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The organ of hearing is closely connected with the organ of balance. It is very often that both hearing and balance are affected. I also have balance problems, but I try my best to overcome them, which is similar to some one trying to learn walking after a stroke. Humans have the ability to use another nerve paths to overcome problems, so don't give up hope and keep trying. I never tried to take any synthetic medications except the natural products. Taking synthetic medications will burden your liver and kidney,which will undermine your power to recover if your immune system is not strong enough. A strong immune system is very important in overcoming various ailments. Humans are endowed with immune system just like a country equipped with weapons and soldiers to fend off invaders. I always believe the we can overcome many diseases if we can get the right nutrients and exercises to strengthen our immune system.
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The internet is wonderful to seek information and solutions to problems. I have always noticed that the majority of posts on self-help health forums are about people who have a problem (or why would they be posting, makes sense). However, much fewer people come back to let the group know if the problem has improved or resolved. This also makes sense because when a problem goes away, you want to just get on with your life and not think about it. But it's important to post success stories, they may lead people to solutions and give people hope.

I have posted previously on my issue, but will summarize it here, and how the problem has almost ENTIRELY GONE AWAY. So if you want a success story, read on.

I am a 48yr old male that had no history of hearing problems. In January of 2009, I started to notice that the sound of a telephone dial-tone (or when it was ringing), there was a slight distortion in my right ear only. The dial-tone tones sounded different and I thought it was my phone. But another phone did the same thing, and that is when I thought it may be my hearing.

This distortion continued to increase. It was always my right ear only. My hearing in my left ear was fine. Voices sounded robotic and lower in pitch, like a cartoon alien sound. It was always worse with higher frequencies, so female voices were especially bad. I also noticed that tones from my bad ear were lower than my right ear (I found later this is called diplacusis).

With this I also had a low-frequency rushing tinnitus and a fullness feeling in my ear. I saw multiple ENTs and otologists. I must admit the ENTs were worthless in helping me. They must be used to treating infections so I started to see otologists. They conducted hearing and an ECOG test, and I was diagnoised with 'endolymphatic hydrops', which is a abnormal fluid pressure in the coclea, better known as 'Meniere's'. I had this without vertigo, which is sometimes called “atypical Meniers”. Further, since it was in one ear, it was called “unilateral atypical Meniers”. The symptoms Meriers are well documented: low-freq tinnitus, low-freq hearing loss, sound distortion (the worse part for me), and a pressure/fullness feeling.

The doctors told me only thing that could be done to slow (or stop) the progression was to give me inner-ear steroid injections. I had three of these, they hurt but I was willing to do anything to help this growing problem. Interesting, the Otologist seem to make a fortune on this treatment, they billed my insurance company about $3,000 for each treatment. I was also told to drastically reduce salt intake, which I did with little effect. I was also prescribed diuretics (Hydrochlorothiazide, also known as HCTZ), they helped some but not to any great extent.

To function I had to use an earplug in my right ear to block out the distortion. I used Etymotic Research ER20 ETY earplugs. They are inserted into the ear canal, and are barely noticeable. I wore one of these in my right ear every day, all day long. I was careful to always sit to the right of people so I could hear them through my good ear (left ear).

Then I started to lose my hearing, especially lower frequencies. My hearing continued to decline. This was actually a relief because the distorted sounds around me were less noticeable. I stopped using the earplug. You also get used to hearing the distortion (to some extent) so that helped. This is called habituation. At first the brain senses something is wrong and after time goes by, it realizes you are not being hurt by it, so the brain starts to somewhat block it out.

Most of the feeling of fullness and low frequency tinnitus went away, so I was left with two BIG primary issues: distortion and hearing loss. I was absolutely convinced sounds would always be distorted and I would never regain my hearing. I had accepted it.

This continued over the next 2.5 years since the onset of the problem. It never got better. Then in June of 2011 something amazing happened. I noticed the distortion was starting to go away! I was able to take out my earplug and over the next 2-3 WEEKs my ear recovered to the point the distortion is was almost entirely gone, the low frequency tinnitus and fullness were completely gone, and hearing tests showed I recovered the majority of my hearing.

