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Remedies discussed in multiple threads for cat:
Aconitum Napellus7
Agaricus Phalloides2
Aloe Socotrina5
Apis Mellifica4
Argentum Metallicum6
Argentum Nitricum2
Arnica Montana18
Arsenicum Album30
Aurum Metallicum3
Baryta Carbonica3
Bellis Perennis4
Berberis Vulgaris3
Bufo Rana2
Caladium Seguinum6
Calcarea Carbonica17
Calcarea Fluorata6
Calcarea Phosphorica9
Calendula Officinalis4
Carbo Animalis2
Carbo Vegetabilis5
Chelidonium Majus2
Cinchona ( China ) Officinalis3
Conium Maculatum4
Cuprum Metallicum3
Echinacea Angustifolia2
Euphrasia Officinalis3
Ferrum Metallicum4
Ferrum Phosphoricum8
Gelsemium Sempervirens4
Grindelia Robusta2
Gummi Ammoniacum4
Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum2
Heracleum Sphondylium9
Histaminum muriaticum6
Hyoscyamus Niger2
Hypericum Perforatum5
Ignatia Amara9
Juglans Regia3
Kali Muriaticum11
Kali Phosphoricum7
Ledum Palustre6
Lycopodium Clavatum11
Magnesia Phosphorica4
Mercurius Corrosivus2
Mercurius Solubilis3
Mercurius Vivus14
Naja Tripudia2
Natrum Muriaticum18
Natrum Phosphoricum4
Natrum Sulphuricum4
Nepeta Cataria4
Nitricum Acidum4
Nux Vomica26
Ocimum Canum2
Pulsatilla Nigricans14
Rhus Tox7
Ruta Graveolens2
Serum Anguillae2
Solanum Tuberosum2
Solidago Virg. aur.2
Thuja Occidentalis11
Tilia Europoea2
Urtica Urens4
Uva Ursi2

Cat needs remedy 64

Hello, I am very grateful with anyone who can give me advise on my cat. He is a large frame 11 years old. I have noticed that he has been losing some inches and thought he might b...
Remedies: Agaricus Phalloides, Staphysagria, Cina, Chininum Muriaticum, Gummi Ammoniacum, Kreosotum, Nux Vomica, Phosphorus, Causticum, Sol, Sulphur, Arnica Montana, Urtica Urens, Cantharis, Arsenicum Album
Started by penny3. Last post: 2019-05-06

Massive wall of pus on cat 3

We have a stray cat that we noticed a small lump starting about 5 months ago.. it grew until it was a golf size ball on his right cheek. (I 'think' it's from a cat f...
Remedies: Kali Muriaticum
Started by Nancy Nurse. Last post: 2022-07-13

Blood in Cat poop 6

Hello Everyone! I am new to this website. I am apologizing in advance for this long passage and I sincerely thank you for reading. I really need help and some advise with homeopath...
Remedies: Kali Muriaticum, Mercurius Corrosivus, Santoninum
Started by Paws. Last post: 2021-07-05

Cat with FIP virus 8

we are looking for a kind homeopath who can help our cat, she is fighting feline infectious peritonitis, there is no help in veterinary medicine, she had belly full with fluid, fe...
Remedies: Cinchona ( China ) Officinalis, Sulphur, Lycopodium Clavatum
Started by pinkyM. Last post: 2019-08-31

Hyperthyroidism cat with chronic kidney disease and glaucoma in right eye: 1

Hyperthyroidism cat with chronic kidney disease and glaucoma in right eye: Hi, I have a 16.5 year old male cat that was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism a month ago after we took hi...
Remedies: Arsenicum Album, Natrum Muriaticum
Started by aaxilrod1972. Last post: 2023-02-25

Cat geriatric excessive thirst 1

My cat is 16 and last 6 months has lost alot of weight. Appetite decreased. Thirsty all the time, drinks alot of water. Has become more cuddly than she used to be. Comes around me ...
Remedies: Kali Phosphoricum, Bryonia
Started by bwill13. Last post: 2023-02-19

Cat with tartar and gingivitis 45

My 6year old female cat has dark grey tartar on upper back teeth as well as inflamed gums. Her breath doesn't smell, there is no saliva, no coating on tongue, no swelling or a...
Remedies: Gummi Ammoniacum, Arsenicum Album, Natrum Muriaticum, Argentum Metallicum, Ferrum Phosphoricum, Kali Muriaticum, Silicea, Naja Tripudia
Started by Equoart. Last post: 2023-02-16

Cat with elev liver enzyme 15

Does anyone have info on a cat with elev liver enzymes? No symptoms at all. Noticed with blood work. Trying to prevent further disease process. thank you...
Remedies: Natrum Sulphuricum, Nux Vomica, Kali Muriaticum
Started by nikkipiattblack. Last post: 2023-02-09

Blood in the nasal mucus of a cat 7

I rescued a street cat two weeks ago. She was unable to eat and was awfully skinny. Now she is fine, has good appetite, gained weight, playful, like a normal cat. All her symptoms ...
Remedies: Silicea, Kali Muriaticum
Started by Nadia3. Last post: 2023-02-08

Cat with Kidney issues - elev BUN 2

Hi, Does anyone have info on cats? Does homeopathy work with them. Cat drinking lots of water, and peeing a bunch. Treated for UTI. Has an elevated BUN only. Trying to prevent fur...
Remedies: Kali Muriaticum
Started by nikkipiattblack. Last post: 2023-02-08

Attention Simone: Help needed for cat who is constipated 8

Dear Simone, my cat vomited white froth last Wednesday and was passing hard stools throughout the house for a few days. I immediately changed her wet food because it contained Guar...
Remedies: Cinchona ( China ) Officinalis, Iodium, Aloe Socotrina, X-ray
Started by declan. Last post: 2023-02-07

Cat - Chronic Diarrhea 24

We have a cat that has had chronic diarrhea since he was neutered and rabies vaccinated on August 19th. He has been back to the vet a few times and they cannot figure it out. Nothi...
Remedies: Nux Vomica, Sulphur, Mercurius Corrosivus, Mercurius Solubilis, Arsenicum Album
Started by beckadawn. Last post: 2022-11-21

Cat with Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome 8

I've had this male neutered Siberian Forest cat for nearly 15 years since I adopted him when he was 2 or 3. He used to act very strange just before it would rain. He'd s...
Remedies: Phosphorus, Calcarea Carbonica, Silicea, Argentum Metallicum
Started by Curious2. Last post: 2022-06-13

Help! Gave Wrong Remedy to My Cat 10

I meant to give Phosphorus 30c to my cat for her stomatitis. I accidently gave her Phosphoricum Acidum. It's Thursday night, and I can't get ahold of the homeopathic ve...
Remedies: Camphora , Phosphorus
Started by LagunaMom. Last post: 2022-05-31

Cat with stomatitis 9

Hi, my 12 year old cat has stomatitis. This is a very painful inflammation of the gums and oral cavity, it cannot eat even chicken broth. There is no cure for stomatitis according ...
Started by lussi. Last post: 2022-05-31

Tui or Maheeru or Qualified Practitioner HELP PLEASE! Cat with large lump cheek/jaw area. 9

We are desperate to try to help this feral cat that has been abused by all our neighbors; throwing rocks at him etc. He was razor thin; filthy and so frightened. (hence, we named h...
Remedies: Sulphur, Silicea, Nitricum Acidum, Argentum Nitricum, Calcarea Fluorata
Started by Nancy Nurse. Last post: 2022-05-31

Cat with chronic head congestion and other symptoms 25

Hello Dr. Anuj, I'm not well versed in homeopathy but have benefited from it. I have a sick cat. She's 11 years old and has had chronic head and sinus congestion for abo...
Remedies: Calcarea Fluorata, Natrum Sulphuricum, Mercurius Solubilis, Kali Muriaticum, Phosphorus, Silicea, Belladonna, Hypericum Perforatum, Magnesia Phosphorica, Gummi Ammoniacum, Arsenicum Album, Mercurius Vivus, Calcarea Phosphorica, Symphytum Officinale, Natrum Phosphoricum, Ferrum Phosphoricum, Nux Vomica
Started by Veeda. Last post: 2022-04-16

Desperately need a homeopath to treat my cat 2

Hi dear Homeopaths. My 7-year-old cat,Ura, was diagnosed with a fungus disease named Candida yeast found in his stool one year ago. The fungus disease has also caused acute interna...
Remedies: Ferrum Phosphoricum
Started by Boum. Last post: 2022-04-13

How can I help a street stray cat with norological fib 5

Hi. My friend feeds a stray cat at their street she put a shelter in front of her house.cat has gotten ill 4 months ago.couldnt eat anything at the beginning. Later its eating got ...
Remedies: Aurum Metallicum, Thuja Occidentalis
Started by Ozey. Last post: 2022-04-09

Prescribed Opium for my Cat - can't find in US 1

Hi, Does anyone know where I can find opium 30c in the US? I remember buying many, many years ago but I think I heard the FDA stopped it being sold in the US. I can find in India b...
Started by congested. Last post: 2021-12-04

Hyperthyroid cat has Hypothyroidism due to excess Methimazole drug 7

I am seeking help for my rescued cat Bu-Bu who has underactive thyroid diagnosed on November 9th. Vet checked teeth and thinks that she is 5 years old. She was initially diagnosed...
Remedies: Ferrum Phosphoricum, Natrum Phosphoricum, Nux Vomica, Iodium
Started by declan. Last post: 2021-12-01

Hyperthyroid cat has Hyperthyroidism due to excess Methimazole drug 1

Hello, I forgot to mention in my last post that my cat Bu-Bu had leukemia and rabies shots late Sept and October this year. Her MPV blood result was 10.4, Normal Range is 12.0 -17...
Remedies: Sulphur
Started by declan. Last post: 2021-11-25

Cat tumor over the left eyebrow 3

Hi, My male cat named "Doodi" is 12 yrs old. For the last 01 year he is having a swelling above his left eyebrow. The cat is being given Thuja 6C every day and one dose o...
Remedies: Calcarea Fluorata, Carbo Animalis, Anthracinum, Calcarea Carbonica
Started by noshiahmad. Last post: 2021-07-23

Homeopathy for cat with nasal/throat polyps 2

Wanted to find out whats safe and best to give my cat that has nasal/throat polyps. She has no discharge. Only noisy breathing through her nose esp when shes sniffing things. And h...
Remedies: Teucrium Marum Verum, Lemna Minor
Started by jmae. Last post: 2021-05-31

Recent episode brought my cat into hospital, he was diagnosed end stage kidney disease for Feline. Details to follow, please help! 8

Hello. My Cat is 15 years old, and has just returned home after an emergency trip to the animal hospital. They found he has elevated levels of creatinine and bun, indicating late ...
Remedies: Serum Anguillae, Nux Vomica, Ferrum Phosphoricum, Kali Muriaticum, Phosphorus
Started by claudini. Last post: 2021-03-12

Cat suffering cataplectic attacks 15

Hi, Can anyone kindly assist a 17yr old cat suffering from occasional bouts of cataplectic attacks? BACKGROUND: Domestic short haired neutered male all white cat that enjoys playi...
Remedies: Baptisia Tinctoria, Gelsemium Sempervirens, Taurine
Started by mork. Last post: 2020-12-24

Cat with allergies 27

Hello, My cat is suffering horribly from allergies. He has so many wounds and scars from itching, it looks like he has been to a war! Things escalated over time, it started with p...
Remedies: Rhus Tox, Belladonna, Urtica Urens, Anthrokokali, Psorinum, Urtica Dioica, Calcarea Phosphorica, Kali Phosphoricum, Silicea, Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum, Arsenicum Album, Calendula Officinalis, Echinacea Angustifolia, Arnica Montana, Caladium Seguinum
Started by AnaPerkins. Last post: 2020-07-22

