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From etmd22 on 2010-11-08
Hi SusieQ,

My heart goes out to you...especially as a pediatrician and family doctor. I lost total hearing in one ear 15 months ago and have significant high frequency hearing loss in the other ear. I've tried virtually everything known to medical science and to alternative medicine, but to no avail. So besides using my Oticon hearing aid in one ear, I pray, eat well, exercise regularly and try hard to always be a good person...which has resulted in my hearing loss pretty much just not 'bothering' me for the most part. My brain has adapted to noise in restaurants pretty well and also to conversations with multiple people at once. It actually seems like I'm almost hearing stereo phonically, which of course I'm not. I still have no idea from which direction sound is coming from. But all in all, I just go about my life now, including lecturing to large audiences. Sure, I know my hearing loss is there, but I'm really doing fine, and whether or not your hearing comes back, I predict you will do fine too! Take heart!
etmd22 last decade
suncasa: Really glad to hear of your good results with laser therapy, I´ve read about it and will have a look at your website. Would the laser work for someone with SHL and tinnitus but no Menieres?

jhorowi1: Congratulations on your recovery, it´s encouraging to know that it can happen. I did read your earlier posts and was inspired to try cutting out all dairy and caffeine - did this for a week but no effect. I´ll try gluten and sugar as well but it´s more likely my SHL is vascular.
(stress is certainly a factor too).

JeWeL41: I´m sure you´re right, I can learn to adjust. I hope I´ll be able to find some peace and live with my SHL. I just want to make sure I´ve tried everything out there first.

etmd22: It sounds like you´ve really learned to cope with your hearing loss and get on with your life, happy to hear it. I´m sure time is an important factor. It´s become a bit easier for me to accept it by now - at least I don´t think about it all the time anymore.

eltonlam: Good point, positive energy will surely be helpful to all of us coping with SHL.
SusieQ_39 last decade
SusieQ_39 - my recommendation is to get a blood test; I cut out chocolate to no avail because I didn't know I was sensitive to milk too. Also it can take a few weeks for the allergens to clear, if it is an allergy. Please see the link in my profile, I tried to document everything to help others. The fact that you say stress played a role makes me hopeful that it is.
jhorowi1 last decade
jhorow1: thanks for the tip! Did you treat the stress as well as the allergy to recover? I´m convinced my hearing loss occured because I was under a lot of stress - my life is calmer now but the hearing loss remains...
SusieQ_39 last decade
Hi All, I have been on this forum since November 2006. I'd be interested to know if anyone else suffers from ear/ headaches on the affected side? Also, how many have had vertigo and/or balance issues? I find that I cope well with the hearing loss but the bouts of pain, imbalance and fuzziness that I still get are very annoying.
JeWeL41 last decade
SusieQ_39 - yes I had to treat both; if not I would just relapse. If you need more info send me an email, I list my addr in my profile.

JeWeL41 - I only had balance & virtigo issues.
jhorowi1 last decade
To SusieQ_39
I have not been on this Forum for a long time. Probably over a year; had to look back what userID I used...LOL... I lost all my hearing in the right ear in 15 minutes while shopping in a Super Market on 1/22/2006 (will never forget that date).
I did get the Prednisone the next day for about 7 days, but never got my hearing back. I take all kind of supplements, that does not help either. Furthermore, several months after that onset of sudden deafness, I got a cold and received some ototoxic antibiotic from my GP, and that killed over 50% of my hearing in the other ear where I now wear a BTE hearing aid.
I wish I were a candidate for a cochlear implant but not so far. This Summer I had the good fortune to meet many hearing impaired people of all ages at a convention of the 'Say What Club' in Denver. All I can say is do not give up. In this day and age, we are so fortunate to have technology on our side. All the people whom I met with a cochlear implant seem to be doing fine.
I have a lot of Brain static as my ENT doctor calls the noise in my deaf ear. In the right ear when I take off the hearing aid, I have Tinnitus which is so aggravating.
But I do keep hope in my soul, because I know that I will never be completely deaf, since eventually I will get a cochlear implant.
Please do not give up hope

