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I forgot to add the ear ringing..My right ear (the tonsil w/the stones) rings on and off - sometimes louder than others. The ENT couldnt' find anything wrong except acid reflux.

My ear also feels like it pops alot then it feels wet inside..It's clear...like the water that comes out of our ears after swimming.
ronjenn696 last decade
to wiernerin and rinjenn696 sounds like you guys have viral infections... the ears hurting and the throat hurting when you swallow ...etc... you should have blood work done and test for ear infections and things of that nature... by the way just incase you didnt read my prev post... TONSILS ARE LYMPH NODES... LYMPH NODES ARE THE GLANDS THAT FIGHT OFF VIRUSES AND INFECTIONS... therefore, if yo are feeling ill when you have these tonsil stones present- it may be possible that you are... some people seem to get feverish when the white spots are present... that is because your lymph nodes are working extra hard to fight off a foreign entity (virus / other infections) ...Please see a doctor!
me too last decade
I do get feverish & achey..I'm feeling better today. There's still a huge chunk in my tonsil and it won't come out. I've already been to the dr. & an ENT and they couldn't find anything wrong. They swabbed & it came back negative. The ENT stuck the camera up my nose and said my tonsil are inflamed alittle but it's nothing to worry about. The tonsil stone fell out the day before I saw the ENT.

There is a tightness & heaviness in my throat and I keep coughing up a thick yellow/white mucous stuff today.

This tonsil stone came to be after I had a beer saturday night...Over the course of the next few days it is where it is now.

I don't know what to do anymore...the dr.'s found nothing wrong. DH says I need a 2nd opinion from a 2nd set of dr.'s....I agree now.
ronjenn696 last decade
I've just gotten over a very similar viral infection, during which the stones were particularly "active" and noticeable. Also, however, my tonsils were swollen with the infection which I've noticed makes it feel like there's something in my throat that I should be able to remove. But it's just the sensation of swollen tonsils.

I've been to three ENTs and my GP over the past year about these tonsil infections - for me, they're always viral (except the first time was strep), and nothing really helps but bedrest and painkillers. The tonsil stones seem to come on as I'm getting sick, and then dissipate when I'm better.

I've taken to using the new Crest Pro-Health mouthwash. Kills the same bacteria as Listerine, but I can keep it in my mouth long enough for it to work. It's great stuff, if expensive.

Also, for folks with the same smell coming out of their gums, it may well be a periodontal problem. Ask your dentist, and maybe get a referral to a perio.
uberfletch last decade
One more thing - one of the ENTs I saw in the past year put me on medicine for acid reflux even though I've never had a problem with it and told him so. I took it for a while and it messed up my stomach horrendously, so I stopped. It didn't benefit me at all. Are you folks sure you have AR, or are your doctors over-prescribing a med that you don't really need? I never understood why he prescribed it, esp. when I told him I had no history or symptoms of AR. I didn't go back to him.
uberfletch last decade
Question! I have had swollen lymphnodes on both sides of my neck since last September. At first they checked me for lyphoma, but my white counts came back up after a drop of 2.7. They are checking for all types of cancers, but scans show nothing. He wants to biopsy one of those in my neck. Could this possibly have something to do with the tonsil stones? I was afraid to tell him cause lord knows what he would have said. Help! My throat does not hurt,just off and on.
calico last decade
A raised white blood cell count normally indicates you've got an infection your body is fighting or that there is something wrong with your white blood cell production. If they've ruled out problems with production it's almost certainly infection that's causing the problem. If you've got one that is being handled by your body and you don't feel too unwell then there's a good chance it's tonsil related. Tell your Doctor!
albert22 last decade
You guys are mentioning ENT's and DR. when you go to the DOC's the only way that a DOC can tell if you have a viral is to check the blood... Have blood work drawn... perhaps a TITER test it will let you know of any and all germs that are present in the body... and if you have a viral infection you need something to fight viruses... antiviral medications... penicillans and stuff like that does not kill viruses... viruses usually go away when fevers burn them away ... or when your white blood cells fight them...but some viruses can only be attacked w/ viral medicines and in some cases that cant even be fought off..they can only be surpressed...
me too last decade
another thing... my white tonsil stones and tinsil sweeling went away for years when i had my teeth scaled... that is when the dentist / oral hygenist goes under the gums and scrape... plaque builds under the gums when you dont floss properly and when that happens you have bacteria and infection growing underneath and you usually wont know this unless you go to the dentist...

