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hi Myhoyuk
sorry to hear about your continued hearing loss; I believe you said some months ago that prior to the onset of the hearing loss you had some tick bites that were reddish and inflamed; this could be lymes. Lustig (who I saw a few months ago) confirmed that lyme and or mold could cause hearing loss
I had been taking cholestyramine (spelling)
[for lymes and mold] which seemed to create more ringing/aching around my affected ear.(making me thing that something was working to alleviate the loss) I had to stop the lymes treatment though as parasites are creating more problems and can accerbate the lymes/mold (both create neuro-toxins..that could affect inner ear )

My lymes dr says he has quite a few poatients who he is tretaing for lymes that have experineced hearing loss and stand alone tinnitus

I know each of our causes may be different but wanted to share.

Dr Shoemaker is one of the pioneers on lymes and mold toxins. It is interesting that
many of us in the Bay area have experienced our haring loss in the late fall/early winter (I believe)

Good luck all
micklog last decade
I've had hearing loss since late Feb. I am now (May)getting hyperbaric oxygen treatment. For those who are desperate and are within 3-4 months of onset of viral infection you may want to research this. HBOT is more popular in Europe, Russia. The sooner, the better. My tinnitus is more bearable and the sound coming in through my left ear is better (it doesn't sound like static any more). I've only had two sessions so far. Expensive, but worth the effort.
nvega last decade
Well, this is day 5 of the first round of drug therapy. I day left of the heavy dosages and then I see the ENT. He should have the blood test and MRI results ready. I guess I've chosen the traditional approach to trying to find a remedy at this point. I'm not sure how far this ENT will go with all the treatments that are available out there but I plan on making a list of inquiries. Nothing has been ruled out but I guess I go day by day.

Still no improvement in the ear, however, but then again this is only the 6th day since onset.

I've been considering asking about the shot in the ear treatment. Also trying the hyberbaric treatment. Like I said, nothing is ruled out but I will continue to give the ENT his due, see where he leads me, and then make the best decision I feel is right for me.

You are all very helpful. We are banded together by a common bond. My prayers go out to all of you.

God Bless
zenimij last decade
Hey guys- 'Im new to this site. I just wanted to put my story out there so others can compair their horror stories. I'm 28 years old.
I lost my hearing in Oct. of 2005. I recieved Predisone(steriod pills). My ENT put me on Valtex also. He said it was one of the strongest anti-viral meds. The ents belive that my left ear has lost hearing due to a viral infection. A couple of weeks later I was given Steriods by shots into the ear. After 3 shots and more steriod pills my hearing did start to come back. Then in Feb.2006 I lost it all again. I felt a little dizzy so I laid down. I couldn't get off the couch for another 3 weeks. I was so dizzy! Nothing helped. Now I have no hearing in the left ear at all. They did all blood work. MRI- CAT Scans. The doctors say I'm healthy.I have been to several Ents now. They all say the same thing. I have gotten more steriod pills and injections and gained 15 pounds. They have not helped at all this time. Has anyone had a reacurring condition? Any advice would be great! Thanks for listening. Michelle
mich18 last decade
I lost my hearing in November and spent the first 10 days on the couch as I was also really dizzy. Thankfully that passed, but I was put onto Predisone and also had steriod injection in the ear. While there was some improvement, I have now found that my hearing is gone again. This, I have to point out too, I have noticed since being pregnant again. But it's so annoying! I felt like I was improving and then I'm back to square one. I can just hope that things will improve again after the pregnancy.
mhoyuk last decade
sorry to hear about the recurring loss; I unfortunately have nothing to add although there seems to be a myriad of conditions that cause affect each person differently;

While I was on some treatment for lymes and mold, my bad ear was burning quite badly and the tinnitus was worse
which led me to believe it really was lymes/mold that was the cause of my loss

apparently lymes/mold can cause the endochrine (Hormonal
system) ; and nervous system
to react negatively and also make you much more susceptible to all viruses
and otehr things including parasites

Keep the faith,

I know its terribly depressing; I find it helps to focus on whatever good things you can, I know also that this is very hard if you have ringing in your ear all the time.