So the question is, what changed? As it turns out, my recovery started the same time I stopped smoking. I used a 14mg nictone patch, later it was lowered to 7mg. Did this have something to do with my recovery? I do not know, but it seems consequential that at the SAME time I stopped smoking (and used the patches) my hearing recovered in several weeks. That was over 6 months ago, and my hearing remains almost normal.

I wanted to share this story with you, perhaps it will help someone or provide some hope. If you do not smoke, there is a chance you will have a spontaneous recovery anyway. If you do smoke, stop and take the patch, and see if it makes a difference.

If you want to contact me please email Greg at windsong7204 at yahoo dot com.

Rgds, Greg
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Hi Greg (davis9999);


I would not be at all surprised if smoking
(tobacco as well as marijuana) is found to be a signficant contributing factor to sudden sensorineural deafness.

After all, smoke is a known irritant to the eustachian tube, which feeds directly into the middle ear which is contiguous with the cochlea and its fragile hair cells located in the inner ear. It's sure not rocket science to make the connection. In any event anyone suffering with sensorineural hearing loss
should stop smoking right now...thanks to your wake-up call.

Edward A. Taub, M.D.
etmd22 last decade
I suffered sudden earing loss in my left ear around October 27, 2011. Before the loss, I had a fever on October 24, 2011 but recoverved the next day. I did not do any heavy lifting or straining and was not subjected to any extreme pressure change such as flying. On October 31, 2011, I saw a GP, who said that this was eustacian tube dysfunction and prescribe sudafed. My hearing did not improve. On November 8, 2011, I saw another GP and he prescribed one 20mg tablet of prednisone per day for five days and two pills of 250 mg of azithromycin (antibiotics) the first day and one 250 mg pill thereafter for the next four days. I did that but my hearing did not improve. On November 16, 2011, I saw an ENT and did an audio test. My right hear had 6 dbl PTA and 100% speech discrimination. My left ear had 63 dbl pta and 20% speech dscrimination. I had an MRI done and it was normal.
On November 22, 2011, I had an injection of decadron into my middle ear. A few hours later I noticed that when I hummed, I hear my voice better in my left hear. On November 24, 2011 at around 8:00 P.M, I took an online hearing test that compared my right and my left ears. The left ear had a 33 dbl greater hearing loss than the right ear. This is better than the November 16 test but obviously the online test is not as accurate. The below link is the test.

On November 30, 2011 I got a hearing tst. My pta slightly improved 3dbl to 60dbl and speech recognition test improved from 70 dbl to 50dbl and my speech discrimination test improved from from 20% to 24%. I had a hearing test on December 6, 2011 and it had the same results as the November 30 tst. Anybody with a similar situation? I had another decadron injection into my left ear done on December 6, 2011. I pray to God that my hearing be restored and the hearing of everyone with sudden hearing loss be restored as well.
If you have a sudden hearing loss go see an ent ASAP!
bschenck last decade
Greetings and Happy New Year to everyone! It has been a few months since I last posted here; alot has happened with my case of hearing loss which still makes me as confused as ever.

As my original post states, i was originally diagnosed with Meniers Disease after a 5 minute consult with an ENT. I advised him of my symptoms: runny nose, alot (and I mean alot) of post nasal drip, noticed a decrease in hearing in both ears over the course of 4-6 weeks, and eventually began having dizzy spells. The ENT did not have me tested for anything, other than a hearing test and a mri. No blood work, nothing.

I did not have the classic symptoms for Meniers but i was scared to lose all my hearing that i went along with his treatment which included oral prednisone and 4 shots in the left ear. My left ear went deaf just before thanksgiving; my right ear fluctuated alot over the months but is now at an all time low.

I decided to get allergy tested this past august and tested positive for several things, including cats (which we had a cat for many years). The allergy Dr. said that my allegies were pretty bad and should have been addressed long ago.

I have been taking allergy shots for the past 3-4 months. My original mri and a repeat mri a year later revealed thick mucus throughout and sinus cysts/polyps in the maxillary. The most recent mri stated that I had chronic sinusitis.

My ears have not popped in a a year; I have had 3 ear infections over this past summer. Just recently i was advised that my right eardrum looks dull and is retracted.

I really don't know what to do from here. Maybe just let nature take its course. Any input from anyone with any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I wish good health to all of you!
stngray114 last decade
Have you tried homoeopathy?

This is a homoeopathic site, with a couple of trained homoeopaths answering questions and offering treatments here.

