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My tonsilitis is gone now, but my tonsils are still huge.

Today I just felt something in my throat, so I kind of hockeked it up and it was a little white/cream thing, kind of a cheese-like texture, and I'm convinced it'sa a tonsil stone. It smelt sooooo bad, like, a poopy/fishy/rotten smell. Ugh.

Does anyone know if they actually give you bad breath, or if it's just the actual stuff that smells?
Trevelyan last decade
Speedy and nutty! :) I think we are on the right track here! I sooo think this could be linked to too much yeast-fungus production in us. It kind of ties in with the acid reflux some complain of also and my new toe nail fungus problem. ICK!

Speedy... you won't believe how much better you will feel if you get your sinuses cleared. I used vinegar water to wash mine out, but after finding out about the yeast connection with that... maybe if you try vinegar follow with carbonated water to clear it out maybe?
sinus washing info

ther/nasal-wash.aspx" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">http://nationaljewish.org/disease-info/treatments/alt-ther/n...

orange! welcome... mine vary in color. Sometimes they are more gray and other times yellow or whitish. I think your best bet is sinus washing :( It's a gross thing to do and can be kind of painful... I did this about a month ago and havent had to do it again yet. And while it hasnt gotten rid of my stones in the tonsils, but it has helped greatly with cutting down on drainage and for the first time in years I can breath with my mouth closed!!!! My favorite method for doing this is the water pik... there are other methods. There is a link posted above. I wonder if your bacteria is a different one from ours to cause color change. Interesting.

peperonimum :) thanks for the update!!! Could you give me your source for the fact that stones are calcium calculi? I'm still trying to figure out which is the latest info. ;)
Any chance you are also on a low carb diet? And are you avoiding nuts as well? I ask this because I'm wondering if it is just those two foods because of their chemical make up, or if you follow more of the Candida cleanse diet.

tonsils gone... you may want to try that Candida cleanse diet as well. Read up on that 'primal defense' site as well. Good luck! Let us know what the doc says ;) although... I don't think all this is in the big book doc's study. It's rather new. Old to us... but we were for so many years told it was just decaying food when we complained about it. *sigh* Too many years of that made me loose faith in any cure there. So... Better LUCK!!! ;)
google " Candida Cleanse List Food Avoid " ;)

laceymac... do you eat a lot of the foods listed here?

And ... try the pharmacy for the monject 421 syringe that will squirt water or whatever you choose to irrigate with right where you want it to go in the tonsil. Or get a waterpik and modify the end of the nosel so you don't injure the tonsil.

And... Trevelyan ... sorry dude... your breath probably stinks too :( And just a guess, but I would think you probably have more tonsil stones already growing inside the crypts of your tonsils you just cant see until they pop out. Welcome to our world...sorry... read back a bit for ideas!
justmebyanyname last decade
Have any of you tried these things recommended by Nesha-India in http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/35254/3

Re: Homeopathy prescribed Allopathically - THIS FOR THAT From Nesha-India on 2005-10-07 today's THIS FOR THAT, is in response to "Zofay", in http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/39270/


EPSOM SALT : Take 5 grams of EPSOM SALT (I.P. .or. B.P.). Dissolve in 100 ml water. Deep Throated - Gargle strongly 5-6 times. NO fresh water gargle after above. Do this 2-3 times a day, for many days. Epsom Salt is a natural bactericide & germicide. This is guaranteed to eliminate all bacters & germs in the entire oral space (mouth n throat), eliminating the tendency for Halitosis (foul or offensive breath).
The taste of epsom salt is not very pleasant, but then nothing works better than above, without taking any Homeopathic or any medicines whatsoever. It is perfectly safe, if the above solution is ingested / swallowed.