Dr Anuj Srivastav please . My Cat skin condition 12

Hi, My cat has been having skin infection for the last couple of years. I had been giving him hepar sulph 200C, Arsenicum Album 200C for a week with no relief. Thi...
Remedies: Sulphur, Graphites, Pyrogenium, Kali Sulphuricum, Natrum Sulfovinicum, Murure, Calendula Officinalis
Started by noshiahmad. Last post: 2020-04-07

Stray cat eye infection 1

Dr Anuj Srivastav please. Sir, There are stray cats outside the house. They have infections in their eyes and are unable to open due to the pus. I gave them pyrogen in the water...
Started by noshiahmad. Last post: 2020-01-01

Cat skin condition 0

Hi, My cat has been having skin infection for the last couple of years. I had been giving him hepar sulph 200C, Arsenicum Album 200C for a week with no relief. This year the infe...
Started by noshiahmad. Last post: 2019-12-29

Vaccine injury in cats 1

I have two cats who are vaccine injured. The youngest has only received a singe rabies vaccine about a year ago, from which she has become very reclusive, irritable, skittish, an...
Started by rom109. Last post: 2019-12-21

Maheeru or Tui, please help with multiple issues in senior cat 12

Dear Maheeru and/or Tui, I would like to ask your help with my 16 year old cat who has many issues with which the regular vet cannot help much. She is a female neutered 16 year o...
Remedies: Mercurius Vivus, Crataegus Oxyacantha, Ledum Palustre, Iodium, Thyroidinum
Started by loisjong. Last post: 2019-11-17

Looking for help for my senior cat 6

Hello friends My female 13 year old cat is ill. She is indoor only. Her Cato didn't look good. She was showing aggression to our other pets. She was treated by our vet. She ha...
Remedies: Alfalfa, Argentum Metallicum
Started by Sally1. Last post: 2019-04-11

Dirt eating cat 0

Hello, I am very grateful with anyone who can give me advise on my cat. He is a large frame 11 years old. I have noticed that he has been losing some inches and thought he might ...
Started by penny3. Last post: 2019-02-20

Cat who over-eats 2

Can I have some help for my cat who is obsessed with food? All he does is sleep and eat all day. I have to havehis food regulated in a timed feeder but he just sits in front of i...
Started by rom109. Last post: 2018-11-27

To Tui (spelling?) Follow up for cat with stool incontinence (Sabu) 1

I want to thank you for your remedy advice! My cat's symptoms went away but over time returned a few times. Each time I used the same protocol, except increased the potency to...
Started by sozo. Last post: 2018-07-20

Fearful cat 7

Hello, This has been a terrifying month for my russisan blue. She gets so scared with any noises. The thunder and fireworks are the worst. She runs to take cover. While she is hi...
Remedies: Phosphorus, Juglans Regia, Bryonia
Started by penny3. Last post: 2018-07-11

Aggravation from Nux 30c in an apps 8 yo cat 3

Three days ago, my cat was peeing small bloody amounts all over the floor and his bed, and - as I have done for other male cats with the same issue - I gave him a single dose of ...
Remedies: Belladonna, Arnica Montana, Bellis Perennis
Started by Raberdash. Last post: 2018-06-02

What dosage of belladonna 30 for pillow foot in cat 1

What is the proper dosage for a 6 pound cat of belladonna 30 that is recommended for pillow foot? Didn't see any way to contact anyone regarding this....
Remedies: Belladonna
Started by bobbiestoy. Last post: 2018-05-21

Cat 17

my cat is 10 years old. his eyes r not in the center sometimes I can see a little white on the side. He also is becoming mean and does not anyone to touch him. He bites or scrat...
Remedies: Kali Muriaticum, Natrum Sulphuricum, Juglans Regia, Ipecacuanha
Started by penny3. Last post: 2018-05-08

For Tui (If available) UPDATE and QUESTION about Sabu the cat 1

Update and question about Sabu the cat who had stool incontinence. The remedies Tui recommended worked! (After that week, we had to slightly change his diet due to lack of access...
Remedies: Euphrasia Officinalis, Arnica Montana
Started by sozo. Last post: 2018-05-07

Help my cat 7

Hello, My cat is 11 years old. He is a very big long hair blue eyes cat. He does not seem himself his fur does not fur down in the right position, he has bad breath, he is and alw...
Remedies: Arnica Montana
Started by penny3. Last post: 2018-04-13

Cat needs help! 4

Hello, I have a 11 year old cat. When she was five years old her bottom jaw was inflamed and we were told to pull her lower right canine tooth. It was pulled but her jaw has stay...
Started by penny3. Last post: 2018-04-11

Sneezing/nasal congestion in cats 4

I run a cat rescue and suffer with cats having had flu being left with nasal congestion. Very stringy discharge eventually sneezed out. A chronic condition I struggle to cure. Most...
Started by Frierterdui. Last post: 2018-03-15

Cat passing Loose stools with traces of blood 3

My 2 year 4 months old cat Sheru suddenly went quiet 3 days back. she is otherwise quite a jealous cat and gets into cat fights with all my other cats for no reason. But she has be...
Started by krritikks. Last post: 2018-02-22

Cats and pets thyroid. Feline Hyperthyroid 1

hello, I'm looking for info for treating a cat with hyperthyroidism. also, is there a special materia medica for feline or other species, since they would respond differently...
Started by missminky. Last post: 2018-02-08

Deworming cats using Homeopathy medicine 1

Hi, I am from India and it's kinda difficult to get a hold of Homeopet clear WRM. I was wondering if there are any other options in homoepathy. I have 10 cats. Some are 7-...
Started by Jhelum. Last post: 2017-12-14

Serious case of UTI /Cystitis cured in cat 8

Hi again. I posted two days before about my cat who had a serious case of urinary tract infection. In people, urinary tract infections may be bothersome but in animals it can turn...
Remedies: Heracleum Sphondylium, Cantharis
Started by ajtriva. Last post: 2017-12-05

Need help with calming our 1 1/2 yr old cat down 1

We adopted a homeless kitten over a year ago and she keeps wanting to chase our other cat who is 13. I have tried everything, flower essences, feliway, and I now separate them as h...
Started by mookiee001. Last post: 2017-11-18

Cat with Chronic Kidney Disease 1

Hi there, My 14 year old female cat has chronic Kidney Disease I remember when she was a kitten she was diagnosed with a heart murmur, but went away I believe on its own. She ha...
Remedies: Causticum, Rhus Tox, Lycopodium Clavatum, Calcarea Carbonica
Started by KBerry. Last post: 2017-11-09

PLEASE HELP...Ruptured ear drum in cat 1

I was giving my cat arnica 30c a few times a day. She had sedation and an investigation and has a ruptured hole of twenty percent in her ear drum. She is taking cortisone but I rea...
Started by iloveyou. Last post: 2017-11-05

Behavior of Cat 4

One of my Spayed cat is too restless since a week. act as if she is in Heat. she rub, roll, cry continuously ( whole day), lost her appetite too, I wonder even after neutralizatio...
Started by yoga2000. Last post: 2017-10-28

Cat suffers anxiety - licking until bald 1

Hi, We have a male tuxedo cat, two or three years old who suffers anxiety when we have visitors, especially men and licks himself bald a little more each time someone visits. If ...
Started by homeopathic_meadows. Last post: 2017-10-05

Cat with pillow foot 1

Please advise of treatment for pillow foot disease in my 6 pound female cat. Have been treating with depo medrol but want a natural product if available....
Started by bobbiestoy. Last post: 2017-08-31

Kadwa - Cat with pillow foot 6

Kadwa can you please advise on remedy for one of my rescues cats diagnosed with plasma cell pododermatitis (pillow foot). The cat is ex-stray male, between 3-7 years old, potentia...
Remedies: Belladonna
Started by SophieP. Last post: 2017-08-29

Cat Allergy 1

Hello everyone! I am 33 and have been allergic to cat dander and saliva all my life. I adore cats to the point of ridiculousness and cannot stay away from them to save my life! ...
Started by renaissance. Last post: 2017-08-25

Need remedy for inflamed pancreas in cat 5

For Kadma if she is available: My cat Emma 14 y.o. became ill after eating some possibly bad food. She had voluminous semi-loose stools, very light in color (yellow-beige/grey) th...
Remedies: Nitricum Acidum, Phosphorus
Started by sozo. Last post: 2017-07-29

Pillow Paw Disease in Cats 1

Looking for holistic treatment for pillow paw disease in cats. Has anyone used any of the items on this site to treat the disease and if so what were the results. Any help is much ...
Remedies: Ledum Palustre
Started by bobbiestoy. Last post: 2017-07-27

Cat 2

Hello, I need some help for my cat. I do not know if remedies are safe for cats? I hope someone can inform me about cats. My cat is a beautiful long whitish/peach fur, blue eyes...
Started by penny3. Last post: 2017-07-16

Pulsatilla dosage for cat please 12

Greetings: Am hoping for some guidance for a 13 yr old male bengal cat with IBD. He is having a major flare up after moving house a few weeks ago. He's also stressed because ...
Remedies: Nux Vomica, Pulsatilla Nigricans, Phosphorus, Histaminum muriaticum, Antimonium Arsenicicum
Started by sozo. Last post: 2017-06-30

Aggressive, nervious Cat 2

Hi there, I was hoping that somebody might be able to help out with domesticating our new cat. She is 1 year and 4 months old and we have had her for just 3 weeks. She was petrif...
Remedies: Aconitum Napellus
Started by funkymonkey. Last post: 2017-05-23

Urgent help needed for cat 1

My cat has been throwing up and has an inflamed pancreas. All homeopathic stores r closed for three days. The acute situation happened Wednesday. I bought RECKEWEG 72 FOR PANCRE...
Started by Iloveyou2. Last post: 2017-05-01

Epileptic seizures in my cat - please help 3

Hello My family has been using homeopathy for years and we love it. Our cat starting having seizures about 18 months ago and we went to the vet and he responded well to phenobarb,...
Remedies: Cuprum Metallicum, Histaminum muriaticum, Pulsatilla Nigricans
Started by Dideebop. Last post: 2017-04-24

Cat not Improving 5

One of my sprayed cat is not showing improvements. She eat well, she take Me-o cat food and Sheba Premium cat food regularly, both the cats fed equally and eat good on time. But o...
Remedies: Sulphur
Started by yoga2000. Last post: 2017-01-26

New to Homeopathy/Need advice for my Cat 4

Hello everyone, My cat Geppetto has been through a lot since about a week before Thanksgiving. He has blocked twice from urinating and has had Catheter's in him and I am try...
Started by rosso961. Last post: 2017-01-12

Possible Cat Scratch Fever 1

Fifteen years ago, a cat accidentally caught my right nipple with her claw. After a week or so, my right breast became red and inflamed. Eventually it abscessed, and broke open to ...
Started by kt808. Last post: 2016-12-06

Stinky...really stinky cat 1

I have a 6 or so year old Orange cat,rescued from abandonment 3 years ago. He has always hunted,vigorously, and eaten what he catches. We live in a rural area in northern ny. I giv...
Started by rynldss. Last post: 2016-11-24

