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Just like to say that I think I've noticed a link between consuming products with yeast (bread, beer etc) and the production of tonsiliths. They also happen when I have a 'flu. I surf and can reccommend the use of the salt water gargle as everytime I go in the sea I end up spitting far more of these things than I think can possibly hide in there (sorry about the image).
Eromanga last decade
Well I did a Google search for ' smelly white chunks in tonils ' and thankfully I found this forum. I skimmed through a few pages and was amazed by all the info.

A quick rundown of myself and history of my problem:
I'm a 22 y/o medic in the US Army currently deployed to Iraq. I only recently had a problem with these nasty tonsil nuggets. However , since I was a small kid I had a problem with enlarged tonsils and upper resp infections. I get sore throats alot and that usually end up with an ear ache. I don't know why I never had my tonsils removed , but God put them there for a reason so I think I would like to hang on to them. It seems like everytime I went to a doctor they commented on how large my tonsils were and how they could even hear it in my voice. There were even times that they became so inflamed , they were touching each other ( kissing tonsils). Most of the time they gave me some antibiotics and sent me on my way. My Mom ( smart lady ) always had me eat alot of vitiamin c tablets and drink OJ. That always worked better than the antibiotics.
Well about 4 months ago I felt something stuck in the back of my throat , so when I checked it out, it looked to be like a white lump sticking out of my tonsil. It came out just by flexing my throat and it was FOUL! As I was flexing my throat I noticed I could see more of these chunks stuck deeper in my tonils. Just from pushing on my tonsil with a q-tip several of these stones came out. I was a little freaked out so I asked the actual doctor at my aid station about it; he has been in family medicine for about 15 years. He told me what most people hear from these great medical experts... ' Oh its just food stuck back in the crypts. Don't worry about it , it will go away ' . Well it hasn't ever really gone away. I have to pick these stones out every few days. Also , sometimes when I wake up I have that foul taste / oder in my mouth. I have been using listerine several times a day, but I still end up pickin out some of these nasty little nuggets. I haven't really noticed bad breath except for in the morning when I first wake up. Also, I DO breath through my mouth when I sleep. ( I know that was a topic brought up before)
At first I thought maybe being in Iraq had something to do with it, but I have been here for 9 months and the problem only started 4 months ago. Also I was here for a year back in March of 2003. Now there are some other things I did think of : I started smoking occasionally about 5 months ago ; its only a cigg or 2 every other day or so. I don't smoke on a regular basis. However, I really think that may have caused these nuggets to start. It is possible that I have had them longer than 4 months but never noticed them and the smoking just irritated the problem.
Also, I use a protein supplement called Muscle Milk which does contain some ingredients derived from milk and soy. It seems that the stones are larger and there are more of them whenever I drink one of these shakes. I do mix it with skim milk and that is the only dairy I have over here ; so my guess is dairy does have something to do with it. I also notice a bad taste in my mouth a little while after I have one of these shakes or milk.
I do apologize for rambling on, I just noticed people were throwing out different ideas as to what causes these stones or makes them worse.
I also have some questions about the different xylitol solutions. I would like to try that along with the Himilayan Goji Juice that was mentioned. That juice sounds like it has so many vitamins and minerals it can't hurt to try it. Back to the xylitol solutions , can you please give me a quick rundown as to what I need to mix it with, where I can purchase everything , and how to administer it. It would greatly be appreciated. I would like to have this problem fixed by the time I go back home in about four months. I should make it back just in time for Christmas, and I don't feel like spending any of my time home digging nuggets out of my throat. THANK YOU MUCH!
CmbtDOC last decade

i think youre on the right path with xylitol.

but,diluted peroxide is a good gargle especially mixed with scope--or maybe better--XYLITOL

(like to do that as its an irritant for some knucleheads around here-wink---smile)

gargling with mouth open against the shower works great too--im a diver so this is easy for me

search for xylitol online at yahoo/google

im getting to be more and more of an alternative medicine 'expert'-ha!, year by year.

