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Genital warts - user entered condition

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Remedies discussed in multiple threads for genital:
Agnus Castus2
Aloe Socotrina2
Ambra Grisea2
Antimonium Crudum3
Antimonium Tartaricum2
Argentum Metallicum2
Argentum Nitricum2
Arnica Montana5
Arsenicum Album3
Aurum Metallicum3
Aurum Muriaticum3
Berberis Vulgaris2
Calcarea Carbonica6
Calcarea Fluorata3
Calcarea Phosphorica3
Cinnabaris (Maercurius Sulphuratus Ruber)2
Coffea Cruda3
Cuprum Metallicum2
Echinacea Angustifolia2
Echinacea Purpurea2
Euphrasia Officinalis3
Gaster galli2
Grindelia Robusta2
Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum3
Histaminum muriaticum2
Lachnanthes Tinctoria2
Lilium Tigrinum2
Lycopodium Clavatum7
Magnesia Phosphorica3
Mentha Piperita3
Mercurius Solubilis3
Mercurius Vivus5
Natrum Muriaticum11
Natrum Sulphuricum3
Nitricum Acidum7
Nux Vomica5
Phosphoricum Acidum3
Pulsatilla Nigricans3
Rhus Tox6
Secale Cornutum2
Thuja Occidentalis31
Zincum Metallicum2

Genital warts 19

Hello I need help my baby(6years old) got genital warts. We take 1M sulfur, I can see that they are red and smaller. It did not help: thuya, seacale con, medorrhinum. Please help u...
Remedies: Secale Cornutum, Medorrhinum, Sulphur, Thuja Occidentalis, Nitricum Acidum, Natrum Sulphuricum, Staphysagria, Staphylococcinum, Causticum
Started by AABB13. Last post: 2023-03-27

Genital Warts during Pregnancy 79

Hello, I am currently 31 weeks pregnant. I discovered genital warts at around 24 weeks and have been having them frozen on a weekly basis however this is having little effect and ...
Remedies: Sulphur, Natrum Muriaticum, Castor Equi, Thuja Occidentalis, Murure, Nitricum Acidum, Pulsatilla Nigricans, Caulophyllum Thalictroides, Nux Vomica
Started by Elka. Last post: 2022-06-26

Genital warts 49

I had genital warts long back,chronic warts was in childhood,later genital warts appeared 5 years ago,after 1 year homeopathic treatment,it was cured,but now I seeing tiny warts re...
Remedies: Medorrhinum, Histaminum muriaticum, Thuja Occidentalis, Sabina, Sepia
Started by amit143mishra. Last post: 2022-06-26

Genital Herpes - Please help! 68

Hi guys, I got diagnosed by genital herpes 4,5 months ago, I had herpes on the lips all life but hardly breakout anymore. Can some please suggest what homepathy medicine should i t...
Remedies: Grindelia Robusta, Thuja Occidentalis, Medorrhinum, Natrum Muriaticum, Arnica Montana, Lilium Tigrinum
Started by franky73. Last post: 2023-04-21

Genital warts problem 14

Hello sir, I am a male 29,unmarried india.height 5.6 and weight 70. My problem is,i am suffering from genital warts for 5 years.currents genital warts are tiny and flat in size gro...
Remedies: Phosphoricum Acidum
Started by Ayan khan2. Last post: 2023-02-27

Genital warts 2

I am female and have found some genital warts on the labia and near the vaginal opening. They aren't causing me any discomfort at all, are there homeopathic remedies to help t...
Started by rudylk. Last post: 2022-06-26

Male, 31, HPV recurring Genital warts 5

I am 31 years old. I have HPV. I began getting Genital warts 8 years ago. The warts are very small and brown sometimes flat, mainly on my penis shaft area. Sometimes they can be ha...
Started by tomas86. Last post: 2022-06-26

Amount and combination of oral drops for genital warts 3

I've orderd from Perensis these 23% alcohol liquid tinctures: Thuja Occidentalis LM3 Thuja Lobbi 6C Causticum LM1 Dulcamara 6C Natrum Sulphuricum LM1 Can't find anywher...
Remedies: Thuja Occidentalis
Started by realtime. Last post: 2022-06-26

Genital Warts - HPV 16

I am a 27 year old male suffering with genital warts for 2 years now. I have also warts on hand and had 3 on the face (got them burned off). I have tried many things including burn...
Remedies: Iodium, Adrenalinum, Ananassa sativa, Skookum Chuck, Antimonium Tartaricum, Causticum, Digitalis Purpurea, Calcarea Fluorata, Calcarea Phosphorica, Bioplasma, Mercurius Solubilis, Zincum Metallicum, Cuprum Metallicum, Calcarea Carbonica
Started by abcjohn. Last post: 2022-06-26

Need advice - genital warts 3

Hello, recently I am a student of homeopathy and I need some advice. My brother has genital warts for about three months. Two weeks ago he told me and I gave him Thuja 200 C. One...
Remedies: Thuja Occidentalis
Started by lussi. Last post: 2022-06-26

Genital warts 3

Hi, I am a female, mid thirties and have one genital wart. I have done thuja 30CH, ant. crud and nitr. acidum- 30Ch so far and I still have the wart. I am looking for advice on w...
Remedies: Antimonium Tartaricum, Argentum Nitricum, Aurum Metallicum, Aurum Muriaticum, Cantharis, Chromicum Acidum, Cinnabaris (Maercurius Sulphuratus Ruber), Euphrasia Officinalis, Graphites, Kali Arsenicosum, Lachesis, Mercurius Dulcis, Phosphoricum Acidum, Secale Cornutum, Sulphur, Syphilinum (Luesinum), Thuja Occidentalis, Nitricum Acidum
Started by Nikki333. Last post: 2022-06-26

Genital warts dilemma 2

Hello, I am a 19 year old female that contracted HPV and got genital warts. I realised it very late and when I saw them they were very large. I went to the gynaecologist and she re...
Started by Sonneblom. Last post: 2022-06-26

Dosage thuja capsule 1000 mg : how long and how often per day by genital warts 5

Thuja 1000mg capsule: any idear how long and how many times a day should I take them by genital warts???? Thanks guys...
Remedies: Aloe vera
Started by Hatsuhime. Last post: 2022-06-26

Genital warts 16

Hi! I would be grateful if someone could help me, I am 36, I have cauliflower like warts on my vagina and anus, I have about 6 the ones on my an us are long like skin tags but caul...
Remedies: Histaminum muriaticum, Thuja Occidentalis, Aloe Socotrina
Started by Ebonyadamore. Last post: 2022-06-26