Cat with mouth & teeth issues (anuj srivastava?) 25

Hello, I believe my cat has periodontitis. He is 15 years old, in good health (aside from these issues). His gums are red and inflamed (mostly upper teeth area), sour breath smel...
Remedies: Heracleum Sphondylium, Silicea, Bacillinum, Ferrum Phosphoricum, Caladium Seguinum, Calcarea Phosphorica, Bioplasma
Started by Bfstlove. Last post: 2016-11-11

Cat with Bone C*a*n*cr 10

Hi- My moms cat has a tumor growth on her lower jaw that has made her jaw appear dislocated off to the side. The vet says he's certain it's bone kanser (phonetic spelling...
Remedies: Caladium Seguinum, Ruta Graveolens, Hecla Lava, X-ray, Histaminum muriaticum
Started by rom109. Last post: 2016-11-10

Cat with Stomatitus 1

Hi, my 10 year old cat has Stomatitus. He had most of his teeth removed. He still has ulcers and sore teeth and gums and is now drooling with tints of pink and brown. I used Hy...
Remedies: Silicea, Caladium Seguinum, Sulphur, Kali Phosphoricum, Natrum Muriaticum
Started by SuzieQ63. Last post: 2016-10-31

Seizures in Cats 2

Hi All, I have a 3 yr old Cat and she is partially blind from birth.She used to have seizures once/twice in month , mostly in her sleep.Recently it increased a lot. I read this for...
Started by Rikdeb. Last post: 2016-09-23

Cat with breast tumors 90

Hello, I have a cat that was diagnosed (Jan 2016) with mammary tumors (not benign) with lymphatic invasion and lymph node metastasis. She had been very well despite this diagnos...
Remedies: Calcarea Fluorata, Kali Phosphoricum, Calcarea Phosphorica, Magnesia Phosphorica, Phosphorus, Heracleum Sphondylium, Nepeta Cataria, Silicea, Calcarea Carbonica, Conium Maculatum, Tuberculinum, Anthrokokali, X-ray, Lachesis, Belladonna, Ignatia Amara, Carbo Vegetabilis, Arsenicum Album
Started by Bfstlove. Last post: 2016-09-21

Urgent : Two weeks chick - bitten by cat 1

I have put some turmeric on the bitten spot. Please suggest medicine immediately for this chick to save her life. Breathing heavily Very tired It was bitten in the leg and unable ...
Remedies: Ledum Palustre
Started by agriz. Last post: 2016-09-14

Cat with horned paw 9

Hi, I noticed my cat has what I beleive is called "horned paw" or cutaneous horns. Its a keratin overgrowth on the paw of the foot that curls upward like a nail but looks like a wo...
Remedies: Heracleum Sphondylium
Started by bwill13. Last post: 2016-09-08

Attn Kadwa - possible steatitis in cat 2

Can Kadwa or someone please help suggest a remedy for a female cat with possible steatitis. She sustained a puncture injury of unknown cause to her abdomen. Veterinarian performe...
Started by SophieP. Last post: 2016-09-02

Cat - Kidney Disease 1

My kitty has acid reflux from kidney disease, and started eating less since being on Veraflox antibiotic for a urinary bacterial infection. She stopped urinating on the carpet (yes...
Started by MimiMama. Last post: 2016-08-08

My sister's cat 11

I am writing this for my mom and sister who have a rescued cat who is unwell. I was hoping to get some help from John Stanton..I told them that you're helping with me and my ...
Remedies: Bryonia, Sulphur, Arnica Montana, Histaminum muriaticum, Natrum Muriaticum, Heracleum Sphondylium
Started by rom109. Last post: 2016-08-02

My Cat Has Thirst and Copious Urination 5

I live in Costa Rica and unfortunately the only veterinary homeopath in the country passed away a few years ago. I already had 4 healthy cats when I took in a semi-neglected, not-...
Remedies: Heracleum Sphondylium, Gaster galli, Sarsaparilla, Sulphur, Calcarea Carbonica
Started by Homeopathy Fan. Last post: 2016-07-19

Cat with fungal sinusitis 1

13 year old Tonkinese cat, spayed female. She has developed a chronic blocked nose, no discharge but with a foul odour, for last 15 months following dental issues. She needed 4 tee...
Started by JenK39. Last post: 2016-06-17

A biting cat !! 1

Hi friends I have a new cat. he is nice but... he is scratching and biting me and everyone very much,,, impossible. also he is very careless and break alo t of things. it is out ...
Remedies: Tarentula Hispanica
Started by Ronen. Last post: 2016-05-30

Advice on cell salts for cat 0

Hi, our cats has had issues w outside allergies and our vet thinks it's either outside allergies or mild asthma (X-rays were clear so mild asthma?) she swallows a lot so I thi...
Started by kensington. Last post: 2016-05-07

Giardia in sanctuary cat 3

I run a cat sanctuary for feral/dumped cats. I have a 13 year old cat - Suki Sue, who is in sad shape. She has been to the vet but her problems have not resolved. She "leaks" feces...
Remedies: Heracleum Sphondylium, Aloe Socotrina
Started by kt808. Last post: 2016-04-13

Cat with rat ulcers 1

Can anyone suggest a remedy to boost the immune system of my cat who gets rat ulcers when he is ill or stressed. He vomits immediately after food. He is extremely affectionate and ...
Started by Reiki master. Last post: 2016-04-13

Heavy sweating, cat pee odour 4

Hello, 36 year old male, suffering from heavy sweating, only under armpits - even after a shower sweating starts and smells awful, just like cat pee. Please help!...
Started by paul1980be. Last post: 2016-04-10

Urgent Help Needed :Bloody Vomit and Stool in cat 2

Hi all, My cat Jules obviously has digestive issues that won't go away. What is so urgent is that he has vomited 3 times today and the last time, just now, there was a lot ...
Remedies: Chamomilla, Arsenicum Album, Histaminum muriaticum
Started by emilybh. Last post: 2016-03-06

Still need help with Bloody Vomit/Stool in cat 0

Hi, I just updated my original post. Nobody has commented on it. I'm still waiting and hoping for input. Simone, are you still around? If so what do you think? I wonder if ...
Started by emilybh. Last post: 2016-03-06

My cat is coughing and swallowing/gulping hard sometimes 1

Hello - is there a doctor that can help my kitty? She is 12 years old, shy, and has a hyperthyroid condition which she takes medicine for. She recently began coughing in the nigh...
Remedies: Stannum Iodatum
Started by emeraldbridges. Last post: 2016-01-01

Cat with lymphoma has severe anemia 7

My cat is suppose to be on chemo and getting better but he keeps having anemia due to bleeding from the tumors. He cant get another transfusion. I went to a holistic vet and he d...
Remedies: Histaminum muriaticum, X-ray, Phosphorus
Started by panteracmb. Last post: 2015-12-18

My cat has a nipple cyst 21

Hello-My cat was recently diagnosed with a nipple cyst. It bleeds from time to time and the nipple is swollen. My vet said it is common, benign, and there is really nothing to do a...
Remedies: Conium Maculatum, Calcarea Carbonica, Thuja Occidentalis, Heracleum Sphondylium
Started by magicandmiracles1. Last post: 2015-11-09

Please help, my cat can't stop vomiting after Thuja 30c - Pleaase help!! 4

Hello- I administered Thuja 30c to my cat for a nipple cyst on instruction from homeopathic doc. The instructions were 2x a day for 7 days. On day 4 she started throwing up and ...
Remedies: Thuja Occidentalis
Started by magicandmiracles1. Last post: 2015-11-08

Older Cat with Constipation 1

Hello and thank you kindly for offering your help. My cat has not had a bowel movement in 5 days and is not eating more than a couple of bites per day. 2 weeks ago she was being c...
Remedies: Heracleum Sphondylium
Started by jbela. Last post: 2015-09-25

Cat epilepsy 1

My cat has epilepsy. I gave her Belladona 30 and the fits stopped. I was told in the homeopathic forum to give a dose of causticum 200. I gave her causticum also. She has a bizarr...
Remedies: Mercurius Vivus, Arsenicum Album
Started by noshiahmad. Last post: 2015-08-22

Cat won't eat after injury from being bitten by dog. 1

I have an 8 week old kitten. He got too close to my dog and the dog snapped at him. The cat was badly hurt in the head area. His nose was bleeding, he couldn't open his eye...
Started by mrsmac88. Last post: 2015-08-14

Cat epilepsy 1

My cat is 05 years old. She has been showing the froth in her mouth for the last couple of weeks. Today she had an epileptic fit. she had froth in her mouth, she passed urine and w...
Started by noshiahmad. Last post: 2015-07-25

Urgent- Cat with kidney stone-life threatening 1

Need remedy for cat with stone in tube to kidney, need to help break up stone or cat will die soon. Can you help....
Started by summitbarb. Last post: 2015-05-08

20 year old cat with heart murmur 134

Hi, was wondering if i could have some advice. My cat was 20 years old in novemeber last year, apart from cystitis once and an injured leg. she has never been ill. She was only va...
Remedies: Pulsatilla Nigricans, Agaricus Phalloides, Staphysagria, Gummi Ammoniacum, Sepia, Ignatia Amara
Started by kirsty28. Last post: 2015-05-01

Cat foaming at mouth help 1

Out cat after 10 minutes calmed down. Shes better now.[message edited by beth88 on Sat, 25 Apr 2015 04:24:18 BST]...
Remedies: Belladonna
Started by beth88. Last post: 2015-04-30

Cat - lost tip of tail urine retention 1

Hello following from my post yesterday cat is now refusing to use litter box. she has a cone round her head to stop her biting her own tail so I can't take it off. She is ve...
Remedies: Staphysagria
Started by acacia55. Last post: 2015-04-15

CAT - lost tip of tail 0

Hello. I'm not sure you deal with animals butů.a chair fell on my cats tail two days ago and it bled profusely so i took to vets. They shaved the last 2 inches and cleaned the...
Started by acacia55. Last post: 2015-04-12

Cat is limping, dont know why 1

Our cat is limping. We checked her and don't see any lumps or cysts. We did not clip her nails. We dont see any sand iN her paw. It his right front leg. She keeps her foot and...
Started by beth88. Last post: 2015-03-31

Kadwa please advise - Abused Cat 9

I have been recommended to re-post for more help with for homeopathic treatment for an abused cat. Original post : ***** I volunteer in cat rescue work. A colleague from a differ...
Remedies: Arnica Montana, Hypericum Perforatum, Causticum
Started by SophieP. Last post: 2015-03-05

Abused cat 10

I volunteer in cat rescue work. A colleague from a different cat rescue has been helping raise awareness (and funds for veterinary care) of a female cat who has been abused. I wo...
Remedies: Arnica Montana, Calendula Officinalis, Arsenicum Album, Aurum Metallicum, Calcarea Carbonica, Cinchona ( China ) Officinalis, Lachesis, Lycopodium Clavatum, Mercurius Vivus, Natrum Muriaticum, Natrum Sulphurosum, Nitricum Acidum, Psorinum, Pulsatilla Nigricans, Rhus Tox, Sepia, Sulphur, Veratrum Album, Chamomilla, Gelsemium Sempervirens, Lachnanthes Tinctoria, Opium, Phosphorus, Staphysagria, Causticum, Graphites, Ignatia Amara, Phosphoricum Acidum, Platinum Metallicum, Anacardium Orientale, Baryta Carbonica, Belladonna, Bryonia, Nux Vomica, Stramonium, Aconitum Napellus, Ammonium Carbonicum, Argentum Nitricum, Cannabis Indica, Silicea
Started by SophieP. Last post: 2015-02-14

