is called recruitment. Google it, it is very interesting.
hopebc last decade
To Hope BC, Thanks for your reply. It sounds as if our experience is very similar. I already had tinnitus which I was used to, which was high pitched and monotonal but now it is sceaming, there are two tones and I also have a 'whooshing' as if I can hear the fluids in my ear, but to be honest i think I could cope with this if my ear did not feel like it was bursting and hurting! I have never been one for headphones. When you wear them can you take part in conversations etc? I am going to be forced to go back to work as a teacher soon, the thought of which is quite terrifying! I am so glad that you are convinced i will learn to live with this, I am sure you are right and at least it is not life threatening. I wish I wasn't a member of this exclusive club thanks again for your support and good luck to you and all!
JeWeL41 last decade
To JeWeL41
I am not a headphone user either, but they are definetly the best thing for all the noise. Yes, you can hear normal conversations ,they only cut out noise like wind humming high pitched sounds like childrens voices when they screech. I know I couldn't believe the difference they make.
I am heading out to Edmonton, Alberta this AM and concerned about the plane flight with my ears but I believe Stan took a flight to Mexico and he was OK so I am hoping for the best. I am going to spend a week with my daughter as I can't see her at Christmas.
If her computer is up and running I will check the board out other than that I will be back in a weeks time.
hopebc last decade
To Seattlestan - Stan, I am already back from Boston where I had the appointment with Dr. Rauch. I did ask him about your case of getting 2 onsets of sudden deafness within about 14 months in the same ear.
He told me that of course he does not know your history and case. But it seems to him that you did not have the same sudden deafness as I had/have. He feels that sudden deafness is a term that is over used.
It seems to him that your case could come back again and you would again overcome it. He feels also that in your case, it was probably not the result of a viral infection as it seems to be in my case.
He feels that your doctor(s) should really try to get to the bottom of what is causing that SYMPTOM of sudden deafness.
He says that the typical onset of sudden deafness usually only strikes once.
So he feels like you have something else that produces these hearing losses
That is all he said regarding your case.
Have a good day
Hope01 last decade

Thanks for the information. I would tend to agree. As I am worried about some system-based issues, I did go through an allergy test today and it came up with a huge allergic reaction to dust mites. As I have reported in previous posts, I believe that heavy exposure to dust in our basement preceded my two episodes. This allergy test would tend to point me in one direction, which I will take seriously. My ENT also has asked me to do a 2 week food diary which I will take on. Then I will meet with her and look at all this information.

I expect that dust, combined with yeast/candida kinds of things are what I need to pay attention to (and this might mean complete alcohol elimination). I am doing everything in my control, including pressing physicians to go beyond the fact that my hearing has come back (albeit with tinnitus)and go for the source to mitigate future occurrences.

I will continue to join this forum to share whatever may help somebody else, as I have been helped by you all.
seattlestan last decade
Thanks Stan - I should share the following also with the forum. I told Dr. Steven Rauch about my terrible Tinnitus. He says that the noise in the deaf ear is just like static from the brain since there is nothing else to process through that ear.
When I asked him what I could do to preserve the remaining hearing in the left ear, he told me to drink a glass of wine a day.
My reply was: I can't do that since alcohol is one of the worst things to take in when one has Tinnitus (the T, in my left ear drives me nuts at times). He kind of smiled and said, you need antioxidants to preserve the hearing and I would say just try a glass of wine a day and if the Tinnitus does not get worse, stay with one glass of wine a day......
Interesting!!!!! when I told him that I take a lot of supplements including Ring Stop for the T., he shrugged his shoulders and said, I do not really believe in all these suppplements as they sometimes have a bad reaction if the person is on medications (like me, I have to take Lipitor and Diovan).
He still maintains that the shots directly into the ear have not been proven to bring back hearing, and he says that in most cases if the hearing comes back, it is because of spontaneous recovery.
So bottom line still is that the medical field has not yet found the real cause of sudden deafness and also no proven cure.....
It is all very confusing, but I will try the glass of wine for a few days and see and report here if the T. has gotten worse.
By the way, this Dr. has several 4 5 minutes videos on the net regarding sudden deafness. He also wrote several books on the subject.
Hope01 last decade
Dear Ones,
I have continued to follow all your posts with interest. I also continued to pray for each of you, too.