It is clear the orthodox medical approach has failed you terribly.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Chronic sinusitis could have connection with your symptoms. We should always find nutritious and natural foods to strengthen our immune system in order to get rid of those uninvited symptoms.I always think that the failure of other parts of our body can cause the failure of any bodily organs. Raw organic living food is the best remedy for all diseases.Cheer up, there is always hope before us. We should have confidence that we can find ways to overcome those tenacious diseases.
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Happy New year to all as well!!. I hope everyone gets well!! Please keep praying to God!!! I have had two more decadron injections in my left ear, since my last email. For the last injection (December 20), my ENT decided to do this, since my word discrimination improved to about 44%. The thinking being that the injection treatment might have helped improved my hearing and hence another one might do so too. I have a follow up appointment on January 11.

I too am doing homeopathic treatments. I took zhaijw
suggestion to try Acetyl-L-Carnitine, as it seem to help him. So I have been taking about 800 mg twice per day (1600 total) of this supplement since about 3 weeks ago. I also have been taking per day the following:

1.200 mg of zinc (started taking on Decmber 6)
2. 6 caplets of lipo-flavenoid (started taking on December 24)
3. 750 mg of Niacin (started taking on December 22)
4. CoQ10 (coenzyme Q10)(started taking on December 24)

I will see how it goes.

I wonder if I should take any antiviral drugs such as famvir. Who knows, it may help.

stngray114, I noticed that you are in the Cleveland area. I am too. have you tried Lipo-flavenoid? They say that it is designed specifically for people with tinnitus and Meniere’s Syndrome.

I agree with gdavis999. I too like it when people post sucesses in their treatment or any other information as that particular treatment may help others with a similar condition.

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Dear All,
I am a 41 year old female (vegetarian, non-smoker, non-drinker) diagnosed 4 weeks ago with idiopathic sudden sensoneural hearing loss, after waking with little hearing in the left ear. I was treated with a course of prednisone (50mg) tapering over ten days. This had no improvement on my hearing or the constant screeching tinnitus in this ear. Five months ago I awoke with Bell';s Palsy, also on the left side. I had severe hyper-acusis in the left ear during the 4 weeks of this illness, but no hearing loss. I recovered from the Bell's Palsy quite quickly with a sugar/caffeine/dairy free diet, magnesium/B/B12 supplements and lots of raw food. I assumed these conditions would be related, there is obviously a weakness on my left side. The neurologist and ENT both said that they were unrelated and after all the usual tests blood/CT/MRI, they sent me away with no explanation and have asked that I return in 6 months 'to see if any hearing has returned'. I am now on the second week of having acupuncture and herbal/vitamin supplements. A medical herbalist also suggested infused St Johnn's Wort Oil massaged inside and outside the ear. Both of these 'alternative' practitioners consider SSNHL to be a virus. I'm struggling with the tinitus and wondered if any forum members out there have had any luck with acupuncture, herbs or St John's Wort Oil? Any advice on this subject or the connection between SSNHL and Bell's Palsy much appreciated.

Best wishes to all,
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Kidsonmoon 8 years ago
Kidsonmoon, Did you talk to the doctors about steriod injections in the middle ear. It seem to help me a little. My speech discrimination score improved from 20 to 44%. I have also been taking several dietary supplements. See my previous email about the tyoe and amount. I was thinking about taking ring relief ear drops as well. Has anybody tried ring relief?
bschenck last decade
Kidsonmoon; Coincidences in diseases and symptoms are common in medicine but they deserve special attention in instances like yours.

I suggest you seek a 2nd opinion from another neurologist just to make sure nothing is putting pressure on the cranial nerves that control your facial muscles and hearing.

Also, in your instance, it might be especially worthwhile to begin a course of acyclovir or another anti-viral drug since Bells is viral and some sudden hearing loss is viral.
Either the neurologist or the ENT can prescribe this.

Be very persistent with your specialists...ask direct questions and don't accept incomplete answers regarding the anti-viral drug and further (or repeat) neurological assessment.

I am a family doctor.
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etmd22 last decade
Bschenck and etmd22 thank you both for your replies. I did ask about steroid injections and anti-viral meds, but they don't seem too keen on either course of treatment at this particular hospital in Sydney. The ENT specialists and neurologist felt that there was insufficient evidence to support treatment with anti-virals. It seems that the same is the case with steroids, but it seems to be the treatment in the absence of any other.
Kidsonmoon last decade

I would still be persistent about an antiviral drug if you are able to see another doctor--probably not so much the steroid injections since major studies do not show a really clear benefit.

