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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I think thats a great idea to start another special forum devoted to hearing loss, I am not big on having it revolve around homeopathy though as

A) I will admit i do not understand exactly the basis for homeopathy, some of the suggestions on here (herb of this sprinkle of this, black root of licorice...??? remind me of Dr Bombay from bewitched,...i am dating myself in saying this)
Also, I think we have to tap into what exists in the ENT specialist medical profession
that the right hand (the Dr Lustigs) are not getting across to teh left hand (the basic moronic ENT dr's) who the general consensus on this site seems to be in agreeement are criminally incompetent

B) in relation to SHL, from what i have read as a layperson, my guess would be that most cases are related to viral, auto-immune, auto-toxic, stroke in the ear like syndrome,hearing drum bursting....(all of which require some form of medical
intervention) ,,,,ie herbs and potions may not work

In the case of viral and a recent protein discovery that they have recently found lacking or present in those with hearing loss, i think the focus should be on bringing to light what we as SHL people have heard/read might work such as
A) steriod shots
B) anti viral treatment
C) vitamins (anti viral)
D_ acupuncture and crainial sacral
E) hyperbaric oxygen pressure
F) herbs
G) homeopathy

I am not trying to be negative on homeopathy, but i think its solution to most causes of SHL are limited (again please see my first statement in that i am ignorant as to what exactly homeopathy is)

Thanks Michael
micklog last decade
for instance the site could somehow inform people that sometimes tinnitus occcurs in conjunction with shl.many people find theis to be more troubling than the hearing loss...I sure do

3 months ago, a man jumped off the golden gate bridge.

i just happened for some reason to pick up the newspaper a few days after he went missing and it talked about how his friends had said, the recent ringing in his ears had made him very depressed. People on this site have to know some of this stuff to know what they are up against but also know others are facing these same
challenges and again find suggestions for what might help

The tinnitus can make you feel like a caged animal
as you cannot escape it and i think just talking about it and having others know that we all know and are compassionate to their suffering at least makes it somewhat more easy to deal with

micklog last decade
I suggest we create a yahoo group or msn group that would be called suddenhearingloss or something like that so that it could come up on google search.
kslm23 last decade
My original hearing loss was server, but it was not 100%, it was 85 to 95 db flat line across all freq
My latest test show 20db on 125 -500 Hz, 30db above 4000 Hz, 40 to 60 db in mid freq(500-4000), mid frequencies are the most important for speech.

I still have hard time understanding how it happen.
But we have to keep trying on all possible ways to improve our hearing.
elischee last decade
I agree with Michael, tinnitus is more bothersome, even more than the hearing loss, that is how I feel.

I believe Dr Lustig said, the steriods shot almost always help reduce tinnitus weather your hearing come back or not. ( I will ask him again when I see him in January). If that's the case, maybe everyone that have not got the ear shot yet, want to reduce ringing, should try it anyway.

My ringing did came down but it is still there, especially at night.
elischee last decade
Elischee, thanks for your response.

All, i created a yahoo group

Group name: suddenhearingloss
Group home page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/suddenhearingloss

If anyone would like to be a member, please let me know. Looks like this forum doesn't allow to post emails here, i was gonna post mine for contact information.
kslm23 last decade
Hello, wow it looks like all go with a web group. Fantastic, thanks! I've been away for a couple of weeks with no computer - hence the long silence. I'm not sure how to access the yahoo group without posting email address here?

I agree with Michael that we should look at complementary therapies and hearing/hearing disorders, also provide support to each other and share experiences that might help each other out. I strongly believe that the need for support ebbs and flows with the current state of your ears - and the level of adjustment you are making. Whenever anything changes - hearing decreases or your faced with uncertainty from specialist you immediately have to go through adjusting to the not normal all over again. Its a trial! I know how it feels, because I had a significant ear infection this year which included a mri scan and the possibility I would need major surgery and so on. I also spent three weeks with decreased hearing and then the last six months with new crunchy noises to get used to. All okay now, but I live with a constant struggle not to WORRY!

I've found acupuncture very useful in avoiding ear infections and I think its having a spin off on the general ear health.

Regarding tinnitus. I remember when I first had hearing loss and then an operation to see if they could find out what had caused it. After the operation my head was in a huge bandage with packing in my ear and the post-op ringing was the most awful thing I could comprehend ever. It made me so angry and panicky and upset that I could have this thing forever. I thought about it all the time and it ruined many social experiences - the fact of having the ringing, more than the actual ringing.