Genital warts 2

hi . i am suffering from genital warts since one year . i tried podowart and cryotherapy . but no use .so started homeopathy .taking thuja and nitric acid since 15 days . but no i...
Started by kitchu. Last post: 2022-06-26

Accute Genital warts 3

I have warts problem since childhood(10 year old). Initially it was on fingers(like flat cauli-flowers) But after long treatment (1999).it had disappeared. It had reoccuring tenden...
Started by amit143mishra. Last post: 2022-06-26

Burning sensation in urinary tract and genital warts 20

I am suffering chronic burning sensation in urinary tract and genital warts from last 15 years. I have consulted many times with multiple doctors but it could not cured permanently...
Remedies: Calcarea Carbonica, Kali Muriaticum, Natrum Muriaticum, Berberis Vulgaris, Sulphur, Cinchona ( China ) Officinalis
Started by amit143mishra. Last post: 2022-06-26

Chronic genital warts 2

I am 35 years Male old IT professional(weight 74kg,height- 5'8"). I am having genital warts problem. Since childhood when I was 10 years old then first time right hand fi...
Started by amit143mishra. Last post: 2022-06-26

Genital herpes (HSV1) 13

Hi Sir/Madam, I have genital herpes from past 13 years and suffering a lot with genital sores and mouth ulcers which are recurrent, Currently sustaining with acyclovir(But I know ...
Started by sivakumarrs. Last post: 2022-06-25

Genital herpes female 4

I have recurrent case of genital herpes when I'm stressed My 1st out break Dr's test confirmed I had genital herpes. First outbreak 4 years ago. Only 1 ulcer the size ...
Remedies: Petroleum, Magnesia Phosphorica, Nux Vomica, Natrum Muriaticum
Started by Shadow Puppet. Last post: 2022-06-25

Women - Genital Herpes cure - HSV 2 11

Hi, I'm really hoping homeopathy can cure this for me? Has it been cured a lot of times? I would love info on how the medicine works. I am 31 years old, I was positive with ...
Remedies: Calcarea Phosphorica, Natrum Muriaticum
Started by Gabslb. Last post: 2022-06-25

Best topical application for Genital Psoriasis? 4

Hello everyone. My case is followed by Dr Tui here but he asked me to make a new post to have recommendations for a topical application on Genital Psoriasis. I have mild genital ...
Started by syria. Last post: 2018-10-27

Re: Genital wart 1

I am experiencing re-occurrence of genital wart in penis area with lesion and burning sensation after a long time. pl advice for its cure....
Remedies: Tabacum
Started by kailash.barick. Last post: 2018-02-16

Genital herpes 1

is there a constitutional remedy for genital herpes that comes before or during periods?...
Remedies: Gaster galli
Started by nanou. Last post: 2017-04-19

Urinary and genital problem 1

I am 23 years old.I work in a public sector organisation. My major problem is the cystitis of urinary bladder. This problem occured with the start of my teens. I also masturbated ...
Remedies: Agnus Castus, Damiana, Sabal Serrulata
Started by jabal. Last post: 2017-03-02

Genital Warts, HPV 14

Dear Dr, I'm looking for a homeopathy remedy for my genital warts that showed up 1 month ago. QUESTIONS: 1. Your age & sex: 30 / Female 2. Describe your appearance: &...
Remedies: Thuja Occidentalis
Started by chromeroses. Last post: 2017-02-07

Touching genitals in sleep 3

Hi, My daughter has seizures and he is under the care of a homeopath, SHe is currently using Belladonna for her and seems that seizure is controlled (manifested as touching the sh...
Remedies: Heracleum Sphondylium
Started by Jane77. Last post: 2017-01-08

Genital Herpes 19

i am male 26 , sexually active , 3 days back i have had itching on my thighs near groin area , there were reddish pimples there , which tend to increased in number next day in clus...
Remedies: Sulphur
Started by Maij. Last post: 2016-12-29

Attention dr Asad. Genital herpes 0

Dear Asad. I would like to receive yr help to resolve herpes.. recently i have had it almost constantly, became ill with a bad chest flu and afterwards many outbreakss of genital h...
Started by divinci. Last post: 2016-12-25

Attention Asad genital herpes 0

Dear Asad. I would like to receive yr help to resolve herpes.. recently i have had it almost constantly, became ill with a bad chest flu and afterwards many outbreakss of genital h...
Started by divinci. Last post: 2016-12-23

Genital Herpes type 2 1

Hello, I am a woman looking for help with Herpes type 2 infection. I don't know if homeopathy can actually cure the infection but I am hopeful and interested in exploring outs...
Started by pmaudlin. Last post: 2016-11-22

Genitals and butt itching along with excruciating pain 2

I'm asking this question on behalf of my fiancé. He has been in excruciating pain for the last 3-4 months due to internal and external hemorrhoids. We have seen doctors...
Started by mustangsaguaro. Last post: 2016-11-09

PLS help!!! 9 years old daughter with genital lichen schlerosus, hooded clitoris & blisters 1

Tried different homeopath, Chinese medicine, nothing is helping. She had it before & the homeopath was able to treat it in parallel with a diet but now it is becoming out of co...
Remedies: Tilia Europoea
Started by thereseazar. Last post: 2016-07-21

Chronic Genital Herpes 18

Age 53-Had herpes outbreaks for 30 years-They've migrated over time from lower back and buttocks to genital and anus-They used to come as small clusters of pearled blisters wh...
Remedies: Sarsaparilla, Natrum Muriaticum, Sepia, Mezereum, Rhus Tox
Started by Maggiethecat. Last post: 2016-06-28

Restlessness genital syndrome/ persistance genital arosal syndrome 10

I m suffering a disease ...name : restlessness genital syndrome or persistance genital arosal syndrome...........symptom: abnormal sensation on inside penis or bladder, frequent m...
Remedies: Bufo Rana, Kali Phosphoricum
Started by power40. Last post: 2016-06-18

Genital herpes 3

Dear Doctors, I have been diagnosed with herpes. it was located around my anus. I did not know I have it but it should be there since few years, as I am in a stable relationship s...
Remedies: Medorrhinum, Arnica Montana, Ledum Palustre, Arsenicum Album
Started by watermelon1. Last post: 2016-06-16