Attention Simone : How to give liquid dilution remedy to cat 9

Dear Simone, I visited a holistic vet who asked me to give my cat 3 drops of liquid dilution Berberis 6x dissolved in 1 oz. of water to my cat. The liquid is 20% Alcohol. How ...
Remedies: Phosphorus, Natrum Muriaticum
Started by declan. Last post: 2015-01-04

Attention Fitness: help needed for cat with possible side effects from Convenia antibiotic injection 4

Dear Fitness, My elderly female cat, age 17 was diagnosed with E Coli bladder infection three weeks ago. The vet gave her an injection of Convenia because she thought cat had Pye...
Remedies: Thuja Occidentalis, Urea, Phosphorus, Nux Vomica, Scutellaria Lateriflora
Started by declan. Last post: 2014-12-30

Toxocariasis round worms from cats 98

Hi Dr. I am a 51 year old female, I was diagnosed by 2 homeopathic Drs. with a machine that pick ups frequencies in the body, I need a remedy that can best take of this they have n...
Remedies: Kissingen, Stramonium, Calcarea Fluorata, Atropinium, Solanum Tuberosum, Saccharum Officinale, Angelica Atropurpurea, Cocaine, Bovista, Coca, Mercurius Vivus
Started by idelma. Last post: 2014-12-19

Cat with mastitis 5

I have just picked up a mother cat (kittens were removed when mama stopped nursing them at about 6 weeks. As it turns out most likely due to mastitis). Her teats are swollen and ...
Remedies: Aceticum Acidum, Aconitum Lycotonum, Alumen, Antimonium Tartaricum, Arsenicum Album, Bufo Rana, Calcarea Sulphurica, Cannabis Sativa, Clematis Erecta, Crotalus Horridus, Curare, Dulcamara, Echinacea Angustifolia, Ferrum Metallicum, Ferrum Phosphoricum, Hydrofluoricum Acidum, Helonias Dioica, Kali Muriaticum, Kali Phosphoricum, Laurocerasus, Mercurius Iodatus Flavus, Natrum Phosphoricum, Ocimum Canum, Petroleum, Picricum Acidum, Plumbum Metallicum, Rhus Tox, Sabadilla, Sabal Serrulata, Sambucus Nigra, Ustilago Maydis, Verbascum Thapsus, Pulsatilla Nigricans, Phytolacca Decandra, Castor Equi
Started by SophieP. Last post: 2014-12-02

Cat - stool with blood 3

I have a cat about 9 years old. since a year ago stay to have stool with blood occasionally, some time rubbing her butt at sofa. I suspect she has anal gland blocked problem. Tri...
Remedies: Calcarea Carbonica, Ferrum Metallicum
Started by luna3. Last post: 2014-09-24

Help needed for 16 year old cat with high uric acid levels and joint problems 8

Dear Simone, Can you please suggest a remedy for my old cat who has chronic renal failure. Uric acid levels are high, liver and kidneys are toxic. She is limping for several da...
Remedies: Phosphorus, Nux Vomica
Started by declan. Last post: 2014-09-04

Counteracting steroid injection given to cat 2

Out of desperation my sister took her cat to vet for ongoing skin problem on which cat chewed raw (totally indoor cat, so should be NO fleas), after trying a number of homeopathic ...
Started by rjmnatural. Last post: 2014-08-20

Chronic herpes virus rhinitis from one nostril in a cat 1

Dear people! Please help. My cat is 16 years old, she is completely healthy , we just received blood work results and everything is ok. However, she has been suffering for a year f...
Started by shanimaz. Last post: 2014-07-25

Anemic cat 5

Hi...I hope its ok to ask about animals. I did see a post on here about animals. My cat is moderately anemic we thought it was due to flees but not now. He is much quieter (he'...
Started by eyewearinsight . Last post: 2014-05-13

Beloved feral cat with renal failure 2

I have a feral cat family (mom and one son and one daughter) that I have been caring for since 2005. I feed them, pet them, and provide shelter for them. A couple of years ago Atic...
Started by lgb222. Last post: 2014-04-26

19 1/2 year old cat 7

Hi, I was wondering if one of the animal homeopathic practitioners could help me out here? Molly is 19.5 years old and in great health except for one problem. She is periodical...
Remedies: Pulsatilla Nigricans, Phosphorus, Arnica Montana, Natrum Phosphoricum
Started by kirsty28. Last post: 2014-03-24

(2nd opinion) Cat & Calc Carb 18

Hello, My cat is 13 years old and suffers from constipation where she is very distressed/out of sorts when she has to go. She walks around the house until she is able to get her st...
Remedies: Arsenicum Album, Lycopodium Clavatum, Calcarea Carbonica
Started by Daniellie. Last post: 2014-03-19

Cat with diarrhea 3

What would you use after giving a cat ALOE FOr diarrhea . The owner continued to give it for 3 weeks instead of 5 days (non compliance) Now diarrhea is worse then ever still smell...
Remedies: Sulphur, Podophyllum Peltatum, Aloe Socotrina, Colocynthis
Started by starclipper. Last post: 2014-03-08

Cat anal gland problem 1

My cat grey in color, chubby is having problem with passing her feces for some time. She cries sometimes and smells as if she has pain in her anal area. I read the condition and ...
Started by noshiahmad. Last post: 2014-03-04

Cat suffering from idiopathic cystitis 1

Hello... If anyone can help I'll really appreciate it! My cat is suffering from idiopathic cystitis. That means that has all the symptoms of cystitis (UTI) without having any ...
Started by nansonaki. Last post: 2014-03-02

Cat injured 1

Hi there! My pet cat fell last night from a third floor window...I gave him arnica 200, he was very quiet sleeping most of the time. Later in the night, after around 6 hours of ta...
Remedies: Arnica Montana
Started by simple. Last post: 2014-02-10

Cat passing bloody mucus from rectum 15

Dear Simone, My cat who is 16 years old passed bright red blood stained mucus, dime size twice last night. She cried while straining to pass stool. I massaged her abdomen. She is...
Remedies: Nux Vomica, Upas tieute, Phosphorus, X-ray
Started by declan. Last post: 2014-01-17

Allergic to cats 77

itchy eyes and skin irritation (itching, some tenderness). occasionally itching in throat. cool fresh air relieves temporarily. have tried Histamine but not found it helpful. avo...
Remedies: Petroleum, Natrum Muriaticum, Carbo Vegetabilis, Rhus Tox, Colocynthis, Cuprum Metallicum, Thuja Occidentalis, Aconitum Napellus, Arnica Montana, Causticum, Physostigma, Nux Vomica, Silicea, Cinnamomum, Caladium Seguinum, Calcarea Phosphorica, Phosphorus, Magnesia Phosphorica, Kali Phosphoricum, Anthrokokali
Started by bumblebean. Last post: 2013-11-15

Cat flu poor alfi!! 1

Hi my Burmese cat has developed cat flu!!!have been advised to use pulsatilla!!will this be ok?? Get nervous trying New things!!!my vet says just to try ride it out!!! If it gets w...
Remedies: Pulsatilla Nigricans
Started by snuggles. Last post: 2013-11-13

Constipated Cat 7

I am looking for a suitable remedy for a cat who is having bowel issues, possibly slow digestion/constipation. He was a stray so his gut health probably did not get the best start...
Remedies: Caladium Seguinum
Started by Maddies. Last post: 2013-11-11

Cat Bite Worries 4

We'd had the cat in a car for an hour as we were taking her to her new home. The cat was, naturally, freaking out. She ended up biting my daughter's hand. This resulted i...
Remedies: Argentum Metallicum, Ledum Palustre
Started by MichelleC.. Last post: 2013-11-11

Pain Management for Elderly Cat after Tooth Extractions 3

Hello, My elderly cat (aprox. 13-15 yrs) had 6 teeth removed 3 days ago. He now has none left, except for the tiny incisors in the very front. He is currently on 'Buprenorphi...
Started by Snickerdoodle. Last post: 2013-11-03

Help to stop a cat from fur mowing 0

It is the same cat formerly with bad diarrhea and rectal prolapse that Arsenicum Album helped a lot that now is itching so badly (or just likes to mutilate himself) that he spends ...
Started by Curious2. Last post: 2013-10-18

Cat skin condition 8

I had sent the skin ailment of a stray cat who is now living with us in our house has this skin ailment. The skin between his two legs close to anus is red and he is mostly licking...
Started by noshiahmad. Last post: 2013-10-09

Stray cat skin disease 2

A grown stray cat came in the house a year ago and now lives with us. He had a small red patch on his hind leg which he licks all the time. He eats alright. That reddish skin patch...
Started by noshiahmad. Last post: 2013-10-02

Malignent Infection of a 13 year old female cat 1

My pet cat had piometra in 2005 and her uterus had to be removed. However the surgeon did not remove her ovary. Thereafter she was in heat very frequently. The frequency kept incre...
Remedies: Apis Mellifica
Started by jaybee50. Last post: 2013-09-08

Rec for Cat fur tearing please 5

Hi, My 12 year old long haired cat who is an 85% indoor cat in relatively contented and good health had an accident of being hit by a car nearly 3 years back. The result was a femu...
Remedies: Arsenicum Album, Arsenicum Iodatum
Started by Daniellie. Last post: 2013-08-23

Itchy skin; and inside ears; pica - urge to eat cement in Cat 16

Hi, It is me with more underlying problems in the cat that was helped by Arsenicum Album to get rid of his prolapsed anus and chronic diarrhea. I was kind of counting my chickens...
Remedies: Sulphur, Alumina, Iodium, Belladonna, Natrum Muriaticum, Calcarea Phosphorica, Chelidonium Majus, Conium Maculatum, Graphites, Hyoscyamus Niger, Ignatia Amara, Ocimum Canum, Oxalicum Acidum, Silicea, Thuja Occidentalis, Tuberculinum, Arsenicum Album, Nux Vomica, Antimonium Crudum, Carbo Vegetabilis, Calcarea Carbonica, Cicuta Virosa, Nitricum Acidum
Started by emilybh. Last post: 2013-08-12

The cat relapsed. Help! 18

It's the two (really 3) year old cat again. I made the mistake of adding in some of the Iams veterinary formula and he had sort of a relapse as far as his rectum goes. It seem...
Remedies: Arsenicum Album, Argentum Metallicum, Carbo Vegetabilis
Started by emilybh. Last post: 2013-08-09

My 15 year old cat has tear duct blockage 5

Hello, dear members. I would appreciate if someone that can help would read this post and everything I wrote here and recommend anything that can help. I took the cat to the vet ye...
Started by shanimaz. Last post: 2013-06-07

2 yr old cat w/ chronic diarrhea- Please help 13

Hello, I probably need to have my head examined but I rescued the sickest cat from a lady who was overwhelmed trying to take care of 30 cats that were dumped on her as the origina...
Remedies: Arsenicum Album, Argentum Metallicum, Aloe Socotrina, Taurine
Started by emilybh. Last post: 2013-05-30

My cat has Staph still after 8 months...help please. 2

This is probably mostly for humans but I have to try anyway. My female, 9 year old cat Mookie, was diagnosed with Staph 8 months ago. She has been through creams and antibiotics a...
Remedies: Staphysagria
Started by cocobean. Last post: 2013-05-28

Cat with cryptococcus 8

We have a cat who is suffering severely from cryptococcosis. We have tried Itrafungal and currently trying Fluconazole, neither have worked/are working. (Have tried the latter for ...
Remedies: Mercurius Vivus
Started by Juis1. Last post: 2013-04-25

Aggressive cat & belladonna 3

Hi everyone, My cat can be a loving animal but every night she will launch an attack at either my feet & legs or hands & arms. I play with her to get rid of some aggression but she...
Remedies: Belladonna
Started by Jacquiec. Last post: 2013-04-20