MOUTH WASH : Calendula-Q (mother tincture) (one teapoon in 100 ml water). 2 times daily.
If a person uses Calendula-Q as a mouth wash, he will never have dental problems, like decaying tooth, foul breath, tooth pain or the need for root canaling. Gargle strongly for 5-6 times. NO fresh water gargle after above.

offensive breath - Agaricus Muscarius
offensive mouth smell - Natrum Muriaticum
offensive breath, due to digestion problems - Pulsatilla Nigricans
offensive smell, (specially stools or anywhere) - Rhus Glab.
putrefying smell - Podophyllum Peltatum
offensive breath, due to any respiratory tract problem - Capsicum
offensive smell, from eructing - Sulphur

Anyone tried any of this? or have any idea how much of what for option no. 3 there? Just curious.
justmebyanyname last decade
Thank You! I've had, what I just learned tonight from this site, are tonsil stones for about 3 years now. Sporadically, sometimes many months in between bouts. All I have to offer are my theories/info for anyone who is trying to find a commonality among us.

I nearly never got sick as a child. I was one of those kids that got the perfect school attendance awards. Never had any tonsil problems, no strep, no mono. No allergies of any kind until...
...I was given penicillin for an infection due to impacted wisdom teeth while in college. I almost died from an allergic reaction to the penicillin.

Then I developed hayfever (mold/fungus mostly), food allergies, chemical allergies, latex allergy, allergies to 2 classes of antibiotics.

I've had chronic yeast infections for going on 5 to 6 years now and wondered if there might be a connection with the yeast and the tonsil stones. I developed idiosyncratic hives about the same time as the tonsil stones. Again, wondered if this had to do with the yeast.

I don't eat dairy...lactose intollerant. Hate coffee. Live on tea (unsweetened). Live on carbohydrates (I know, the yeast love the sugar-but so do I). Never smoked. Don't drink alcohol. Age 38. Not on any medications-save OTC Benadryl for sinus allergies-which probably leaves me slightly dehydrated a lot of the time. Basically a healthy person who still doesn't get sick (catch things) all that often.

Something I have noticed is if I eat foods with vinegar in them daily, the yeast infections go away for awhile. I have tested this several times. If I stop for more than a week, the infection returns. Wondered if this helps the tonsil stones too.

The tonsil stones are infrequent, no bad breath, no pain, just periodically feel a lump in throat and cough-up the foul-smelling beast. Coughed up one tonight hence the Google search that led here. Also been dealing with the hives again for 2 days.

Hope someone finds this helpful. Thanks again for providing a name for this ailment.

becca last decade
just a little tidbit to help with yanking those stink balls out...i use a device that is actually used by estheticians to clean out pores. It's made out of steel and as long as a pen but really thin with one end that has a small loop on it. I use the loop end to press against my tonsils and scoop the crap out. If anyone knows the name of this device it would be helpful. I can't believe I am writing this but this forum gives me comfort that there are others like me where my family thinks I'm a freak when I tried to explain my problem.
mannaz last decade
JUSTMEBYANYNAME thanku for asking about calcium calculi, someothers have agreed its dairy induced from cheese milk yoghurt etc, and the calculi is medical term for stone. such as gall stone is calculi or kidney stone etc.
im keeping diary of what i eat then the extraction date and c how i go with out the symptoms before i feel them annoying my tonsils.
i hate them. i dont eat nuts coz im not into them.
ihave cut out cheese completely and last week i thought i had these stones licked but i feel tonight im growing some more,
i think u are right about a yeast infection or over growth , maybe thats got something to do with stone formation. im not on low carb diet and i eat bread on daily basis. i just feel helpless now. thanks again
ps. try googling calcium calculi and see what u come up with
peperonimum last decade
i just want to ask a simple question:

if some one can find a cure for stopping stones forming completely forever can u tell us??
i know that is what we are all doing here brainstorming our ideas but surely "as God as my witness", how can a minature stone withstand to keep thriving and growing in our mouths, when we have every medicine/product on the face of the earth.
can u understand i want these things gone for ever? so small i dont get no rest. infact ill take it upon myself to find the ABSOLUTE CURE GUARANTEED!! I swear im getting real mad!!
peperonimum last decade
LACYMAC u said u dont eat diary and what other reason for the stones. do u eat eggs and proteins? that could be another culprit.
try brushing ur tongue right at the back to scrape off the white stuff which has plaque and bacteria on it and when we swallow it gathers in the tonsils and hardens.
for removal try a bobbin hair pin as it has a loop at the end and tape the open end to a q-tip for extension.. i works for me and easy to remove. also try the end of ur toothbrush and push the bottom of ur tonsil and u may be surprised at some stones coming up. i use toothbrush end and helps as i got false nails on. hope that helps
peperonimum last decade
Has anyone tried taking sulfer?