im convinced about xylitol right now

i just mix it in water at any dilution from strong to weak--no recipe needed

peppermint and licorice or anise oil are excellent medicinal oils also, and may be partially responsible for some of the results ive experienced

also,, get some saline nasal spray and add a little xylitol to it and use it for nasal irrigation--awsome

thanks for trying

and while youre ad it nuke some ragheads for me--just kidding--just tryin to get the speech police lathered

and always beware of the white coated immortals

xylitol is awsome--ill check back tonite but rally you can get this stuff anywhere online and mix to any dilution with no recipe required

try it nasally, it will rid you of allergies guaranteed--just kidding--tryin to lather the speech police agin
snorkels4 last decade
snorkels4, could you please stop posting about xylitol? you've said more than enough on the matter, and i for one am tired of checking back on this board only to scroll through 10 or so of your pro-xylitol posts.

i think everyone on here knows that you think it works. you've asked repeatedly for people who have tried it to post their stories. you don't need to keep asking.

perhaps you could just say that if anyone has further questions about xylitol (since you seem to be the grand master on the subject) they could email you for info? this is a board to discuss TONSIL STONES. not just xylitol.
kmoeller last decade
I called my doctor regarding having my tounsils removed she reffered me to an ENT (Ear Nose Throat) doctor and my consulatation is Thur. Sept 7th. I will post after my consulation and share whatever information I am given.

In my intitial post I mentioned that I'm also having occasional underarm odor which isn't caused by prespiration! Thats also another reason I'm so strong about having my tounsils removed I'm wondering if the tounsil stones have anything to do with my body excreting this fowl odor periodcally or am I just falling apart and should search for a new forum on that topic : ( Hoping that'll stop too... anyone have this symptom as well?!

Katherine: I'd suggest asking your doctor for another ENT refferal and try getting a quicker apt. to eaze your mind.
Nicole16 last decade
molar, i will try to limit myself to one post a day as many people always go to last page of forums visited and i wouldnt want to miss the chance for anyone to try this remedy.

if you guys will stop posting about all of the wonderful benefits of tonslectomies i would appreciate it, also

keiser permanente and any health plans with free surgery? yeah, right. free to whom. someone always pays and the people who dont have all of these surgeries are paying just as much as the ones having the surgeries. medical care is out of control and is a big drain on the economy.

we should all continue to look for alternative as you will not be offered them by the white coated immortals

think and scroll past my posts.

book burnin thought police lighten up
snorkels4 last decade
from: molar

'perhaps you could just say that if anyone has further questions about xylitol (since you seem to be the grand master on the subject) they could email you for info? this is a board to discuss TONSIL STONES. not just xylitol.'

seems to be a board for discussing tonsil sugery mostly.

how do i know that you arent a plant of the medico-government-industrial complex

just kiddin--get a grip not a gripe--smile
snorkels4 last decade
'SNORKELS4'.... I am new to this site and you already get under my skin and for that reason alone I would NEVER take a suggestion of yours... you need to stop trying to porn your advise on everyone.. we can all read and write quite obviously and dont need you to keep waisting our time with your re-iterations. I have all intentions from here on in to scroll past all your posts ... and as for persons mentioning what they are about to do & there questions / concerns on the topic of tonsillectomies.. thats what the forum is for not for someone to keep preaching the same B.S. over & over. If you have nothing else to offer to the forum then no need for you to keep on with your posts!
Nicole16 last decade

perhaps you could limit your xylitol posts to one per PAGE, not one per day. there's no point in you posting the exact same thing, 'try xylitol!!! it really works!!!!', over and over if it appears a dozen times per page.
kmoeller last decade
oh, and just to let you know, snorkels4:

if you continue to flood this message board with your xylitol drivel, i will email the site coordinator and request that your presence on here be removed.

i'm not trying to be aggressive, but i'm obviously not the only one who is tired of hearing about xylitol. you posted once, twice, trice, and many more times: we get the point. you don't need to keep talking about it.

as for tonsillectomies, i don't see people who come on here and repost the story of their surgery without any new information dozens and dozens of times.

if you have something to contribute to the discussion, i would say you're more than welcome here. otherwise, it would be in everyone's best interest if you just set up your own site on which to extoll the virtues of xylitol, instead of irritating the people on here.

thanks, and have a nice day.
kmoeller last decade
'it appears a dozen times per page'-molar

really, dozens per page?? liar liar pants on fire--smile
get a gip

most of my posts lately are in response to the self appointed abchomeopathy forum speech police

'I am new to this site'-nicole

me too.