Re the Bells and hearing Loss, IF the following is at all applicable to you, then for sure, ask the doctors about Ramsey Hunt Syndrome--and if so, then why not try an anti-viral drug?

'Ramsey Hunt syndrome is similar to Bell's palsy. Unlike Bells palsy, the virus that causes Ramsey-Hunt syndrome has been conclusively identified. It is varicella zoster virus (VZV), which is the virus that causes chicken pox, and is a strain of the Herpes virus. Like HSV-1, it remains in the body, residing on nerve tissue in a dormant state on nerve ganglia after the initial infectious stage has passed. VZV typically remains dormant for decades. The incidence of Ramsey Hunt syndrome increases significantly after age 50. Younger patients with Ramsey-Hunt syndrome are often advised to be tested for autoimmune deficiencies.

Ramsey-Hunt syndrome results in symptoms that are in many respects identical to Bell's palsy. The symptoms are so alike that a diagnosis of Ramsey Hunt syndrome can easily be missed.
When the VSV virus is reactivated the resulting eruptions (blisters) are known as shingles. The first symptom is usually severe pain. There may also be a fever, headache, and localized tenderness. Blisters typically begin to emerge 1.5 to 3 days after the onset of these symptoms, although they may emerge with no prior symptoms.

Symptoms of Ramsey Hunt Syndrome
In addition to the 'classic' symptoms of Bells palsy, Ramsey Hunt syndrome is associated with some additional symptoms that help differentiate it. Knowledge of these symptoms is key to an early diagnosis, and should be brought to a doctor's attention during the first visit, or when any of these symptoms become apparent.

1. Pain: Bell's palsy patients may complain of pain (often in or behind the ear) which can be acute. However, it will tend to fade within a week or two. The pain associated with Ramsey Hunt syndrome is often more severe, and more likely to be felt inside the ear. It may start before muscle weakness is apparent, and may last for weeks or months - sometimes longer. Medications such as Neurontin can ease the post-herpatic pain of Ramsey Hunt syndrome.

2. Vertigo: Dizziness is occasionally reported by Bells palsy patients, but is often associated with Ramsey Hunt syndrome. It can be more severe, and longer lasting.

3. Hearing loss: Unlike Bell's palsy, Ramsey Hunt syndrome can also affect the auditory nerve (CN-VIII), resulting in hearing deficit. This should not occur with Bells palsy, and is an important clue to the diagnosing physician. In some cases hearing loss will continue after facial muscle function returns.

4. Blisters: The primary symptom that makes a diagnosis of Ramsey Hunt syndrome likely is the appearance of blisters (known as shingles, or herpes zoster) in the ear. The blisters can appear prior to, concurrent to, or after the onset of facial paralysis. They can be expected to last 2 - 5 weeks, and can be quite painful. The pain can continue after the blisters have disappeared. Blisters are often the only clearly visible symptom that identifies Ramsay Hunt. Unfortunately, they may not be evident during the diagnostic examination. They can be present, but too deep within the ear to be visible. Or they can be too small to be seen. In some cases they may not appear until a week or more after the onset of muscle weakness. At times they do not appear in the ear at all, but may be present in the mouth or throat. It is also possible for the virus to reactivate without blisters at all.

5. Swollen and tender lymph nodes near the affected area.

While Bell's palsy is not contagious, shingles blisters are infectious. Contact with an open blister by someone who has never had chickenpox can result in transmission of the virus. The result will be chickenpox, not shingles or facial paralysis.'

** If you've been diagnosed with Bell's palsy, but later see blisters that may be shingles, its important that you notify your health care professional. **
etmd22 last decade
Thank you for this information etmd22, I will follow up on Ramsey-Hunt syndrome.