My cat has got a sternum ricket 1

Hi! I would appreciate your responses and advises very much. My cat after giving birth has got a sternum ricket, it was like round prostrusion the size like a top of a thumb in her...
Started by Ieva_T. Last post: 2013-04-05

Allergic to cats 1

1. running nose, tickling in ears, throat closing, no energy, very puffy under eyes, eyes sticking closed, yellow discharge in corners of eyes contact dermatitis, itchy skin. 3. pr...
Started by curioush. Last post: 2013-03-30

Seizure in Cat 8

Hello. I posted something a few weeks ago regarding my cat having seizures. I cannot find the posting any longer and wanted to follow up with the person who suggested 'Causticu...
Remedies: Causticum
Started by FMBK916. Last post: 2013-02-25

Cat bite 2

Cat bit me last night, not deep just a couple of drops of blood I forced out as I was washing the wound. Immediately I took ledum 30c and hypericum LM 1. I had a fitful night with ...
Remedies: Hypericum Perforatum
Started by jadeshade. Last post: 2013-02-24

Help - 2 year old cat has fip! 0

We just found out today one of two of our current cats probably has FIP. This will be our third cat to have what we believe to be FIP. Of course, since there is no test for FIP, ...
Started by tneptune. Last post: 2013-01-21

Cat with chronic stuffy nose 2

I have a previously wild cat who spent 4 years in a damp basement before being persuaded to come upstairs. I used a dehumidifier when she was in the basement, but it seemed to make...
Started by cindye. Last post: 2012-12-21

Cat with struvite crystals 1

My 3 year old male cat had just been diagnosed with struvite ctystals. Vet says he can't metabolise his normal food and will have to have prescription food for the rest of hi...
Started by smoke_eye. Last post: 2012-11-14

Cat Behavior Help 0

Gracen is a cat with some issues. She had a hard beginning. After 3 owners in a row died her litter was turned out into the woods. Rescued at 2 months and rather wild, I fostere...
Started by anita8jp. Last post: 2012-11-07

Cat With Morgellons 4

Hi, I am new to the forum. I have a 13 yr old long-haired red-head female cat with an unidentifiable infection. The infection consists of tubes in the skin of the tail and low ...
Remedies: Coca
Started by SoularPowered. Last post: 2012-10-21

Please advise if u can - Cat paw hurt - not improved in 10 days 2

Hi, We have been giving our cat arnica & ruta twice a day. We started out doing just one pellet of each a day. Recently we increased to 4 pellets of ruta & 4 of arnica twice a day....
Remedies: X-ray
Started by congested. Last post: 2012-10-17

Cat Pooping outside of the litter box 1

My kitty is litter box trained. She was an indoor cat for about a month when I first got her and there were no issues with her using the litter box. Then she was a strictly outdo...
Started by izziekitty. Last post: 2012-10-16

Cat front paw hurt 1

Hi, not sure if cat's paw is broken. He will let us touch it, even lightly massage but holds it up and doesn't put any weight on it. This happened 2 nights ago. I gave on...
Remedies: Ruta Graveolens
Started by congested. Last post: 2012-10-04

Steroid injection for my cat 8

Helló!my cat has Copd illnes,cough,a lot of mucus and she got steroid injection,doctor said it is necessary ,please help me which homeopaty can help to reduce the side effec...
Remedies: X-ray, Phosphorus
Started by kasaeva. Last post: 2012-09-26

Cat with Grave's disease 5

Hello, I have a 13 year old (rescue) cat with Grave's disease. I have been reading that homeopathy can be very effective with this condition. I have read that both natrum mu...
Remedies: Lycopodium Clavatum, Iodium, Natrum Muriaticum
Started by LisaI. Last post: 2012-09-17

Cat with varying symptoms and diagnosed renal failure 4

My cat was born March 15, 1995 (17 years old). He has diagnosed renal failure (through blood work). Symptoms: - Urinating and defecating outside of the litter box - dehydration -...
Started by izziekitty. Last post: 2012-09-07

Blood in urine for a cat 5

I don't know if this forum ever makes suggestions for pets, but my friend's cat has had persistent problems with blood in the urine. She had ultrasound and nasty, scary s...
Started by turtledove. Last post: 2012-08-27

Urgent - Need Help for Cat 5

Hi, I am new to this forum, but have been visiting the site regularly, as I am most interested in homeopathy. I need some help for my cat, Sukru. Since July she has been giving o...
Remedies: Natrum Muriaticum
Started by madamex. Last post: 2012-08-19

Please help with a cat - blocked nose 1

Hi I am trying to help a patient who has a cat with a chronic blocked nose. It has been blocked for about 3 months now. He sneezes to try and clear it but nothing comes out. He has...
Remedies: Sulphur
Started by starclipper. Last post: 2012-08-13

Cat with chronic blocked nose 1

Please help - i am treating a cat. He has had a blocked nose for the last 3 months. A cat sneezed and was around him and he got the cat flu but his nose is still blocked. - he has...
Remedies: Natrum Muriaticum
Started by starclipper. Last post: 2012-08-09

Aggressive cat 1

My cat Sarah is 8 years old. I have three other cats. Princess is 15, Pumpkin is 6, and Daisy who is 2 months old. I had another cat Simba, who was also 15 like his sister. He p...
Started by DonnaRO. Last post: 2012-08-06

Sulphur reaction in cat 3

I have a cat who has been very itchy with sores for some time (years). Almost a week ago, I gave him sulphur 30x in a teeny dish of water and then stuck his paw in it. The next d...
Started by salsommers. Last post: 2012-07-31

Cat help needed dehydration, will not eat 1

Hi- I need some help for my cat. Two nights ago, he looked frightened with his eyes wide, like he had been spooked by something. The next morning, he refused to eat. We took him...
Started by ben26. Last post: 2012-07-24

16 year old cat - chronic nasal discharge 12

Thoughts please: 16 year old cat from South Africa - was found in a trash can at 1 day old and moved to New Zealand. Since the death of the other cat in 2009 he has had a chronic...
Remedies: Nux Vomica
Started by starclipper. Last post: 2012-07-15

Stressed cat 2

Hi everyone This is for my homeopathic student case Just wondering how I would Repertorise a cat who gets chronic chronic nasal discharge and refusing to eat when stressed out.....
Started by starclipper. Last post: 2012-07-13

Cat with diarrhea - advice please 5

I have a cat with diarrhea thats been going on for a month. He doesn't strain when he goes The diarrhea is mucousy and sometimes has blood in it - it is in large amounts. Af...
Remedies: Gelsemium Sempervirens, Aloe Socotrina, Arsenicum Album
Started by starclipper. Last post: 2012-07-07

Cat eating problems 2

My 11 year old male cat had advanced 4c resorptive lesions and received 4 crown amputations 2 1/2 months ago. 3 months prior to crown amps, he began having trouble eating with hea...
Remedies: Mercurius Vivus
Started by courtofpublic9. Last post: 2012-05-01

Cat with Chronic Constipation 7

I have a 10 years old male cat that is suffering from chronic constipation for the past 3-4 years. He was so badly constipated at several occasions that he was warded in where the ...
Remedies: Nux Vomica, Senna, Alumina, Opium
Started by kittymom. Last post: 2012-03-20

Cat fungus 14

I have white Persian cats, the problem with them is that they have fungal infection. I have taken them to a number of vets and have used medicines like lamisal cream and lamisal ta...
Remedies: Calcarea Carbonica, Sulphur
Started by SADIA81. Last post: 2012-02-05

Cat With Bloody Mucus 1

We live out in the middle of nowhere and I need to help my cat who had a very long string of mucus coming out of his rectum a few hours ago and is now in bed with a hot water bottl...
Started by livelightlearn. Last post: 2012-01-23

Dust, Pollen and Cat Allergy Prevention 25

Dear Doctors Im suffer from extreme dust and Cat Allergy. I was born and raised in Quetta Pakistan which is dry climate and extremely dusty city. I have suffered dust allergy over...
Remedies: Nux Vomica, Naja Tripudia
Started by sshussain. Last post: 2012-01-04

Cat flu 6

my cats have caught the flu virus and they are not eating since the past 4 days. i am force feeding them. they have a runny nose, watery eyes,coughing and have a difficulty breatin...
Remedies: Sulphur
Started by SADIA81. Last post: 2012-01-02

Cat fungus 1

Assalamalakum. I have white Persian cats, the problem with them is that they have fungal infection. I have taken them to a number of vets and have used medicines like lamisal cream...
Started by SADIA81. Last post: 2011-12-31

Cat with longlasting skin candida infection 22

My can has a skin candida infection for almost 2 years now. Cat is male, 12 yers old, castrated. Has a big scab on the left side of his neck one on his left side next to his leg ...
Remedies: Sulphur, Calcarea Carbonica
Started by Mag889. Last post: 2011-11-27

Cat with diarrhea 2

Hi, my 4 month old kitten has severe diarrhea which is not responding to diet. Her stools are yellow, runny, almost gelatinous/mucus. She is constantly hungry but won't drink ...
Started by chezzie. Last post: 2011-11-05

Cat with itchy ears 5

My 8 year old cat, Minnie, was abandoned by her mom at 4 weeks and hand raised and vaccinated at normal intervals for the first year, which is where I think the trouble started. W...
Remedies: Graphites, Lycopodium Clavatum, Silicea, Arsenicum Album
Started by cindye. Last post: 2011-10-31

Skinny cat 5

My friend has a 9 year old cat who has recently lost a lot of weight (about 50% - he was originally a little overweight) and the vet told her his liver was 'compromised' a...
Remedies: Carbo Vegetabilis, Kaolin, Arsenicum Album
Started by cindye. Last post: 2011-10-26

Brsibane please- new cat problem 2

Hi- The cat who you had prescribed the opium for now has an eye issue. Her right eye is trembling- the dilation is not complete. She Has been squinting it closed sometimes and ha...
Started by iloveyou. Last post: 2011-09-07

Nervous cat 2

I have a male cat that had cystitis. It was cleared up by the vet with intibiotics. But during the illness, he started to urinate all over my stuff. Shoes, clothes, ANY THING i l...
Remedies: Sepia
Started by jellenjohns. Last post: 2011-08-20

Is my cat having FIP? 1

my 3 year old ragdoll cat had a big belly.so i took him to a vet and she drained the fluid from her tummy(straw yellow fluid) and she gave some medicine.Unfortunately in sri lanka,...
Started by shani88. Last post: 2011-07-25

Cat needs help-kidney failure 36

dear doctors, my cat was diagnosed with kidney failure, probably after foood poisoning (he had as if 'rotten meat breath'). at the beginning of this episode, i gave him nux...
Remedies: Arsenicum Album, Belladonna, Solidago Virg. aur., Pulsatilla Nigricans, Serum Anguillae, Pyrogenium, Mercurius Vivus, Nux Vomica, Chelidonium Majus, Levico, Ferrum Metallicum, Berberis Vulgaris, Terebinthina, Urea
Started by ewah28. Last post: 2011-04-24

Cat with Hyperthyroidism, now Ascites! help 5

My cat is 14 and has always been healthy up until about 4 months ago (November) when she became ill and was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. She made a quick recovery when she was ...
Started by Trik1000. Last post: 2011-04-04

My cat might have FIP help please! 0

Please help.. my vet just told me he thinks my baby sphynx has FIP. I'm heart broken and would like to try anything to save him! He is still eating and drinking water and is p...
Started by kristaljoyreid. Last post: 2011-03-21