'if you continue to flood this message board with your xylitol drivel, i will email the site coordinator and request that your presence on here be removed'. -molar

i shaking with fear of being left out of 'your' increasingly exclusiv dead discussion, besides, your loss not mine. dont use xylitol and keep puking up white bumps--have it your way. smile

'without any new information dozens and dozens of times'.--molar

really? no new info? dozens and dozens of times? come on. there was some mention of abilities to read and write here. check you history and please dont exagerate or ill report you for lying--smile

'I would NEVER take a suggestion of yours... you need to stop trying to porn your advise on everyone.. we can all read and write quite obviously'--nicole

really?? 'never' is a strong word and 'porn' is too. youll change your mind if you try xylitol and be sorry if you dont even if you never realize it, but, of course, you wont and you will be the loser

as for reading and writing--chech your posts with the history before you man the guillotine and fires of intollerance--book burning thought police. maybe your reading can use some improvement

you guys are hyperirritable, jees

really guys, i really am trying to contribute and im not even trying to be irritable but its so difficult manuvering around your egg shell egos and hypersensitivities--get a grip
snorkels4 last decade
molar, a veteran asked me for the advice that appears on XYLITOL on this very page--get a grip not a gripe and read mo betta

im starting to realize more and more how ridiculous your responses to my effort have been.

please lay of or ill report you to the administrator

just kidding - i wouldnt do that

i hope you stay and mellow out
snorkels4 last decade
snorkels, if you want to contribute, contribute by not posting so much about xylitol, thats all everyone is saying, every other post is about your xylitol. As for Kaiser, its through my insurance, kaiser surgerys are free as long as you are reffered by the doc, the most you can pay on a surgery is 20 dollasr i think, everytime you go you have to pay a 10 dollar co pay plus Rx's, but all Rx's are the same price- 10 dollars, no matter what they are. you really can't beat it. I for one am a 19 year old man who got my tonsils out, and see no side effects excpet perfect health after, not getting sick, no more embarassment, bad breath, pain, nasty smell, and best of all, no more freaking STONES! THE TONSILS DO NOT DO ANYTHING FOR YOUR BODY AFTER THE AGE OF 21. IT has beed proven. My doctor also said it is true. They are meant for when you are young, but after that they are useless except for giving you stones! So if anyone wants to get rid of it permenately i would suggest getting the tonsils out! Its the best thing i've done, you are in pain for about 10 days, but think about it, 10 days, compared to the rest of your life? And all the pain, embarrasement, bad taste, and smell, and bumps on the tongue, and everything? Honestly, it was well worth it to me to get them out rather than have that for the rest of my life! Thats my .02 cents.

tim618 last decade
tim, thanks for your well thought out and respectful comments.

i am not a tonsil expert but i dont trust what doctors say to me. maybe you shouldnt either.

youve probably been duped by the doc. he probably knows no better because of medical school tunnel vision.

i know you believe the surgery was necessary but was it?? we will never know even though your result was marvelous.

surgeries and war are never free, tim. they are no more free than those 'hover round' wheel chairs they advertise so much on TV to people eligible for that benefit. there are lots of people riding around in those things at medicare or medi this or that expense--have you looked at the medicare payments you make and matching payments your employer makes in your name.

here the clencher on that---medicare is broke and you will never collect aa dime of it because its 'free'--yea right!!

heck, my dad had 2 motorized vehicles and they are still in his garage after his death from C diff pseudo membranous colitis--after a surgery nosocomial infection.

Get this---Xylitol is a good remedy for that to. his doctors didnt know and he died in 6 painful unpleasant months of intestinal poisoning---and i guess i should not talk about that too. no way.

when i stumbled upon this forum i thought it would be a source of natural remedy advice.

so much talk of surgery, surgery, surgery.

most people are glad after they removed their tonsils---only because theyve had so much trouble with them.

just like people that remove all of their teeth and have dentures because of bacterial infections and poor hygiene.

xylitol is a geat source of hygiene and nutriyion. AND, it prevents pseudo membranous colitis. ask your white coated immortal if he knows anytyhing about xylitol much less that. these doctors are all prescribing antibiotics that always contribute to this problem and none know about the possibilities that xylitol holds.

im not finished smilee
snorkels4 last decade
Firstly there is no need for any arguing we are all here to help one another. I would really like to see a mutual apology from everyone involved. I feel like the intent here is to help and that's very positive, and sometimes frustration can get in the way of this. I thnk the best cure we can do for this condition is confidence both in yourself and in others who know that you are stronger than this.