Genital herpes and candida 26

Hello, I have enjoyed reading all the posts on this forum and now I would like to askin for some help. I am a 26 year old female and I have been suffering from chronic yeast i...
Remedies: Magnesia Sulphurica, Mentha Piperita, Sepia, Mercurius Solubilis, Mercurius Vivus, Gaster galli, Boracicum Acidum, Argentum Metallicum, Lachesis
Started by somegirl. Last post: 2016-04-29

Genital herpes cured 0

I provide solution for herpes that is research based combination homeopathy therapy, it will eliminate the virus from your body and gradually you will be cured. You can mail me for...
Started by jacknjones. Last post: 2016-04-25

Dr. Nawaz Khan Pl help - Genital Wart resurfaced after two years 1

Hello Dr. Nawaz, I am Sameer/Male/45/married from Mumbai India. A black cauliflower like wart (fleshy, non-spongy, no pain, no itching, no sensitivity) developed on upper shaft o...
Started by sam2105. Last post: 2015-08-19

Dr. Kadwa - I am back after two years with same Genital wart problem. PL. HELP 7

Dear Dr. Kadwa, Kindly refer to my earlier history and treatment as prescribed by you at http://abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/330191/ I had a wart on the shaft of my penis in 2011...
Remedies: Lycopodium Clavatum
Started by sam2105. Last post: 2015-08-11

Genital herpes and ovarian cysts 1

Hi, i have had lots of inflammation and burning sensation inside my body (from mouth to genitals) for few years, after doing at least 100 different tests they found that I have gen...
Remedies: Apis Mellifica
Started by maryam. Last post: 2015-07-20

Genital inflammation and burning sensation 4

Hello dear Dr, I need help with my health condition. I suffer from vaginal burning sensation and inflammation. I also feel like i'm dehydrated and need to drink so much wate...
Remedies: Aloe Socotrina
Started by Naran. Last post: 2015-04-23

Genital herpes 19

i have genital herpes since 2 years. i have taken valtoval 500 for 1 year. the blood test reports say that it is not there. but i have sores and blisters on my penis. right now i a...
Remedies: Sarsaparilla, Arsenicum Album
Started by 9911691107. Last post: 2015-01-30

Hpv/ genital wart question 1

Hi, I am a female. I have 1 genital wart on the right labia and was told this is caused by HPV. It is not painful, it is pink/ red in colour, doesn't itch or bleed. I have ...
Started by Nikki333. Last post: 2014-10-20

Possible genital Herpes/help 1

I have filled out this questionnaire for you so you can help me out. I'm pretty sure it's herpes and would like to know what I can do about it. Here is the questionnaire ...
Remedies: Mercurius Vivus
Started by jy1390. Last post: 2014-08-28

Genital Mucosal Papillae 10

Dear Dr. I am a 29 year old healthy female. I developed small papillae in my genital area around urethra and vagina about 4 years ago. i noticed pinkish reddish rough lines , al...
Remedies: Thuja Occidentalis
Started by adcany25. Last post: 2014-08-02

Scalp bumps and genital issues 10

I am having chronic inflammation,itching,burning while urinating,watery and foul smelling discharge,narrowing of foreskin on the head of penis.Albeit i have never had a intercourse...
Remedies: Cantharis, Bioplasma
Started by abhabh. Last post: 2014-06-23

Genital warts 5

Hi I am a 34 years old male, 85kg, married. I have genital warts since 2010. I am mechanically removing them but they keeps apearing. Now there are 2 hard small ones on penis, on...
Started by cristtt5. Last post: 2014-05-20

Genital Itching 1

Hi having redness and itching on pennis for some time and red ness (red dots). Pls suggest some medication...
Started by jj054. Last post: 2014-02-13

Questionnaire for Genital warts & Abscess 6

Patient ID: Sex: M Age: 22 Please answer the following questions in a descriptive manner after careful analysis and recollection of previous experiences and happenings. 1. Descr...
Remedies: Calcarea Fluorata, Calcarea Phosphorica, Bioplasma, Calcarea Sulphurica
Started by Jonzeyy. Last post: 2014-01-19

Hairs genitals and allergy 1

hii. i am a 24 yer old male a student. i am having heavy stomach, no clear stools, hairs turning grey and thin, scalp getting shiny and sticky , also having red and yellow pustules...
Remedies: Camphora , Solanum Tuberosum, Mentha Piperita
Started by anaana. Last post: 2014-01-08

Treatment for recurrent cold sores and genital herpes 1

Dear Dr. I would like advice from you for my herpes cold sores and genital herpes problem. I want to get rid of it like some people don't have outbreaks in years but I have ou...
Started by alii123. Last post: 2013-12-11

Suffering from Genital Herpes from last 4 years 11

Dear Doctors, I need an urgent help. I have been suffering from genital herpes from last 4 years. The frequency is end of every four weeks. First week it start with small eruptions...
Remedies: Aconitum Napellus, Lycopodium Clavatum
Started by unknownventure. Last post: 2013-12-07

Genital Warts on Penis 4

Hello, After my wife had are first child, we went to the doctor and they inserted the mirena birth control IUD device in her uterus for birth control. After 3 months I started not...
Remedies: Silicea
Started by jas_ing. Last post: 2013-09-02

Genital Herpes 1

Hello Doctor, I have been having herpes outbreaks since a year now. I already tried the H2O2 intake programme twice, which claims it can cure herpes permanently. But I still conti...
Started by Tharanga. Last post: 2013-08-28

Genital herpes 1

Ive had herpes for many years an I have taken valterx as my doctor has recommend . I am getting monthly outbreaks and I am looking for a better treatment. I will need dosages and ...
Started by tobyrn. Last post: 2013-06-27

Genital herpes 1

i am 24 years old,i am suffering from genital herpes for nearly 2 years.I was getting outbreaks before evry after 4 or 5 months,but it is becoming more frequent now,alomst every mo...
Started by jacknjones. Last post: 2013-06-26

Female genital herpes help 1

29, Female Please answer the following questions in a descriptive manner after careful analysis and recollection of previous experiences and happenings. 1. Describe your main su...
Started by inwaves. Last post: 2013-06-15

Genital Warts 2

What dosage of Nitricum Acidum 6x should I take and for how long? PLEASE HELP....
Started by MrsGeopro. Last post: 2013-05-22

Male 31 : Male genital organ related problems 1

Dear Doctor, I am Dev from India and Iím going through some physical problems which needs to be addressed by an expert I guess. Iím 31 years old male, about 175 cm. (5 ft. 9 inch....
Started by mand3v. Last post: 2013-05-13