16 years down the track and my adjustment to the tinnitus is such that until recently I had forgotten about it and could only notice it when I concentrated - then I was surprised to find it still quite noisy. My friend had an operation for her acoustic neuroma and was left with a ringing that she can still hear over the roar of a crowded noisy bar. She wanted to get a hearing aid so she could be fed the noise that counteracts the ringing - but because she has a good hearing ear the specialists pretty much said it was pointless having the loopy thing set up. I told her she would get used to it, and was almost blase about the ringing - until I got this ear infection this year and re-experienced ringing intensity for a while, along with the addition of a roaring in my head. Aaaaaaah!

For those of you in the USA, there is something called Sound Therapy you can buy which is apparently quite useful for tinnitus and even claims to bring back some hearing. If any of you order it, I'd love to hear how it worked for you. You would need to look it up on the internet and read about the process.

This is turning in to a bit of a rant...but there is so much to discuss and talk about. One last thing to say is whilst searching for a ent specialist in London I came across a description of what ent's do by an ent registrar recommending the specialist field to fellow grads. One very telling thing he said was the way he described the ent field as being 'diagnostic' and basically how you could diagnose something relatively simply and prescribe the correction. The problem with the way he undertood it - and the problem with ent surgeons generally - is that given the complexity of the hearing organ (its the most complicated delicate mechanism of your body) how on earth could a quick look through the microscope give you the answer? Especially if your ear looks normal but behaves badly OR you have an abnormal looking ear that doesn't fit the usual criteria. Which is why you spend five mins in the room and come away knowing nothing about how you came to have a problem, and with limited solutions. Its immenseley frustrating. For example, for years I've been to specialists who immediately hmm and ha and then say in a self satisfied tone my left ear hearing loss is caused by my damaged drum. Time after time I have to explain (often two or three times to the same specialist until they seem to hear it!) that my drum looks dodgy because of surgery AFTER the hearing loss, before the surgery it looked normal. Sometimes I think ENT surgeons are the accountants of the white collar world. I.e, those who weren't quite sharp enough to be heart surgeons but could see the majority of their job (diagnosing child glue ear) could be quite a comfortable lucrative existence! (No offence intended, there are good accountants and good ear surgeons :0)

With a huge struggle chiropractors and craniopathists have managed to make a tiny bit of headway in to the idea that ear problems don't just always stem from ears - the structure of your ear can be affected by other things. Which is why we need to start talking and thinking about ears without the constraints of the medical profession who have their own agenda, and who's research and field advancement are constrained and disabled by their limited approach to diagnosing and providing solutions. Phew, what a rant!

But really I should save all this for our discussion group.

Happy New Year everyone.

Sezza last decade
Happy holidays everyone!
Looks like you can just join the group if you follow the group link

You might have to have a yahoo account to join, i am not sure.
best of luck,
kslm23 last decade
Sez, I assume that you are in the UK since you were researching ENT in London. I'm also in the UK and would like to know what your experience has been with the NHS/private docs. When I first approached my GP (two different ones!), they (both) said that my hearing would eventually come back - just give it a couple of weeks. After two days I requested to see a specialist who wasn't much better. He basically took one look at my ears and then did a hearing test and said that my hearing wouldn't return and that nothing would help - in terms of hearing aids or surgery. I asked him about the steriod shots that people have mentioned on here and he just looked at me very funny like I was crazy. Had an MRI done but that proved nothing. I went back to see him about a week later and did another hearing test in which my hearing had improved a bit and the doc seemed surprised.

Just wondering what other steps I can take with being in the UK. At the moment, I'm in the States visiting family over Christmas/New Year and very tempted to see a specialist over here but after the experience I've had in the UK, I just feel like it would be a waste of time and money! Have any alternative therapies helped with your hearing?
mhoyuk last decade
Hi Polina,
I was considering starting a group myself. I am glad you have taken the initiative. However, I was having trouble joining the suddenhearingloss yahoo group. As you might know, I started this thread quite some time back. Spent immense amount of time looking for a solution without much success. However, I do have few names who are conducting some research in this area. A focussed group would probably help these researchers channel their findings.

Anyway, If you are unable to modify the access rights to the yahoo group, please let me know. I can start a new group so that we all can join and discuss. Thanks

Praveen last decade
Praveen, i checked the settings and here is what it says
Membership Type: Open (anyone can join)

I am not sure why you are having the trouble. Please feel free to open another one and i'll close mine.

kslm23 last decade
strongly suggest the steriod shot or two if you can get into see a specialist
i know most of the top end university schools/hospitals do them, but it may take a while...the good thing is that my experience has been that they (specialists) treat this as a medical emergency...

the other therapies (accupuncuture, oxygen) complement the steriod shot...my feeling from my own research is that most losses are virus related
and the steriods knock out the infection

good luck
micklog last decade
Mhoyuk, definitely persevere with the steroid shot in your ear. Way back I took them orally and they didn't do that much. The ent I saw recently in London was Prof Narula at the Princess Grace hospital. I paid for it privately - knowing the NHS and the possibility of ending up with a new registrar who would know less than I do about my ears...