You say you are in perfect health, didn't you post that you had an appendicitis attack? Did they cut out your appendix also? I thought I remember you posting that? Do you think it's possibly from having your tonsils removed, if nothing else from the trauma of the surgery? The appendix has a secondary function as part of a focal mechanism for the incoming energies of the orange chakra. You may need some rebalancing in that area, I am not sure how that works. 2/3 of your immune system lies in your digestive tract, you should do well to take good care of your colon form now on, eat 35 grams of fiber every day. If you are not going 3 times a day get a good colon cleanser. Lastly, I wouldn't put all my faith in what doctors say. If we don't need our tonsils past 21, why don't they fall out? Is it that we don't have a need for them or is it that the doctor's can't FIND a need for them? Do you really beleive that modern medicine has it all figured out, that they have all the answers to the mystery that is the human body? Doctors also said you can get AIDS from a hadnshake, then said oh no wait we're wrong. Doctors also said a polio vaccine is impossibel, but they were wrong about that. Docttors also said, SARS would wipe out 30 percent of the world's poulation but htey were wrong about that. I have read your posts and you seem very intelligent to me, so I doubt that you are naive enough to fully trust what they are telling you. I feel that there is some part of you that disagrees. Keep in mind that doctors are licensed to give you their opinions, these are based on a mere 100 years or so of actual researchm which they may or may not have actual actual knowledge about. It is the one of the few professions where they can guess and get away with it. We have baby teeth that fall out after we don't need them. We shed skin and hair all the time. We go through puberty, just at the right time because it's necessary at that time and not before. The body is in a natural state of equilibrium, for a doctor to say that we don't need our tonsils means that that's all he is focusing on. Ask your doctor about the connection to the thymus and what kind of effect that will have now that you have a wide open pathway to your thymus gland. The thymus gland is a partial conductor of your heart chakra, that's a pretty important one. If you ask your doctor about that he might laugh and say chakras are imaginary. Ask your doctor why they didn't even know what the thymus gland was until about 30 years ago. They honestly thought it was just garbage. The body is a system. Yes your body is made of parts but the parts come together as a whole, you can't create an imbalance in one system without effecting another. All are one. That's just how it goes. I think it is very possible that you can live a long healthy life without your tonsils, you may just have to put extra effort into taking care of yourself. I hope that your appedicitis is not a precursor of things to come.

Does this underarm odor resemble the odor of the stones? I can't see the bacteria that cause the stones being able to penetrate that far into your lymph system, it would be like your defenses were completely down, you would be sick 24/7. That can't be thet case. Are your underarm lypmh nodes swollen and painful? Have you you tried an epsom salt bath? One really good detox which usually isn't too expensive (depending on where you live and who you can find) you can try an ionic foot bath. Or just try and find some sort of lymph drainage formula or go to a naturopath for lymph drainage techniques, or even a good massage will drain your lypmh system. How much water are you drinking? Are you excersing 4 times a week for 30 mintes? Walking is great. Sweating is a natural detox, but not realted to exercise. It would have to be stand outside on a hot day sweat. Are you overweight? Sorry to get so personal on a public forum but this is information that anyone who can help you needs to know. You may just need a series of good detox treatments. You may just have sluggush lymph.

Like I have said all along, this problem is clearly systemic in nature. It is a sign of a larger problem, this we can be sure of becasue we all are having other health problems to go along wih this. It could be diet related, h. pylori overgrowth, candida overgrowth, heavy metal toxocity, or anything that is at the root of the problem. That is why I am not for tonsil removal. Tonsil removal will certainly get rid of your stones, but they are a symptom of a larger problem. This is the standard for allopathy unfortunately, get rid of the symptoms, offer the patient relief, who cares about the underlying problem. It is called the smoke detector syndrome. Your smoke detector is going off and there is smoke in your house so your solution is to unplug the smoke detector so the alarm doesn't bother you anymore. If only people could grasp that modern medicine is in its infancy, and we have cures for illnesses that date back thousands of years that have worked just as long, we could solve the healthcare problem in this country in a single generation. Things will change, they always have and always will, so I guess we'll see what happens when science finally fails us for good.

