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try xylitol first
snorkels4 last decade
Tonsil removal does affect your immune system this is why most doctors wont do it anymore or will advise against it. They wont turn you down outright though, of course, because honestly, who would turn down easy money? I know I wouldn't.

Anyway I odered some xylitol gum and xylitol crystals from vrp dot com. Will let you guys know the progress. Since I have been using the xylitol toothpaste twice a day I haven't had any stones.

Thanks snorkels
darak last decade
thanks for trying xyltol

you should be able to find it locally

dont to forget to use it in saline nasal mist or just use x clear

if this thing works it will knock a small but significant hole in the medical fascist government complex we all know as modern medical care in america-kinda nutty but kinda true

ive been checking my tonsils every day and they really have shrunken out of view almost completely

i have had a nasal polip in my nostril for 30 years. i havent checked it in maybe a year.

it has been reduced in size by 40% and is not as red or inflamed looking

the polip is a sign of allergies which i have been almost completely without since using the xylitol.

i cant think of any other variables

again, thanks for trying this as it may be a significant find

report results
snorkels4 last decade
To kmoeller, I'm definitly not a mouth breather. I see no connection there.

Tim618, glad to see you are feeling better. Be sure to tell us about your follow up visit.
MsBlase last decade
Laura83, do you mind giving your age?
MsBlase last decade
I have a few questions, I seem to be experiencing the same foul smelling substance as everyone else, though I've managed to find a way to remove them easily and quickly, the problem for me is mostly the discomfort on the left side of my neck rather than the smell. I think it has to do with my lymph nodes being enlarged since it is the left tonsil that produces way much more cheesy stuff than the right one(the holes are bigger too). I've tried to get this diagnosed various times, 1 time the doctor is telling me I have acid reflux (wich i probably do)and he wanted to send me to an esophogram but he totally ignored my tonsils.

My question here is that, sometimes this bothers my lymph nodes more times than others, if I remove my tonsils will my lymph nodes not be swollen anymore?

Also, it is really only my left side that bothers me, has anyone tried removing only 1 tonsil?

I'd like to hear from someone who has removed their 1 or both of their tonsils
chr1s last decade

I just got my tonsils out on the 2nd.

Heres another update guys-

I went to my follow up appointment last friday. The doc said im coming along well and that its healing and i should be completely healed within another 2 weeks. This weekend i started eating regularly again, friday night i went out to eat and ate a lot! and ice cream! :) Also this weekend i played paintball and basketball, so my life has returned to normal pretty much. I still have a little bit of pain when i wake up in the mornings (just from being dry) But it usually goes away within an hour of being awake. I still have slight pain on my right side. I asked the doc about having pain only on the right side, and his answer was what i was thinking all along. He said it was because i only had stones on my right side. So he said it was like an infection on one side, or to think of it like one, and so i'll have more scar tissue there, thus more pain. My tongue has never looked better, no more weird spots on it or pain or smell, which is fantastic. So all in all, i was down for about 8 days. Then life returned to normal. Ill slow down on the updates a bit, but i'll let you guys know when im completely healed an pain free. The tonsilectomy has seemed to be the answer for me. I hope someone can find a cure soon, but for now, that is the way to go i think.

tim618 last decade
I've finally decided to get my tonsils out. Only one problem--- my 'consultation' is in March 2007! How did those of you who made appointments manage to get them so fast?? I just asked my family doctor and he booked the consultation, but I'm wondering if there are any other options? I really do not want to wait until next year... any suggestions?
katherine1 last decade
One more message for the day- I really want to thank all of you for being so helpful in my quest for answers about these tonsil stones. My doctor still thinks it is just a problem of 'food stuck in tonsils' and nothing more. It's really nice to be able to talk to people who share the same experiences, especially since it can be an embarassing topic.
So.. Thanks:)
katherine1 last decade
i got my appointment in the beginning of june, i got my tonsils out august 2nd. also stones are not trapped food, they are some kind of bacteria that the tonsils create, or something like that, but getting my tonsils out as the best thing i've done for them! Your in lots of pain for around 10 days but then your good as new, if not better! Its so nice not having to worry about them anymore. I would ask to see if you could have your.. ''consultation'' appointment moved to a sooner date...my doc scheduled me from my first ENT appointment. i thought that was a long time to wait (2 months) but i guess not... good luck!
tim618 last decade
snorkels4 last decade
you guys and gals getting ready to go under the knife need to reconsider and evaluate your options.