Hearing loss changes your life in so many small (yet significant) ways its hard for anyone to really grasp
how disabling it is

So hang in there
micklog last decade
One day last month I lost all functional hearing. No injury; hadn't been sick at all. I'd never heard of such a thing as sudden hearing loss. Was told by the 'gatekeeper' family practioner to go home and see if it got better after a week; of course it didn't. Finally got a referral to an ENT, who said it was probably a virus and it was probably too late to do anything. Tried 2 weeks of steroids anyway - no effect. Had an MRI - negative (well, at least it's not a tumor). Reading the postings today I feel like I could have written them - feel like we are kind of a club. Even the same specific symptoms, which are as annoying as they are inconvenient and sort of scary. I wanted to share with you that I've seen a chiropractor twice this week and her manipulation of my head, neck, face and ear actually helps. Problem is, so far it only helps for 4 hours or so. But I'm learning a lot about the colors you see when your eyes are closed and what that means. It's interesting, and at this point 4 hours of improvement is precious.
cmaccart last decade
Michael, to answer your post a few days ago, I don't think I've had tick bites and I don't really have any of the lymes disease symtoms. The only thing that I could possibly think that might have caused this hearing loss is sinus infections. I had a couple really bad infections in my teens and, even now, I'm prone to getting them when I get sick. Otherwise I've always been healthy!!

You're are right - this can be very depressing but I do try to focus on the positive - like I can still hear and that I'm in good health. I was petrified when they first suggested that a tumour could be the reason for the hearing loss. It's just coping with it and if I go someplace loud, I just have to tell people about my situation and they are great about it.

It just surprises me how many others are affected by this!
mhoyuk last decade
Results of Dr, Appt
May 17, 2006
Six days of drug regimen complete: Prednisone (60 mg), Amox, Anti-hist/decon PLUS one baby Aspirn.

The blood tests were negative. All counts were normal.

The MRI showed no signs of lesions or other abnormalities in either the cochlea or the auditory nerve. There were some indications of a build of mastoid fluids in one sinus cavity and more fluid build in another. A possible sign of an unspecified viral infection.

Conductive hearing loss has been ruled out. Both ear drums responding as would be expected. The middle ear (hammer, anvil etc.) also seems to be OK per standard audiogram testing and in consultation with the Audiologist.

There was a slight degree of improved performance in the hearing levels of the left ear. The response levels were up slightly as were the understanding of spoken words, however, the DBs were still up around the mid 80s to low 90s in the lower bands (6000 HZ) and tapering to the 70’s and 80’s in the upper band. Previously these numbers were in the high 80’s to mid 90’s. A good sing but one marked with guarded optimism.

Both the audiologist and the ENT found nothing unusual about the inner ear other than it is just not responding in a normal hearing fashion. Again a sign of an unspecified viral infection.

Many issues were discussed – viruses, fungus, molds, toxins, etc. – all of which were ruled out.

Both the doctor and I agreed to stay the course with the current course of action through the next 3 weeks at which point I will see him again. With his consult I decided against the ear injections, although he did seem non-plussed by that idea in general. We did add niacin (OTC) to the list of drugs I will be taking so I may be subject to hot flashes and headaches. Niacin is a vasodilator which is intended to increase blood flow.

Seems the battle has just begun. There is some guarded optimism, however, that we are heading in the right direction.

More to come

Good luck to everyone
zenimij last decade
I just wanted to pop in and say Hi. Really amazing this thing is affecting a lot of people. Michael, I live in Bay area, too, and cannot help but thinking somewhat epidemic. After 5 months now, I have about 20 % hearing back, but it is so distorted and useless. Tinnitus and Hyperacusis are bad, too. Even my good ear has tinnitus and Hyperacusis and also echoing sounds. I sometimes get so depressed, but try to be positive. I feel positive energy coming from all of you and I know that is helping me. Keep a good faith and good luck to all of you. Sincerely.
mstctiger last decade
You can do a very inexpensive experiment. Buy a bottle of Tonic Water and just take one drop of it and add into 1 liter of water. Shake it well and take just one drop of that water as you take homeopathy medicine.