Stan, I think your approach to your hearing has been admirable and determined. Hope01, I continue to believe that somehow you will recover, as well as each one that posts.

Stan, I think your idea of yeast/candida has merit. Leaving off alcohol could bring about some good results. Also consider your pillows and bedding as a source of dust mites. We should all change our pillows on a regular basis because of mites that collect in them.

Also, to all that come here for help, please consider homeopathy. The Remedy Finder on the home page of this site is invaluable to helping with your symptoms. I know it's helped me on many occasions. Homeopathy is so individualized and the Remedy Finder is very useful to locating a remedy when one is reluctant to post on the web personal info.

I understand....having lost and, thankfully, regained most of my hearing in one ear in the last several months. Although I do still deal with tinnitus, it varies with the weather, what I eat, how much rest I get, and stress factors. I remain prayerful for us all.

jadeshade last decade
Hi everyone I was just catching up with you all since I have not been on this message board in quite a while. To Hope01--I happened to have a glass of red wine one day (even though ENT said no alcohal) and it really seemed to make me feel better. So I mentioned it to my accupuncture Dr. and he agreed that it would help so now I try to drink a glass as close to daily as I can.
Anyway, my question is has anyone experienced this: I have been taking supplements called Ear-Vite for the past 2 months and going for accupuncture weekly and my hearing has been the same but I have been feeling alot better. The last few days though I have been hearing sounds in my bad ear, not really tinnitus but different tones that last a couple of seconds each. Tones almost like the ones in the hearing test. Of course now I am nervous that maybe I am going to lose more hearing even though I thought that was not possible. I can't actually tell if my hearing is worsening but my ear does still have the sensation of needing to pop. Has anyone had any similar experience? Thanks :)
TaraJoy last decade
Thanks for the tip on the glass of red wine a day.
As for your ear popping, do you have an Eustachian tube dysfunction? That would cause extra poppings.
If your ENT is any good, he/she should have made you aware of Eustachian tube dysfunctions
Take care
P.S. you can find loads of info online about that condition.
Hope01 last decade
Have you read the article on the possible relationship between hearing loss and yeast posted at the following website:
It's a suggestive article which refers to another articles written by a doctor at the House Ear Clinic in Los Angeles... not that these experts necessarily know what's going on, but, hey, it's a lead.
nvega last decade

Thanks for the tip. I will follow up on it. In addition, I found it interesting in some of the other postings around Eustachian Tube Dysfunction, as I have to open my mouth wide to be able to hear better, quite a number of times a day. Of course I have mentioned this to my ENT and my otologist, but there was no response from them.
seattlestan last decade
Hope01--I have no idea about an estuchian tube dysfunction, I was only told I have sshl. However, some days are better than others and on the bad days I almost feel like I can't stop the popping of my ear but this never clears the clogged feeling. Its a very strange feeling, almost as if you have a head cold. Could this be what the dysfunction is? I am going to researcht it. Thanks :)
TaraJoy last decade
TaraJoy...try using Kali Mur 6X ...four tabs ...four times a day.