Male cat with UTI 1

My male cat, neutered, 18 lbs. has an UTI. I've stopped any dry food, giving filtered water. Putting 2 drops of Uva Ursi in his wet food 2 x's a day. Is that the right do...
Remedies: Mercurius Vivus
Started by topkatz. Last post: 2011-03-09

Male cat with UTI 0

Reva V, Thank You for your quick response. Will look into ordering the 2 items you suggested. But for now ,all I have is Uva Ursi liquid. Was wondering if you or anybody else might...
Started by topkatz. Last post: 2011-03-09

Euphrasia for my cat 1

I just starting using the eyebright for my cat (suggested by my vet) for a chronic eye inflammation lasting over a year. I have tried everything else available. In only a few days...
Started by NurseLinds. Last post: 2011-03-08

Pulsatilla for a cat 3

I have a cat who meows and howls at 2 am every morning wanting attention and fits the pulsatilla personality. What how much remedy do I give a cat and how often? Thank you for yo...
Remedies: Pulsatilla Nigricans
Started by beanpole. Last post: 2011-02-27

Help my cat - emergency! 1

I discovered a bite wound on my cat's left thigh/back leg today. Or I noticed that he was feeling really bad yesterday. He screamed when I tried to pick him up, I did'nt ...
Remedies: Ledum Palustre, Thuja Occidentalis
Started by zindra. Last post: 2011-02-19

Homeopathy help for my cat 13

Could I please have some advice. My cat is 16, she's a black and white moggy who has never been ill up until yesterday. Yesterday morning, I noticed 3 spots of fresh blood w...
Remedies: Cantharis, Staphysagria, Staphylococcinum
Started by uriel33. Last post: 2011-02-07

Cat Allergies. Please Help! 1

Hi, I am a 21 year old female. Whenever I am around cats, my eyes get red and itchy and my nose starts running. If I pet a cat, or it licks me, or someone who has pet it touchs me,...
Started by philippians3. Last post: 2011-01-12

Cat Aggression towards other cats 3

I have 5 cats, oldest is 11 years old, youngest is about 7 months old. The past several months have been increasingly getting worse with my older cat, her and the 2nd youngest Ced...
Started by cprcheetah. Last post: 2010-12-19

Rescue Cat w/ Chronic Sinus Infection 0

Our 6 yr. old male, rescue cat 'Buster' has had a sinus infection w/ green snot (right nostril) since he found us 3 mo.'s ago. He's been given kali bichrom 30c (1...
Started by BusterTheCat. Last post: 2010-10-25

Cat scratched toddler 0

Hello, my 2 year old son was scratched by a cat on the back of the neck. He has no symptoms and there was no blood, just a red scratch. Any advice on a remedy? I have given him one...
Started by jenex. Last post: 2010-09-27

Cat Ascites from Possible Liver Tumor or Portal Vein Obstruction 6

My poor cat had a huge benign tumor removed in March. Now his abdomen is full from ascites. Vet thinks the remaining tumor cells might have turned malignant or there's a por...
Started by clarkclarkclark. Last post: 2010-08-29

Alternative to cerenia for ailing cat 4

My cat is suffering kidney failure and I have to give SubQ fluids daily. The vet put her on cerenia injections to keep her stomach calm so she can eat which I give every other day...
Started by annestacey. Last post: 2010-07-13

Cat ate tulips 2

Mattie ate some tulips, the bloom and some of the leaves. She is 16 years old. She is on a raw food diet. So, now it's been about 2 days and she is still vomiting, and not ...
Started by heatherette23. Last post: 2010-05-04

Cat scooting! 1

My cat is 1 yr old male who is about 15 lbs. He has recently been 'scooting' across the carpet occasionally. And he has been more picky with his food. I feed him grain fr...
Started by saman0415. Last post: 2010-04-13

Asthma and cat allergy 5yrs old 6

Hi my daughter is almost 5 yrs and has just become allergic to cats in the last 6 months. Since very young she was alway getting coughs almost every 6wks. She would cough at night ...
Started by Mimimum. Last post: 2010-03-23

Cat with slight swelling in right eye 0

My cat has slight swelling in his right eye since last night. He has seemed out of sorts for the last few days. He is fussy with is food, which isn't normal for him. And he�...
Started by saman0415. Last post: 2010-03-23

Blood on Outside of Ear on Cat 1

Hi All, Not sure if anyone handles animals and homepathy but we noticied dried blood on the outside of our cat's left ear today. She is shaking a head some and seems to have ...
Started by congested. Last post: 2010-03-21

Benign Pituitary Tumor in Cat 0

My 8 year old cat has an inoperable pituitary tumor and I would like to find a homeopathic remedy for him. He is 8 yrs. old, has insulin resistant diabetes (has insulin injections)...
Started by Meg Loves Rain. Last post: 2010-03-07

Cat with Hyperthyroidism 14

I am looking for one person who will work with me long term either on the forum or privately to help me find the right remedies for my 15 year old spayed female cat with hyperthyro...
Remedies: Nepeta Cataria
Started by spazrats. Last post: 2010-02-17

Arthritis in cats 3

I have a 14year old cat who suffers from Arthritis she also has had in the past a mild kidney complaint which does not appear to bother her. Do you think that Rhus Tox would be ben...
Remedies: Rhus Tox
Started by robinson. Last post: 2010-02-01

Miliary ezema in cat 1

I have sucesfully treated my cat for miliary ezema (small scabs on ears and head) several times now with mezereum 12CH (I live in France) but condition always returns after several...
Started by top knot. Last post: 2010-01-10

Aggressive Tiny Cat 1

Hi - hoping someone can help me out with this. I have 4 cats that live together - all indoor only. Two are 7, and the other two are almost 3 years old. Nothing in their lives ha...
Started by cariansky. Last post: 2010-01-08

Please help - cat with asthma and spraying problem 3

I'm requesting advice on behalf of my brother's cat. She has an issue with spraying everything, like the couches and the beds, and they are just about to get rid of her ...
Remedies: Silicea
Started by anabanana. Last post: 2009-12-23

"Yeasty" ears in cat 2

Hello, I am hoping someone might have some guidance for me. My 18 year old cat has had terrible trouble with 'yeast' ears his whole life. I have tried nearly every over the...
Started by beepsandclicks. Last post: 2009-11-16

Cat Stressed 2

I have a 4 year old female cat, she is fixed and in good health, but she is very anxious. She is fine most of the time, but every once in a while she has a day where she jumps at e...
Started by sumobitz. Last post: 2009-09-02

Cat with FIP please help 9

Hello, My vet thinks my cat has FIP, he is also diabetic, we took him to a specialist who did various tests and have ruled out everything else, he had his spleen removed as lumps w...
Remedies: Arsenicum Album
Started by kebkiss. Last post: 2009-08-27

Cat remedy 3

My cat seems to have picked up a nervous habit of itching and chewing himself every few steps he takes. Sometimes he scratches his ears, sometimes belly or leg. He does not have fl...
Remedies: Arsenicum Album
Started by riverlily. Last post: 2009-07-19

Mammary tumor in cats 1

i recently took my cat to the vet and they diagnosed her with a mammary tumor and said only surgery is the solution, but i don't wanna put her through all that stress is there...
Started by siameselover. Last post: 2009-05-29

Dr. Sameer, I need your help,my elder cat is very ill 7

My 18 year old cat has been vomiting after eating due to hairballs, I gave her hairball medicine. She is not in the best moods. since yesterday she is not eating looks so fragile,...
Started by tecuixpo. Last post: 2009-05-19

9 year with cat allergy/allergy induced asthma 4

I have a 9 year old with an allergy to the cat we own. She will not part with him for anything. Mind you the allergy to the cat is not that severe. Symptoms to cat: 1. red eyes wi...
Remedies: Sabadilla, Bioplasma
Started by kismet. Last post: 2009-05-19

Seeing Advice Re. Seizures in Cat 8

Hello. My 4 year old cat began having seizures a year ago. (Partly related to a health condition of my own that began at that time....I think. The timing was certainly interesting....
Remedies: Belladonna, Causticum
Started by FMBK916. Last post: 2009-05-18

My cat needs help 4

My cat is 18 years old, she was trowing up yesterday. today she is not eating, only sleeping in a sitting curved position. she is shivering. what can I give her? Arsenicum album?...
Remedies: Silicea
Started by tecuixpo. Last post: 2009-05-17

Fip in cats 4

Has anyone had any success in treating cats with fip. Ed...
Remedies: Arsenicum Album, Silicea, Millefolium
Started by bigwheel27. Last post: 2009-05-10

Cat uti 6

My 18lb,seven year old cat has had chronic UIT's ever since he had a PU surgery five years ago after suffering from stones in his bladder. We changed his diet and he has been...
Remedies: Uva Ursi, Calcarea Carbonica
Started by Asela. Last post: 2009-04-27

Cat with crystals and constipation was prescribed San Ren Tang - what is it? 0

Hello, this is my first posting here. I have a male cat who was suffering from crystals for two months, and a few days ago a new vet did a second urinalysis and said he was free ...
Started by Shanno. Last post: 2009-04-26

Epilepsy in Cats 8

Hi. I'm new to the forum, but not to ABC website. I was reading some old postings about different remedies for epilepsy and wondered if anyone on the site has had experience w...
Remedies: Ignatia Amara, Pyridoxine
Started by FMBK916. Last post: 2009-01-30

Cat with Urate Bladder Stone 1

Cat has a urate bladder stone. Peeing blood and peeing frequently. Suggestions on homeopathic remedies - preferably ones that can be put in the food. Thanks...
Remedies: Urea
Started by mpurchases. Last post: 2009-01-10

Cat with Urinary Problems, Advice Please 2

Hi, I have a male cat named Bernie, he is 6 yrs old and has a history of urinary tract infections throughout his life. He's very affectionate but gets aggitated when he doesn&...
Started by Doodles. Last post: 2008-12-11

Female Cat 7

My cat that is only 8 years old is having a hard time walking (2 wks now). When she walks her hind legs slide out from under her. Her right knee seems strained. Nikita is drinking ...
Started by AJS. Last post: 2008-11-05

Female Cat 0

For those who responded to my email. Just got CVS Ketone Care Test Strips. Just got some litter with urine from about 45 minutes ago and reading was Negative to Trace. Not sure i...
Started by AJS. Last post: 2008-11-03

Cat meows and pees 0

Hi, I have 3 cats, 2 females aged 11 and a male aged 6. They all get along pretty well and the girls are calm, though Gizmo, the boy, has been peeing in different corners ever sinc...
Started by fafinette. Last post: 2008-09-29

Cat kidney failure - stinky case 11

I have a black cat around 7 years old. Greek vet diagnosed him with kidney failure and said not much he can do for him. He is wasting away - even tho he has a foracious appentite a...
Remedies: Arsenicum Album
Started by lena2006. Last post: 2008-09-28

Cat with Pollen Allergies. 3

I have a 4 year old Ragdoll Cat with extremely itchy skin. She has had this happen each summer/ fall since she was around 2 years. As soon as the cold months come around, her licki...
Remedies: Cistus Canadensis, Phosphorus
Started by Deanna_. Last post: 2008-09-16

Cat with digestive trouble 2

Hi everybody, I'm looking for a remedy for my smallest cat. She has been having diarrhea/loose stools for about a week. There has been minute amounts of fresh blood in her st...
Remedies: Lycopodium Clavatum, Nux Vomica
Started by sarahstw. Last post: 2008-09-10

Need help with cat with persistent congestion 2

My cat has had a respiratory problem for quite some time,with plugged nasal passages,some sneezing which always helped to get rid of the congestion which just stayed in the nasal p...
Started by orian. Last post: 2008-09-04