xylitol may be a very good one.
snorkels4 last decade
i agree, i wish i would have tried xylitol, but now that i think of it, i really dont, i was hurting for a week, now im fine, i never have to worry about them again, never get the stones, emarrasment, weird bumps on my tongue, bad breat, bad taste, nothing, i dont have to spend money on a product to try and get it to work and go away. I'm glad i chose to do that, but if this option came up before hand i probably would have tried it but in the end i would have probably gotten them out anyways. :-
tim618 last decade
I am glad that those of you who have made the decision to have your tonsils removed have taken charge of your health and have made a firm decision to not be a pawn in the healthcare system and stand up for your rights.

However I will also please ask you to reconsider the procedure. One simple question to ask your doctors is this...what is the exaclt role of the tonsils in the body? I guarantee the anser you will get is either no role, or they don't know for sure but they think...etc.

I ask you, would you lift up the hood of your car and take out a random part that doesn't seem to be doing anything useful? Same goes for your body. Your tonsils have a direct link to your thymus gland, the master organ of your immune system, my mother had her tonsils out when she was younger because it was 'all the rage' to do it back then, now she can't eat anything cultured or any dairy without vomiting or becoming extremely nauseous. This goes along with the theory that the tonsils are responsible for absorbing some of the incoming bacteria that goes inside the body via the mouth.

So I implore you all to think twice and maybe try something you haven't tried before (like xylitol) before you give uo and go under the knife.

Just my input, or you can just ignore me and do it anyway, it's ultimately your decision alone.
darak last decade
i can eat anything without any pain anymore after having my tonsils out.. and it was nice getting the surgery for free too!
tim618 last decade
I have this same problem for years,in fact I'm dealing with it again now. I never seen the doctor about it.It is mostly bothersome than painful, and the smell is gross when it does finally work its self out. Does any one know what it is, what causes it, is it a serious condition and what can I do to make it go away?
noleitall06 last decade
WOW! I did a google search for this and was amazed to find others like me on this stupid problem! Let me say right now, I HATE THOSE STUPID WHITE CHUNKS, STONES, WADS, MASSES, BALLS OF CHEESY NASTINESS OR TOXIC WASTE. Whatever you call them, I've not been able to stand them for 37 years now! Doctor onece told me that food was just getting caught up back there....what bull! I've even had nightmares about them.....have you? If you've ever accidentally coughed one up and smashed it on your tongue, well then you've probably had nightmares about them like me....nightmares that I'm passing one the size of a baked potato through my mouth. Anyways, bottom line, DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW AND WHY THEY GET THERE FOR SURE? My experience is, when I've been on predisone, my adenoids have shunk bigtime and I don't have any until weeks after I've been off the meds. I too have gotten very good at popping them out. Just a little pressure high up on the mouth side of the flap that's infront of the adenoid and bingo, more appear from UP ABOVE my adenoids. these are in addition to the ones coming out the creveisisisis of my tonsils/adenoids. I hate the taste, smell and look of them ther' rocks! PLEASE tell me how to make them go away without having my tonsils removed! Thanks to all you throat pals!
by the way.....i use a Q tip to get them out.....they stick to the Q tip like a magnet when the Q tip is new and dry! I just read about someone poking around with a toothpick back there and making them bleed..eew....not a good idea man!
when i had my tonsils, i would get the stones out with a toothpick. A q-tip was too big to get it in there to get em out. Another update:

My throat is doing well, still some slight pain at some times, things are healing nicely.