Ok I am stepping down off the soapbox, hopefully I have only expressed love with this post and not offended anyone, if I have then I am sorry.
darak last decade
darak, you gave me an idea for treatment of underarm odor.

i think im goin to try the unmentionable on it.

ill report later

i was even thinking of offering t shirts with the unmentionable on them. these shirts could extol the many virtues of it every time a person wore it.

just kidding except for the deodorant part except might be a bit sticky. maybe trace amounts will do well. sometimes more is not better

maybe i can find an underarm stench board instead of a tonsil stench board to plague with my xylitol crusade
snorkels4 last decade
Hey Snorkel,
You mentioned using diluted peroxide as a gargle. I can get plenty of that from our med supply. The thing is, I thought someone had said that peroxide was a base and would possibly make the problem worse? Its been a minute since I took chemistry so I am not sure how it all comes into play. I will give the peroxide mixed with listerine a try for a while. I like listerine becuase of the burn... lets ya know your still alive...j/k. I just have to wait a few days before I start using that becuase I recently had some wisdom teeth pulled and I dont want the peroxide to destroy the clots. I will have to stick with the warm salt water for a few more days, which doesn't seem to be doing much. I am also going to try to order some of that xylitol stuff ( can I say that?? ) and see if it will get rid of my stones ; hopefully it'll shrink my texas sized tonsil too. As far as gargling in the shower...well I can't do that cuz the water we shower with is non-potable. I'd probably end up with 10 different diseases if I did, but I do appreciate the ideas. I will try to update my progress as often as I can.
CmbtDOC last decade

after5 days you arent goin to get a dry socket.

i dont know what the ph of 3% peroxide is but i dont think its significant.

the bubbling from peroxide is a mechanical action and the oxygen provides a chemical action. i will assume that many of the bacteria involved in these white bumps are anaerobic since the stench is so bad. the oxygen has to help. and the mechanical action of bubbles is a no brainer.

alkaline diets are good--look it up. staying alkaline is difficult for most.not related maybe. never know though, for sure.

my nasal polyps have been reduced by 40 in size--ipresume this is because of the unmentionable being added to saline nasal mist. it may be do to many other factors. another variable that seems to be is that my seasonal allergies have vanished for a year.

my tonsils have receeded completely from view---GONE---no tonsils no white bumps.

i am excited about the unmentionable because it seems to be the missing variable.
age, diet, supplements, hormones, bowel health, toxins, allergies etc.--very complex

the unmentionable solves many of these problems simultaneously

without a white coated immortal double blind placebo controlled study how can we know for sure as that is the solid 24k gold standard of american health and medicine. and, we are so healthy (not by 1st world standards of course)

aside: i will try the unmentionable with 3% peroxide as a gargle. may even try some DMSO--shudder
snorkels4 last decade

thanks for your insightful comments. i don't need to resort to xylitol, actually- i've eliminated dairy from my diet again, and lo and behold, the stones have once again disappeared. for me, it makes more sense to eliminate something from my diet than to spend money introducing something new.

oh, by the way, if you choose to address me, my handle on here is moeller. not molar. can you afford me that modicum of respect?

nicole, i have occasionally experienced that underarm odor problem. for me, i know it was a result of particular toxins in my diet. as soon as i eliminated them, and 'detoxed', i would experienced the odor for a few days. after all those toxins were out of my system, the problem went away. not sure if this is the same problem in your case, but you might want to examine your diet. even if it doesn't cure the problem, it doesn't hurt to eat right! hope this helps.

ps- i don't feel the need to apologize to someone who i've never actually insulted, and who can't even be bothered to get my name right. i don't think i was out of line in suggesting that this is not the appropriate place to preach the never-ending miracles of xylitol in almost eveyr single post, day after day. thanks for introducing us to xylitol, snorkels4. we know it exists now, and you've told us what it can do. you don't need to repeat yourself- that's all i'm saying.

have a great
kmoeller last decade
Snorkels4: yes 'Never & Porn' are some strong words... I was annoyed from all your re-iterations on Xylitol. Almost every time I got an E-mail stating there was a new post I would read it and it would be you with some mention of this product and it was getting under my skin. I do however apologize for comig off like that, guess I acted in the moment.