Genital warts 2

i have genital warts since from 6 month on my penis foreskin, which is worse after washing, itching, cauliflower like, after taking acidum nitricum 30 for 1 week all my warts incre...
Started by arunsingh2612. Last post: 2013-04-04

Genital warts on head of penis 2

Hello, I have some fleshy genital warts on the head of my penis. Particularly, they are located on the opening of my penis - which I believe is called the meatus. They flank bot...
Started by rfb9913. Last post: 2013-01-15

Genital warts on penis 5

I have warts since last one year. I had seen two allopathic doctors. the first suggested me to use podowart every third day with decaris adult tab on sat and sunday. podowart helpe...
Remedies: Nux Vomica, Thuja Occidentalis
Started by slow turn. Last post: 2013-01-06

Female: Genital Warts 3

I am looking for homeopathic advice regarding treatment for genital warts. I have been trying Tea Tree Oil topically, and I am going to start using Colloidal Silver topically as we...
Started by rudylk. Last post: 2013-01-03

Genital warts & Nitricum Acidum 10M 1

Hello, my name is martin. I have been dealing with genital warts in my anal area for about 2 years now and no remedy seems to keep them away for very long. I decided to order Nitri...
Started by mill1992. Last post: 2012-12-16

Genital warts,anemia and atopic dermatis 231

hello doctor, I had recently posted a querry on genital warts.. HOw do i judje that tuja is the right remedy for me? How can i have a permenant cure for my anemia? and i also suffe...
Remedies: Zincum Metallicum, Glycerinum, Calcarea Carbonica, X-ray, Calcarea Fluorata, Thuja Occidentalis, Sulphur, Ambra Grisea, Causticum, Lachesis, Lachnanthes Tinctoria, Lilium Tigrinum, Lycopodium Clavatum, Magnesia Phosphorica, Euphrasia Officinalis, Carbo Vegetabilis, Mitchella Repens, Asarum Europaeum, Medorrhinum
Started by sensitive. Last post: 2012-09-30

Recurrent genital herpes 1

I am a 31 yr old female experiencing monthly outbreak from genital herpes ( sometimes shortly before my period-sometimes after ) . i am not using any antivirals for it ... any sug...
Started by babyf. Last post: 2012-09-06

Genital herpes (hsv-2) 5

hello i got diagnosed genital herpes(hsv-2) a month ago and i only had one outbreakso far.. is there any medicine that cures genital herpes.. thanks in advance...
Remedies: Lycopersicum, Mercurius Vivus, Mercurius Solubilis
Started by blueline68. Last post: 2012-08-19

Dreams of woman with male genital 0

Hello what remedy would dream of such things? Anyone know? I also dream of being attacked...
Started by Almost. Last post: 2012-07-26

Genital Herpes 2

My neme is Shiva , Dr. has dignosed me genital herpies. I am suffering from thease dieses for last ten years, but now it has become very sevear & out breaks are very frequent one a...
Started by shiva1507. Last post: 2012-07-23

Genital and anal wart 4

Hi, I'm a 23 old guy. I have a problem with persistent anal condylomas. I went to 4 or 5 doctors but I still do not have solved my problem. at this point I'd like to try ...
Started by fede889. Last post: 2012-06-21

Herpes genital and oral(cold sore) 5

what medicine can be used for reoccurring herpes virus activity. Foreskin itchiness and cold sores corner of mouth. sometimes bring pink stand alone pimple here and there on the bo...
Started by sunny89. Last post: 2012-06-20

Chronic genital herpes 12

hello, I have had chronic genital herpes outbreaks for 30 years and it seems to be getting worse. I am 51 years old and female. I am thin with dark hair and 5'2'. The out...
Remedies: Sepia, Calcarea Carbonica
Started by msbartleby55. Last post: 2012-06-14

Genital bumps 1

Hi doctors! I had sexual relations with a man about 3-4 years ago that had herpes. We used a condom every time; however, I have noticed in the past years (even prior to having the...
Remedies: Angelica Atropurpurea
Started by angel531. Last post: 2012-06-01

Best Treatment for Genital warts? 4

Im curious because i found a good homeopathic treatment for plantar warts and common warts, just not genital warts. Can anyone suggest some?...
Remedies: Salicylicum Acidum
Started by Nate Paulson. Last post: 2012-05-02

Genital Area reoccuring cysts 1

I am a 23 yr old female. About 3 years ago I had a pilonidal cyst removed from my butt area..right at the top of my buttcrack. A few months before that I had a cyst removed from my...
Remedies: Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum
Started by k33sa. Last post: 2012-03-20

Genital warts 5

A young male has HPV. What may I prescribe? He is considering Thuja. If so will 30 potency do and how many times a day for how long? I was considering Nat Sulph 6x biochemical too...
Started by gitamadhu. Last post: 2012-02-27

Genital warts 11

Hi. I recently discovered I have genital warts about a month ago. There are several very small ones, mostly arranged in a group. Upon research on the internet I decided to try to s...
Remedies: Thuja Occidentalis, Natrum Muriaticum
Started by hopefull. Last post: 2012-02-21

Genital Warts 0

I have warts (HPV) on the genital area. One on the lower portion of shaft and three are just above the shaft, below navel. It is like cauliflower and black in colour. Is there a...
Started by lanka. Last post: 2012-02-17

Genital infection still present from staphysgaria 0

will this correct in itself on its own or not? It been a few months now and the skin is still pink and inflated from infection on area at the tip of male genital and smells a bit ...
Started by starface. Last post: 2012-01-27

Tissue change on genital from staphysgaria - Correction - return of old symptom 10

When I was taking staphysgaria a few months ago 3 days later my genital at the end of the tip of penis changed. THe area where foreskin and the tip meet. My foreskin more loose and...
Remedies: Platinum Metallicum, Lycopodium Clavatum, Lac Caninum, Tarentula Hispanica
Started by starface. Last post: 2012-01-09

Frequent urination and throbbing pressure in genitals 1

Dear all, I am reposting my earlier post in hopes of better advice. I am 39 years of age, male and have been having frequent urination problem for the past 2 months. Condition h...
Started by frequrination. Last post: 2012-01-08

Genital Herpes 0

Hi, I'm 41 yr old male and I have had genital herpes for 9 yrs. I always get the outbreaks on the shaft of my penis once a month or every other month. My last outbreak took...
Started by kruno. Last post: 2011-12-14

Backache and genitals weakness 1

i am 28 yrs of age.i have been suffering from backache for 2 yrs in lower half of back. it becomes hard for me to stand after long time sitting. thick fluid emits during urination ...
Started by kami201. Last post: 2011-10-17