Bschenck, did you have any luck trying the lipoflavenoids or ring relief ear drops for relief of tinnitus symptoms?
Since I have been putting St John's Wort oil inside and outside the affected ear, I have had some 'crackling' during the day as if something in there is trying to repair itself....fingers crossed!
Kidsonmoon last decade
emtd22 and kidsonmoon,

I asked my ENT and family doctor (6 weeks after the hearing loss) about taking an antiviral drug. They said that probably the virus is gone by now, if a virus did in fact cause my hearing loss. I wonder too if I had the varicella zoster virus (VZV) as emtd22 mentioned. I did have chicken pox as a child and am now 47 years old, which is about the time range in which the virus, if present, would come out of its dormant stage. I do not have any rash except for a small bump on the tip of my tongue. I just have hearing loss in my left ear, tinnitus (ringing, whistling buzzing in the left ear), ear fullnes, and a little feeling of stiffnes and some swelling on the left side of my face and neck. My hearing loss is mostly a flat loss at 58dbl but improves to 40dbl at 4khz.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
bschenck last decade
Hi Bschenck; On the basis of your history, a concern about VZV causing your hearing loss is probably an
unreasonable stretch, so rest easy. That said, I'm of the opinion that a
short course of an anti-viral drug within a few weeks of most SSN hearing loss cases is a reasonable
course of action. SSNHL cause and treatment isn't even close to being an exact science--which is why so many of the folks contributing to this forum seem to know as much or more than their doctors.
etmd22 last decade
Thank you for your thoughts etmd22. I guess its tough to find a cause for sudden hearing loss. One clue in my case might be the fact that I had a fever with body aches several days before I loss hearing. So, my ENT doctor speculated that it was probably caused by a virus related to the sickness.
I also read up on research involving the use of stem cells to repair or regenerate the damage hair cells in the inner ear, but they say deveoplment of this treatment may take years.
bschenck last decade
The lipoflavenoid has not seem to help much yet. The bottle says that it may take some time to do so. I have not tried Ring Relief yet, since I am waiting for verification by my ENT doctor that the hole in my ear drum for the steriod injections has healed. The directions on Ring Relief say, that it should not be used if your ear drum is perforated. Once the hole has healed, I intend to take it.
I too seem to get some cracking or clicking noise like my ear is getting ready 'pop'. I read on forum that one doctor said (to a patient) that this the result of the nerve repairing. I pray too that this is a good sign that the hearing is returning.
bschenck last decade
My Story,