Take care
Hope01 last decade
The impact to the vascular system or the auditory nerve system of the ear can cause hearing problems and balance issues, the healing of the preceding depends on the intake of the right nutrients and the abolishment of the bad food. Stress is also one of the factors contributing to the hearing problem. Stress can affect any parts of our body because of the issuance of free radicals or stress hormones. Anything that helps blood circulation of the ear is useful in the healing process. I always believe that our body has strong healing power emmbedded in our genes, if the right nutrients and environment are provided. Being a vegetarian is important to maintain an alkaline pH of our body. Healing is greatly impaired when our body is in an acidic condition. Many diseases arise because of a constant acidic body. I am a vegan. My hearing test is blank in the first test report, now some db comes back and tinnitus and balance issue are under control. We have to clear toxins in other parts of our body before we can heal our ear problems. Processed food is harmful to us,we must eat food provided by nature.
Cheer up, we will never die because of ear problems, on the contrary, the ear problems can reflect how healthy our present body is and how healthy our blood vessels or capillaries are. Science or technology can heal when we can have the comprehensive knowledge of our ears. Our ear parts are more delicate than other parts of our organs. So far, humans cannot replace damaged hearts by artificial hearts, the success of which is still a long way to go. The understanding of our body is still limited because we do not know the origin of lives.
eltonlam last decade
eltonlam, Thank you for your support. As a scientist I believe that I have a very good understanding of the current limitations of science in successfully diagnosing the cause of SSHL. A healthy diet is obviously important in all aspects of general health and I have always had a healthy diet and never smoked, never been drunk and am active.Traditional methods i.e prednisone at the start gave me some hearing back and I look forward to the time when more research will be able to give us more scientific answers - and maybe one day, a cure :)
JeWeL41 last decade
Hope01: Sorry to hear you´ve lost hearing in both ears but you are right: we must keep hoping for science to come up with solutions and adjust as best we can in the meantime. Hope you get your CI soon:-)
SusieQ_39 last decade
Just like theres no cure for the common cold [too many different viruses],so to with sudden hearing loss,too many possibilities.If your ENT has exhausted all other possibilities,and hearing has not returned after 6 months,then you should have another hearing test,and should the loss be still present, wear hearing aids.They can be really discreet these days,and is a far less embarrasing option than not hearing well.Theres no stigma attached to wearing eyeglasses,so why should the ears be regarded any differently.To an earlier post re sticking things in the ears to poke about,remember the old maxim:you should not put anything in your ears smaller than your elbow.
ThomasTheEar last decade
Hi All

on 14/11/2010 - (5 days) back,i suffered SSHL in my left ear. the audiogranm says it is profound hearing loss (20 db across frequencies) ..
My doc has kept me on dosage of solumedrol (500mg) and xanthinol nicotinate (900 mg) everyday since last 3 days, but still there is no improvement.

Can you pls. suggest if something more can be done. I am 29 years old with no medical history at all.

abhishekca last decade
Take two cups of fresh wheat grass juice every day and night if you can. Take natural food that contains enzymes and antioxidants. Do not eat processed food. Take spirulina or chlorella tablets if you have. Do not eat meat if you can and you will see the results.
eltonlam last decade
back earlier on this thread I had posted about my daughter's SHL in both ears. She has a Cochlear Implant in the right ear. This was over 5 yrs ago and she's now 47. Her SHL was I'M SURE due to a combo of TOO MANY meds including quinine. And pain meds....and a marriage full of stress.

She's NOW divorced and working on her life without the husband and doing pretty good, all in all.

Her hearing sometimes seems improved and I make sure she takes Grapeseed Extract every day 200mg and has been for a couple years. It's a powerful antioxidant and works on all circulation in our bodies.

I noticed the other night, I spoke to her from behind and she seemed to have heard me. One always has to be sure to talk to her face to face....so improvement may be there. I'm believing the Grapeseed Extract helps there a lot.

I've been taking GE for 15 yrs and I'm 72 and have excellent hearing and pretty good eyesight too. Again, circulation circulation circulation......Take care all.
joyce martino last decade
Grapeseed Extract is also indicated for vertigo issues, etc. There is SO MUCH info online re: Grapeseed Extract and or Pycnogenol.
joyce martino last decade
joyce martino,
I believe tha nature has provided the cures for us. Plants are there to sustain the existence of humans. When there is a cause, there must be a reason. The increase of diseases in this world is due to the human interventions in our food stuff. Our genes cannot recoginize processed food, they are foreign to our body. When processed food is eaten, the number of white blood cells in our blood stream will increase to clear the wastes. Our enzymes reserves are heavily taxed. It is miserable that there are too many processed and canned food in this world. Organic living plant food should be our final choice, but it is difficult to secure nowadays because our food cilvilization has changed profoundly.
eltonlam last decade
eltonlam, Fresh fruit, vegetables, lean red meat, white meat and fish are all very important in a healthy diet and over processed foods high in salt, sugar and artificial additives and preservatives are best avoided. However, many processed foods are fine and indeed contain less potentially harmful bacteria. White blood cells are part of our immune system and fight pathogens but do not get rid of waste. If, by 'organic living plant food', you mean veganism then this is not an easy or healthy diet to follow. Also, once the edible part of the plant is removed from the parent plant it is arguably no longer living!
JeWeL41 last decade
JeWel 41,
I had better say that the wastes are cleared by the lymphatic system. Continued supply of animal hormones in meat to our bodily glands will sooner or later result in caner formation without mentioning the undesirable presence of antibiotics in meat.Indeed,it is unlucky for us that the first human being found the scorched animal body delicious.
eltonlam last decade
I admire your conviction eltonlam but I think we will have to agree to differ :)
JeWeL41 last decade
Hi all,