Second experiment: Lick the lead of your pencil at least twice a day. I consider it taking Graphites-30

Please post your experience.
kuldeep last decade
What does the Tonic Water and Graphic do to help with the hearing loss?
mhoyuk last decade
I'm just wondering what all of us do for a living? I have a house cleaning buisness. So many of my family are always asking if the cleansers could have caused the lose in my left ear. Doctors say there isn't but they don't seem to know much about it. It has been 7 months for me now with 1 relapse. Still no hearing! You really get used to it. The tinitis too. I just try to always have some background noise. It helps mask it. I have also been taking Ginko. It is an herbal drug to help blood flow. I thought it couldn't hurt. It should help with the ringing. Good luck to all.
mich18 last decade
Tonic water contains Chininum Sulphuricum, tinnitus is its strong indication. Graphites-30 for the restoration of ear wax. Usually tinnitus is associated with depleted ear wax.
kuldeep last decade
Above recipe is only for tinnitus.
kuldeep last decade
My first posting.Reading the postings in this forum certainly gives some comfort to people such as me whose lives have been changed so very quickly!!
I was enjoying a days gardening about a month ago,came indoors and noticed that my ears seemed full ,change in pressure, and did not give it much thought.
Tried holding my nose and various other things to releive the pressure but to no avail.
It was not till later that day when I tried to use the phone and protested to my wife that all the batteries on the phones were dead....no dial tones......when it dawned on me that I could hear nothing from right ear!!!!!!
I was in a state of panic and went straight to my pc for info......get medical help asap was the consensus of opinion.
The next morning I did just that.....audiogram,ent specialist, sterioid and anti virals......end result nothing has worked!!!
The noises of differing frequencies drive me crazy.....my love of music and converastion are very hard to enjoy!!!
My prognosis from my doc offered little hope.....Iam most obviously not alone which is a comfort.
There must be something that will help.....
My newly purchased home theatre seems rather redundant , must be a sign!!!
Keep the Faith......

osborne last decade
Osborne, You described my life! I love music. Now I have my other half tune the bass and trebile in my car radio so others can enjoy it.
I'm trying to find out if we have anything in common? What kind of work do we all do? I have a house cleaning buisness. The weird part is we are all healthy. All of the tests keep coming up negative. At this point I'm wondering if thats good or bad? I just hope it does not effect my other ear!!! Just a little note to those who may try these home remmedies-
If you have lost your hearing due to Meiners Disease, you should not put more fluid in your ear! The doctors did an MRI on me to see if the Sac in my ear contained liquid. With a reacuring hearing loss Meiners is usally the reason. My test came back okay and they are back to the virus thing. The ent wants me on a low salt diet. This is supposed to reduce the water level in the body.
I have tinnitus constantly and have no problem with wax. Just wanted to let you know before you start putting liquid in your ear.
mich18 last decade
Help! I lost my right hearing through a head injury. This was 7 months ago, Does anybody know if trying Hiperbaric Oxygen will help? I was told a fracture disturbes my cochlea and air leaked in.
Thank you
mariana last decade
I'm not sure if Hyperbarics can work... it you have damaged tissue, it may.
Start your research now.
I don't know where you live, but the following Hyperbaric Centers may be of help:
Rapdid Recovery Hyperbarics in San Bernardino, CAlifornia
Chico Hyperbarics in Chico, California,
Reimart Hyperbarics in Hamilton, Ontario.
Check the medical literature (Google, sholarly articles).
Good luck.
nvega last decade
i'm hoping you will be able to read this. i know it's a lot but on the subject of finding common cause i hope this may be of some help. it's hard to see how this will render considering the small text entry window we are given. if it is hard to read please ignore. it is not my intent to make reading this a pain only to help others find their own plan of attack on this problem.


hearing loss diary
event tracking

i put this event tracking history together to take to the doctor and/or the ent.
this is the very first thing i did after researching the problem on tuesday may 9th.