Genital Warts 1

Genital warts is a very shameful disease for me. When my auntie had it, we seek medical attention and our family doctor told us that the best treatment for genital warts is Oxyfend...
Started by Rain_123. Last post: 2011-08-27

Genital thrush - 11 moth old little girl 6

Hello :) Just wondering if there's a good remedy for genital thrush that I can give to my 11 month old daughter? she had oral thrush from birth:( which I treated (very sad abo...
Remedies: Rhus Tox
Started by nettle. Last post: 2011-08-25

Genital Herpes/anger 35

Hello, I am 32y.o female. Had genital herpes outbreaks for past 2 years.I got really bad anger issues, that I somehow link with herpes. I also have some mild dull pain in my liver...
Remedies: Natrum Sulphuricum, Ipecacuanha, Thuja Occidentalis
Started by indreindre. Last post: 2011-08-12

Genital Warts - Scrotum - Desperately looking for a cure... 27

I have HPV for two years now. About 80% of my scrotum area is covered with very stubborn warts. They are all grouped as cauliflower like masses of various sizes. I have been sein...
Remedies: Thuja Occidentalis, Echinacea Purpurea, Tabacum, Morphinum, Mentha Piperita, Zingiber, Nux Vomica, Argentum Metallicum, Myrrha, Echinacea Angustifolia
Started by Johnny. Last post: 2011-08-08

Libido loss - Numbness of Genitals - after antidepressant (SSRI) -no solution yet - please read 2

Hello, iam 22 old men from Germany. 4 Years ago i toke some antidepressant (Celexa), because i was a little bit depressed(nothing serious). I lost my libido and my feeling in genit...
Started by north4. Last post: 2011-07-15

Genitals; female; sexual intercourse; desire diminished; with sexual excitement 9

Hi Joe, Me and my wife used to have an exciting and satisfied carnal and conjugal life. She had polycistic ovary that was treated with Femilon successfully, and the doctor advised...
Remedies: Arnica Montana
Started by avishek009. Last post: 2011-07-06

Genital warts remedy? 1

Hi, I've noticed some skin tags on my genitals and it's been there for several months now. I'm bothered by it! I've been looking online for some remedies to g...
Started by chris66. Last post: 2011-06-22

Pain in genital area(left)[URGENT] 3

i am having pain in the left side of my gential area beside the penis.the pain continues throughout the day as a dull, aching feeling in that area .i feel the stitching pain partic...
Started by Neel1619. Last post: 2011-06-10

White patch at genital 0

Dear Doctors,My sister's daughter aged 9 years has a light pink patch(doctor said it may be Vitiligo) at her genital from around 6 months.its around 1 inch total width now.But...
Started by pradeepx28. Last post: 2011-06-08

Genital warts 18

hello. I am a 48 yo caucasian male who has had genital warts for 25 yrs. For years, I took vitamin A and it seemed to hold them at bay. They had been no a problem for many years un...
Remedies: Thuja Occidentalis
Started by IndraMong. Last post: 2011-05-01

Genital warts 0

hello. I am a 48 yo caucasian male who has had genital warts for 25 yrs. For years, I took vitamin A and it seemed to hold them at bay. They had been no a problem for many years un...
Started by IndraMong. Last post: 2011-03-19

Genital herpes. 8

I have a genital herpes for 9 years. Outbreaks are on my butt. Please, help. Iíll answer your questions...
Started by Pavel123. Last post: 2011-02-23

Genital herpes 7

I have been suffering from genital herpes for the last 12 years. First outbreak was during pregnancy. Second outbreak during 2nd pregnancy but since the last 2 or 3 years it is get...
Remedies: Ambra Grisea, Lycopodium Clavatum
Started by anabella. Last post: 2011-02-22

Need help for genital herpes 1

I am 52 yrs old diagnosed with g herpes 5 months ago.first episode lasted 3 weeks and had two blisters and pain in urination. Pain in buttocks and back of legs and sole of feet flu...
Started by dixiexx. Last post: 2011-01-29

Genital Herpes 15

I contracted herpes a little less than a year ago and have had an outbreak now for 4 months. I have been taking valcyclovir (valtrex) and lysine with very little success. It worked...
Remedies: Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum, Hepar Sulphuris Kalinum, Heparine
Started by rozzo. Last post: 2011-01-13

How to Prevent Contracting Genital Warts 1

Genital warts are a prevalent and underestimated but still dangerous disease. How to prevent from contracting them is the question we should consider. We are not only trying to ste...
Started by vincit. Last post: 2010-12-12

Sensitive genital 3

I am facing a problem of sesitive genital. My intercoure time is very short. I released after three or four strokes. Any medicine to extend intercourse duration....
Remedies: Staphysagria
Started by Ashraf3. Last post: 2010-12-10

Irritation and itching on genitals and butt 80

I have this itching problem on scrotum,lower base part of the penis where it touches the scrotum and on butts for about 5 years.i went to so many dermatologists, but did not help.I...
Remedies: Usnea Barbata, Arnica Montana, Urtica Urens, Psorinum, Nux Vomica, Rhus Tox, Petroleum, Gelsemium Sempervirens, Graphites, Antimonium Crudum, Ingluvin, Sulphur, Bovista, Dulcamara
Started by cooldude06. Last post: 2010-09-04

Genital Herpes - Is petroleum best for me? 0

I used the find remedy tool & only petroleum came up. Should I try it with another remedy? Here's my situation: I'm 51 yr old female who is going through menopause. I...
Started by iCanHealMe. Last post: 2010-08-21

Itching in Genital area 4

Dear Dr In last days i am suffering from ITCHING in genitical area, mostly down to testicles, both side to stomach area, black dark spots found 4-5 places, I feel very uncomfortabl...
Remedies: Rhus Tox
Started by Krish7474. Last post: 2010-05-28

Genital Warts and Body Warts 0

I ordered the following herbs for my genital warts. Can someone tell me if they are correct for genital warts and the correct dosage each day? Diagnosis: Genitals: -Mine are...
Started by healthjunkie. Last post: 2010-05-23

Genital Itching 1

I've been suffering from itching all over the scrotum & in the groin for the last 28 years. There're no eruptions in that area & only occasional sticky secretion here & t...
Started by raz2802. Last post: 2010-05-08

Genital problem 2

I am getting married next month. I have done excessive masturbation since childhood that has damaged my genital organ. Small sized, slightly curved towards left, lack of hardness a...
Started by ej4535. Last post: 2010-04-27