It's odd that the most comprehensive forum on SSHL appears here on the Homeopathy Board...but that is why I am here.
I am a 53 year old very fit mostly vegetarian woman. I woke up 3 weeks ago with extremely loud tinnitus in my right ear. After 10 minutes I heard a pop and realized that I could no longer hear out of my right ear. I immediately contacted my HMO and was seen by my physician, then an audiologist, and finally an ENT and was on Prednisone within 6 hours of the event. I took 60 mg of Prednisone for 5 days, tapering off over the next five. (Total of 10 days.) It did nothing for my ear.
The side effects of the Prednisone were extreme; I slept no more than 2-3 hours per night while taking it. Strangely, I did not feel tired during the day, but I have only the vaguest memories of that period (I read an entire book series and can remember none of it.)
I took that first week off work as I deal with the public and did not feel comfortable communicating with strangers. I have been very bothered by hyperacuses, recruitment, balance issus, and tinnitus; in fact, these are more troublesome that the hearing loss right now. Also, Prednisone lowers your resistance to disease, so, just as well stay away from others.
Today I had another hearing test and there was no change; I am 100% deaf in my right ear. The neurotologist I am seeng gave me the intratympanic steroids today (directly into the cochlea.) She said it may take up to two weeks for any effect. She was not encouraging about the chances of this restoring any hearing, but did say it is likely to help with the tinnitus and other issues. She encouraged me to listen to pink noise (there are quite a few pink noise MP3s available for download; there is an Apple App for $2.00 that allows you to customize the sound to your frequencies.)
If you have recently experienced SSHL, here is what I recommend:
* Get some good ear plugs for your 'good' ear to help immediately reduce tinnitus and recruitment. (I like Hearos foam plugs.) I use cotton for when I need to interact with people; it reduces the hyperacuses to an almost acceptable level and I can carry on a conversation.
*Stay active; walk a lot (but be very careful crossing streets! With one ear you can't tell where sounds are coming from!) Exercise will help you regain your balance and reduce stress.
*If you like to watch TV or listen to music you will find it difficult, if not impossible, to do so, especially if other people are in the room or there is background noise. Get a good pair of noise canceling headphones and use them at a low volume. They are all expensive, but if you get better soon you can probably return them for a refund. You can also use the headphones to do you Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (pink noise.)
*If you are driving, start out on the roads you know very well. Put a placard on your visor that reads 'Driver is hearing impaired.' This way if you are pulled over for missing a siren or other reason, the police will know that they need to take extra care in communicating you. Not alerting the police to hearing loss has resulted in some serious altercations for people in the past.
*If you choose to get the steroids in your ear(s), request that your doctor give you some Valium to take before hand. It is not as bad as it sounds (how could it be?) but boy is it scary to contemplate. Have someone drive you. It is about as uncomfortable as getting a filling at the dentist; no more than that - and it may be your only chance at regaining your hearing. I am completely phobic about needles and medical procedures and had no problems (after taking the Valium in advance.) You can do it.
*Stay healthy! Keep to your good diet. Try to stay calm (I find meditating with mala beads helpful.)
*If you have kids, they will be anxious. Tell them it is likely temporary and you are doing everything you can. If you have a partner, let them take care of the kids (and you!) Be gentle with yourself.
I have not had time to investigate the cause of my SSHL yet, but the doctors suspect Lyme disease as I have had hundreds (maybe 1,000s) of tick encounters and have always lived in areas where Lyme is rampant (my medical history also supports the diagnosis.) I will be having a full battery of lab tests, including allergy tests, next week. I do want to get to the root of this before it caused any more problems.
I have found this forum to be an immensely helpful. I probably would not have had the intratympanic steroids had I not read that so many people had good response to them. I thank you all.
I also want to mention that I plan on seeing a naturopath as soon as I have the results of my lab tests. I will let you know the outcome.
I am angry, tired (still not sleeping well one week off the prednisone) and a little anxious, but I know I can live a happy life despite this disability.
Peace and best wishes to all.
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gardenarian last decade
hi friends, my younger brother just 14 yrs old recently 6 months ago recognised us about his hearing problem in left year. we make him check up and able to know that he have hearing loss in his left ear.We didnt have got any solution yet. The only answer doc says that hearing loss may be because of fever he would have a year or so earlier . and his nerves are not able to transfer sound. anybody can please tell me any kind of solution . pls reply me so..
jplove21 last decade
Well, I to have lost my hearing due to Shhl. I am only 30 years old and my birthday is actually in 2 days. I lost my hearing in my right ear in a matter of seconds, from perfection to nothing. I have been suffering from the highest amount of stress I have ever undergone in my life for the last year. I work in restaurants and bars, living in nyc. It seemed I couldn't afford to live ad well as pay my student loans. I moved from Ny to Nc and actually got a great job. I worked at a great restaurant for one week, then my hearing went, severely.

I worked about 60 hours the first week which it felt great I was back into making money again and I could catch up. My first day off I just wanted to cut loose, see the new city I live in, have brunch and yes a little or a lot of day drinking. I was out all day drinking eating having a great day. It Happend very suddenly when I was cooking dinner with my roommates, I felt my muscles in my neck and ears tighten and then pop. I said' I cannot hear out of my ear
anymore'. I definatly was drunk but
I woke up the next morning dizzy, naushes, most likely a little hung over as well out of balance from whatever happened in my ear.
I did some reaserch and decided it was a good idea to see a doc. I've suffered from aweful allergies my whole life and it runs in the family. I went and saw an ENT that day, had a the tests and suffered a profound loss. Now my anxiety issues begin kicking in and makes the dizzyness and nausea much worse. Depression set it. I did the prednisone for the 12 days and went back to see the doc and I restored over 20%, I asked about the injections but he said I was showing progress now just hope for the rest. I left feeling good that the situation was looking hopefull, but I continued my research.
I spoke with a friend that new that our mutual friends father went through the exact situation. So as comfort, and questions I called him. He had profound loss and his doc gave him prednisone and began the injections the first week. After the third injection and a month later he was at 90%. He stopped there and let nature do the rest, that was almost two years ago and he has 100% back.
So I decided to have the injection done the other day, on my three week anniversary of loss. I feel I'm still in optimum treatment time so I have to keep trying. Yesterday I was shaving and I relized I could hear my razor! So I tried an earphone in, and I could hear, faintly and distorted but it's actually getting better. I will consult the doc next week to see if we should do another. So we will see then, I will report back. I have noticed that when I get to thinking about 'what ifs' my anxiety gets real bad, my hearing lowers and I get dizzy and sweaty. So I decided to go back to speaking with god, whoever they may be, it works for me. My friends father said it wasn't, the meds it was god who healed him.