day time event
________________ ___________ _____________________________________________
friday, 5:00 am woke up to prepare to leave. minor back ache.
may 5th, 2006

friday 7:30 am breakfast in from home.
left molars slightly sensitive to heat/cold; sinus issue; allergies.

friday 9:30 am depart for lake havasu.
pass through cajon pass. no problems with ears.

friday 1:30 pm arrived in l.h. did not have lunch.
snaked on trail mix and beef jerky.

friday 5 pm? slight headache. took an aspirin.

friday 7 pm? dinner - two margaritas (alcohol), water, and a pork entree.

friday 10 pm? went to bed. mild/annoying headache.

friday past headache getting worse. took a second aspirin.

saturday, 2 am sick. vomited. trying to drink water. headache worse.
may 6th, 2006

saturday 5 am vomited. trying to drink water. no change to headache.
inner ear concussion?

saturday morning malaise. nauseated. drinking water.

saturday 11 am took one advil. started on a sprite. slight fever.

saturday 12:30 pm showered, feeling better. left ear slightly plugged
but no big deal. pb and banana sandwich.

saturday noon to feeling ok. left ear still slightly plugged.
evening yawning does not help. beef and potatoes for dinner. no alcohol.

saturday 11 pm went to bed.

sunday, morning ear a little more plugged.
may 7th, 2006 contemplating a decongestant; none available.

sunday 10 am breakfast; omelet, potatoes, bread w/juice .
a little trouble hearing out of left ear.

sunday 11 am heading home. back through cajon pass.
ears do not pop but they both crackle as if they want to pop.

sunday 6 pm bball game in highland. back feels ok while playing.
ears not a problem other than the plugging.

sunday 8:30 pm arrived at home. noticed low level whump sound in ear;
like a helicopter in the distance. took one diclofenac
for back and general inflammation of left ankle (prior injury).
ear remains plugged. harder to hear.

monday, morning took a decongestant. hard to hear out of left ear.
may 8th, 2006

monday 8 am – at work. notice dial tone in phone at least one
6:30 pm octave higher in left ear. right ear ok.

monday 7:30 pm dinner. turkey & pastrami. fries & mushrooms.

monday 8:30 pm tried ear drops to loosen/remove ear wax.
plugging worsens immediately after application.

monday 11 pm took another decongestant and went to bed.

may 9th, 2006 morning whump sound replaced with tinnitus. called for dr. appnt
for the 10th of may. dial tone effect the same.

tuesday lunch time had lemon chicken with rice and a root beer.
left ear loosing hearing. can not hear fingers around ear.
dial tone in left ear almost completely gone.
onset of sudden hearing loss within 72 hours.
no pain but sometimes my left ear sounds like a broken
speaker at high frequencies.


these were my first two initial doctor visits to my primary care and the ent.

doctors visit
primary care physician
wednesday afternoon (may 10th, 2006)
1 pm

* performed audiogram for immediate referral.

* prescribed anti-histamine w/decongestant.

* prescribed anti-biotic: amox as a substitute for augmentin.

* gargle with ½ tsp. salt to 6 oz. warm water 3-4 times a day for 2 weeks.

* indicated no ear wax build up.

* initiated referrals to audiologist and ent specialist.

doctors visit
ent specialist
wednesday afternoon (may 10th, 2006)
3:30 pm

* audiologist indicated left ear drum ok; better response than in right ear, which was surprising and disconcerting.

* audiologist confirmed profound hearing loss in left ear at 90db (< 5000 hz) and between 80-90 db (> 5000 hz); right ear response normal.

* ent’s diagnosis: profound hearing loss due to sudden sensorineural hearing loss.

* prognosis: hearing loss permanent.

* prescribed prednisone and a baby aspirin in addition to medications already prescribed by pcp.

* ordered blood tests and mri.