[please help] genital warts cure??? 0

This is in continuation of my previous topic. http://abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/217593/ I've genital warts. Most of them are on my pubic hair area and 4-5 on the base of my...
Started by sinner. Last post: 2010-04-02

Dr. mehfooz plz - reacurent genital thrush 7

I've been battling mild versions of thrush for the last year or so. Almost 3 weeks ago I started to feel itching in my vulva. My homoeopath had prescribed me staphysagria in ...
Remedies: Alumina, Kreosotum
Started by sigita. Last post: 2010-02-05

Genital problem 12

Dear Sir, I have following problems: 1. Drawn up testicles, like a single ball, hard, pumped scrotum. 2. Erection absent, feels like ejaculating. Please help....
Remedies: Agnus Castus, Cactus Grandiflorus, Pulsatilla Nigricans
Started by ajaysharma. Last post: 2010-01-13

Genital herpes infection forl 0

Hi, I am 48 yrs male, and been sufring from genital herpes infection for last 18 years. I have on an avarage 2 out breaks per year, I take acycloviar 400 mg ( 3TABS per day) as soo...
Started by swpanil000. Last post: 2009-10-29

Constitutional remedy brings success for genital herpes for 15 years before becoming antidoted. 14

I am a 57-year-old male who contracted genital herpes 30 years ago and suffered outbreaks once or twice a year up until 1990. In 1990 Bill Gray, MD prescribed a constitutional re...
Remedies: Arnica Montana, Rhus Tox, Magnesia Phosphorica, Coffea Cruda, Arsenicum Album
Started by Zorax. Last post: 2009-10-23

Genital herpes treatments and signs 0

Possible treatments eastern western oral topologically or spiritual. Meds pills snake oil what could work to decrease Obs heal scar and maybe kill these dreaed virus and news about...
Started by Ryansy. Last post: 2009-10-22

Genital warts 0

dear doctor i am surrered from genital warts for 1year.and wart on left hand . i have taken homeopaty med thuja , baptisa, nitric acid, causticum,antimony crud all in 200cc in sing...
Started by om457289. Last post: 2009-10-21

Genital Problem 1

Dear Sir, I am 33 years old, height is 6'3', weight is 65 Kgs, slim. Sir, a few months ago I suffered from Hyperthyroidism, I had an allopathic treatment, the problem wa...
Started by muneerwahid. Last post: 2009-07-28

Pregnant - Genital warts symptoms - please advise me 0

Hi, I'm 5 months pregnant and have been under homeopathhic treatment for the last 3 months. I originally went with really bad cronic trush and unfortunately it has become a p...
Started by srbear. Last post: 2009-07-14

Genital warts , anemia and atopic dermatis 0

Hi doctor Niel, Thanks for your reply. The details you asked me are as follows: Age: 33 , Sex : female, unmarried. Weight: 44 , country: india. Climate: moderate Complaints:1. Suff...
Started by sensitive. Last post: 2009-05-27

Genital wart,anemia,atopic dermatis 0

hello sir/madam, i am suffering from anemia since almost 10 years.my condition is a little stable this year. i also suffer from atopic dermatis. Another problem that i am sufferin...
Started by sensitive. Last post: 2009-05-22

Genital warts 0

I have observed a certain genital warts of white in color, somewhat like hard boils on the corona of my glans penis which is painless and also does not itch. What it could possibly...
Started by shaikh47. Last post: 2009-04-18

Facial and Genital Herpes please help 1

Hello! I am looking for a treatment of facial and genital herpes, that has been coming back over years. The contemporary medicine (Acyclovir) has not really helped me. I have blist...
Remedies: Natrum Muriaticum
Started by Hettich. Last post: 2009-01-17

Genital wart? 2

i'm not sure if i have a wart or not, it started out as a small zit that i popped, then would't stop growing, i'm trying nitric acid, antimoniom crudum, but all it&#...
Remedies: Calendula Officinalis
Started by mydznutz. Last post: 2008-11-24

Herpes Type I (oral) on Genitals 2

I have Type I (oral) herpes on my genitals and while I only had one or two severe outbreaks I suffer from near constant tingling and itching, especially near my period. What would ...
Started by aquas. Last post: 2008-10-26

Genital herpes out of control. 2

First, I have to say that I do consult a homopathy phisician each two months. He already prescribed anacardium orientale, from 10m to 100m with no results. Now he prescribed tube...
Started by pablo. Last post: 2008-09-09

Genital Warts on Scrotum 3

Hello, This is very embarassing, but I believe I have contracted genital warts. I first noticed a bump on the shaft of my penis about 7 months ago. I thought it was an ingrown hai...
Remedies: Thuja Occidentalis
Started by frank78. Last post: 2008-09-04

Genital Lichen Planus 2

Is there any effective homeopathy cream for males' genital lichen planus? There are itchy bumps (around the head) that mostly appear in winter time and the only medicine that ...
Started by filfili. Last post: 2008-07-17

Genital Warts 2

I have recently discovered some warts on my penis that have really shook me up. I'm looking to see what I can do without medical doctors before I see one. I just want to get s...
Started by needshelp. Last post: 2008-07-02

HPV - Male - 15 small, flesh colored genital warts 1

I am a 26 year old male who noticed a small bump on my penis about 3 weeks ago. I noticed this after several weeks of bad sleep, which I think weakened my immune system and caused...
Remedies: Grindelia Robusta
Started by pncbasil. Last post: 2008-06-24

Genital problem 4

Dear sirs, I am a male, 33years old, I have a problem since puberty which is the following: the sides of thighs with genitals itches and feel like sweating with a very bad smell an...
Started by Fadyy. Last post: 2008-06-17

Genital warts - thuja didn't work 13

I have several single ones and small groups. They're around the base, on the penis, and even a couple on my lower abdomen. They are flesh colored/pink. I took 3 doses per day ...
Remedies: Thuja Occidentalis, Lycopersicum
Started by nitley. Last post: 2008-06-12

Need help with Genital Warts!! Please i am at your mercy 1

So i just went to my doctor on friday because a few days before i noticed a 'pimple' or so i thought on my penis near the base where it connects to ur skin. Figured it woul...
Started by IntotheStorm. Last post: 2008-05-17