back to the plaque theory...the stuff that gums out of your tonsils smells like the stuff between your teeth or the stuff that is built up around your teeth ...

also, see a dentist
me too last decade
Just to add something else to the mix. I have an underactive thyroid. When I first went on the medication, the white lumps cleared completely for about 4 months. I almost missed them (just kidding). Then they came back and this coincided with my thyroid values going back down (which sometimes happens after you go on thyroid medication). I haven't stabilised yet, but it would be interesting to know if low thyroid could predispose to this kind of condition. But mostly, I believe that oral hygiene and the old-fashioned virtues of looking after your health, reducing stress, healthy food, fresh air, sleep is going to play a big part. The crazy ways we live our lives mean we just use up all our resources. After this last bout of tonsillitis/bronchitis, I'm telling husband, family, friends that I'm convalescing! I check my throat daily, so far so good.
Wienerin last decade
To ronjenn696 again. Please see my last post - I forgot to mention about your heavy feeling round your voice box. Check out Mary Shomon's site for low thyroid symptoms. If any apply to you, get a blood test. Caio.
Wienerin last decade
HMMMMMMMM... thyroids!?!?!?! i have been having thyroid problems too... havent taken any meds for them... but i am seeing an endo. doc now... HMMMMMMMMMMMM!?!?!?!?
me too last decade
WOW So glad I found this place!!

I've had these nasty things all my life, or ever since I can remember... 3 or so. When I was younger I could feel them in the back of my mouth and take them out and I would ask my mom what they were. She always thought it was weird but shrugged it off.

I used to think it was food that would get lodged in my esphogus and would work it's way up, they smell so gross!

Last year I felt something in the back of my mouth and saw a white bump! ICKY!! I tried to dislodge it but I just had to wait. Sure enough it was a nasty.

I thought maybe it was coming from holes in my nasal cavity filling up with puss, could explain the nasty smell.

I am so glad to read everything you all have written. It seems most people on here can dig them out, I can't. They seem to be getting larger with age and instead of being down my throat they are in the back of my mouth (but they could be there and I just not notice it).

If I removed my tonsils (which I can't see) will I still get them in my mouth?

Someone earlier had posted that they thought viruses and bacteria that would usually go down to your stomach and make you puke are caught on these things. I haven't puked since I was 8 (I'm 22 now).

As for being contagious, I don't think so, because 1. I've had them forever, 2. my husband doesn't have them nor have any of my past boyfriends. In fact I'm the only one I know.

Well I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with the "Icky White Things".
sherrell last decade
Well I just used the hot water salt mixture and with much gargling and gagging I got 5 of them out, I think they all came from the side of my mouth. One was a pea size and seriously made me almost vomit, something I haven't done in 14 years!

For me I think they come around when I have nasal drippage. I usually get them on my right side too.

Totally grossed out but feeling better!

sherrell last decade
My stone fell out on Saturday night - I'm guessing it happened when I had a hard cough & felt something shoot out of my mouth while in the front yard.

Now my throat feels weird...When I swallow I feel a huge lump at the back of my throat - it tastes nasty. It smells nasty...

I've been gargling with salt water after I eat these past few days.

If I keep gargling with water - will they all comeout? If I have some down in my throat?

Sherell said she got 5 out. I only see one when I have them...

I feel like I have to constantly clear my throat because it feels like there's a thick glob of mucous in it.

Also, yesterday I would hock and hock to see if something would come up & all that came was small whitish stuff..like the thrush my Daughter used to have as a baby.


My Dr. opens in a few hours & i'm going to ask for a TITER blood test. Also to check AGAIN for thyroid levels.
ronjenn696 last decade
See if they can do a test for yeast too.