* next appnt scheduled for may 17th, 2006.


this follow on mini schedule covered the few days to come after the two visits above.

day time event
_______________ ___________ _____________________________________________
thursday 5/11 9 am blood test at unilab in upland. results due by tuesday 5/16.

thursday 5/11 mid-morning scheduled mri as urgent for monday 5/15.

monday 5/15 2 pm mri

tuesday 5/16 -- blood test results due.

wednesday 5/17 3:15 next appnt with ent. (scheduled)


medication schedule check list

the following was the first round of medications taken.

day date time/notes drug
___________ ____ _______ ____________________

thursday 5/11 morning baby aspirin
augmentin w/food
afternoon prednisone w/food
evening augmentin w/food

friday 5/12 same as above

saturday 5/13 same as above

sunday 5/14 same as above

monday 5/15 same as above

tuesday 5/16 morning baby aspirin
afternoon prednisone
(end of first prescription)
evening augmentin

* although gargling was prescribed by primary care physician i never did it.


other issues that occurred to me after initial visits that i thought to bring up at my
next visit to the ent. some things that have occurred to me since seeking medical
attention on wednesday may 10th.

1. i had an event about 10 years ago in which a very loud sound was presented to my left ear.
it resulted in ringing in the ear for about a week. could this have made me more susceptible
to a sudden onset of inner ear concussion especially after vomiting on friday night/saturday

2. under neurological conditions i saw a listing for migraines. i occasionally get migraines
which started about 22 years ago. the frequency of occurrence of my migraines moved from
maybe once every year or so to maybe twice a year. on friday night when i got sick i thought
it might be the onset of a migraine but it was not associated with the sensitivity to light
which i usually get.

3. could the migraines themselves be triggered by meniere's disease?

4. i want to reiterate that through the weekend i took two aspirin (friday night and early
saturday morning), one advil (saturday afternoon about 11 am) and one diclofenac (sunday
evening around 9 pm). i have read where aspirin and nsaids can have a toxic effect on hearing.
will a discontinuance of this drugs increase the chances of recovery? could they have been the
cause of the profound loss?

5. i have severe toenail fungus, have had it for years. could it in some way be related to the
onset of the shl that i have experienced? i think this is referred to as candidiasis

6. i’ve heard that stopping prednisone all at once is ill advised. should i instead taper off
on my prescription? my prescription runs out on tuesday, the day before my follow up doctor

7. can the prednisone cause dormant t.b. to surface?


doctors visit
ent specialist
second visit
wednesday afternoon (may 17th, 2006)
3:15 pm

* audiologist indicated left ear drum ok. right ear response much better than in previous
testing. all indications of normal conduction in outer and middle ear. problem symptomatic of
inner ear issues of the cochlea and/or auditory nerve.

* conductive hearing loss ruled out plus concluded that fungal or mold infection not an issue.

* audiologist confirmed slight improvement in hearing performance in left ear as the numbers moved
up from the previous 90db (< 5000 hz) and 80-90 db (> 5000 hz); right ear response normal.
however, the number rebound was very slight.

* comprehension of spoken word was higher but at extremely loud volume.

* discussed numerous options and possible causes with ent upon reviewing test results (blood, mri).
some fluid build up in sinuses including some mastoid fluids. all other test indications were ok.

* plan of action was to stay the course with current medications and add niacin to the mix as a

* next appnt scheduled for june 7th, 2006.


this is a summary of the first round of prescribed medications.

5/11 to 5/21

date drug added unit qty restrictions/comment
_________ ____________________ _________ ______________ ______________________________
thursday prednisone 20 mg 3 pills at once with food at lunch
5/11 amox tr-k clv 875 125 mg 1 twice a day with food (sub for augmentin)
p-ephed/cpm cap sa -- 1 twice a day drowsiness morning & night
baby aspirin 81 mg 1 a day morning

thursday niacin 250 mg 1 a day hot flashes. prolonged release.

friday vitamin e 400 i.u. 1 twice a day w/folic acid & b-6 & b-12
5/19 vitamin c 1000 mg 1 a day w/food. antioxidant.
calcium, 333 mg, 1 twice a day w/food. antioxidant.
magnesium, 133 mg,
with zinc 5 mg

saturday amox tr-k clv 875 125 mg 1 with food (second to last pill)

sunday amox tr-k clv 875 125 mg 1 with food (last pill)
5/21 perscription not renewed
per primary care physician


this is a summary of the second round of prescribed medications.