Prof Narula said he would always do a steroid shot in the ear for sudden hearing loss. He was approachable and communicative and I think he's actively involved in research. Always a good thing. While you are in the States it might work out more cheaply to go to a specialist there - if you go by pounds to USA dollars currency.

Good luck, move quickly though.

Sezza last decade
Sorry, I didn't answer the other question. I am currently having acupuncture for my ears because of the ongoing effects of a bad ear infection in June. I've also had craniopathy. I think both help, but especially Acupuncture. I don't know if they have long term effects on improving hearing but given that you now have traumatised ears you want to keep them as healthy as possible. (They might be your achilles heel from now on - or after this episode you might never have any trouble again).

Acupuncture by someone excellent (I've found a brilliant acupuncturist called Nick Williamson - he's in South East) can definitely improve your immune system and your ability to deal with the effects of your new hearing situation better. The acupuncture I've been having is to improve drainage in both ears and to try and stop a new and very horrible roaring sound in my head. Combined with a specific diet both things have helped a lot. The diet part is hard to stick to but the combination of acupuncture and diet seems to work much better. If you can afford it Craniopathy and acupuncture do seem like a good combination therapy to restore your head and ears back to good health.

Sezza last decade
Sez, Thanks for the information! I felt the ENT doc I saw in the UK didn't really give me much hope or seem to really want to help. I asked about the steriod shot and he just looked at me strangely and said they don't do that. He did put me on a course of steriods and my hearing improved a bit, but he didn't want to give me any more steriods.

I do have an appointment with a specialist in the States for next week and looking forward to what they say (I have all my UK documentation with me). I will ask about the steriod shots as well. I hope they can offer some help. Following that, I may try to see Prof Narula.

Thanks again for the information and everybody's comments on this site. It's wonderful to know that there are other people out there who are getting the help they need or are fed up like me.
mhoyuk last decade
Hello everyone,

I am so grateful to have found this group, and I thank Polina for directing me here. My story is this: 3 days ago, I woke up at 430 am to a severe ringing in my left ear. I thought one of my kids had left their laptop or radio or stereo on as it sounded just like a high-pitched humming sound. I went around and turned off all appliances, only to discover the sound was coming from inside my ear. I also realized I could not hear correctly. As soon as my internist's office opened, I called and asked to be seen immediately. I was and then she sent me up to the ENT. I had an audiogram (hearing test) and they discovered that my right ear was fine, but my left ear had severe hearing loss at anything above 4000 Hz frequency.

Like everyone, I was so shocked when the ENT diagnosed me with Sudden Sensory Neural Hearing Loss. He prescribed a 14-day course of Prednisone (starting at 60 mg/day for 5 days, and then tapering down) and Acylclovir for 1 week. I had an MRI this morning where they injected some dye in my arm to illuminate the area. I have arranged to receive a 2nd opinion from a well-respected specialist in this area at Stanford Medical School for next Wednesday. He has mentioned he might do a steroid injection into the ear.

As of now, I have felt myself go through the full range of emotions -- from crying and feeling helpless, to feeling shocked, to feeling grief like someone died, to feeling angry like I want to blame my son and husband for always yelling so loud, to fear, etc... My biggest fear is that I will lose all my hearing in both ears and not be able to hear my children's voices. Also, my profession demands that I be able to hear properly, and I am just so afraid that I am going to become disabled with this.

Reading how everyone else has handled this has been so enlightening and has given me some hope. I am so grateful that you all are here.

If anyone can offer any advice or suggestions, please do not hesitate to email me. Right now I am finding that being proactive is the best remedy for me. I can see how a person could fall into a deep depression from the realization that this has happened to them, and I am trying to avoid that.