It's been a year, perhaps, since my last post. My SSNHL came on two years ago, with no apparent cause, taking most of the low-frequency response in my left ear. My symptoms (hearing loss, tinnitus, and fullness) wax and wane according to no pattern I can find. I've been through extensive courses of prednisone, herbs, acupuncture, low-salt diet, fasting (3 weeks), and exercise with no discernible impact.

Here's a quick update. Six months ago, during a period of higher-than-usual stress, my hearing loss escalated to vertigo for about a week. That was awful and scary.

Since then, all symptoms have backed off to their relatively mild manifestations. I haven't experienced vertigo or the worst of the hearing loss, tinnitus, and fullness since.

To those of you suffering this ailment, I wish you healing and peace of mind.

tdgrnwld last decade
Ted, you sound a lot like I was. I firmly believe SSHL can be stress related and is a mind-body disease for some of us. See my website accessible from from profile.
jhorowi1 last decade
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nikeshox01 last decade
For those of use who know the problem is stress related (and presents as an allergy, as mine does) - I'm having really great results with NLP. No drugs, no suppliments, no nothing, no kidding!

Just Google 'robert dilts allergy process' or 'nlp allergy phobia of the immune system'

'The technique normally takes about 20 minutes to a half an hour but can be done in as short a time as 10 minutes.' So far so good. :-)
jhorowi1 last decade
not much use if you can't identify the supposed 'allergen'.
JeWeL41 last decade
I recommend only 2 reputable labs for the test Neuroscience (www.neurorelief.com) and www.Metametrix.com. If you've taken the IgG blood test with either of those and it came back negative then you are right, the source of your problem is different. I personally only think stress induced hearing loss will be the symptom of an allergy. There are probably other causes too.
jhorowi1 last decade
Hello everyone. I have been a guest reader on this forum for a couple months now and decided to join and share my story. My symptoms started with what appeared to be a sinus infection, had alot of post nasal drip and what appeared to be alot of clear to milky color nasal discharge in my nose. I then started to lose my hearing in both ears; but the left ear declined the most and two months into all this I went profoundly deaf in the left ear. I was diagnosed with meniers disease; never had vertigo or sick to stomach. I did have dizzy spells and felt light headed quite freguently. I received 4 steriod injection into the left ear, worked the first time but that was it. I was also prescribed prednisone on two different occassions and most recently prescribed famvir for 20 days, I am on day 14 with the famvir and weaning off the prednisone. I still have the nasal problem, I don't know if it is histamine or what, but it occures on a daily basis and at times it drains worse after I eat. I have been tested for lymes disease (negative, though I have read that false readings are common especially if you are taking prednisone), had thyroid checked (OK), mri (OK), and other blood work done. I have been to 4 different ents, two of them think meniers and the other 2 arent sure. I did have alot of stress just prior to all this, and like i said it appeared that I had a sinus infection or allergy. I had allergy testing, but not for food allergies. My right ear has moderate to severe hearing loss and is hanging tough. My right ear also fluctuates on a daily basis. I have strong tinnitus in both ears at times, some tinnitus at all times. I had to purchase hearing aids but the right hearing aid is the only one that is of any use. I was told by the ent that gave me the injections that some of my hearing could come back in the left ear, but advised that it could take time. I was healthy and ate a good diet prior to all this. This has been torture on a daily basis, I don't know what else to do. I think it is a shame that we have to do our own research in order to try to heal and live a normal life again. Does anyone have any advise for me, should I ask my doctor for any more tests. I pray everyday and pray for all of you as well. As down and depressed as I am, i still have hope and faith that God will intervene and help.
stngray114 last decade

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