On the health boards I frequent, there is a post about this also. One person on there said they got better when they cut out bad carbs. This would include breads,refined foods and beer, which is really really yeasty.
upnorth last decade
This thread is getting crazy! I'm beginning to think that tonsil stones are kind of like TMJ, in the sense that many, many different causes can all cause the same symptom.

For what it's worth, if you can't handle Listerine (which I use for my gums anyway) yet another antibacterial agent is Grapefruit Seed Extract. I get much better results with Listerine in terms of my gums. I have diluted it when squirting it into my big crypt.

Ronjenn, if you don't find satisfaction with your doctors, you might try going to a naturopath or homeopath. Also, there is another cause of a lump-in-throat feeling that is not related to Thyroid called Globus Hystericus, aka Crycopharengeal Spasm. It's a spasm of the pharynx. I'm being treated by an acupuncturist now for that very thing. Somthing else to think about.

For the person who asked about the homeopathic remedy (Bayrta Carb I think), this is a homeopathic site and you can get all sorts of great info on the home page.
flotsette last decade
Oh, by the way, I haven't had a stone in quite a while now - almost 2 months I think. I attribute this to several things IN MY CASE....

- avoidance of foods known to irritate my tonsils (nuts, popcorn, chocolate) as well as other food allergies I have (gluten, dairy),

- I quit smoking, drinking, and drinking coffee,

- I've been seeing an acupuncturist who is treating my liver qi and doing many detoxifying things to support this treatment (eating tons of veggies and fruit, exercise, rest, stress reduction, dandilion tea, dry brushing before showering, etc.)

Food for thought!
flotsette last decade
Well this one chunk I've been feeling for for weeks is finally gone! THANK GOD! I had gone to the doctor ( as I posted earlier) and she gave me amoxicillin to decrease the inflammation of my tonsils and that worked to get the one out that was stuck!
About 3 or 4 came out within a couple days and I no longer feel that "lump" in my throat that was driving me nuts.

I think once I get insurance I may just get these big fat tonsils out and eliminate the problem :)
good luck all
Ohionurse last decade
May I suggest that you use Belladonna 30 in the Wet Dose whenever you have the first signs of any throat discomfort like feeling sore, phlegm in the throat or a cough ?

I would not recommend that you have a Tonsillectomy as you may discover as I did after my Tonsillectomy that was done in 1952 that my throat seemed to be in pain always for about 5 years post surgery. My tonsils were rarely inflamed by my doctors in Sri Lanka felt that they were responsible for the frequent colds that I was then catching which strangely enough increased in the frequency after the surgery.

The fact that the Amoxicillin helped proves that you were harbouring an infection in your tonsils and it may be useful to do a throat swab and culture to rule out the dreaded Beta Haemolyticus Streptococcus which can lead to major problem later if it is not treated with long acting Penicillin for a long time.

The Bell will help to keep any infection from catching on and the method to be used to make the wet dose is as follows:

Get a 500ml bottle of spring water
Pour out 100ml
Put in 3 globules or 1 drop of Bell 30c if you have the liquid remedy.
Hit the bottle hard on your palm or a cushion and watch for the water to fizzle like when you open a bottle of soda.
Sip a teaspoonful as recommended above three times daily.