Finally, I wonder if anyone else has a family history of SSNHL because my aunt had this happen to her 4 years ago when she was about age 60. I feel so badly now knowing how I did not take her experience seriously enough. What an eye opening experience this has been. I just hope it does not spread to my other ear or get worse in this ear. Does anyone know what the odds of that are? Last of all, I am already becoming unable to sleep on the steroids. Any suggestions on how to counter these side-effects of the Prednisone? Thank you everyone, again, for sharing your experiences here. This will be invaluable to me.

hopespringseternal last decade
i tyhink the steriod shot is your best bet, it seems to be one of the few things that can
help your hearing recover

my grandmother interestingly enough lost hearing in her ear
and was diagnosed with meniere;s disease...BUT i don't know if this bit of information will help you Hope

please don't blame anyone, especially yourself for not sympathizing with your aunt... its just a bad thing that has happened
and hopefully with the right treatment quickly, your hearing will improve

the specialist that i saw indicated that the risk of hearing loss in both ears was
gretater if you had it in one ear BUT even these these
specialists do not know what causes and how the treatment really works as so little research has been done

keep the faith and get to the Stanford specialist asap

The first two weeks i know are the most depressing...I am not trying to minimize your loss but it seems that you have some hearing right???
I think 4000 decibels is about 40-50% loss. A good hearing aid will help you regain more of your hearing

sorry for not responding sooner

micklog last decade
Hi Hope

Sorry you are going through this. Its so scary at first. But I think you could rest assured it won't 'spread'. My hearing remains fine in my good ear and has pretty much stayed the same for the last 16 years since i developed the sudden loss in my left ear.

It sounds like you are getting good treatment - and once you have the results of the scan you'll know better what - if anything - caused the loss. But as you'll have noticed on this site, SHL remains a bit of a mystery.

I totally sympathise with you regarding the fear and panic you won't be able to hear such things as your childrens voices and so on - but that seems an unlikely thing in your case. My experience is that fear of further hearing loss will have a much greater effect on your life than the actual effect the level of hearing loss has on your ability to experience things to the full (once you have adapted to the new hearing situation).

It might be interesting to you to know that both Rob Lowe and Halle Berry - famous actors - are deaf in one ear! I'm sure you'll be able to keep working in your job with one hearing ear (or even no hearing ears, our limits are ultimately self imposed).

Take care, I hope some of the shock is wearing off and you are feeling better.

Sezza last decade
Hi all,
I have uploaded an article published recently in Scientific American on Sudden hearing loss. Artical can be found in the following URL


If you haven't already joined yahoo group suddenhearing loss, please do so. That way we can initiate a focused group. Thanks much

Praveen last decade
Praveen, thank you for the article.
I'd like to add another note about the yahoo group. Two more people reported new cases of SSHL within 2 weeks of creating the group. I pointed them to this forum and they were able to pick up some information. I think it serves its purpose already!
kslm23 last decade
Hi all,
I am very grateful to found this forum and see so many of you are keeping faith.
Here is my story: Last Friday right before the New Year, I woke up from a half an hour nap with my 7-week baby, and found that my right ear was blocked. Within 2-3 hours, I can't hear anything from that ear. Following by the hearing lost was sever vertigo that I throw up everything and couldn't stand on my own. I was sent to the emergency room at Mt. Auburn Hospital at Cambridge, MA. They did CAT scan on me, negative. Then I was transferred to Beth Israel Hospital for MRI and further treatment. Everything can back negative. Since this happened over the holidays, there was no ENT doctor on call. I stayed in the hospital for 2 nights. The only thing they can do is improving my vertigo symptom.
I finally got my first ENT doctor visit on Tuesday (that's 3 days after SSHL), and started my steroid treatment (from 80 mg). So far nothing happen yet.
I never think things like this would happen to me. I am experience exactly what Hope is being through-- shocked, helpless and sad. The hardest part is facing the unknown. Don't know if the hearing would come back, don't know what would happen to the other ear, don't know what my life would become, don't know how to adjust to the future....
If anyone knows or recommends ENT specialists in Boston area, please email me. I'm going to see Dr. Vernick at Beth Israel next Monday. Hopefully he can advise something more promising. That's all I can hope for.
walnut_ping last decade
Ping, I don't know if your vertigo has gotten any better - but I also had sever vertigo the first 10 days of my hearing loss. I could hardly stand let alone walk straight or drive. But it did get better and the doctors told me that your brain tends to compensate to the changes that have occured due to SHL. I hope that you are feeling better with the vertigo. I know it must be very difficult with trying to deal with that and trying to care for your newborn.

As a follow up with me, I went to see the ENT specialist here in the US and he basically stated the same thing that I was told in the UK - which was a bit reassuring. But they put me on another course of oral steriods (Prednisone (starting at 60 mg/day then tapering down) and today I'm getting my steriod injection. Glad to be getting it but very nervous. They also are doing a series of blood tests to see if there they can find if something else is causing it since the MRI picked up nothing. Feeling better about my treatment in the UK and will have another hearing test in Feb. Will also look into complementary therapies when I get back to the UK.