Genital Warts 12

Female, 40 years age. Fleshy wart like growth on labia minora which sometimes bleeds (once in about 4 months). New wart like growth seen on clitoral hood now. Had boils all over pu...
Remedies: Echinacea Purpurea, Coffea Cruda, Glycerinum, Echinacea Angustifolia, Sepia, Calcarea Carbonica, Lycopodium Clavatum, Lachesis
Started by homeo40. Last post: 2008-04-30

Genital warts 8

Hello, 27y/o male I've been going at it with genital warts for about 10 months now to no avail. They havn't changed much since first appearance but have really taken me ...
Remedies: Antimonium Crudum, Calcarea Carbonica, Causticum, Dulcamara, Graphites, Nitricum Acidum, Ranunculus Bulbosus, Sepia, Sulphur, Thuja Occidentalis, Euphrasia Officinalis, Lycopodium Clavatum, Phosphoricum Acidum, Rhus Tox, Sabina, Staphysagria, Ammonium Carbonicum, Belladonna, Bovista, Natrum Carbonicum, Sarsaparilla, Silicea, Kali Carbonicum, Phosphorus, Psorinum, Mercurius Vivus, Aurum Metallicum, Kali Sulphuricum, Lachesis, Natrum Muriaticum, Petroleum, Ruta Graveolens, Natrum Sulphuricum, Cuprum Metallicum, Baryta Carbonica, Berberis Vulgaris, Ferrum Phosphoricum, Ferrum Metallicum, Lachnanthes Tinctoria, Aurum Muriaticum Natronatum, Aurum Muriaticum
Started by tigreso. Last post: 2008-04-20

Genital warts inside vagina 2

hi 2 years ago found a few tiny genital warts around the anal area. treated them with thuja 30 and disappeared in 2 weeks. recently have had 2 smear tests with abnormal results. ha...
Started by naturally. Last post: 2008-03-27

Please help! Genital Warts from HPV 3

Hello, I am a 24 year old female and I have had HPV for 1 year. My husband also has it, and we both have genital warts. Mine are internal (vagina) and his are external close to the...
Remedies: Thuja Occidentalis
Started by organikagirl. Last post: 2008-03-02

Any remedy to reduce the pubic hair grown on the male genital 3

Is there any remedy that might focus on reducing or removing the hair grown on the male genital, without reducing other body hair?...
Started by majaown. Last post: 2008-02-19

When are genital warts not genital warts? 1

Good Day, I read the what Dr. Beek had to say about why we get sick and have to agree whole heartedly.But that is not why I am writing.I would like to ask Dr. Beek if he knows anyt...
Remedies: Thuja Occidentalis
Started by toque eh?. Last post: 2008-01-31

Foliculitous and genital warts 2

Hello all. Happy to be here and hope to make progress. Thank you in advance for your consideration. My name in Marco. Im 27 single male. 165lbs (74kg) 5'10' (178cm)in USA...
Started by takawa. Last post: 2007-12-14

Please help. Tiny bumps under the skin of genitals 4

I have so many small bumps under the skin of my scrotum and penis. I have been noticing them for the last 7-8 months. the skin was clear before. the bumps are noticeable only if I ...
Remedies: Thuja Occidentalis
Started by rajagl. Last post: 2007-12-05

Genital warts 3

I have taken Thuja orally (30C) and effectivly rid myself of the caulliflower like patch under my scrotum. Brilliant remedy really! The only concern now is that I have white little...
Remedies: Thuja Occidentalis
Started by usermich. Last post: 2007-11-27

Genital Warts 8

I've had warts for the past 7 months or so, and have been to a clinic to try to remove them. I have been given two types of cream and they have been frozen, with a kind of aci...
Remedies: Argentum Nitricum, Nitricum Acidum, Thuja Occidentalis
Started by joannef. Last post: 2007-11-24

Seeking advice on possible genital wart 1

I live in a rural area of the USA without access to a homeopathic physician and would like to seek advice here. About 7 years ago I had a small skin tag removed from my neck by a ...
Started by tom123. Last post: 2007-11-11

Genital herpes 3

Iam 31 and have genital herpes. I am desperate about it, is there any way to help me?...
Started by Layla22. Last post: 2007-11-05

Safe genital wart treatment while Breastfeeding 1

Hi, I am in need of a treatment for my genital warts. I did not know that I had HPV until I had a vaginal wart diagnosed by my OBGYN while I was pregnant. That wart was removed ...
Started by csd2007. Last post: 2007-10-09

Chronic genital herpes 0

I found this questionaire on your website and was hoping that by filling it out someone could give me advice on what homeopathy methods/substances might work for me. Patient ID:...
Started by melbas. Last post: 2007-10-08

Genital Warts 4

I am 26 and have just found out i have HPV i am horrified, i have bough Thuja 30C tablets and i am unsure which dose to take, please help....
Started by kb1981. Last post: 2007-09-19

Genital watrs i nee help!! 12

Hi i'm a 20 year old university student from Ontario Canada, and i have HPV with out ward wart like bumps which bleed easily, both in and out side of my vagina. I had my pap t...
Remedies: Thuja Occidentalis, Nitricum Acidum
Started by marie-nash. Last post: 2007-09-14

Genital numbness-from effexor? 0

Has anyone here taken effexor and experienced persistant genital numbness during or after quitting effexor xr. I have stopped the med for over a year, and I still suffer from this....
Started by patrizio. Last post: 2007-07-09

Genital warts 7

What is the treatment for penile warts...
Remedies: Thuja Occidentalis, Cinnabaris (Maercurius Sulphuratus Ruber), Nitricum Acidum
Started by lezzz2503. Last post: 2007-04-03

Genital boils 24

I have big boil on the side of my clitoris. It does not have pus yet but is red and tender. I also fell on the edge and feverish. There is great discomfort to the touch. Will Apis...
Remedies: Mercurius Vivus, Silicea, Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum
Started by pscarci. Last post: 2007-03-25

Genital warts 4

Hi! I was cured of cystitis with homeopathic remedy and I hope that exists an remedy for genital warts too. I have an appoiment at my homeopathic doctor in March and untill than I...
Remedies: Thuja Occidentalis
Started by Anny Mary. Last post: 2007-02-01

Initial genital herpes outbreak-pls help 5

My friend's sister is experiencing her first genital herpes outbreak. It was confirmed at the hospital. She is in agony. She is afraid to urinate because it burns so badly. ...
Remedies: Ozone (Oxygenium)
Started by Erin. Last post: 2007-01-31