If so how much?

Does anyone take multivitimins faithfully?

I think we need victims... I mean volunteers to try these things maybe ;) I'm going back to the theory here that these are sulfer producing bacteria that benifit us. That maybe our bodies need that sulfer those bacteria are producing and maybe if we gave it extra they wouldn't have a purpose. I still think we need to unbalance the pH to kill them though just for short term, but we have to figure out how to get rid of them permanently.

As many times as sulfer has been recommended to us by homeopathic practitioners I think this may be our best bet for long term cure. But we need someone to be specific in the dosage. I keep reading up on this stuff and it's like it's written in a different language for me.
justmebyanyname last decade
reply to Albert 22,

Oxygen does not kill anaerobic bacteria, so the oxygen in H202(hydrogen peroxide) would not make any difference, anaerobic bacteria can survive without the need for oxygen in order for them to replicate.

Can I ask are you using neat 30% H202? This is highly toxic and I would be too worried I swalloed some, in effect it's like swallowing bleach.

Everyone has anaerobic bacteria living in their mouth(and various other parts of the body including the gastrointestinal tract) what we don't know is Why do these bacteria colonise our tonsils. And is a short course of antibiotics enough to stave off the stones.
I was told I had abnormally high levels of anaerobic bacteria in my tonsils so I believe there is a definate infection there. But I have taken antibiotics in the past and the stones have come back. Also I get more stones when I'm run down, so these bacteria seem to be opportunistic pathogens ready to pounce when your defences are down.
I don't think that they will find a cure, in fact I can guarantee that no research is actually been done on them(I work in a Medical research Lab so have access to scientific journals) but I do think tonsil removal might help as a last resort, however the true nature of what exact role the tonsils play in our immune system is unknown, so it's wether you want to take the risk of having them removed or not.

All I can suggest is get your throat swabbed and get treated even if it is a temporary measure.
Apart from that good oral hygiene has got to help a little with the breath problem.
Lisam last decade
becca! Thanks for the info. We have VERY similar histories. Same story here with penicillin even.
Where we differ is chronic yeast infections (cured that one with plain yogurt real quick-use just like a cream-ICK! I know) and I eat tons of dairy as I would much rather have the cheese pizza that the piece of chicken.

In the past I have taken oodles and gobs of over the counter meds for allergies, but since the sinus washing I'm over that.

Please let me know about the vinegar experiences! I'm the one that recommended it for killing the bacteria in the mouth, sinuses and tonsils, and have recently been rethinking it as I've read it can contribute to yeast growth in the intestines. *sigh* OOPS or not!?! Seriously debating with myself over vinegar. Anybody find the research that proves it increases yeast production in intestines? I've not gotten to the root of that yet.

By the way... you sure those are hives? Do you travel much? I decided I caught some kind of parasite or micro-microscopic bug that lived on my skin a few years ago. I would think I was cured and it would return. Had to wash all clothing etc in HOT water and killed it on my skin by submerging myself in hot tubs. Just when I would think I was totally over it I'd get it again. LOL! That story has to almost make hives sound almost good to you. You are soooo lucky you don't have the pain! Oh, and I'm one year older :D Welcome!
justmebyanyname last decade

I agree that oxygen does not kill anaerobic bacteria, but the pH balance of hydrogen peroxide will.
And you are correct that too stong of a concentration of H2O2 is not good for us, but there are people doing experiments with hydrogen peroxide ingestion-lower concentrations. Looked scary to me!