I thank you all for writing your stories on here. It really helps me, and probably many others, deal with this problem. It's so nice to know that we are not alone.
mhoyuk last decade
hi there,

Please try to get the doctor to refer you to someone that can do the inner ear steriod shots, I really think that this steriod shot to the inner ear is one of the few things that can bring your hearing back in many cases
especially if its some sort of viral or inflammation infection that has cuased your loss

my grandmother started using a herbal treatment that cleared up her vertigo in a few days

Keep the faith walnut ping
as myhoyuk said hopefully the vertigo will settle down

Then also try an anti viral such as acyclovir I believe is the spelling and find a good crainial sacral masage person

I just went to see a viral doctor who indicated that whatever caused the hearing loss may cause the structure of the "ear" both inside and out to sort of freeze up and the crainila sacral massage
(if its a good one) can really loossen this are up
which helps the circulation
and healing. He also said this may be why the steriods seem to help as they are known for reducing inflammation

My crainial sacral persona and massage person said my
right side of my head and ear were really frozen up and blocked so I have been working on that this past year

I hope this helps

Take care all
micklog last decade
unfortunately many pof the ENT's do not even know about the steriod shots, call the doctor up that you saw earlier this week and don't ask him, BUT TELL HIM you want to be referred to a specialist that hadles these inner ear steriod shots...

sorry Walnut Ping, these ENT's are STUPID for the most part and therefore it is up to you/us to find the best treatments

micklog last decade
Mhoyuk and Michael, thanks so much for the support. I've talked to my ENT doctor again on Friday. He had another patient with the same symptom that morning. I¡¦m wondering if this is something going on more often that before!? He had treated some of his patients with steroid shots, but didn't think that works any better than oral ones. But I think if I asked for it, he is willing to try. Right now, he wants me to finish 15 days steroid first and see.
I'm going for second opinion anyway next Monday. At the same time, I'm trying out some Chinese medicine and acupuncture just to help the circulation. As about the vertigo, I¡¦m feeling much better. At least I can stand on my own and even go out by myself.
This past week was such a personal journey that other people can hardly share or understand. When waking up at midnight, I would be desperate looking for some sound to reassure myself. When looking at my baby, I can¡¦t help but start crying. I wish I can take care of him the way I used to just a week ago. I want to find my happiness back with my husband and the little one. I don¡¦t want to go down the road and become depressed, but this is so hard. Thank you all for being here listening and sharing¡K
walnut_ping last decade
please do not wait the 15 days
to start the steriod shots to the inner ear..these in my opinion offer the best hope...
i think its an EGO problem with your ENT that he wants to wait 15 days before he tries something else...i think this is wrong... and outright stupid...he is gambling with your health
as you can see it makes me extremely upset that these ent's are such morons
it is basic logic that if a number of people are coming in
that have a hearing loss that it would seem to indicate that it is something like a virus that people are catching or the virus is making certain people more susceptible to such a hearing loss.

Your ENT should be able to check up on this treatment for gods sake and see that
it is being practised at a number of research hospitals across the US and has been practised for I believe the last 5-6 years

MY viral doctor in California says he has treated a lot more people with the hearing loss and tinnitus in the last year and thats why i think and have thought all along that it is a virus/bacteria thats somehow attacks the inner ear and causes things to freeze up through inflammation around the ear...The steriod shot to the inner ear helps alleviate this

what also will help unrestrict the muscles, tendons and nerves in your ear, jaw neck is cranial sacral massage and accupuncture

were you sick before you had the hearing loss,
any tick bites
how is your immune system
do you have allergies

one thing my viral/bacretie dr is looking at is exposure
to neuro toxins which can be as i understand it anything from mould to heavy metals
to bacteria from tick bites
to a reasuuregnece of doramnt virus's that can get a hold of you if your immune syeyem is weakened and then these viruses attack the weakest part of the body meaning if you have genetic deficiencies in and around the ear (which it sounds like some of us do on this forum) that it can
hit you there (ie in the ear)

I will bring into work tomorrow the name of the herb that my grandmother found that eliminated her vertigo (she has menieer's disease, not sure of the spelling ..so again there is this genetic tendency in my family like one of the other lady who has posted)

Also start taking acyclovir whch doctors recommend as a anti viral drug

also start taking some anti viral vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C vitamin D
and garlic and vinegar (if you can handle the taste)

also try some circulatory enhancing vitamins such as coq-10 i believe it is

i know this is a lot but all have seemed to help in different situations and my feeling is that based upon our genetics these vitamins herbs help some people and not others so you have to try everything

my thoughts and prayers will be with you...keep the faith

micklog last decade

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