Genital warts and thuja ointment 8

Hi, I am about to start using thuja cream to try and get rid of some vaginal/anal warts that appeared when i was pregnant. I wanted to know how much and how often and for how long ...
Remedies: Thuja Occidentalis, Causticum, Antimonium Crudum
Started by minky. Last post: 2007-01-25

Hard boil in genital area 2

pls help me fast i have a painful hard boil in my genital area...like near my vagina below it near my anus. it is not soft..it is hardened and became bigger..harder pains while sit...
Started by sekir. Last post: 2006-12-13

Undeveloped genital organs 0

Dear All, One of my friend has recently disclosed his problem who is getting married in mid of January, 2007. When he was born there was only one (right) testicle after 20 years o...
Started by FOOTER. Last post: 2006-11-23

Require a remedy for Genital warts... 4

I am suffering from a genital warts maybe...which has spread to & around my legs which itches a lot(Thighs, Calve,Knees,& some on my palm,hands & fingers)...mainly it was only on t...
Started by shaikh47. Last post: 2006-11-12

Under developed genital organs 0

Dear Members May I request you all to help me. When I was born there was only one (right) testicle after 20 years of age it came down. The doctors advised my parents that after 10...
Started by FOOTER. Last post: 2006-09-19

Under developed genital organs 0

Dear Doctors May I request you to help me. When I was born there was only one (right) testicle after 20 years of age it came down. The doctors advised my parents that after 10-12 ...
Started by FOOTER. Last post: 2006-09-19

Under developed genital organs 1

From FOOTER on May I request you to help me. When I was born there was only one (right) testicle after 20 years of age it came down. The doctors advised my parents that after 10-1...
Remedies: Aurum Metallicum
Started by walkin. Last post: 2006-09-19

Problem in genital area 4

Hi, 2 months ago I developed a small kind of break out at the right side of my genital area. It got big at first but then it shrank without doing anything. Now again it has started...
Remedies: Silicea
Started by beth2006. Last post: 2006-09-08

Genital boil !!! 4

Hi There!Totally new to this.I know there is another thread for this, but it hasn't been read in 8 months. So I was hoping a new thread would get me some advice!!It is common ...
Remedies: Silicea, Sulphur
Started by BoilPain. Last post: 2006-08-21

Genital watrs please help.... 2

I have found out i have genital warts about a year ago. i use Aldara on and off,but it causes so much burning. If i don not use anything my warts get bigger and more. I don't ...
Remedies: Thuja Occidentalis
Started by rozzy. Last post: 2006-08-04

Genital warts hpv vagina 5

Hello i am 29 years old very fit, never had kids, eat healthy and have no health problems per se...about 6 months ago my gyno detected an abnormal pap did a coloscopy and found tha...
Remedies: Thuja Occidentalis, Sepia, Pulsatilla Nigricans, Graphites, Murex
Started by reagan. Last post: 2006-07-16

Genital growth 4

Hope this finds all the member of the forum good health. May I request you to help me. When I was born there was only one (right) testicle after 20 years of age it came down. The...
Remedies: Thyroidinum, Aurum Muriaticum
Started by masterr. Last post: 2006-06-21

Genital herpes - Arsenium album 200c 0

New to forum + homeopathy so bear with meWas diagnosed with GH 3 years ago - outbreak v rare nowadays (maybe twice a year when run down, too much alcohol or stress).Have managed to...
Started by happy27. Last post: 2006-04-07

Genital warts for a year 4

Hello world. I have had genital warts for about a year now. I contracted it from a female and I have had them frozen and have used condolox gel. Both have gotten rid of the warts...
Started by av8tor. Last post: 2006-03-21

Article on An orgasm (Sensation of pleasure in genital organs) -By Dr. D. Sharma 0

An orgasm (from Greek orgasmós, from orgán - "to swell", "be lustful"), also known as a sexual climax, is a pleasurable physical, psychological or emotional response ...
Started by deoshlok. Last post: 2006-03-20

Genital Warts 2

Female, 40 years in age. Sexually inactive since last 10 years. Developed cauliflower like growth on lips in vaginal area including a small mole or wart like growth on clitoral hoo...
Started by homeo40. Last post: 2005-12-21

Tx for Genital Herpes 4

I'm looking for help with genital herpes. I have had previous homeopathic treatment before the herpes, my Homeopath has since retired and I am looking for a new doctor. In the...
Remedies: Sepia
Started by sol47. Last post: 2005-11-12

Genital herpes, sabra, passkey, ..someone please help!! 9

appologies for the long text.Approximately four years ago was diagnosed with genital herpes following an acute primary attack which took two weeks to recover from and included pain...
Remedies: Petroleum, Croton Tiglium
Started by kvk29. Last post: 2005-09-24

Genital herpes, sabra, passkey, someone? please help 1

appologies for the long text.Approximately 4 yrs ago was diagnosed with genital herpes following an acute primary attack which took two weeks to recover from and included painfull ...
Remedies: Natrum Muriaticum
Started by kvk29. Last post: 2005-09-21

Genital wart? 1

I believe I may have a wart on my penis. I believe I may have had two when I was 13 years old but they went away after a year or so and I have not seen any signs since. I am now ...
Started by frankie. Last post: 2005-08-14

Genital Warts - Vagina 8

I have a wart on my upper vagina. Every time i take a shower i seems to act up. Sometimes it will just stay there dormant, but two weeks or so before my period, it starts acing up ...
Remedies: Thuja Occidentalis
Started by tyrese's girl. Last post: 2005-08-05

Genital warts 1

I have been diagnosed with genital warts and have noticed rashes starting in other parts of my body. Can genital warts spread to other areas?? This is deeply concerning me....
Started by betsey. Last post: 2005-05-24

Genital herpes 6

SYMPTOM: sense of tingling in left thigh.it changes to painful bump after a few days with a red edgeless than 1cm.the center of lesion looks like a vesicule (like a pearl).it has c...
Remedies: Thea Sinensis, Natrum Muriaticum, Petroleum, Psorinum, Tuberculinum
Started by parmida. Last post: 2005-05-22

Genital Warts 0

Few months back i.e. on Oct-9, there was a small pimple(red coloured) on my penis i.e. the inner side, which I discovered while bathing. I considered that as fungal infection and a...
Started by Believer. Last post: 2004-12-27

Electic sparks from foot to head, and in the Genital area these 3

I am 32 years old male. From a year before I am facing a very difefrent kind of problem.One year before I had pain in lower abdomen, swelling and pain in testicles and in Penis. I...
Remedies: Coffea Cruda, Tabacum
Started by Tam. Last post: 2004-07-05

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