Antibiotics will not cure the stones for long in our experience. Even a long courses of them. But you will feel better short term. Unfortunately you also will probably have an increase of yeast production in your body afterward. And I think that is all connected to our problem. maybe.

Tonsil removal as a cure is a bad idea. Check out the 77 year old woman with the HUGE tonsil stone...with no tonsils. If we're going to grow tonsil stones anyway...I want mine growing IN my tonsils.

Read back a little further for us Lisam...you may be just the person to make the connections for some kind of a 'cure' with all of our ideas and thoughts.
justmebyanyname last decade
Sorry. Edit... the pH balance of hydrogen peroxide "MAY" (not will). From what I've read it needs to be used with something else to FOR SURE kill off all bacteria. Read back a bit.
justmebyanyname last decade
i am so glad to hear that many of you all are deciding to keep your tonsils because if you look at webmd and say read about most of them like pharyngitis the tonsil is not always the underlying cause of the problem just read about sinus and allergy and you will find out and also look at when you get sick and just watch the news and look at the pollen count then.
tonsils gone last decade
I'm just wondering, do you think that I'll have the tonsil stones for the rest of my life now? Or do you think they were just because of my tonsillitis?
I din't have them before I got tonsillitis, which was about 3 weeks ago.

And also, how big are the tonsil stones you get? i got one that was the size of a peppercorn or something, which was the biggest, the rest were just specks.
Trevelyan last decade
My theory is that tonsil stones are a mixture of bacteria and white blood cell debris, so you get more stones when you are run down because the tonsils are fighting off infection, I'm going to try taking immune system supplements like echinecia(sp?) and see if they work(I also need to get more sleep). Will keep you posted.
Also make sure you are using aseptic techniques when picking out the tonil stones, never put the same thing back in your mouth twice, and try to make sure what you are using is sterile. The risk of blood poisoning is high as the tonsils bleed so easily. Just think a surgeon would not use a dirty utensil to operate on you, you could be contributing to the infection by sticking things in your tonsils, be careful.
Lisam last decade
website h2o2-4u dot com

read this about Hydrogen peroxide before you use it in your mouth.

best of luck
Lisam last decade
our mouths need to be slightly ACIDIC to fight bad bacteria esspecially anerobic bacteria which cause sulfur and metacarptin compounds.
toothpastes mouth washes gum mints etc are alkaline which help anerobic bacteria to thrive.
we need to re balance our oral cavities flora, just like our gut and genitalia.

so what is acidic that can rebalance our flora? some mentioned vinegar? would that help to kill off the bad bacteria and stop tonsil stones?
also tartar and plaque are possibly to blame for stones.
we must be meticulous in our mouths and i think the body will heal itself.
i used to blame my tonsils but now i realize its not their fault. they are lymph nodes for our immune system and they are just catching the germs before they enter our respitory system.
also im trying to google food additives for stones.
if anyone can help that would be great. there are so many preservatives and colorings its not funny! i believe we may have an allergic reaction to certain additives we consume. bread has calcuim proionate 282 which gives migraines!!
i think zinc help to reduce stones or the smell.
peperonimum last decade
aight so my question is are these things contagious...yeah dey give u bad breathe which i dont like but dats y dey have gum.. and i have a boyfriend and im scared 2 kiss him before i come and pass it 2 him dats y i kinda been avoding him so is it contagious, can u pass it on, tell me wut 2 do cuz imconfused.
imconfused last decade
I am also a sufferer of tonsil stones.. I had an appointment with my ENT and he is going to take my tonsils out! I am 28yrs old with two young children, will I be able to care for them after the surgery. How long is the recovery?
joansie last decade
JOANSIE Congratulations for getting ur tonsils out im sure that is the last resort to win the fight against the stones. recovery is 2 weeks therabouts, try to rest as much as possible, i know u have 2 young babes to care for, could a friend or relative care for them or help u out with some chores. dont worry about the house work just take ur time recovering it is only for a short while. good luck and lets us know how u go.
peperonimum last decade
p.s joansie how about out of hours home care like dial-an-angel nanny.??
peperonimum last decade
TO IMCONFUSSED tonsil stones are not contagious. virus' are contagious and bacteria are not contagious. stones are a bacteria problem so dont worry about giving them to ur boyfriend. i know u want to kiss and the stones are a worry, i have been there myself and its horrible. ive had them for 13 yrs and working on to eliminate them now.try flossing every tooth and molars meticulously and tongue brushing and u will notice a difference. let me know how u go
peperonimum last decade
To peperonium
bacteria are highly contagious, and as we don't know what causes these stones, if it is a bacterial infection then yes they will be contagious.
Lisam last decade
to lisam thanku for the post, i stand corrected, bacteria are contagious so, i dont believe tonsil stones are contagious. they are an accumulation of leukocytes and mucus.
peperonimum last decade
I too had this problem. i did a search on the net and this is what dr. green had to say about it. hope it helps :)