I had a pendicitis yesterday and had to have emergency surgery to get my appendix removed, talk about ironic, 2 surgerys in 2 weeks! I guess my appendix was very inflamed, and would have burst had i waited another day, altho i went in as soon as i had pain. I'll update more on my throat later.
tim618 last decade
I have been reading this thread with great interest due to having these smelly seeds myself. I come back every so often and have just joined up to add my findings. I do hope this link works and i think you may find it interesting. Please look about half way down the page and you will see the pics. Sorry if i havent done this right.
jaxxy00 last decade
I too have found a link that is helpful....i'll post it soon...but am interested in the link you found, as it did not show up on your posting....you'll need to spell it out like this for the system to allow it......dotgoogledotcom make sense?
snorkels4 last decade
darak, thanks for mention of xylitol

people really need to consider this stuff
snorkels4 last decade
Hi i am 21 years of age... I want to begin with that i found this by googling 'white bumps in throat' and am i so glad i did...I read the whole first page then skipped to the 50th page and well...

Let me begin with i get a sore throat(that normally leads to strep throat) at least twice a year so when these critters started to appear on my tonsils about 3 to 4 years ago i just thought it was either the bigginning or ending of strep...or at least that's what my doc. said.

Then finally last month i coughed a huge chunk out that looked like califlower(yeah not attractive huh)! No but seriously it was about 2 cm in diameter...(didn't smell anything)...but so i went to the doc. ...he told me nothing to worry just to let it pass!...I was confused but hey he's the doc. right...uh so yeah came back except a little deeper but on the same side... same scratchy feeling against my tongue so this time i took it upon my self to strongly cough it up...with little blood got it out...looked down in there and saw a pretty good size whole where it was and it kind of scared me so i googled it and here i am.

So again i read the 1st page and this page and I've read enough to not decide to take out my tonsils just yet ...that whole part of my immune system kind of scares me so I think I will look for other solutions and check with a new doctor...as well!

I think i've bored u enough ...thanks!
5683drea last decade
Ok I gottta post again on 2 subjects:

First if you are new to this forum, please note that there are already 51 pages going back at least a year, and there are numerous attempts by many people who have had this to help the rest of us. Some of the people on this site have head success getting rid of the stones and shrinkig the tonsils back dwon to normal. Also if you want to know how they are made and what they ar emade of the info is there also, you just have to look. Some of the cures wor some people and other work for other peope you just have to keep trying, nothing worth doing in life should be easy.

Second, if you come to a doctor wiht this this will be his reaction. First, remember that a doctor is not a doctor 24/7. He/she is a person and has a life, and bills to pay, and a mortgage, and worries and concerns. These will always out weight your problems, and although this may seem very serious to alot of people a doctor will say OK you are not near death, this will not kill you, and you can't spread this to other people in any way. This makes it either a routine thing or an annoying thing depending on wether or not they are in a good mood. so they can offer you one of two things, 1. They can say if we cut your tonsils out they wont bother you any more because they will be in the garbage. 2. You can deal with it because it's not the end of the world, especially since I had to diagnose 6 people with cancer last month. So this is when you make one of three decisoins 1. Deal with it 2. Have your tonsils cut out of your mouth and risk the consequences 3. Take caharge of your health and well being and find some good information on tonsil stones and get to work fighting them. Now in my opinion, if you are reading thsi then you have already chosen number 3 and that's good. As a matter of fact stop reading this right now and give yourself a pat on the back for your efforts, taking the first step is the hardest part and many people would be content to let decisions be made for them, but not you, you have initiative as proven byt he fact that you are reading this. So now you just need to scan the now 51 pages worth of info (this will not take as long as you may think) find something you are able to try, and go for it.

P.S. It may seem like I am criticzing doctors but I am not. You have to look at it from their perspective a. this is not life threatening and will never be b. it is not dangerous as in it will rapidly spread from person to person, so although most docs genuinely want to help you, their hands are tied. The only thing they are trained to do is recoomend or perform a tonsillectomy. That's when you should step away from allopathic medicine for a whiel and consider naturopathic remedies.

P.P.S For those of you just looking for some kind of answer, try xylitol. snorkles recommended it and it stands to reason that it could work he/she (sorry snorkels I don't recall if you are male or female) has said it not only stopped the tonsil stones but is beggining to shrink the tonsils as well. I have been out of town for a week and am happy to report my supply of xylitol was waiting for me when I got back so I am starting it this week and will update my progress.
darak last decade
or you could be liek me, whos had the stones forever, since i was 8, and finally after 11 years of getting 1 + stones out everyday, decided to just et my tonsils out. Its the best thing i've ever done for my body!
tim618 last decade

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