Dark: I honestly never thought to compare the odor both are offensive. As I stated in a prior post, when this occurs I'm not sweating / prespiring. Ex. I get in my car on a hot day and just from sitting in car b4 A/C cools off car, it happens or sitting outside having a BBQ on a hot day. Yes I do excersie.. not faithfully I'd say cardio 1-3 x's per week 1/2 hour & walk almost every other night. I don't find that the odor comes often during this & I do sweat while doing cardio. No, I am not overweight 5'3 1/2' 125 lbs. (28 yrs old) I do have large lymph nodes in my neck I had 2 needle biopsies in my right & left of neck 2 yrs ago b/c they never go away and often get larger. It was determined nothing was wrong but no answer as to cause. As for Epson Salt bath... When young I've had one to heal a toe surgery but havent had one since.
Nicole16 last decade
oh, btw:

when i got my wisdom teeth yanked awhile back, i got what i believe was a dry socket starting around the 6th day. pus started gushing out of it, and it made it impossible to eat because of the taste. i would err on the side of caution, because it's not a fun thing to experience.
kmoeller last decade
ok, im not a xylitol expert ill admit.

i do think it is probably 'an' answer to this problem, maybe a definitive answer. im really looking for help in exploring benfits or detriments that i dont know of. it is a product that can do no harm unless used in large amount early on--diahrhea--from osmotic action. after the initiation phase when enzymes build up it is changed into short chain fatty acids and helps promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in lower gi tract. aerobic bacteria thrive on the stuff i guess. any microbiologists out there??

im getting all of this info off the internet so reliability is a matter of interpretation

its cheap and is great for marguaritas because of low glycemic index=7--same as olive oil. (sucrose has glycemic index of 100, corn flakes 120!!!!!!!!)

sorry about the molar, moeller. just funin.

nicole, no offense taken. i just want to make sure the scoreboard reflects the actual score

why dont we try to do a little research on revolutionary (novel) approaches instead of relying on the white coated immortals so much. they are hacking about our economy and health with abandon. dont trust them, i dont, its obvious.

even well meaning docs are mostly or totally oblivious to the facts surrounding alternative med. they are so busy learning and executing the wishes of the drug companies. of course what they are really executing is your health.

well, were all on this earth and board together, like it or not. me, im not goin to go along to get along. id rather be tarred and feathered if thats what it takes. (melodrama only for emphasis)

an aside: one variable i must mention is that ive gargled with dmso and peroxide in the past, though minimally it may be a factor. ps-this is not nutty (just throwing it out there)

snorkels4 last decade
yes i did have an appendix attack but it was not relevant to my tonsil surgery. the doc asked if i had been having bad acid reflux and heartburn lately and i was having it really bad.

you said you have white bumps, do yo not have stones?
tim618 last decade

a major cause of reflux is constipation overlooked by docs.

they prefer blockers

just a thought

i had white bumps a few years ago. no more. i dont even have tonsils visible at all and i definitely have not had a tonsilectomy. they were not stones they were soft and cheezy and smelly. i may have had stones and not known it.

definitely not now. id best not repeat myself--go to previous pages.

if you have specific questions i can try to give answers.

i have taken lots of different herbs and vitamins over theyears. i do think the xylitol is remarkable. there is not much in alt med i dont know a little about. so fire away if you desire.

the appendix and reflux may be related in cause --clooggeed bowel.

i can see where an inflamed appendix could cause reflux also via colo gastic reflex. the tonsilar problem not related i would think except that you may have allergies as a result of a yeasty colon
snorkels4 last decade
umm my colon is fine and im not constipated. lol. i have no allergies, i feel great now, just sore from the appendix surgery, other than that im great :)
tim618 last decade
to me the appendix is kinda like a diverticulum. i dont know for sure. i believe the appendix has some lymphatic function whereas the diverticulae have none. they are little pouches of intestinal stasis

diverticulitis is a bigger booger than appendicitis i believe. maybe thats next. the white coated immortals are working their way from top to bottom or was it bottom to top.

i am reluctant to mention that the unmentionable is effective in greatly reducing some common pathogens and blocking pathogenic toxins associated with bowel infections:
coff=1&oi=scholart " rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">http://scholar.google.com/scholar?q=xylitol%20for%20%20preve...

maybe someone can read all of this and report--smilee
snorkels4 last decade

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