The tonsils are sentinels, standing guard at the back of the throat to protect the delicate tissues of our lungs and intestines from foreign invaders. They are part of a ring of defenders, Waldeyer's Ring (which includes the tonsils, adenoids, and other lymphoid tissue), encircling the back of the throat as an important line of defense. The tonsils and adenoids are largest during childhood; they are front-line guardians while the body's more sophisticated internal immune system learns and develops.

The situation you describe, Alice, is a very common one. The tonsils usually appear like small, dimpled golf balls set on either side of the back of the throat. Children with large tonsils and deep crypts often do get food particles trapped in there. Because saliva contains digestive enzymes, trapped food begins to break down. Particularly, the starch or carbohydrate part of the food melts away, leaving firmer, harder remains of food in the tonsils. This does not look like the food that went into the mouth.

As you suspect, however, there is more to these hard lumps than just food. The tonsils also trap other mouth debris such as bacteria and old cells from the surface of the mouth's lining. Some of these cells contain small amounts of keratin, the same substance found in fingernails and rhinoceros horns. Whatever the nature of the debris, it is then attacked by white blood cells. The aftermath of this battle leaves the crevices of the tonsil strewn with hardened remains.

Most people swallow this material without ever noticing it, while it is still tiny. In those whose tonsils are large, however, the particles can lodge in the deep crypts, where they continue to grow. The enlarging lumps are called calculi of the tonsil, or tonsilloliths (tonsil stones). These stones are most common during adolescence.

Microscopic studies of these tonsilloliths have shown them to contain a combination of food particles, bacteria, oral debris, and white blood cells in a concentrically laminated pattern -- rather like a pearl. Usually they are small gritty particles found in the center of soft, cheesy flecks. Sometimes, however, they become quite large, appearing as rough, yellow or gray, round stones. At times they reach an extraordinary size. Affected people usually have a history of repeated attacks of tonsillitis in earlier years.

Most people with calculi of the tonsils have no associated symptoms. In that case nothing need be done, except perhaps for brushing or scraping them out, as your daughter does. Gargling, refraining from eating during the 30 minutes before falling asleep, and careful oral hygiene may help minimize their formation.

For some people, however, the calculi can be quite bothersome, causing a constant foreign-body sensation, a chronic low-grade sore throat, recurrent episodes of tonsillitis persisting beyond childhood, or chronic bad breath.

Treatment consists of either removing the tonsils or removing the calculi. Troublesome large calculi that are not easily dislodged may need an ear, nose, and throat doctor to remove them.

Not too long ago, tonsils were routinely removed for the sole crime of being swollen and inflamed. We didn't understand, then, that the tonsils purposely accept the infections to prevent the organisms from traveling deeper, and to show the invaders to the developing immune system to train it for the future. The tonsils are selfless protectors. As a child becomes an adult, the tonsils usually begin to shrink; the watchful guardians of childhood are no longer much-needed.

Tonsils are a bit like parents: looming large early in life, diminishing over time, ever-protecting, ever-teaching, but sometimes with rough or hard spots when we let things build up ;^)
amberandmatt last decade

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