This remedy must be used as soon as the first signs of discomfort are noticed to have the best chance of fighting the infection.
Joe De Livera last decade
I too am so glad to have found this forum! I have been fighting these little stinkers for about 20 years, since age 13. I too pick and dig.... I absolutly hate it. I do belive that I have made my "crypts" much bigger and deeper by doing so. I can actually open my mouth very wide and "flex" my tonsils to the point where they open up and I can see into the deep folds etc. I brush and floss 2 or 3 times a day and use Listerine about 4 or 5 times a day. I most recently switched to the new "whitening listerine" it contains peroxide and I can feel the bubbles and foam loosening my nasty little stones. It ia also less stingy. I also use one of those plastic oral syringes found in the baby isle. It seems to do the trick, unless one is lodged... then we just play the waiting game.
I am cuurently fighting the worst case of tonsil infection I have in a long time. (I get strep or viral infections about 4 times a year) I am taking Zithromax, which helps, even though a viral infection is not supposed to be helped with antibiotics. My doctor also put me on a steroid therapy to reduce the swelling of my tonsils.... this really helped alot. I am meeting an ENT next week to discuss the removal of my tonsils once and for all. I will certainly share any info I find out.... Thanks to all of you for your idaes!
wallman last decade
Well this lymph node idea has me thinking again. History of under active thyroid in my family. I think most all of us may be permanently dehydrated which improves conditions for the growth of these bacteria. And try as I might I can not figure out how to get un-dehydrated. Drinking more and more and more water doesnt seem to really fix the problem. Which makes me think that maybe the water just leaves my body instead of hydrating me is that I'm getting rid of extra salts or chemicals? Could use ideas here on that, but back to topic. I viewed these tonsil stones as parasites that lived in our tonsils and if we just changed the environment *using vinegar to change the ph and kill the bacteria* they would croke and move out. BUT now as I too have heaviness in the throat on occasions I think these maybe a bacteria that is attacking the whole lymph system and just entering through the tonsils. I think maybe we should focus on the sulfer that the bacteria is surrounded by? Where does that come from? From the air or food or from our bodies? If it is caused by excess sulfer in our bodies are these bacterias doing us a favor by getting rid of the sulfer that I may not have been drinking enough water to get rid of any other way? And if this is the case... How do you lower the sulfer level in your body? UGH... I should probably re-read and edit before i post this but i'm not... good luck figuring out what I'm really thinking here ;)
justmebyanyname last decade
Does anyone know if the bacteria is live or dead inside the stones? Is the lymph system killing the bacteria by surrounding it with sulfer?
justmebyanyname last decade
Here's what I cant figure out.
How does the bacteria get into the tonsil.
Does the lymph system kick it out of the body into the tonsil to be expelled?
Or does it wander into the tonsil and then the tonsil keeps surrounding it with sulfer to protect us from the bacteria until it is so big it pops out?

I think I'm going with the lymph system kicking them out there and that we do have low grade infection somewhere in our bodies of some kind that seems to be permanent. I've had these for 25 years.
When I get a 'true' sore throat (which happens when I get too tired or overworked) and they do the strep test it comes back negative. I think that this bacteria is just a strain a little different from strep that they don't have a test for yet. I'm never put on antibiotics long enough to really get over it. I'm just on there long enough to feel better and keep functioning.

By the way... anyone else get small (size of pin head) blisters that are watery on their hands?

I think we are focusing on treating a symptom of a bigger problem here.
justmebyanyname last decade
I haev had these "White Clumps" in my throat for years, as far back as I can remmember. My wife and I both have them and we call them "peas". Don't ask it is just one of those names we gave them.

Anyhow, we have had great success with simply flushing them out with water. A water pick is ideal for the job but I use a large syringe that has a small flexible tube attached to the end of it. I bought it at the pharmacy in the baby section I think and it is supposed to be used to administer medicine to babies or something.

With regular flushings (bi-monthly) depending on your severity it should keep them clear of those nasty things and your breath will be MUCH fresher. Sometimes it requires quite a few flushes until you can get them all out. Just direct the water into the crypt or tonsil hole and repet until you have flushed out all the little pieces.

If you are going to use a Water Pik, I recommend a low setting so you do not ittitate your tonsils too much as they can be very sensitive.

Good luck all!
Coriolus last decade
Just to quote another site:

As you suspect, however, there is more to these hard lumps than just food. The tonsils also trap other mouth debris such as bacteria and old cells from the surface of the mouth's lining. Some of these cells contain small amounts of keratin, the same substance found in fingernails and rhinoceros horns. Whatever the nature of the debris, it is then attacked by white blood cells. The aftermath of this battle leaves the crevices of the tonsil strewn with hardened remains.

So the lumps are a mixture of stuff, and my guess is you wouldn't get them quite so frequently if you didn't have pitted tonsils. The doctor does say that the tonsils are sentinels protecting the lungs and intestines from infection. However, I'm sure that doesn't mean that people without tonsils suffer bad lung and stomach infections. I agree with one poster that they are a symptom of something larger, and that has to be having a low immune system which we can do something about. (Except I'm too tired, stressed and overworked!!!).
Wienerin last decade

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