Need help with my Cat 0

Hi, I have a male cat that cries on the way to the litter box. He may go a small stream and then he lies down in the box. He may get out and get back in and lie down in there again...
Started by bernettaelliott. Last post: 2008-08-13

Need Immediate Help With Cat That Has Tumor/Growth!!!! 0

If any pros are here, please help me out! I'm going to start from the beginning. A month or so ago my cat started to develop what we thought were allergies. She would sneeze...
Started by SeekingHelp5. Last post: 2008-08-02

Ear hematoma in a cat 5

my cat has just developed a hematoma in his ear. i did a search and found a post here regarding treatment by using 'Ledum and Anica, alternately, for the same thing on my dog. ...
Remedies: Arnica Montana, Sulphur
Started by alonso. Last post: 2008-06-27

Cat with stuvette crystals 17

I have a cat that was completely blocked and we had to rush him to emergency vet. He is better now after inserting a catheter and blockage was cleared. His urine analysis still sho...
Remedies: Terebinthina, Pulsatilla Nigricans, Berberis Vulgaris, Benzoic Acid.
Started by ladyjn13. Last post: 2008-04-23

Cat and uti 11

hope someone might give some advise. my cat maddie has had a uti problem for sometime. he eats raw meat diet for a year now and was doing fine. in oct. we moved from fl. to al. and...
Remedies: Uva Ursi, Tilia Europoea
Started by rana1968. Last post: 2008-02-05

Aggressive cat 4

We have a spayed female kitten less than a year old named Squeeker. We have 2 other cats. Tessy and Mia. Tessy is a spayed female 14 yrs old very mellow and laid back. Mia is a s...
Remedies: Belladonna, Tilia Europoea
Started by Ontario. Last post: 2008-01-22

Cranky Cat - urination 1

Hi. I'm trying to choose a remedy for a healthy cat that unfortunately pees and poos all over its owners house. She is a cranky thing, looks down on everything with crankiness...
Started by Angeleen. Last post: 2008-01-18

16 cat with chronic recurring cystitis 3

My 16 year female cat suddenly out of the blue developed cysitis about a month ago. This started one evening with frequent trips to the litter tray with nothing produced and then ...
Remedies: Cantharis, Pulsatilla Nigricans
Started by jennytopcat. Last post: 2008-01-09

Asthmatic Cat 2

My seven year-old manx has had asthma for five years. I have tried both holistic and conventional medicine but he still suffers. He currently gets an attack at least once a day. ...
Started by Asela. Last post: 2007-12-31

Air travel with cat, need calming remedy for cat 1

I will be traveling on an airplane for approx. 11 hrs. with my cat. Any ideas of the appropriate homeopathic remedy to make his journey a pleasant one, much appreciated....
Remedies: Arsenicum Album
Started by royroyroy. Last post: 2007-12-28

Need some help for my cat 2

Hello, I have a cat who is about a year and a half old, he's a Maine Coon mix that we adopted at a shelter. He has a bright, sweet personality, he is playful, curious, has ev...
Started by gtexas. Last post: 2007-11-02

Want to treat cat with staph - Don't know which remedy to use please help! 11

Hi My cat has a staph infection. I know this is what it is because he had the same thing last year at this time and we took him to the vet who diagnosed him and put him on antibiot...
Remedies: Staphysagria, Dulcamara
Started by mommyanna91701. Last post: 2007-09-21

Method for giving cats pellets 1

hello, i am going to give my cats some hpath pellets. should i put them whole down their throat? grind them up in their food, and if so, should it be only plastic utensils used? ad...
Started by catnip. Last post: 2007-08-26

Worms in cats 5

Hello, my cats have worms. They are white and about an inch long and some are like white round pellets in their feces. Is there any homeopathic remedy for this. Also, is there an ...
Remedies: Cina
Started by catnip. Last post: 2007-08-24

Cat urinating blood; not UTI. 4

Hey all. First, I absolutely love this site. Thanks to all of you contributing. I've used it many times but this it my first time posting because I'm getting desperate. ...
Started by little etoile. Last post: 2007-07-24

Please help! My cat may have FIP. 1

I think my precious little Miami (1 1/2 years old) may have FIP. He is lethargic and sleeping constantly, and he is losing weight (down from 10 pounds to 8 pounds). He has started ...
Started by simkusra. Last post: 2007-07-13

Cat with difficulty urinating 4

my cat who is about 5 years old is sitting in a huddled position and goes into a spraying mode but nothing comes out. I palpated his bladder and it seems full. He also vocalizes ...
Remedies: Aconitum Napellus
Started by underbani. Last post: 2007-07-10

Remedy for young cat 0

She's a long hair female outdoor cat. Was attacked by dog, coyote,? , about 4 months ago. Had hugh fang holes behind both ears. When I found her it had just happened. She was ...
Started by aegmason. Last post: 2007-04-26

Vomitting Cat 1

Hi everyone, This is my first post here and it's quite a desperate one at that. I have an 8mo old kitten whom I adopted a month ago. She had been living at a shelter where t...
Started by embrassezla. Last post: 2007-03-29

Cat with upper respiratory 1

Since Charma is lactose intolerant, should I be avoiding all remedies that are made with lactose? Charma was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism on Feb.26,2007. She also has acute rena...
Started by spazrats. Last post: 2007-03-04

Cat problem... 1

Our 4 year old male cat has blood in his urine for 1 month.Since yesterday he hasn't urinated at all.My mother has tried on him different homeopathy pills but none of them wor...
Started by Dora434. Last post: 2007-03-03

Cat with overly stinky feces 1

My cat has overly stinky, slightly runny feces since birth . The smell seems to be getting worse and I am wondering if anyone has a remedy that might work. She seems perfectly hea...
Started by skydancer. Last post: 2007-02-22

Old cat with eczema, soiling indoors, halitosis, increased thirst 0

My 17 year old cat has generally been very healthy all her life. After Christmas when we went away and left her with a cat sitter she developed eczema on her back and under chin an...
Started by webbsite2. Last post: 2007-02-04

Please god help me--FIP in my cat soul mate 3

Hello. I have a cat who is so dear to me that I really cannot even describe how I will feel if I lose him. He is an orange male tabby--probaby about 2 1/2 years old. In short,...
Started by TinaW. Last post: 2007-01-24

Advice for cat with Chronic Cystitis requested 207

Hello,I have a female geriatric cat (age 15 years) who has had recurrent cystitis. Today the vet decided her bladder is extremely small and 'knobbly' and has given steri...
Remedies: Urtica Urens, Phosphorus, Calcarea Carbonica, Nux Vomica, Jaborandi (Pilocarpus), Calcarea Phosphorica, Pulsatilla Nigricans, Plumbago Littoralis
Started by bunbun. Last post: 2006-12-27

Hairballs in cat 8

I am wondering if there is remedy to reduce hairballs in our cat. I don't know much about cats as I never had a cat until I "joined the family" when I married my husband five...
Started by lmhoopes. Last post: 2006-12-27

Cat with cystitis 9

Hi. I would really appreciate if anyone could give me incite into my cat`s particular case and how I should go about the treatment. Nine days ago he was taken to the vet because ...
Remedies: Urtica Urens, Cantharis, Apis Mellifica
Started by underbani. Last post: 2006-12-27

Cat Urinating and Defecating all over the house 2

Hi. I would appreciate ANY help I can get. We recently (about 8 months ago) moved and our cat was fine for about two months. Then, he just started urinating ALL OVER the house - ev...
Started by fidoo. Last post: 2006-12-25

Cat with hyperthyroidism 1

Our senior cat (13 years old) has been demonstrating all of the signs of hyperthyroidism. He is eye has bugged out, he has lost 1/2 his weight although still hungry, still is swee...
Started by Buchworm. Last post: 2006-12-12

Help! head pain , cat allergy? 1

I hate to think that I have an allergy, however I have been in terrible pain for 2 months. My sister has moved in with me and brought her two cats along. I have had the worst head ...
Started by stephanie1968. Last post: 2006-11-09

Please - Help Me With Remedy for My Poor Cat 8

My cat is 14 years old - except for being recently diagnosed with mild hyperthyroidism, she was and has been healthy. All except for the constant licking of her paws, pads, in bet...
Remedies: Juglans Cinerea, Petroselinum, Thuja Occidentalis, Sulphur, Silicea, Rhus Tox
Started by Mousitsa. Last post: 2006-10-26

Cats w/ fip 1

I have many cats, one has been diagnosed w/ FIP,symtoms;swollen belly,anemic,lethargic,etc. I've read that nosode is good. where does one get this ?(quickly)and how much to gi...
Started by smoochie. Last post: 2006-10-17

Cat with stomatits/possible bartonella 0

Hello - I am new to this group and would like to post a case. I hope I'm doing this right. I have a cat approx. 5 years old, neutered male, adopted from a local shelter about...
Started by Eva99. Last post: 2006-10-09

Cat has bloody urine 1

Hi, my 13-year-old male cat has had blood in his urine for months now. I took him to the vet at first sign of blood and they did urinalysis and determined a severe bacterial infect...
Started by boginia2. Last post: 2006-09-30

Cats with fleas 3

we have four (!) cats. Three of which have fleas... the other is completely unaffected! We have been deflea-ing the house with natural stuff, and bathing the two cats who are suffe...
Remedies: Pulex Irritans, Arsenicum Album, Nux Vomica, Arnica Montana, Staphysagria, Calendula Officinalis
Started by sarahstw. Last post: 2006-08-05

Sick cat 1

My 1 yr old male cat woke up this morning wtih no apetite and very lethargic. No runny nose or any signs of a cold. Any suggestions?...
Started by patricia. Last post: 2006-06-02

Cat with chronic kidney failure 1

my 15 year old cat was diagnoised with moderate kidney failure about a month ago. She had all the associated symptoms..reduced appetite, tiredness, skin problems, dried stools..etc...
Remedies: Wildbad
Started by khaos. Last post: 2006-04-29

Think my cat has fip please help 10

HiI have already lost two of our cats to what the vet thinks was FIP, they both died sudden/quick about a year apart. They both had the same symptoms, sudden weight loss, coat spik...
Remedies: Apis Mellifica, Cantharis, Tuberculinum
Started by cuntrygirl. Last post: 2006-02-23

Persistent FLUTD in l7 yr. old cat 9

First symptoms of FLUTD date back a year but got much worseabout 5 mos. ago. She hashad traditional vet treatmentbut it persists. Frequenturination, straining, blood inurine etc....
Remedies: Cantharis, Ipecacuanha, Thuja Occidentalis, Bioplasma, Grindelia Robusta
Started by brightly. Last post: 2006-02-17

Kitty Cat with severely growing breast tumors -- but lots of spirit 22

Is there any homepathic medicine which can help a very sweet docile cat with severe breast cancer tumors. She still has such a strong will to live -- I can't take that away f...
Remedies: Magnesia Phosphorica, Calcarea Phosphorica, Phosphorus, Kali Phosphoricum, Natrum Sulphuricum, Kali Muriaticum, Silicea, Bromium, Calcarea Fluorata, Iodium, Carbo Animalis, Arnica Montana, Kali Bichromicum, Nepeta Cataria
Started by Buchworm. Last post: 2006-01-27

Black Eye Discharge in Cat 0

I have a 8 year old neutered male persian cat. Six months ago, he had a sinus infection that was untreated. At the moment he has a black discharge that is crusty, and thick about...
Started by Len Wenzel. Last post: 2006-01-25