5/22 to _____

date drug added unit qty restrictions/comment
_________ ____________________ _________ ______________ ______________________________
monday prednisone 20 mg 3 pills at once with food at lunch
5/22 p-ephed/cpm cap sa -- 1 twice a day drowsiness morning & night
baby aspirin 81 mg 1 a day morning
niacin 250 mg 1 a day hot flashes. prolonged release.
vitamin e 400 i.u. 1 twice a day w/folic acid & b-6 & b-12
vitamin c 1000 mg 1 a day w/food. antioxidant.
calcium, 333 mg, 1 twice a day w/food. antioxidant.
magnesium, 133 mg,
with zinc 5 mg

tuesday discontinued current dosages of the following:
5/23 niacin, vit-e, vit-c, calcium, magnesium, zinc
the new dosages follow in this table.
taking the supplements below was a decision
deferred by the ent specialist to the pharmacist
who gave a qualified ok to use them.
see the notes that follow the table.

date drug added unit qty restrictions/comment
_________ ____________________ _________ ___________ ______________________________
twinlab daily 2 w/o iron 1 twice a day w/food antioxidant
w/vit a 6250 iu total 12500 iu
w/copper 1 mg total 2 mg

jarrow alpha lipoic acid 100 mg 5 twice a day total 1000 mg

twinlab b100 (b complex) 50 mg 1 twice a day total 100 mg
w/b6, b12, thiamin,
& biotin 250 mcg total 250 mcg

twinlab b-1 thiamin 500 mg 1 a day total 500 mg

country life active b-6 50 mg 3 + 2 a day total 250 mg
(coenzyme b-6)

jarrow methyl b-12 1000 mg 1 twice a day sublingual; total 2000 mg

twinlab no flush niacin 640 mg 1 twice a day vasodilator; total 1280 mg
(inositol hexanicotinate)

twinlab vit-c 500 mg 3 + 2 a day antioxidant; total 2500 mg
(super ascorbate c-500)

jarrow vit-d3 400 iu 1 twice a day total 800 iu

twinlab vit-e 400 iu 3 + 2 a day antioxidant; total 800 iu
(super complex 400)

jarrow zinc balance 15 mg 2 twice a day total 60 mg
w/copper -- total 3 mg

twinlab magnesium 400 400 mg 2 twice a day total 1600 mg

jarrow coq10 100 mg 1 twice a day total 200 mg

nature’s answer ginko 60 mg 1 twice a day total 120 mg
leaf extract (standardized)

jarrow n-a-c 500 mg 1 twice a day total 1000 mg
(n-acetyl-l-cystein) nac removes excess fluids from ear canal

oil of oregano (oreganol) -- 2 drops under tongue to absorb (15 secs.) status record
3 times a day

pharmacists notes:

1. vit-a daily does a bit higher than currently required but still ok to take.
2. some of the supplements are normally used for heart patients but ok to use as anti-oxidants.
3. much of the b supplements will pass through and be flushed by the body.
4. no comment on the oreganol; unknown applicability but ok to use


doctors visit
ent specialist
third visit not previously scheduled
wednesday afternoon (may 24th, 2006)
1:45 pm

* scheduling prompted by my reporting more improvement in the ear.

* audiologist confirmed significant improvement in hearing performance in left ear as the
numbers moved up from the previous readings into the borderline normal range. db levels
across all frequency ranges were between the mid-20 to 30 db range. note that a 10db
difference translates into sounds that are about twice as loud.

* comprehension of spoken word was up at about 85%.

* progress was better than expected by ent. prescribed that i finish my current prednisone
treatment (a 60 mg a day; 5 day burst prescription) and then discontinue use of prednisone.

* ent re-prescribed the amox as a substitute for the augmentin.

* next appnt scheduled for june 7th, 2006.