Post feed back on a new thread in about a week after use.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Thank you Pankaj Varma--I will definitely try :) Have a good weekend everyone
TaraJoy last decade
Tarajoy, Neither of my ENTs (and a saw 3 different ones) told me upfront that I had Eustachian tube dysfunction).
I did go on a frantic search online about the popping in my left ear and found that condition.
Only after I told my last ENT guy about it, he said 'Oh yes you do have Eustachien tube dysfunction'.
I am at times so very mad at all of them. Why can't they not sit down and explain to the patient about all that is wrong with him/her
Thanks PANKAJ VARMA, I will try to find that stuff in a Hollistic Store and use it also for a week and see the result.
Take care
Hope01 last decade
Well, I haven't been reading for awhile so am catching up. My condition is the same. Funny, hope01 that we lost our hearing on the same day, me at work suddenly...
I have been working as supernummery and have run into a few problems when a few people are talking at the same time. I am not doing my job, just helping out. My tinnitus gets really bad at work as there are air exchange fans etc. but am hoping to adapt. This will only last to the end of Jan. then will have to reassess and probably work in another area.. will see.
I still have trouble with vertigo when I lift my arms up or tilt my head back. I will be going to a vertigo clinic tomorrow so hopefully will get the help I need. I have been doing excercises that the ENT doc gave me.
I have been off for over a week with an outer ear infection in, of course, the same ear(left). I was on 875 amoxacillin and 125 clox. in the same pill and after a week my ear was still swollen red and weeping. Then the doc. gave me a cream with corticosteroid and antibiotic. It is still a bit sore but clearing up. Very strange. I have also had constant cold sores on my lip and sores on my tongue. Was given zovirax at my request for this and am going to seriously take all the vitamins etc. I can to build myself up.I keep reading about the sugar thing, but it is christmas so am baking entertaining etc. Am also depresses so guess what. Sugar is my friend, yuk. I know I have to quit so I will get through christmas then hit the gym etc and get with the program. I am doing the best I can just keeping afloat at this time. I know this is kind of negative but I know that I will do what I need to when I get there.
What achange of life eh!!!! Hard to believe. I sure can relate to the shopping situation. Some stores are worse than others and the malls are the worst.
I am so glad I can read this site and I am tired of people telling me they can,t hear either. I am 56 and of course had fine hearing loss before this happened which is normal but this is entirely different. The ENT doc told me that with both ears you can separate 2or more peoples words but with one ear you loose the ability to filter and separate.He told me that I have actually lost 2/3rds of my hearing when you factor in all the things our ears do together. I felt so validated after seeing him. Anyhow will take my vits. and carry on.
anitime last decade
I Posted a Separate Post To:
Sudden Hearing Loss People but have gotten no reply, maybe you've all missed it.

Anyway, Has a Tom LaScala contacted any of you re: curing your hearing loss and how much would you pay to get your hearing restored, etc. He contacted me re: my daughter's hearing loss and how much would I pay to get her help.

Just wondering how he got my email address and knew about my daughter's hearing loss.

I put this info on this board some time ago so I'm thinking he could have gotten it here. Any comments on this.

Thanks much. joyce
joyce martino last decade
Joyce - I was away for the weekend and got home late last night.
Reading your post puzzles me, did you ever gave out your email address on this board?
We all have to be very careful because there are lots of scam artists out there maybe even on this board posing as 'HOH' when in fact they are lurking to get personal information and email addresses.
The Internet can be such a great help in many instances but unfortunately it can also be a monster.
When I write a letter with personal info to any place, I do not even save that letter on my PC, instead I make a hard copy for myself and then delete the letter.
There are too many dishonest techies that try to access one's PC to get to personal info like social security number or credit card numbers.
Happy Holidays
Hope01 last decade
To anitime & others

In exploring more of what I might do to mitigate future SSNHL occurrences, I came across an article on apple cider vinegar. Since this we are part of a homeopathically-oriented site, I thought I would share that I have started to take 2 tablespoons/day (up to 3 times), as it is touted as something that will deal with yeast/candida, which might be the key contributor to all my various ear problems, which includes outer ear infections (for which Mometasone Furoate Cream works wonderfully), BBPV and ultimately my 2 SSNHL episodes. As I have mentioned before, I tested hugely positive to dust mite allergies (exposure to dust preceded both episodes)and am approaching that homeopathically as well with a product from bioAllers, to build up my immunity to mold, yeast & dust. We'll see how it goes. Certainly can't hurt.