Now I have a new set of anxiety when I keep seeing these doctor bills adding up, since I have no insurance. Total, three visits, two audiology screenings and on le injection I'm at about $2,600 in debt. I keep tellin myself if it regains my hearing for the next 30 years and in those years I have to pay for it for ten of them, it is worth it. This is real high stakes gambling. Good luck to everyone here, this is a very difficult process to go through. No one understands each other but us.
Justvent last decade
Hi, Justvent,
I pray that your hearing comes back. Keep praying! Thats good that it is still improving. I loss hearing (moderate severe loss - 60 dbl) in my left ear on October 27, 2011. I took predisone (low doses though) ten days after the hearing loss and had four weekly ear injections done starting 3 weeks after the hearing loss. My pure tone average has improved slightly, but my speech discrimination has improved more from 20% to 52%. I now have a hearing aid on that ear that has improved my hearing loss to about 20 dbl gain.
Here is a website (put the www before it) that tests your hearing.


Obviously, it is not as good as an audiology screening. But it may give you a rough idea of your hearing loss and whether it is improving. I test my good ear over various tones and use the results as reference values to compare with the test results of my bad ear to get an approximate amount of hearing loss in the bad ear. Periodic tests will tell you whether your hearing has improved in the bad ear.

I have also tried various supplements, Zinc, lipoflavenoid, Niacin, ginko, Acetyl-Carnitine, CQ10, and vitamin E. You can check my earlier posts for more details. These might help. Look into a hearing aid as well if your hearing does not improve more.
bschenck last decade

My story is sadly similar to many of yours. I am 31 years old and was about 7 months pregnant when i got SHL. On May 9, I was flying from LA to France. I woke up mid-flight and noticed I had lost hearing in my right ear. I figured it was airplane ear. Then, 6 hours later while on the ground the vertigo started - mild at first and progressed to severe. I could not move my head without vomiting. Luckily, I got to an ENT the next day. They diagnised me with 100% loss in one ear and put me on a 7 week course of predisone (60mg/day). The extreme vertigo passed after 12 hours or so. I still feel a bit wabbly but it's amazing how quickly your body and brain adjust. I have slight tinnitus, which seems to get worse in loud places (you'd think it would get drowned out).

I also got 2 injections on May 13 and May 31 but from what I can tell, they haven't made much of a difference.

The doctors think it's either viral or maybe pregnancy related. Has anyone else experienced SHL during pregnancy? If so, did you get any recovery?

While losing your hearing is certainly frightening, losing it in a foreign country while 7 months pregnant was definitely the most trying experience of my life. The second had to be getting back on the plane 2 weeks later to come home. I realize it's irrational but I kept thinking I would lose my other good ear on the plane again. Made for one long trans-atlantic flight...

4 weeks later and my hearing has not improved. The good news is that my husband has been a godsend through all of this and hopefully I'll forget all about my half-deafness once the baby arrives.

Good luck to you all!
jules1980 9 years ago
Jules 1980,
My case is very similar to yours but it happened in my home. Now I can hear when the sound is loud enough. It is said that dead nerve cells will not recover, but there may be some new paths to transmit signal. Our body has a high degree of adaptation ability. Mild vertigo is with me, but I can control with my will. there is also tinnitus. I always think that the creator always tests us by giving us problems.
Good luck to you!
eltonlam 9 years ago
eltonlam --

I suppose it's true - what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

Were you also pregnant when it happened? If so, did you have to make any special arrangements for the delivery (i.e. c-section)?

It's probably a bit too soon to be freaking out about this, but I can't help think about the next pregnancy and this happening again to my other good ear.
jules1980 9 years ago
Jules 1980,
I am a male of 62, one mishap is that the creator does not allow the nerve cells to regenerate as the ordinary cells do. Humans are always tested by the creator for their ability by giving them problems.Not all things are under the control of humans.We should know there is no happiness if sorrow does not exist. I am a vegetarian, I feel better to obey the law of nature.
eltonlam 9 years ago

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