* note: i am also scheduled to the my primary care physician on june 2nd, 2006.


daily status

date day indications

may 6th -2 first signs of trouble.
may 9th 0 hearing loss complete.
may 10th 1 profound hearing loss confirmed (90 db+).
no sound whatsoever in left ear .
dial tone benchmark: can not hear dial tone.
may 17th 8 severe hearing loss (80 to 90 db).
dial tone benchmark: can barely make out dial tone but speech garbled and staticy
need ear plug to dampen the static. static reminds me of running water.
may 19th 10 starting to discern signal direction. still need ear plug but some high frequency
sounds get through. can almost make out speech. snaps around ear are almost audible as well as scratching the ear.
may 20th 11 dial tone benchmark: could almost hear the voice tell me the time.
very high frequency range on the incoming voice.
it is better now to converse with others without the ear plug. the static is tolerable
that way plus i get a sense of some direction. i actually heard bird chirps
in my ear through the car window.
may 21st 12 dial tone benchmark. i clearly heard the time on the phone.
more sound making it through. ear still feels full. there is a constant
white noise but early morning tinnitus has subsided.
may 23rd 14 dial tone benchmark. better understanding of time given.
fullness in ear appears to be subsiding if only a little, but white noise still evident.
tinnitus very much reduced (intermittant).
sounds perceived as higher pitch in left ear with right ear as baseline.
staticy sound at higher frequencies diminished but there seems to be a slight
echo at the higher frequencies. lower volumes contain this effect.
lower frequencies seem to be finding there way in as well but a bit muted.
normal conversation is very tolerable and i can sense direction of sound origin.
may 24th 15 dial tone benchmark. pitch differences still noticeable but full comprehension.
phone conversations taking on a sense of normalcy. some people sound like
they’re taking helium.
fullness in ear appears to be holding steady. it is tolerable. white noise still
there but the tinnitus is mostly intermittent with marginal volume. i have little
problem sleeping through it.
tv listening is easier as is the car stereo all though the higher frequencies still
tend to have the echoing or shadowing effect in the left ear. controlling the volume
controls this ghosting effect.
i can hold normal conversations with people and am less put off by lunch
settings where the acoustics were tending to be overwhelming.
zenimij last decade
Dang! Hardly readable at all. I will try another way.


Primary treatment: Prednisone (60 MG aday), AMOX substitued for Augmentin (125 MG twice a day), P-PHED/CPM anti-hist/decongestatnt, Baby Aspirin (81 MG).

Secondary Treatment: Niacin, B-6, B-12, Magnesium, Vitamin E, Lipoic Acid, Jarrow N-A-C.

Current Status (left ear):

Hearing in left ear has improved from the profound heraring loss range (90+ DB level) across all frequencies to borderline normal (25 to 30 DB range) acroos all frequencies.

Word comprehension up to 85%.

My previous posting was more comprehensive if you want to try weeding through it you will find more details of my progress.

Again good luck to all and God Bless.
zenimij last decade
I've been off the Prednisone now for 5 days. Still taking the E-PHED, the AMOX, and a variety of Antioxidants and vitamins.

Only 2 more days of the AMOX.

Ear is pretty much the same. It is functional but I still have some white noise and real light tinnitus. The fullness has subsided greatly and the high frequency echoes are way down and not quite as annoying.
zenimij last decade
Mariana injuries after head injuries are part of the Natrum Sul picture . Check it out
walkin last decade
Hello! How is everyone? I learned a lot from the website called hearinglosshelp. Dr. Bauman is an expert in ototoxins. Check it out.

Take care!
mstctiger last decade
One recent posting asked what people who have experienced sudden hearing loss happen to do for a living. I'm a part-time secretary. I use a computer all day; occasionally type from tapes and occasionally answer the phone. My chiropractor is on vacation, so next week I'm trying acupuncture ($50; no insurance coverage).
cmaccart last decade
I awoke with sudden hearing loss in my lfeft ear at the profound level on May 13th.
I began hyperbaric treatments on thursday june 1st and i have noticed significant improvement on my
hyperacusis, and am more able to tolerate the world. I feel better, no improvement on the hearing just yet, but its making my life more liveable. I highly recommend it.
what? last decade

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