Cat - ibd 1

Hello! I have a 10 year old nutered cat that has had IBD symptoms for 3 years. The symptoms have gotten much worse in the past 5 months. He has 'potty-problems' from ver...
Remedies: Thuja Occidentalis, Nux Vomica, Mercurius Vivus
Started by wadahoot. Last post: 2006-01-24

I got my cats fixed and one is being aggressive towards the other 7

HiMy name is Stella and I have two beautiful cats one is a female orange tabi and the other is a female tortie cat. They both loved each other very much until last week. I had Oj a...
Remedies: Natrum Muriaticum, Staphysagria, Bellis Perennis
Started by stellabanks. Last post: 2006-01-19

Cat Allergies 1

I was once told that there is a place that you can send cat hair & dander to so you can have a remedy made from your cat, for those allergic to the cat. Does anyone know where I ca...
Started by ASH NYC. Last post: 2006-01-11

Cat with strong smelling urine 7

My 5 year old male cat's urine has acquired a very strong smell. He was neutered when he was young and has never sprayed. What could be the cause of this smell? Can this have ...
Remedies: Natrum Muriaticum
Started by eishsdhana. Last post: 2006-01-09

New baby arrives and my cat is defecating in house & has developed dry eczema 1

Can anyone help?I have a 17 year old cat who since our first baby arrived a year ago has developed dry itching eczema around her haunches and tail.She has also recently started def...
Remedies: Sulphur, Natrum Muriaticum, Ignatia Amara, Nux Vomica
Started by webbsite2. Last post: 2005-12-31

Problem with Cat 4

Hi Namaste:Perhaps you can help me out - I have a 13 year old kitty who has become a bit obsessive. She is on a diet because she had gotten too fat and could not get to her behind...
Remedies: Calcarea Carbonica, Nux Vomica, Arsenicum Album, Lycopodium Clavatum, Natrum Muriaticum
Started by Mousitsa. Last post: 2005-12-30

Namaste or Other Cat Expert 3

Just one more question and request for advice - sorry to bother you.One of my three cats, Dimitra, is very depressed since we have been here at this place. She will almost every d...
Remedies: Ignatia Amara, Aconitum Napellus, Juglans Regia, Viola Odorata, Wildbad
Started by Mousitsa. Last post: 2005-12-30

13 year old cat very very thin 3

My 13 year old cat is extrememly thin. You can feel her spine when you pick her up. She only weighs a four or five pounds at most. She's had a full work up at her vets, bloodw...
Remedies: Arsenicum Album, Sulphur, Iodium, Nux Vomica, Phosphorus, Lycopodium Clavatum
Started by samnbudsmom. Last post: 2005-12-24

Cat is scared & not eating 5

I do foster work for a local shelter, and 2 weeks ago I brought home a pair of 8 year old cats. It's unclear if they're littermates, but they were raised together for al...
Remedies: Aconitum Napellus, Ignatia Amara, Opium, Magnesia Carbonica, Gelsemium Sempervirens, Natrum Muriaticum, Nepeta Cataria
Started by A Friend to Cats. Last post: 2005-12-12

7-year-old cat after surgery 0

My 7-year-old cat swallowed a needle and thread (my brother had used and let them on a night-table) on Nov. 9 afternoon. In the evening she had a stomach surgery. The veterinarian ...
Started by aidacrc. Last post: 2005-11-21

Cat is hungry all the time 4

Female, spayed, 4-year-old indoor, tortoise shell cat named Aurora. Main problem is that Aurora seems to be hungry more than my other two cats and she has become overweight. Part o...
Started by sedora. Last post: 2005-11-17

Asthma cough in cat Remedy? 1

This forum looks incredible.Who moderates it ?Our 2 yr old CAT has had an asthma cough since he was very young.He has great energy, no breathing probs or heart prob. it seems.Has h...
Remedies: Phosphorus
Started by CatNap. Last post: 2005-11-15

Feline cardiomyopathy HELP for my cat 3

I really need some help for my cat. Tigger is a 13 year male tabby. Last month I noticed he was walking alittle off balance. He never fell down but just walked slowly and off balan...
Remedies: Cactus Grandiflorus, Digitalis Purpurea
Started by cherylb. Last post: 2005-11-12

Cat limps, vet finds nothing wrong 1

My indoor cat came out from the bedroom, lay on the carpet and yeowled. Then she jumped up and ran back under the bed, holding up her right hind leg. She hissed at me, and remained...
Started by headtoe. Last post: 2005-11-05

Cat with eating disorder 5

I have a 15 year old cat who loves to eat and eat and eat and eat and eat, until she vomits it all up. Even if I take food away from her after she has had a small stomach full, she...
Remedies: Tuberculinum, Lycopodium Clavatum, Natrum Muriaticum
Started by Namaste27. Last post: 2005-10-28

Cat with severe dental issues 3

My 7 year old female cat currently has tooth decay. Worse on the right side, back molars are calcified and look like stalagtites with spacing inbetween the teeth. Right upper eye t...
Remedies: Staphysagria
Started by Namaste27. Last post: 2005-10-28

Cat with old week old wound 5

My 10-year old cat disappeared last week. He returned last night with a shoulder wound that has abcessed, is hard and looks like it is from a very hard bite. He limps only a little...
Remedies: Bellis Perennis, Arnica Montana
Started by Pattib. Last post: 2005-10-23

My Cat 1

My cat has been sneezing for over a year now, her breathing is very heavy and she is a bit down in mood. She is congested. We checked her teeth,we checked for polyps, for herpes et...
Started by Theplaza. Last post: 2005-10-19

Cat Remedy!!! 3

My 11 year old cat has problems eating, chewing his food, swallowing. He must be in pain trying to chew and opening his mouth because he cries a lot when trying to do so. There is ...
Remedies: Aurum Metallicum, Mercurius Vivus, Grindelia Robusta, Solanum Tuberosum
Started by alexroi. Last post: 2005-10-17

Help for epileptic cat anyone? thx 3

young cat from shelter. first epileptic experience at +/- 5 months; convulsions, foaming at the mouth, attack came on around 0330 am and after she had a very dry cough......
Remedies: Bufo Rana, Oenanthe Crocata, Hyoscyamus Niger, Causticum
Started by mariedo. Last post: 2005-08-31

My cat has inflamed gums 8

My cat has inflamed gums. Not in the front but in the back. The teeth are ok its just the gums that are very very red and she has trouble eating. the vet just wants to give antibio...
Remedies: Mercurius Vivus, Phosphorus, Borax, Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum, Sulphur
Started by rayne. Last post: 2005-08-13

Cat with conjunctivitis and anemia 5

My cat developed conjunctivitis-type symptoms overnight with swollen eyes .The thing is, there was anemia too. He's otherwise fine. good appetite, etc. I used antibiotic dro...
Remedies: Euphrasia Officinalis, Ferrum Metallicum, Ferrum Phosphoricum
Started by ajtriva. Last post: 2005-07-26

13-year-old cat with recurring attacks 19

I hope it is appropriate to post regarding animals here; I got a sense from the message strings that it may be. In any event, thank you to all contributors for their caring and fas...
Remedies: Natrum Muriaticum, Mercurius Vivus, Nux Vomica, Conium Maculatum, Baryta Carbonica
Started by rohan. Last post: 2005-07-17

Cats problems... 6

Hello all,I have 2 cats with slight problems. One is a 13 year old female with chronic cystitis. I don't want to take her to the vets again for more antibiotics, so would like...
Remedies: Cantharis, Euphrasia Officinalis, Causticum
Started by MrsFrog. Last post: 2005-07-16

Cat with chronic cough and nasal discharge 8

I have tried numerous remedies to help her and almost all which seem to increase nasal discharge and her energy and then the remedy burns out.My cat is currently a 7 year old, blac...
Remedies: Mercurius Solubilis, Arsenicum Album, Pulsatilla Nigricans, Sulphur, Mercurius Vivus
Started by Namaste27. Last post: 2005-06-01

My cat has a small puncture i 6

My cat came home this morning. He has a small puncture bite in his left shoulder. He doesn't like to even be picked up because of the pain. He doesnot want to eat nor drink., ...
Remedies: Aconitum Napellus, Ledum Palustre, Hypericum Perforatum, Apis Mellifica, Arnica Montana, Bellis Perennis, Hydrastis Canadensis, Berberis Vulgaris, Avena Sativa, Solidago Virg. aur., Taraxacum, Lachesis
Started by Ladthena. Last post: 2005-05-21

Dreams about cats 3

Hello!Maybe you can answer my questions because I do not really have a solution for that.I am continously dreaming of cats and mostly these dreams are nightmares and really scaring...
Remedies: Pulsatilla Nigricans, Sepia
Started by innanna. Last post: 2005-05-02

De-Wormwe for Cat 6

Hello, I hav a cat of 8 months old gave birth to two young ones on 11th Apr. Today i observed 2 small piece of white worm moving on her stool..(stool normal) i think this could ...
Remedies: Granatum Punica, Cuprum Metallicum, Cucurbita Pepo Semen
Started by vinaya20. Last post: 2005-04-24

De-Wormwe for Cat 0

Hello, I hav a cat of 8 months old gave birth to two young ones on 11th Apr. To day i observed 2 small piece of white worm moeing on her stool..(stool normal) i think this could...
Started by vinaya20. Last post: 2005-04-18

Siamese cat - lack of appetite 1

My 2 year old neutered male Siamese has not eaten for three days. Wednesday 23rd I took him to the vets where his temperature was normal but he has an ulcer on the side of his to...
Started by Marsha. Last post: 2005-03-24

Help for cat 6

As unusual as this may seem, homeopathics have helped my 17 year old cat stop throwing up. We'd been advised to "put him down," but he's obviously feeling better now that...
Remedies: Nux Vomica, Arnica Montana, Sulphur, Arsenicum Album, Lycopodium Clavatum, Phosphorus, Thuja Occidentalis, Calcarea Carbonica, Calcarea Phosphorica, Baryta Carbonica, Ignatia Amara
Started by wambtac. Last post: 2004-12-10

Continued fip cat 1

sorry letter got sent before finished so continued_coat dry,dull,separated hair,starving to death, skeleton under fur_hungry all the time_oedema, huge amount of abdomenal fliud, im...
Started by ispec_jem. Last post: 2004-12-08

Cat problem 3

I suppose animal can also be treated using homeopathic remedy. I have a cat which has fallen from my 4-storey building for 5 times from small. Now it has a problem where it has n...
Remedies: Arnica Montana, Hypericum Perforatum
Started by zainalbusu. Last post: 2004-11-26

Cat with fleas 4

My cat is prone to fleas. The herbal flea collars I have tried aggrevate her skin. Does anyone know of a Homeopathic remedy which will discourage the fleas please.Thanx...
Remedies: Causticum, Allium Sativum
Started by dawnydumps. Last post: 2004-01-04

Remedy for cats 1

Can somebody tell me if there is any remedy for female cats to increase milk content and to stop their reproduction ( make infertile) Very much thanks....
Remedies: Calcarea Carbonica
Started by zainalbusu. Last post: 2003-12-17

Homeopathy for a cat 0

I've adopted a stray and have been nursing her back to full health for a year now. She was diagnosed with toxoplasgnosis (sp?) and given two courses of antibiotics last fall b...
Started by brimmels. Last post: 2003-08-16

Angry Cat 1

I would like to know if you can give me a recommedation afor a cat 1 1/2 yrs old who is untrusting and hides and will swat at other cats and humans with high anxiety and not had an...
Remedies: Belladonna
Started by Kaye. Last post: 2003-05-26

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