I agree to a certain extent with Hope01 on being careful with regard to computing and personal information. I opened up what I thought was a humorous note from someone I thought I knew 2 days ago and spent 3 hours removing strange pop-ups that wanted me to sign up for 'virus protection'. Turns out when I googled the name, it is itself a virus. I used my Spyware Doctor 4 times (on the 1st round I have 174 infections). Hopefully, no pun intended Hope01...:-), I took care of the problem.
seattlestan last decade
Hope01 - a lot of us list our email address in our ABC profiles. I listed mine so that I could correspond separately if required. Finally got another response from this person and it's all about some 'faith healing' stuff.

Thanks for your comments.

joyce martino last decade
I know this may have nothing to do with SSNHL, but I just got this in my daily Dr. Weill e-mail. Since I had a series of ear infections leading up to my BPPV and 2 episodes of SSNHL (of course I have been told there is no relationship), I thought I would share this:

If dry, bronchial coughs, chest congestion and ear infections are bothering you this winter, consider taking mullein. The flowers and leaves of the mullein plant are safe and effective in addressing many seasonal respiratory problems. Products are available as tinctures, oils, powders, lozenges, capsules, leaf form, and extract - select reliable brands that are pure 100 percent mullein. For congestion and dry cough, try a dropperful of tincture in a little warm water every four hours; for ear infections, try a few drops of mullein oil, slightly warmed, directly in the ear – mullein is safe for adults, but do not give mullein to young children for coughs. You can, however, use a few drops of oil in the ear for ear infections in children. Pregnant women should also use caution.

Today, I sat with my naturopathically-oriendted M.D. and talked about Apple Cider Vinegar, Kali Mur and other things I have mentioned. Am taking a blood test tomorrow to get a baseline on Cholesterol etc. and will proceed with my own 'program'. I will also get a consultation with a practicing homeopathic physician (at my doctor's suggestion), as I told him also about the Dust/Mold/Yeast homeopathic drops I have started taking. The only thing I can say is that I am moving forward and not waiting for any of these highly paid medical folks to do it for me. More later.

Happy Holidays!! Regardless.
seattlestan last decade
Thank you SeattleStan for sharing your info with the forum.
I had a call from a college friend in Alsace-Lorraine this morning (I was born there and was educated there then I came to the US). In any case, my friend told me that she had to have surgery for diverticuloses (spelling?) in September but did not do well until she saw her homeopathic doctor there. She told me, to my surprise, that loads of people in Europe now lean towards homeopathy for diverses reasons.
My Friend is fine now, so is her husband, he had a heart bypass and is under homeopathic supervision since that time (about 16 years ago).
I do not blame you for taking matters into your own hands.
Happy Holidays to you and your Family and to all reading this forum
Hope01 last decade
Hi Eveyone,
Haven't had much to post lately but still following the forum and really miss Nitrams postings too but I guess we all get to a level of acceptance to a degree and life gets back to some sort of normality or we would go nuts with this thing.
I seem to have reached a level of stability with my hearing at around 50-60%, with all the ongoing rediduals of hissing roaring and ringing etc but I can function at work so I cant complain and still feel very fortunate to have the hearing I have.
Hope01 you have been a real inspiration to us all and I admire you greatly.
So for now I wish you all a wonderful Xmas and a New Year filled with HEALTH Wealth and Happiness.
I envy you all on the other side of the world with your white Christmas's while we sizzle here in Aussie land at 37-40 degress.
Have a safe and ejoyable Christmas.
Mertie last decade
Just a quick reply while I am in the process of baking different sorts of cookies.
Thanks so much for your kind words.
When it comes to the weather, Yes they have a lot of snow in the West especially Colorado. But here in the North East (New England) we have weather that looks more like we are getting close to Easter. So far no White Christmas in sight for us on this side of the US.
Again thanks
Be safe and be well
Hope01 last decade

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